2,260 Gemini Capsules, Over 1,800 Active Ones

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Summary: Another little milestone is crossed. The “planet” we have set up is increasingly being accessed.

Links 20/3/2022: Linux Kernel 5.17, Lakka 4.0, and Gnuastro 0.17

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • VideoAwesomeWM Is Too Comfy Of A Window Manager – Invidious

        Back when I first started using AwesomeWM I had plans to make videos on it but that just never happened and that’s for good reason, this window manager is just way to comfy for me.

      • LHS Episode #459: The Weekender LXXXVIII

        It’s time once again for The Weekender. This is our bi-weekly departure into the world of amateur radio contests, open source conventions, special events, listener challenges, hedonism and just plain fun. Thanks for listening and, if you happen to get a chance, feel free to call us or e-mail and send us some feedback. Tell us how we’re doing. We’d love to hear from you.

    • Kernel Space

      • 9to5LinuxLinux Kernel 5.17 Officially Released, This Is What’s New

        A little over two months after the release of Linux kernel 5.16, the Linux 5.17 kernel series is here to introduce even more new features, such as a new “AMD P-State” subsystem for future AMD CPUs that to provide a performance boost, a revamped fscache subsystem, as well as a new “page-table check” feature to better protect your GNU/Linux system from certain threats by detecting some types of corruption and automatically shutting down the system.

        Linux kernel 5.17 also adds recursive support for id-mapped mounts, adds support for KCSAN (kernel concurrency sanitizer) for the AArch64 (ARM64) architecture, adds support for a new event type called FAN_RENAME to the fanotify subsystem, adds support for KFENCE, which can now detect missing memory barriers, to 32-bit ARM architectures, and adds a new syntax that would benefit Ceph file system mounts.

      • OMG UbuntuLinux Kernel 5.17 Released, This is What’s New – OMG! Ubuntu!

        A brand new version of the Linux kernel is available to download.

        Linux 5.17 arrives a week later than initially planned, and features a canny crop of changes, improvements, performance enhancements, and all-important security fixes.

        Linus Torvalds, announcing the release on the Linux Kernel Mailing List, says the one-week delay (to account for lately-revealed security issues) meant “…we did get a few last-minute reverts and fixes in and avoid some brown-paper bugs that would otherwise have been stable fodder, so it’s all good.”

        So what’s new?

      • LWNThe 5.17 kernel has been released [LWN.net]

        Some of the significant features in this release include KCSAN support for the arm64 architecture, the bpf_loop() helper, ID-mapped filesystem mounts, the reference-count tracking infrastructure, a switch to BLAKE2s for the random-number generator, a rewritten network filesystem caching layer, straight-line speculation mitigation, and more. See the LWN merge-window summaries (part 1, part 2) and the KernelNewbies 5.17 page for more details.

      • LWNLinux 5.17 [LWN.net]
        So we had an extra week of at the end of this release cycle, and I'm
        happy to report that it was very calm indeed.  We could probably have
        skipped it with not a lot of downside, but we did get a few
        last-minute reverts and fixes in and avoid some brown-paper bugs that
        would otherwise have been stable fodder, so it's all good.
        And that calm last week can very much be seen from the appended
        shortlog - there really aren't a lot of commits in here, and it's all
        pretty small. Most of it is in drivers (net, usb, drm), with some core
        networking, and some tooling updates too.
        It really is small enough that you can just scroll through the details
        below, and the one-liner summaries will give a good flavor of what
        happened last week.
        Of course, this means that the merge window for 5.18 will be open
        starting tomorrow, and I already have about a dozen pull requests
        waiting in my inbox. I appreciate the early pull requests: it gives me
        that warm and fuzzy feeling of "this was all ready in plenty of time".
        Judging by the statistics in linux-next, it looks like 5.18 will be a
        bit bigger than 5.17 was, but hopefully without some of the drama.
        So go test this, and we'll get 5.18 started tomorrow.
    • Applications

      • Linux LinksBest Free and Open Source Alternatives to Cisco Secure Firewall

        Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology corporation that focuses on networking hardware and software. It has over 75,000 employees with its headquarters in San Jose, California.

        Cisco has been participating in open source development for almost 30 years including founding projects like OpenDaylight, FD.io, VPP, PNDA, SNAS, and OpenH264, and contributing to projects like OPNFV, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Maven, and many others.

      • Ubuntu HandbookGTK Twitter App Cawbird 1.5 Released! Add Option to Reload Failed Image | UbuntuHandbook

        Cawbird, the free open-source native Linux Twitter app, released version 1.5 few days ago.

        There’s no big ones in the release. But if you have poor network connection like me, and any image failed to load in Cawbird, there’s now ‘reload image‘ button that could help to reload it.

        The new release now cleanly and clearly handle “withheld” accounts, and hide withheld tweets. And, it fixed emoji chooser in non-English locales, added support paging of blocked profiles.

      • MedevelBest 13 WhatsApp and Telegram Alternatives that respect your privacy.

        Privacy and security are not luxury elements, They are your right. Secure messaging and communication channels are daily requirements for all users.

        In this article, we will help you choose the right open-source, and free secure messengers.

        Our selection focuses on apps with end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

        Some of them have unique features, and most of them work on almost all known platforms for desktop and mobile.

      • Make Use OfHow to Turn a Website Into a Linux Desktop App Using Nativefier

        You probably visit a particular website several times a day while working. Doing so requires you to open a browser, type in the URL, and then the website finally loads. What if you could turn the website into an app that you can launch from your Linux desktop by just double-clicking?

        As it turns out, you can create a standalone Linux app for a website using a command-line utility called Nativefier. Here’s how to do that.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to Download RPM Without Installing on RHEL 8 / CentOS 8

        While working on RHEL and CentOS Servers there are some scenarios where we want to download specific or set of RPM packages from the command the line without installing it. Though we can use wget command to download packages but wget will not download package along with its dependencies.

        On RHEL 8 or CentOS 8, DNF (or yum) is a command line package management utility. Using DNF or yum we can install, update and remove rpm packages. Apart from this it can also be used to download packages along with dependencies without installing them.

      • VideoHow to install FreeOffice on Zorin OS 16 – Invidious

        In this video, we are looking at how to install Godot 3 on Zorin OS 16.

      • H2S MediaHow to Install qbittorrent on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy JellyFish

        qBittorrent refers to a file-sharing client that allows access to the BitTorrent network and participation in file-sharing networks. The free software represents an alternative to the widespread client uTorrent.

        It is a popular file-sharing client mainly because of its small size and high download speed. The software also has an integrated RSS reader so that it can be used to download files directly from RSS feeds.

        Offers a wide range of compatibility in terms of operating systems, since qBittorrent runs on Ubuntu (Linux), Windows, and Mac OS. In addition, qBittorrent also offers a portable version, so that an installation on the computer is no longer necessary.

      • How to start, stop, and restart services on Debian | FOSS Linux

        Services are essentially programs running in the background outside the interactive control of the system users as they lack an interface. They run in the background to be used whenever they are needed.

        Some of the commonly known services include Mysql, ssh, and Nginx. On Debian, services are managed with Systemd, which replaces System V to initialize the system and its components, including services that are key for the proper functioning of the operating system.

        Some of the services in Debian and Ubuntu-based versions that run on every boot are start, restart, stop, and reload. This tutorial will cover all of them in detail.

      • ByteXDHow to Install GNOME Desktop in Ubuntu 20.04/22.04

        GNOME is a popular desktop environment for Linux, and it is the default desktop environment for many Linux distributions. It is a desktop environment that is designed to be customizable and user-friendly for all types of users.

        It is the default desktop environment for many of the popular Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RockyLinux, RHEL, Pop!_OS, ZorinOS, and others.

        GNOME stands for GNU Network Object Modeling Environment, and is a free and open-source desktop environment. It is developed by the GNOME Project, which is a community of developers and designers.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install LeoCAD on a Chromebook

        GNOME is a popular desktop environment for Linux, and it is the default desktop environment for many Linux distributions. It is a desktop environment that is

      • UNIX CopHow to install ReactOS

        Here I will show you how to install ReactOS screen by screen in a virtual machine. I highlight VM because ReactOS is still in alpha status, so do not format your hardrives to get ride of windows and install ReactOS… yet.

        ReactOS is a free and open source operating system based on Windows in the same way Linux is based on Unix. ReacOS goals are to look and feels like Windows, be able to your run Windows software and your Windows. ReactOS works with the WINE project to share as much programming effort as possible. ReactOS depends on Wine mainly for user mode DLLs.

