Techrights is NOT on Libera Chat, Techrights Has Its Own IRC Network

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Techrights at irc.techrights.org

Summary: Techrights is at irc.techrights.org; there seems to be some confusion about where we are, so a clarification may be needed if not long overdue

A few days ago I heard that the channel called “techrights” on the Libera Chat IRC network had been misusing our name or misrepresenting us. Or rather, a small and vocal minority was making noise unhelpful and counter-constructive, under our name. So I decided to lurk/park there for a couple of days, only to observe abuse and off-topic nonsense (examples here), including verbal abuse against actual Techrights people.

“We’re not interested in yet another network exercising control over us.”To clarify, the way IRC works (and has long worked), anybody can create a “techrights” channel on any network (there are hundreds of networks that are well known), but what happened with Libera Chat is, a lot of people reconfigured their IRC clients to connect to Libera Chat instead of Freenode, whereupon their auto-join directive would get them connected to a channel called “techrights” in Libera Chat.

But we’re not in Libera Chat. We’re not interested in yet another network exercising control over us. Nothing personal against Libera Chat; it’s just that it got an influx of users parked in a channel called “techrights” due to a state of flux amid diaspora.

If you are mistakenly parked in “techrights” at Libera Chat, please change the settings to the correct network. The real #techrights channel (IRCS or IRC link) is at irc.techrights.org (default clear-text port; port 6667).

As XRevan86 put it, “we have brought up our own independent IRC server for true self-reliance, while maintaining a bridge to our old home on Freenode for compatibility and emergencies” and “the channels on Libera have not been claimed by us, and as such we are not affiliated with them.”

Annotated Transcript of Andrew Lee (Freenode) Interview With Lode Ray Dio

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This is their official image

Summary: The choice of words (and platform) of Andrew Lee seems to have harmed the image of Freenode; we examine what was said on the bizarre show of Lode Ray Dio of GNAA infamy

WE HAVE been using Freenode happily for 13.5 years. Recently, however, a great deal of turbulence started to become apparent. We heard about it in April and we studied what was going on. Our sole objective was to restore stability and avert disaster. That alone was our motivation since the start of May. A lot of coding capacity was wasted due to turbulence and communication between people has definitely been curtailed by a diaspora (not everyone moved to the same network/protocol; not many stayed in Freenode, either).

“Our sole objective was to restore stability and avert disaster.”A lot has happened since late May — more so the start of June — and it’s getting difficult to defend what Freenode has done. The turning point was probably mass banning and confiscation of longstanding channels. The following interview, which is quite new, is rather illuminating. We’re adding some commentary to the transcript below because the text is long, so some highlights may be needed (not in-place/in-line, even if mildly edited).

L: Oh shit. Damn Andrew, calling awful early. Andrew Lee right there?
Andrew Lee: Hey, this l0de?
L: This l0de radio. The nation’s number one negro. Who do I have on the line right here, Andrew Lee? The current owner of Freenode, uh, Private Internet Access, the crown prince of how do you say it, it’s Joseon or Hoseon [sic]…
Andrew Lee: Joseon, Joseon!
L: Joseon. Joseon, Korea. This is our interview for the night right here. I wanna chat with Andrew about the present, past and future of the Freenode IRC network. So for those of you who don’t know, for the longest time, Freenode has been utterly the scourge of IRC. One of the – before Andrew came along, it was one of the worst places that you could chat. It was just like a miserable hell pit full of operator abuse, people stealing your channels, nerds telling you what you couldn’t talk about; it was just wretched. And that’s all gonna change, hopefully, thanks to Andrew. Andrew, thank you for coming on the broadcast right here, how you doing tonight?

Freenode is a network dedicated mostly to Free (as in freedom) software, as its name suggests. It does not prohibit some politics on the side, but it’s not devoted to racist ramblings and rhetoric like “nation’s number one negro” (as above). It’s a bit ironic that people with vulgar rhetoric complain that Freenode was “one of the worst places that you could chat.” Chat about what? Technology?

On we go:

Andrew Lee: Pretty good, thanks for having us l0de.

As if “nation’s number one negro” (his own words) giving a platform to new Freenode management is some kind of privilege…

L: Yeah, by all means-
Andrew Lee: You got uh, you also have uh, Dooney Battle on this line, and also Lil Pump as well.
L: Alright, Lil Pump and Dooney Battle right here. Lil Pump-
P: Yo, yo
L: -Hell yeah. We’re on the hip-hop Discord right now where I was once a time a moderator right there. So uh, yeah, some hip-hop heads coming through as well. Alright so, the first question that I have, um, and this is the number one thing that when I was doing my research, everybody wanted to know. Um, how much did you buy Freenode for, Andrew Lee?
Andrew Lee: Aww man, you know honestly I can’t tell you, it’s an undisclosed amount, but you know, it was pocket change.

I spoke to Lee. He does not speak about his finances, hardly even in private. We’ll come to that in a moment.

L: I- I have telling everybody that it was $65 in scratch-off lottery tickets, paid in person at Christel’s trailer. Is that pretty close to the mark?

So the host Lee was so thankful for is now attacking the person who gave Lee control of the site/network.

Andrew Lee: Almost, almost.
L: Alright, so-
??: [unintelligible]

Lee should have defended Christel. It’s a missed opportunity to do the right thing.

L: I was actually surprised that you didn’t charge them money to take Freenode off of their hands, uh, but just the same. Fuck it. Alright so, number two question, did you have to meet Christel in person? And if so, how did you get the smell out of your clothes?
??: [laughs]
Andrew Lee: Uh, you know I later did meet her in person, but not, not for this.

Those personal attacks have earned much scorn (I saw discussions about it), especially the unwillingness to stand up and defend Christel. When I spoke to Lee last month he said we should generally respect Freenode staff for all the work we did. Why not use this opportunity to defend Christel? Why even go on a show that viciously attacks her like this?

L: I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’ll give you the number of a trauma center after the show right here. Oh, people are in the chat are not liking this, they’re saying, “just fuckin’ say the amount you pussy.” That’s eraser scrolling it up the screen right there. Just gotta relay, you know, the public wants to know the price of Freenode. Alright, so uh, so far there’s been some turbulence. Uh, I guess, any objective observer would have to describe the transition period as batshit insane, I think would have to be the sum of it right there. And uh, right now, the network is in a state of chaos. How did we get here? Like, what’s going on?

From my understanding, and based on publicly available documents, a lot of the supposed wealth is actually debt (corporate and personal). While it’s largely unclear what the salient parts of the takeover actually were (I saw speculations), it probably wasn’t much. If the number was revealed, it would not be flattering to Lee.

Andrew Lee: You know as you, as you aptly mentioned, um, it was a lot of chaos going on. On Freenode for years, man, it was toxic. You know what I’m saying?-
L: [unintelligible]
Andrew Lee: It was toxic, you know what I mean? Like a swamp.
P: Ay you’re a pussy.
L: I agree 100%
P: Pussy there.
L: Alright motherfucker, come at me. Andrew, I wanna hear the rest, what’s going on here?

I’ve been close to people in positions of governance at Freenode (for years) and they knew for quite a while about Lee being ‘in the shadows’. There was no “chaos”, however, so it’s most likely just a self-serving false narrative. As if someone ‘saved’ Freenode…

Andrew Lee: Shit so, you know what, what happened was uh, these people were just crazy mad, you know what I mean? Like, they started, uh, you know, using other people’s work. And kinda like, creating organizations. And they got really big, and, you know, a few people got control of these organizations, and started speaking on behalf of all the people, and it’s just super toxic, you know what I mean?

That’s rather vague, but one can imagine which organisations are alluded to.

L: Alright, so, your big deal here was essentially these freenode fucking pretenders were coming through and acting like they were in charge of, like, these entire organizations, uh, these big projects that, like, some of these open source projects literally you’ll have five or six different nerds wasting all their time writing spaghetti code for these projects that never works in any case. And so you’re, you’re saying like one big fat nerd would take the credit for the work of the other four or five sweaty nerds.

Badmouthing people who ran Freenode (literally kept it going, even as unpaid volunteers) and actually did real work isn’t going to earn much sympathy, is it? This is already turning out to be somewhat of a train wreck interview, wherein people are being attacked viciously, without challenge…

P: Look bro, I don’t go time for this soft-ass shit. Lee run this shit, fuck y’all, bye.
L: Alright, penis pump! Fuck outta here, was that Lil Pump?
Andrew Lee: Yea.
L: Yo, we got rappers that will battle fucking Lil Pump, no shit, right there. People who will put him on his ass. So I just wanna throw it down, right there. My boy vapor, my boy eraser, they’ll tear him apart and leave him on blocks in the streets of fucking Philly. Mmm, damn. So he, he made the right decision cowering the fuck out of here, cause these IRC rappers do not play around. Right, little pimp. Alright so uh, so yeah, essentially um, you saw an issue with misattribution and where people would just basically steal all the credit for these fucking projects just because they sat in a fucking IRC channel and pretended that they were in charge. That’s a side of the story that I haven’t really heard before.

They never claimed to be in charge. I was never put in a position like this (in over 13 years on the network). This is false. If they confronted people who say things like “fucking Lil Pump” on the Freenode network (a technical network), there’s a reason for it…

Andrew Lee: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy man, like, you know you kinda see this in like, uh, you know like Twitter, you know what I’m talking about? Platforms like that. They just try to, like, act like they know what they’re talking about, you know what I’m saying, but they don’t.

Very vague.

L: Mhm, mhm, okay so. Nerds, faking the funk, uh, not knowing what they’re talking about. Let’s talk a little bit about some of the staff members of the former Freenode. So they attempted to create a new network called Liberia [sic], right, where they’re all, all these traitors have run off to to cower.
P: Bruh, what the fuck is that?
L: Yeah it’s fucked up man. They made this network called Liberia. They typoed it when they were creating the network, and so now it’s Libera or some horseshit like that. Um, they can’t get anything right. So they created this fucking network to hide on. And all these open source projects moved there, especially after you banned all of their channels and, like, kicked everybody out there. So, uh, I have to ask, were you trying to get rid of all the open source people from freenode?
Andrew Lee: Just the toxic ones, you know what I mean? Just like, uh, I mean you know I can’t- I can’t say what I want to say on live radio, you know what I’m trying to say!

Enough was already said (“Bruh, what the fuck is that?”). This is not helpful at all…

L: No, why not? Nah, this is the place where you can air all of your grievances and let it fucking hang out, to tell you the truth. I don’t want you to feel constrained here because honestly there are probably, what, like 40 people watching the stream right here? Um, and it’s important I think that live radio is a medium where you can really get across your true self. Alright, so-
Andrew Lee: Yeah, I mean so it’s kinda sad, you know, like, ’cause a lot of the people who, you know, are kind of leading the Liberia movement, they’ve- they’ve had tough lives, you know what I mean, and so they’re just angry and- and you know they want everyone to feel the same thing that they’re feeling. And so they’re trying to push their hate and toxic culture, like, on everyone, and it’s kinda fucked up, cause honestly everyone else is just trying to like, you know, go and- go on about their day, you know. Make some code, talk to people, just do shit, you know what I mean?

That’s a ramble and it’s barely coherent. I didn’t sense “hate and toxic culture” from the people who ran Freenode. This seems like projection tactics.

L: I gotta tell you, like um, so, just an example of what you’re fucking talking about here. There’s a channel, we used to have a channel, #freenode, on Liberia Chat, where people could talk about like the whole process of what’s going on in Freenode, and laugh at some of the boners that were pulled. And uh, the fucking corrupt staff shut that thing down. They’re like, “this is off topic,” you know, “you’re not an official software pot, bluhbluhbluhbluhblah [sic].” You know, the shit that they like to do. So then, we make a new channel, ##freenode, and today they were threatening to shut that one down. They’re like, “uhh I feel like this is a liability to the network,” you know like, “uhh this is not conducive to the environment.” Meanwhile there are a thousand fucking people in that channel that wanna talk about Freenode, and they’re talking about it all day long. And these operators feel like they can stifle the conversation, and they can just mute everybody when they feel like it. They feel like they get to direct how we can talk. Right? And to me, that’s the most poisonous thing that an IRC operator could possibly do: instruct their users in what are accepted topics and so forth. It’s horseshit. Yeah, sorry to- sorry to curse there, but um, the uh, yeah they really are a lot there. Um, do you feel that medication that these people are taking might play a factor in some of their decisions?
Andrew Lee: You know I don’t really know man, you know, maybe, maybe, maybe a doctor needs to prescribe something, but I don’t know.

Implying Freenode staffers were mentally ill? How is that going to help?

L: Alright so, Andrew, you have a, uh, sort of a checkered past, from what I’ve heard. And, uh, word on the street is that you are a fan of drug legalization. Is this true or can you not comment, or whatever?
Andrew Lee: You know I’m not really like, uh, fan of, uh, you know, I’m not trying to like push something on other people but, you know, people have a choice what they want to put in their body as long as they’re not harming anyone else.
L: Alright, I’m with it, I’m with it. Alright, um, but yeah, there have been some pretty legendary court filings, where I believe you were accused of snuffling up a fucking mountain of cocaine and, uh, running a brothel, and other- other pimp type activities. Do you wanna comment on that at all, or were those just unfounded allegations?

Andrew Lee: Cartel, brother.
L: The cartel? So you were running a cartel essentially?
Andrew Lee: Shit.
L: That’s pretty fucking wild right there. Not a lot of people will just straight up admit to running a cartel on the radio. You’re a brave man Andrew Lee. Alright…
Andrew Lee: Very brave.

This isn’t going to help either.

L: Let me get done sucking your dick right there. So lets talk about the future of Freenode, right? Right now Freenode is in this state of flux, and there are a lot of users that can’t get on. You banned my own bouncer, ircclown [sic] which I’ve been using for many years right there and user counts are like way down at the moment. I would say that chat activity is in a lull on Freenode and there’s a danger people worry that you won’t recapture the momentum needed to sustain an IRC network. What are your plans for Freenode? What can we tell people is gonna happen on the network, and do you plan to, for instance, unban ircclown, re-stablish a Matrix bridge, or any of those?
Andrew Lee: So as relates to Freenode, the Freenode Autonomous Zone rather, you know we have a lot of fans, I mean, it’s a little bit out of scope of this call, but, you know, it’s all about freedom and self-sovereignty.

This has not been the case for a number of weeks. To attain self-sovereignty one needs to self-host.

L: Self-sovereignty?
Andrew Lee: Er, what was the other question?
L: Well, like, my main question here is, I’ve been personally impacted because I use ircclown to do my radio show. It’s this terrible bouncer that I and other people have been saddled with for years, and we can’t get on Freenode right now. It’s banned off of Freenode for what can really only be described as a personal beef between you and jwheare. jwheare dissed you on Twitter and you banned the entirety of ircclown as a result of it, which to me is funny, but as a user of ircclown now it’s a real pain in the ass for me to get on Freenode. Are you going to – would you be willing to commit to unbanning ircclown and instead getting in a rap beef with jwheare, the founder of ircclown?
Andrew Lee: Nah that’s, er, an eternal ban, you know what I mean?
L: It’s an eternal ban!?
Andrew Lee: [indistinct]
L: What the fuck?
Andrew Lee: I’m happy to, you know, have fun and do whatever, but yeah, and eternal ban is an eternal ban, you know what I mean.
L: An eternal ban!
Andrew Lee: It’s for. Ever.
L: What about a favour for your friend l0de radio? I can’t even fucking chat on your network because you’re in this beef with jwheare, and it’s not even a good beef. Why don’t you just drop a fucking heater on him and diss him in a song or whatever, because honestly, from the outside looking in, what I see is your users paying the price for something you and jwheare should have settled man to man, personally.
Andrew Lee: Yeah, I can see how it could appear to be some kind of personal beef or whatever…
L: It’s definitely a personal beef.
Andrew Lee: …but there’s…
L: I mean you can fucking level with me right here.
Andrew Lee: [indistinct]
L: You don’t like the guy. He dissed Freenode and said it was insecure.
Andrew Lee: Nah, nah, I just don’t like what he’s about, you know what I mean?
L: Yeah. No, I hear you. It’s fair to have a personal beef with this guy, but I take great umbrage when I and other users are getting fucked over, right there. And we’re definitely getting fucked over, so I’m not happy to hear that. Alright, so, a lot of people are wondering why do services keep going down on Freenode? And a lot of people are salty that they lost their nicknames that they had had for a [indistinct] many years.
Andrew Lee: Wait, was there a question?
L: Yeah, so, what’s your comment on all the people who got their nicks that they had lost for many years and so forth. A lot of them are really salty and bitching about it on Liberia [sic] 24-7. This has been the number – out of the things that you’ve done, more people are mad about losing their nicknames than almost anything else. So – if – like – for those who don’t, Freenode essentially swapped to a different ircd. They purged the nicknames database and everybody had to reregister their nicknames but the fucking nickserv registration was down for lengthy periods. A lot of nicknames got juped and so forth. People are mad about this. What can you tell them?

This is exactly what Freenode did under Lee.

Andrew Lee: Um… I mean, it is what it is. You know. Unfortunate, but it was kinda the only approach we could take to ending big FOSS and the toxic culture on Freenode, you know what I mean?

What is “big FOSS”? Is Free software now being painted with the same brush as monopolists?

L: laughs So it’s just like – fuck it – I guess the “deal with it nerds” is going to be the official comment right there. Alright. I can fucking deal with it right there. I had to whine like a bitch to network operators ‘cos somebody had juped me right there, so I can’t fucking complain. So yeah, sad to hear that part there and, like, not a lot of hope for the future. Let me ask you something, man to man, straight up. Are you just trying to destroy the network utterly because somebody on it made you mad?
Andrew Lee: Not at all. As a matter of fact, this is a reconstruction of the network. You know, sometimes things have so much debt from technology to social organizational debt to other things, and unfortunately Freenode was beyond repair. So, you know, we decided to refactor Freenode and here we are.

Well, this whole “refactor” has already eliminated about two thirds of the network’s users. And they are not coming back. Some have decided to abandon IRC completely.

L: Alright well I can definitely agree that it was beyond repair and that the corruption went super deep, and I’ll say, like, one of the great things that came out of this is all the operators that got like super angry about it. One: it was great that they were mad, and then two: it was great that they all left to make a new network so they could start over with the whole thing. What do you see the future as with Liberia? [sic] Will things ever get friendly, or are they eternal enemies the way your ban on ircclown [sic] is eternal?
Andrew Lee: Uh… I mean, I don’t really know what Liberia is doing. I’m not really paying too much attention to that. They’re more than welcome to use Freenode and many of them are, so it is what it is.
L: Okay. Will you ever – now you’re – because you’re in charge of the Freenode project, you could claim #freenode on Liberia chat as an official open source project and they would have to – they would have to grant you that channel. Would you be willing to start #freenode on Liberia chat as an outpost for people who want the Freenode style of free chatting on the Liberia network?
Andrew Lee: You know, if you’d like to help establish diplomatic relations between the Freenode Autonomous Zone and Liberia, happy to, uh, you know
L: Hell yeah.
Andrew Lee: …as an ambassador…
L: I would fucking love that.
Andrew Lee: …like form the embassy on Liberia.
L: Look at it. I’m getting, like, fucking diplomatic posts as a result of – this is fantastic right here. Yeah, I would absolutely love to do that. I have a lot of experience in dealing with the Freenode staff so I think I’m the perfect person to negotiate this whole thing. We got people linking their different channels that are on Freenode and Liberia and shit like this in the background, in the chat, and I’ve gotta tell you, from my perspective, this has been one of the greatest things to happen to IRC in the last year and a half. Even in this year big things went down. MTW got put in prison. So a lot of people are asking: would you be willing to link with Pissnet? This new distributed IRC network that has cropped up in the wake of this massive turbulence between Freenode and Liberia?
Andrew Lee: See that’s where people get it twisted, right? We’re Freenode, power to the people, right? People as in humans, right? They’re power to the _pee_ple, you know what I’m saying? Like, they’re [indistinct]
L: Alright, I guess that’s probably fucking fair right there. Well, I had to ask. Many people on Pissnet wanted to know if a link of dinks was imminent right there.

