Links 11/04/2022: IPFire 2.27 – Core Update 167 and New OMLx 4.3 ISOs

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Spinning up my own cloud desktop

        Sometimes I find myself wishing that I have a Linux desktop that I can access remotely. Whilst having a cloud-based desktop is not new, it is, however, a bit expensive when used sparingly.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

      • LWNKernel prepatch 5.18-rc2 [LWN.net]

        The second 5.18 kernel prepatch is out for testing. “Things look fairly normal here, although it’s early in the release cycle so it’s a bit hard to say for sure. But at least it’s not looking particularly odd, and we have fixes all over.”

    • Applications

      • Linux LinksBest Free and Open Source Alternatives to Apple Shazam

        Mac OS X is Apple’s proprietary operating system for its line of Macintosh computers. Its interface, known as Aqua, is highly polished and built on top of a BSD derivative (Darwin). There’s a whole raft of proprietary applications that are developed by Apple for their operating software. This software is not available for Linux and there’s no prospect of that position changing.

        In 2020, Apple began the Apple silicon transition, using self-designed, 64-bit ARM-based Apple M1 processors on new Mac computers. Maybe it’s the perfect time to move away from the proprietary world of Apple, and embrace the open source Linux scene.

      • OpenSource.com5 open source alternatives to Doodle polls

        Whether you run a temporary solution in a container, an occasional poll on Nextcloud, or build a full productivity suite around scheduling, there are plenty of open source solutions for getting input from your event’s participants. The world is smaller due to the increase of video calls we make, and now it’s effortless to coordinate your meetups across time zones and busy schedule

      • Linux Hint101 Linux Commands Every User Should Know

        Linux distributions offer you a “shell,” an interface used for accessing the system services. The majority of the Linux distros utilize their Graphical User Interface (GUI) as “shell”, primarily for user convenience. However, it is recommended to use the Command Line Interface (CLI) as it is more effective and powerful. Also, the tasks that are performed through multi-steps in the Linux GUI process can be completed in seconds through the CLI or Linux terminal.

        Mastering the basic Linux commands can help you a lot if you consider using Linux on your system. We have provided an e-book comprising the 101 Linux commands that every Linux user should know. Whether you are a newbie, a developer, an average Linux user, or a system administrator, this e-book will undoubtedly assist in navigating through Linux.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Linux HintHow to Copy Paste in Vi

        Vi/Vim is commonly used as a primary text editor. Although Vi and Vim are the same, Vim is also recognized as an improved version of Vi with code highlighting. For text files, copying, cutting, pasting, etc., are the text files’ popular operations. This article will discuss some of these special operations of text files and see how they are performed in Vi/Vim.
        Now, we will explain multiple methods to copy and paste in Vi. We will also include copying and pasting in different modes.

      • ID RootHow To Install Prometheus on AlmaLinux 8 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Prometheus on AlmaLinux 8. For those of you who didn’t know, Prometheus is open-source monitoring with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time-series database, and a modern alerting approach.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you through the step-by-step installation of the Prometheus monitoring system and time series database on an AlmaLinux 8. You can follow the same instructions for CentOS and Rocky Linux.

      • TechRepublicHow to convert all your Snap packages to Flatpak on Ubuntu with Unsnap | TechRepublic

        I’m going to preface this by saying I use Snap packages. I understand there are a lot of users out there who are completely against this universal packaging system for reasons such as Canonical’s stranglehold on them and a reputation for being noticeably slower to launch than packages installed via the traditional method or via the competitor, Flatpak.

      • Trend OceansHow to install Figma in Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, and RHEL based OS ) – TREND OCEANS

        Figma is a well-known web-based tool for digital collaboration and prototyping. It is used by designers, developers, and business people to create interactive prototypes and share them with others, and you can also find community-based resources to hone your skill.

        Figma is basically a web-based tool, and some of the offline features are only available to Windows and Mac users, so we don’t have an official way to access Figma on our Linux machine. Whether you own Ubuntu, Arch, or RHEL based, there is no support yet.

        However, you can download the unofficial, community-based Figma desktop app for Linux machines, which is based on the Electron framework.

      • How to Install AnyDesk on openSUSE

        In our times, remote assistance has been essential for remote problem-solving. For this, we have several important tools, and today I will tell you about one of them. In this post, you will learn how to install AnyDesk on openSUSE.

      • How to Deploy Modsecurity with Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

        Security is a fundamental aspect of every sysadmin’s job. Especially if you have public websites or web applications hosted with Nginx on your server. That’s why today we present you this post, where you will learn how to deploy ModSecurity with Nginx in Ubuntu 20.04.

        mod_security is an Apache security module, it acts as a web application firewall (WAF) and its job is to filter and block suspicious HTTP requests. This makes it possible to prevent brute force attacks and so on.

