Ballmer Confirms Novell Deal is About Patents

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Head over to Mary Jo Foley’s blog.

The same week that Microsoft issued a press release providing further details about some of the technological advances that will result from the November 2006 technology agreement between Novell and Microsoft, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told Wall Street what he really thinks the deal means to Microsoft.

During a forecast update meeting for financial analysts and shareholders on February 15, Ballmer reiterated that, to him, the deal is more about Microsoft exerting intellectual property (IP) pressure on Novell than anything else.

This confirms that Microsoft’s plans were maolovalent all along.

Novell News, Opinions and Analysis: A Roundup

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On the positive side:

Amidst some DST issues over at the Windows camp, Novell boasts an automated solution. It also presents some neat changes it has applied to its SLED/GNOME menu. Meanwhile, talks about virtualising Novell’s Linux under Windows begin to materialise.

Linux-Windows interoperability is the golden promise of the Microsoft-Novell partnership. Working together on open standards and cooperative virtualization hypervisors, the team will give IT shops means toward that end this year, according to Mike Neil, senior director of virtualization strategy, Microsoft Windows Server Division.

Negative/neutral side:

On the face of things, Novell’s Red Hat envy led to actions which were not necessarily fruitful. Red Hat’s CTO claims that his company is unaffected by Novell’s mistake. This aligns with what analysts have recently said. Red Hat also argues that Oracle will have no impact on Red Hat’s pricing

According to Rangan, Szulik said Red Hat is seeing “limited impact” from the new Linux offerings from Oracle and Microsoft/Novell. “Customers are not using ORCL’s offering as a bargaining tool, as feared by the Street,” Rangan writes, apparently paraphrasing Szulik.

Linux Journal offers a glimpse at some interesting facts about the deal. It argues that the sources its reliable. Apparently, Steve Ballmer was left largely uninvolved until the later stages of the deal’s negotiations. Lawyers have done much of the work as they sought a way to control Linux from the inside. There is some more ‘inside information’ in our interview with Jeremy Allison. Let us continue to wonder how some conspicuous bonuses fit the equation.

eWeek gives its own share of skepticism about the deal.

So, does the Novell/Microsoft deal really merit the “historic” label that many have attached to it, or was the accord only so much hype? Microsoft and Novell, your customers are in pain–now’s the time to deliver.

Lastly, Opensuse 10.3 alpha 1 is out. We advise you not to touch it. Boycott Novell to deliver the message that you object their selfish wrongdoings.

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