L: Let’s talk about hip-hop for a second. Who are you listening to right now, besides Lil Punk [sic] who pussied out on this fucking call?
Andrew Lee: Shit, ah, right now I’ve been just listening to the beat of the drum of war.
L: Oh shit.
Andrew Lee: Not really anything really in particular, you know what I’m saying?
L: That’s a really fucking politician [sic] question right – or, answer right there, Andrew Lee. You gotta put yourself out there man. Show people what you’re really all about right there. Alright, so, political questions…
Andrew Lee: I think I did by the way.
L: Say that again?
Andrew Lee: I think I did by the way.
L: Uhh… when I ask a man, “what are you listening to right now?” I wanna hear “yo I’m about that new Pimp Trick” or fucking “I got that CAS [sp?] n****”. That’s what I wanna hear.
Andrew Lee: Yeah I wasn’t being sarcastic. I was saying I’m literally just listening to the beat of the drums of war.
L: Alright, well, I’ll take that as it is right there. Alright, so, Freenode, right now. What can we expect – and you said you don’t want to talk about your long term plans – what can users expect in the next week or two is going to go on, on Freenode? How are you going to attract these new users up in there?
Andrew Lee: Yeah, so in the next week or two we’re gonna continue finding toxic channels and closing them down -
L: Oh hell yeah. So there’s a purge going on?

And this is the kind of thing that leads projects to leaving, proactively. This isn’t about self governance. In fact, the mass closure of channels, or confiscation, is what proved me wrong to have a presumption of innocence (about Lee’s motivations). I asked him about it in the #techrights (where he was lurking for weeks) and he could not rationalise it.

Andrew Lee: – k-lining – k-lining people. You know what I’m saying? Sometimes there’s people we need to not k-line but just maybe ban from channels or whatever. But after that’s all said and done we’re going to get our always-on IRC clients ready on Android and iOS. You know, you just connect and you’ve got push messaging, you know what I mean? It’s been some thirty-something years of IRC and nobody’s thought to advance this past some kind of, like, weird thing that nobody can understand how to use, so IRC’s dying. So we’re just bringing IRC back and, you know, people in Liberia and wherever – they can circle jerk, and, you know, their circles keep getting smaller. We’re bringing IRC to the community, to the masses and we’re – we’re for real, you know what I mean? This is about freedom and we’re pushing this, you know, if you can’t hear it.

This involved no consultation with people actually used Freenode (or IRC in general) for a very long time. IRC is attractive for its low memory footprint, widespread client support (scripts, tools, programs), not some phones with nagging notifications.

L: All right. Well, I can definitely see what you’re saying there. So, we’re looking into new IRC apps coming out? That’s that irc.com app, right? I think… it’s already on the app store, ain’t it?
Andrew Lee: Yeah, you can already get it on the app store. But the registration is disabled right now.
L: Okay. Gotcha.
Andrew Lee: But you can obviously just get on and register on NickServ.
L: Yeah, yeah. That’s what I essentially did. All right. So you’re trying to move people into a more mobile environment for their IRC chatting, and got these new apps coming out right there? Any new features on the apps that would… like the… because I’ve used the freenode BNC and I have to tell you I could not stay on it for very long. It went up and down pretty constantly. So, any new features that are on this app? Like, is it going to have inline images like Discord or fuckin’ friends list or any shit like that?
Andrew Lee: It has all that. You know, it might not sound like a feature to anyone who doesn’t use IRC, but this is the same level as Telegram or whatever in terms of UI and usability. And, for IRC, that’s an advancement, believe it or not.

There is already IRC bridging software for that. No need to turn Freenode into an “app”; this isn’t what Free software projects use the network for. It is not how they use it, either.

L: Yeah. Well, it’s an old, old protocol and for a while people were fucking around with like “ah, let’s make IRC 3.0”. These nerds can never agree on anything. They literally – this is one of the reasons why I’m excited that Freenode is getting wiped out. We’re at the point where, to save the protocol, unilateral decisions will need to be made, and people will have to burn some things down. I don’t know if you’re the chosen one or if it’s going to take a series of people doing this, but eventually something has to change because the platform is dying. (pause) We got a—
Andrew Lee: Yeah, yeah. You know, the Joseon empire…
L: Mmhmm.
Andrew Lee: You know, our treaty with the United States… it’s spelled “chosen”. C-H-O-S-E-N.
L: Yeah. (pause) That’s not… that’s not too bad. Yeah, what’s it like being a fuckin’ prince? Can you walk down the streets of Seoul and people are like “whoa, it’s the fuckin’ prince!” Just can’t walk a block without getting your dick sucked, or do people not give a shit in Korea?
Andrew Lee: I don’t really know. I’m on IRC… I’m a super IRC nerd, you know what I mean. I don’t really know what it looks like outside.
L: Mm. I think that’s fuckin’ fair. If you should ever gaze out your basement window and some pretty Korean girl is walking by, let me know. If she thinks you’re a prince, or if she’s like “eeh! Get away!” All right. So, you’ve had a lot of ventures before IRC. Can you comment at all on your – it sounds like – a few people have told me that you made a boatload of fucking money on Mt. Gox, before unfortunately all the shitcoins got stolen. What can you tell me about that?
Andrew Lee: Oh, no, that’s not true. I’m, like, super-poor, man.


L: Mm. Wait, so, you’re not incredibly wealthy? A lot of people think that you’re super wealthy. But as I’ve said the purchase price of Freenode was $65. What did you buy irc.com for? Was it like $6?
Andrew Lee: I don’t even remember. It was some nominal amount. Like, the domain, I mean? Yeah, it was probably a couple hundred thousand or something. I don’t know.
L: A couple hundred dollars or a couple hundred thousand?
Andrew Lee: A couple hundred thousand.
L: Uh. A couple hundred thousand dollars for irc.com. Jesus H. Q. Christ. That’s… pretty fuckin’ wild. All right. A lot of people are asking… Oh wow, a lot of people are saying you’re scared of jware. It’s scrolling up the chat right here. Damn. Usually people don’t put respect—
Andrew Lee: [mocking] Yeah, okay.
L: —on jware’s name. [laughing] All right. I’ll relay that one. jware. “IP addresses don’t matter” is his favorite quote right there. But walk us through a typical day when you’re not hearing the drums of war. Are you brushing your teeth with with Jägermeister? Is there cocaine everywhere? Girls draped all over you, as you chat furiously and code on IRC? What’s going on there?

Andrew Lee: [laughs] You know, I kind of just wake up, you know, and crawl out from under my desk, you know? Get on the chair, you know? See what’s going on on the computer, you know what I mean? Start trying to learn how to code. I got “hello world” done yesterday.
L: Oh shit. That’s a fucking giant accomplishment.
Andrew Lee: [indistinct]
L: I know a guy who runs a code academy.
Andrew Lee: Crazy mad shit.
L: Once you start getting it to, like, print out, you can put it on your wall, tape it to your refrigerator. You be gone, man. Start working with, like, that turtle moving around. Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh.
Andrew Lee: [laughs]
L: What’s something that you wish people understood about this whole process? You’re one of the more misunderstood figures in IRC right now and there’s a lot of hate going on for you. What’s something that you would say to all the haters that you have right now?
Andrew Lee: Uh… you know, like, this is funny. [laughs] You know what I’m saying? That’s really all I got to say about that. You know what I mean? Like, it’s been fun. It’s been a fun experience but, um, you know, it is what it is. You know what I mean? Like, these people are trying to, like, stifle prosperity. They’re stifling growth. They’re stifling FOSS, you know what I mean? Unfortunately it’s time for someone to come in and let them know who’s boss, you know what I mean?

Those rhetorics are authoritarian. And they put people off.

L: Damn. I mean, it’s unequivocal. You took over their network. You wrecked all their shit. You banned all their channels. You took away their nicknames. Do you fear for your life? Do you think that some deranged ex-Freenode staffer might ever come at you with, like, a knife or, like, some kind of speech about how you invaded their personal space or some shit like that?
Andrew Lee: I mean, my place is pretty heavily guarded, you know what I’m saying? Anyone is more than welcome to try.
L: Damn. Yeah, let’s get there. Are you a Second Amendment guy? Do you have firearms in your home?
Andrew Lee: I’m not really, like, anything, you know what I mean? I’m very apolitical, you know what I mean? Actually, to be honest, I don’t really believe in any of this politics. People should be able to do whatever they want to do as long as they don’t harm someone.
L: Mmm-hmm. So you’re not strapped is what you’re saying right here. Are you in America right now? It sounds like you’re out in California right now.
Andrew Lee: I could be.
L: [laughs] International man of mystery right there. Alright, so Freenode. I’m hearing a lot of libertarian influences on your thinking right there. Are you familiar with the sovereign citizen movement? Are these people going to be welcome on Freenode?
Andrew Lee: I don’t even know what that is, but if the title of the name is actually descriptive and not some BS like some BIG FOSS project might do, then, you know, obviously they’re welcome, ‘cos that’s what we’re doing. We’re giving sovereignty to everybody.

There’s no “BIG FOSS”. That seems to be conflating two polar opposites.

L: Alright, yeah. That definitely – it does seem like kind of a sov-cit movement right there, so I’m sure that they will start showing up in abundance right there. We should put the word out on Youtube that this is a paradise for sovereign citizens right there. People who are autonomous units. They don’t wanna hear what BIG FOSS has to say to them. They don’t wanna pay attention to operators. They just want to travel freely throughout the networks. It’s an inalienable right.
Andrew Lee: Exactly.
L: Hell yeah.
Andrew Lee: Exactly. The Internet belongs to the people. It belongs to freedom. You know what I’m saying?
L: Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. So, again, to get to know you a little bit better, do you have any time to play video games? Or are you too busy?
Andrew Lee: Unfortunately the only videogame I’ve been playing recently is /KILL and /KLINE.
L: Damn. Yeah, it’s been a fucking brutal bloodbath. Can you estimate how many people you have killed since this all began?
Andrew Lee: Uh… you know, I mean, if you count, like, Freenode Classic, I wrote a script to kill all the servers at once, so, you know, that was pretty brutal.
L: [laughs] Pretty fucking ridiculous right there. Alright, when did you get your start on IRC? How long have you been chatting on internet relay chat?
Andrew Lee: Some time in the mid 90s.
L: Cool. Who were – what were some of the original chat networks were you on? What are some moments that you remember from the very start of IRC? Channels that you want to represent or anything?

Andrew Lee: You know, I’m like – what you’re seeing right now is like a super-reserved version of me. I’m trying to be as, like, whatever as possible. I can’t talk about anything of my previous IRC past ‘cos I don’t wanna, you know what I’m saying?
L: Wow. I mean, back in the day, I can tell you, I used to fuck with EFnet pretty heavily. Everybody knows I was in a bunch of different groups like Teens for Christ, GNAA and so forth. I’ve been involved with a group called Penis Pump for a little bit. I’m pretty public with what I’ve been there. But honestly I want to encourage you. I don’t think you’re ever going to win people’s respect on IRC by trying to be professional. We’re long past that. I think you’re at the point where you can start to be your true self, because I don’t think anybody’s opinion of you can get any lower, honestly.
Andrew Lee: Yeah, I mean, this is my true self. People’s opinions can absolutely get lower and it’s absolutely going to get lower…
L: Wait, wait, are you saying that we’re not even close to the bottom yet?
Andrew Lee: We just started.

This was over a week ago. Things have not improved since.

L: Ah. I’m loving every moment. So Gentoo96 in the chat says: “Can Andrew explain why the TOR service was removed?” Why are you doing that? Are you just trying to get rid of pedophiles? Is there a reason why TOR was removed?
Andrew Lee: We’re working on it and it’ll be up. I’m a big fan of TOR. I think TOR’s great software. I think it provides a lot of freedom and equality to people in the world. Yeah, I don’t have anything against TOR at all.
L: Alright so that’s one of the things that we can look forward to in the near future. They’re gonna try and fix fucking TOR.
Andrew Lee: Absolutely.
L: Alight, so, what can you say to young people who would like to become an entrepreneur or something like you? Did you just sort of fall ass-forward into a bunch of family wealth or whatever, or did you have to work your way up to get to your current place of owning a giant IRC network?
Andrew Lee: Yeah, so, kind of long story but I’ll cut it super-short.
L: Take your time. You got all the time in the world.
Andrew Lee: Yeah, it’s so long, I’ll be talking for the rest of my life, know what I’m saying? But for real, you know, life is hard, life is hard for everyone. I mean, unfortunately I’m probably like the king of overdrafts. Life is hard but fortunately there are great opportunities for people today because the internet and whatever, computers, know what I’m saying? You know, back in the day, if you wanted to, let’s say, build a house and sell it, you needed money to get that stuff in the first place, but on the computer you just build something, you just need knowledge. So, luckily for me, I was born in this era and luckily for me IRC taught me a lot of things like how to code and whatever. So I was able to just build things with minimal investment and do it. So giving that back, I think that everyone else should keep their head up and understand it doesn’t matter how broke you are. You can do it if you try. You gotta believe, you gotta work hard, you gotta win. Not everyone that works hard is gonna be successful but everyone that’s successful absolutely works hard. I read that in a Manga.

He said, “I’m probably like the king of overdrafts.”

L: Oh wow. Do you remember which Manga?
Andrew Lee: Hajime no Ippo. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hajime_no_Ippo]
L: [laughs] [under his breath, away from mic] Fucking ridiculous!
L: Alright. Those are stirring words right there. You’ve gone into an area here with IRC that has traditionally been completely unprofitable and a time and energy sink for everybody. Do you expect that you can ever turn a profit with Freenode?
Andrew Lee: No, we’re not really trying to, like, turn a profit with Freenode. It doesn’t really look like something that can make money. It’s, kind of, more just we made too much money, so let’s just keep giving back as much as we can. People are talking shit and we’re just donating money, you know? It is what it is.
L: That’s amazing right there. Giving back to the community by wiping out these horrendous Open Source channels. You’re a saint right there.
Andrew Lee: Oh yeah that had to happen. Those guys are toxic as fuck.

So Free software people are “toxic” to him?

L: Yeah. They had to go. They had to go. I’m with you there.
Andrew Lee: [indistinct] had to go. It is what it is.
L: Next – so next -
Andrew Lee: [indistinct] RIP.
L: I wanna ask you about your future right there, because obviously this is just a diversion for you. Do you think that you will ever – wherever you go there are levels. There’s like Andrew Lee-style “owns half of Korea” wealth, and then you have like the galaxy wealth of people like Jeff Bezos, Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, and Elon Musk and so forth. Do you think that you will ascend to their level of billionaire status ever at any point?
Andrew Lee: I mean, I see them working hard. They’re trying to catch up. You know what I’m saying?
L: So, the next question. Elon is going to Mars. Are you considering any kind of exploration or expansion of your enterprises outside of the Earth?
Andrew Lee: No, I’m just trying to help create world peace and unity, so that the whole world will have the privilege of having communication with the galactic federation.
L: Huh. So are you currently in contact with the galactic federation, or is this a hypothetical galactic federation that you think might be out there?
Andrew Lee: I don’t speak on things that I think. I only speak on things that I know.
L: Alright, alright, I see. So let’s take the way that the Freenode situation has been handled right here. There may be some nay-sayers who say that you’ve created chaos and so-forth, but other people are applauding your efforts to purge users and wonder if it could be applied to other political processes. As you see, IRC is a political process. Do you think that you could use your unique style of killing users in any kind of war zone? Are there any conflicts that you’re taking a look at on the globe and saying “I could deal with that if I were just given the power”?
Andrew Lee: Unfortunately, no, because I don’t think that people should have power over anybody. I think that people are the ones who should have the power themselves, like self-sovereignty, like I said, and so just beefs between people or whatever they’re into, that’s their business. If they ask people for help then, of course, we’ll try to figure out what’s going on but, you know, people’s business is people’s business.
L: So no k-lining people IRL in the near future. I’m sad to hear it. Maybe somebody else will pick up that torch and run with it.
Andrew Lee: Yeah, IRC is a funny thing. It uses the word /KILL for the alias and that, kind of, leaves people feeling really emotional and honestly I think it’s hilarious when they get back on and they’re like “uh oh why’d you /KILL me?” and I just kill ‘em again.
L: Oh damn. Kill ‘em again. That’s one of my favourite Rakim songs right there. Shout-outs to big Rakim. The god baby. Alright, so, I want to thank you for all of the time. Was there anything you wanted to talk about that you didn’t get a chance to talk about here or any disses that you want to throw out? Are you gonna get back into rapping?
Andrew Lee: Uh, no, not at all. Actually what I’m kinda spending my time on most of these days is trying to empower the people. Freenode is one of those things I’m focussed on but there’s many other things.
L: What are some of these other things? I’m interested.
Andrew Lee: There’s a lotta thing I’m involved – it would be impossible to name everything. But, you know, some of the things that people enjoy greatly are probably things that I’m involved in and they just don’t know, so we’ll leave it at that.
L: I’m a big fan of prostitutes and rye whisky and fuckin’ playin’ boardgames. Are you responsible for any of those things?
Andrew Lee: [long pause] Not at all.
L: Okay. I just wanted to check if I should thank you for whatever. Alright, so a lot of your fans are in the chat talking about your song Smash or Pass. Was it just like you were just fucking around or is it something that you’re proud of? Are you ashamed of it? How do you feel about it?
Andrew Lee: I don’t know what that is man. I feel like it’s just random excerpts of different words that got put together.
L: So this wasn’t, like, a serious effort and you’re not planning to drop an album any time soon? I’m sad to hear that. I think it could be fucking amazing.
Andrew Lee: No I’m just [indistinct] I’m not trying to drop an album or anything. You know, like I’ve said, I’m 100% focussed right now on empowering people. One of the little things I’ve been saying, a little bit of time on, is Freenode and believe it or not there’s a lot of big things to come. [Indistinct] I’ll be right back in five minutes, one sec.
L: Yeah okay. I can fucking swang [?] forever. Do I still have somebody else on the line right there? There was one other amigo on there. Fascinating insights into…
??: [Other voices, indistinct]

Andrew Lee: Yeah back, my bad.
L: Ah yeah, no worries there.
Andrew Lee: Um…
L: Never get high on your own supply.
Andrew Lee: Yeah, I don’t even remember what we were talking about.
L: Yeah, I think you were going on about empowering people and so forth. So, I wanna ask you, where does this come from? This desire to help others? You know, it’s something that not a lot of other people have. Generally you just think about the saints. The catholic saints wanted to do that. Maybe Buddha. Maybe Mohammed on a good day. Where does this come from? What inspired you to give up so much of yourself as a sacrifice for other people?
Andrew Lee: I don’t know but I don’t want to be in any way associated to any kind of like weird shit like you were just talking about, man. That’s just weird.
L: What like fucking Mohammed and the saints and all that? Yeah I guess they were kinda some weird fucking people.
Andrew Lee: Man, there’s some weird stuff going on. You know, like, actually yeah, you asked me if I had something to say. I will say something. Please keep in mind that, believe it or not, whatever the media wants you to believe, Pizzagate is absolutely real, and take the time, and research, study, analyse it, and you will see what kind of world we really live in.
L: Oh this is fascinating. So you think for real that the shit with Comet Pizza Ping Pong was going on, and, like, all the Podesta e-mails and shit like that, that was really going on? And we’re starting to see evidence of that with like Pizza Gaetz, uh, Matt Gaetz, who is definitely involved in some kind of child sex trafficing and so forth. Do you think that there is, like, an illuminati with people eating the pineal glands of children that they have sexually abused in satanic rituals and shit like that?
Andrew Lee: I don’t know about anything like that. All I can say is I suggest reading through the documents. You know, many of those are DKIM signature verified. You won’t hear that in the media. The media is trying to stifle discussion on Pizzagate. They’re trying to cancel people who talk about Pizzagate, but, it is what it is, you know? It sounds like some BS but there’s some really crazy heinous people out there and they wanna focus on everything but that.
L: So, say that you’re out there and you believe that Pizzagate is real. Who can you even vote for? Is there anybody that you can trust? Is it even worth being part of a political process if everyone who has ever run for office is a satanic pedophile?
Andrew Lee: Again, I don’t know what you’re talking about with that but are people getting extorted? That’s another question, right? You know what I’m saying?
L: Alright, well, I guess this is not really the platform to discuss it but I will encourage you all to look into Pizzagate and show up at a parlour with your gatt and get some answers for yourself. Don’t actually do that by the way.

