Novell Goes After Red Hat-certified Professionals, Microsoft Invites Professionals for Interop

Posted in Interoperability, Microsoft, Novell, Red Hat at 11:50 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Novell Launches New Training to Ease Red Hat-to-SUSE Linux Migration

Novell has developed a new training course to help systems administrators migrate from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 from Novell. The course is available both as a free download and as an instructor-led class, available at locations globally.


For more information, to download the free training course, or to sign up for instructor-led training, visit


Microsoft’s side appears to be inviting people to work on interoperability.

Now Hiring: Microsoft/Novell Interoperability Labs

Back in November 2006, Microsoft and Novell committed to a long-term technical collaboration between the two companies. The agreement covers several areas – Virtualization, Office OpenXML/ODF interoperability, WS-Management interoperability, and directory federation.

With my colleagues at Novell, I am opening a Joint Interoperability Lab. This lab will be around for the long term, and will focus on interoperable virtualization between the Windows and SLES. This lab will be part of the product engineering teams for both companies.

Jim Allchin: “I can finally get my Mac!”

Posted in Antitrust, Apple, Humour, Marketing, Microsoft, Vista, Windows at 2:28 am by Shane Coyle

Okay, I haven’t found any confirmation of that quote, but since Mr Allchin has officially retired from Microsoft as of January 30 (Vista’s debut), he is no longer a Microsoft employee and therefore free to indulge his impulse.

Boy, to go down as the man who gave birth to Vista and Windows Live… I’m not sure what to make of that as a legacy.

He Slew the Dragon…Twice

Posted in Courtroom, Deals, Finance, Law, Microsoft, Novell at 1:28 am by Shane Coyle

Sorry for not posting more in recent days, I had a job come up and I also decided to redouble my development efforts over at edu-nix.org, something I was neglecting while up here on my soapbox. I also uploaded a bunch of modules at slax.org, and will have a beta CD of the new version out soon. Okay, enough off-topic…

Law.com is running an article outlining how, despite turmoil throughout the tech industry for most companies’ general counsels, Novell’s Joseph LaSala had himself "a banner year" in 2006.

The article outlines how LaSala has been involved in two recent legal victories over Novell’s arch-enemy, I mean partner Microsoft, and despite being named in a shareholder suit over previously granted stock options, received a sizable bonus for his "exceptional contributions".

Pamela Jones of Groklaw believes that Novell General Counsel LaSala’s recent $350,000 bonus was due, at least in part, to the Microsoft-Novell deal.

Journalist Pamela Jones, editor of Groklaw, a blog that closely follows open-source intellectual property disputes, mused that LaSala’s bonus was likely “related to the recent Microsoft deal.”
“Novell views the Microsoft partnership as a plus,” Jones wrote in an e-mail. “They may well feel that whoever worked on the deal deserves recognition. I don’t know if Mr. LaSala was involved, but it seems likely that the general counsel would be.”

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