        Although it is an Apache module, we can install and deploy it for Nginx. That’s the reason for our post.

      • VituxHow to Install and Configure Samba on Debian 11 – VITUX

        Samba is a powerful open-source tool that enables Windows-like sharing of files and printers on a network on Linux systems. It allows Linux and Windows computers to coexist and interact on the same network. It is installed on the Linux server where the files to be shared are located. These shared files can then be accessed by any authorized Linux or Windows client on the same network.
        In this article, we will explain how to install and configure the Samba server on a Debian system. We will also learn how to access these shared files from Linux or Windows machines.

        We used Debian 11 to run the commands and procedures mentioned in this article. However, the commands and procedures work almost the same in other Linux distributions.

      • Installation and Review of Qubes Linux [Lightweight Distro]

        This article will talk about the installation and setup process of Qubes Linux. It will also talk about how to test and evaluate the security features of Qubes Linux. Finally, it will offer a brief overview of its advantages and disadvantages, as well as some of the alternatives available for running Qubes.

        The installation and setup process of Qubes Linux is pretty easy. It is also a security-focused desktop operating system that aims to provide security through isolation which is a great selling point for sysadmins, journalists, and hopefully ethical hackers.

        Qubes is a Linux distribution that uses Xen, a virtualization technology, which allows you to have several isolated operating system environments all running on the same computer. With Qubes, you can have several different operating systems running in different environments, all on the same computer.

      • VituxSet Date and Time in AlmaLinux, CentOS and Rocky Linux – VITUX

        It is very important that your installed operating system has the correct date and time settings because many programs that run in the background (cronjobs) are executed at certain times and also log entries contain timestamps so that system events can be traced in case of an error. And of course, if you’re working on the desktop, the clock should show the correct time

        In this tutorial we will show you how to set the date and time in Rocky Linux 8, AlmaLinux 8, and CentOS 8 both from the GUI and from the shell (command line).

      • ID RootHow To Install PHP 8 on Rocky Linux 8 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install PHP 8 on Rocky Linux 8. For those of you who didn’t know, PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development. The PHP version 8 has been released with new features and optimization including null safe operator, Just in Time Compiler (JIT), error handling, match expression, etc.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the PHP 8 on Rocky Linux. 8.

      • Linux Shell TipsMultipass – Run Ubuntu VMs on Demand for Any Linux System

        Before we dive into installing Multipass, we must first understand the importance and implications of virtual machines in the operating systems ecosystem.

        A virtual machine is an emulating software that can mock the behavior of a different operating system or hardware architecture on top of the host operating system. Virtual Machines mirror a physical computer’s functionality.

        Multipass lets you create Ubuntu VMs that are functional on any workstation. By executing a single command, you get an instant Ubuntu VM up and running.

        Also, Multipass lets you configure your VMs to emulate a public cloud infrastructure via cloud-init. It also does not cost you anything to locally prototype such cloud launches.

      • Red Hat OfficialHow to use ‘podman save’ to share container images | Enable Sysadmin

        A virtual machine is an emulating software that can mock the behavior of a different operating system or hardware architecture on top of the host system.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install/Upgrade LibreOffice on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        LibreOffice is a great way to get all your work done, and it’s also completely free and open-source! This suite uses an accepted, almost required file format called ODF or Open Document Format. Many people use this program because not only does it have everything you need for editing documents, but with its simple interface, anyone can easily navigate through features without getting lost in jargon. It has excellent compatibility across platforms, which means there’ll never be any problems when collaborating remotely using Skype on one device while reviewing drafts live on Pastebin.

        LibreOffice includes Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics and flowcharts), Base (databases), and Math (formula editing).

      • FAQForgeHow to Install Apache Maven Build Tool on Debian Linux

        Apache Maven is a build automation tool that is used in many projects today. Maven provides coders and DevOps with a standard way to create and manage projects, as well as implement software project management processes such as maintenance, release, and reporting on the progress of the project. An important part of any software developer or company is the ability to track what they have invested in – this is often done through the use of a good project management tool that provides visibility into the team’s progress.

        Maven defines both a standard directory structure for storing source code, configuring plug-ins to perform builds, managing dependencies required to build source code, and reporting on the overall health of the project or errors that occur during dependency resolution. All of this is defined in Maven’s Project Object Model (POM). Once this metadata is created, Maven can be used to build projects through its well-defined command-line interface.

      • Linux HintHow to Check PostgreSQL Version

        A C-based open-source database management system, PostgreSQL, was developed in 1996 by the University of California, Berkeley. PostgreSQL keeps updating the database version at regular time intervals. Its primary edition is released once a year and focuses on fixing known bugs, adding new features, and improving them. It is essential to know the version of PostgreSQL installed on your system, both as a database administrator and system administrator. Its minor version comes at least every three months to address ongoing security concerns.

