Links 19/08/2008: More GNU/Linux Phones, Laptops Coming

Posted in Boycott Novell at 7:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

GNOME bluefish


  • Strange Skype Network Activity – Even on Linux

    I have a few contacts with whom I still chat on Skype, so I still start it from time to time. Yesterday I started it in the morning, and then got distracted and forgot to stop it when the person I was looking for was not around (at least according to Skype’s totally unreliable presence reporting). When I went back upstairs in the evening, I noticed the that the 5GHz LED and the Internet LED on my shiny new Netgear WNDR 3300 Wireless Router were blinking like crazy, and I really mean like crazy. I knew that there shouldn’t be anything happening on my home network at that time, so I started investigating.

  • Ubuntu at Toyota

    I wiggle the mouse, and up pops the Ubuntu Heron! Wow!

  • IBM challenges Microsoft for the SME desktop

    Just last week it announced a single deal with an as-yet-unnamed Asian company that it says will add 300,000 new seats to its Lotus Notes business.


    To further up the ante, IBM has announced that it has forged partnerships with major hardware and Linux vendors to ensure that installing IBM business software on Linux systems is as painless as possible. Soon, Linux users will be able to obtain versions of IBM’s Lotus Foundations software that have been specially packaged for installation on Novell Suse, Red Hat, or Ubuntu Linux.

  • Music Education With Linux Sound Tools, Redux

    I still love to teach. I find it hugely gratifying to work with my students, particularly when they’ve prepared for one of our student shows at Coffee Amici, a local coffee house that has a regular schedule of concerts with nationally-known and local performers. I also still have to work to keep up with the new technologies that have the potential to make both the teaching and learning processes more efficient, more effective, and more fun. As I noted, I expect to make more use of video and other technologies as basic components in my instructional arsenal, and of course I expect to do it all with Linux.

  • RidgeRun Announces Open Source Offerings for Texas Instruments OMAP35x and TMS320DM355 Processors
  • ArchLinux: My ultimate GNU/Linux distro of choice
  • BackTrack4 choose Ubuntu!

    I talked with Mati Aharoni about new release now in developement, and him say to me that has taken the decision to abandon slackware for choose Ubuntu in next BackTrack version (4).

  • Transparency is just as important
  • My first taste of XFCE…

    XFCE is a very nice DE that has made a good first impression on me. To be honest, going into it, I didn’t except very much because I thought a “lightweight” environment would mean clunky applications and little choice.



  • 9 Linux Myth Debunked
  • Linux Myth #2 – Linux is more difficult to install than Windows or OS X

    Before you are three discs – Leopard (OS X), Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 2008.4) and Windows XP each respectively in front of a whitebox desktop. For those not in the know, a “whitebox” computer is a clone, or generic computer; not a name brand model like Dell or HP. They are the systems you get a computer shows, have built by a local Mom and Pop shop, or build yourself. The task is to install each operating system onto each computer respectively. My point is to debunk the myth that Linux is harder to install than Windows or OS X. This is going to be a bit tough, because it presupposes a person who is going to perform the install already has some experience installing operating systems. Contrary to the first myth, that “Linux is not for the general user because it is too difficult for the general user to install;” we are now moving beyond the general user to a more technical person.

BusinessWeek’s Latest FUD


  • If it’s animation or special effects, it’s Linux

    Rowe’s not just being a Linux booster. It’s the Gospel truth. The animation and FX for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Star Wars: The Clone Wars; WALL-E; 300; The Golden Compass; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; and I Am Legend, to name but a few recent movies, were all created using Pixar’s RenderMan and Autodesk Maya running on Linux clusters.

  • Rocks clusters make sense for educational environments

    When evaluating a clustering solution in an educational environment, it’s difficult to pass up the Rocks cluster distribution. This scalable computing solution allows you to use a limited amount of hardware or a large server farm to meet research needs.


Mobile GNU/Linux and Google







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Dirk-Willem van Gulik, road builder for the Information Super-highway 01 (2004)

Ogg Theora

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  1. Hun said,

    August 19, 2008 at 10:21 am


    Fedora got hacked and they are not telling anyone !!!