      • Trend Oceans[SOLVED] Failed to execute child process “dbus-launch” (No such file or directory) while x-forwarding – TREND OCEANS

        After a long time, I have decided to change my desktop environment to XFCE. While making changes on the tty terminal, I got an error which states: Failed to execute child process “dbus-launch” (No such file or directory) while x-forwarding.

        Because of that I was not allow to get Graphical Interface, and this error is common when you are acessing screen using WSL2 with kex.

        In this article, you will see how to fix the above error by installing dbus-x11 on your Debian or Ubuntu-based machine.

      • H2S MediaHow to install FortiClient VPN on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – Linux Shout

        Learn the commands to install free FortiClient VPN on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal fossa using command terminal for security.

        FortiClient is a security solution designed to reduce your computer’s vulnerability. The manufacturer advertises that the tool comes with virus protection, two-factor authentication, and WAN optimization, among other things.

        However, the FortiClient user interface itself only contains the vulnerability scan and a tab in which you can set up a VPN connection for remote access.

      • How to install Budgie on Manjaro Linux | FOSS Linux

        Manjaro is a tremendous Linux-based distro in that it comes with a multitude of desktop options. The developers officially support three different flavors of Manjaro. These flavors are differentiated by the desktop environment that they come with, namely KDE Plasma, Xfce, or GNOME.

        But you can also install any other Linux-supported DE (desktop environment) you like, or better yet, download the community-supported version of Manjaro that comes with your choice of DE like Budgie, LXQT, LXDE, Cinnamon, and more.

        So that means you are not bound to the only desktop that a Linux-based distro comes with pre-packaged, and you can choose to install any other supported DE you like. And the beauty of Linux is that you can easily manage more than one desktop in your distro with the help of a display manager like GDM3, LightDM, etc.

      • How to install kernel headers on Debian | FOSS Linux

        Kernel headers contain the C header file for the Linux kernel, which provides the several functionality and structure definitions needed when compiling any code that interfaces with the kernel, such as kernel device drivers or modules and some other user programs.

        Generally, Linux kernel headers are components habitually used to compile drivers and loadable modules appending support to the kernel. It is also vital to shedding light on the fact that the kernel headers are part of the kernel, despite being separately distributed.

      • How to run a script on boot up in Debian 11 | FOSS Linux

        Boot up in simple terms refers to the time from power on to the time of user start. This is achieved by using a boot script that contains instructions on which code to load and which processes and applications to start.

        There are a few stages of Linux startup (before booting into systemd or System V init and before the desktop environment is loaded), and you can configure your own autostart script or program at any given stage where it could be a single command or rather a series of commands or an executable shell script. Nevertheless, it is informative to note that there could be some differences in startup procedure between various Linux distros and versions.

      • How to install Linux Mint alongside Windows | FOSS Linux

        The user-friendliness of the Mint desktop makes it one of the most prevalent Ubuntu-based variants. Besides, it has an easy-to-use interface making it a charm for beginners. Moreover, Mint can run at full speed on even the most outdated computers. Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce are the three most popular desktop environments on the Mint download website, with Cinnamon being the flagship version.

        Linux Mint is an excellent option if you’re wondering where to begin your Linux journey. See the magic when you install Linux Mint on a computer that can barely run Windows.

      • How to find and change IP address on Debian | FOSS Linux

        Internet Protocol, popularly known as IP address, is the unique-based address allocated to all the devices connected to the internet. The computer network utilizes this address to communicate with other machines, network servers, and websites.

        To better simplify this, let us take an example of a house address; the postman uses this address to deliver the mail to this house. The pizza delivery person uses the same house address to deliver pizza.

      • How To Install and Play League of Legends Linux (2022) – DekiSoft

        In each game, the teas bypass defensive line structures in order to destroy core building in the enemy team base and achieve victory. The match lasts an average of 26-60 minutes. This page will educate you on how to install league of legends on Linux in 2022 using Lutris, Snap or Wine. This is tested and currently supported on Ubuntu.

      • How to Manage GitLab Runner Concurrency For Parallel CI Jobs – CloudSavvy IT

        GitLab’s Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines are a popular way to automate builds, tests, and releases each time you push code to your repository. Pipelines run concurrently and consist of sequential stages; each stage can include multiple jobs that run in parallel during the stage. The maximum concurrency of both parallel jobs and cross-instance pipelines depends on your server configuration.

        Jobs are run by GitLab Runner instances. Runners operate as isolated processes that receive new jobs from their controlling GitLab server. When a job is issued, the runner will create a sub-process that executes the CI script. There are multiple variables that control when a runner will accept a job and start executing it. In this guide we’ll look at the ways you can configure parallel jobs and pipelines.

      • H2S MediaHow to Install qbittorrent on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa – Linux Shout

        qBittorrent refers to a file-sharing client that allows access to the BitTorrent network and participation in file-sharing networks. The free software represents an alternative to the widespread client uTorrent.

        It is a popular file-sharing client mainly because of its small size and high download speed. The software also has an integrated RSS reader so that it can be used to download files directly from RSS feeds.

      • ID RootHow To Install Kapacitor on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Kapacitor on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Kapacitor is an open-source framework for processing, monitoring, and alerting time series data. Kapacitor can process both stream and batch data from InfluxDB, acting on this data in real-time via its programming language TICKscript.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Kapacitor real-time streaming data processing engine on Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint.

      • Arco LinuxUse hblock to improve your security and privacy by blocking ads, tracking and malware domains | ArcoLinux

        Improve your security and privacy by blocking ads, tracking and malware domains.
        These are the exact words from the developer, Héctor Molinero Fernández, on his github site: https://github.com/hectorm/hblock

        This tool will basically change the content of your /etc/hosts file so that 100.000+ domains will be blocked.

        We have built a package so the application can be easily installed and updated!

    • Games

      • Boiling SteamXbox Cloud Gaming Lands on the Steam Deck with Microsoft’s Blessing

        Since the Steam Deck is pretty much “just a PC”, it’s not a major surprise to see that the Xbox Cloud Gaming service can now work as well on the Deck. It required however a few things – Microsoft Edge beta installed a some support from Microsoft to make the experience smooth on the device. Note that Microsoft apparently forgot to credit the work of a developer who’s maintaining the flatpak of Microsoft Edge (since it’s not done by Microsoft) and they have since then contacted them to make things right.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • psifidotos: KWin 5.25 | Korners Fix

          this is a heads up for designers to update their KDE decorations if they want to support Blur for any of their decorations since Plasma 5.25. Let me explain you what has changed and what you need to update.

    • Distributions

      • New Releases

        • News – Lakka 4.0 release

          New version of Lakka has been released!

          We are happy to announce the new and updated version of Lakka.

        • Linux MintLMDE 5 “Elsie” released!

          LMDE is a Linux Mint project which stands for “Linux Mint Debian Edition”. Its goal is to ensure Linux Mint would be able to continue to deliver the same user experience, and how much work would be involved, if Ubuntu was ever to disappear. LMDE is also one of our development targets, to guarantee the software we develop is compatible outside of Ubuntu.

          LMDE aims to be as similar as possible to Linux Mint, but without using Ubuntu. The package base is provided by Debian instead.

      • Debian Family

        • Fluent Reader

          There is a new application available for Sparkers: Fluent Reader

      • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

        • Make Use Of10 Things to Do After Installing Pop!_OS

          Setting up your new Linux desktop can be intimidating. Here are some basic things you should do right after booting into Pop!_OS for the first time.

          Pop!_OS COSMIC is so well-packaged that it just works right out of the box without any tuning. However, if it’s a fresh installation, you would want to check off a few recommended post-installation to-dos.

          In this article, we list out the 10 things you should do after installing Pop!_OS to take it to stellar heights and set it up for the long haul. This list includes best practices, so don’t miss out if you’re a newbie!

        • How Do You Like Ubuntu’s New Logo? – Slashdot

          Share your reactions in the comments. (For example, how do you think it compares to other logos?) Do you like it more or less than, say, the logo for Raku?

        • Linux Made SimpleLinux Weekly Roundup #174

          Welcome to this week’s Linux roundup.

          LMDE 5 has been released this week.

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • Linux Links9 Best Free and Open Source Image Processing Libraries

        When we think of great open source image processing software, tools like GIMP, Blender, and Inkscape instantly spring to mind.

        We’ve covered a huge raft of graphics software for Linux with a splurge of recommended roundups. But there are some categories of graphics software which attract less exposure. Image processing libraries is a good example. This type of software performs image processing operations. They can perform arithmetic, histograms, convolution, morphological operations, frequency filtering, colour, resampling, statistics, and much more.

