Cablegate: Peru’s Migration to Free/Open Source Software

Posted in America, Cablegate, Free/Libre Software at 1:10 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: 3 cables from Peru where Free/open source gets mentioned, especially in relation to government policy

TECHRIGHTS has a dear contributor called Eduardo Landaveri, to whom the following Cablegate cables would probably provide insight that is needed for understanding of his home country’s policy regarding software. The first cable says that “[i]n 2003, the GOP[Government of Peru] passed a decree mandating that all government agencies use legally procured open-source software. GOP agencies had until March 31, 2005 to erase all pirated software and install the legitimate versions”; the second one is similar but newer and the third one is a bit gross because Intel is nominated for a goodwill award for merely attacking its competition and trying to make a profit at the expense of poor people in Peru. Intel is a viciously anticompetitive company.

The three cables follow.

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Cablegate: Business Software Alliance (BSA) Pretends to Speak for Open Source, MPA Creates Imaginary Links to Crime

Posted in Asia, Deception at 12:56 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: In Malaysia, the ‘IP’ propaganda runs rampant — a lot more rampant than actual ‘piracy’ and a cable shows how it’s done

According to the following cable from the embassy in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), not only is Microsoft lobbying to make copyright infringement (even backup) a crime; its proxies do similar things. The following Cablegate cable reveals lobbying for patents not just from ACT but also from the Business Software Alliance (BSA).

Here is the best part: “He also pointed out that BSA supports technology neutral government procurement, given that its membership straddles both sides of the open source software debate.”


“Here is another priceless example not of pretending to be one’s own opposition but more of the usual lie that tries to tie copyright infringement with terrorism in order to pass new laws.”IBM left the BSA and just about every member is a proprietary software company. Here is another priceless example not of pretending to be one’s own opposition but more of the usual lie that tries to tie copyright infringement together with terrorism in order to pass new laws. “Gane also raised the significant funding through IPR crime of other criminal activity.”

There is another lie trying to imply that if Hollywood does not get a licence to its copyright terrorism regime, then people will die (same propaganda gets used for ACTA these days). Read this piece of propaganda: “Cyril Chua, a Singapore attorney who represents the Entertainment Software Alliance, noted the particularly high rates of piracy in Malaysia in that area of optical media (over 90 percent by some estimates). Like his industry colleagues, he pointed to the weak prosecution of cases as a prime concern, noting that the government has not strengthened prosecution to keep up with its strengthened enforcement efforts. Tom Hart of Aztra Zeneca, who represented Amcham’s pharmaceutical committee, pointed out that, while his industry faces different obstacles from optical media industry, counterfeit pharmaceuticals posed a direct threat to the health of Malaysian consumers, and thus necessitated particularly strong enforcement and prosecution.”

The short version: “pass more draconian laws for our dear Hollywood masters or your people will die.”

Now, that’s how lobbying is done. The full cable follows.

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Cablegate: Lithuania ‘Watched’ for Not Accepting Monopoly/’IP’ Regime From West, Government Adoption of Free Software Noted

Posted in Cablegate, Free/Libre Software at 12:38 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: What a cable about lobbying in Lithuania reveals about Free/open source software

IN Lithuania, the “USE OF GOVERNMENT SOFTWARE” saw some changes not too long ago. According to the following Cablegate cable,”[a] A Government Information Society Development Committee is considering a draft resolution which will recommend that government institutions use open source computer software programs. The GOL does not have a timeframe for the resolution’s adoption, but intends to allocate funds to support training to familiarize agencies with the new software.”

This is not he first time we write about Lithuania, but sometimes we do. The relevance of this cable is that it shows yet another example where blacklists or shame lists are used to oppress and subjugate countries that are sceptical of patent/copyright regimes. We gave many such examples before, e.g. in Turkey. Here is the entire cable:

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Cablegate: UNESCO Was Pro-Free Software Before Gates and Microsoft Intervention

Posted in Cablegate, Free/Libre Software at 12:23 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: Interesting cable from Tripoli and its items regarding software

According to the following Cablegate cable from the US embassy at Tripoli, “UNESCO Reinforces Capacities of Public Administrations through the Use of Free Software: The Arab Federation of Technical Education, the UNESCO Office in Rabat, and ISESCO, in cooperation with the Libyan Ministry of the Labor and Training, organized a workshop at the Higher Institute of Computer Technology in Tripoli, Libya. The workshop aimed to reinforce capacities of public administrations through Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). During the three-day workshop, experts from the Maghreb countries presented best practices in using FOSS in their respective countries. This enabled participants to reinforce the capacities of universities in the field of technical education through the use of FOSS, and to develop tools in order to make public services more transparent. [UNESCO, 12/19/2008]“

We also wrote about UNESCO one day ago, in relation to what Microsoft was doing there to derail Free software preference. Here is today’s cable

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