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Never Let IBM/Red Hat Lecture Us on Morality

Posted in IBM, Red Hat at 1:10 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

IBM/Red Hat and morality

Summary: Ethics and morality should not be taught by those who themselves need a lesson; in the meantime we’re losing the courage to speak freely and those who commit atrocious acts like it a lot better that way

I AM a relatively thick-skinned individual with relatively good (controlled) temper, so I’m not easily offended and not easily shamed. Recently, as many people have witnessed, a bunch of big and thuggish companies have attempted to shame the community, collectively, as if it’s guilty of racism, sexism and so on. Yes, collectively. It’s like “original sin” (a social control mechanism wherein people are presumed guilty since birth). The people who are pushing this agenda arguably use projection tactics, looking to distract from their own ‘sins’…

Standards of speech aren’t on the same level as bombings and internment camps. Nowhere near! Guess who profits from these…

“When corporations that do really terrible things try to control the way we speak we ought to be alarmed.”Regarding manners, they impress nobody, either…

The one person whom Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation left in charge of Linux.com (after firing all the authors and editors) is the same person who has called people “motherfuckers” (yes, he called someone “motherfucker”; I can’t seem to find the tweet anymore, so I assume he deleted it later). The organisations that are pushing hard for “manners” in tech vocabularies have double standards and hypocritical expectations…

But we all knew that, didn’t we?

Collected above are a bunch of articles about IBM’s “corporate responsibility” or “social justice” or whatever. This is the company that now owns and controls Red Hat. Don’t let these people decide what we can and cannot say. They have more to answer for than we do.

There has long been a similar scenario at Microsoft. They accuse people of “hatred” and “rudeness” while committing serious crimes; it’s akin to the police accusing black people of not respecting the police after a lot of lynchings. Or contrariwise, Microsoft has long maligned the police or the market regulators for merely enforcing the law after Microsoft committed crimes.

When corporations that do really terrible things try to control the way we speak we ought to be alarmed. Any resistance to this agenda will spontaneously be dismissed as “racist” or “misogynistic”, but that’s just the cleverness of such tactics. They can’t lose, no matter what they demand, because everyone fears being assigned these labels.

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