      • SaaS/Back End/Databases

        • PostgreSQL vs. MongoDB | FOSS Linux

          A secure database is critical to the operation of any business. If you want to keep your data safe from phishing assaults and other risks, you must choose the correct service provider. However, with so many database options available, making a decision may be a real challenge. MongoDB and Postgresql are two popular database management systems.

          Competition between corporations is prevalent nowadays, mainly if they sell comparable items. For a business in the highly competitive industry of Data Analytics, it helps to have a majority of the market’s customers and offer effective products and services. The decision between MongoDB and PostgreSQL is difficult in Database Management.

          MongoDB and PostgreSQL are two popular databases, and this article presents an in-depth comparison to help you decide which one is best for your needs. An overview of both databases and their characteristics is also provided. Finally, it outlines some of the issues you may encounter while using these databases. Find out how to select the best database for your firm by following this guide.

      • FSF

        • GNU Projects

          • GNUGnuastro 0.17 released
            Dear all,
            I am happy to announce the 17th official release of GNU Astronomy
            Utilities (Gnuastro).
            As you see in [1] below, many useful new features have been added,
            and many bugs have been found and fixed. Thanks to 8 people who
            directly committed into Gnuastro's source (4 women and 4 men), and
            20 people providing ideas that have been impleted (see below for
            the names). This is a new record in Gnuastro! Thanks for helping
            make Gnuastro better with your great contributions and feedback :-).
            Here is the compressed source and the GPG detached signature for
            this release. To uncompress Lzip tarballs, see [2]. To check the
            validity of the tarballs using the GPG detached signature (*.sig)
            see [3]:
              https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gnuastro/gnuastro-0.17.tar.lz     (3.8MB)
              https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gnuastro/gnuastro-0.17.tar.lz.sig  (833B)
              https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gnuastro/gnuastro-0.17.tar.gz     (6.0MB)
              https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gnuastro/gnuastro-0.17.tar.gz.sig  (833B)
            Here are the SHA1 and SHA256 checksums (other ways to check if the
            tarball you download is what we distributed). Just note that the
            SHA256 checksum is base64 encoded, instead of the hexadecimal encoding
            that most checksum tools default to.
            a14313670e0bb7f3127ffba00a935aadc441bbc5  gnuastro-0.17.tar.lz
            8M02HvN6iflxKk/2MfW5dT2EADwE2tr7NaXQpLs6A78  gnuastro-0.17.tar.lz
            666986a1e39b513f330fffec480e083c1d37d3e2  gnuastro-0.17.tar.gz
            xBvtM8wkDOqXg/Q2dNfPR0R0ZgRm4QiPJZoLDKivaPU  gnuastro-0.17.tar.gz
            I am very grateful to (in alphabetical order) Pedram Ashofteh
            Ardakani, Sepideh Eskandarlou, Zahra Hosseini Shahisavandi, Raul
            Infante-Sainz, Sachin Kumar Singh, Elham Saremi and Nafise Sedighi for
            their direct contribution to the source of Gnuastro. Also, Sergio
            Chueca Urzay, Tamara Civera Lorenzo, Andres Del Pino Molina, Alexey
            Dokuchaev, Alessandro Ederoclite, Sepideh Eskandarlou, Juan Antonio
            Fernández Ontiveros, Zohreh Ghaffari, Giulia Golini, Martin Guerrero
            Roncel, Zahra Hosseini, Raúl Infante-Sainz, Alejandro Lumbreras Calle,
            Sebastian Luna-Valero, Samane Raji, Ignacio Ruiz Cejudo, Manuel
            Sánchez-Benavente, Peter Teuben, Jesús Varela and Aaron Watkins
            provided many good suggestions and helped in finding many bugs in the
            code, tutorials and documentation.
            If any of Gnuastro's programs or libraries are useful in your work,
            please cite _and_ acknowledge them. For citation and acknowledgment
            guidelines, run the relevant programs with a `--cite' option (it can
            be different for different programs, so run it for all the programs
            you use). Citations _and_ acknowledgments are vital for the continued
            work on Gnuastro, so please don't forget to support us by doing so.
            This tarball was bootstrapped (created) with the tools below. Note
            that you don't need these to build Gnuastro from the tarball, these
            are the tools that were used to make the tarball itself. They are only
            mentioned here to be able to reproduce/recreate this tarball later.
              Texinfo 6.8
              Autoconf 2.71
              Automake 1.16.4
              Help2man 1.49.1
              ImageMagick 7.1.0-27
              Gnulib v0.1-5187-g2ca890b564
              Autoconf archives v2022.02.11-1-g203f15b
            The dependencies to build Gnuastro from this tarball on your system
            are described here:
            Best wishes,
      • Programming/Development

        • Torchbearers and bodyguards

          My favourite programming languages are Perl and Emacs Lisp. Those are the ones I feel familiar with, those are the ones where I can write small tools and get immediate results. So here’s the Emacs Lisp code I use.

        • Rust

  • Leftovers

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • Security

          • Linux Random Number Generator Sees Major Improvements

            An anonymous Slashdot reader summarizes some important news from the web page of Jason Donenfeld (creator of the open-source VPN protocol WireGuard)…

          • Privacy/Surveillance

            • Digital Detox of sorts

              One of the things I’m painfully aware, is the sheer amount of online identities that I have collected over the years. There number surpassed the 100 mark recently. When I teach classes, I ask the attendees to create a list of all their important, un-important, funny, forgotten IDs for themselves. They are always surprised, how many they have.

    • Defence/Aggression

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • GNUCost of living: Calls for targeted help to cut energy bills

          We discussed deeply when we designed GNU remotecontrol the reality of rising energy costs pushing consumer purchasing decisions to the point of genuine consumer pain. All energy costs have perhaps the most direct impact seen in food production costs. The choice between enough food and enough energy in 2022 is a decision many could not fathom only five years ago.

          The Ukraine matter in play now is convenient for economic sanctions. There was no winter in Europe when the sanctions were launched. The sanctions will not last after September when cold returns and the need for more fossil fuels return to heat homes.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • Navruz Muborak

        The prices are crazy given how poor Tajikistan is, so it all feels extremely exploitative. Like, US prices for mobile Internet? Who can afford that?

      • Sunday coffee

        It’s good to have some time on the weekend to have a cup of coffee and surf the small-net at the same time. Small pleasures and rituals.

Brussels Police: No Help Unless You Open an Account at Facebook

Posted in Europe at 2:17 pm by Guest Editorial Team

BrusselsSummary: Facebook account required for bicycle theft victims to see whether their bike was recovered by Brussels police

A bicycle was stolen in Brussels (one among many). The Brussels police shortly thereafter recovered 74 stolen bikes. Instead of announcing this on their official openly public website, the announcement was jailed in the exclusive private walled-garden of Facebook, where non-members are denied viewing access and where opening an account just to view the post is preconditioned on obtaining a mobile phone and then trusting Facebook with that number.

Does a theft victim have to go through all the hoops of patronising Facebook in order to find out if their property was recovered by police? The victim went to the police station to find out. The front desk officer said if the serial number is still on the bike and also previously reported stolen, and the report also included the serial number, then there’s no problem because the database of stolen bikes is accessible to all police nationwide. They can query the serial number of the recovered bike and see if it matches any report in the country.

“Does a bicycle theft victim in Brussels have to compromise their ethics, dance for Facebook and attempt to solve the Google CAPTCHA just to see if their property was recovered?”But what if the serial number had been removed? This is where everything falls apart. In some cases, it’s simply a sticker. Descriptions and/or pics of recovered bikes are only accessible in the city the bike was recovered in. So if someone steals a bike in Brussels and they go to Antwerp, and the they get raided in Antwerp, Brussels police have no access to the inventory of recovered bikes in Antwerp.

The Brussels front desk officer had no idea about the 74 recovered bikes, and suggested the recovery must have been in a city other than Brussels. Yet we know the article said the recovery was in Brussels, but non-Facebook members are blocked from even viewing the Facebook page.

Does a bicycle theft victim in Brussels have to compromise their ethics, dance for Facebook and attempt to solve the Google CAPTCHA just to see if their property was recovered?

This story was censored

This story was originally posted in Reddit but was censored by “Octave”, the moderator of r/Brussels.

