Google Antitrust Scrutiny in EU a Result of Microsoft Smear Campaign, Bong [sic] Failing

Posted in Antitrust, Europe, Google, Microsoft at 12:46 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: Failing to compete against Google, Microsoft still abuses the legal system along with its partners, but a lot of the press misses this main story

A few months ago we wrote about several of Microsoft’s partners banding together to complain about Google [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. It was merely the latest wave of Microsoft proxies doing such a thing and a detailed analysis of the players had been offered to support the claim. Now that we learn about antitrust pressure on Google we are disappointed to find journalists neglecting to mention Microsoft (except in a few places) and the MSBBC coverage is atrocious. Ars Technica too prefers not to mention Microsoft’s obvious role:

The European Commission announced Tuesday that it has opened a formal antitrust investigation into allegations that Google unfairly gives preference to its own services over that of competing vertical search services in search results. The investigation was sparked by complaints from other search service providers that Google ranks their results much lower in both unpaid and paid results rankings, and uses its overarching dominance in online search to plug its own services instead.

Those who cannot remember what Microsoft does here (as well as in previous years) need only read older posts. Google is far from perfectly innocent, but what Microsoft does here is inexcusable.

Carlo Piana, a lawyer who fought against Microsoft in Europe (for Samba), writes in Identi.ca that “it’s about creating b[a]ckground noise” and later on he explains: “I am in disagreement w/ Google on how they control their algorithms (sued ‘em), but this antitrust probe doesn’t hold water IMHO” (comparisons to Microsoft are improper for many reasons too).

Vail is Fail: HP Dumps Windows in Storage Server Space as Another Microsoft Product Faces Imminent Death Due to Linux

Posted in GNU/Linux, HP, Microsoft, Servers, Windows at 12:22 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: Another sign that Linux is winning against Windows comes from HP, which has had enough of Windows Home Server

WE ARE almost back to normal coverage (yours truly has been coding more than usual recently) and one reader sent us this pointer which shows that Microsoft’s dead products continue to pile up. It was around Thanksgiving, i.e. just very recently, that we spoke about Windows Home Server (WHS) being a candidate for deletion. HP has been essential for Microsoft in this space [1, 2]. It is their main if not only hope in this area and that’s about to end too:

“HP has told us they do not plan to provide a platform for Windows Home Server code name ‘Vail’. HP has told us they will continue to sell the existing version of MediaSmart Server through the end of the calendar year 2010 and will honour service and support agreements,” said Microsoft in a blog post yesterday.

“This news is in no way related to recent announcements about feature changes in Windows Home Server ‘Vail.’”


According to MediaSmartServer.net, which quotes HP marketing manager Allen Buckner, the move away from Vail was due to “shifting additional resources to focus on webOS initiatives”.

All of which has got to hurt Microsoft, which already took a sizeable bruising from customers following its decision to kill the Drive Extender feature.

That’s despite Apotheker being in charge [1, 2] after Hurd got ousted by HP [1, 2, 3, 4]. As another reader, Ziomatrix, put it last night in IRC: “Dell starts selling laptops bundled with Linux again (look under Tech Specs): http://dell.to/idOer6 and HP drops its Windows Home Server line amid feature crisis and claims to focus more efforts on WebOS based Linux: http://engt.co/i8PsuP” (which further confirms that other report).

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