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IRC Proceedings: December 16th, 2011

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5 Years of Techrights, 30 Years of Yours Truly — Decision Time

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Summary: Time for changes but not without consultation with the Techrights community

IT IS only 7 AM (after 8 hours sleep), but as I mentioned earlier this year, today I turn 30 and there are already greeting cards coming here. Here is one from Harvey (a neat joke):

Obama joke

I have not been posting much recently, but my intent is to be more prolific and dedicate more time to Techrights (than I did in 2011), even if that becomes a New Year’s resolution. The focus of the site might have to be changed though and readers’ advice would be appreciated here.

Question 1: Should we spent a little less time covering patent issues? They make up about half of all the posts now.

Question 2: Should daily links be abbreviated? To some people they may be too long to follow, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

Question 3: Should comments be opened to non-members? As in the wiki, one of the main drawbacks is the spam this typically leads to.

Question 4: Should the site be further crowd-sourced and responsibilities delegated to make operation efficient. There are already about a dozen ops in the IRC channels.

Question 5: Should we redesign the Web site around Christmas time as Kevin suggested (and offered help)? The drawback might be lack of familiarity with a 5+ year-old theme.

Any other comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As I have a party tonight I do not expect to find time for new blog posts (there are several ongoing drafts), but any feedback on this post would be taken very seriously. Most of the decisions here were made by readers over the years.

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