European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) in Support of the Strike at the European Patent Office (EPO)

Posted in Europe, Patents at 4:57 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Previous years: European Public Service Union Asks EPO Administrative Council “to Re-establish the Rule of Law at the European Patent Office” | European Federation of Public Service Unions Pressures Dutch Prime Minister to Take Action Against the EPO’s Violations

European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) letter
The latest European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) letter

Summary: The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) has spoken in support of the trade union at the European Patent Office (EPO), saying that the “latest action will [hopefully] ensure a restoration of fundamental rights and the suspension or reversal of major reforms detrimental to working conditions and staff’s wellbeing.”

THERE are now less than a couple of days before the EPO strike and there are broad statements of support, except in the media. It’s engaging in what’s known as “media blackout”, in effect covering for Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos, all this while spreading lies for Team UPC. We’ll deal with that later today in a long video. Captured publishers don’t want the public to know that examiners are abused and dissatisfied.

“Captured publishers don’t want the public to know that examiners are abused and dissatisfied.”“The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) represents more than 265 unions,” the staff union of the EPO wrote on Friday. “This week, its General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan sent a letter of solidarity to SUEPO, whose members take industrial action on Tuesday 22 March.”

To quote the press release: “Members of the SUEPO trade union at the European Patent Office (EPO) have voted for industrial action, including a “work to rule”, “go slow” and a strike on 22 March. The union is calling for the restoration of fundamental rights at the EPO and the suspension or reversal of major reforms that have been detrimental to working conditions and wellbeing of staff. There have been longstanding problems with asserting trade union rights at the EPO with a former director intervening in the trade union’s internal affairs and blocking the right to strike. The International Labour Organisation has ruled in the union’s favour on the exercise of fundamental rights and the union’s action will also seek improvements in relation to careers, pay and training.”

There’s also this “EPSU Letter of Solidarity”, which SUEPO reposted as an image. For HTML, text, and GemText versions we reproduce it below:


Ref.: JWG/cb
Brussels, 18 March 2022

Dear Colleagues

I am sending you solidarity greetings from EPSU for the SUEPO industrial action next Tuesday, 22 March. We have been following the dispute in the EPO over several years now and hope that your latest action will ensure a restoration of fundamental rights and the suspension or reversal of major reforms detrimental to working conditions and staff’s wellbeing.

We note the very high level of support for the action and the fact that SUEPO is determined to get the EPO to address the decisions of the International Labour Organisation that revealed the way in which management and particularly the former president had infringed the fundamental rights of the union.

We also note that in those difficult circumstances, management implemented major reforms that SUEPO says are detrimental to working conditions and staff well-being, including a new salary adjustment procedure that has caused a disastrous loss of employees’ purchasing.

We very much hope that your action is a success and helps secure your key demands on fundamental rights, careers, the salary adjustment scheme and training.

Please keep us informed on developments. The exercise of all fundamental trade union rights across the public services and particularly in international bodies like the EPO need to be strongly protected and a successful outcome for SUEPO will be important news to share with our affiliates.

In solidarity,

Jan Willem Goudriaan
EPSU General Secretary

We’ll shortly do a very detailed media survey and show how the media is basically stonewalling staff and censoring what goes on at the EPO. Is that any worse than intentionally producing fake news for the UPC lobbyists?

Links 20/3/2022: GNUnet 0.16.2 and Free Software Awards

Posted in News Roundup at 4:25 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

    • Applications

      • Make Use OfThe 8 Best DAW Apps for Music Production on Linux

        Like most audio engineers and musicians, you might find yourself being biased towards premium OSes like macOS and Windows and premium music tools like Cubase, FL Studio, and Ableton Live. However, the open-source world promises some extremely underappreciated and resourceful DAW and sound engineering tools.

        Each of the tools mentioned below imbibes features native to these premium alternatives. Nonetheless, they let you create professional-grade sounds on Linux without spending a dime.

        Read on to find out the best DAWs for Linux users.

      • Fish Shellfish 3.4.0 (released March 12, 2022)

        The large number of forks relative to bash are due to fish’s insanely expensive default prompt, which is unchanged in my version. If we switch to a prompt comparable to bash’s (lame) default, the forks drop to 16 with trunk, 4 after our changes.

        The large reduction in lstat() numbers is due to fish no longer needing to call ttyname() on OS X.

        We’ve got some work to do to be as lean as bash, but we’re on the right track.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to Print Directory Tree on Linux – Linux Nightly

        This tutorial will explore several methods to print a directory tree from the command line on Linux.

        The commands covered below are tree, find, ls, and du, which can all output a directory tree in Linux.

      • UNIX CopHow To Install Octave on Ubuntu 20.04

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Octave on Ubuntu 20.04

        Octave is software featuring a high-level programming language, primarily intended for numerical computations.

      • UNIX CopHow to Use Linux Strace Command

        In this article we will learn How to Use Linux Strace Command. Strace is a powerful command line tool for debugging and trouble shooting programs in Linux OS. It captures and records all system calls made by a process and the signals received by the process.

      • UNIX CopHow to install Kate Editor on Ubuntu 20.04 – Unix / Linux the admins Tutorials

        In this guide, we will show you how to install Kate Editor on Ubuntu 20.04

        Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor) is a source code editor developed by the KDE free software community. It has been a part of KDE Software Compilation since version 2.2, which was first released in 2001. Intended for software developers, it features syntax highlighting, code folding, customizable layouts, regular expression support, and extensibility.

        Kate is a source code editor that features syntax highlight for over 300 file formats with code folding rules.

      • ID RootHow To Install Apache Guacamole on AlmaLinux 8 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Apache Guacamole on AlmaLinux 8. For those of you who didn’t know, Apache Guacamole is a clientless HTML5 web based remote desktop gateway supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH. It does not need any third-party plugins and clients to work. You can access your machine using a web-based gateway. It can be put behind a proxy server which allows you to access your servers from anywhere in the world.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Apache Guacamoleon remote desktop on AlmaLinux 8. You can follow the same instructions for CentOS and Rocky Linux.

      • ID RootHow To Install SciTE on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install SciTE on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, SciTE is a SCIntilla-based text editor that was first created to demonstrate Scintilla but has since grown to be useful for developing and running programs that typically have simple configurations. It has a smaller memory footprint and works flawlessly on Ubuntu. The user interface is developed using GTK on Linux systems.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the SciTE text editor on Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint.

      • How To Fix “Username Is Not In The Sudoers File. This Incident Will Be Reported” In Ubuntu | Itsubuntu.com

        How to Fix “Username is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported” in Ubuntu.

        Are you having an error something like “Username is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported” in Ubuntu” then this post is for you as we will show you the reason behind the error and also solution to fix it.

      • How To Install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Along With Windows 11
      • The New StackQuickly Install a Kubernetes Cluster with KubeKey – The New Stack

        Kubernetes can be a real challenge to get up and running properly. This is especially so when you really want it done quickly so you can create a testing or development environment or just get familiar with how it works. You might not have time to spin up a multinode cluster every time you need one. When that’s the case, you can always turn to KubeKey, which makes it really easy to spin up a Kubernetes deployment for development/testing purposes.

        Don’t think, however, that using KubeKey in this fashion is a means to deploy your apps and services at scale. What I’m going to show you is primarily for testing and development purposes, so don’t even think about this as a solution for production-ready apps or services.

      • H2S MediaHow to Install PrestaShop on Almalinux 8 – Linux Shout

        As an open-source shopping cart, PrestaShop is completely free to download and use. However, this does not mean that PrestaShop is a zero-cost eCommerce solution. When you download the software, you have to pay for web hosting. You’ll also likely need to buy multiple (often expensive) modules to integrate different software into your website. If you have limited technical knowledge, you can consider investing in a web developer to help you through the difficult spots.

      • Make Use OfHow to Fix the “Nessus Download Failed” Error on Linux

        Are you having problems downloading Nessus on your computer or virtual machine? Do you see the error: “Nessus download failed. An unexpected error occurred while downloading plugins?”

        Well, you’re in luck! You can easily fix this error in no time and start scanning vulnerabilities with Nessus on your Linux machine. Here’s how to do it.

      • Setup Secure SSH Access on Linux Servers using Teleport – kifarunix.com

        In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup secure SSH access on Linux servers using Teleport. In our previous guide, we learnt how to install and setup Teleport access plan on Linux, specifically Ubuntu 20.04 system. We will then proceed to see how you can be able to setup secure SSH access on Linux servers using Teleport.

    • Games

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      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • Rendering Text with Glyphy – Zen and the Art of GNOME

          HarfBuzz 4.0 was recently released and it gained the ability to draw shapes using hb_draw(). Recently Behdad updated Glyphy to use that new HarfBuzz API which allows us to draw fonts on the GPU without involving FreeType.

