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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 30th, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:09 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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MinceR gn Nov 30 01:17
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dsmith_ http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/online/news/mic… Nov 30 04:51
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schestowitz http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/online… “Another model of transparency that Microsoft likes to present is OOXML, the open documentation standard, according to Sandra Schaefer, manager of interoperability strategy at Microsoft. When asked why a certain specification ran over 6,500 pages with some facts still missing, she remained contrite.” Nov 30 06:04
schestowitz What a baloney! Nov 30 06:04
schestowitz OOXML is corruption, not openness. Nov 30 06:04
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Omar87 schestowitz: Hi Nov 30 06:56
schestowitz Hey there, what’s up? Nov 30 06:56
dsmith_ thats what I said Nov 30 06:57
schestowitz I was just about to make some more posts. Nov 30 06:57
dsmith_ baloney Nov 30 06:57
schestowitz dsmith_: I can’t help but feel like Microsoft uses Linux magazines now. Nov 30 06:57
schestowitz They seem to have approached this (as I guess it) German magazine. Nov 30 06:57
Omar87 schestowitz: Just got my wireless working, lol. :) Nov 30 06:57
schestowitz It’s a /fluff’ -piece- misfit Nov 30 06:57
dsmith_ heh, I was wondering about that Nov 30 06:57
schestowitz Omar87: good stuff. It’s a one-time effort, lasting for long Nov 30 06:58
dsmith_ im like MS in a linux mag? Nov 30 06:58
schestowitz No, it’s not. Nov 30 06:58
schestowitz It actually covered some BN stuff before. Nov 30 06:58
dsmith_ according to Ballmer, linux is a cancer Nov 30 06:58
schestowitz But knowing how Microsoft sings like a Canary to LUGs it wouldn’t surprise me if they lobbies for such an article Nov 30 06:58
schestowitz Yes Nov 30 06:59
schestowitz But another silly guy wrote something like “ballmer loves linux” the other day Nov 30 06:59
dsmith_ Nonetheless, Schaefer reiterated that MS Office 2007 SP2 will include a native implementation of ODF 1.1….when it dont work, MS will blame Linux Nov 30 06:59
schestowitz It’s the same “Linux” writer who asked Micrsooft to hire him not so long ago Nov 30 06:59
schestowitz I’m very much mystified by these mixture that I seee… Nov 30 06:59
dsmith_ ppl want to feed from the MS trough Nov 30 07:00
dsmith_ lol Nov 30 07:00
schestowitz …not because some sort of Microsoft ‘xenophobia’ but because Microsoft is STILL threatening to sue. Nov 30 07:00
Omar87 schestowitz: Yeah! That’s true! :) Nov 30 07:00
schestowitz Are these people asleep Nov 30 07:00
schestowitz ? Nov 30 07:00
dsmith_ talk is cheap Nov 30 07:00
dsmith_ obviously Nov 30 07:00
schestowitz I bet some people see their job going away and they beg for giveaways from /anything/ Nov 30 07:00
schestowitz Erwin from Sun went to SAP Nov 30 07:00
dsmith_ openoffice erwin? Nov 30 07:01
Omar87 schestowitz: I asked the people at the #ubuntu channel for help. They introduced my to wcid. It’s amazing! :) Nov 30 07:01
schestowitz dsmith_: yes Nov 30 07:01
dsmith_ ahhh ok Nov 30 07:01
schestowitz I hate Microsoft after last night. Nov 30 07:01
dsmith_ I dont read that blog anymore Nov 30 07:01
schestowitz I got back from a night out, got this E-mail about Silverlight and I had to restart my KDE session with some data loss after Silverlight had f*ed it up Nov 30 07:01
Omar87 schestowitz: Well, who doesn’t hate Microsoft? :) Nov 30 07:02
dsmith_ silverlight? Nov 30 07:02
schestowitz I’ll blog about this too… because Novell helps Microsoft in this. Nov 30 07:02
schestowitz dsmith_: yes Nov 30 07:02
dsmith_ on what Nov 30 07:02
Omar87 schestowitz: Wait, what happened? Nov 30 07:02
schestowitz Konqy Nov 30 07:02
schestowitz I’ll write about this later. Nov 30 07:02
dsmith_ ok Nov 30 07:02
schestowitz If only just to show how much trouble Microsoft causes by not serving HTML Nov 30 07:03
schestowitz They try to replace ‘the Web’ Nov 30 07:03
dsmith_ let them keep shooting themselves in the foot Nov 30 07:03
schestowitz Gates used to mock the Web, saying it did not serve enough of Microsoft’s own binary files. Nov 30 07:03
dsmith_ whats he know Nov 30 07:03
schestowitz dsmith_: here’s the thing. Windows users might not notice. Nov 30 07:03
schestowitz So it often boils down to loud minorities. Nov 30 07:04
dsmith_ windows users really dont care Nov 30 07:04
schestowitz Well.. Nov 30 07:04
dsmith_ all they want is sh!t to work Nov 30 07:04
dsmith_ Omar87: whats wcid Nov 30 07:04
dsmith_ nm I found it Nov 30 07:06
Omar87 dsmith_: okay Nov 30 07:06
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schestowitz Hmm.. http://mm.gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsug-bangalo… Nov 30 07:17
schestowitz “Moreover, an organization cannot work in isolation. Kiran’s close connections with the Communist Party can be and should be used for the benefit of the organization. Being the editor of CPI(M)s very popular newspaper, he should be able to take the organization to the next level.” Nov 30 07:18
schestowitz One Board member in that Indian conference fiasco seems to is a member of a left political party. He keeps prioritizing party’s interest over Free Software Interests. He was behind all sectarian moves. Nov 30 07:19
schestowitz CPIM now have a interest in Mobilising Knowledge workers in the name of Free Software Movement. All the moves listed in that FAQ is done by this person, including the Cochin conference. But the party never subscribes Free Software Philosophy. For them it is an anti-Microsoft thing. Nov 30 07:20
schestowitz Someone tells me that the FAQ was very sharp earlier on. After they’d seen the initial one — and it was very direct — it was changed. Later it got diluted in Board discussions Nov 30 07:21
schestowitz Proprietary software… all politics, as usual. Money and power.. Nov 30 07:21
schestowitz There ought to be a response to this FAQ. Maybe we ought to do this. It’s already circulated in mailing lists. Nov 30 07:22
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kevin__ hi Nov 30 07:33
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schestowitz Hey there. Nov 30 07:33
schestowitz Last night I posted things in a rush and seem to have been disconnected while away Nov 30 07:34
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schestowitz IDG peddling of lock-in… http://weblog.infoworld.com/enterprisewindo… Nov 30 08:42
schestowitz The End of Bailout Transparency Already? < http://bailoutsleuth.com/2008/10/the-end-of… > Nov 30 09:05