      • Linux HintHow to Change Vim Color Scheme

        Vim is one of the most powerful UNIX text editors you can master. It’s the successor of the vi text editor (available on all UNIX systems). Vim is free and open-source with tons of features and customization options. In fact, it comes with everything that you’d expect from any modern text editor. There are also numerous add-ons available to extend the functionalities.In this guide, we are going to focus on the Vim color schemes.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install LightZone on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – LinuxCapable
      • Linux CapableHow to Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – LinuxCapable
      • Linux HintHow to Fix: “Ubuntu No Wi-Fi Adapter Found” issue

        Many Ubuntu users face hardware compatibility problems like being unable to detect a Wi-Fi adapter or unable to detect a graphics card. This is not a problem with any Linux distro; rather, it is a case of not having proper drivers installed on the system.

        This can be fixed by either running some commands in the Terminal window or doing a Software Update using the Software Updater application. So, in this article, I’m going to show you both methods step-by-step to solve the issue of “No adapter found” in Ubuntu.

      • Linux HintHow to Get Movie Information on Raspberry Pi Terminal

        For entertainment purposes, a lot of movies, seasons, music videos, and games are released worldwide. We can extract the information of all these movies and TV shows in the Raspberry Pi terminal easily using Python. To extract the movie information, we use the IMDbPY library of Python and with the help of a script can collect the information about the movies from the IMDb database.

        In this write-up, we will install the Python library and learn about the Python script by which we can collect the information about the movies.

      • Linux HintHow to Install AnyDesk on Raspberry Pi

        AnyDesk is a software that is used to access and control the remote devices from the client device. It comes with tons of features like file transfering, session recording, privacy mode and text chat. In this write-up, the installation procedure of the AnyDesk software on the Raspberry Pi will be explained.

      • Linux HintHow to Install Drupal on Raspberry Pi

        Drupal is a free, scalable and open-source web management system (CMS) backed by a large community. Its applications are broad, ranging from building a professional blogging page to operating the official government site.

        For a non-technical user who doesn’t have enough knowledge of web development, Drupal is a perfect platform to start their website-building journey since it offers creative website themes and tools to make a website from scratch easily.

        For Raspberry Pi users, installing Drupal on the device isn’t a hard job, and this article will assist you in successfully installing Drupal on Raspberry Pi.

      • Linux HintHow to Install Sonic Pi on Raspberry Pi

        Sonic Pi is a tool used for the creation of music with the help of coding! Yes, this is surprising that you can create the music with the help of the scripts without using any musical instruments. With the help of the Sonic Pi package, we can create music of different types like Jazz, classical, and even Pop.

        The Sonic Pi is simple to learn and it is supported by Windows, macOS, and the Raspberry Pi operating system. In this write-up, we will download the Sonic Pi and also learn the methods to install it on Raspberry Pi.

      • Linux HintHow to Install the LibreElec on the Raspberry Pi

        LibreElec is a Linux distribution that is used as a home theater PC (HTPC) and is popular to run Kodi on any device like Raspberry Pi 4 or Odroid. The LibreElec is a lightweight operating system and it supports all the necessary tools like the high-quality sound and displays to run the KODI media center software.

        The LibreElec can be installed on the Raspberry Pi 4 to turn it into a home theater. In this write-up, the installation method of the LibreElec has been discussed in detail.

      • Linux HintHow to Install the SpookyGhost on the Raspberry Pi

        The SpookyGhost is a simple tool to create animations without paying any subscription to the developers of the application. The SpookyGhost provides all the basic tools which any animator requires. SpookyGhost is a cross-platform application that comes with various features like unlimited canvas size, drag and drop, lua scripting and different exporting methods. and in this write-up, we are going to explore the installation method of the SpookyGhost on the Raspberry Pi 4.

      • OSNoteDocker and Docker Compose Installation on Rocky Linux 8 – OSNote

        Docker is a free and open platform for building, delivering, and operating apps. Docker allows you to decouple your apps from your infrastructure, allowing you to fastly release software. You can manage your infrastructure the same way you control your applications with Docker. You may drastically minimize the time between writing code and executing it in production by leveraging Docker’s approaches for shipping, testing, and deploying code quickly.

        Docker Compose is a Docker application that allows you to define and operate multi-container Docker applications. You configure your application’s services using Compose using a YAML file. Then you build and start all of the services from your setup with a single command.

        In this article, we are going to learn how to install docker and docker-compose with examples and commands.

      • OSNoteHow to Install Python on AlmaLinux 8 – OSNote

        Python is a programming language that was created with one goal in mind: to make it easy for anyone, not matter their skill level or experience as far as computer science goes. Developed over 30 years ago by Guido van Rossum and still evolving today under an ever-watchful eye (but never too much), this innovative system of codes allows users access tools they need without having any previous knowledge about how things work underneath them all – making success possible at every turn!