In personal conversations with me Lee expressed the same views.

Andrew Lee: [indistinct]
L: Alright, so, there’s been a lot of hub-bub about UFOs recently. These fucking things are flying all over the place. The navy just released a bunch of footage and so forth. And they fucking real? Is an invasion imminent? Is this all Chinese propaganda? What’s going on?
Andrew Lee: Go to the Black vault and go to the released CIA files and read the 8th document and tell me. Tell me.
L: Alright well I can’t do that live here on the air but I encourage everybody to get in on that. Go to the Black vault and released CIA files and check it all out there. So ullerd in the chat asks, “Andrew, are you going to make Freenode great again?”
Andrew Lee: We’re absolutely going to make Freenode great again. We have completely obliterated the swamp. It’s over. We’re in clear blue seas, sailing free… it’s done.
L: It’s beautiful.
Andrew Lee: We’re in the promised land.
L: Ahhh. [laughs] So, have you visited isfreenodedeadyet.com?
Andrew Lee: I did, and it used to be a pretty nice website, but I don’t know what happened to it. It just kinda stopped reporting the proper information.
L: Oooh. Do you think somebody got to them?
Andrew Lee: [indistinct] I don’t know, it just kind of [indistinct] you know, Libera thought they were the fastest growing network in the world. Freenode killed that record in one day.
L: Oh wow. Now, to be fair, it killed the record because you fucking kicked everybody off and they had to rejoin. But, still, an amazing acomplishment right there.
Andrew Lee: Oh, no, we left Freenode Classic running for a little bit, you know what I mean? So we broke the record while Freenode Classic was running in tandem, or whatever the word is.

L: Oh, I see. Okay. That’s fucking fantastic. This is kind of like a more personal question. Do you have a favourite book or an author that greatly influenced you?
Andrew Lee: Uh… maybe The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
L: Wow. That’s a fucking wild one right there. What are you – how involved in the political process in Korea, as a direct descendant of the emperor, are you? Do you see good things on the horizon for Korea? They were hit pretty hard by that corona virus.
Andrew Lee: I don’t know anything – I don’t know anything about Korea. You know, I have a lot of respect for what they’re doing over there. It seems to be a democracy from what I can see but I have nothing to do with that. I represent Joseon.
L: Okay. They’ve just – when you talk about creepy political conspiracies and so forth, Korea has to be one of the number one destinations on Earth for just wild cult shit going on in the government. That is definitely -
Andrew Lee: There’s weird stuff – there’s weird stuff going on over there. You know, the UN created some weird, uh – you know they formed in order to create some kind of weird task force and sent some people over to Korea and looked around and they were like “Uh, there’s, like, nobody here. There’s no government.” Even though there was a whole government and all that structure. And then they came back and just started shooting people and then did a forced selection. You know what I mean?
L: Well that’s what the UN does. They just murder whoever they want.
Andrew Lee: [indistinct] That’s kinda how that country started. Sometimes things start on some BS, you know, like, you see Liberia over there?
L: Yeah, they definitely started under some false pretenses.
Andrew Lee: It is what it is, you know. Sometimes some BS can become good. So even Liberia may one day be some legit thing, but for now, who knows?
L: Would you consider, if the Open Source infestation gets too bad over there, would you consider buy the Liberia network and doing this whole thing all over again?
Andrew Lee: Uh… I would never buy Liberia, but if somebody paid me to take it, I would take, you know what I mean? But I’d probably just shut it down and, like, forward the thing to, like, Last Measure or something. I don’t know.
L: Alright. I just want to shout out the the GNAA for their tireless work on the development of Last Measure. What a wonderful software program for all people. When we talk about the non-aggression principle, this is – Last Measure is the great equalizer, and I just want to shout out to TimeCop and Lysol and everybody else who worked so hard on that amazing program. If you haven’t seen it yourself just Google “Last Measure” and go to one of the first five or six hits that you get.
Andrew Lee: I would definitely not do that if you’re not alone.
L: If you’re not alone? Oh, yeah, it should be experienced with friends, really. It’s the kind of thing – Last Measure is the kind of thing you just wanna throw up during a presentation, or if you’re at a wedding or a funeral or whatever. It’s always appropriate in my viewpoint. [laughs] People are scrolling, “hey everybody, I’m looking at gay porno” in the background right there. So you got The Art of War, you got – oh, so, spathywah [sp?] wants to know, “What is the connection between Freenode, free bleeding, and freeballing?”
Andrew Lee: [pause] What?
L: He says, “What is the connection between Freenode, free bleeding, and freeballing?”
Andrew Lee: I don’t even know, you know what I mean?
L: It might be one of those rhetorical questions, or it’s kind of like a Zen koan, where just the consideration of the question is the answer within itself. So, that’s another interesting point right there. Are you into any kind of religion? Are you an atheist?
Andrew Lee: Uh… you know, I have some beliefs, and one of those beliefs is that people have the right to their own beliefs. So, you know, that’s kinda where I’m at.
L: Alright, so, anybody who doesn’t want to talk about what they believe is welcome to – you know, that’s a decent position to take right there. Alright, so, where do you stand on all of this vaccine, non-vaccine. Do you think they’re a good idea? Do you think they’re a bad idea? Do they work? Should everybody get vaccinated? Is it a government program? What’s going on there?
Andrew Lee: Well, I think initially, you know, people had the right thing in mind, but there’s a bunch of seedy-ass motherfuckers out there trying to pull some shit on everybody, so, you know, these days it’s – it’s really unclear, right? We don’t really have in our homes the technology to validate anything we’re reading about so suddenly we’re in some position where we just have to trust the faith, you know what I mean? Which is kinda fucked up, you know, so. It’s really unclear, you know what I mean? I would definitely suggest everyone do as much research as possible, check what you’re researching and proceed with caution and understanding that all things in life have risk including walking out your front door, you know?
L: It’s true. I would assume that it has more risk if you’re Andrew Lee and every Open Source nerd on the Earth wants you dead.

Andrew Lee: I mean, if they all wanna chip in and pay, like, the top fighter. I dunno, find someone. Like Khabib or someone. I’m more than happy to get in the cage and start fucking some shit up.
L: Wait, did you just agree to get in cage with Khabib Nurmagomedov? Holy shit. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khabib_Nurmagomedov]
Andrew Lee: I’d fuck him up, man. I mean, the dude is a jeep [sp?] by the way, right? Like, super respect. You know what I’m saying? Like, for real. But I’d fuck him up.
L: Oh shit. Yeah, you heard it here live on the L0de Radio Hour. Andrew Lee vs Khabib. It even sounds good. That’d be a good fucking card right there. Maybe we could get an undercard of some of the fucking Liberia staffers fighting each other. Hell yeah.
Andrew Lee: King vs king.
L: King vs king? Oh god damn. That’s wild right there. Alright. A lot of people are asking if they can fight you right now in the chat, but you might need to fucking climb the ladder a little bit people. Fucking taking on Khabib. That’s wild as shit right there. Alright, so, a new MRNA vaccine for malaria has just gone into trials in mice, and so far it looks like they can prevent mice from contracting malaria. If that vaccine is efficatious, it’s going to change the entire fucking – everything for Africa is going to change. The entire continent south of the Sahara is really, sort of, defined by malaria in many cases. Do you see potential for expansion into Africa. Are you – have you heard about this? Are you excited about it? Do you not give a shit?
Andrew Lee: You know I think Africa is a beautiful country but I don’t know anything about this vaccine thing. Like I said, we don’t really have the technology in our homes. Everybody’s just reading some bullshit written some other person who really doesn’t know what they’re talking about so no-one really knows what they’re talking about, know what I’m saying? But then you see, like, Bill Gates and something about some polio vaccine something something something, know what I’m trying to say? Like, there’s some weird stuff going on so like I said, I would definitely proceed with caution. You know, there’s definitely real things out there and there’s definitely some fake shit out there.

L: Okay. Let me just – this is one spot where I have the education. The polio vaccine absolutely works. Just for anybody out there.
Andrew Lee: Oh no, I’m not talking about the polio vaccine. I’m talking something that, uh, something something Bill Gates something something polio something something. That’s [indistinct]
L: Okay, well, I’ll try to fill in those fucking madlibs at some point. We just got a question. Somebody wants to know who your favourite wrestler of all time is, and I think they’re talking about WWE or WWF or whatever the fuck.
Andrew Lee: I mean, Hulk Hogan’s pretty gangster, right? You saw what he did to Gawker.
L: That was fucking legit. The Hulkamania where he just shut down the entire fucking website. We’re you inspired by that? Is what we’re seeing on Freenode right now your own kind of fucking Hulkamania run wild?
Andrew Lee: Not on Freenode. Let’s just put it that way.
L: Wait, wait, so there are other enterprises that you’re tearing apart right now that we don’t even know about?
Andrew Lee: Who knows.
L: Oh my god. Jesus. I’m definitely interested to see what’s going on there. I see a little – a few people are skeptical of your claim that you could take out Khabib. Gen. Layabout says -
Andrew Lee: Well if they’re skeptical, put their money where their mouth is. You know what I’m saying? I guarantee you if everyone on IRC chipped in like a thousand bucks we could probably make it happen I mean, I can’t speak for the dude. If he’s afraid, he’s afraid. You know?
L: Wow. That’s wild right there. You know, when somebody brings up Khabib, they gotta be into fighting. Outside of Khabib, are you like a UFC fan? Are you – have you been watching this Jake Paul horseshit going on? Have any opinions on it?
Andrew Lee: Not really, I just kind of sit on IRC all day. I don’t really move around that much.

L: Alright, so, on our program right here, the L0de Radio Hour, we have a long-standing championship called the Chug Championship, right? It’s where people compete to chug the most beer, or liquor, or whatever fucking drink right there, and we have a new title shot coming up. Are you interested in vying to be the chug champion for all IRC?
Andrew Lee: The only problem is I don’t drink.
L: Oh. Oh, that would be a problem right there.
Andrew Lee: Yeah. Yeah.
L: What about, you could be the sniff champion of all IRC? Do you think that you could rail more cocaine than anybody else on IRC?
Andrew Lee: I don’t think anybody’d be able to find anything pure enough for me to do.
L: Ah. Alright.
Andrew Lee: [indistinct]
L: Let me make a prospect for you. If I am willing to stage an event in Bolivia, right? Where the shit is basically coming right off of the fucking coca plants. As pure as it can possibly get. Are you willing to compete in a concaine-off over the craziest base head of all time? We’ll have to track him down there.
Andrew Lee: So, right now, I can’t really, like, throw any opinion on that, know what I mean? Some people do a lot of coke. Some people don’t at all. You know, everyone’s free to do whatever they wanna do. For me, like, I’m not gonna ever, kind of like, even do something that could just make any kind of suggestion somethings crazy on this, like I don’t know what’s going on. Weed for example, right? Like, marijuana, right? I would, I would, I would, I would do whatever with that, cos, you know, like, the only thing that’s been proven about marijuana is you grow brain cells, you know what I mean? Like, everyone else who doesn’t smoke weed is simply not growing brain cells, you know what I mean?
L: Alright, well, like, we’ll put that in the pipeline and maybe consider developing an ultimate toke-off for IRC users, because we’re all about fucking contests and competition here, and that’s one of the things I always hated about the Open Source movement. How they were so, like, wishy-washy and anti-competitive, and it’s why none of their shit works IMO. You just need that comp- do you think that you need competition driving you forward to get shit done?
Andrew Lee: Uuuh… who needs competition?
L: I think human beings need competition to get them to do anything.
Andrew Lee: I mean, you know, that might be like, uh, kind of one of the archaic ways to make things happen, but there’s other ways to make things happen that are, you know, that incorporate, the, the, let’s call it the incentive that competition provides, but also, you know, there’s a better word for it, I don’t know what it is right now cos, you know, it’s not like I know what I’m talking about, but, you know.

L: Yeah, well, I mean, that’s fair to say. Alright, well, I’m definitely interested to see what you think the alternative to competition is at some later point, and I’m very interested to see these non-hierarchical systems.
Andrew Lee: Yeah, just to be clear, I don’t think that, you know, competition is good in the sense of what it has become today.
L: Mmm-hmm. Alright, well, that’s fair to say.
Andrew Lee: Yo, cos, unfortunately, today, like, people are… people, instead of, like, you know, you know, you see back in the day you got, “ah shit motherfucker, come out here right now, lets fight” and someone’s gonna come outside and you’ll get in a fight, you know what I mean? And it is what it is. Somebody’s gonna win. Somebody’s gonna lose. You know, who knows? You might even become friends after that, right? But, these days, somebody’s gonna be like, “ah yeah, let’s get in a fight, let’s get in a fight” and then they’ll, like, pull out a gun and, like, shoot your family member or some shit, you know what I’m saying?
L: Yeah, that’s some ho shit right there.
Andrew Lee: – and that’s kinda, like, how people are. Where people are at, you know what I mean? So, you know, I think, I think competition and whatever has gone a little bit – you know, human greed is a little too strong, you know what I mean? People, people need a little bit more wealth in their pockets to help get them focussed on what’s right and not just the, uh, immediate need that they have in front of them, and, uh, you know, Freenode is going to provide that soon.
L: Wait, is Freenode going to provide people with, like, a UBI stipend? Are people going to log into Freenode to get welfare?
Andrew Lee: You shall see. It’s not welfare, it’s not UBI. You will see. It’s gonna be crazy. A bunch of billionaires and hidden trillionaires are gonna hate me. Come at me if you do, if you wanna do something about it. It is what it is.
L: Oh wow. This is exciting what I’m hearing right here.
Andrew Lee: It’s all about power to the people.
L: It sounds like, to me, like there’s gonna be free money on IRC. I’m just reading between the lines right here. Maybe that’s not what you meant, but that’s what I choose to believe because I wanna get paid to IRC. It’s been my life-long dream and this show is how I’m trying to – alright, and we’re seeing a lot of support for this in the chat. People are categorically supporting free money, which is a surprise to me right there, but, alright, sounds pretty fucking amazing right there. Alright, let’s see, what do we got here. Alright, so, we talked a little bit – we heard a little bit about your shadowy chat past right there. Let’s talk about the new staff of Freenode. Who are your all-stars? Is there anybody you want to shout-out to in the new staff?
Andrew Lee: You know, there’s a lot of amazing, amazing men and women who are part of the Freenode staff. At this time, rather than, kind of, individually call anybody out, you know, I just wanna, you know, let everyone know that the entire team is amazing, and there are a whole – way, way, way smarter than you when it comes to this shit.
L: Yeah, well, anybody’s smarter than me. I can barely use mIRC, so I agree 100%. [laughs] These people are scrolling an Eskimo ascii in the background right now. Alright, so, I live in New York City, and Andrew Yang is about to become our mayor right here, and he is a big proponent of UBI. What do you think about Andrew Yang, if you’re following that at all? If you don’t give a shit that’s fine too. What do you think about UBI?

Andrew Lee: You know, I don’t really understand UBI enough to make any kind of comments on it. I think a lot more studies need to be conducted to understand what kind of impact that has on society, productivity, jealousy, you know, creeping in of communism. All that. So, you know, I don’t really have any opinions, but, you know, there’s much to see as people experiment on this socialist movement.
L: Okay. So, a lot of people have said that the reason why this shit all went down on Freenode, why, like, why all the traitor operators jumped ship and founded Liberia, was they found out that you are a Trump supporter. Is this accurate? Are you a supporter of Donatello J. Trump?
Andrew Lee: I think that President Trump was an amazing president, greatly misunderstood by many. One of the best presidents of all time. One of the best presidents we’ll probably ever have. You know, it’s unfortunate that the election was stolen. I unfortunately did not vote and partake. I didn’t take any side. I’m pretty non-political, but as a leader for the United States of America, President Donald Trump was the one, and these fuckers who stole that shit, you know, like, karma’s gonna, you know, everything comes around, you know what I mean? Like, they can – they can temporarily halt freedom, but it’s not – it’s gonna just keep pushing through. You know?
L: So, not too long ago I did an interview with, I think, Matt Gaynard or Gaynards or Baynards or something like that, or – I forget this guy’s fucking name. Sorry, Baynerd. He was deeply concerned with election security, and he too postulated that some shit had gone down. That numbers couldn’t really explain in the Georgia election specifically. Do you think that we’ll ever see fully online voting, and do you think Freenode might be a good place for people to cast their presidential and local election votes?
Andrew Lee: Uh, right now it’s a little bit too easy to game any kind of system online, you know? So people are gonna have to figure that out. It’s unfortunate because, you know, it comes to, like, identity, and it, like, got a clash with privacy, so it’s like a weird situation, so I don’t know if that’s gonna happen any time soon. Not too soon. Not to say that the existing voting system isn’t, kind of, screwed as it is. I mean, it’s got it’s own problems, right? So who knows? Maybe some brave, brave president, or whoever is in charge of setting that up is gonna, you know, take a chance and take a leap of faith and give it a shot, but, you know, make no mistake, I mean, [indistinct] you can look online. You can check all that. Anyone who knows how to use the internet and knows how things work. It’s clear that it was impossible for President Donald Trump to have lost that previous election. Like, that’s just impossible, you know what I mean?
L: You think it’s impossible?
Andrew Lee: Right now, yeah, we’re living in this strange situation where, you know, everyone has a love for their country, and so they’re just, you know, following the rules and doing whatever, but the next election, you know, everybody needs to actually, like, pay attention to what’s going on. Don’t pay attention to what’s going on on the side. Just focus on what these politicians are claiming they’re gonna do. You know, write it down and – and see what’s up. It might be a Democrat, it might be a Republican, it might be some independent, it might be – you know, hopefully it’s someone from the Pirate Party, you know what I mean?
L: That would be fucking wild. I’d definitely vote for the torrent candidate right there. Alright, so, you don’t have any political ambitions, correct? You’re not gonna take a run at the presidency of the United States of America any time soon?
Andrew Lee: Uh… you know, I don’t think that I’m, I’m, uh, you know, of, of, of the capability to do that right now. That’s a tremendous responsibility and unfortunately there hasn’t really been any president who was – who was capable of running such a large scale democratic organization other than President Donald Trump. He was the only one that could do it, you know. Maybe one day – maybe one day if I feel I have the skills, but I just don’t think so because I’m a [indistinct], you know what I mean?
L: Why do you think that he was so uniquely qualified? Was he just, like, a special god-emperor type person? Or was it all the time that he spent running casinos? Or did he just learn so much from running The Apprentice?
Andrew Lee: You know, not only does he run a bunch of profitable large-scale-scale operations with so many diverse different people who are all very happy, you know, like – I mean, I don’t know anything about the inside but this is what I see on the outside, I’m saying, but, you know, on top of that the guys just, like, he’s got his shit together, you know what I’m saying? He’s not just waltzing around trying to make some crazy speech with crazy words and trying to fool a bunch of people who don’t even know what people are talking about anyway. He’s just getting shit done, you know what I mean? ‘Cos he knows he needs to get it done.
L: I gotta say, the rallies that he fucking – uh, I’m deeply embedded in American politics – and, the raly structure that he ran in the 2016 elections was like, one of – and all trolling aside – that was one of the most amazing things that I had ever seen. This dude was doing, like, three rallies a day and had people fucking chanting that snake poem at the end of every one. That shit was – that was the wildest election I’ve ever seen in my gay life.
Andrew Lee: Yeah, yeah, the dude was for real. Like, don’t get me wrong. I’m saying, like, we’re gonna see – we’re gonna – we’re – we’re gonna see others, you know. Like, I’m being a little bit too p – pessimistic, right? Like, like, people grow. They gain experience as they grow in life and, you know, some idiot right next to you? You know, who knows? They’re gonna gain the experience, wisdom, and personality to be able to lead this country, you know what I mean? So, you never know, but I’m just saying right now there hasn’t been someone like him and, yeah, I’m not exactly all about his politics either, you know what I mean? Again, I’m not really into politics, but I’m definitely not like a Republican or anything, know what I’m saying? Like, no way.
L: Oh shit.
Andrew Lee: But that dude – that dude, singly – that dude, singly was the greatest president of all time.
L: Alright, so, I just got a message from Jake Paul. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this guy but he’s like a Youtube star or whatever.
Andrew Lee: [indistinct]
L: He is calling you out. Yeah, he said, “tell Andrew hes a pussy and I will eat his ass out alive in the ring.”
Andrew Lee: I think it’s really impressive what the dude was able to do by making a fool of himself on Youtube, but, you know, with all due respect, there’s no way. I’m sorry. Like, any time, anywhere, any place. Come. I’m right here.
L: You ready to fuck this guy up?
Andrew Lee: I’m right here.
L: Alright, alright. Yeah, ‘cos he didn’t do too well against fucking Mayweather. I’m one of the people that – I watched that fight, and Mayweather knocked him the fuck out and had to carry his sorry ass. It was a shitty fight but he definitely got knocked the fuck out on his feet and had to have a man half his side fucking carry him. Alright, so, Jake Paul vs Andrew Lee. It’s been agreed to right here. Jake Paul it’s now on you to fucking make that fight happen. He was the challenger right there. He’s gotta provide the fucking arena and, ah – I guess [sighs] So, what kind of fighting experience do you have, Andrew? Like, have you trained in, like, tae-kwon-do or something?
Andrew Lee: I literally – I got nothing. I literally just sit on this computer. I know how to code, you know? Um… yeah. You know what I mean? But I’ll fuck ‘im up.
L: Alright, just – you’re gonna fuck him up with pure willpower. That’s fucking fantastic. Alright, well, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about where Freenode has been and where it’s going. I feel like we’ve learned a lot about you, and we’ve got people offering to train you scrolling up in the chat, so get at some of these people later. There are a lot of – actually, we have a lot of boxers that watch this fucking show for some reason. People who actually-
Andrew Lee: Oh, nah, I don’t need- I don’t need any- I don’t need any training.
L: You don’t need any preparation?
Andrew Lee: Thank you for the offer but it’s like 50 years too early for a clown like that to fucking challenge me. I’m sorry.
L: Oh, I see. Alright, well, cool. Well, cool. That’s fucking fantastic. Thank you for coming through and I wanna wish you a lot of luck in Freenode and thank you for getting rid of that Open Source filth. Really, you’ve done such a favour to all of man-kind by purging the Freenode network. I wanna tell you that I ran a program called War Against Freenode for 20 years. For 20 years we’ve been working on destroying the Freenode network and finally it has been done and the victory is sweet, so I want to thank you in your tremendous role in destroying Freenode and rebuilding it from the ashes. Hell yeah.
Andrew Lee: Hell yeah, you know what I mean? We’re just gonna keep delivering.
L: That’s fucking fantastic. Alright, well, Andrew, I’m gonna let you go here. I don’t wanna talk your hair off all night. Do you have any shout-outs or song requests?
Andrew Lee: Michael Jackson – Heal the World.
L: Heal the World? [laughs] Alright, we’ll play that at the end. That’ll ban the stream so I’m gonna play it at the very end. Alright, thank you, Andrew Lee. Penis Pump.
Andrew Lee: Alright man, peace man. Thanks, bro.
L: Alright, well I can’t believe Andrew Lee and Lil Pump came through. I have like 600 messages in my buffer right there. Wild fucking times. Shout outs to everybody who came through and got to hear what’s really going on with Andrew Lee.