schestowitz “When the Treasury Department’s bailout czar provided an update this week on the government’s $700 billion plan to rescue troubled financial institutions, he vowed that it would be an “open and transparent program with appropriate oversight. [...]  fell short in the transparency department.” Nov 30 09:06
schestowitz It’s amusing too see the blog posts aggregated now at the bottom of Google search results… http://www.google.com/search?q=no… Nov 30 09:33
schestowitz Citing a former Microsoft evangelist (and employee), describing him as “Industry observer.” Amazing.   http://www.alleyinsider.com/2008/11/why-microsoft-… Nov 30 09:38
schestowitz Eric Lai tries to defend the Vole: http://blogs.computerworld.com/analyst_r… Nov 30 09:54
schestowitz Tagline: “Regarding Redmond”  He also took a shot at BN recently. Nov 30 09:54
trmanco http://www.shittyart.net/wp-content/u… Nov 30 10:12
schestowitz I’m not sure about “art” but the other part of the domain name fits this… Nov 30 10:13
schestowitz Here is the Micro^H^HSeattle Post Intelligencer sucking up to Microsoft with fairy tales that say nothing about the truth: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/38… In other news, Stalin was a good father and the Chinese govt. loves cats. Nov 30 10:14
schestowitz Attempts to sell Windows using athletes.. http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/nov/26/j… That too comes to and end, just like the Seinfeld gig. Nov 30 10:16
schestowitz “Windows mobile partners such as Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola now have a strong reason to dump the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS Operating system” < http://www.smarthouse.com.au/Phon… >  Mind “OS Operating system” Nov 30 10:24
schestowitz Suits: Microsoft files new cybersquatting charges < http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/article/2689… > Nov 30 10:24
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schestowitz Now you see it < http://news.google.com/news?hl=e… >… and now you don’t : < http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch/200… > ERROR 404. “Microsoft Not Rushing To Fix Vista Kernel Vulnerability” Nov 30 10:35
trmanco G.M Stewart? Nov 30 10:36
schestowitz Gary Stewart Nov 30 10:36
schestowitz AKA “flatfish”, “Guandeep”, “Moshe Goldfarb” etc.  same person, hundreds of name. Nov 30 10:36
trmanco :| Nov 30 10:37
schestowitz They’re a bunch of thugs.. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20… Nov 30 10:38
schestowitz Be careful. Microsoft has just… bought a domain name! …  http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Midmarket/Micr… … just as ‘scary’ as the relaunching and renamings of Live/MSN … they put a nice picture there, so the engine /MUST/ be good. Nov 30 10:40
trmanco engine? what engine? Nov 30 10:43
trmanco the search engine? Nov 30 10:43
schestowitz Search engine. Microsoft is still experimenting with win32 Nov 30 10:43
trmanco lol Nov 30 10:44
schestowitz These things are not built to scale. Nov 30 10:44
trmanco Microsofts engine is like a Fiat compared to Google’s Bugatti Nov 30 10:44
schestowitz “LeBron James and Microsoft have lost their Internet connection. James’ spokesman says the NBA superstar and the software giant have ended a two-year …” CLICK on this.. and “Server Error in ‘/WebSports’ Application.”… Nov 30 10:46
schestowitz ASPX Nov 30 10:46
trmanco lol Nov 30 10:48
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schestowitz dsmith_: I wrote about the Silverlight incident: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11… Nov 30 10:49
*dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-142-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 10:49
schestowitz Oh, he’s just left Nov 30 10:49
schestowitz dsmith_: I wrote about the Silverlight incident: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/30/silve… Nov 30 10:49
dsmith_ ok thx Nov 30 10:50
schestowitz http://www.informationweek.com/news/windows/ope… “In requesting Ballmer’s testimony, the plaintiffs entered into evidence e-mails — unsealed by the court last week — in which Ballmer appears to have been informed of changes to the Vista Capable definition that allowed inclusion of an underpowered Intel graphics chipset.” Nov 30 10:52
schestowitz Wii Sales Pass 7 Million Units in Japan < http://www.pcworld.com/article/154537/wii_… > Nov 30 10:56
schestowitz VMware and Microsoft aren’t the only games in town < http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/virt… >. Most journalists focus on just two ‘camps’.. like Google-Yaho, Apple-Microsoft Nov 30 11:05
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schestowitz “At barely $3 a share, Sun’s $2.3bn stock market value is 40 per cent below its book value, and little more than 1 per cent of its value at the start of the decade.” < http://www.ft.com/cms/s/ce95e0be-… > Nov 30 11:11
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schestowitz The Gartner shills’ insult is making its way to more countries: http://www.cxotoday.com/India/News/Open_S… Nov 30 11:14
schestowitz Another faker… “open-source dedication” http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Bigger-… Nov 30 11:23
schestowitz More abuse of the term “open source”: http://tech.blorge.com/Structure:%20/2008/11/29/… http://www.pr.com/press-release/119272 Nov 30 11:25
trmanco http://madwifi-project.org/wiki/news/2008… Nov 30 12:09
schestowitz Good, good.. I’ll chain it to this: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/mit_… ( MIT to Open Source Mobile Web Code ) Nov 30 12:12
schestowitz I wonder what this project is about . Stallman is in MIT. Well, Chomsky is in MIT too. They are under constant threats, but the latter claims that he gets better protection where he resides, in campus. Nov 30 12:13
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MinceR geekings Nov 30 12:32
*Eruaran (n=jeremy@ has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 13:17
Tallken greekings Nov 30 13:18
Eruaran hello Nov 30 13:19
schestowitz Hi Nov 30 13:20
Eruaran Anything interesting happening ? Nov 30 13:21
schestowitz I heard about KDE4.. Nov 30 13:23
Tallken hum? Nov 30 13:23
Eruaran 4.2 ? Nov 30 13:23
schestowitz Did you see the post about KDE and Silver Lie? I should really check how many people in BN use KDE4. Nov 30 13:24
schestowitz “It sounds like you’re using KDE4.  I’ve seen other scenarios which kill “Kwin” there.  Mine was that, every time I started the KDE4 version of “amarok”, “kwin” dies.  With “konqueror”, it’s a mixed bag.” Nov 30 13:24
schestowitz “Some Web sites seem to work better with the KDE4 version of “konqueror” and others, like the Silverlight site, work better with the KDE3 version of “konqueror”.  I was using crusty old “konqueror” under KDE v. 3.5.4 with CentOS5, which is why I didn’t experience a crash (just the “not supported” message which I was expecting.)” Nov 30 13:24
