What Did SCO Pay Maureen O’Gara For?

Posted in GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Novell, SCO, UNIX at 3:03 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Batch of dollars

Summary: Self-proclaimed “journalist” who plants stories for Microsoft has made transactions with SCO

GROKLAW’S editor, being a victim of Maureen O’Gara, has put forth the following question to the newly-appointed trustee of SCO:

How long ago did the idea to sue IBM over Linux first get mentioned? And why does SCO owe money to the creditors Maureen O’Gara, Alok Mohan, and a private detective? What was that money owed for? Wisely spent?

Does Microsoft have a compensation programme for those who “plant” stories, such as Maureen O’Gara [1, 2, 3, 4]? How does that work?

This case is still worth following because Novell is directly involved. From the latest post on the matter:

But for now, it’s Utah’s decision that is the one SCO has to deal with, because Novell filed for a rehearing en banc, and as I understand the rules, that puts us back to Go, with the picture being that the case is on appeal, with no final appellate decision. And SCO has to prove a complete chain of title, and I don’t think they can. I don’t think anybody can, actually. USL distributed the early code without copyright notices.

For a roundup of the SCO saga we have this page.

No Patches for Windows Vista and Server 2008 as Exploit Surfaces; Gartner Lies for Microsoft

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Summary: Microsoft’s inability to secure even its latest operating system is showing; the defence comes from typical sources

“White hats release exploit for critical Windows vuln[erability],” claims The Register, pointing to this exploit. It all relates to a very recent vulnerability that Microsoft has not patched yet.

White-hat hackers have released reliable code that remotely exploits a critical vulnerability in the Vista and Server 2008 versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Last night, Wallclimber linked to this post, adding that ‘This article states that: “The vast majority of security holes in Microsoft’s operating systems are fixed within days of their discovery.”‘

It made her laugh.

“Microsoft falsely marketed XP as “supported” for several more years.”The above from the news proves such claims to be false and so does Microsoft's reluctance to patch Windows XP, ever. Microsoft falsely marketed XP as “supported” for several more years.

As we pointed out before, the Gartner Group lies without shame about Microsoft security. Suffice to say, given overwhelming evidence, the Gartner Group is corruptible (swaying to the sounds of money). Also in the news we now find Neil MacDonald (of Gartner), whom one can see having a good with Steve Ballmer in this video, giving his blessings to Microsoft security. That’s the same guy who was involved in promising Microsoft that Gartner would not bash Vista if it slips.

Microsoft’s inability to secure its operating system* is costing the economy trillions of dollars. That’s each and every one of us paying the price and, according to this report from Wednesday, anti-virus software is no remedy to online banking fraud which is facilitated by Windows malware.

There is an online banking Trojan out there that is bypassing up-to-date anti-virus programs as much as 77% of the time, according to security company Trusteer. The Zeus Trojan is also known as Zbot, WSNPOEM, NTOS and PRG. It is the most prevalent financial malware on the web, Trusteer says.

As we have shown in this post, Microsoft’s negligence is to blame, but the company is never held accountable, even when people die.
* Some of it is by design and Gartner publicly defended Microsoft for back doors about two years ago.

The Heroic Microsoft Saves the World Again

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Civil war statue

Summary: Microsoft uses swine flu and heart disease to market itself

FOR BACKGROUND that is essential, Microsoft is known to be making use of disease as a political tool. For instance, Microsoft uses AIDS to market Windows Vista [1, 2]. A few months ago in Spain, Bill Gates was fighting GNU/Linux under the guise of saving children from disease.

Another troubling observation is that Microsoft has been exploiting kids to advertise Windows here in the UK while at the same time delivering pro-artificial scarcity and patents propaganda at schools.

Microsoft is now exploiting swine flu to make business and control more minds.

“Microsoft offers online tools for Swine Flu infected kids

Microsoft is leveraging this year’s most fashionable pandemic to pitch its online storage and document sharing service for Office.

Glyn Moody writes, “opportunistic or what?”

Also in the news we have this article which is titled “Microsoft Xbox 360 used to fight heart disease.” PR to the extreme, eh? Never mind if programmers outside Microsoft (who build programs for research) deserve credit; they attribute it to “Microsoft” instead. This headline and coverage across the Internet are totally promotional.

All of this amounts to more of the same pattern of deception, wherein Microsoft elevates disease to characterise itself as benevolent while making more business for itself. There are many other examples that would require more explanation.

“The fact that there’s some e-mail here at MS that says, ‘let’s go up and beat this guy’…there’s nothing wrong with that. That is capitalism at work for consumers.”

Bill Gates on Good Morning America, 11-11-98

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