A lot of attention was paid to Lee’s support of Trump (shown above), but that’s not the point. The more problematic thing is the claim that the election was stolen last year (“these fuckers who stole that shit”). The rhetoric of “election fraud” motivated sedition/insurrection.

The transcript above is a matter of public record. People can reach their own conclusions based on it.

Transcript attribution: Wodencafe

Links 25/6/2021: WordPress 5.8 Beta 4 and Librem GTK Themes

Posted in News Roundup at 1:47 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Linux on Chromebooks: Underappreciated versatility as an app solution

        I’ve previously written an overview with five reasons to run Linux on Chromebooks, but there are tons of specific examples I could share. One arrived just this morning as one of my former Computer Science teachers reached out, asking if MuseScore could run on a Chromebook.

        I had an answer back to her in minutes, along with installation instructions, showing her the versatility of Linux on Chromebooks.


        After about of minute of downloads and installation messages, I had MuseScore on my Chromebook, complete with a Launcher icon.

        Of course, installing a Linux app on a Chromebook doesn’t mean it will work 100% of the time or have full functionality.

        I was concerned that MuseScore might not play back sounds, so I did a very quick test by composing my own score. And by “composing my own score”, I mean adding three random notes.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

      • The 13 Most Interesting Changes Of Linux 5.13 From Apple M1 To Security Enhancements

        If all is looking well on Sunday, Linus Torvalds will be releasing Linux 5.13 as stable rather than going with a 5.13-rc8 test release and pushing the final version back by an additional release. In either case, Linux 5.13 is coming out soon and with many new features in tow.

        After the merge window ended we published our usual Linux 5.13 feature overview. But for those that don’t recall all those changes during the merge window from the end of April to early May, here is a recap of what’s in store for this next kernel version with the most prominent changes worth mentioning.

      • systemd 249-rc2 Released With New “ConditionOSRelease” Directive – Phoronix

        Earlier this month systemd 249-rc1 arrived with a variety of new features and improvements. Now for closing out the month is a second release candidate.

        The systemd 249-rc2 release is primarily made up of fixes compared to the prior release candidate. One new feature though to systemd 249-rc2 is the “ConditionOSRelease” directive.

    • Benchmarks

      • LLVM Clang 12 Benchmarks At Varying Optimization Levels, LTO

        Earlier this month were benchmarks looking at GCC 11 performance with varying optimization levels and features like link-time optimizations. Stemming from reader requests, here are now similar reference benchmarks off LLVM Clang 12.0 on the same system with going from -O0 to -Ofast and toggling -march=native and LTO usage.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to Use the Chown Command in Linux to Change File Ownership – Make Tech Easier

        On Linux systems, each file is associated with an owner and group owner. When you don’t have the appropriate permission, you won’t be able to access or edit the files or directory. On a Linux system, there is a “change owner” (chown) tool that allows you to change the owner of a file/directory as well as the group owner. Let’s see how you can use the chown command in Linux to better manage your files and folders.

      • Configuring PAM services with SELinux – Linux Concept

        systemd and D-Bus are SELinux-aware applications, with explicit SELinux support built in. Several other services exist on a Linux system that play nicely together with SELinux yet are not SELinux-aware themselves. Many of these services have an affinity with SELinux through their PAM integration.

      • How To Install Htop on Almalinux 8 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Htop on AlmaLinux 8. For those of you who didn’t know, Htop is more like a classic top process manager. It displays resource usage measures in color and helps you easily track system performance as an enhanced feature. It has both an additional selection array and a clear picture of the plate, which is the same as the standard main command. It can display detailed information about processor and memory usage, tasks being performed, average load, and uptime. In addition, Htop can also display a list of all operating processes, and can even display it in a tree structure.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you through the step-by-step installation of the Htop monitoring tool on an AlmaLinux 8. You can follow the same instructions for Rocky Linux.

      • How to use the Slimbook mobile Ryzen CPU tuner on Ubuntu

        Do you have a mobile Ryzen CPU and use Ubuntu? Are you looking to get more CPU performance out of it? Perhaps you want to tweak it to turn down the performance? With the AMD Slimbook Controller, you can! Here’s how to use it on your system.

      • How To Install Signal Messenger on Linux Mint 20 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Signal Messenger on Linux Mint 20. For those of you who didn’t know, Signal Messenger is a popular, multi-platform application used for sending instant messages, making audio and video calls. It is widely used due to the privacy and security features that it provides to the end-user.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of Signal Messenger on a Linux Mint 20 (Ulyana).

      • How to install Garuda KDE Dragonized 210621

        In this video, I am going to show how to install Garuda KDE Dragonized 210621.

      • Install FreeRadius & web GUI daloRADIUS on Ubuntu 20.04 server -

        FreeRADIUS server is an open-source product and widely used RADIUS server in the world and, in addition to EAP, also supports the RADIUS protocol stands for “Remote Authentication DIAL In User Service”. FreeRADIUS implementation provides users a central authentication system for servers and desktops.

        Clients who want to access a network must first log on to the RADIUS server before a connection to the desired network is established. This increases security and makes it easier to manage networks.

      • CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux 8 Migration: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

        This easy to follow step-by-step tutorial explains how to migrate from CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux 8 by using the migrate2rocky script.

        Back in December 2020, Red Hat accounted that it will be discontinuing CentOS based on RedHat releases. This was come as quite a shock for the CentOS community. This change resulted in a couple of exciting CentOS forks. The first announced was Rocky Linux.

        As you know, CentOS 8 will reach its End-of-Life in December, 2021. If you want to migrate your CentOS 8 server to Rocky Linux 8 which is a 1:1 binary compatible with CentOS and RHEL, then here are the steps to follow.

      • Complete Guide to Self-hosting Ghost CMS With Docker

        Ghost is an open source content management system which is suitable for a blog, newsletter or membership website.

        It is superfast and SEO optimized. We love it here at Linux Handbook. Our website uses Ghost, of course.

        Now, you may opt for a managed Ghost instance from the makers of Ghost itself. It would cost you a lot but you won’t have to put effort in deploying Ghost, updating it and maintaining it. And of course, it helps the development of Ghost project.

        If you want to avoid spending a lot or take matters in your hand with a ‘do it yourself’ approach, you may self-host Ghost on your server.

        In this tutorial, I’ll show you the steps to deploy Ghost with Docker.

      • Full Circle Magazine: Full Circle Magazine #170
    • Wine or Emulation

      • A busy weekend ahead perhaps? Steam Play Proton 6.3-5 is out now | GamingOnLinux

        Valve announced the latest version of the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer is out now with 6.3-5. Don’t know what Steam Play and Proton are? Steam Play is a feature in the Linux Steam client allowing you to run compatibility layers like Proton, which enables you to play games supported on Windows. Be sure to check out our dedicated page for the full run-down. This follows on from the test release that went out earlier in June pulling in many fixes and improvements overall.

    • Games

      • GOG are giving away the Shadowrun Trilogy for 72 hours

        Time to grab some really good RPGs here as GOG are giving away the whole Shadowrun Trilogy for 72 hours. Again, this is part of their Summer Sale to try and pull more customers to their DRM-free store.

      • [GNU/Linux-based] Atari VCS Review

        The modern-retro Atari VCS was announced with much fanfare when it first hit IndieGogo in May 2018. People were very excited to secure a preorder for the first new Atari console since the Atari Jaguar in the 1990s. On its official website, the Atari VCS is championed as “blending the best of consoles and PCs,” but in reality the system is nothing more than a watered-down combination of a console and a PC. It sets out to do some interesting things, but it doesn’t do anything unique, and it doesn’t do anything well. It definitely doesn’t justify its price tag.


        The Atari VCS costs too much and does too little for me to recommend it. Its 4K mode is pretty pointless, other than it makes for a nice marketing bullet. The number of built-in games is impressive on paper, but there are too few games you’d actually want to play and too many games that didn’t age well at all. PC mode is poorly implemented and doesn’t make a lot of sense in practice. It would be better to just install 2600 and MAME games to a PC than to install PC software on a glorified emulation machine.

      • Mario Golf: Super Rush Works Day 1 on Yuzu/Ryujinx – Boiling Steam

        What more do I need to say? The title says it all. I have personally tested and confirm Mario Golf: Super Rush works with both Yuzu and Ryujinx. Both emulators have been able to achieve 60 FPS on a fairly consistent basis on my end. Check out the footage below:

      • 470 Drivers: Nvidia Steps Up Their Game!

        If you read the news, it’s all about AMD kicking ass left and right. They keep punching Intel on CPUs, they challenge Nvidia on GPUs more daringly than ever, and with (more) open drivers. However, Nvidia is a lot more alive than Intel is, in terms of technology, and in this past week they have demonstrated their commitment to Linux with the newest 470 drivers.

      • How To Host Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server on Ubuntu

        Counter-Strike: Global Offensive popularly known as CS: GO is one of the most popular games of all time. Released in 1999, the game involves two teams where the Terrorist team tries to plant explosives whereas the Counter-Terrorists team tries to prevent it.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • Dedoimedo interviews: KDE’s pointiest stick, Nate Graham

          Today, I have something new and fresh for you. Back in 2016-2017, I conducted a number of interviews with interesting people in the tech world (Linux and the Internets), shedding light on their endeavors, projects and passions. Then, there’s been a quiet period, interviews wise, and now, it is time to do so again. Today’s voluntary scapegoat is Nate Graham.

          If you’re a Linux person, and you happen to be using KDE, then you must have come across Nate, most likely on his personal blog, Pointiest Stick, where he shares big weekly updates on all the good, cool, new, fun, and adventurous stuff going on in the KDE world. I have had brief online encounters with Nate here and there, and I have always liked his cheerful yet punctual approach to software. So I thought, why not interview Nate, and have him share his views, ideas and some of that sweet insider knowledge from behind the Plasma curtain. You should find this article doubly interesting, as I’ve already had an interview session with KDE’s Seb and Bhushan five years back. Perhaps Nate can give us a perspective of what happening in the past few years, and what’s coming. Commence to start.

    • Distributions

      • SUSE/OpenSUSE

        • openSUSE Tumbleweed – Review of the week 2021/25

          Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

          During this week, the updates have not caused any stir in the mailing lists, which is usually a good sign. We have released a total of 5 snapshots (0618, 0620, 0621, 0622, and 0623).

      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

      • Debian Family

        • [EasyOS] HPLIP Hewlett Packard printer drivers

          The latest EasyOS has a lot of printer drivers, provided by ‘gutenprint’, ‘foomatic-db’ and ‘brlaser’ packages. However, from feedback, it seems that not all Hewlett Packard printers are covered, and users want ‘hplip’ package.

          I have compiled hplip version 3.19.12 in OpenEmbedded. It is not the latest version, but is the version provided in the Dunfell release of OpenEmbedded. I can bump the version if users report a later version of hplip is required to support their printer.

    • Devices/Embedded

      • Open Hardware/Modding

        • Librem Themes

          High contrast is baked into GTK. This means most apps on the Librem 5 support high contrast, at least in the GTK menus. With a bit of theming, the phone shell can follow suit and bring high contrast to your pocket.


          Librem 14, Librem Mini, and even the Librem Server can all use gnome-shell themes. You can find lots to test or modify over at gnome-look. At the moment, the Gnome shell is at version 3.8, which is widely supported on updated themes. Once you find a theme, extract it to “~/.themes/”.

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • Open source cache as ram with Intel Bootguard

        In coreboot the open source implementation is the most used one. For instance all Google chromeos platforms use it, so it’s well tested. FSP is a propriatary binary provided by Intel that can be split up into 3 components: FSP-T (which is in charge of setting up the early execution environment), FSP-M (which configures the DRAM controller), FSP-S (further silicon init). With the FSP codepath in coreboot you call into FSP-T using the TempRamInit API to set up the early execution environment in which you can execute C code later on. This binary sets up CAR just like coreboot does, but also does some initial hardware initialisation like setting up PCIe memory mapped configuration space. On most platforms coreboot is fully able to do that early hardware init itself, so that extra initialisation in FSP-T is superfluous. After DRAM has been initialised, you want to tear down the CAR environment to start executing code in actual DRAM. Coreboot can do that using open source code. It’s typically just a few lines of assembly code to disable the non-eviction mode that CPU is running in. The other option is to call FSP-M with the TempRamExit API. See FSP v2.0 spec for more information on TempRamInit and TempRamExit . Sidenote: running FSP-T TempRamInit does not necessarily mean you need to run TempRamExit, as it is possible to just reuse the simple coreboot code. This is done on some platforms to avoid problems with TempRamExit. It’s generally a very bad idea to give up control of setting up the execution environment to external code. The most important technical reason to not do this, is because coreboot needs to be in control of the caching setup. When that is not the case you encounter all kinds of problems because that assumption is really baked in to many parts of the code. Coreboot has different stages: bootblock, romstage, ramstage and those are actually all separate programs that have their well defined execution environment. If a blob or reference code sets up or changes the execution environment, it makes proper integration much harder. Before Intel started integrating FSP into coreboot, AMD had a go at integrating their reference code, called AGESA into coreboot. Even though AGESA was not provided as blob but as open source code, it had very similar integration issues, for exactly this reason: it messed with the execution environment. As a matter of fact, Intel FSP v1.0 messed up the execution environment so badly that it was deemed fatally flawed. Support for FSP v1.0 was subsequently dropped from the coreboot master branch. So for technical reasons you want to avoid using FSP-T inside coreboot at all costs. From a marketting perspective FSP-T is also a disaster. You really cannot call coreboot an open source firmware project if even setting up the execution environment is delegated to a blob.

      • Web Browsers

        • Mozilla

          • Mozilla Launches Rally, A Privacy-First Data Sharing Platform

            What if people could get control back and contribute their data to causes and projects they care about? Mozilla Corp. has announced Rally, a privacy-first data sharing platform that puts users in control of their data and empowers them to contribute their browsing data to crowdfund projects for a better Internet and a better society.

            Mozilla has teamed up with Princeton University researchers to launch the new Rally research initiative, a crowdsourced scientific effort. Computer scientists, social scientists and other researchers will be able to launch groundbreaking studies about the web and invite users to participate.

          • Take control over your data with Rally, a novel privacy-first data sharing platform (Mozilla blog)

            Over on the Mozilla blog, the company has announced a new platform, Mozilla Rally, that “puts users in control of their data and empowers them to contribute their browsing data to crowdfund projects for a better Internet and a better society”. Rally comes out of work that Mozilla did with Professor Jonathan Mayer’s research group at Princeton University.

          • Mozilla Performance Blog: Performance Sheriff Newsletter (May 2021)

            In May there were 198 alerts generated, resulting in 27 regression bugs being filed on average 4.5 days after the regressing change landed.

            Welcome to the May 2021 edition of the performance sheriffing newsletter. Here you’ll find the usual summary of our sheriffing efficiency metrics, followed by an update on our migration to browsertime as our primary tool for browser automation. If you’re interested (and if you have access) you can view the full dashboard.

      • CMS

        • WordPress 5.8 Beta 4

          WordPress 5.8 Beta 4 is now available for testing!

          This software is still in development, so it is not recommended to run this version on a production site. Consider setting up a test site to play with it.


          Watch the Make WordPress Core blog for 5.8-related developer notes in the coming weeks, which will break down these and other changes in greater detail.

          So far, contributors have fixed 254 tickets in WordPress 5.8, including 91 new features and enhancements, and more bug fixes are on the way.

      • FSF

  • Leftovers

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • Pseudo-Open Source

        • Security

          • Security updates for Friday

            Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (chromium, dovecot, exiv2, helm, keycloak, libslirp, matrix-appservice-irc, nginx-mainline, opera, pigeonhole, tor, tpm2-tools, and vivaldi), Debian (libgcrypt20), Fedora (pdfbox), Mageia (graphicsmagick, matio, and samba and ldb), openSUSE (dovecot23, gupnp, libgcrypt, live555, and ovmf), SUSE (gupnp, libgcrypt, openexr, and ovmf), and Ubuntu (ceph and rabbitmq-server).