Eruaran yes Nov 30 13:25
Tallken I fail to see the issue here? Nov 30 13:26
Tallken besides code problems of course Nov 30 13:27
Tallken I just don’t follow “silver lie”+”kwin dies”+”KDE3 version of “konqueror”” Nov 30 13:27
Eruaran Silverlight doesn’t work with Konqueror, period. Nov 30 13:27
Tallken does it work with any browser? on Linux I mean Nov 30 13:28
Eruaran no Nov 30 13:28
schestowitz Will it /ever/? Silver Lie doesn’t work with Linux. period. Nov 30 13:28
schestowitz Moonlight has nothing to do with it. Nov 30 13:28
Eruaran I think its probably a sideshow really Nov 30 13:32
MinceR why is it a problem if SilverLie or MoonBlight fail to work with konqueror anyway? Nov 30 13:32
schestowitz That doesn’t require RIAs. Nov 30 13:32
Eruaran I think whatever plans Google has with V8 and Chrome are more interesting and will be more influential Nov 30 13:32
schestowitz Want image? JS Nov 30 13:32
schestowitz (that’s Flickr) Nov 30 13:32
schestowitz I’ve seen people whose photos from events they shove up some Flash shell. Nov 30 13:33
schestowitz Very annoying… can’t even download the images Nov 30 13:33
schestowitz Can’t index.. nothing… Nov 30 13:33
Eruaran I think in the end Silverlight is just noise Nov 30 13:34
schestowitz Eruaran: yes, Google’s work is good and they help with JS, but… we need SVG.. Microsoft imperils it. Nov 30 13:34
schestowitz Eruaran: don’t say that. Miguel&Novell&MS will cry. Nov 30 13:34
Eruaran Microsoft imperils everything it touches Nov 30 13:34
MinceR since chrome has such a windows-centric design, i have my doubts about whether it will ever be ported anywhere. Nov 30 13:34
MinceR (i don’t consider crossover chromium a port) Nov 30 13:35
Eruaran I think Miguel is what might be termed from Microsoft’s point of view a, “useful idiot”. Nov 30 13:35
schestowitz MinceR: don’t worry. Nov 30 13:35
schestowitz Novell is working on iot. Nov 30 13:35
schestowitz They turn GNU/Linux into another Windoqs. Nov 30 13:35
schestowitz Then to serve it to the Vole, I guess.. Nov 30 13:35
MinceR i think they’ll only turn suse into another windows Nov 30 13:35
schestowitz What about Ubuntu? Nov 30 13:36
MinceR dunno Nov 30 13:36
Eruaran Ububuntu is getting worse Nov 30 13:36
schestowitz There’s peer influence… they pass their poisonware around. Nov 30 13:36
MinceR i know it’s getting worse Nov 30 13:36
schestowitz Ububuntu? Nov 30 13:36
schestowitz [Ub]*unbtu Nov 30 13:36
Eruaran I got some updates today and the updater told me I needed to reboot before changes could take effect… Nov 30 13:37
schestowitz UbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbUbuntu. [recursive acronym-ish. Nov 30 13:37
Eruaran I’m like, “reboot” ? Nov 30 13:37
trmanco http://fullcirclemagazine.org/issue-19/ Nov 30 13:37
MinceR some updates do need that Nov 30 13:37
schestowitz Eruaran: there was a kernel patch. Nov 30 13:37
MinceR especially until distros start using ksplice Nov 30 13:37
Eruaran Ubuntu does it all the time though Nov 30 13:37
schestowitz See Softpedia article. Nov 30 13:37
schestowitz Eruaran: making users feel like in old(er) home maybe. Nov 30 13:37
schestowitz Or playing it safe, I don’t know… Nov 30 13:38
Eruaran For example Nov 30 13:38
Eruaran Install graphics drivers Nov 30 13:38
Eruaran Need to restart xorg Nov 30 13:38
Eruaran Ubuntu tells the user to reboot the system Nov 30 13:38
MinceR an update to init would probably need a reboot too :> Nov 30 13:38
MinceR Eruaran: they ought to fix that Nov 30 13:38
Eruaran Ubuntu is starting to feel like Windows Nov 30 13:39
Eruaran Asking you to reboot everytime something updates Nov 30 13:39
schestowitz Is Fedora not doing this? Nov 30 13:39
schestowitz I don’t think distros typically say anything. Nov 30 13:39
schestowitz But you probably speak about “Restricted Drivers” GUI. Nov 30 13:39
schestowitz └─(13:40 $)─> uptime Nov 30 13:40
schestowitz 13:40:13 up 45 days, 21:58,  2 users,  load average: 0.79, 0.89, 0.86 Nov 30 13:40
schestowitz roy@baine:~$ uptime Nov 30 13:40
schestowitz 13:29:21 up 87 days,  2:57,  2 users,  load average: 0.11, 0.11, 0.09 Nov 30 13:40
benJIman Restarting dbus requires a reboot too really. Nov 30 13:41
trmanco 13:53:06 up 4 days,  7:19,  5 users,  load average: 0.19, 0.92, 1.14 Nov 30 13:44
trmanco :( Nov 30 13:44
macabe 08:56:19 up 18:52,  1 user,  load average: 0.09, 0.12, 0.09 Nov 30 13:48
Eruaran 00:58:37 up 1 day,  2:38,  1 user,  load average: 0.22, 0.24, 0.20 Nov 30 13:50
MinceR mincer@stormwind(pts/4) % uptime Nov 30 13:50
MinceR 14:59:04 up  1:31,  1 user,  load average: 0.16, 0.17, 0.18 Nov 30 13:50
MinceR guardian% uptime Nov 30 13:50
MinceR 15:04:54 up 52 days, 20:01, 11 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 Nov 30 13:50
Eruaran I installed the Prey demo the other day Nov 30 13:50
schestowitz Oh, Phoronix mentioned it. Nov 30 13:50
schestowitz Any good? Nov 30 13:51
Eruaran I like it Nov 30 13:51
macabe Installed later kernel yesterday (2.6.27-7.686) Nov 30 13:51
Eruaran Although at the moment I can only play it windowed and I don’t know why Nov 30 13:51
schestowitz So that you can spin it ’round the cube maybe.. to show off. Nov 30 13:53
MinceR lol Nov 30 13:56
MinceR how well do opengl games work with an aiglx-based window manager now? Nov 30 13:56
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*Tallken (n=f2f93bf5@ has left #boycottnovell (“Konversation terminated!”) Nov 30 14:21
*ld50 (n=s@ has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 14:34
ld50 hi Nov 30 14:34
ld50 there’s some mono activity in kde-devel mailing Nov 30 14:35
ld50 list Nov 30 14:35
ld50 brb Nov 30 14:35
MinceR i see a single post related to that Nov 30 14:36
ld50 i see 3 Nov 30 14:36
schestowitz Thanks. Nov 30 14:36
schestowitz What about? Nov 30 14:37
schestowitz URL? Nov 30 14:37
ld50 http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&… Nov 30 14:39
schestowitz http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&am… Nov 30 14:40
schestowitz Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz Depending on a closed company like Microsoft to have new APIs, new Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz technologies, new improvements is i think a bad point. Mono just implement Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz .Net APIs, this project has no creativity. Ok .Net is developer friendly, Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz yes but comparing to first point it is nothing. We have already a toolkit Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz with Qt which save us a bit from C++ crap. Gnome start to port their Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz applications to Mono, that is their choices. I don’t want to start a Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz flameware here but i think it is a very bad idea. Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz There’s all that stuff like hooks from Richard Dale. Nov 30 14:41
