Microsoft Insults the Intelligence of Malaysians, Choice of ODF

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“Deep dev of the core OS is not likely to happen in South Africa today on any large scale. Students at the university still grappling with coding skills are not going to dive into the inner-working of Linux.”

Jason Matusow, Microsoft (background/context)

The Open Malaysia Blog has posted a couple of eye-opening essays. They detail the levels to which Microsoft reaches in its fight against ODF (yes, Microsoft has always fought against the international standard, very viciously even). In the words of Open Malaysia’s Yoon Kit:

Don’t you think it’s rather presumptuous of this particular foreign company [Microsoft] to question the right of a country’s choice in a certain product? Maybe it’s because all these foreign companies just think that it’s not about choosing but about having a choice, and we poor third rate countries haven’t the brains to think for ourselves.

Microsoft did the same thing in South Africa, insinuating that South Africans are too stupid to take care of themselves without Microsoft. It’s a pattern of vanity. Insulting one’s existing/prospective customer is a poor business strategy and it may have cost them dearly. A wave of complaints from developing countries soon arrived.

As a form of embellishment, if not white-washing, Microsoft spinners (and ISO) continue to redefine English terminology, just as they once did with “contradiction”. Now it’s “consensus” that they try to warp.

Over the last year I’ve noticed that quite a few people are using the word “consensus” in a way which differs from my understanding of what consensus is about.


For instance, in the case of the BRM for OOXML, it has been stated by several, and ISO/IEC officials in particular, that the decisions were made by “consensus”. Was it so, though? I certainly don’t think so.


As if that was not enough ISO/IEC officials went on to then recommend to its respective boards of directors (SMB & TMB) to dismiss the appeals filed by Brazil, India, South Africa, and Venezuela. Now, I don’t know what an appeal is if it’s not a clear expression of “sustained opposition”.

Since ISO is a prisoner of Redmond, this hardly surprises at all. To demonstrate the generality of corruption which results from money on the table, watch this good talk from Larry Lessig. There is no trust in ISO anymore. As for Microsoft, it’s same old, same old. It dragged down ISO with it.

OOXML protests in India
From the Campaign for Document Freedom

Systems Administrators That Make Us Happy

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This is a brand-new video. The producer the Digital Tipping Point project writes: “Christa Casebeer, a sys admin at the Johnson County Community College in Kansas City, Missouri, says that 15% to 25% of all users at her college are Linux users!” Watch for yourself.

Ogg Theora

Other parts of this interview:

It seems as though the systems administrators there truly promote Free software, to the extent possible.

By contrast, watch Saturday’s news on how ‘helpful’ Novell has been when asked for assistance.

Question: About two years ago the company I work for got all brand new Dells. They could not throw the old computers away so they asked if any of the workers wanted one. Since I had an old Windows 98, and they had Windows XP, I snatched one up in a heartbeat. All I had to do was when the password window came up I typed it in and it opened. About two months ago I turned it on, typed in the password, but their old network Novell wouldn’t let me in.

I contacted Novell, but they acted like I was some hacker spy. Nick can you help?

Novell was also unresponsive when this apparent hack got reported. Novell customers have complained about support on various occasions.

IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 12th, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 6:36 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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