          • Google’s open-source vulnerability schema

            The Google Security Blog announces the release of a schema intended to describe vulnerabilities in a project-independent manner…

          • Announcing a unified vulnerability schema for open source

            In recent months, Google has launched several efforts to strengthen open-source security on multiple fronts. One important focus is improving how we identify and respond to known security vulnerabilities without doing extensive manual work. It is essential to have a precise common data format to triage and remediate security vulnerabilities, particularly when communicating about risks to affected dependencies—it enables easier automation and empowers consumers of open-source software to know when they are impacted and make security fixes as soon as possible.

          • Rust in Linux: Google pays ISRG to pay Miguel Ojeda

            Google is funding the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) to sponsor the Rust for Linux organization. Money will be funneled from la GOOG’s bottomless coffers to pay Miguel Ojeda as a full-time developer.

          • Linux Foundation Research Announces Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Readiness Survey – Linux Foundation

            A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is a complete, formally structured list of components, libraries, and modules required to build (i.e., compile and link) a given piece of software and the supply chain relationships between them. These components can be open source or proprietary, free or paid, and widely available or restricted access. SBOMs that can be shared without friction between teams and companies are a core part of software management for critical industries and digital infrastructure in the coming decades.

            SBOMs are especially critical for a national digital infrastructure used within government agencies and in critical industries that present national security risks if penetrated. SBOMs would improve understanding of those software components’ operational and cyber risks from their originating supply chain.

          • The Linux kernel may not be quite as secure as it should be

            A policy and process overview of the Linux kernel has identified some “potential pain points” in the handling and signing process of the security keys for the Linux kernel.

            The review of the kernel teams’ processes for signing releases and for the policies and procedures for the handling of the signing keys was sought by the Linux Foundation and conducted by cybersecurity experts at the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund (OSTIF) and Trail of Bits.

          • Google rolls out a unified security vulnerability schema for open-source software

            Business author and expert, H. James Harrington, once said, “If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” He was right. And Google is following this advice by introducing a new way to strengthen open-source security by introducing a vulnerability interchange schema for describing vulnerabilities across open-source ecosystems.

            That’s very important. One low-level problem is that there are many security vulnerability databases, there’s no standard interchange format. If you want to aggregate information from multiple databases you must handle each one completely separately. That’s a real waste of time and energy. At the very least you must create parsers for each database format to merge their data. All this makes systematic tracking of dependencies and collaboration between vulnerability databases much harder than it should be.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction

        A UK nonprofit with ties to global corruption throughout the COVID-19 crisis as well as historical and current ties to the UK eugenics movement launched a global health-focused DARPA equivalent last year. The move went largely unnoticed by both mainstream and independent media.

        The Wellcome Trust, which has arguably been second only to Bill Gates in its ability to influence events during the COVID-19 crisis and vaccination campaign, launched its own global equivalent of the Pentagon’s secretive research agency last year, officially to combat the “most pressing health challenges of our time.” Though first conceived of in 2018, this particular Wellcome Trust initiative was spun off from the Trust last May with $300 million in initial funding. It quickly attracted two former DARPA executives, who had previously served in the upper echelons of Silicon Valley, to manage and plan its portfolio of projects.

        This global health DARPA, known as Wellcome Leap, seeks to achieve “breakthrough scientific and technological solutions” by or before 2030, with a focus on “complex global health challenges.” The Wellcome Trust is open about how Wellcome Leap will apply the approaches of Silicon Valley and venture capital firms to the health and life science sector. Unsurprisingly, their three current programs are poised to develop incredibly invasive tech-focused, and in some cases overtly transhumanist, medical technologies, including a program exclusively focused on using artificial intelligence (AI), mobile sensors, and wearable brain-mapping tech for children three years old and younger.

        This Unlimited Hangout investigation explores not only the four current programs of Wellcome Leap but also the people behind it. The resulting picture is of an incredibly sinister project that poses not only a great threat to current society but to the future of humanity itself. An upcoming Unlimited Hangout investigation will examine the history of the Wellcome Trust along with its role in recent and current events.

Links 25/6/2021: Sway 1.6.1 Wayland Compositor and InvoicePrinter 2.2

Posted in News Roundup at 11:18 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

      • AMD SFH Linux Driver Updated For “Next Gen” Ryzen Laptops

        There’s the next chapter to the unfortunately rather sad state of the AMD Sensor Fusion Hub (SFH) driver support under Linux.

        Since 2018 with AMD Ryzen laptops there has been the Sensor Fusion Hub for various accelerometer/gyroscopic sensor functionality, among other uses and akin to Intel’s Sensor Hub. It wasn’t though until January 2020 that AMD published their SFH driver for Linux.

      • Graphics Stack

        • Sway 1.6.1 Wayland Compositor Released With WLROOTS 0.14

          Simon Ser has released Sway 1.6.1 as the newest version of this popular i3-inspired Wayland compositor.

          Sway 1.6 came back in April with better Flatpak/Snap application integration, smoother move/resize operations, X11 clipboard handling improvements, and many other improvements for this popular “indie” Wayland compositor.

        • AMDVLK 2021.Q2.6 Vulkan Driver Released – Removes Pre-Polaris / Pre-Raven Support – Phoronix

          Following the announcement this week that AMD is dropping pre-Polaris GPU support (or pre-Raven Ridge support for APUs) from their mainline Radeon Software driver on Windows, the AMDVLK open-source Vulkan driver has also now similarly discontinued that older GPU support.

          AMDVLK 2021.Q2.6 was released today as their official open-source AMD Vulkan driver. With AMDVLK sharing sources to their proprietary Vulkan driver on Linux and Windows, to little surprise this driver is doing away with the pre-Polaris dGPU and pre-Raven APU support. So moving forward only the newer Radeon graphics are supported by this Vulkan driver, aligned with what is supported by Radeon Software on Windows.

    • Applications

      • Excellent Utilities: duf – disk usage utility

        This is a series highlighting best-of-breed utilities. We cover a wide range of utilities including tools that boost your productivity, help you manage your workflow, and lots more besides. There’s a complete list of the tools in this series in the Summary section.

        The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a way of interacting with your computer. To harness all the power of Linux, it’s highly recommended mastering the interface. It’s true the CLI is often perceived as a barrier for users migrating to Linux, particularly if they’re grown up using GUI software exclusively. While Linux rarely forces anyone to use the CLI, some tasks are better suited to this method of interaction, offering inducements like superior scripting opportunities, remote access, and being far more frugal with a computer’s resources.

        duf is a simple disk usage utility that offers a more attractive representation than the classic df utility. It’s written in Go.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to Add and Configure Swap Space on Ubuntu Linux

        SWAP is a partition or a disk space that can take some load for RAM and can be used as a memory space on Ubuntu systems. Normally, while installing a new Linux-based operating system, it will offer you to create a new SWAP partition. The file partition has a SWAP flag, and usually, the size of a SWAP space is 2GB on average. When the system memory is full, the Linux kernel automatically moves some unused files into the SWAP area instead of stopping them. As we know, in Linux, everything is either a file, SWAP can handle files pretty well. So, if you’re using a Ubuntu system on a virtual machine, you definitely should try adding SWAP space to your machine.

      • How to Disable/Enable Automatic Screen Lock in Linux Mint 20 trough CLI

        Automatic screen lock is a feature provided by all widely used desktop operating systems. There is a default period of inactivity set in your system settings, after which your screen is automatically locked and you have to reactivate it by either clicking somewhere or entering your login password. This feature is best for scenarios when you need to stay away from your computer for some time and you have some critical data stored on your system. In the meantime, while you were away from your system, any intruder can break into the system and steal your critical data. For this reason, an automatic screen lock is very helpful to ensure the security of your data.

        Automatic screen lock is enabled by default on most operating systems. On the other hand, if you are physically present near your computer and simply doing other tasks at the same time, then this automatic screen lock feature may prove to be annoying as you have to enter your password again and again after a few minutes of inactivity. In this situation, you can consider disabling your system’s screen lock feature for some time and then re-enabling it once you are done with your work. Today we will show you how to disable/enable the automatic screen lock via the Linux Mint 20 CLI.

      • How to Install Swift Programming Language on Ubuntu 20.04

        Swift is a general purpose, compiled and high-performing programming language with a focus on safety. It was developed by Apple as a replacement for the older Objective-C language. It is very useful for those who want to develop applications for macOS or iOS from Linux. It is a intuitive and friendly programming language to new programmers. It is is optimized for development and performance without compromising on either.

        In this post, we will show you how to install the Swift programming language on Ubuntu 20.04.

      • How to install BitTorrent Deluge client on Linux

        Deluge is a cross-platform BitTorrent client with all the features you need to download torrent files.

        It has features common to BitTorrent clients, such as Protocol Encryption, DHT, LSD (Local Peer Discovery), Peer Exchange (PEX), UPnP, NAT-PMP, proxy support, Web seeds, global speed limits and by torrent.

      • find examples of multiline idioms in Linux drivers source code
      • Use Python to parse configuration files | Opensource.com

        Sometimes, a program needs enough parameters that putting them all as command-line arguments or environment variables is not pleasant nor feasible. In those cases, you will want to use a configuration file.

      • Mount cue/bin image files with CDemu – Fedora Magazine

        The other day I needed to burn a disc. Yeah, I know, some of you might be wondering, “A disc? What’s that?” Others might ask, “Are you really using that archaic media?”

        Well, yes I am. I feel there is still something charming about physical things that digital media cannot replace.

        I needed to burn a very old game that was comprised of a cue file, some audio tracks in cda format, and a bin file which stored all the binary content that was indexed by the cue file.

        First I tried to use Brasero. Yeah I know, it’s old but it does the job generally and it fits with the rest of the system, so it’s my choice generally. Unfortunately, this time it was not up to the task. It stated that it had some problems reading the cue file. Then I tried Xfburn and K3b. But neither of those worked either. They both detected the bin file but not the cda files.

      • How to Setup Internet in CentOS, RHEL, Rocky Linux Minimal Install

        Setting up internet or network is super easy in minimal server installations. In this guide we will explain how you can setup internet or network in CentOS, RHEL, Rocky Linux minimal install.

      • Kali Linux Man in the Middle Attack Tutorial for Beginners 2021

        Man in the middle attack is the most popular and dangerous attack in Local Area Network. With the help of this attack, A hacker can capture the data including username and password traveling over the network. He/she is not only captured data from the network he/she can alter data as well.

        For example, if you send a letter to your friend the hacker can capture the letter before reaching the destination, and can edit and then send to your friend a modified letter.

        But a good thing is this attack only can be performed in a local area network it means one of the victims must be in the same network of the attacker.

        May be possible you have heard that using a public Wi-Fi network is not as secure as your home network the only reason is a man in the middle attack.

      • How to Install chrome in Ubuntu 20.04 complete Guide

        Google Chrome is a web browser, most used widely in the world. It is fast, simple, and easy to use and secure browser built for the modern web.

        Neither Google Chrome comes with Ubuntu default, nor included in the Ubuntu repositories. But here, I am telling about another open-source web browser. It is available in the default Ubuntu repositories.

        If you don’t want to install chromium and looking only for chrome, this article will help you.

      • How to Install and Use Tilix Terminal Emulator in Linux

        Tilix is an open-source advanced Linux terminal emulator that uses GTK+ 3 and offers a lot of features that are not part of the default terminal that ships with Linux distributions.

      • How to Install NetBeans IDE 12 on Fedora 34/33 – TecAdmin

        NetBeans is an open-source integrated development environment for the application development on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. It offers excellent debugging capabilities, coding, plugins, and extensions with multiple out-of-the-box features. The NetBeans is widely used by the PHP and Java application developers.

        A shell script is provided by the official team for easier installation of Netbeans on Linux systems. However, we can have also use the Snap package to install the latest NetBeans IDE on the Fedora system quickly.

        This tutorial will help you to install NetBeans IDE on a Fedora system using the Snap package manager.

      • How to Fix 504 Gateway Timeout in Nginx Server

        I use NGINX a lot. I recently deployed a Node.js web application with NGINX as a reverse proxy server for it. One of the key features of the application is support for data imports using excel templates. However, it didn’t take long before users uploading bulky files started getting a 504 Gateway Timeout error from NGINX.

      • How To Install Next.js on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Next.js on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Next.js is a Javascript framework built on React.js, which allows developers to build static and dynamic websites and web applications.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Next.js open-source Javascript framework on Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint.

      • How To Install AlmaLinux Desktop

        This tutorial explains the installation of AlmaLinux Desktop to computer. This begins with where to grab the OS itself, make a bootable medium of it, boot the computer with it, then starts the installation and partitioning until finished. The final result will be a fully functional computer with AlmaLinux GNOME.

      • Generate Rainbow Tables and Crack Hashes in Kali Linux Complete Guide

        Rcracki_mt is a tool used to crack hashes and found in kali linux by default. It is used rainbow tables to crack the password. Some other tools generate rainbow tables. You can download Rainbow table https://www.freerainbowtables.com/tables2/ if you don’t want to download rainbow table you can create you own by Using winrtgen in window and rtgen in Kali Linux

    • Games

      • Epic Games Offering Free Easy Anti-Cheat For Developers

        With the hulking, massive cash cow that Epic Games is, it seems inevitable that they’re gaining a stronger and stronger hold on the PC gaming market. They offered Sony $200 million to make their first-party games exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Just keeping Borderlands 3 as a timed exclusive cost them $115 million. But, spending all that cash apparently doesn’t hurt them at all.

      • Ultimate ADOM – Caverns of Chaos gets a big update and exits Early Access on August 25

        Ultimate ADOM – Caverns of Chaos, the modern reimagining of the classic roguelike from Assemble Entertainment version 0.9.0 is up as the “Combat Update” and it’s set to leave Early Access on August 25.

        Quite surprising really since it’s only been in Early Access since February but they’ve put up some pretty big updates for the game over that time. The latest brings in a number of changes based on community feedback, along with a bunch of new content and lots of tweaks to combat. The skill trees for example have been streamlined, which allow for a bit more freedom and no longer locking you into certain weapons. They say combat has bee n “spiced up a lot” to make it overall more challenging.

      • Little Red Dog Games say there’s “no reason not to” do Linux versions of games | GamingOnLinux

        Little Red Dog Games developer of Precipice, Deep Sixed and Rogue State Revolution spoke in an interview with Linux hardware vendor System76 about developing games on and for Linux. It’s quite an interesting interview that goes over details about how they make their games, their use of Godot Engine and why they think it’s a good idea to develop for Linux.

        Starting off as hobby developers making point and click adventures, Little Red Dog Games are now a full-time studio with multiple games out on various stores. Their lead programmer, Denis Comtesse, is a Linux user and so using the likes of Godot makes it all relatively easy for them since it has great cross-platform support.

      • The ‘Wooting two HE’ sounds like a great analog RGB keyboard to keep an eye on | GamingOnLinux

        With the purpose-built software you can remap any of the keys, tweak the lighting and plenty more. Best of all though? Their software supports Linux too. They even have an SDK up on GitHub.

      • Kerbal Space Program 1.12 “On Final Approach” is the last major update out now | GamingOnLinux

        Celebrating 10 years since the first public version of Kerbal Space Program became available, version 1.12 “On Final Approach” is out now to finish it off. This is the last major update for the game, which ended up becoming ridiculously popular. From gamers trying to launch their first rocket, to teaming up with various space agencies to help educate people.

        Developer Squad says it’s also their “most ambitious free update ever” as it’s packed with new content, along with many features and quality of life improvements based on feedback from players and an upgrade of the Unity version used.

      • The customization update for drilling-survival game Volcanoids looks magnificent | GamingOnLinux

        Volcanoids is like a dream game for steampunk base-building fans that blends in survival shooter game mechanics and now there’s a whole lot more to do in it.

        It’s quite a unique survival game too. You have a race against time to gather materials, explore and upgrade before having to run back to your drillship to dive below ground when a volcano erupts. Before you would just come back up and everything was normal but now there’s going to be a big dust cloud that lingers around a little so it’s a smidgen more realistic. On top of that the customization has been greatly expanded with new colours, drill heads, decals and more. There’s also new weapons like the melee Saw Gauntlet allowing you to rip and tear through the robotic enemies.

      • Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut will have 50% off if you own the original plus new trailer | GamingOnLinux

        Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut is looking really slick and with the release coming later this year, we now know you will pay quite a bit less if you owned the original. This brand new version will not only revamp the whole thing with a new game engine (Unity), it will also be supporting Linux unlike the original.

        Announced this week was that owners of the original will get a 50% discount on the Director’s Cut, and that discount will never go away as they’re not setting an expiration date on it. That discount will be on top of any other discount too through a launch sale, and any other seasonal sales.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • The gentle Breeze could use a fiery companion: making a case for a second theme in KDE Plasma

          On one mid-July’s day in 2014 Plasma 5.0 was released. The release marked a significant departure in the design department as Plasma moved on from the detailed and skeuomorphic Oxygen theme towards the flat and minimalist Breeze. Now, almost 7 years later, we are slowly approaching the sunset of the 5 series.

          This time around though, the consensus is that the sun won’t stop shining for the series’ default theme. Breeze is set to live not just another day, but to remain alive throughout the lifespan of the 6 series in what could possibly end up being an admirably long 15 year career. While stability that comes with such longevity is a positive thing, staying with the same theme also means stymied opportunities for major changes. Even though Breeze has been and is going to keep on being updated, 7 years is a lot in design, and 15 years is quite a lot.

          Ultimately, Breeze is a safe theme: it works pretty well and evokes familiarity. A breeze might not sweep you off your feet, but it’s pleasant and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with strong negative feelings towards it. The premise behind why it shouldn’t be canned in favor of trend chasing is as follows: history of design is an never ending dance between ornamentalism and minimalism. Instead of playing the game of chasing trends, the idea behind Breeze is “let’s go the middle route and try to make timeless design”. On the flip side, you can argue that almost none of the names written in the histories of art are of the people who were constantly “in between two waves”. Usually these artists were, if not the pioneers of trends, then masters of them.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • GSoC 2021 · Part II – Tracking windows and monitoring files

          Picking up where I left off…

          In the last post, I mentioned that I will be working on Implementing active resource management in GNOME. In this post I’ll be walking you through what I’ve done so far, things I have learned and what I’ll be working on next.

          What I’ve done so far

          My first task was to track the active or currently open window in gnome-shell and allocate more CPU weight to it. After discussing with my mentors we decided that building an extension for this will be easier so I built an extension which on getting notified when the focus-window has changed calls a DBus method provided by systemd to set the unit’s properties.

    • Distributions

      • BSD

        • FreeBSD Performance Observability

          By observability, we mean the ability to observe what is happening on a live system, and in many cases, to alter the behavior of that system in real-time. While there is a myriad of performance analysis tools available for purchase, you cannot understate the value of tools that are specifically built for and with an operating system: tools which understand and are built into the operating system’s kernel structures.

          Pretty much everything a FreeBSD system does, right down to the system-call level, is tracked. Each utility on the system gathers what it needs from this pool of information: for example, this information is queried when you run ifconfig or zpool status. You too can gather the information you need in order to get the most out of your system, determine your operational baselines, and find and resolve performance bottlenecks.

      • Screenshots/Screencasts

        • Linux Mint 20.1 Installation, Review, and Customization

          Linux Mint is arguably one of the easiest and most user-friendly Linux-based operating systems to come by in the Linux world, and while it might be second to Ubuntu in popularity, it remains the favorite of a large majority of Linux users around the globe.

          Why? It’s easy; Linux Mint is essential “Ubuntu done right”. While the latter might not be bad in its own right, it is no news that the stability and flexibility the former offers are unmatched by Ubuntu.

          Linux Mint developers have taken the Ubuntu code, refined and made it into what is one of the world’s most reliable systems. And with every new iteration of Linux Mint is a much more refined software that continues to trump over Ubuntu.

      • Gentoo Family

        • I’m now using a binary kernel with Gentoo

          Yesterday when I was using the tool diff to compare the changes from my current minimal custom kernel configuration to the new kernel configuration that came with the latest kernel in Gentoo, I thought to myself: “Is this really worth it?”.

          I don’t gain any performance, and no resource or disk space improvements, so why should I be bothered using my own custom kernel when it takes a considerable amount of time maintaining it? I’ve only been rolling my own custom kernel because it’s fun and a good learning experience.