    The Fedora Infrastructure team is still actively working on the issues
    we discovered earlier. As a precautionary measure, we need all members
    to reset their Fedora Account System passwords.

    To do that, follow these instructions:
    * Visit https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/user/resetpass
    * Enter your FAS user name, and your email address.
    * Select Submit.
    * Most Fedora account holders do not use a SSH key in the Fedora Account
    System. If you do, generate a new RSA keypair with this command:

    ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048

    Upload the new public key (defaults to file ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub).

    Please reset your password within the next 15 days. Accounts not
    reset after that time will be disabled.

    If you have already received this message and reset your password, it is
    safe to disregard.

    Thank you,
    Fedora Infrastructure team

  2. Roy Schestowitz said,

    August 19, 2008 at 1:06 pm


    Let’s not jump the gun until there’s a formal word.

    Mystery Fedora disruption prompts security fears

What Else is New

  1. EPO Staff Representation Complains That EPO Management Exploits Pandemic and 'House Arrests' to Overwork Staff, Lower Quality

    The EPO keeps breaking its promises to workers; not only are key employees seeing their net salary cut (inflation factored in) but pensioners too are being robbed and in the meantime the total time spent on work is increasing

  2. Fake News is Not a 'Wing' Thing

    The two-party corporate-led system (and media) would have us obsess/bicker about accuracy of news based on some binary/dual system of blind loyalty rather than underlying facts and priorities

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  4. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) in ZDNet is the Norm

    ZDNet continues to emit lots of garbage 'journalism', in effect Microsoft PR and what's known as "black PR" for Linux; just like Bleeping Computer, which ZDNet hired this writer from, there's no adherence to facts, just smears and innuendo

  5. Truth Tellers Aren't an Enemy of Free Software

    There's a perpetual attack on people who speak out against actors and corporations in positions of great power, however subtle and indirect those attacks may seem on the surface (they don't wish to be held accountable for defaming activists)

  6. The Linux Foundation, With Over 124 Million Dollars in Annual Revenue, is in Trouble Because of the Pandemic, So It's Trying to Reinvent Itself as Training and Certifications Outfit

    With mountains of cash and a Public Relations (PR) or marketing business model the so-called 'Linux' Foundation became reliant on travel, lodging, booths and speeches on sale; COVID-19 is a great risk to that business model

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    IRC logs for Sunday, January 24, 2021

  8. Our Move Further Away From the World Wide Web, the Browser Monopolies, HTTP, and HTML

    The World Wide Web (WWW) is going down a bad path and a clearly regressive direction; the solution isn't going 'retro' but exploring more sophisticated systems which are robust to censorship (localised or globalised) and downtime (related to censorship) while reducing surveillance by leveraging encryption at the endpoints

  9. Important Issues Not Entertained in the Community, Especially Critics of the Status Quo

    here's corporate infiltration inside communities (for oligarchy hunts volunteer, unpaid labour) and those who speak about that as a threat to our cause and objectives are painted as misguided outcasts who must be ignored

  10. Internet Origins of the Mob

    Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock

  11. When Proprietary Software Users Dictate the Freedom-Leaning Communities

    Fedora doesn't care about software freedom and its steward (or parent company) is sometimes imposing proprietary software on staff; they've quit caring

  12. In 2020 Onwards 'Open Source' is Just a Marketing Ploy of Monopolies, Unlike Free Software

    More people are nowadays seeing or witnessing 'Open Source' for what it truly is; the term has become a misleading marketing term of proprietary software firms looking to rebrand as "ethical" (e.g. by sharing some code with other proprietary software firms, over proprietary platforms such as GitHub)

  13. Microsoft: The Year After We Bought GitHub There Was a Significant Decline in Number of New Projects on GitHub

    Microsoft has just admitted that in 2019 GitHub saw a very significant decline in number of new projects (and users, which it is conveniently miscounting by adding 'phantom' ones) on the site. Just what we had heard before they confirmed it (and they foresaw this effect of the takeover, hence the lies about "loving" Linux).

