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Quick Mention: The Blog That Was Mistakenly Cited

Posted in Microsoft, Novell, SCO, Site News at 10:55 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Several times in the past we linked to OPSEast Blog (and not on a Saturday, either). It’s becoming clearer now that it’s a peripheral service/advocacy blog for Novell, run by some of its own people.

We ought to be more careful and at least aware of this in the future. The blog has published comparisons that put down Red Hat at one point, so rivalry is part of its ‘service’. Innocent Web surfers will probably fail to recognise the information source, so it seems to be crossing a sensitive that betrays trust. As we stated before, we haven't any affiliation with anyone or anything whatsoever. Unlike this:

OPSEast was created to put articles, howto’s and other links together for customers and employees of Novell’s SUSE/OPS (Open Platform Solutions) business unit.

Created and run by employees and partners, the team loves getting the word out and interacting with customers.

It would be valuable to keep track of the affiliation of various seemingly-innocent blogs. IPWars, for example, is said to be quietly associated with (or supportive of) SCO. Microsoft has a far greater level of 'operation' in that regard. It’s disgusting.

IBM’s Standards Vice President Asks About Mono-free Linux

Posted in GNU/Linux, IBM, Microsoft, Mono, Novell, Patents at 10:26 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Will C#/Mono (for OOXML translators) in OpenOffice.org enter IBM’s Lotus Symphony? What about SUSE? IBM, watch out.

Our past coverage of Mono concerns (e.g. in [