Novell Repeats GPL Claims; Ballmer’s Accusations Debunked

Posted in Africa, Asia, FSF, FUD, GNU/Linux, Intellectual Monopoly, Microsoft, Novell, Samba, Steve Ballmer at 8:59 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

While the Free Software Foundation takes its time to ensure exclusion of Novell, its managers seem apathetic. The company has said this before (in South Africa) and it now repeats the same argument. It insists that the next version of the GPL will not leave it out in the cold. This latest statement comes from an executive in Asia.

Open source vendor Novell has asserted that there is no truth in speculations of it losing out on the General Public License (GPL) to sell Linux operating system software.

Also in the news watch, you might find this snippet from an InformationWeek article informative.

Samba project leader Jeremy Allison, who left Novell in protest over the Novell-Microsoft deal, insists no reverse engineering of Microsoft file formats or other infringements have occurred in his project. The file exchange is engineered at the network protocol level, he says, based on published Microsoft documents. “We haven’t used anybody else’s IP to develop Samba,” Allison asserts over lunch at his new employer, Google.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation (the merged Open Source Development Labs and Free Standards Group), calls Ballmer’s repeated allusions to intellectual property rights “scare tactics.”

Debian, the “Other” Enterprise Distribution

Posted in Debian, Finance, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Novell, Red Hat at 8:57 am by Shane Coyle

It’s Not Just Red Hat and Microvell

Here is a quick reminder that there are more Linux players in the enterprise space than most pundits usually mention.

For some time, we have been hearing about how the Debian-based Ubuntu wants to be considered in the discussion of "enterprise distributions", and now HP has announced that they made $25M on hardware sales directly related to their Debian Linux support.

Another Step Towards GNU/Solaris?

Posted in Free/Libre Software, FSF, GNU/Linux, SUN at 8:30 am by Shane Coyle

Sun has, in recent times, become an increasingly vocal and active supporter of Free Software and the community.

With the announcement that Java will be licensed under the General Public License and subsequent rumors regarding the possibility of Open Solaris being licensed under the upcoming GPLv3, and now we have an announcement that Sun is becoming a patron for the Free Software Foundation.

I am glad to see Sun fully embracing the community – not only the technical terms and conditions of the GPL, but its principles and spirit as well.

Update: Sorry, forgot to link to Simon Phipp’s weblog, where I heard about this to begin with. That was rude of me.

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