Linux Has Advantage in Mobile Devices

Posted in GNU/Linux, Google, Microsoft at 11:05 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: The versatile kernel which makes several mobile platforms rapidly changes the competitive landscape

SEVERAL years ago people were occasionally laughed at for suggesting that Linux would become dominant and desktops would lose share to mobile devices. Now that mobile devices are very sophisticated they manage to challenge miniature desktops/laptops such as Microsoft’s Origami. They are also far cheaper.

The “year of Linux on the desktop” might be some time around 5 years ago when it became viable for many reasons (regardless of market share/installed base) and this goal has become somewhat irrelevant now that mobile devices are a lucrative market. Apple becomes a cash-rich company, a big foe of Linux (with lawsuits), and in some ways the main player to compete against.

When it comes to mobile devices, Microsoft is not an imminent threat and as this new article puts it, price and weight keep Microsoft out of the game:

A rumor site claims that Intel tablets running Windows 8 will start at $600 and cost as much as $900, putting Apple and Android at a pricing advantage.

Have you ever wondered why your PC is so expensive? Well, a good portion of that cash goes straight into the pockets of Intel for its processors and Microsoft for Windows. Unfortunately, while the market has seen that the days of expensive PCs are over, executives at Microsoft and Intel may fight to retain high PC prices as we move into the next era of the PC: tablets.

Microsoft just tries cheating now.

Techrights will spend time concentrating not only on Linux’s real competitors in this area but also Microsoft’s patent attacks on Android. We used to focus on Novell, but now we need to identify the remaining barriers to software freedom. Readers reaffirmed this strategy.

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