Quote of the Day: on Using Money to Standardise a Broken Proprietary Format

Posted in Open XML, Quote at 6:27 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Moments ago we posted a link to a thread where Miguel de Icaza (Novell VP) calls OOXML a “superb standard”.

While that statement is comical for technical reasons alone, let us consider the following quote from the creator of the C++ programming language:

“I have never heard of money changing hands in exchange for votes or anything equivalent… I guess every process is vulnerable to political and economic pressures, but I have not personally seen or suspected anything like that in relation to C++.”

OOXML, on the other hand, had money changing hands in exchange for votes.

And There You Have It: You Need Novell (Not Just .NET) to Run Moonlight

Posted in Linspire, Microsoft, Mono, Open XML, Patents, Xandros at 5:58 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The closer you look, the worse it looks

Sliverlight for Linux? Not so fast. You’ll need to pay some ‘Microsoft tax’ first, for protection from Novell — a ‘protection’ that expires within about 4 years.

How do we know this? Thanks to our reader, Victor Soliz, we have it right from the horse’s mouth. To paraphrase Victor and quote Miguel de Icaza, he says that in order to legally use Moonlight you will have to “download it from novell.” You will not face a problem “as long as you get/download Moonlight from Novell which will include patent coverage.“ That was Miguel’s reply to a concerned reader.

That same thread once again shows Miguel love for OOXML, which to many of us represents corruption. He has just said that “OOXML is a superb standard…”

Remember that even Xandros and Linspire received no Mono ‘protection’. It was explicitly excluded. For all it seems, Microsoft wishes to have Linux users maneuvered into SUSE like a pen of sheep. Then, Linux users will be at Microsoft’s mercy.

Patent Law Reform — Are Monopolies the Biggest Winners?

Posted in Microsoft, Patents, Videos at 6:32 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The following video shows why the likes of Microsoft are happy about the type of reform that was approved on Friday.

Link to the video

This comes to show another angle.

Digitised Version of the “Patent Troll“ Video

Posted in Patents, Videos at 12:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

This video is said to have been “sold to hundreds of corporations, universities, governmental entities and law firms to educate laypersons about Intellectual Property and particularly patents.” It’s over a decade old, but you can see the trolling element in it — an element that earned it its name (“Patent Troll”).

Link, for Gnash users.

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