          I created a branch and along with Matthias we taught GTK’s OpenGL renderer to use Glyphy to store size-independent descriptions of glyphs in GL texture atlases which are drawn with shaders. All the magic really comes from Glyphy, so this was largely an integration project.

          Contrast this with how things worked previously, which is to render the glyph for a particular size and x/y shift on the CPU and upload that to a texture atlas. The glyph is then drawn by using the coloring shader to apply color while copying into place. This has all sorts of drawbacks like pixel alignment restrictions and needing a copy of every glyph at every size and shift you need to render in the frame in a texture atlas (which can be reused across frames). Just as an example, if you wanted to animate the size of some text, you’d have a pretty expensive operation every frame and still run into perceived jitter as you align to pixel boundaries each frame.

    • Distributions

      • New Releases

      • BSD

        • UndeadlyTesting parallel forwarding

          Many thanks to Hrvoje for the write-up and for doing all these tests, and of course to Alexander Bluhm, Alexandr Nedvedicky and others developers for working on parallelizing the network stack.

      • SUSE/OpenSUSE

        • SUSE’s Corporate BlogGothaer future-proofs its application infrastructure with SUSE Rancher | SUSE Communities

          “To accelerate the pace of digital transformation, we need to remove operational complexity and ensure consistent, automated and secure processes for developing and deploying containerized applications. That’s exactly what SUSE Rancher is helping us do today.” Andreas Rother, Team Leader Pipeline and Container Services, Gothaer Systems GmbH.


          In 2016 the decision was made to migrate to a container-based architecture with a view to saving money on software licensing costs and being able to implement new IT requirements faster, especially applications and services that improved efficiency while providing optimal user experience.

      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

        • Systemd FreeIs r/linux a cult of deranged hallucinogen addicts? Are they dangerous? | systemd-free linux community

          If you search reddit for r/linux and systemd you will find many more threads in the “removed” section than on the visible part. Come to think about it, if one crossposted the removed threads into a new board called r/linux-removed it may become a much more interesting board for discussion than the temple of doom, r/linux.

          But the above is one of those rare occasions where systemd is in the title of a thread in r/linux and was not removed. Why? Basically because anyone wishing to voice some form of criticism over the “holly cow” of industrial/corporate/state-security-agencies linux, gets the ax permanently and can not speak. But how can they discuss the holly cow as deranged worshipers between themselves?

          The thread/article and discussion is probably more interesting from a psychoanalytic perspective (psychological/psychiatric interest) than a systemd administration perspective.

      • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • FSF

        • FSFDay one reflections for LibrePlanet: “Living Liberation”

          Today marked the first of two days of events and talks for the Free Software Foundation’s (FSF) annual conference, LibrePlanet. This year’s theme is “Living Liberation,” and the talks and activities are centered around how to live a more liberated life in the modern world.
          To start the conference off, campaigns manager, Greg Farough, gave opening remarks, introduced the day’s events and other activities outside of the main conference, and asked participants to report which countries they were attending from.

          Of the countries represented, we heard from: Brazil, Canada, Finland, Haiti, Iran, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, (various states within the) United States, and many more.

        • FSFFree Software Awards winners announced: SecuRepairs, Protesilaos Stavrou, Paul Eggert

          The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced the recipients of the 2021 Free Software Awards, which are given annually at the FSF’s LibrePlanet conference to groups and individuals in the free software community who have made significant contributions to the cause for software freedom. This year’s recipients of the awards are Paul Eggert, Protesilaos Stavrou, and SecuRepairs. As the ceremony was conducted virtually this year, each winner selected the person they wished to present them the award.

          The winners in three categories, each recognizing exemplary achievements in the field of free software, are SecuRepairs, Paul Eggert, and Protesilaos Stavrou.

        • GNU Projects

      • Programming/Development

        • RE: The Static File Startup

          A company spent months re-inventing cron. The stated goal of this system was to free it from the constraints of a 24-hour day, for example, should it ever need to operate off-planet. For bonus points, the new units of time and their intervals were codified into an elaborate type system which compiled away. This meant that the system inputs (hand written JSON) were never validated against the type system.

        • Daniel Stenbergcurl is now 24 | daniel.haxx.se

          On March 20, 2022 curl turns 24 years old.

        • Matt RickardDeveloper Velocity

          Developer velocity isn’t the whole of developer productivity. I think of developer velocity as post-commit workflow. Once a feature or change set is ready, how much “red tape” is there to get those changes out to customers? But “red tape” isn’t just bureaucratic with software.

        • Python

          • [Old] Programming with Python Scripts

            A Python macro is a function within a .py file, identified as a module. Unlike LibreOffice Basic and its dozen of UNO objects functions or services, Python macros use the XSCRIPTCONTEXT UNO single object, shared with JavaScript and BeanShell. The g_exportedScripts global tuple explicitly lists selectable macros from a module. Python modules hold autonomous code logic, and are independent from one another.

          • [Old] Document FoundationPython Guide – Introduction

            LibreOffice allows the users to write macros in several interpreted languages, one of which is Python. PyUNO is the component that gives users access to the application programming interface (API hereinafter by its acronym Application Programming Interface) of LibreOffice with Python.

          • uni TorontoOur limited use of Python’s cgi module

            Some of our CGIs are purely informational; they present some dynamic information on a web page, and don’t take any parameters or otherwise particularly interact with people. These CGIs tend to use cgitb so that if they have bugs, we have some hope of catching things. When these CGIs were written, cgitb was the easy way to do something, but these days I would log tracebacks to syslog using my good way to format them.

        • Rust

          • Managing Rust crates in private Git repositories

            Rust is all hot these days, and it is indeed a nice language to work with. In this blog post, I take a look at a small challenge: how to host private crates in the form of Git repositories, making them easily available both to developers and CI/CD systems.

    • Standards/Consortia

      • Creative CommonsBetter Internet Series: Architecture and Open Standards

        This article is the third of five detailing breakout sessions from the 2021 Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit about “creating a better internet.” The Summit was an opportune platform for these conversations, as it drew over 1600 attendees from over 90 countries. Attendees included organizations, activists, advocates, librarians, educators, lawyers, and technologists.

        This article summarizes conversations where participants were asked how they would envision and realize a better internet as it relates to architecture and open standards. Other articles in the series include Access to Information and Knowledge, Misinformation, and Platformization and Choice.

  • Leftovers

    • Education

      • Library CaseWhat the Ukrainian and Russian library associations have said

        In a previous blogpost, dated February 25, the day after Russia started its ongoing war on Ukraine, I’ve been thinking about librarians» attitudes to war. This I then followed up with quotations from statements published by IFLA, ALA, EBLIDA and the Nordic National Libraries and my comments. But what have the Ukrainian and Russian library associations said about the ongoing war between their countries?

    • Hardware

      • HackadayLearn All About Writing A Published Technical Book, From Idea To Print

        Ever wondered what, exactly, goes into creating a technical book? If you’d like to know the steps that bring a book from idea to publication, [Sara Robinson] tells all about it as she explains what went into co-authoring O’Reilly’s Machine Learning Design Patterns.

      • HackadayWorld’s Smallest Hair Straightener For Fixing Old LCD Ribbons

        [Stephen] writes to us about an LCD repair tool he has created. We’ve all seen old devices with monochrome LCDs connected by thin film, where connections between the PCB and the LCD have deteriorated and the LCD would no longer show parts of the picture. This is a connection heating gadget, that [Stephen] affectionately dubs as World’s Smallest Hair Straightener, made specifically to bring cool old tech back to life.

      • HackadayReliving Second-Hand Nostalgia With The PDP-11

        Levy’s Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution is something like required reading for the hacker subculture, and Hackaday by extension. The first section of that book is all about early hackers and their adventures with the PDP-1 at MIT. The PDP-11 has earned a special place in hacker history for being the minicomputer used to write the first Unix. We’re always amazed to find how many of our readers have stories about programming PDP microcomputers, usually the PDP-11. Those of us young enough to have missed out on the PDP experience often have something of a second-hand nostalgia for the old machines. An exceptionally detailed article over at Ars Technica promises to get us started reliving the glory days, even if it is for the first time.

      • HackadayThese Mind-Controlled Cat Ears Move With Your Mood

        As any cat owner will tell you, a cat’s ears are great indicators of its state of mind: pointed forward if they want your attention, turned backwards if they’re angry, and folded down flat when they’re afraid. Humans sometimes don cat ear headbands as a fashion statement, but sitting motionless those ears are more likely to confuse a cat than to provide any meaningful communication.

