LG Tops Microsoft ‘s Linux Patent Deal with Memorandum of Understanding

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LG knowingly betrayed Free software developers by signing an evil deal with Microsoft — one that involves Linux and patents. More information about this can be found here. According to a news report, this pair of companies is growing even closer now.

LG Electronics (LG) and Microsoft have announced the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a strategic collaboration in mobile convergence.

The agreement was signed in Korea by Yong Nam, vice-chairman and CEO of LG Electronics and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

Welcome yet another Memorandum of Understanding? These are nasty anti-competitive deals, recent examples of which we have given in:

These deals are foolish and they establish little more than distrust. Novell probably learned this the hard way. Jason Perlow mentioned OpenSUSE several days ago, but his post is much broader in terms of scope and it also states:

[I]t’s unlikely that with Novell’s existing alliance with Microsoft that OpenSUSE will be the end-user free distribution of choice to promote to everyone.

Deals with Microsoft are a repellent. The company is constantly attacking people’s freedom, so where’s the surprise?

Is Microsoft Phasing Out Novell or Actually Helping It?

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Router lights
Microsoft wants to disconnect Novell

Microsoft and Novell share a similar dilemma and Novell is the weaker party in this relationship. Microsoft keeps ‘stealing’ some of the latter’s legacy business and therefore it has control over Novell’s destiny. There are some more reasons for Novell to be skeptical about Microsoft’s intent, based on this analysis from IDG. James Gaskin opines:

Win2k came out a year and a half before Windows XP and bridged the gap between 9x and XP, reworking the kernel and linking tightly to Active Directory, enabling Microsoft to kick the last chance of a Novell NetWare revival out the door.

Back in 1988, Novell was hugely prevalent. Here are some numbers.

The numbers are staggering, considering the youth of the LAN industry. There are about 220,000 NetWare-based file servers connected to more than 2 million IBM-compatible PCs. By my calculations, that’s one-fifteenth of the world’s PC population.

Also worth noting is the following article from 1990. It’s about Novell and Lotus joining forces. Both were victims of Microsoft’s vicious — if not illegal — tactics.

The Lotus Development Corporation, which is known for its popular 1-2-3 spreadsheet, and Novell Inc. announced yesterday that they had tentatively agreed to a $1.5 billion merger in an effort to deliver a competitive blow to the Microsoft Corporation, the leader in personal computer software.

A week ago, Tim Bray pointed out that “Companies don’t hire people. People hire people.” It was also interesting to find last week’s article about Ozzie’s roots: “Ozzie, a software pioneer known for creating Lotus Notes, joined Microsoft in 2005. ”

Rivals applying for jobs at Microsoft is one of the phases in Microsoft’s infamous Slog tactics. There’s lot of
studying to do on this and Microsoft does not mean well. It’s already scooping up Novell employees [1, 2] (background here), even seniors [1, 2].

We’ll report as soon as we find more appropriate precedence.

Kid reading
Reading-up time

“Pearly Gates and Em-Ballmer
One promises you heaven and the other prepares you for the grave.”

Ray Noorda, Novell

SCOldera: Scolding Linux Under Another Roof?

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UNIX-based“We do the UNIX, you do the lawsuits…”

Remember attempts to rename Office Open XML just “Open XML” (ISO participated in these attempts)? Or call the embattled Longhorn just “Vista”? Or do another iteration of Vista, then calling it “Windows 7″? Well, it's always about the name.

According to Groklaw, SCO might be trying to dodge into another trademark where it suffers none of the same poor reputation. It’s almost like a shell game that follows mysterious funneling (or channeling) of funds, not to mention the ongoing flirt with Sugar Daddies. Here is the seminal analysis.

We need to take a quick break from the Bilski series because there are a number of filings in the SCO bankruptcy, including a notation in one filing that seems to indicate that SCO is considering resurrecting the name Caldera International.

Anonymous writes: “They’re going to market a new Linux distro unified with UNIX! They could call it, hmm… Caldera Linux!”

