Posted in FUD, SCO at 2:58 pm by Shane Coyle

Here is an article that is just perfect.

It’s worth remembering that there is a court case about these very issues, involving a set of anti-Linux lawsuits brought by SCO Corp…Three years and endless depositions later, there still isn’t a single credible example of an IP problem with Linux.

Why is Novell complicit in this FUDmongering? Oh, yeah. $orry. Microsoft’s patent attorney would not specify if Linux was infringing in any way, stating they would rather “license than litigate”.

Sneaking stolen code into Linux without anyone noticing would be as easy as driving the space shuttle down Fifth Avenue at noon without turning heads.

A Question for the armchair lawyers

Posted in Antitrust, Microsoft, Novell at 2:42 pm by Shane Coyle

IANAL, AFAIK, so I pose this query to the community (and passers by):
With MS moving aggressively to make deals with all Linux vendors to recoup royalties on the distribution of Open Source Software (its main competition), is there any type of antitrust concern?

If MS is allowing these puppet competitors to exist just to allay antitrust concerns, while actually earning revenue from their supposed ‘competition’, how is this not monopolistic?

My high school civics makes me recall something about horizontal monopolies, is this the beginning of one?

Such a monopoly is known as a horizontal monopoly. A magazine publishing firm, for example, might publish many different magazines on many different subjects, but it would still be considered to engage in monopolistic practices if the intent of doing this was to control the entire magazine-reader market, and prevent the emergence of competitors. (Wikipedia)

Hate the Company, not the Community

Posted in Action, Boycott Novell, Novell, OpenSUSE at 2:17 pm by Shane Coyle

A quick note, this website has nothing but love for the OpenSuSE community. Some folks have expressed concern over just how far reaching a Novell Boycott should reach, the code under the GPL is clean. Linux is clean, Novell’s FAQ said that themselves, this is just FUDmongering on Novell’s part.

  • Do not download, purchase or endorse Novell Products or Services
  • Do not host or distribute Novell products.

Basically, Fork Novell. We don’t need them, we have the source.

RedHat: No Thanks, Microsoft

Posted in Deals, Intellectual Monopoly, Interoperability, Microsoft, Patent Covenant, Patents, Red Hat at 11:24 am by Shane Coyle

Here is an article from Microsoft-Watch:

Microsoft is in an awkward position now that Red Hat has slammed the door shut on any possibility of entering into a patent protection deal similar to the one Redmond has with Novell.

While Microsoft has been telling anyone who will listen that it wants to enter into a similar patent indemnity arrangement with all the other Linux vendors, and is hopeful this will be achieveable with Red Hat, it appears that is not going to happen.

It goes on to talk about how MS may indemnify RedHat customers on its own… FROM WHAT?

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