  14. Social Control Media is a Passing Fad, We Should All Go Back to Blogging and Subscribing to RSS Feeds

    The whole "social control media" phenomenon has been oversold or promoted using lies; in reality, as a mountain of evidence serves to show, it's a way to manage society at a macro scale

  15. As Andrei Iancu Removes Himself From the Patent and Trademark Office All Eyes Are on Biden's Next Nomination

    Patent zealots and their front groups already lobby Joe Biden to put one of them in charge of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; we'll soon see if Joe Biden "means business" or simply means monopoly/large corporations (and their law firms/departments)

  16. Data Point: GNU/Linux Share in Desktops/Laptops Nearly Tripled in the Past Decade, Peaking This Past Month (All-Time High)

    Contrary to what some publishers try to tell us, GNU/Linux is still growing and mostly at the expense of Windows

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  19. InteLeaks – Part XXX: Harbor Research's Pseudo-scientific 'Research' for Intel, Bizarrely Suggesting a Microsoft Partnership for a Domain Largely Controlled or Dominated by Linux

    The full document that Intel paid for and in turn used to justify cracking down on Free software (obliterating Free software-based workflows inside Intel), instead outsourcing all sorts of things to proprietary software traps of Microsoft

  20. Chromium and Chrome Are Not Free Software But an Example of Microsoft-Fashioned Openwashing Tactics

    It's time to reject Google's Web monopoly (shared with other companies but still an oligopoly); removing its Web browser would be a good start

  21. Links 23/1/2021: Chromium Pains and New Debian Maintainers

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  22. InteLeaks – Part XXIX: Harbor Research Did Not Produce a Study But an Elaborate Hoax for Intel, Suggesting Microsoft Partnership and Outsourcing Based on Zero Evidence and No Solid Rationale

    The pseudo-scientific ‘report’ from Harbor Research is more of the same nonsense we’ve grown accustomed to; unethical if not rogue firms are being paid to lie — or to perpetuate falsehoods which someone stands to gain from

  23. Video: The State of Communities Surrounding GNU/Linux Distributions

    A discussion about the state of volunteer efforts going into the development, maintenance (in the 'maintainership' sense) and support/advocacy of GNU/Linux distros

  24. IRC Proceedings: Friday, January 22, 2021

    IRC logs for Friday, January 22, 2021

  25. InteLeaks – Part XXVIII: Intel Served Report From Microsoft Boosters, Who Provide No Actual Evidence and No Science to Back Their Supposed 'Findings'

    Findings and recommendations from Harbor 'Research' aren't based on any scientific methods, just perceived loyalty, branding, and a bunch of unsourced quotes (from unnamed people with ridiculous job titles like a soup of buzzwords)

  26. Erosion of Communities, Ascent of Corporate-Industrial Fake Communities

    Despite the attempts to manipulate/trick developers (and sometimes users) into becoming unpaid workforce of for-profit companies, there's an exodus back to real communities, which aren't subjected to the fury of wealthy shareholders who utterly dislike or simply don't care for software freedom

  27. The Corporate 'Left' and the Open Source Pseudo 'Movement'

    President Biden may not be as bad as his predecessor, but that hardly means very much; software freedom is still threatened, along with many other things

  28. Links 22/1/2021: pfSense Plus, Endless OS Foundation, and Many Laptops With GNU/Linux

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  29. The Linux Foundation is Trying to Obscure Racism Using Microsoft-Inspired Tactics (Vouchers Disguised as Actual Money)

    The Linux Foundation and its PR stunts don’t help combat racism; one might argue that the Foundation is leveraging racism, which prevails in the US, to paint itself as benevolent and caring (offering immaterial things and self-serving press releases)

  30. InteLeaks – Part XXVII: 'Pulling a Nokia' on Intel (Outsourcing to Microsoft)

    The recommendation of an Intel marriage with Microsoft (even in units that deal mostly with Linux) is an insulting slap across the face of developers employed there; we take a look at recommendations made to IoTG (Intel) by a firm with Microsoft orientation

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