Linked In to Pedophilia

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He Doesn’t Always Accept Pedophile Money. When He Does, He Ensures Nobody Finds Out About That.

Man in train

Bill Gates, Ito and Epstein

Summary: As the above articles show (one published a couple of days ago), the ‘Web of Lies’ and the incredible deceit/cover-up run deep and we still lack answers from those who enabled what Salon has just said involved “trafficking five or six girls a day.”


[1] Bill Gates talked to Reid Hoffman about being on Microsoft’s board of directors (2016)

[2] Companies of the Future: Reid Hoffman & Joi Ito at WIRED25 (released 2018)

[3] Exclusive: Reid Hoffman apologizes for role in Epstein-linked donations to MIT (2019)

[4] At MIT, Epstein Report Reopens Wounds — And Prompts Calls For New Leadership (2020)

[5] It’s time for Ghislaine Maxwell’s reckoning in the “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein” docuseries (2 days ago)

Whistleblower Aid Already Showed Cover-up of Bill Gates ‘Contributions’ to MIT

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 2:49 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

2020 article about the Goodwin Procter report, which was released a couple of weeks earlier, pretending that Mr. Gates had nothing whatsoever to do with Mr. Epstein

Remarks on Goodwin Procter report

Summary: The Goodwin Procter report which failed to actually investigate whether Gates and Epstein jointly directed payments to MIT (the latter was already dead) can be understood differently in light of the above leak, which was published earlier this year

IRC Proceedings: Monday, August 10, 2020

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#techrights log

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#boycottnovell-social log

#techbytes log

Enter the IRC channels now

Proof (Archived Original Letter): Bill Gates Lied to the New Yorker, BBC and Others About Connection of MIT Money to Mr. Jeffrey Epstein and Their Close Relationship

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 1:37 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

[This was published just 2 days before the media started attacking Dr. Richard Stallman]

Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates and MIT
Larry Cohen used to work for Microsoft, but then he went to work for Gates directly

Summary: As the article (“The anatomy of Bill Gates’ Jeffrey Epstein-facilitated MIT donations”) put it at the time (just 2 days before Dr. Stallman received all the heat at MIT), “Secrecy in the funding of academic programs is highly problematic, as University of Virginia professor Siva Vaidhyanathan explains in a long Twitter thread. “Companies and the billionaires who run them are always bending research agendas (and sometimes even results) to their interests,” he writes. “Anonymity would prevent any examination or accountability.”” But there are more high-level Microsoft links to Mr. Epstein; “Hoffman invited both former MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito and Epstein to an August 2015 dinner in Palo Alto with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel. He tells Axios that he invited Epstein at Ito’s behest, and only because Ito vouched for the convicted criminal, saying that he had successfully cleared MIT’s vetting process.” In 2016 the article “Bill Gates talked to Reid Hoffman about being on Microsoft’s board of directors” was published. “Furthermore,” it notes, “Gates and Hoffman have a lot in common: They both hold board seats and advisory roles, and no other formal status or day-to-day obligations, at the tech companies they founded.”

All This Happened While Bill Gates’ Engineer Was on Trial for Amassing Child Pornography

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, Microsoft at 1:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

[Via, as covered by the then-Gated-funded (bribed) BBC, only one week before the media diverted attention to Dr. Richard Stallman to eventually oust him from MIT, based on deliberate distortion of what he had said]

MIT on Epstein and Gates

Summary: While MIT relies on the word of someone who repeatedly lied about his relationship with Mr. Epstein (refuted even by MIT itself), the record shows what happened just when Bill Gates’ own engineer faced conviction for pedophilia (the media diverted attention to Dr. Stallman just days after the above E-mails came to light)

Also relevant (compare the dates):

Part 1 Release: Police Report About Arrest of Bill Gates Engineer for Pedophilia (Detained at Residence of Bill Gates)
Part 2 Release: 29 Pages of Internet Access Report About Pedophile Working for Bill Gates at His Home
Part 3 Release: Search Warrant and Reports on Findings When Bill Gates’ Engineer Arrested for Pedophilia
Part 4 Release: Several Police Reports About Searching the Home of Bill Gates’ Engineer (Stockpiles of Child Pornography Found Along With Illegal Firearm)
Part 5 Release: Bill Gates’ Engineer Busted for More Child Pornography Than Reported in the Media

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