BlueHost CEO Disgusted by Patent FUD, Boycotts Microsoft

Posted in Microsoft, Patents, SCO, Servers at 9:58 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

On several occasions, backed by facts, we said that Microsoft’s actions did it more harm than good. Here is one individual example. It comes from the CEO of BlueHost, which is a very large Web host.

Microsoft has also been pushing their patent garbage a little too heavily on the Linux community as of late. They have been claiming patent infringement for a little over a year with no proof. They won’t show infringing code yet they demand monetary compensation.

This is what I really wanted to say in my blog. I WILL NEVER EVER IN 1,000 YEARS USE A MICROSOFT PRODUCT FOR BLUEHOST! NEVER! We will never do windows hosting, we will never do Exchange hosting (Using a Microsoft product), and we will never use Longhorn server or advanced server.

Microsoft whores out its customer experience at every turn. They have completely thumbed their nose at what their users need and have lost touch technically with the internet community at large. I can’t preach about the customer experience for Bluehost users and then do business with a company that clearly violates everything I believe in. I wanted Bluehost users to know why I felt this way. I also wanted Microsoft to know that there are consequences for their despicable treatment of their customers. I have never been a Microsoft fan, but I was never their enemy. Now they have lost me forever as a client and I am sure many others will follow. Enough is enough, and now I am voting with my wallet. Goodbye Microsoft and good riddance!!

Matt Heaton / President Bluehost.com

This certainly looks like the ‘SCO effect’ all over again.

Gentle Request: Sign the “No OOXML” Petition

Posted in Formats, Microsoft, Open XML, Petitions, Standard at 12:07 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

If you have a moment, please sign the petition that opposes Microsoft’s OOXML. Almost 5,000 people have done so by now. Sadly, victims of Microsoft deals now support OOXML (because they must). If you are unconvinced, you can track the developments which we have covered since November.

The petition’s arguments, which are presented in the form of bulletpoints, cover some of the more obvious issues. Recall some of the — shall we say — corruption involved in getting OOXML as far as it has gone. Gross manipulation of standards body and legislation should not be tolerated, so please make yourself heard and stand up for free competition.

Thank you.

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