Microsoft Apparently Invaded Vodafone to Made Deal

Posted in Microsoft, Windows, Xen at 6:59 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Another ‘inside job’?

On several occasions in the past we listed examples where Microsoft ‘sends’ it departing employees into other companies, which in turn ‘massage’ these companies until they become Microsoft friends (or victims). Remember XenSource? This seems to also be the case with the latest announcement from Vodafone.

Microsoft and Vodafone Germany have intensified their cooperation for the development of Windows Mobile. Microsoft will partner closely with the Vodafone Test & Innovation Center in Duesseldorf in developing new versions of the operating system for mobile phones.

The new head of Vodaphone appears to be the head of Microsoft’s failing Mobile Unit (with an abysmal market share and losses). He left to join Vodafone just weeks ago after a very long service at Microsoft.

Microsoft seems to have applied and mastered a similar tactic in Nokia’s case [1, 2]. Apparently. it could be a natural side effect rather than an intended effect, but either way, this comes to show the danger that is ex-Microsoft employees altering the agenda of companies. Remember Yahoo and the proxy war which Microsoft openly engaged in?

Microsoft Takes OOXML Lobbying Up a Notch

Posted in America, Bill Gates, Deception, Formats, Microsoft, Open XML, OpenDocument at 6:46 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

“There won’t be anything we won’t say to people to try and convince them that our way is the way to go.”

Bill Gates (Microsoft’s CEO at the time)

It was all rather predictable. Yesterday we mentioned Gates' latest motion in the the government where he vigorously pushed for OOXML. It never quite stopped there and are other lobbying efforts are seen which are public as opposed to discreet. Here is the latest:

Less than two weeks away from a crucial ISO ratification vote on its Office Open XML standard, Microsoft is stepping up efforts to sway industry opinion in its favor.


The final international decision on the OOXML file formats will be handed down March 29 by the ISO/IEC’s 87 participating National Body members. The U.S. has already voted in favor of ratifying OOXML.

GNOME GeditDon’t forget the full story about the United States where Microsoft is able to exchange favours or money to have peers like Apple and Adobe vote “Yes” (Adobe signed a deal with Microsoft on Monday by the way). Interesting timing. Seen before, but probably not a case of which is beyond a coincidence. The next post will give a more compelling example based on a different story (Vodafone).

After letting Microsoft do its talk, the computing press in New Zealand allows Don Christie to take his turn.

If OOXML is rejected as a global standard, what will it mean for businesses and the public?

Nothing much. Applications that want to be standards-compliant will support the well-defined and broadly accepted ODF standard. They will be able to compete on features and general cleverness. Just as Firefox and Safari do when interpreting HTML files, but then have a ton of different usability features to make the task of browsing the web a more enjoyable experience.

Wikipedia is said to have become somewhat of a battleground as well. Might Microsoft still be paying people to edit?

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