schestowitz Hmmm… I noticed that PJ publishes just one article per day (less than you used to). I can’t help but wonder if she works outside the site in order to pay the bills? I’ve asked her because I might need to follow a similar route. Nov 30 14:43
Eruaran I hate these Mono weasels. Nov 30 14:43
schestowitz “Mono is so good…” Nov 30 14:44
schestowitz “Blah, lah, blah…” Nov 30 14:44
Eruaran They obviously expect everybody to be as stupid as the Anakin de Icaza fan club. Nov 30 14:44
schestowitz I’m trying to find out his background… http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozclient&… Nov 30 14:45
Eruaran I certainly hope the KDE community at large does not entertain these guys. Nov 30 14:47
Eruaran They are poison. Nov 30 14:47
schestowitz I’ll do a quick post. Nov 30 14:48
Eruaran Its like having Grime Wormtongue over for dinner. Nov 30 14:48
Eruaran *Grima Nov 30 14:49
schestowitz I was warned by a prof. a year ago that this is how they might fight back… not necessarily with shills but with aficionados that subvert from the inside Nov 30 14:49
schestowitz gaming of bug reports, voting on features, etc. Nov 30 14:49
Eruaran Gríma, called (the) Wormtongue, is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings… He is introduced in The Two Towers as the chief advisor to King Théoden… Gríma serves as an archetypal flatterer, liar, and manipulator. The name ‘Gríma’ derives from the Icelandic word meaning “a mask”. Nov 30 14:55
Eruaran (from Wikipedia) Nov 30 14:56
schestowitz Lord of the (Cog)Wheels Nov 30 14:58
Eruaran nite guys Nov 30 15:07
Eruaran I got to get some sleep Nov 30 15:07
schestowitz I’ve just posted about KDE… http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/30/mo… Nov 30 15:17
*ld50 (n=s@ has left #boycottnovell Nov 30 15:26
macabe Does MS itself use .net for it’s own product? Last I read ms-office 2003 & exchange were based on win32. Nov 30 15:33
schestowitz No,. they don’t Nov 30 15:34
schestowitz Vista isn’t .NET Nov 30 15:34
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11/29… ( So what will happen to Sun? ) Nov 30 15:34
*benJIman has quit (lindbohm.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Nov 30 15:35
schestowitz Since Windows Server 2008 is said to have more downtime than 2003 (source: shills group, aka Yankee), I wonder how many of their own domains up^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hwngraded Nov 30 15:36
*benJIman (n=benji@benjiweber.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 15:36
macabe A chef that wouldn’t eat his own food, I would suspect his offerings. If MS doesn’t use .net for its fagship product I wouldn’t use. Nov 30 15:41
macabe *fagship=flagship Nov 30 15:42
schestowitz That goes back to 2006. Nov 30 15:42
schestowitz I doubt it changed in SPs (well, obviously) Nov 30 15:42
macabe yeah Nov 30 15:42
schestowitz So I wonder about Vista 7.. another Vista. Nov 30 15:43
schestowitz I.e. .NET still ignored Nov 30 15:43
macabe Got a few ppl hovering over this monitor; they can’t believe MS not using .net for main product lines. Nov 30 15:50
schestowitz I’d need to confirm, but I’m sure I saw it. Nov 30 15:51
schestowitz The media has been quiet about it for a long time since I saw it. Nov 30 15:51
macabe Last I seen it was in msversus. Nov 30 15:52
schestowitz I have it among my references Nov 30 15:52
schestowitz I just can’t think of a search string to find it by. Nov 30 15:53
schestowitz This is not it, but wait… http://www.intelliadmin.com/blog/2007/04/net… ( .NET will be the downfall of Microsoft Windows ) Nov 30 15:53
schestowitz Developers Embrace Java, Drop Visual Basic < http://www.informationweek.com/software/show… > Nov 30 15:54
schestowitz Microsoft uses Novell et al to fight Java Nov 30 15:54
schestowitz Who would use Mono now? < http://labora.harnvi.net/?p=37 > Nov 30 15:54
schestowitz “You can call it FUD, but for me it’s a question of investing my time and energy in technology that are and will be available on the platforms I use (Mac OS X and Linux). I don’t trust Microsoft and I don’t trust Novell anymore either. Who knows when Microsot will bring out it’s patents and kill Mono use outside of Novell? “ Nov 30 15:55
schestowitz That was in 2006. Nov 30 15:55
macabe So they’re in essence MS is laying the groundwork for dependence on .mono then come in for the kill. Nov 30 15:58
schestowitz That’s the hypothesis Nov 30 15:59
schestowitz Microsoft is not exactly a fan of GNU/Linux. It won’t /HELP/ its development, yet it contributed to Mono. Nov 30 15:59
macabe They control the API back when excel & 123 was feuding. Too many strange things were happening with 123 on win boxes. Nov 30 16:01
schestowitz Did they also have a ‘partner in crime’ back then? Accomplice like NOVL? Nov 30 16:03
macabe Don’t know but if they (MS/novell) control hidden binaries in .mono what’s to happen if they “feel” like changing? Nov 30 16:03
schestowitz That’s one risk Nov 30 16:05
schestowitz They could make division between free Mono and better ‘enterprise’ edition. Nov 30 16:05
schestowitz They already have it divided into chunks. Nov 30 16:05
schestowitz Could be patent-free and pricey offerings separated. Nov 30 16:05
schestowitz Like Java.. Nov 30 16:05
macabe A risk that you know is a risk is one too many in enterprise support considering the unknown risks that usually come up. Nov 30 16:09
macabe Currently we’re in 911 when one of the sme pushed .net 3 on every machine connected through WSUS. Nov 30 16:11
macabe Breaking many apps. Nov 30 16:12
schestowitz 9 one one? 9 eleven? Nov 30 16:15
macabe It’s shorthand over here for “All hands on deck” Nov 30 16:16
macabe It came originally from the phone calls to the application vendor. Call them and add a 911 to the #. Nov 30 16:18
schestowitz WSUS breaks thngs every month or so (maybe two) Nov 30 16:18
macabe Consistently, specially after 2nd Tuesday of the month. Nov 30 16:18
schestowitz Yes, that one. Nov 30 16:20
schestowitz Same cycle evey 4 weeks. Nov 30 16:20
schestowitz Critical patched announced. Nov 30 16:20
schestowitz Sysadmins get nervous Nov 30 16:20
schestowitz Some company tries to sell patches early Nov 30 16:20
schestowitz Patches arrive Nov 30 16:21
schestowitz New critical vuln found and attacks reported Nov 30 16:21
schestowitz Broken server reported due to patch Nov 30 16:21
schestowitz Patch reissued. Nov 30 16:21
schestowitz Rinse and repeat. Nov 30 16:21
macabe Yeap, like clockwork. You can put money in the bank on that prediction. Nov 30 16:22
macabe It’s the patches to the patches. If we weren’t involved in fixing them it would be comedy. Nov 30 16:23
macabe I’m support for 25 Debian servers but spend most of the time supporting windows sysadmins. Nov 30 16:26
