Boycott Novell: One Year Later

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How It All Began

Shane and I, owing to the help of our readers, have written and published almost 1,400 posts in the past year, but it all started somewhere.

From what I can gather, Shane Coyle, the founder of this Web site, began his protest against Novell in his Linux distribution’s blog. He had a new, aptly-named blog category called “Boycott Novell”, which soon became its own domain name and Web site. I joined Shane about a week later, shortly after he had invited me to help. Here is the first post which announced the site’s birth.

Thanks, Shane, for making this possible.

Looking Back: The Story of the Red and the Green

To use a metaphor, remember the days when Big Red “N” devoured Small Green “S”. SuSE had the green light before it was acquired by the Red, which brought it down into the red (finance talk).

I wish SuSE was still around. I loved that distribution. I used it at home and at work, but Novell spoiled it (not just technically speaking). 12 months after the deal it becomes apparent that some of our predications became a reality and many of our suspicions were confirmed by the parties involved (sometimes explicitly).

This Web site cannot change Novell’s mind and bring back the days of SuSE. It can, however, warn those who approach Novell. It can have Novell’s management regret its poor and selfish decision.

Novell needs to understand that the Linux world is not foolish. People know what Novell is up to, and people will respond accordingly.

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