The Attitude Problem: Competing Against an Enemy of Your Enemy

Posted in Marketing, Novell, Red Hat, Videos at 11:06 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Last year we saw some Red Hat spoofs which referred to the Microsoft/Novell deal. I don’t know if the following is a spoof or a real commercial, but given Novell’s utter disregard for Red Hat (they clearly forget where Linux came from), nothing seems impossible.

As argued many times before, Novell sees Red Hat as its main rival, rather than stay focused on Microsoft, which is where a large userbase is up for grabs. Novell should have and could worked more closely with Red Hat, not scrutinise them. As a matter fact, a Novell deal with Red Hat did not seem like such a crazy idea back in November, based on what we discussed in the SUSE mailing lists. An enemy of one’s enemy is a friend, but Novell chose to make a deal with the enemy, to hurt what could have been a good friend.

Novell Enters the Infamous Software Patents Maze

Posted in Deals, Mono, Patents, Videos at 8:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Say No to Mono

When Novell signed the deal with Microsoft, it implicitly acknowledged — whether deliberately or not — that Linux is ‘unclean’, that it requires protection from patents. The two deals which followed, namely the ones with Sansung and with Fuji Xerox, seem to indicate that not the kernel is being targetted; rather, it is some related software. Heavily-patented technology such as .Net makes Mono come to mind. The following is a nice video which demonstrates the nightmare one faces when entering the universe of patents.

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