*_doug (n=configna@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 17:06
_doug “Microsoft is in talks to acquire Yahoo’s online search business for $20 billion (£13 billion)” Nov 30 17:07
_doug http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/b… Nov 30 17:07
_doug “Google and Miva both challenged Overture in court over the ’361 patent, even as Microsoft, Yahoo, and others licensed the technology” Nov 30 17:10
_doug http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2008/07/09/… Nov 30 17:10
_doug “System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine” Nov 30 17:10
_doug http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/… Nov 30 17:10
schestowitz Thanks. Nov 30 17:16
schestowitz I’ll do a summary Nov 30 17:16
_doug ‘Google’s SEC filings mention a “fully-paid, perpetual license,” but they omit the word non-revocable. Patent license terms often include non-revocable in addition to perpetual. Perpetual seems to indicate non-revocability but it really does not. It is unreasonable to expect Google’s high-powered lawyers to miss the word non-revocable, so Google’s license to the ’361 patent is revocable’ Nov 30 17:17
_doug http://www.techuser.net/gcoverup.html Nov 30 17:17
_doug http://www.techuser.net/microsoft-… Nov 30 17:22
*MinceR proposes burning all jurists Nov 30 17:22
_doug “Microsoft believes that by being clever about the deal terms Microsoft can practically get Yahoo’s big fish patent licensee to fully reimburse Microsoft for whatever Microsoft pays for Yahoo’s paid search assets” Nov 30 17:24
_doug “So, who is Yahoo’s big fish patent licensee, and why would it compensate Microsoft for buying Yahoo’s assets?” Nov 30 17:24
_doug Nov 30 17:27
_doug http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=6… Nov 30 17:27
_doug Nov 30 17:27
schestowitz I read about this at the time. Nov 30 17:28
_doug is very interesting all the same .. Nov 30 17:32
_doug btw: I thought Microsoft recently expressed no interest in acquiring Yahoo ? Nov 30 17:33
_doug IF so, what was the point of stacking the baord and forcing out Jerry Yang? Nov 30 17:33
schestowitz Yes, that too Nov 30 17:34
schestowitz The indifference is intended to knock down the stock Nov 30 17:34
schestowitz They get it cheaper that way Nov 30 17:34
schestowitz They rock the boat Nov 30 17:34
schestowitz Ballmer/MS say “No, yes, no, yes…” Nov 30 17:35
schestowitz I the same way they drove staff out Nov 30 17:35
schestowitz Agitation… by design. Nov 30 17:35
_doug constructive-destruction .. Nov 30 17:36
schestowitz Heh. Nov 30 17:37
schestowitz Competition by destruction of compeition. Nov 30 17:37
_doug “you don’t need to buy the company, just destroy them and then take their business”, Duncan ‘Dragons’ Den’ Bannatyne Nov 30 17:37
schestowitz They aim to ruin Google. Nov 30 17:37
schestowitz No Google means less competition… monopoly. Nov 30 17:38
schestowitz Is that a real quote , doug? Nov 30 17:38
schestowitz I’d use it if it is. Nov 30 17:38
_doug No, better to have Google pay MS for Google AdSearch … Nov 30 17:38
_doug IS a real quote, from one of his apprentices Nov 30 17:38
schestowitz Thanks. Nov 30 17:39
_doug He wouldn’t be foolish enough to say that outloud .. Nov 30 17:39
_doug It’s on iPlayer: ‘Dragons Den’, Nov 30 17:40
_doug hey, its just business .. Nov 30 17:41
schestowitz I have the post almost done Nov 30 17:41
schestowitz .Proofing. Nov 30 17:41
_doug Dragons Den: I’ll lend you money at 160% interest :) Nov 30 17:42
_doug my former boss: I’ll sell you cheap unbranded whiteboxes, that’ll be broke in three months .. :) Nov 30 17:43
_doug I got the full quote .. Nov 30 17:48
_doug Igloo delivering school dinners 25:40 .. Nov 30 17:48
_doug “instead of buying a business, its much better to undercut that business put them out of business and then mop up their business anyway” Nov 30 17:48
_doug http://snipurl.com/6yp35 Nov 30 17:48
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/30… Nov 30 17:49
_doug So that’s why their’s four McDonuts in the one street ? Nov 30 17:49
schestowitz I need to run now. Nov 30 17:49
schestowitz Circuit training thing.. Nov 30 17:50
_doug You know, Dragons Den is very educational … Nov 30 17:50
_doug well, it goes quit round here .. makes me wonder why people tune in .. :) Nov 30 17:50
trmanco stupid trolls Nov 30 19:10
trmanco schestowitz, how can you take all that harassment that the trolls give you? Nov 30 19:11
schestowitz Oh, wait… Nov 30 20:12
schestowitz What are they doing now? Let me check without killfile. Nov 30 20:12
_doug Norris patent linked lists on flash .. Nov 30 20:13
_doug http://www.ecnasiamag.com/article-23693-desi… Nov 30 20:13
trmanco schestowitz, they continue to harass you around Nov 30 20:14
_doug totally ignore the trolls, that’s what they want you to do, expend energy in responding to them .. Nov 30 20:14
schestowitz Yes, I know. Nov 30 20:15
schestowitz That’s why I fd them. Nov 30 20:15
schestowitz *kf Nov 30 20:15
trmanco kf? Nov 30 20:16
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 20:16
trmanco oh Nov 30 20:16
trmanco killfile Nov 30 20:16
_doug where do these trolls hangout ? Nov 30 20:16
schestowitz One of the Mac trolls seems angry. Nov 30 20:16
schestowitz It’s because I mention Apple’s attack on FOSS Nov 30 20:16
schestowitz Which is by all means an attack on Linux. Nov 30 20:16
schestowitz And they break the law in the process… DMCA abuse Nov 30 20:17
neighborlee schestowitz, any news from rms does he still support the ‘rewrite them in mono’  and mono poses a threat to gnome comments ? Nov 30 20:17
neighborlee I dont think it will matter much if android takes ahold ;) Nov 30 20:17
_doug Apple would be huge, if they opened up the hardware to cheap manufacture in the far east .. Nov 30 20:18
schestowitz Android? Nov 30 20:18
schestowitz De Icaza wanted to push some .NET into it. Nov 30 20:18
schestowitz RMS is not in favour of implementing in .NET Nov 30 20:18
neighborlee http://code.google.com/android/ Nov 30 20:18
_doug At the same time, business is moving away from the desktop, to smal lembedded devices and services .. Nov 30 20:18
neighborlee schestowitz, just making sure Nov 30 20:18
neighborlee _doug, not unless they can support a large display :) Nov 30 20:18
schestowitz Using it to lure in through portability is something that wine and dotgnu already do Nov 30 20:18
schestowitz Novell makes MonoDEVELOP Nov 30 20:19
_doug At the same time, to keep others off the playing field, lets force the price up with Ip protention and patent litigation .. ? Nov 30 20:19
schestowitz _doug: I saw some Android yesterday. My friend has one, [Borat voice]is nice….[/Borat voice] Nov 30 20:19
schestowitz BillG hooks up with nathanm Nov 30 20:20