      • HackadayImpedance Mismatch

        There are a few classic physics problems that it can really help to have a mental map of. One is, of course, wave propagation. From big-wave surfing, through loudspeaker positioning, to quantum mechanics, having an intuition for the basic dynamics of constructive and destructive interference is key. Total energy of a system, and how it splits and trades between kinetic and potential, is another.

      • HackadaySensor Playground Keeps Track Of Indoor Air Quality Through The Cloud

        When [tdw] wasn’t feeling well one day, his wife suggested that it might be due to poor air quality in their home. While an ordinary person could have simply opened a window after hearing such an idea, [tdw] instead showed his true hacker spirit and set about measuring the indoor air quality. He began by designing a simple PCB to measure CO2 and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, but eventually broadened his scope to end up with the Sensor Playground: a plug-and-play platform to read out various sensors and store the results in the cloud.

      • The Register UKRising wafer prices lift revenues at chip foundries • The Register

        Contract chip manufacturers grew revenue in the fourth quarter of last calendar year largely by raising the prices of wafers in the face of overloaded factories as the semiconductor industry continued its breakneck pace.

        That’s according to the latest foundry report published Monday by research firm TrendForce, which said the total revenue of the world’s top 10 foundries reached a record of nearly $29.6bn in the fourth quarter of 2021. That marks an 8.3 percent increase from the previous quarter.

        “When the production capacity is severely undersupplied, foundries are able to choose to manufacture the product at a higher price, so the overall [average selling price] of the company will go up when they produce more expensive wafers,” Joanne Chiao, senior analyst at TrendForce, told The Register.

        As for whether the increased wafer prices impact the prices of chips, Chiao said that is up to the foundry customers.

      • CubicleNateRepairing TheJoystick for TheC64 – CubicleNate’s Techpad

        My vintage gaming fun came to a quick pause when the stick part of my Joystick decided to detach itself from the base of this “human-machine interface device.” At first very upset but then I thought, “I’m sure I can fix this.” Sure enough, I was able to and although I didn’t do it because I didn’t have any on hand. I would recommend you get some Loctite to ensure the screw does not become lose on TheJoystick in the future.

      • CNX SoftwareAvnet survey shows chip shortage impacts most designs, increases engineers workload – CNX Software

        Avnet has just released a survey of global engineers asking them how they were coping with the global chip shortage, longer lead times, and the impact on product design. Note that most of the 530 respondents are from EMEA (56%), and the US (31%), while only 10% are in Asia, and 2% are in Japan (I understand Asia means ex-Japan here), so it may not perfectly reflect the global situation, but the results are interesting nonetheless.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • NewYorkTimes$87.50 for 3 Minutes: Inside the Hot Market for Videos of Idling Trucks

        This is a scene from the city’s benign-sounding but often raucous Citizens Air Complaint Program, a public health campaign that invites — and pays — people to report trucks that are parked and idling for more than three minutes, or one minute if outside a school. Those who report collect 25 percent of any fine against a truck by submitting a video just over 3 minutes in length that shows the engine is running and the name of the company on the door.

      • VOA NewsWar in Ukraine Will Worsen Hunger, UN Agency Says

        The Black Sea basin is known as Europe’s breadbasket. It is one of the most important grain and agricultural production areas and a global grain trade route. Russian forces reportedly have kept up to 300 ships from leaving the Black Sea.

        Kern says food and fuel prices are soaring, putting millions at risk of hunger in Ukraine and in particularly vulnerable Middle Eastern and North African countries.

        “The consequences of the conflict in Ukraine are radiating outwards, triggering a wave of collateral hunger across the globe. Russia and Ukraine alone account for almost 30% of global wheat trade. Those shipments are on hold now. Ukraine is also, is the No. 5, actually, producer and exporter of wheat. So, that has a big impact,” Kern said.

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • The Trouble with PowerPoint
        • India TimesMicrosoft Edge vulnerable to attacks: MeitY’s CERT-In issues warning for browser users, advisory to stay safe

          The advisory further reveals that “these vulnerabilities exist in Microsoft Edge due to Heap buffer overflow in ANGLE, use-after-free in Cast UI, use after free in Omnibox, out of bounds read in ANGLE, use after free in Views, use-after-free in WebShare, type confusion in Blink Layout, use-after-free in Media, out of bounds memory access in Mojo, use-after-free in MediaStream, insufficient policy enforcement in Installer, heap buffer overflow in Cast UI, inappropriate implementation in HTML parser, inappropriate implementation in full screen mode, inappropriate implementation in Permissions, use-after-free in Browser Switcher, data leak in Canvas, inappropriate implementation in Autofill, use-after-free in Chrome OS Shell and out of bounds memory access in WebXR.”

        • Security WeekMost Hood Plants Up After Cyber ‘Event,’ Schools Concerned [iophk: Windows TCO]

          Hood is a main dairy supplier in New England. In Peterborough, New Hampshire, the superintendent at the ConVal School District said it will be affected by anticipated milk shortages caused by the cyberattck.

          Superintendent Kimberly Rizzo Saunders said in a statement Wednesday it has been made aware by its foodservice vendor that “Hood anticipates significant impacts in its ordering and delivery processes throughout the next week.”

        • NewYorkTimesWhy You Haven’t Heard About the Secret Cyberwar in Ukraine [iophk: Windows TCO]

          First, some cyberattacks are meant to be visible and, in effect, distract from the stealthier and more dangerous sabotage. On Feb. 15 and 16, Ukrainian banks suffered major denial-of-service attacks, meaning their websites were rendered inaccessible. Western authorities swiftly attributed the attacks to Russia’s intelligence service, and Google is now helping protect 150 websites in Ukraine from such attacks. The Anonymous collective declared cyberwar against the Russian government soon after the attack and obtained a trove of data from a German subsidiary of Rosneft, a major Russian state-owned oil firm. Ukraine’s besieged government has embraced the idea of a crowdsourced I.T. army.

          But these attacks and the decentralized volunteerism are simply a distraction. In fact, often the most damaging cyberoperations are covert and deniable by design. In the heat of war, it’s harder to keep track of who is conducting what attack on whom, especially when it is advantageous to both victim and perpetrator to keep the details concealed.

        • RTLKanye West banned from posting on Instagram for 24 hours

          Instagram said Thursday it had blocked rapper Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, from using his account for 24 hours for violating the social network’s harassment policy amid his acrimonious divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian.

          The 44-year-old megastar has been in the spotlight for several weeks over his attacks on comedian Pete Davidson, who is dating Kardashian.

        • MIT Technology ReviewInside the plan to fix America’s never-ending cybersecurity failures [iophk: Windows TCO]

          The 2021 hack of Colonial Pipeline, the biggest fuel pipeline in the United States, ended with thousands of panicked Americans hoarding gas and a fuel shortage across the eastern seaboard. Basic cybersecurity failures let the hackers in, and then the company made the unilateral decision to pay a $5 million ransom and shut down much of the east coast’s fuel supply without consulting the US government until it was time to clean up the mess.

        • Data BreachesLeaked ransomware documents show Conti helping Putin from the shadows [iophk: Windows TCO]

          A cache of 60,000 leaked chat messages and files from the notorious Conti ransomware group provides glimpses of how the criminal gang is well connected within Russia. The documents, reviewed by WIRED and first published online at the end of February by an anonymous Ukrainian cybersecurity researcher who infiltrated the group, show how Conti operates on a daily basis and its crypto ambitions. They likely further reveal how Conti members have connections to the Federal Security Service (FSB) and an acute awareness of the operations of Russia’s government-backed military hackers.

        • The VergeNRA confirms last year’s ransomware attack

          The National Rifle Association (NRA) has confirmed it was the subject of a ransomware attack that took place last October, according to a report from Gizmodo.

          In a filing to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the organization’s political action committee (PAC), explains the NRA experienced a ransomware attack on October 20th, 2021 that brought its “network offline for two weeks.” Since the NRA wasn’t “able to access email or network files until the second week of November,” the NRA failed to report nearly $2,500 worth of donations, which was the reason for the filing.

        • Security

          • Privacy/Surveillance

            • NewYorkTimesA judge throws out D.C.’s attempt to name Zuckerberg in a privacy lawsuit.

              A judge on Tuesday threw out motions by the attorney general of the District of Columbia to name Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Meta, as a defendant in a privacy lawsuit.