          Wait. I said what now? No disk space improvements? Well. Relativity speaking, my custom kernel is a lot smaller than the binary kernel that Gentoo provides. Technically speaking, I save about 75 MB by only including the absolute bare minimum required for my computer.

          The little disk space I gained there, is actually lost to the fact that I always have to keep a copy of the source for the current kernel. The source for the kernel takes up about 52 MB in its compressed state, and about 150 MB uncompressed. Is it really worth all the time and effort for saving 23 MB?

          The reason I used to use my own custom kernel to beging with, was for the simple fact that it was fun! It’s a fun learning experience and it’s a fun challenge. That’s it.

      • SUSE/OpenSUSE

        • XFS “nobarrier” option is now more than deprecated | SUSE Communities

          Starting with SLES 12 SP4 the xfs mount option “nobarrier” becomes deprecated.
          But before xfs completely removed these option, there was an initial period of several years where the option was being still recognized but ignored. This means that it was still possible to set the option but without any impact.

        • SUSE Rancher and Hammerspace

          SUSE One Partner, Hammerspace, now has an offering live in the SUSE Rancher Apps and Marketplace and we’ve invited Hammerspace to author a guest blog so you can learn more about their data orchestration platform. ~ Bret


          Kubernetes has freed applications from the limitations of underlying server technologies, starting a revolution in the way applications are created, tested, and delivered to end-users. Kubernetes accelerates the production pipeline drastically improving time to market and is the perfect fit for a world increasingly dependent on agile development. Consequently, these higher demands are also putting pressure on IT departments to adopt similarly agile operating procedures. This marriage of agile development practices and IT operations is aptly named DevOps. If you are familiar with David Kim’s book, The Phoenix Project, you are already aware that DevOps is the adoption of Kanban process engineering practices, a key part of agile software development. DevOps shifts the primary focus away from managing the minutiae of technology towards managing optimal business outcomes, such as a smoothly running CI/CD pipeline. The outcome is higher efficiency, productivity and profitability.

        • You asked – we acted: SUSE SAP NetWeaver on Google Cloud is now available!
      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

        • Rocky Linux Is Ready For Prime Time! | Hackaday

          For some small percentage of the Hackaday crowd, our world got turned upside down at the end of last year, when Red Hat announced changes to CentOS. That distro is the official repackage of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, providing a free, de-branded version of RHEL. The big problem was that CentOS 8 support has been cut way short, ending at the end of 2021 instead of the expected 2029. This caused no shortage of consternation in the community, and a few people and companies stepped forward to provide their own CentOS alternative, with AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux being the two most promising. AlmaLinux minted their first release in March, but the Rocky project made the decision to take things a bit slower. The wait is over, and the Rocky Linux 8.4 release is ready.

        • Josef Strzibny: InvoicePrinter 2.2 with breakdowns of items

          A while ago, I released a new version of InvoicePrinter, my little library for generating PDF invoices. Here’s what’s new.

          InvoicePrinter 2.2.0 brings a new free-form breakdown field, which can break down individual items in the table.

        • Making Java programs cloud-ready, Part 1: An incremental approach using Jakarta EE and MicroProfile | Red Hat Developer

          Modern enterprises are moving applications into the cloud, often using a microservices architecture. This presents a challenge for legacy applications that were designed for standalone, on-premises servers. These applications must be able to interact with other services that are tailored to the cloud along the lines of the twelve-factor app rules. Your applications should offer tracing, monitoring, and metrics to ensure availability and good performance. If you move Java applications to the cloud, you are likely to find their size and memory footprint burdensome, because instances have to be uploaded quickly and run on lean systems.

          Luckily, several tools exist to ease the transition of enterprise Java applications to the cloud. This four-part series takes you through the steps to make a Java application cloud-ready. All the tools are free and open source, and we’ll run them on Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Very little Java code needs to be added to the application; we will accomplish nearly everything through tooling and configuration files.

        • Use source-level annotations to help GCC detect buffer overflows | Red Hat Developer

          Out-of-bounds memory accesses such as buffer overflow bugs remain among the most dangerous software weaknesses in 2021 (see 2020 CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses). In fact, out-of-bounds write (CWE-787) jumped from the twelfth position in 2019 to second in 2020, while out-of-bounds read (CWE-125) moved from the fifth to the fourth position.

          Recognizing the importance of detecting coding bugs early in the development cycle, recent GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) releases have significantly improved the compiler’s ability to diagnose these dangerous bugs by using warnings such as -Warray-bounds, -Wformat-overflow, -Wstringop-overflow, and (most recently in GCC 11) -Wstringop-overread. However, a common limitation shared by all these warnings is that they can only analyze code in a single function at a time. With the exception of calls to a small set of intrinsic functions like memcpy() built into the compiler, the warnings stop at the function call boundary. That means that when a buffer allocated in one function overflows in a function called from it, the problem is not detected unless the called function is inlined into the caller.

        • Copr repo with the latest GNOME Software | Brno hat

          We’ve been working hard for the last months to improve GNOME Software both in Fedora Workstation and Silverblue, especially its reliability. One thing we identified as a problem is a long feedback loop. I took months before bug reporters and designers could easily test changes made based on their feedback.

          That’s why Milan Crha, the new GNOME Software maintainer, created a Copr repository that includes the latest development version of GNOME Software. If you want to help us with testing, install GNOME Software from the Copr repository and report issues. They won’t be overlooked. Milan is a very responsive maintainer.

        • 5 ways to improve enterprise data privacy | The Enterprisers Project

          For most companies, enabling employees to work from home has become a necessity. With some studies showing that 70 percent of the workforce will be remote by 2025, advanced technologies such as cloud networks are critical. And while the pandemic has shown us how resilient our technology can be, we must also consider ways to safeguard it.

          Data has the potential to be weaponized as criminals use it to target the personal and financial health of individuals and organizations alike. With data privacy increasingly being called the “new corporate social responsibility” and data the “new oil,” organizations must treat personal data with the utmost care.

      • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

        • Ceph for Enterprise, a shared mission.

          The group’s primary objectives are to raise wider awareness and understanding that Ceph is capable of being deployed in enterprise settings, and not just in developer orientated circles where it currently sees significant uptake (for example, according to the 2020 Openstack User Survey 74% of deployments are using Ceph for their block storage needs). The wider storage market is awash of options, both traditional hardware and more modern software-defined solutions. The desire of the group is to ensure that Ceph makes it into storage decision makers’ minds as a production-proven open-source powered alternative to typical proprietary options.

          Over the coming months, the Market Development Group will lead various educational efforts such as the publication of vendor-agnostic case studies, and use case analysis on the refreshed ceph.io website, as well as the creation of a speakers bureau, where requests can be made for Ceph community experts to share their experiences, and also by providing greater visibility at future in-person and virtual events.

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • How the Apache Software Foundation selects open source projects

        As a longtime volunteer and mentor (and current board member) at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and vice president of the Apache Incubator, I’m proud to offer my insights into the unique processes and values with which the ASF operates.

        Centered upon the permissive and pragmatic open source Apache License, the ASF conducts itself differently from many other foundations simply because it is a charitable organization constructed for the public good. For example, the ASF board is elected by members. No one can buy a seat on the board, and the ASF’s affiliations are with individuals, not companies. Generally, the corporate affiliation of any individual involved with ASF goes unstated, and it doesn’t matter. As an outcome, the ASF has fostered a vendor-neutral environment where companies can comfortably collaborate on building valuable projects.

        Let’s take a look at how the ASF selects its projects, the state of open source licensing today, and what you can expect from the ASF heading into the future.

      • The Apache News Round-up: week ending 25 June 2021
      • Top 14 Free Open-source self-hosted alternatives for Google Photos

        Google photos app is available for the iPhone and tablets like the iPad for Apple devices, and it’s also available in android devices actually on android here is the default app for photos called google photos.

        You could always access it too on the huge benefits of using google photos, so let me say what those are first, and then we’ll talk about 13 Open-source self-hosted alternatives for Google Photos.

        But all good things come to an end, Google Photos ends up its free unlimited storage by June 1st 2021. So, it is time to find the open-source alternative.

      • Web Browsers

        • Mozilla

          • The Mozilla Blog: Take control over your data with Rally, a novel privacy-first data sharing platform

            Mozilla teams up with Princeton University researchers to enable crowdsourced science for public good; collaborates with research groups at Princeton, Stanford on upcoming studies.

            Your data is valuable. But for too long, online services have pilfered, swapped, and exploited your data without your awareness. Privacy violations and filter bubbles are all consequences of a surveillance data economy. But what if, instead of companies taking your data without giving you a say, you could select who gets access to your data and put it to work for public good?

            Today, we’re announcing the Mozilla Rally platform. Built for the browser with privacy and transparency at its core, Rally puts users in control of their data and empowers them to contribute their browsing data to crowdfund projects for a better Internet and a better society. At Mozilla, we’re working on building a better internet, one that puts people first, respects their privacy and gives them power over their online experience. We’ve been a leader in privacy features that help you control your data by blocking trackers. But, being “data-empowered” also requires the ability to choose who you want to access your data.

          • Improving the user experience of connecting to Tor in Tor Browser 10.5

            During the past few years, the UX team has been working on qualitatively improving the entire Tor Browser user journey: from discovering to finding, downloading, installing, starting, and browsing; we released a seamless and familiar experience for our largest user base. Tor Browser 9.5 was an entire reshaping of the experience for users reaching onion sites, Tor Browser 9.0 and 8.0 shipped an improved experience for core legacy issues, and Tor Browser 8.5 was a rebranded release. However, users continue to report that launching Tor Browser for the first time is an abrasive experience.

            Our user research program in the Global South has shed light on how users experiment when confronted with pain points while connecting to Tor. Censored users have also explicitly mentioned how confusing they find the process of copying a bridge address from a webpage and then pasting that address into the browser interface. During our interviews in late 2020, a journalist living in Hong Kong said, “Using bridges is a very manual process.”

      • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

        • Annual Report 2020: Attracting new contributors to LibreOffice

          Joining a large and established project like LibreOffice can be daunting for many. The software has a large codebase, and its sub-projects use a wide array of tools. In recent years, we’ve made efforts to simplify the onboarding process by linking more services together with SSO (single sign-on), thereby reducing some of the complexity. In addition, we’ve created Easy Hacks and similar “bite size” projects in other areas, so that newcomers can get involved quickly and achieve something – without months of work.

          Currently, we have two websites that function as starting points for new contributors: What Can I Do For LibreOffice and Get Involved. The former was set up by LibreOffice’s Albanian community, and lets users click through topics of interest, until they find something they want to do. The latter is a regular page, with a list of sub-projects inside LibreOffice, and quick steps to make initial contact.

      • FSFE

        • 20 Years FSFE: Interview with Torsten Grote

          In our fourth birthday publication we are interviewing Torsten Grote, who explored Free Software alternatives on smartphones for the FSFE as early as 2012. We reminisce about the emergence of our Free Your Android campaign and discuss with Torsten which options are available for liberating our phones today.


          Torsten Grote is a Free Software developer and long time volunteer in the FSFE. He started his journey of engagement in the local group in Berlin, later joined the FSFE country team Germany and finally became a GA member in 2009. In the FSFE, Torsten is best known for being the creator of our Free Your Android-campaign, the campaign about regaining control of your Android device and your data.

          For many years now, Torsten has lived in Brazil and has worked for different Free Software projects from Tor to Briar to CalyxOS. He is an expert in the field of phone liberation and creator of “Blitzmail” and “Transportr”, both available in F-Droid.


          If you already have a phone that you want to install an alternative Android version on, then LineageOS is a good start since they support many devices. However, they do so by including the same proprietary drivers and firmware that is already on the device anyway.

          If you don’t have a device yet, but plan to buy one, I suggest to choose an Android version first and then buy a device that is supported by it. Only Replicant is using 100% Free Software here and thus supports only old devices.

          Unfortunately, I am not aware of a single website that presents and recommends various Android ROMs. Since the situation changes frequently, this is hard to maintain. For example, besides those mentioned already, there’s now also CalyxOS gaining popularity.

          ‘If you already have a phone that you want to install an alternative Android version on, then LineageOS is a good start since they support many devices.’

      • FSF

        • GNU Projects

          • MyGNUHealth 1.0 – GNU Looks To Get More Involved With Personal Health Records – Phoronix

            Among the many projects under the GNU umbrella, the GNU Health official project has been about working on the libre digital health ecosystem and their most recent effort is on MyGNUHealth as an effort around libre personal health records.

            The GNU developers involved announced MyGNUHealth 1.0 on Thursday as their effort around personal health records via a free/libre application. MyGNUHealth is privacy-minded and focuses on health and activity tracking, records, and social factors as well.

      • Programming/Development

  • Leftovers

    • The Melody of Time

      Toward the end of a conversation between Jacques Derrida and Ornette Coleman in 1997, the philosopher and the musician compare their experiences of estrangement from a “language of origin.” Coleman introduces the term to explain that, as a Black man from Fort Worth, Tex., whose first ancestors in America were slaves, he never knew the language his people originally spoke. Derrida offers in response that, as a son of French-speaking Algerian Jews, he maintains no connection to the language of his own ancestors. Both men now somewhat disarmed, Coleman pries, “Do you ever ask yourself if the language that you speak now interferes with your actual thoughts?”

    • Read Britney Spears’ Full Statement Against Conservatorship: ‘I Am Traumatized’

      Shortly after her statement, the court recessed, and after its return, the transmission was stopped.

      Wednesday’s hearing came after years of near-silence on the issue from the singer, although the New York Times published a report earlier this week citing private legal documents that state she has been trying to end the conservatorship for several years, citing mismanagement by her father and the extreme legal costs involved.

      A lightly edited transcript of Britney Spears’ statement follows. It includes run-on sentences and unclear statements, but the context seems relevant: [...]

    • Science

      • Zombie research haunts academic literature long after their supposed demise

        IN 2003 AN investigation into Eric Poehlman, an expert on ageing and obesity, found that he had faked data. He was imprisoned for using made-up results to win grants. Journals duly withdrew his work.

        This should have ended his impact on academia. It didn’t. One of his articles, on the composition of women’s bodies, has been cited 400 times since it was retracted.

        Such wrongdoing is rare: around one in 2,500 studies is retracted. Yet papers that do get retracted often have long afterlives.

    • Education

    • Health/Nutrition

      • India’s Farmers and the Neoliberal Playbook

        While the brands lining the shelves of giant retail outlets seem vast, a handful of food companies own these brands which, in turn, rely on a relatively narrow range of produce for ingredients. At the same time, this illusion of choice often comes at the expense of food security in poorer countries that were compelled to restructure their agriculture to facilitate agro-exports courtesy of the World Bank, IMF, the WTO and global agribusiness interests.

        In Mexico, transnational food retail and processing companies have taken over food distribution channels, replacing local foods with cheap processed items, often with the direct support of the government. Free trade and investment agreements have been critical to this process and the consequences for public health have been catastrophic.

      • Comfortably Numb: the Sackler Oxycontin Cartel

        As the avid historian of China’s insulated dynastic past knows, the Century of Humiliation, from 1839-1939, had as its centerpiece the Opium Wars fought by the Qing dynasty against the British to prevent its subjects going from casual opium users to full-blown addicts. When the Chinese began destroying opium caches, like Bostonians destroyed tea chests in protest just before the Revolutionary War, the Brits opened fire, razed palaces, raped women and looted priceless imperial treasures, and, ultimately, chased the Emperor out of town. Other Europeans and Americans exploited the opening to force China to “trade” with the West: for centuries, Europeans had lusted for Chinese goods, but had nothing much the Chinese wanted. Hong Kong was seized by the Brits as compensation for winning the Opium Wars they forced. Even the name “China” is derived externally, through the Portuguese, from Sanskrit. Internally, they called it Zhōngguó (Middle Kingdom).

        Just yesterday, I was reading in Stat+ magazine that the infamous Sackler family is trying to sell off their Chinese branch of Mundipharma (read: world pusher) for more than a billion dollars.  Back in 2019, the family was forced to fess up their criminal misrepresentation of Oxycontin’s addictive qualities over the years, leading to a settlement in the billions of dollars, and driving Purdue Pharma, the drug’s manufacturer, into bankruptcy. Rather than feeling remorse or empathy for the addictions they caused and hundreds of thousands of overdose deaths, Sackler began an extension of their pain “relief” empire overseas, including entry into the Chinese pharma market through their worldwide tentacles embodied by Mundipharma — using the same tactics that had got them in trouble in America.

      • To Get a Shot at Justice, They Were Forced to Prove Their Disabled Daughter’s Intelligence

        It is homework time at Ashley Grant’s house on a tidy, tree-lined street here. Grant places six crayons on a countertop. Her daughter, Brooklyn, still wearing her red school polo, sits in her wheelchair. She looks directly at a video camera and smiles.

        “Four plus one is five,” says Kyle Stromquist, Grant’s boyfriend. “What about four plus two? How many is that?”

      • 99.2 Percent of All U.S. Covid Deaths Are Unvaccinated, New Analysis Shows

        According to the analysis of government data from May, released on Thursday, out of the 18,000 Covid-19 deaths during the month, approximately 150 were fully vaccinated people. That comes out to 0.8 percent, or an average of five deaths per day out of more than 200 average daily deaths. At the height of the pandemic in January of this year, average daily deaths were above 3,400 per day. Additionally, fully vaccinated people accounted for fewer than 1,200 of more than 853,000 hospitalized with the virus (0.1 percent).

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • Ransom notes [iophk: Windows TCO]

          The question is how, and none of the choices are very good.

          You could require the immediate disclosure of ransoms. You could ban paying ransoms outright. You could ban cryptocurrency, which is how most ransoms are paid. You could increase regulation around cryptocurrency and perhaps ban certain kinds of exchanges or transactions. You could try being better friends with Vladimir Putin, in the hopes that he might sacrifice some threat actors. Your Department of Defense has also probably come up with some separate terrible ideas, which I am frightened even to contemplate.

          Every choice here hurts, at least in the short term. But let’s go through them.

        • Pseudo-Open Source

          • Privatisation/Privateering

            • Progressives Alarmed by Privatization Dub Infrastructure Deal a ‘Disaster in the Making’

              After President Joe Biden and U.S. lawmakers on Thursday announced a bipartisan deal on infrastructure that Democrats say they will only support alongside a reconciliation bill, progressives doubled down on concerns about the compromise proposal’s financing plans.

              “Privatization is nothing more than an outrageously expensive way to borrow funds, with the ultimate bill paid back by households and local businesses in the form of higher rates.”—Mary Grant, Food & Water Watch

        • Security

          • Privacy/Surveillance

            • [VISUAL] The Overlapping Infrastructure of Urban Surveillance, and How to Fix It

              But if you could take a cross-section of the average city block, you would see the ways that the built environment of surveillance—its physical presence in, over, and under our cities—makes this an entwined problem that must be combatted through entwined solutions.

              Thus, we decided to create a graphic to show how—from overhead to underground—these technologies and legal authorities overlap, how they disproportionately impact the lives of marginalized communities, and the tools we have at our disposal to halt or mitigate their harms.

            • Now Is The Time: Tell Congress to Ban Federal Use of Face Recognition

              Now, Congress must do its part. We’ve created a campaign that will easily allow you to contact your elected federal officials and tell them to co-sponsor the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act.

              Take action

              TELL congress: END federal use of face surveillance

            • Instagram Tests Letting Users Post to Feeds from Desktop

              “We know that many people access Instagram from their computer,” said Facebook spokeswoman Christine Pai. “To improve that experience, we’re now testing the ability to create a Feed post on Instagram with their desktop browser.”

              Instagram, founded in 2010, long resisted building a web version of its product because it was intended to be used as people were out taking pictures of their lives with their phones. Now, more of the people posting on Instagram are professionals or influencers, putting up highly edited or produced images and videos, sometimes hours or days after the moment happens. They’ve been using third-party tools to upload content to Instagram via desktop, and will be “very happy” if Instagram expands its test, said Matt Navarra, a social media consultant who was one of the first to spot the change.