neighborlee schestowitz, I guess that explains the troll comment about  me :) < I was happy to carry the burden> Nov 30 20:20
_doug Running on what ? Nov 30 20:20
schestowitz BTW, _doug, if you look at Iowa material you’ll see the nathanm is behind the deliberate vapourware tactcs. Nov 30 20:20
schestowitz He’s a vicious weasel. Nov 30 20:21
schestowitz Running on Linux? Andrid you mean? Also Java VM.. Nov 30 20:21
_doug Does Google realise yet, Android is violating 256 patents (counting from zero :) Nov 30 20:21
_doug don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin :) Nov 30 20:22
schestowitz BS Nov 30 20:22
schestowitz Remember Mr. Bilski? Nov 30 20:22
schestowitz They have a mountain to climb. Nov 30 20:22
schestowitz They fight armies of millions… they played with fire and got burned before. Nov 30 20:23
_doug InterDigital hold 3G patents .. Nov 30 20:23
_doug http://www.fiercebroadbandwireless.com/story/interdi… Nov 30 20:23
_doug follow the patents .. :) Nov 30 20:24
_doug UK government to patent GPS in India .. Nov 30 20:25
_doug http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-uk-govt-seeks-… Nov 30 20:25
trmanco anymore news on Mono entering KDE? Nov 30 20:27
_doug re: InterDigital: given the information available in the patent, is this enough to create an actual device, and if not, how much more intellectual and monetary effort went into the Blackberry ? Nov 30 20:27
schestowitz trmanco: I’ve caught up Nov 30 20:28
schestowitz The libel ain’t so bad. It used to be worse. All kinds of sex change lies… harassment though employers, ISPs, etc. Nov 30 20:28
schestowitz _doug: BT gets swpatents in India too. Nov 30 20:29
schestowitz trmanco: check the KDE thread. It expanded by the time I posted it. Nov 30 20:29
_doug Fairchild Semiconductor Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Infineon Technologies .. Nov 30 20:29
_doug http://www.rttnews.com/Content/QuickFacts.aspx… Nov 30 20:29
schestowitz The OP sort of apologised, but wanted to be ‘counted’ so to speak. Nov 30 20:29
_doug remember when companies, had factories and made things :) Nov 30 20:29
schestowitz “The UK government is seeking a patent in India for a defence invention called ‘modulation signals for a satellite navigation system’, which can measure satellite signals.” Nov 30 20:29
schestowitz Gordon is *that* miserable? Nov 30 20:29
schestowitz now /govts/ get imaginary assets? Nov 30 20:30
schestowitz Nothing learned for the mortgages fiasco?? Nov 30 20:30
schestowitz zoobab hopefully takes note Nov 30 20:30
schestowitz _doug: they still exist. They make things… paper money. Nov 30 20:31
schestowitz They call it “knowledge workers” Nov 30 20:31
_doug lets wait until someone makes something and then go after them, like RIM .. Nov 30 20:31
_doug http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry#RIM_p… Nov 30 20:31
schestowitz As in, let the kids in Vietnam make shoes for 10 cents an hour and we’ll look at schemas of feer and move it a millimeter to the left or tight Nov 30 20:31
schestowitz .*right Nov 30 20:32
trmanco http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&… Nov 30 20:32
neighborlee trmanco, nice find Nov 30 20:33
trmanco neighborlee, this was on schestowitz’s kde post Nov 30 20:34
trmanco :-P Nov 30 20:34
schestowitz Let me find a billg quote I have in mind. Nov 30 20:34
neighborlee trmanco, so far replies look promising ;) Nov 30 20:34
trmanco yes Nov 30 20:35
schestowitz Found it. Nov 30 20:35
trmanco I like the first one Nov 30 20:35
neighborlee yup Nov 30 20:35
schestowitz ““Get me into that and goddam, we’ll make so much money!” –Bill Gates Nov 30 20:35
schestowitz Sonnds like something he would say to nathanm Nov 30 20:35
neighborlee I have been a gnome guy for quite sometime, but that mono   will stay out of kde is enough to sway me . Nov 30 20:35
_doug ‘Pact XPP’ patent processor accelerator .. Nov 30 20:36
_doug http://www.eetindia.co.in/ART_8800554589_1… Nov 30 20:36
_doug “Pact has been focusing accelerators that plug into the processor socket of dual or quad processor motherboards to run multimedia applications such as video, audio, voice, and image transcoding” Nov 30 20:36
schestowitz “Posted: 01 Dec 2008″ Nov 30 20:37
schestowitz Jesus! Must be a prediction Nov 30 20:37
_doug “a reconfigurable highly parallel processor architecture” Nov 30 20:38
_doug my point, there must be any number of ways of doing this .. I recall ‘bit slicing’ in relation to stacking processor chips, to get bigger performance … Nov 30 20:39
_doug Oh, I just noticed .. Nov 30 20:39
_doug “filed a law suit ..in the Eastern District court of Texas” Nov 30 20:39
_doug is that not the patent litigants friend ? Nov 30 20:40
neighborlee http://techbase.kde.org/Developm… Nov 30 20:40
MinceR schestowitz: it depends on the time zone :. Nov 30 20:40
MinceR :>| Nov 30 20:40
MinceR s/.$// Nov 30 20:40
schestowitz MinceR: yes, I know. Nov 30 20:41
schestowitz I was helf joking. Nov 30 20:41
schestowitz Even if it was in Japan, quite early on Monday, no? Nov 30 20:41
MinceR o. half-elf joking. Nov 30 20:41
MinceR ;) Nov 30 20:41
schestowitz Well, I am sloppy, that’s all.. Nov 30 20:42
_doug Isn’t that where SCo goes to file, at the weekend, when the oppositions lawyers are on holiday ? Nov 30 20:42
MinceR well, i tend to irc through midnight Nov 30 20:42
schestowitz Like tossing some arbitrary ASCII art from a comment in Digg. Nov 30 20:42
schestowitz They have good ASCII there where you can use Unicode to draw picture on _one_ line. Nov 30 20:42
schestowitz Let me find example. Nov 30 20:42
MinceR ^_^ Nov 30 20:43
schestowitz http://digg.com/design/Complete_se… Nov 30 20:43
schestowitz ▀█▀ █▬█ █ ▄▄█▀▀ █ ▄▄█▀▀ ▄▄█▀▀ ▀█▀ █▄█ █▀ █ ▄█ Nov 30 20:43
schestowitz ▀▀█ ███ █████ █▀▀ Nov 30 20:44
schestowitz ▄▀░ █░█ █░█░█ █░█ Nov 30 20:44
schestowitz ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░▀░▀ ▀ Nov 30 20:44
MinceR nice Nov 30 20:44
schestowitz All Unicode Nov 30 20:44
schestowitz ▁▇▁▌ ★▐▁▇▁▌ Nov 30 20:44
schestowitz brb Nov 30 20:44
_doug Microsoft Technical Education Conference in Orlando .. Nov 30 20:51
_doug http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-high-tech-… Nov 30 20:51
schestowitz changing the report after vote (Microsoft): http://www.insidehighered.com/news/20… Nov 30 20:57
schestowitz “That agreement was nearly imperiled last weekend, though. Gerri Elliott, corporate vice president at Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector division, sent an e-mail message to fellow commissioners Friday evening saying that she “vigorously” objected to a paragraph in which the panel embraced and encouraged the development of open source software and open content projects in higher education. The paragraph read like this:” Nov 30 20:58
schestowitz Microsoft  ★ Open Source, eh? Nov 30 20:58
