Microsoft Scares (and Drives Away) Its Own Customers, But Not Linux Users

Posted in FUD, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Patents, Steve Ballmer at 11:41 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

There are two recommended readings on the subject. One of them comes from the Inquirer and another comes from a blog. It is aptly titled
“Steve ‘I am SCO’ Ballmer”

The ‘cold-war’ between Ballmer and the Open Source movement that has raged on and on and on, continues to escalate as the “Ballmer rhetoric engine” version 2.0 picks up speed.


With Ballmer’s increasing aggressive tirades against anyone whom he believes is ‘evil’, it is becoming apparent, at least to this author, that Steve is at risk of simply becoming irrelevant, as the entire world marches towards a more open application framework, which is increasingly focused towards inter-operable web based technologies – with code and ideas flowing in many different directions.

System administrators who operate in a so-called ‘mixed environment’ can attest to the same feeling. They take great offence. And although the context is different, you may also enjoy the following recent quotes, brought to you by an anonymous Microsoft employee (the notorious mini microsoft).

Ballmer: “That didn’t go over so well.”

Flunky: “The reaction seemed about 50-50.”

Ballmer: “At best.”


Around Vista ship expectations and what Mr. Ballmer has said, Charles shares the following: “Seriously, Ballmer himself is responsible for setting unrealistic expectations in the first place…”

It is evident that the man has lost plenty of credibility. The company which he runs sometimes acknowledges the fact that he only increases the damage. So, the bottom line is:

Let him talk.

New Campaign: Show Us The Infringements, Microsoft

Posted in FUD, GNU/Linux, Intellectual Monopoly, Microsoft, Site News, Steve Ballmer at 12:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Allow us to start with this timely prelude:

…Darl McBride, CEO of SCO, in 2003:

“The intellectual property roots of Linux are obviously flawed at a systemic level under the current model. To date, we claim that more than one million lines of UNIX System V protected code have been contributed to Linux through this model. The flaws inherent in the Linux process must be openly addressed and fixed.”

SCO has become a laughing stock since then. To make matters worse, its secret connections with Microsoft got exposed and now it’s facing bankruptcy.

Steve Ballmer, on behalf on Microsoft, intends to repeat this routine by making shallow accusations while refusing to disclose specifics. As a result, a new Web site/campaign has just been launched. The domain name is showusthecode.com. To quote the Open Letter:

It’s come to many in the Linux community’s attention you have claimed again and again, that Linux violates Microsoft’s intellectual property. Not only that, but it’s been reported Microsoft has convinced businesses to pay for a Linux patent that you can’t provide.


How many corporations, how many organizations, how many community members will it take to call your bluff, Steven?

A recent rebuttal argued that Microsoft may be the biggest IP thief of all times. To back this argument, we have collected some bit and pieces which readers may find handy.

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