            • Meet the activists perfecting the craft of anti-surveillance
    • Defence/Aggression

      • Former NRA Head Tricked Into Giving Grad Speech to Chairs Symbolizing Gun Deaths
      • Pelosi Will Form House Select Committee to Investigate January 6 Attack
      • Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea

        The pre-positioning of the BBC correspondent on HMS Defender shatters the pretence that the BBC is something different to a state propaganda broadcaster. It also makes plain that this propaganda exercise to provoke the Russian military was calculated and deliberate. Indeed that was confirmed by that BBC correspondent’s TV news report last night when he broadcast that the Defender’s route “had been approved at the very highest levels of the British government.”

      • From Selma to Palestine

        The movie’s sanitized scenes of violence perpetrated and egged on by white law enforcement personnel and politicians  (including a semi-literate, bible thumping,  full-of-hate rural white citizens) on Black Americans were merely the tip of the iceberg of the vast panorama of bigotry, racism, lynchings, violence, and brutality perpetrated on American citizens whose ancestors were forcibly bought and brought, in chains, holding pens, and cages to help make America the economic power of the 19th and 20th centuries, and the world bully since the 1950s.

        On August 6, 1965, a reluctant President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act which “closely followed the language of the 15th amendment [and] applied a nationwide prohibition against the discriminatory voting practices adopted in many southern states after the Civil War, including literacy tests as a prerequisite to voting.”

      • Biden Administration Plans to Spend $109.8 Billion on Nuclear Submarines
      • What To Do When Your Neighbors Are World-Ending Nuclear Submarines

        Groton and New London, Connecticut, are home to about 65,000 people, three colleges, the Coast Guard Academy, 15 nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed submarines capable of destroying the world many times over, and General Dynamics’ Electric Boat, a multi-billion-dollar private corporation that offers stock options to its shareholders and mega-salaries to its top executives as it pockets taxpayer dollars and manufactures yet more of those stealthy, potentially world-ending machines. Whew!  That was a long sentence!

      • Military Contractors Quietly Boost Donations to GOP Backers of Trump’s Coup Attempt

        After a brief lull in political spending following the January 6 insurrection, military contractors are ramping up PAC donations to members of Congress on committees with influence over the distribution of Pentagon funds, including dozens of GOP lawmakers who voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

        In the wake of former President Donald Trump’s failed coup attempt, “nearly every major defense firm paused political contributions… and many expressed disgust at the sight of rioters storming the Capitol,” The Hill reported Thursday.

      • We Can Only Win Without War

        When will we as a nation admit it? Barbara Lee was right.

      • As Biden Pledges Police Funding to Curb Gun Violence, Activists Call for Community Investment

        President Joe Biden has vowed to crack down on illegal gun dealers and to boost funding for police departments as part of an effort to combat a spike in gun violence across the country. Rejecting calls by activists to defund the police, Biden said cities could expand their police forces by diverting federal money allocated for the pandemic. He also pledged to strengthen enforcement of existing gun laws. The rise in gun violence can be traced back to “a lack of resources” in many communities, says Erica Ford, a longtime anti-violence activist in New York City and CEO and founder of LIFE Camp, Inc. “There’s no job opportunities. There’s no education opportunities,” Ford says. “These preconditions that we face in our community help the disease of violence rise to a level that is unaddressable at the time because we don’t have the tools and resources to address them.”

      • Appeals Court Tosses Cop’s Attempt To Hold Twitter Responsible For Him Being Shot By A Gunman

        The 1-800-LAW-FIRM/Excolo Law losing streak continues. The lawyers at those firms have been preying on the victims of terrorist attacks for a few years now, presumably promising them some form of justice that can only be obtained by filing futile, flawed, completely doomed lawsuits that attempt to hold social media companies directly responsible for the criminal acts of terrorists.

      • Pentagon Whistleblower Under Investigation After Warning About Risks Of War With China Over Taiwan

        The following was published as part of The Dissenter Newsletter, which is a project of Shadowproof. Become a subscriber here.Pentagon whistleblower Franz Gayl has been part of the United States Marine Corps for over four decades. He spent the last months trying to warn U.S. government officials and the public of the threat of becoming entangled in a war with China over Taiwan.Yet instead of seriously considering his perspective, Gayl faces a counterintelligence investigation into articles he wrote and early retirement.He published an open letter to President Joe Biden on LinkedIn on June 22 in a last-ditch effort to reach the White House and communicate his concerns over the increased potential for an “ill-advised foreign war.”Gayl warned, “Taiwan’s own watershed ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ event is only a matter of time, probably through an accident or miscalculation. Sensing the urgency, I submitted numerous op-eds to U.S. newspaper and electronic media outlets, but each was rejected.”“As a last resort, I contacted the [People’s Republic of China’s] own Global Times, which published my op-eds in April and May.”The publications spurred an investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). His security clearances were revoked on June 1, and the retaliation convinced Gayl to email the Global Times and inform the state-funded media outlet that he could no longer submit articles (though he might be able to contribute after his resignation or retirement).Gayl described this response as “predictable” and noted it was “also no surprise that well-coordinated payrolled journalists and online commentators have suggested that I am a Beijing mouthpiece, a Communist, and a traitor.”“Since 2005, I have researched, written, and on several occasions published [on] the dangers of America’s separate relationship with Taiwan,” Gayl continued. “As a Marine of over 40 years, I do not want to see fellow Marines and American patriots harmed for another cause that lacks both justification and a path to victory. I am also fulfilling a condition of my federal employment by reporting policy corruptions that threaten our nation with grievous harm.”

        The two columns by Gayl were published under the headlines, “Why US will lose a war with China over Taiwan island,” and “US ‘othering’ of Chinese could be prelude to Taiwan conflict.”  One insisted the “prosperous Taiwan people will make every effort to wag the American dog. But Taiwan’s fate poses no existential threat to the U.S., and the U.S. should not fall into the trap of paying for their hubris with American blood.”Gayl maintained that “an ill-advised foreign war” would “accelerate America’s decline.” He acknowledged the reality of the United States’ “smug sense of military invincibility.” Believing the country would not pay a price for “violating another nation’s sovereignty,” and with “Taiwan being a core Chinese priority,” it would be a “fatal miscalculation.”

      • Pelosi Announces House Will Establish Select Committee to Investigate Insurrection

        Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the creation of a House select committee to investigate the deadly January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.

        Pelosi said Thursday that the House was moving forward with an investigation after holding out hope that Senate Republicans, who blocked a bill that would have created a bipartisan independent 9/11-style commission weeks ago, would come around and support an investigation.

      • Alms for terror: Militants in Indonesia finance extremists with charity

        But Mr Ghazali’s boxes secretly belonged to Jemaah Islamiah (JI) – the notorious network behind Indonesia’s deadliest terror attack, the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings.

        “People can’t tell the difference between these and other charity boxes,” said Mr Ghazali, 56, who now runs an Islamic boarding school and tries to deradicalise former extremists.

        “The money collected is usually used to pay for terrorism.”

      • Haiti Gang Leader Launches ‘Revolution’ as Violence Escalates

        One of Haiti’s most powerful gang leaders warned this week he was launching a revolution against the country’s business and political elites, signaling a likely further escalation of violence in the impoverished Caribbean nation.

        Violence has spiked in Haiti’s capital in recent weeks to what the United Nations has called “unprecedented levels” as rival groups battle with one another or the police for control of the streets, displacing thousands and worsening the country’s humanitarian crisis.

    • Environment

      • ‘We Can’t Wait’: Thousands in DC Demand Bold Action on Climate, Immigration, and Jobs

        Led by a coalition of immigrant rights, labor, and climate justice groups, thousands of people marched on Washington Thursday to demand that Congress pass far-reaching pandemic recovery legislation for the entire country, particularly those hit by poverty, unemployment, and economic hardship.

        “It’s a beautiful day for us to remind everyone in Congress that the real power in Washington comes from the people.” —Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.)

      • ‘It’s One Deal’: Warren Says She Won’t Vote for Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Without Climate, Child Care

        Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren made clear late Wednesday that she will not go along with a newly announced bipartisan infrastructure framework unless the Democratic leadership simultaneously presses ahead with a legislative package that includes child care, major investments in green energy, and other progressive priorities that are excluded from the emerging deal with Republicans.

        “They may be voted separately, but it is one infrastructure deal,” Warren said in an appearance on MSNBC. “I can’t vote for some small subset that, you know—the infrastructure train leaves the station and child care gets left on the platform, green energy gets left on the platform.”

      • Energy

        • State Lawmakers Are Using a Powerful Tool to Mandate Renewable Energy Use
        • Bad Drought and Dead Trout: a Foreseeable and Avoidable Tragedy

          For decades now fisheries biologists and conservationists have been giving our policymakers the same message—the flows are too low, the water is too warm, climate change is exacerbating the problem, and we have to take action or lose our native species and coldwater fisheries. As Fish, Wildlife and Parks fishery management chief Eric Roberts recently told reporters: “Just from what our bios and folks on the ground are saying, there appears to be larger forces at work here than just fishing pressure and angling mortality—probably more flow or temperature drive, those sorts of factors.”

          We could throw up our hands, as Gov. Ted Schwinden did in 1985, and exclaim, “I can’t make it rain.” Or, we could use the tools we already have available to keep survivable levels of water in our world-famous rivers and streams.

        • ‘Horrible and Unconscionable Betrayal’: Biden DOJ Backs Trump Line 3 Approval

          Indigenous and environmental activists fighting against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline were outraged Thursday after the Biden administration filed a legal brief backing the federal government’s 2020 approval of the project under former President Donald Trump.

          “This, quite simply, is pure cowardice.”—Generation Green New Deal

        • Terrifying UN Draft Climate Report Urges Total Transformation of Our Way of Life
        • State Court Ruling Called ‘Big Step’ Toward Holding ExxonMobil Accountable

          Climate activists and elected officials working to make ExxonMobil and other fossil fuels companies pay for decades sowing public doubt about climate science while causing a global emergency are celebrating a Massachusetts court’s refusal to dismiss a case against the oil giant.

          “This ruling shows that it won’t be easy for Exxon to escape justice in the growing number of lawsuits seeking to hold the company accountable for lying about climate change,” said Richard Wiles, executive director of the Center for Climate Integrity (CCI), in a statement Thursday.

        • Global LNG Industry Reeling as its Image as a Climate Solution Shifts to ‘Climate Problem’

          As recently as 2019, the global market for liquefied natural gas (LNG) looked bright. Analysts saw demand for LNG in Asia rising in both a steady and unrelenting fashion, expanding for years or even decades into the future. The industry gave the greenlight to 71 billion tonnes per annum (mtpa) of new LNG capacity in 2019, an all-time record.

          But a lot has changed in the past two years, with “business conditions drastically diminished,” and even “the basic rationale of an industry built around a relatively small number of massive but highly vulnerable facilities” now called into question, according to a new report from Global Energy Monitor.

        • North Sea Donors Gave Tories £420k as Government Considered Oil Industry’s Fate

          Companies and individuals involved in North Sea oil and gas donated a total of £419,900 to the Conservatives ahead of and during the government’s recent review into the future of the sector, a DeSmog analysis shows.

          Most of the donations, dating from July 2020 onwards, were made this year in the run-up to the publication of the government’s North Sea Transition Deal, launched at the end of March. The policy has been billed as a “transformative” partnership designed to put the industry on a net zero pathway, including a 50 percent cut in operational emissions by 2030, but has been criticised by campaigners for leaving the door open to further fossil fuel exploration.

        • ‘Massive’ Methane Leaks Found Coming From Oil and Gas Sites in Europe

          Leaking methane from oil and gas infrastructure is widespread across the European continent, reveals an investigation of more than 150 sites in seven countries. More than 60 percent of the sites analyzed by researchers using state-of-the-art technology were releasing large volumes of methane – a powerful greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere.

          This is the first large investigation of methane leakage from oil and gas sites in Europe.

        • ‘People need facts on climate’ from Boris Johnson

          The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, is urged by advisers to step up and tell people the facts on climate.

        • Helsinki’s Hanasaari coal plant to shut down nearly two years ahead of schedule

          The revised de-commissioning schedule will see the power plant be on reserve duty for the heating period of 2022–2023, until the commissioning of a bio-based heat plant under construction in Vuosaari, a north-eastern district of the Finnish capital.

          Vapaavuori commended the city-owned energy company for its determined effort to find alternative energy solutions to satisfy the energy needs of the local population without the coal-powered facility.

      • Wildlife/Nature

        • ‘We Must Not Stand Down’: 270+ Arrested at Anti-Logging Protests in Canada

          As opposition to logging in British Columbia’s endangered old-growth forests continues to gain steam, more than 270 people have been arrested while resisting deforestation, The Guardian reported Thursday.

          The Guardian described recent protests against the ongoing destruction of ancient and enormous trees in Canada’s westernmost province—some of which are over 1,000 years old and stand 250 feet tall—as one of the country’s “largest logging blockades since the 1993 ‘war in the woods,’ when roughly 1,000 people were arrested for blocking logging roads to stop clear-cutting in nearby Clayoquot Sound.”

        • Is Big Aqua Tanking?

          Well, unless it doesn’t.

          As marine fish stocks experience widespread decline, Big Aqua is rushing to fill the void with all manner of manufactured frankenfish. Nary a week passes without a new industry scheme for “growing” fish on land or in marine waters. Environmentalists have rightfully laid siege to Big Aqua for years, causing each new fish “farm” design to promise the world new, intoxicating environmental heights never before imagined.

        • EPA Inaction Blamed as US Bees Suffer Second Highest Colony Losses on Record

          Beekeepers this year in the United States reported the second highest annual loss of managed honey bee colonies since records began in 2006, according to results of a nationwide survey released Wednesday. 

          The non-profit Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) said in its preliminary analysis that beekeepers—ranging from small backyard keepers to commercial operations—lost 45.5% of their colonies between April 2020 and April 2021. The results are based on a survey of over 3,300 U.S. beekeepers managing a combined 192,384 colonies.

      • Overpopulation

        • We Owe It to the World’s Children to Slow Population Growth

          Maybe the problem is less that there are too few kids than that there are more kids than adults can take care of, some in war zones and refugee camps and slums. Millions of poor children are essentially thrown away, along with their mothers, by their societies—illiterate or barely literate, with zero prospects, suffering from all kinds of illness and trauma, and doomed to the lowest kind of work, if any. Imagine if they were seen as demographic treasures to be nurtured and cherished, and raised to live happy, useful lives.

          The world population is still rising, but demographic decline probably can’t be reversed. In some ways, that’s sad—children bring joy and hope and purpose to life. Young people bring new ideas and energy. But from the point of view of the planet, it’s a good thing. And probably from the point of view of women and children, too.

    • Finance

      • Unrig the Tax Code Now

        Recently leaked data revealed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and several other U.S. billionaires have paid zero federal income taxes in some past years.

      • ‘We Can’t Turn Our Backs’: 60+ Lawmakers Demand Biden Extend Pause on Student Loan Payments

        More than 60 lawmakers from the House and Senate on Wednesday demanded that President Joe Biden immediately extend a soon-to-expire pause on federal student loan payments and interest accumulation—while also working toward cancellation of the debt that is saddling tens of millions of people across the United States.

        “President Biden can and must cancel student debt with the stroke of a pen. We urgently call on him to act,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) said in a statement. “In the interim, extending this payment pause will provide a crucial additional layer of relief for millions of borrowers. We can’t turn our backs on these families as we work toward an equitable economic recovery.”

      • Progressives Say 30-Day Eviction Moratorium Extension ‘Not Enough’

        Progressive lawmakers and tenant advocates on Thursday said that while the Biden administration’s 30-day extension of the Covid-19 eviction moratorium would provide brief but welcome relief for millions of people facing imminent eviction, U.S. leaders must work to find a permanent solution to the nation’s housing crisis.

        “If we don’t make policy to solve for root causes… an eviction disaster is inevitable. Millions will never recover.”—Tara Raghuveer, KC Tenants

      • Capital, Profits and Wages in 2021

        From Smith to Yellen the existence of these three fundamentals was never threatened. Yet the relationship between the three has altered somewhat in recent years. This is the argument of Belgian economist Jan Eeckhout.

        One might begin the journey into capital, profits and wages with a helpdesk worker called Erin. Erich was, despite having numerous degrees, squeezed into an open-plan office until the Coronavirus pandemic hit her workplace. Erin works around forty hours a week, thus making $480.- a week, or $23,000 a year. The U.S. Census Bureau lists the annual real median personal income at $35,977 in 2019.

      • Lord of the Roths: How Tech Mogul Peter Thiel Turned a Retirement Account for the Middle Class Into a $5 Billion Tax-Free Piggy Bank

        Billionaire Peter Thiel, a founder of PayPal, has publicly condemned “confiscatory taxes.” He’s been a major funder of one of the most prominent anti-tax political action committees in the country. And he’s bankrolled a group that promotes building floating nations that would impose no compulsory income taxes.

      • BuzzFeed Valued at $1.5 Billion in SPAC Deal to Go Public, Will Acquire Complex Networks for $300 Million

        As part of the SPAC transaction, BuzzFeed plans to acquire Complex Networks, a global youth content network targeting millennials and Gen Z jointly owned by Verizon and Hearst, for $300 million. The price tag will comprise $200 million in cash and $100 million of equity in BuzzFeed. The Complex Networks deal will be completed simultaneously with the closing of BuzzFeed’s merger with 890 Fifth Avenue Partners.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • House Judiciary Committee Examining Who Ordered DOJ Subpoenas on Dem Lawmakers
      • When a President Lies

        In response, Biden answered:

        He concluded, “It diminishes the standing of a country that is desperately trying to make sure it maintains its standing as a major world power.”

      • Dems to Fill in Blanks of Centrist Infrastructure Deal With Reconciliation Bill
      • Trickle Down
      • Have We Entered America’s Third Era of Reconstruction?

        After all, the modern use of the filibuster first emerged in the 1920s and 1930s as a response to civil rights and anti-lynching legislation. In 1949, senator and southern Democrat Richard Russell, then a chief defender of the filibuster, unabashedly explained that “nobody mentions any other legislation in connection with it.”

        Manchin’s apathy toward democracy actively harms millions of West Virginians in a state where 40% of the population is poor or low-income and voter turn-out rates remain dismally low. Indeed, that filibuster potentially stands directly in the way of billions of dollars in infrastructure and job-development funding that would buoy the Mountaineer State, as well as many other states across the country. At the same time,the protection and expansion of voting rights would benefit poor and low-income West Virginians significantly.

      • Biden Has a Chance to Oversee Biggest River Restoration Project in U.S. History

        “Our story, and that of the salmon, is one of perseverance and resilience and thriving,” said Dr. Sammy Matsaw, a Shoshone-Bannock tribal member, veteran and co-founder of the nonprofit River Newe. “We’re still here and we’re still strong. This is about who we are and who we want to be.”

        Migrations are common among many species, but the journey that the salmon make is one of the most amazing. Salmon hatch from eggs laid in the gravel of clear, cold mountain streams. After hatching, the young salmon ride swift river currents downstream to the ocean. Their bodies undergo amazing physiological changes as they transition from living in freshwater to saltwater. And then they eventually go back to freshwater: After a couple of years in the ocean, the adult salmon find their way back to the same spawning beds in the same rivers where they were born.

      • ‘Sounds Like Fascism’: DeSantis Signs Law to Collect Political Views of Professors

        Democratic lawmakers and educators nationwide are expressing alarm over legislation signed this week by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis which is ostensibly aimed at ensuring college students and educators in the state feel permitted to express a variety of political views—and which critics say could end up punishing professors whose opinions don’t line up with those of the state’s right-wing leaders.

        DeSantis on Tuesday signed House Bill 233 into law, requiring more than three dozen public colleges and universities in Florida to conduct yearly surveys of their students’ and faculty members’ beliefs to determine the institutions’ levels of “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity.”

