Microsoft Betrays Novell; Novell’s Agenda Unchanged (Updated)

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On Thursday, Microsoft said that it would not distribute GPLv3-licenced software. So essentially, Novell has just been betrayed by Microsoft. Nonetheless, based on its formal statement, this company which once fully supported OpenDocument format will continue its new fight against OpenDocument adoption. To quote Novell’s response to those who inquire about Microsoft:

Novell and Microsoft plan to continue our technical collaboration efforts which include our joint development work on virtualization, standards-based systems management, identity interoperability and document format translators.

Remember that Novell pays Microsoft for bridges that should be free. Novell and Microsoft try to tell that world that interoperability is should not only be expensive (or have a price tag), but it’s Microsoft that should be paid merely for the right to interoperate with them. This is unacceptable. Have another look at the words on “document format translators”. Nobody needs OOXML support. Why can’t Novell realise that it is being used to deliver its clients something that hurts their suppliers? They help a monopoly. They will inevitably get stung by their suppliers, and rightfully so. We can only guess that Novell has no choice. It has a binding contract with Microsoft, which is now its salesman. Novell is under Microsoft’s control.

Matt Asay, who used to actually work at Novell, has this to say:

Not to mention that it makes Novell look really dumb for trusting Microsoft to play nicely. (But then, that foolishness was never in doubt.)


In other words, we’ll [Novell] carry the water for Microsoft since they really have turned out to be a terrible Linux partner. Who knew?

It doesn’t appear like Novell is a popular company in the Linux world anymore. Its bad reputation is well earned. Although GPLv3 was designed not to punish Novell, Microsoft’s latest stance might actually ensure that Novell is hurt by GPLv3. That’s what ‘partners’ are for, right? Novell pardons Microsoft for everything. It must.

Tux Deluxe has just published another item in support of the new GPL licence, which Novell, just like Microsoft, shows total disregard to. It never had any respect for the GPL in the first place. It knowingly went against its spirit when it found a loophole.

Paradoxically, the viral clause, the part of the GPL licensing framework that so many people objected to because it wasn’t business friendly, made the license business friendly – in the future, a license that liberates business from the drug of DRM and the prison of software patents may turn out to have been equally prescient and business friendly…


Recommended article: Microsoft Tries to Spit Out the GPLv3 Hook

Groklaw has an interview with the President of FSFE. He talks about the GPL software licence, among other things.

Do-No-Evil Saturday: Looking Outside Novell’s Messy Affairs

Posted in Asia, Identity Management, Marketing, Mono, Novell, OpenSUSE, SLES/SLED at 8:43 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Yes, you’ve guess it! Its another post among a series of weekly posts. For new readers, we probably should clarify again that we have a habit of posting positive Novell news to make up for all (of at least some of) the bad publicity. We protest against the executives who signed the deal, but not against the developers. As such, here is a list of their most recent achievements.

ANSI standardisation for Novell’s identity management appears to be approaching.

Matt Asay has a fairly new blog. You can see his C|Net blog used for some purely PR talk that is serving Novell.

Mono made some progress in last week’s Hack Week. You can find an image and a video in Liquidat’s excellent blog.

Novell brought a batch of useful Linux whitepapers to people’s attention and they advocate the use of Linux in SMBs. This one paper showed up rather suddenly only days ago.

DesktopLinux took SLED 10 SP1 for a test drive and liked what it saw.

There’s room for argument over which Linux desktop is the best. When it comes to integrating a Linux desktop into an already existing Windows-based office, though, there’s not even a discussion. SLED 10 SP1 is by far the best Linux business desktop around.

OSDir published a screenshots gallery of this latest distribution.

Novell Inc. on June 18 released its first service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. This service pack, also known as SP1, features significant enhancements in virtualization, high-performance computing, security, interoperability, and system management.

Opensuse received a praise in another new review.

OpenSuse is, in my view the most polished and professional looking Linux distro around. Now that they have eliminated the problems that plagued release 10.1, and improved on the minor shortcomings of 10.2, I fully expect 10.3 to be an exceptional product, when it comes out this fall.

Indian officers chose SUSE for their dual-boot laptops. There is a gradual move to Linux over there, at least at government level.

They were given orientation in Suse Linux and Windows XP operating systems, since the laptop computers were loaded with them and Suse Linux operating system was a new technology, an official press release here said.

Support for GPLv3 Keeps Growing with Apache Foundation Co-Founder’s Nod

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Add another supporter to the list of GPLv3 sidlers.

Apache Foundation Co-Founder Likes GPLv3


“This what Apache has long wanted because we do want them [GPL-oriented developers] to use it [Apache code], and we didn’t like even considering the prospect of GPL-only re-implementations of our works just for compatibility’s sake.” GLPv3, he [Apache Foundation co-founder] added, “is good news, from my perspective.”

Let the list grow. It truly is a matter of momentum. Those that wait and watch might sooner or later find comfort in the decisions made by others, as well as professional judgment (not just ‘cattle effect’). Disinformation will wear off, as well.

GPLv3 support watchlist (symbolic and incomplete):

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