Techrights to Delete Articles From All Past Years to Save Disk Space

Posted in Site News at 6:53 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Published 27,000 posts in Techrights, soon to turn 13.5 years (average of about 2,000 posts per year)

An old scale

Summary: What if we deleted over 25,000 posts?

THE SITE Techrights has a problem. It has had this problem for a long time. It is just too big. For instance, the compressed archive of our WordPress database alone is soon exceeding a gigabyte (it’s 983MB at the moment, based on the latest nightly dump) and the Web account is over 50 gigabytes in size.

Sooo… we have a plan.

Compact this!

The Right To Be Forgotten is the best law ever to be passed!

So any criticism made here in past years will be deleted, giving people a chance to reinvent themselves and reform their reputation.

Mr. Battistelli, all is forgiven! And we forgive, then forget, António Campinos for his past blunders, before and after joining the European Patent Office (EPO).

Oh, yes… and if you haven’t noticed the date yet. If. Now may be a time to check the clock. Because no… we’re not deleting anything. We’re in fact fortifying the site to ensure the information doesn’t go away any time soon.

The real news is that we’ve exceeded 27,000 posts — another milestone for us.

IRC Proceedings: Monday, March 30, 2020

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