Sarcasm considered, check out caldera.eu and the “RIP” line. Does that stand for “rest in peace”? Or “Recovery is Possible”?

This attempted resurrection — if true– got Sean’s attention.

SCO – the company best known in the Linux community for its legal challenges could be dipping into its own intellectual property well to bring back a name from the past.

OStatic wrote about this also.

Apart from this, nothing really stood out in the Novell/SCO case. Here are the remaining articles about this lawsuit (only from Groklaw):

1. SCO’s Statement on Final Judgment & the Melaugh-Gonzalez Emails

SCO has filed a Statement Regarding Entry of Final Judgment [PDF], responding to Novell’s Response to SCO’s Notice of Voluntary Dismissal , which asked the court to confirm the amount of the constructive trust the parties have agreed to and to make SCO pay it now, which in turn followed SCO’s Notice of Voluntary Dismissal.

It’s breathtaking to me. SCO actually argues, quoting selectively from the trial order’s wording, that while one clause of the 2003 Sun agreement was not authorized, the rest of the agreement was, and in fact in the judge’s “nuanced” trial order, that’s what he meant, that SCO was authorized to enter into the agreement except for that one itsy bitsy part. Just excise that one clause, and what do you get? An *authorized* agreement. What? Don’t hyperventilate. SCO does this.

2. Novell Responds to SCO’s Notice of Voluntary Dismissal/Final Judgment Language

Novell has filed its Response to SCO’s Notice of Voluntary Dismissal. It’s ascerbic and funny as can be. It shows the court each and every tricky bit it thinks SCO might just be angling for.

I saw in the email exchange between the SCO and Novell attorneys that were attached to the David Melaugh Declaration that SCO has stepped on Novell’s last nerve with its trickiness. And here we see the result. Novell points out each and every conceivable thing SCO might be trying for, leaving nothing for SCO to try later.

3. SCO v Linux: Novell demands payment of withheld income

In the legal battle between Novell and the SCO Group over SCO’s claims concerning ideas and concepts in Linux and Unix, Novell is demanding that the SCO Group immediately transfer to it a payment of $625,486.90. The Groklaw site has published the motion by Novell on which the relevant bankruptcy court now has to decide; SCO is operating under Chapter 11 of the American bankruptcy laws

Why is this battle not over yet? And when will the press report the truth, if ever?

“On the same day that CA blasted SCO, Open Source evangelist Eric Raymond revealed a leaked email from SCO’s strategic consultant Mike Anderer to their management. The email details how, surprise surprise, Microsoft has arranged virtually all of SCO’s financing, hiding behind intermediaries like Baystar Capital.”

Bruce Perens

Do-No-Evil Saturday – Part III: Almost Eventless Week for Novell

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Abbreviated overview

IT WAS A QUIET WEEK. THERE WAS really nothing major, so let’s dive right into the few isolated things that have happened with Novell (or things which relate to Novell).

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Do-No-Evil Saturday – Part II: Userful, Lenovo, SUSE (SLES/SLED), Scalix and Xandros

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Userful was mentioned a lot in recent weeks [1, 2, 3]. It has temporarily returned to the headlines thanks to this press release about the collaboration with Novell.

Omni, Userful and Novell have agreed to extend this initiative until the end of 2008 in response to extremely strong uptake from schools in the US, Canada, Australia, South America, Europe and Africa.

Some postings resembling the press release have appeared here and here.

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Do-No-Evil Saturday – Part I: OpenSUSE Board Discussion, 11.1 @ Beta 4

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Penguins swim

OpenSUSE Board

THE news about the board is a bit old now. It was mentioned last week, but there is more coverage of this in quite a lot of Web sites right now. Examples include:

1. OpenSUSE Starts Steering its Own Course (also here)

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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 7th, 2008

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Enter the IRC channel now

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Links 08/11/2008: Red Hat is Expanding, Creative Embraces the GPL

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GNOME bluefish





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