Stallman Interviews Series

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Summary: Publication and recording plan

TECHRIGHTS intends to publish the next part of the interview with Richard Stallman — a part about ‘social’ networks — some time this week (probably today or tomorrow). The previous part received a lot of coverage, including for example this article. Each week we are going to cover another range of topics, as Stallman is a master of many areas and we covered most of them. Thanks to those who recommended that we ask particular questions and those who continue to expand the scope and readership of the site. After nearly 6 years we have developed reputation and are eager to have more guests just like Stallman featured in the Web site.

The next few parts will cover Facebook, surveillance, etc. Here are the recent remarks of Eben Moglen on these subjects.

Eben Moglen on Facebook, Google and Government Surveillance

Android Devalues Windows and Has Apple on the Ropes

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Summary: Android is becoming an existential threat to Microsoft and a long-term risk to Steve Jobs’ mob

THE market share of Android is growing rapidly, with nearly one million new activations per day. At this current pace is might not be long before Android, which contains Linux and is Open Source, outpaces Windows in terms of overall usage. As new versions are released and Android evolves on increasingly powerful hardware (with more cores. battery life, and RAM) it might also not take long for Android to outpace Windows in terms of functionality. Microsoft recognises this, so it is trying to compete with Android on similar terms (Tiles Eight) but with dirty tricks too (entryism, FUD, UEFI, extortion and embargo). Windows is already devalued to the point where Microsoft announces losses and a Windows licence costs as little as $15 (standard), or as Pogson puts it:

[Microsoft] is finally recognizing that an OS is a commodity these days and $15 is a reasonable price to pay for a licence. The question remains how long they can continue to sell licences without a discount after 2013. The losses will mount if they have to discount everything.

Apple too is seeing the growth of Android is a major risk factor and its spiritual leader, Steve Jobs, called for a "thermonuclear" war on Android. Maybe Jobs’ beard was an attempt to emulate Iranian theocracy after all.

“Apple was recently ordered to apologise for its baseless limitation that had also involved doctored (fake) evidence.”In any event, is lucky to see Jobs’ nuke-happy remarks being rejected as court evidence against this cult, or as ZDNet put it: “Steve Jobs Android comments barred from Apple-Samsung trial”

Further quoting this post:”The late co-founder’s anti-Android sentiments have been deemed irrelevant by a U.S. District court judge.”

The seminal report came from another news agency: “Reuters reports that Apple wished to keep anti-Android statements made by the late co-founder out of the courtroom; arguing that the sentiments were not relevant to the patent case at hand.”

Maybe they should also hide Jobs’ evident megalomania and LSD addition, at the very least because it discredits the icon of the company and most likely the originator of the litigation war.

Apple was recently ordered to apologise for its baseless limitation that had also involved doctored (fake) evidence. Coverage of this is plentiful and the apology sure will embarrass Apple and weaken its position in future court cases. To quote the British press:

Apple must run a national ad campaign saying that Samsung did not copy them, a High Court judge ruled yesterday – according to this Bloomberg report and a draft court order seen by The Reg.

Judge Birss of the Patents Court instructed Apple to run ads displaying the notice in newspapers and magazines including the Daily Mail, Financial Times, Guardian Mobile magazine and T3 magazine.

At Apple, arrogance and propaganda will take a massive hit when Apple.com, the official site, posts a public apology and retraction. Apple fan sites in the mean time continue holding on to patents in their fight against Android, which is a fight for more Apple profit. To quote one such fan site:

Apple on Tuesday was granted 25 patents that encompass almost all user interface elements used by modern smartphones. Everything from e-mail, telephone, camera, video player, photos, search, and most importantly multi-touch (the system of using multiple finger gestures on a touch screen display) have all been granted to the Cupertino-based company.

There is prior art for multi-touch. Ask Michaelangelo. Or ask Picaso, whom people like Steve Jobs like to quote to rationalise “stealing”. To quote with context, Jobs said that “[i]t comes down to trying expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then try to bring those things into what you’re doing. Picaso had a saying, good artists copy, great artists steal. We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas and i think part of what made the Macintosh great as that the people working on it were musicians, poets and artists and zoologists and historians who also happen to be the best computer scientists in the world.”

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