The Corruption of the Media: EPO Budget as a Gift to Broadcasters Under the EIA2016 Umbrella, FTI Consulting Contracts

Posted in Deception, Europe, Patents at 3:38 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

EPO collage

Summary: Turning to control and exploitation of the media, as well as defamation of people who tell the truth about Battistelli and his thugs

THE EPO‘s control of the media (not just European media) follows the FTI Consulting contract (US firm). Battistelli’s control of the media, a subject we shall elaborate on later in the week, should make everyone disgusted and should become a scandal in its own right.

More Battistelli puff pieces for him and his goons now appear in the Indian press (as of last night [1, 2]) and nothing is said about the possibility that Battistelli will get sacked later this month.

“New EPO caricature,” told us a person, which is “free to use,” can be seen above. In the words of our reader, here is an explanation of this collage:

The attached satirical “collage” borrows some headlines from Dutch newspaper articles.

The English translations are as follows.

Top headline:
Industrial relations: Senior official sabotaged European Patent Office

Bottom headline:
Governing body of Patent Office wants to investigate the actions of the CEO.
Industrial conflict: The Administrative Council of the European Patent Office wants an investigation into the way in which it has been managed.

Notice the part about Sarkozy (context here) and about FTI Consulting. In our next post we’ll shed some light on the swastikas part and why it’s related.

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