      • Why Corporate Democrats Are Desperately Trying to Keep Nina Turner Out of Congress

        When Hillary Clinton endorsed Nina Turner’s main opponent last week, it was much more than just an attempt to boost a corporate Democrat. Clinton’s praise for candidate Shontel Brown was almost beside the point. Like other power brokers and the big-money PACs now trying to sway the special election for a vacant congressional seat in northeast Ohio, Clinton is doing what she can to keep the deeply progressive Turner out of Congress.

      • ‘We Must Do More,’ Says Ocasio-Cortez as Biden Announces Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

        President Joe Biden announced in front of the White House on Thursday that he reached a deal with a group Republican and Democratic senators on an infrastructure framework that includes hundreds of billions of dollars in spending on roads, bridges, water systems, and broadband over the next half-decade.

        The package, which Biden characterized as the product of “serious compromises on both ends,” will be far smaller than the president’s original American Jobs Plan, which proposed roughly $2.2 trillion in new infrastructure spending over the next eight years.

      • Will the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Turn Out to Be a Bridge to Nowhere?

        What was missing from that smiling group of senators gathered with President Biden to announce their $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill (including $579 billion in new spending) Thursday afternoon? Two main things. The five more GOP senators needed to avoid a Republican filibuster, to start. There are allegedly six other Republicans in the group that’s been negotiating, but were they not enthusiastic enough to stand for essentially a photo-op? Too busy?

      • Sen. Merkley on Voting Rights, the Filibuster & Why Infrastructure Deal Must Address Climate Crisis

        Pressure is growing on Democrats to abolish the Senate filibuster in order to pass a major voting rights bill and other legislation. Republicans this week used the filibuster to prevent debate on the For the People Act, which would restore the protections of the 1965 Voting Rights Act gutted by the Supreme Court eight years ago. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, who is a lead sponsor of the For the People Act and self-described “Chief Filibuster Antagonist,” says Republicans have broken the Senate’s “social contract” of bipartisan cooperation in favor of total obstruction of all Democratic priorities. “The majority makes the decision, not the minority,” he adds. Meanwhile, as much of the Pacific Northwest faces record-shattering temperatures, 30 degrees or more above average, including Merkley’s home state of Oregon, lawmakers in Washington continue to negotiate over an infrastructure bill Democrats say needs to include major new funding to address the climate crisis. Merkley explains why he said, “If there’s no climate, there’s no deal.”

      • Apocalypse Not: Conservatives and New York

        Of course, there have been no shortage of the secular variety: overpopulation, the Andromeda strain, Y2K. Sometimes such visions, rather than spelling the end of Homo sapiens as a whole, are confined only to certain places. New York has always stirred the imagination of doomsayers. The city has been totaled by every means literature and Hollywood has been able to conjure up. There has always been the huge anti-urban strain of American culture, which as the largest city in the country New York has the served as the most obvious target.

        In what was perhaps the most memorable moment of his forgettable 2016 presidential campaign, during a debate in the Republican primaries, Ted Cruz uttered the phrase “New York values” as a smear to New Yorker Donald Trump’s conservative credibility. Even before his explanation of, “I think most people know exactly what New York values are, everybody understands that the values in New York City are socially liberal, pro-abortion, or pro-gay marriage, focus around money and the media,” it was probably apparent to most what Cruz meant. Trump, while not specifically targeting New York, would get into a similar act himself painting Hillary Clinton (and Cruz’s wife) as tools of Goldman Sachs, and the finance industry in general, by way of her enormous speaker fees – this of course before Trump promptly appointed numerous Goldman Sachs alums to his administration. Then there was Trump’s inauguration speech featuring the imagery of “American Carnage,” meaning in his vernacular, cities overrun by violence and illegal immigrants. By the end of Trump’s term, his Justice Department was targeting ‘anarchist jurisdictions.’

      • Lipstick on a Pig: Why Biden is Fawning over Israel’s New Government

        When former US President Barack Obama used an old cliché to denigrate his political opponent, the late US Senator, John McCain, he triggered a political controversy lasting several days. 

      • I Was Taught From a Young Age to Protect My Dynastic Wealth

        Comforts, once gained, become necessities. And if enough of those comforts become necessities, you eventually peel yourself away from any kind of common feeling with the rest of humanity.

        I tell you all this not to defend myself; that’s between me and my conscience. I am telling you this because human nature is a mighty force, and fighting it requires understanding it.

        What has caused me to question my indoctrination has been ethics. Goddamn ethics. For many people, especially those most deeply embedded in the culture of having and getting money, ethics are a wispy and ineffectual nuisance—an abstract set of principles that can’t possibly stand up to the rigors of life lived fast, business conducted efficiently, and competitors devoured and cast aside.

      • Social media companies to shut fake accounts within 24 hours of complaint

        In a major decision that is likely to end the menace of impersonation on social media in India, the government has mandated that top companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have to remove accounts with fake profile pictures of known personalities and businesses, and even the general subscriber, within 24 hours of being notified of the same by the user or someone on his/her behalf.

        The government has said this mandate comes in as part of the new IT rules and thus social media giants will need to act immediately after receiving a complaint to this effect.

      • NY Court Suspends Rudy Giuliani From Practicing Law Over Trump Lies

        This is a breaking story and may be updated.

        A New York court on Thursday suspended Rudy Giuliani’s license to practice law in the state, citing “demonstrably false and misleading” claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election and conduct that “threatens the public interest.”

      • Rudy Giuliani’s adult son rushes to his father’s defense following law license suspension

        The court, for its part, ruled that Giuliani’s actions threatened “the public interest and [warrant] interim suspension from the practice of law.”

        “We conclude that there is uncontroverted evidence that respondent communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump and the Trump campaign in connection with Trump’s failed effort at re-election in 2020,” it argued.

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • Streamer Raptors Continue To Test Twitch’s Appropriate Content Guideline Fencing

        It’s no secret that we’ve dinged streaming giant Twitch over and over again these past months. Frankly, it was done with good reason, as the Amazon-owned company continues to respond to crisis after crises, conflict after conflict, with pure confusion and callous behavior. While some of those conflicts were Twitch-specific, the company is also dealing with the more common problem of attempting to have a coherent content policy when it comes to what is appropriate to stream and what is not. For instance, Twitch recently found itself in the headlines yet again first by yanking advertising revenue from so-called “hot tub meta” streamers, where streamers live-stream in bathing suits from hot tubs or kiddie pools. Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa was one of the more prominent names impacted by this move, which again came with no warning. As a result of the public backlash over Twitch choosing not to communicate with its own creative community, the platform announced a “hot tub channel” category, as though that solved anything.

      • Reason Shows How To Properly Respond To A Questionable Social Media Takedown: By Calling It Out

        Content moderation at scale is impossible to do well. I will keep repeating this point forever if I must. Now, I recognize that when you’re on the receiving end of a content moderation decision that you disagree with, it’s natural to feel (1) angry and (2) that it’s a personal affront to you or a personal attack on your view of the world. This is a natural reaction. It’s also almost certainly wrong. The trust and safety teams working on content moderation are not targeting you. They have policies they are trying to follow. And they need to make a lot of subjective calls. And sometime they’re wrong. Or sometimes you just have a different view of what happened.

      • Content Moderation Case Study: Instagram Takes Down Instagram Account Of Book About Instagram (2020)

        Summary: Three professors, Tama Leaver, Tim Highfield and Crystal Abidin, wrote a book about culture on Instagram and how it developed. The book, entitled Instagram: Visual Social Media Cultures, was released in February of 2020. Along with the book, the authors set up social media accounts to both promote the book and to continue the discussion about how Instagram culture has developed. Not surprisingly, one of the social media accounts they set up was on Instagram itself.

      • Fuck This Cheer In Particular Says The Supreme Court In Decision Upholding Students’ Free Speech Rights

        A high school student’s quest to say “fuck cheer” in a semi-crowded convenience store has reached its end. The origin of this journey — which began all the way back in 2017 — was nothing more than a high school student doing high school stuff.

      • Court imprisons Egyptian TikTokers Haneen Hossam, Mawada Eladham for 10, 6 years in prison

        The ruling, which is not final and can be appealed, comes after the pair were acquitted in January in another case on charges of “violating family values and principles.”

      • The Islamic Republic of Yorkshire

        Sharia is the law that governs Islamic life. It disallows any sleight against the religion or its prophet. It calls for the subjugation of all non-Muslims to live as inferiors under Muslim rule. It demands unstunned slaughter of animals. It sees women as objects to be used for entertainment or breeding and requires female obedience. It applies the death penalty for criticism or objection. In England, and across Europe, we live in de facto sharia states. It’s an unspoken reality; unspoken because to speak it is to risk smear and slander. The poisonous press has facilitated all of this by a means of both cover-up and mischaracterisation. No doubt it will continue to.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Biden Urges Cities to Use COVID Funds to Hire More Police
      • Democrats Urgently Need a Plan B for Voting Rights and Filibuster Reform

        Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has said that failure to pass voting rights protections is not an option. Indivisible, The Poor Peoples Campaign, and other progressive organizations are planning mass mobilizations over the next several weeks. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a clear strategy among either the Senate Democratic leadership nor the activist movement to change the outcome of Tuesday’s unanimous vote by all 50 Republicans to block even debating voting rights.

      • The US Supreme Court’s Latest Anti-Labor Ruling Goes Far Beyond Farm Workers

        In a ruling handed down Wednesday in Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid, the Supreme Court decided that agricultural workers do not have a right to meet with union organizers at their place of work. The surprise of the opinion was less in the outcome itself, coming as it did from the most anti-labor Supreme Court in modern memory, than in the stunning rationale provided by the Court. In short, the decision further expands the Court’s protection of near-absolute property rights for employers in an opinion that threatens to undermine not only labor union regulations like the one at issue here, but any government regulation that impacts the right of an owner to exclude someone from their property. The potential consequences of this decision are enormous.

      • Yesterday’s Union-Busting Supreme Court Decision Was a Segregationist Throwback

        On the surface, yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid is just another union-busting decision from Chief Justice John Roberts, who has presided over the most anti-labor court since the New Deal. The state of California had a rule requiring corporate farm owners to provide union organizers access to the farms to talk to their workers. In a 6-3 ruling that broke neatly along party lines, Roberts ruled that the regulation was unconstitutional. It’s a terrible decision, but a result that is not all that surprising, as the court’s conservatives have done everything they can think of to de-unionize America in service of mega-corporate interests.

      • The U.S. Is Closing a Loophole That Lured Mexicans Over the Border to Donate Blood Plasma for Cash

        A federal agency is closing a legal loophole that allowed U.S.-based blood plasma companies to harvest plasma from thousands of Mexicans a day, who were lured by bonus payments and hefty cash rewards, as a 2019 ProPublica and ARD German TV investigation showed.

        U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced on June 15 that effective immediately, it would no longer permit Mexican citizens to cross into the U.S. on temporary visas to sell their blood plasma. A statement provided to ProPublica and ARD said that donating plasma is now considered “labor for hire,” which is illegal under the visitor visa most border residents use to cross into the United States to make donations.

      • The Thin Blue Lies Behind Crime Wave Hype

        The stories were horrible.

      • Pandemic drives up the number of child brides by 13 per cent

        Local NGOs speak out against this terrible practice. Growing poverty is behind the rise in child marriages. A victim, who can no longer go to school, tells her story. Bangladesh is one of the top 10 countries in the world for child marriage.

      • Officer Convicted in Death of George Floyd to be Sentenced Friday

        Chauvin was convicted April 20 of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd’s death. The former police officer, who has been in jail since his conviction, also faces separate federal civil rights charges in Floyd’s death.

      • University of California Student Researchers Are Forming a Union of More Than 17,000

        According to Katie Augspurger, a student researcher at UC San Francisco, UC students have not started bargaining because the university system has not officially recognized their union. In the meantime, members of Student Researchers United-UAW have put together a few basic demands: “We’re asking for higher pay, protections against harassment and discrimination, and protections for international students, among other things,” says Augspurger. Teen Vogue has reached out to UC San Fransisco for comment.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • New NTIA Broadband Map Exposes Expensive, Patchy US Broadband

        We’ve noted for a very long time that despite a lot of lip service about broadband, the U.S. government still doesn’t have a very good idea of where broadband is or isn’t available. There’s a long line of reasons for this, including political pressure by regional monopolies that very much don’t want a lack of competition and high prices to be apparent (somebody might get the crazy idea to try and fix the problem!). The FCC has also long been criticized for methodology that declares a census block (which can be hundreds of square miles) “served” with broadband if just one home can theoretically get service from an ISP.

      • DOJ Seizes Iranian News Org Websites; Raising Many Questions

        Over the years, we’ve had many, many concerns about the US government seizing websites as it generally raises 1st Amendment issues (it’s not unlike seizing a printing press). Of course, non-US citizens outside the US are not protected by the 1st Amendment, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned when the US government seizes news websites tied to foreign governments, even those with hostile interests to the US, like Iran. But that’s exactly what happened.

      • Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Lands on $65 Billion for Broadband

        But Biden said he will not sign it unless a separate Democrat-led reconciliation legislation, which passed the House earlier this year and is before the Senate, can get through the upper chamber. That reconciliation legislation includes an additional $7 billion for broadband by way of the Emergency Connectivity Fund.

      • Democrats’ two-step infrastructure plan draws Republican ire

        Biden and top congressional Democrats – House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer – had long signaled their plan to link the bipartisan deal with another bill including spending on home health care and child care.

        The second measure would be passed through a Senate maneuver called reconciliation, which would allow it to take effect without Republican votes.

    • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

      • Amazon is acquiring a podcast hosting and monetization platform

        Amazon Music is getting more serious about its podcast endeavors. Today, the company announced that it’s acquiring Art19, a major podcast hosting and monetization platform for an undisclosed sum. This means Amazon will now have a hand in hosting podcasters’ shows as well as selling ads against them because Art19 operates an ad marketplace that targets and inserts ads into programming. An Amazon Music spokesperson says nothing will immediately change on the Art19 platform.

      • Windows 11 Makes Your Hardware Obsolete, Use Linux Instead!

        The hardware should have a TPM chip, which may not be the case for some PC builds or laptops. Fortunately, it is not all bad, you may just need to enable it from your BIOS settings including the Secure Boot support, to make your PC eligible. There’s a guide on PCGamer to help you with that.

        Technically, processors older than Intel 8th gen and Ryzen 3000 series are not officially supported as per Microsoft’s official documentations (AMD | Intel).

        However, there are a sound number of systems that may not have the support for it. So, what do you do?

        Easy, switch to Linux in 2021 before Windows 10 no longer receives updates. This year, it makes more sense than ever for you to try Linux for your personal computer!

    • Monopolies

      • Is Congress about to regulate Big Tech?

        Early this morning, the House Judiciary Committee approved a slew of antitrust bills aimed at reining in the power of Big Tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. If the bills are passed into law, it would mark the biggest expansion of antitrust power in decades.

        “Marketplace” host Kai Ryssdal spoke with Axios tech reporter Margaret Harding McGill about the proposals. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. [...]

      • FOSS Patents: Apple withdraws from antitrust action against Fortress Investment and multiple Fortress-funded companies–now Intel is the sole remaining plaintiff

        After reporting last week on Apple and Intel’s response to Fortress Investment’s motion to dismiss their second amended antitrust complaint in the Northern District of California, I noted on Twitter that “[t]his is that (nowadays quite rare) case in which Apple is an antitrust plaintiff, not defendant.” Since then, Apple has had another antitrust investigation to add to the list of cases in which it’s being investigated: the German Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office) is looking into the App Store’s gatekeeper position.

      • Patents

        • Trends and Leading Countries of EPO 2020 Filings in Healthcare Technology [Ed: EPO exploiting disaster to promote even more monopolies]
        • Are second medical use patents protected?

          A first-instance court decision that second medical use patents granted before 13 December 2007 are not patentable is waiting to be evaluated…

        • Meanwhile . . . ToolGen Files Substantive Motion No. 1 in Interference with CVC [Ed: Stop granting patents on life and nature; stop trying to crush patent oversight.]

          Lest we forget, there are two other interferences proceeding before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, one of which (Interference No. 106,127) names ToolGen as Senior Party and as Junior Party the University of California/Berkeley, the University of Vienna, and Emmanuelle Charpentier (collectively, “CVC”). In March, the PTAB granted leave for the parties to file Preliminary Motions and on May 20th, ToolGen filed its Substantive Motion No. 1 for benefit of priority.

        • Arthrex could make ‘political animal’ of USPTO head say in-house [Ed: Patent mobsters trying to blame PTAB upheld and fake patents being thrown out on "politics"; how about speaking to people other than your overzealous sponsors?]

          SCOTUS’s preservation of the PTAB came as a relief to many counsel, but its fix has raised concerns about political lobbying and the procedure for final review

        • How to overcome antimicrobial resistance IP challenges [Ed: Intentionally conflating patents with propaganda terms like "IP"]

          Biotech companies explain what they need besides patents to help them invest in antimicrobial resistance research

        • U.S. Semiconductor Industry Confronts a Two-Front War

          Semiconductor fabrication in the United States has been on the wane for years. This resulted in the current microchip shortage. Nonetheless, as legislation is being debated to add incentives for semiconductor manufacturing in the United States, several companies have already begun to increase their efforts. Intel recently announced in March that it would build two chip plants in Arizona, and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) also announced it is opening a plant there as well. Reportedly totalling USD $32 Billion, these projects are at least in part an attempt to address the ever growing chip shortage that is affecting many industries.

        • Inventions ‘made in Spain’: How can you protect them properly? [Ed: That ought to say that EPO is corrupt and people claim that SPTO in Spain does a much better work than today's EPO]

          In accordance with the Spanish Patent Law, the first application for a patent made in Spain must be filed at the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office and penalties can be imposed in the event of the breach of this requirement. This is why it is important to be able to justify the registration of the patent in another territory, if it is not initially registered in Spain.

          For some time now, many globally active Spanish companies have been initiating the strategy to protect their innovations by filing patent applications in foreign countries, especially the United States. Many of them also prefer to file their initial applications as international applications or European applications at the European Patent Office in Munich (EPO), instead of filing a Spanish application at the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office (SPTO).

        • US Lawmakers Demand EU ‘Do the Right Thing or Get Out of the Way’ on Covid-19 Vaccine Patent Waivers

          U.S. lawmakers joined an array of public health campaigners on Thursday at a demonstration outside the European Union’s Washington, D.C. delegation headquarters to demand powerful E.U. nations like Germany end their opposition to an emergency waiver of World Trade Organization patent protections to speed manufacture and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines and treatments for the global population.

          “Europe still has a lot to do to make up for the injustices of the previous century. They need to start now, by getting people access to the vaccine.”—Rep. Ro Khanna

        • Software Patents

          • Patent case: Yu v. Apple Inc., USA

            A district court’s dismissal of infringement actions accusing Apple and Samsung of infringing a patent for digital cameras with multiple lenses was upheld by a divided Federal Circuit panel, based on its finding that the patent-in-suit merely claimed the abstract idea of a digital camera with basic digital camera parts, performing their basic functions to enhance photos. The patent owners did not add any inventive concept sufficient to transform the claimed abstract idea into a patent-eligible invention. Circuit Judge Newman filed a dissention opinion to express her view that the patent described a patent-eligible mechanical and electronic device of defined structure and mechanism (Yu v. Apple Inc., June 11, 2021, Prost, S.).

          • Japan to work with U.S., others to improve process for AI patents [Ed: Appalling code words and buzzwords for fake patents that are just abstract nonsense]

            Japan will cooperate with the United States, most European nations, China and South Korea to improve application and examination procedures for patents related to artificial intelligence and new technologies, sources close to the matter said.

            The move, which involves patent offices of the five parties, aims to encourage inventors to protect their intellectual property rights in a field where demand is growing.

            According to the Japan Patent Office, applications filed in the five economies accounted for around 85 percent of the roughly 3.22 million patent applications filed worldwide in 2019.

      • Trademarks

      • Copyrights

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