GPLv3 Resolves the Apache Compatibility Peril, Gets Alan Cox’s Approval

Posted in FSF, GNU/Linux, GPL, Law, LGPL at 7:29 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

More good news to the licence which will render the Novell/Microsoft obsolete and prevent similar future deals from being made. CRN argues that Apache-GPL compatibility is back on track and also names a date, which to Novell is somewhere of a dreadful deadline.

GPL 3 is now on track to be finalized in August. Its adoption will be a major milestone in the open-source industry and will force developers of GPL-licensed software to make choices about migrating to the new license or contributing to a potential schism between version 2 and version 3 software.

It gets even better. After hesistation and reluctance from Linux kernel hackers to adopt GPLv3, comes this:

Open source guru Alan Cox has voiced his support for the controversial version 3.0 of the GNU General Public Licence in an exclusive podcast interview with Computer Weekly.

You may also recall an interview where Linus Torvalds said he was pleased with the recent changes to the GPLv3 draft. The following survey showed wide support among developers as well.

A survey of open-source programming experts that start-up OpenLogic pays to resolve software troubles has revealed some favorable feelings about the new third draft of the General Public License (GPL).

Systematic and malovalent attempts to create GPLv3 scare may no longer be effective. Novell’s and Microsoft’s attempts to discredit GPLv3 are proven to have become weaker when people looked and judged the licence for themselves, as well as observed the way the draft had evolved. Several months ago, a few kernel hackers dismissed the new licence despite admitting that they never read it for.

If the licence is accepted adopted widely, then it may be time for Novell shareholders to spend money on a lot of forks (and still be left behind, essentially stuck in 2007 while rivals fly ahead).

Microsoft Source Code Request for SUSE

Posted in Action, Boycott Novell, GPL, Microsoft, Novell at 6:41 am by Shane Coyle

Well, sometimes I get too bored and come up with ways to be annoying, and here is one of them…

Some time ago, I had tried to contact Microsoft’s IP Licensing division with an email/open letter to Steve Ballmer requesting specific information on some of the claims he was making regarding Microsoft’s IP and GNU/Linux. Surprisingly, I have yet to receive a response.

Let’s see how this one goes over, sent this AM to ventures@microsoft.com:


First of all, congratulations to Microsoft for your success in distributing Novell SUSE Linux, with reports of more than 40,000 SUSE coupons distributed to date. I will admit, when Novell’s Stafford Masie characterized the deal between Microsoft and Novell as “Microsoft’s Official Entry into the Linux Space”, I was a bit hesitant, but I just can’t argue with success.

Pursuant to the GNU General Public License version 2, Section 3, I would like to request information on obtaining the machine-readable source code for the SUSE Linux that Microsoft has been so successfully distributing. Please advise if there is an FTP available, or if there is any cost associated with requests fulfilled via CD/DVD media.

Thank you in advance for your assistance, and allow me to add, welcome to the community.


Shane Coyle


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