People Sponsored by Google Are Hiding Sponsorship by Google and Hiding Google Critics

Posted in Debian, Deception, Europe, Google at 1:25 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Microsoft is also passing money (to FSFE, to FOSDEM, and many more organisations where strings get attached to payments)


Summary: FOSDEM mailing list hides the critics of Google; it’s becoming part of a familiar pattern

LAST week we wrote about FOSDEM, an event where the Google-funded (predominantly Google but also Microsoft) FSFE plays a growing role. We’ve just caught a glimpse of the following message, which is mostly self-explanatory.

On 31/12/2020 00:50, J. R. Haigh wrote:

> With best intentions and regards,
> James R. Haigh.
> -- Wealth doesn't bring happiness, but poverty brings sadness.
> https://wiki.FSFE.org/Fellows/JRHaigh Sent from Debian with Claws Mail,
> using email subaddressing as an alternative to error-prone heuristical
> spam filtering.

We are not really Fellows any more, FSFE demoted all of us and removed[1] the Fellowship from their constitution. This was done to discredit all of us, but especially me, as Fellows had elected me as your representative.

You mention Debian. Debian received two payments of $300,000, total $600,000. One payment was from Handshake Foundation, they refuse to publicly disclose[2] the other payment came from Google. At the same time, on the same day, 20 September 2018, Debian also joined FSFE in seeking to viciously discredit the winner of the FSFE Fellowship election, myself.

I notice that the messages we both sent to the FOSDEM mailing list about Google were held in moderation for 2 weeks and only released tonight, 10 January, on a Sunday night. It is likely that date-sorting will hide them from the majority of people. It is an odd coincidence, both of our messages delayed/censored, both of our messages mention a sponsor, Google. My own message is now visible[3] in the archive, please check if it is hidden by algorithms in your inbox.

The email I sent is about the safety of women, this is particularly important as multiple women were brave enough to speak up about Google and FSFE in December 2020.



1. https://fsfellowship.eu/2018/09/08/who-were-the-fsfe-fellowship.html
2. https://debian.community/google-money-censorship-free-software/
3. https://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/fosdem/2020q4/003192.html

Are monopolists going out of their way, using money, to silence critics? People out there might be led to believe that those critics do not exist.

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