schestowitz “”There’s been a lot of room for growth here,” Reynolds said, adding that one of his 2008 highlights was attending the weakling Microsoft Technical Education Conference in Orlando, Fla., with Bill Gates as keynote speaker.” How did you find this? Nov 30 20:59
_doug Is this an old shuffle, wait until the consultancy phase is over, and then find fault with the report .. Nov 30 20:59
_doug Didn’t thy pull this one a while back ? Nov 30 21:00
_doug “It is certainly a surprise entry and was absolutely never discussed in any of the meetings I attended” Nov 30 21:00
_doug She never read the interm reports ? Nov 30 21:01
schestowitz Busy. Nov 30 21:01
schestowitz Doign bizNiz(C) Nov 30 21:01
trmanco Yahoo Said to Deny Plans for Selling Search Business (Update1): http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=2… Nov 30 21:01
trmanco hahaha Nov 30 21:01
_doug Can you find the citation Roy, this one reads like a carbon copy .. Nov 30 21:02
trmanco Yahoo Said to Have No Plans to Sell Internet Search Business to Microsoft – Better title Nov 30 21:02
_doug ‘A few hours later, just after midnight on Saturday, Charles Miller, the panel’s chairman, wrote in an e-mail that he believed Elliott’s proposed changes were “an improvement and consistent with the work of the commission.” He said the panel would make the changes “if there are no objections.’ Nov 30 21:02
_doug “Richard Stephens ..  Boeing .. questioned whether it was appropriate to substantively change the draft the commissioners agreed to in August” Nov 30 21:03
_doug trmanco: we did the Yahoo/MS deal a while back .. Nov 30 21:03
trmanco today? Nov 30 21:04
_doug So, Elliott never noticed the reference to Open Source, all the way back to August :) Nov 30 21:04
_doug Microshuffle: wait until the vote is in and then get the text retrospectivly altered, preferably at midnight of the last day .. :) Nov 30 21:05
schestowitz Microshuffle? Nov 30 21:09
schestowitz Sounds like Microbuntu. Nov 30 21:09
_doug Wasn’t it was the ODF v ‘Open XML’ committee, the vote was in and later on the policy document got changed ? Nov 30 21:09
schestowitz I’m not too fond of Canonical. But we have bigger issues, IMHO. Canonical is not playing with swpatents and Microsoft. Nov 30 21:09
trmanco Microsoft-Yahoo deal “total fiction:” report: http://www.reuters.com/article/technologyNew… Nov 30 21:09
schestowitz Boeing = Seattle, WA, no? ish? Nov 30 21:10
neighborlee schestowitz, I presume this is old news, still Id never seen it , hey im busy and got into the whole debate reasonably recently ;) Nov 30 21:11
schestowitz _doug: which text? Nov 30 21:11
schestowitz MA? Nov 30 21:11
neighborlee wa Nov 30 21:11
neighborlee been there,, seen it ;) Nov 30 21:11
schestowitz Massachusetts. Nov 30 21:11
neighborlee schestowitz,  url would have helped  o_0: http://www.mail-archive.com/foundatio… Nov 30 21:13
schestowitz RMS: “The more “cool stuff” depends on Mono, the closer we get to a situation where a Microsoft attack on Mono would put GNOME in a vice.” Nov 30 21:14
neighborlee yup Nov 30 21:14
schestowitz RMS on “cool stuff” (in scare quotes?) Nov 30 21:14
neighborlee no Nov 30 21:14
schestowitz American style quotes? Nov 30 21:14
neighborlee im sureyou’ve seen that Nov 30 21:14
neighborlee the url I just posted Nov 30 21:14
schestowitz Cool as in cold. Nov 30 21:14
schestowitz Like SweatyB Nov 30 21:14
MinceR time for FSF to start a new Free Software project to replace Gnome ;) Nov 30 21:14
_doug Who attended the SC 34 meeting in July? Nov 30 21:15
_doug Bergius Kimmo Microsoft, Jaeschke Rex Microsoft, Mahugh Doug Microsoft, Opota Wemba Microsoft, Paoli Jean Microsoft, Roberts Brett Microsoft, Valet-Harper Microsoft, Welsh Dave, Microsoft … Nov 30 21:15
schestowitz Mr. Cold SweAT. :-) Nov 30 21:15
neighborlee MinceR, I think so yes Nov 30 21:15
_doug http://www.groklaw.net/articlebasic.ph… Nov 30 21:15
MinceR (i hope you see the irony in that) Nov 30 21:15
schestowitz _doug: it’s not over Nov 30 21:15
neighborlee MinceR, I do Nov 30 21:15
schestowitz They have another ‘stuffer’ coming. Nov 30 21:15
schestowitz They took over with their cronies. Nov 30 21:15
schestowitz Like an army of ants. Nov 30 21:15
schestowitz Ants and lemmings crawling for dolla’z Nov 30 21:16
neighborlee lol Nov 30 21:16
schestowitz Remember elephant in the room? Nov 30 21:16
neighborlee :) Nov 30 21:16
_doug “It is certainly a surprise entry and was absolutely never discussed in any of the meetings I attended,” Nov 30 21:16
schestowitz Bunch of criminals:  http://www.openmalaysiablog.com/2008/… Nov 30 21:16
schestowitz “If you thought that a Technical Committee meeting cannot get more bizarre, think again. Today was the final meet for SIRIM’s Technical Committee for E-Commerce (TC4) to decide on the fate of the OOXML with respect to Malaysia’s interests. Nov 30 21:17
schestowitz Nov 30 21:17
schestowitz “So anyway, I find out, from the business card, that Doug is representing our friends from IASA! He even has a business card and all! Sure, IASA is an international body for software architects, but Doug Mahugh is actually a VP for IASA, specifically, for Malaysia!” Nov 30 21:17
_doug Rey, could you find any sources as to what was discussed at the meetings, who attended, who got the minutes, and the time line Nov 30 21:17
_doug gtg .. Nov 30 21:17
neighborlee schestowitz, nice to see odf support and open standards so proudly displayed. Nov 30 21:17
*_doug has quit () Nov 30 21:17
schestowitz Alex and cronies deny the SC34 thing. Nov 30 21:18
schestowitz _doug’s gone Nov 30 21:18
neighborlee they have near zero credibility or they surely should..their tactics are often infantile and I suspect are viewed as such. Nov 30 21:21
neighborlee I dont know if its going to last, but its sure interesting to see fedora maintain #1 spot at DW, I didn’t see that coming. Nov 30 21:21
schestowitz It’s normal Nov 30 21:21
schestowitz Release time. Hype and curiousity Nov 30 21:22
schestowitz OpenSUSE will be #1 in 3 weeks. Nov 30 21:22
schestowitz (momentarily) Nov 30 21:22
neighborlee ive seen that yes,but it usually doesnt last quite that long, and I dont think fedora ever went to #1 as a result of said hype. Nov 30 21:22
schestowitz DW is getting a makeover. Nov 30 21:22
neighborlee if it did I missed it ;) Nov 30 21:22
neighborlee hm ic Nov 30 21:22
neighborlee honestly I think its long overdue..stats need to be on something more than just ‘clicks’ Nov 30 21:23
neighborlee how about ‘its what I use, since oh ..6 months or so and here is why kinda thing ;) Nov 30 21:23
schestowitz neighborlee: it’s gamed Nov 30 21:31
schestowitz Linspire was caught gaming it. Ladislav told them off. Well, Linspire is dead now. Nov 30 21:31
schestowitz I just wrote to him. Some time ago he wrote about our site. Although it was critical, it was appreciated, but it is also important to appreciate and be aware of the dangers Novell poses. Neglecting to explain this to people is, in my humble, lulling them into sleep, inside a trap. Nov 30 21:35