              Judge Maurice A. Ross of Superior Court of the District of Columbia said in a hearing that Washington’s attorney general, Karl Racine, had waited too long to try to amend the lawsuit to name Mr. Zuckerberg as a defendant, a move that sought to hold him personally accountable.

            • CNETBest VPN for Your Smart TV

              Televisions have come a long way since the clunky, fuzzy-pictured sets of the early days. They’ve evolved to become the wafer-thin ultra-HD smart TVs a lot of us have hanging on our walls today. However, every smart TV is also connected to the internet, and that means it’s transmitting all sorts of data while you’re streaming your favorite shows and movies. Nowadays, if you want to protect your privacy while watching TV, it’s a good idea to use a VPN, or virtual private network.

            • MeduzaMeduza’s readers on how Russia’s Instagram ban affects their everyday lives

              It’s been two days since Roskomnadzor blocked Instagram in Russia. The agency, which is in charge of telecommunications control and censorship, believes that the social network is filled with “calls to commit violent actions against Russian citizens and military personnel.” Russia’s Attorney General has called for Meta, Instagram’s parent company, to be blacklisted as an “extremist organization.” At present, the social network is still accessible through VPN, but no one knows if circumventing the block could lead to criminal charges. We asked Meduza readers about what Instagram has meant to them. Here are their answers.

            • CNETFacebook Locks People Out of Accounts for Not Activating Protect Feature

              If you’re wondering why you can’t get into your Facebook account today, the social media giant is locking out some users who were required to activate Facebook Protect with two-factor authentication by the March 17 deadline.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Ukraine Has Won the War—Now Is the Time for Diplomacy
      • The Gray ZoneWas bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to trigger NATO intervention?
      • Common DreamsRussian Forces Strike Deeper Into Mariupol, Launch Devastating Strike on Mykolaiv Barracks

        Russian forces ramped up attacks across Ukraine Saturday, pushing deeper into besieged Mariupol, while the southern city of Mykolaiv reeled from a deadly rocket attack that killed dozens of Ukrainian troops sleeping in their barracks.

        “There are tanks… and artillery shelling, and all kinds of weapons fired in the area. There is no city center left.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Why ‘Doing Something’ for Ukraine—Even With Best Intentions—Might Make Things Worse

        Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s appeal to Congress this week was direct and heart-rending: “This is a terror that Europe has not seen for 80 years, and we are asking for a reply, for an answer to this terror from the whole world. Is this a lot to ask for?”  

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Putin Aggression Leads to Surge in Electrical Vehicle Progress in Europe

        Sean Goulding Carroll at Euractiv.com asks if Europe can defund the Russian war machine by turning to electric vehicles. It should be noted that in part because of the EU carbon tax, already 29% of new car purchases in Europe last December were EVs or plug-in hybrids, so consumers are already stampeding in that direction. Putin may just have given the industry a big lift. While EV prices have jumped momentarily because of the crisis, it may cause governments to give more incentives over the medium term to escape dependence on Russia.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | War and Warring Thoughts: Reasons to Rebel

        What is the meaning of solidarity in times of war? How do we understand anti-imperialism while accompanying the victims of empire? Who fears dissent? What is a reason to rebel against both war and warring thoughts?

      • Common DreamsUNICEF Urges Stronger Protections as 1.5 Million Ukrainian Children Flee War

        The United Nations children’s agency said Saturday that more than 1.5 million children have fled Ukraine since Russian forces invaded, while calling on the international community to protect child refugees facing a “heightened risk of trafficking and exploitation.”

        “With more than 1.5 million children having fled Ukraine as refugees since February 24, and countless others displaced by violence inside the country, the threat facing children is real and growing.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Trauma to Trust—Healing Communities Beset by Violence

        As a Black man who had a family member killed by police, I would never have imagined working with law enforcement. But as a psychotherapist dealing with my own symptoms of trauma because of that loss, I knew I needed help. So a few months after my cousin was killed I found myself in a room with uniformed officers. They were on duty; their guns were loaded. I thought, “Oh boy, this is not the type of training that I signed up for.”

      • Common Dreams‘Absolutely Barbaric’: South Carolina OKs Firing Squad Executions

        In a move described by death penalty abolitionists as “barbaric,” South Carolina on Friday gave the final approval for executions by firing squad.

        According to The State, the South Carolina Department of Corrections informed state Attorney General Alan Wilson that the agency is now able to shoot condemned inmates to death using a three-person volunteer team.

      • NewYorkTimes‘They Keep Killing Us’: Violence Rages in Sudan’s Darfur Two Decades On

        The violence is also driven by a recent influx of fighters and funds from Libya, where many Darfuris have fought as mercenaries in recent years, U.N. officials said. Non-Arab communities have begun forming self-defense militias to repulse attacks. And the federal government seems helpless to stop the violence, with small altercations at markets often snowballing into huge attacks.

        “Even the most petty of infractions or disagreements are now sorted out with a round of warfare,” said Magdi el-Gizouli, a fellow at the Rift Valley Institute, a research group.

      • ReasonTibet’s armed resistance to Chinese invasion

        Chinese dictator Mao Zedong’s stated position had always been that the Tibet uprisings were a good thing: they provided a pretext for faster imposition of full communism, and they offered the PLA combat training under challenging conditions. But not all of the CCP élite shared Mao’s bravado.

        For years Chinese premier Zhou Enlai had been attempting to deal with the diplomatic problems that the Chinese colonization of Tibet was causing with public opinion in India and (in private) with Nehru’s government there. After the March 1959 Lhasa uprising and the Dalai Lama’s escape, Tibet’s plight finally garnered worldwide attention. No recent communist event was more broadly condemned in South and Southeast Asia.

        The suppression of the Tibetans was blatant and vicious imperialism. It undermined Mao’s pretensions to be the anti-imperialist leader of the Third World, the supposed global hero of national liberation movements. Once the truth about Tibet was exposed to the world, many people realized that Maoism as applied was little different from Hitlerism—including in terms of genocide.

    • Transparency/Investigative Reporting

      • The ConversationOpen-source intelligence: how digital sleuths are making their mark on the Ukraine war

        Broadly speaking, open-source intelligence describes the knowledge or insight emerging from focused collection, monitoring and analysis of publicly accessible information, now mostly online, using specialised methods and tools.

        At first sight, open-source intelligence seems to be a contradiction in terms. Intelligence is usually associated with secrets and spies, not the insights of online investigators, many of them amateur, who share their findings with anyone who is interested.

    • Environment

      • TwinCities Pioneer PressHot poles: Antarctica, Arctic 70 and 50 degrees above normal

        Earth’s poles are undergoing simultaneous freakish extreme heat with parts of Antarctica more than 70 degrees (40 degrees Celsius) warmer than average and areas of the Arctic more than 50 degrees (30 degrees Celsius) warmer than average.

        Weather stations in Antarctica shattered records Friday as the region neared autumn. The two-mile high (3,234 meters) Concordia station was at 10 degrees (-12.2 degrees Celsius),which is about 70 degrees warmer than average, while the even higher Vostok station hit a shade above 0 degrees (-17.7 degrees Celsius), beating its all-time record by about 27 degrees (15 degrees Celsius), according to a tweet from extreme weather record tracker Maximiliano Herrera.

      • CBCGreat Barrier Reef suffers widespread coral bleaching due to high ocean temperatures

        Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is suffering widespread and severe coral bleaching due to high ocean temperatures two years after a mass bleaching event, a government agency said on Friday.

        The report by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority, which manages the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem, comes three days before a United Nations delegation is due to assess whether the reef’s World Heritage listing should be downgraded due to the ravages of climate change.

      • The ConversationCounting stars in Orion can help beat light pollution – here’s how to help

        The UK countryside charity CPRE is asking for help with its Orion Star Count 2022 project. You can take part this weekend by counting how many stars you can see in Orion and letting them know the results. That’s it. This activity brings people together and allows us to appreciate nature and experience the sky above. It illustrates how heritage is linked to the sky and what we’re losing through light pollution. After the count, you might look at your own house – and its lights – and consider what you can do to help keep our skies dark.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Shuttering EPA’s Online Archive Is a Grave Disservice to the Public

        The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will be discontinuing its online archive in July 2022. This means the public will lose access to tens of thousands of web resources. These resources convey information about critical environmental issues, and past and present agency activities, policies, and priorities. All of these resources are publicly funded and intended for public consumption, but the public will no longer be able to access them.