*twitter (n=willhill@ip72-203-149-158.br.br.cox.net) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 21:36
twitter Anything new today? Nov 30 21:37
schestowitz Yahoo news… Nov 30 21:39
schestowitz Lots of Microsoft stuff too, so I’m posting about it now. Nov 30 21:39
twitter I saw a little about Yahoo sliding into M$’s open fist. Nov 30 21:41
schestowitz It’s still like a hard-to play love affair. Nov 30 21:44
schestowitz Yahoo is already under siege. Nov 30 21:44
schestowitz Microsoft might just remote-control them, it’s cheaper than buying. Nov 30 21:45
twitter Slogged out, one way or another.  Remote control will be directed at fucking over free software users and destruction of the company. Nov 30 21:48
schestowitz They were promoting Firefox3 recently. Nov 30 21:50
schestowitz I wrote about this in a combined post about Microsofties taking positions of power in the company Nov 30 21:51
schestowitz I fail to pack all the hard evidence in one single post and I doubt people chase all the links I provide. Nov 30 21:51
twitter I’m reading it now.  Everyone not attached to M$’s hip should be promoting FF, SVG, video tags, etc. Nov 30 21:52
schestowitz I’ve watch this whole thing (Yahoo-Microsoft) since 2006 or 2007 … Semel days.. it’s clear what Microsoft is trying to achieve. Nov 30 21:52
schestowitz It was close to sticking it to Google by having it share market with Yahoo Nov 30 21:52
schestowitz Same in VMware btw Nov 30 21:53
twitter Visiting M$ using relatives reinforced my hate of Winblows.  XP is slow, virus infested garbage despite my brother’s heroic efforts. Nov 30 21:54
schestowitz Heroin.. Nov 30 22:00
schestowitz Efforts Nov 30 22:00
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Nov 30 22:16
*ReverseGTR (n=ReverseG@ool-44c46c4b.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 22:54
*_trmanco (i=trmanco@ has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 23:16
*trmanco has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Nov 30 23:17
*_trmanco is now known as trmanco Nov 30 23:17
*PetoKraus (n=pk@cpc3-broo2-0-0-cust711.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 23:27
twitter I’ve decided that I really don’t like Facebook. Nov 30 23:46
twitter The idea is nice but they have sold the users out to employers and made it simple to libel people. Nov 30 23:46
schestowitz How so? Nov 30 23:47
schestowitz I never liked FB Nov 30 23:47
schestowitz The guys are pals of Microsoft Nov 30 23:47
twitter Someone who knows your private details can publish fake pages for you as a private profile. Nov 30 23:47
ReverseGTR schestowitz: My Space dawg My Space Nov 30 23:47
twitter Employers see it but you are blindsided. Nov 30 23:47
schestowitz ReverseGTR: same problem Nov 30 23:47
ReverseGTR schestowitz: then still with Xanga Nov 30 23:48
schestowitz It’s what’s called by Schmidt “cesspool”, I imagine. Nov 30 23:48
schestowitz Even my 12-y-o sister has a ‘site’ Nov 30 23:48
schestowitz Lotsa junk in one place. Nov 30 23:48
schestowitz And then there’s that recent only harassment/suicide case. Nov 30 23:48
twitter It’s not reliable. Nov 30 23:48
schestowitz /s/oly/online/ Nov 30 23:49
schestowitz Some people do this to teachers. Nov 30 23:49
schestowitz Anonymity permits this. Nov 30 23:49
ReverseGTR I will brb Nov 30 23:49
*ReverseGTR (n=ReverseG@ool-44c46c4b.dyn.optonline.net) has left #boycottnovell Nov 30 23:49
twitter Botnets permit anonymity to criminals.  The recent MySpace case criminalizes anonymity, PJ wrote an interesting piece about it today. Nov 30 23:50
*RevGTR (n=me@ool-44c46c4b.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 30 23:51
schestowitz I didn’t read about it. Nov 30 23:51
schestowitz But Pj uses proxies. Nov 30 23:51
RevGTR I guess my nick is ghosting Nov 30 23:51
RevGTR schestowitz: whats Pj? Nov 30 23:52
schestowitz RevGTR: never mind the name changes. PJ = Groklaw editor Nov 30 23:52
schestowitz There’s too much easy spying these days. Nov 30 23:52
MinceR gn Nov 30 23:53
schestowitz I mean, I could probably find out your home address. Nov 30 23:53
twitter With facebook, there is also easy libel. Nov 30 23:53
schestowitz The Munchkins use zombie PCs Nov 30 23:53
schestowitz They try to hide the footprints. Nov 30 23:53
RevGTR schestowitz: well you can probably find the node I am connected to which is about 15 minutes away from me Nov 30 23:53
twitter I want people to know my home address and I publish lots of other details about myself. Nov 30 23:53
RevGTR schestowitz: it would take more then a DNS and IP address to pinpoint someone’s location Nov 30 23:54
schestowitz twitter: makes life easier, don’t it [sic] Nov 30 23:54
twitter If the internet is to be free, it has to allow people to reveal the things they wish without revealing things they don’t. Nov 30 23:54
schestowitz In this studio apartment I’m working from the IP is fixed Nov 30 23:54
schestowitz Same with my machine at work. It can be tracked trivially. Nov 30 23:54
schestowitz I put my IPs up on the Web site Nov 30 23:55
RevGTR schestowitz: has anyone knocked at your door claiming they know you from this channel or website? Nov 30 23:55
schestowitz This was never a secret. You can find my IPs under “addresses” in my homepage. It’s a form of disclosure. Nov 30 23:55
twitter All of that is why the libel angle bugs me more than the rest. Nov 30 23:55
schestowitz No, I get security here, RevGTR Nov 30 23:55
schestowitz People like RMS and Chomsky get good protection on campus as well. Nov 30 23:56
schestowitz I’d dread living in a loose apartment somewhere. Nov 30 23:56
twitter People should have a way to share their experiences with each other without fear. Nov 30 23:56
schestowitz Remember that hounds are willing to fly to your house. Nov 30 23:56
twitter FB does not provide that because FB sells out. Nov 30 23:56
schestowitz MOG-Groklaw incident… Nov 30 23:56
schestowitz twitter: if people are transparent it doesn’t make others equally sao. Nov 30 23:57
schestowitz *so Nov 30 23:57
twitter right Nov 30 23:57
schestowitz It’s not a case of “here are my weapons, show me yours” Nov 30 23:57
twitter FB is not transparent Nov 30 23:57
schestowitz My cousin on Davie says the Web is “like the Wild West” Nov 30 23:57
schestowitz He occasionally finds libel about me. Nov 30 23:58
twitter Employers should not trust FB libel. Nov 30 23:58
RevGTR schestowitz: yea, but it is not like they know everything about you. They just spread pure fud Nov 30 23:58
twitter You misspelled malicious lie. Nov 30 23:58
twitter Employers who trust what they find on FB are idiots. Nov 30 23:59
twitter It’s just too easy to abuse with private profiles. Nov 30 23:59
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