      • TruthOutClimate Groups Slam Biden Energy Department for Increasing LNG Exports
      • Energy

        • The AtlanticAmerica’s Energy Security Is Falling Apart

          Yet since Russia invaded Ukraine, every tenet of that approach has been either proved wrong or outright abandoned. After sanctions swept Russian oil off global markets, gas prices hit record highs. They were brought down not by any policy, but because China imposed new COVID lockdowns. At the same time, Congress has failed to invest in any of the clean alternatives that would reduce American oil consumption.

          That’s especially stunning because, unlike during previous crises, renewables and electric vehicles are now mature technologies that could be deployed immediately to cut oil demand. We no longer have to dream: A future where the U.S. economy is far less vulnerable to wild oil price swings—the goal of U.S. energy policy for the past 50 years—is now within reach. But instead of seizing it, lawmakers are sitting around. For the first time in many years, America has no credible plan for how to maintain its energy security in a geopolitical crisis.

    • Finance

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • TruthOutNew York GOP Throws Its Weight Behind Trumpist Lee Zeldin in Governor’s Race
      • NewYorkTimesSecuring the TikTok Vote

        Social media has played a role in political campaigning since at least 2007, when Barack Obama, then an Illinois senator, registered his first official Twitter handle. Since then, enormous numbers of political bids have harnessed the power of social platforms, through dramatic announcement videos on YouTube, Twitter debates, Reddit A.M.A.s, fireside chats on Instagram Live and more. TikTok, with its young-skewing active global user base of one billion, would seem a natural next frontier.

    • Misinformation/Disinformation

      • Marine Corps unveils ‘influence officers’ for information fight

        The Marine Corps has launched a new occupational field in the hopes of producing better specialists in the information warfare field.

        The new 17XX information maneuver occupational field will bring in Marines from psychological operations, civil affairs field into the new occupational field, according to a press release.

      • The Washington PostSome Russians are breaking through Putin’s digital iron curtain — leading to fights with friends and family

        Still, Russians seem determined to get around the restrictions. According to the digital intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the top five VPNs in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store were downloaded 6.4 million times between Feb. 24 and March 13. In the three weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, the same VPN apps were downloaded only 253,000 times.

        Independent Russian media organizations, which have moved their reporters outside of the country, still report some of what’s happening in Ukraine, and there are still some discussions happening on community groups on VK, Russia’s most popular social media network, according to Russians who spoke to The Washington Post. Some Russians are also finding independent news on Telegram and YouTube, which Russia has not yet blocked.

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • NewsweekMaine Library Fights Book-Banning Trend by Seeking Out Controversial Titles

        “We are buying banned books in order to publicly push back against the impetus to ban books. To say, ‘If you don’t want it in your library, we want it in ours,’” library patron Eva Murray told the Bangor Daily News. Murray recently returned to Matinicus Island from the mainland to purchase several historically banned titles from the library.

      • BBCWar in Ukraine: Anti-war opinions can cost Russians their jobs

        Two hours after posting, he received a call from the school’s headteacher telling him to delete it immediately, or leave his job.

      • The HillTaliban reportedly arrests journalists over story on censoring: report

        The Taliban arrested three journalists from TOLO TV Thursday night, according to the Afghan television station.

        The three employees were detained after airing a story about the Taliban’s censorship of a foreign drama series in Afghanistan.

      • ABCTaliban release 3 Afghan TV staffers detained over media ban

        Moby Group, the media company that owns TOLO TV, said the detentions were the result of the station reporting “about the banning of the foreign drama series” — a decision made by the Taliban-appointed Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

        The Taliban gave no explanation for their ban, the latest restriction imposed since their takeover of the country in mid-August.

      • Deutsche WelleTaliban release three detained Afghan journalists

        Afghanistan’s governing Taliban have released three arrested TOLONews employees, the company said Friday. TOLO, an independent news channel, is the country’s largest TV station.

        Director Khpalwak Sapai, legal advisor Nafay Khaleeq and newscaster Bahram Aman were all arrested at the network’s studios Thursday evening. Sapai told news outlets that he and Khaleeq were released shortly after their detention but that Aman was kept in custody overnight and let go on Friday.

    • Freedom of Information/Freedom of the Press

      • VOA NewsBangladesh Court Grants Bail to Sister of Exiled Journalist

        The sister of a U.S.-based dissident Bangladeshi journalist has been granted bail by a Bangladesh court after 160 days in detention and, according to her lawyer, may be released sometime next week.

        Nusrat Shahrin Raka, 38, the sister of journalist Kanak Sarwar, was detained Oct. 5 in Dhaka by Bangladesh’s special police force — the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). She was charged under the country’s controversial Digital Security Act for spreading anti-state propaganda and under the Narcotics Control Act for possessing crystal meth, which the police claimed to have found in her home.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • The Register UKFCC gives Pacific Networks 60 days to leave the US

        Chinese telco Pacific Networks and its subsidiary ComNet must cease all services within the United States within 60 days from Wednesday March 16 following an order issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

        In a canned statement, the FCC cited “potential security threats” as the justification for its action, which passed on a 4-0 vote.

        The agency concluded that the companies, which it deemed US subsidiaries of Chinese state-owned entities, are “subject to exploitation, influence and control by the Chinese government” and “highly likely” to be forced into complying with requests from Beijing without independent judicial oversight.

      • QuartzGoogle’s subsea cable for Africa is making its first landing in Togo

        The landing in Togo may come as a surprise since an initial map of the project suggested it would branch out first in Lagos, Nigeria, arguably Africa’s technology hub. But Cina Lawson, Togo’s minister for digital economy and digital transformation, said her government successfully made the case to Google that it should be Togo instead.

    • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

    • Monopolies

      • VarietyFollowing Amazon’s MGM Acquisition Close, FTC Warns It May ‘Challenge a Deal at Any Time’

        UPDATED: Amazon on Thursday morning announced that it closed its $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM. But the deal may not be out of the regulatory woods yet.

        The Federal Trade Commission, asked about its review of Amazon’s MGM acquisition, noted that the agency has the latitude to file a legal challenge even after the parties have closed a transaction. “The FTC does not comment on any particular matters. However, we reiterate that the Commission does not approve transactions and may challenge a deal at any time if [the agency] determines that it violates the law,” FTC spokesperson Betsy Lordan said in a statement to Variety.

      • The Register UK$5bn+ Big Tech mergers in cross-hairs of draft US laws [Ed: The Register uses the Microsoft lobbying propaganda, “Big Tech” (designed to distract from Microsoft’s crimes)]

        A pair of law bills before the US House and Senate would give watchdogs stronger powers to block big mergers, and allow regulators to reach back into the past to dismantle previous M&As deemed to be harmful.

        Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and House Representative Mondaire Jones (D-NY) each sponsored a version of the Prohibiting Anticompetitive Mergers Act (PAMA) [PDF] for their respective halves of Congress. If passed into law, this would allow the FTC or Dept of Justice to block takeovers valued at over $5bn – so-called prohibited mergers – and give other regulatory powers to antitrust officials.

      • Patents

        • Common DreamsOpinion | Activists Say New ‘Compromise’ on IP Waiver for Covid Vaccines Is Worse Than No Deal

          On Tuesday, after a year and a half of negotiations over an intellectual property waiver for Covid-related products, the United States, European Union, India and South Africa reportedly reached agreement on a temporary waiver of patent rules for Covid vaccines. “The difficult and protracted process has resulted in a compromise outcome that offers the most promising path toward achieving a concrete and meaningful outcome,” said U.S. Trade Representative spokesperson Adam Hodge in a statement. Global health activists, however, are slamming the tentative deal as not only insufficient, but a potential setback, because it excludes tests and treatments, includes a carveout for China, and introduces new barriers for the production of generic treatments that could have implications far beyond the Covid crisis.

      • Copyrights

        • Torrent FreakCourt Prohibits Convicted Lawyer from Filing New Copyright Lawsuits

          Paul Hansmeier, one of the convicted attorneys behind the controversial Prenda Law firm, is no longer allowed to file new copyright cases in the District of Minnesota. The court issued the restrictions and dismissed over a dozen pending cases, through which Hansmeier hoped to show that his conviction was unconstitutional.

        • Torrent FreakWatch Tower vs. McFree: Nonprofit Defends Critic’s Fair Use & Anonymity Rights

          ‘Kevin McFree’ recently fended off a Watch Tower DMCA subpoena after a judge found that his critical animations were protected under fair use. However, Watch Tower is aggressively pursuing a separate copyright lawsuit, one that deals with exactly the same issues. The big development is that McFree’s plight has been taken on by the formidable Public Citizen Litigation Group.

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