    • Games

      • Boiling Steam54% of the Top 100 Steam Games Work on the Steam Deck – Boiling Steam

        While there’s been a lot of great progress in the number of games that now work on the Steam Deck, it’s also important to take a look at how many of the top 100 games on Steam are supported by the Steam Deck. Today, you will finally have an answer to that burning question, with more details than in the headline!

      • GamingOnLinuxMight and Delight come up with a plan to save Book of Travels | GamingOnLinux

        Book of Travels is a tiny multiplayer online RPG from developer Might and Delight (known for the likes of Shelter and Meadow), which didn’t do particularly well at the Early Access release but now they have a plan to save it.

        Now the dust has settled on their studio cutbacks, they’ve outlined a reasonable sounding plan to get Book of Travels into a state where it can be ready for them to continue to produce actual playable content. This includes bringing in “help from old friends with large amounts of experience dealing with situations like ours”.

      • GamingOnLinuxA developer made a ShadowPlay-like high-performance recording tool for Linux | GamingOnLinux

        Find you get too much of a performance hit using other recording tools like OBS Studio? Maybe this new tool will help. It doesn’t have a fancy name, just called “gpu screen recorder” along with GTK front-end you can use to help manage it.

      • GamingOnLinuxHeroes of Might and Magic II recreation ‘fheroes2′ gets improved language support | GamingOnLinux

        fheroes2 is easily now the best way to play Heroes of Might and Magic II on any platform, an absolute classic and the project continues to evolve.

        Version 0.9.14 was released recently improving the supported languages, like the ability to properly display Norwegian and Italian languages, plus most other translations were also updated. The “Battle Only” button was also fixed across most languages.

      • GamingOnLinuxSelaco is an FPS inspired by F.E.A.R and a demo is coming soon | GamingOnLinux

        To say I am hyped about trying Selaco might be a serious understatement because it looks incredible. A GZDoom powered cross-platform FPS inspired by F.E.A.R and soon a demo will be available.

      • GamingOnLinuxOpenRazer 3.3 adds support for more hardware on Linux | GamingOnLinux

        OpenRazer version 3.3 brings with it support for even more Razer hardware on Linux, along with some other improvements. This is now a rather big collection of drivers, which you can use with various front-ends like Polychromatic and RazerGenie.

      • GamingOnLinuxValheim gets a bug fix update as work on Mistlands continues | GamingOnLinux

        While most players are itching to play through the upcoming Mistlands update, Iron Gate have a small bug-fix and improvement update out for Valheim. From the last update Iron Gate gave on Mistlands, we’re still sadly quite a while away from seeing it in-game as there’s a lot of work ahead on it.

      • GamingOnLinuxSteam Deck Plugin Loader gets another release, should work better now | GamingOnLinux

        The community-built Steam Deck Plugin Loader continues to mature, with version 1.1.0 out now fixing some issues.

        With this installed onto your Steam Deck, you will be able to load it up with whatever Plugins the community can come up with like a classic Big Picture Mode or a Calculator. No doubt plenty more plugins will be appearing over the next few weeks and months once the project improves more.

      • Linux Hint5 Best SNES Emulator for Android in 2022

        Android devices have far more processing power than many older generations of video game consoles, so why not use your Android smartphone or tablet to play some of the best games ever created?
        Suppose you’re into 16-bit retro games like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Chronograph Trigger, The Legend of Zelda, or Super Castlevania. In that case, you can install one of the best SNES emulators for Android to play these and other Super Nintendo Entertainment System titles.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • Ubuntu PitThe 20 Best KDE Multimedia Apps for Linux System

          Many of us, especially Linux users, are familiar with KDE. It’s the K Desktop Environment that KDE actually stands for, and it is specially dedicated to the Linux-based operating system. It is simply a GUI for Linux and quite similar to GNOME. However, KDE is a community of international free software, and it aims to develop more free and open-source applications. Well, if you are looking for some media apps, you can try a lot of KDE multimedia apps for Linu

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • Trend OceansMaterial Shell Extension added support to Gnome 42

          Last week, the Material Shell team released support for the Gnome 42 desktop environment. If you are using Fedora 36, Clear Linux, or any other Linux environment that has Gnome 42, then you must try it once.

          The Material Shell extension will change your working style to be more productive with the tiling window

    • Distributions

      • ZDNetCutefish OS is the cutest Linux distribution you’ll ever use

        Given how early Cutefish OS is in development, I’m not going to lie…when this distribution hits its official release milestone, I will seriously consider adopting it as my default OS. The amazingly clean (and adorable) look, combined with remarkable ease of use, makes Cutefish OS an irresistible option.

        At the moment, there is no timeframe on when the 1.0 release will be available, but keep checking in on the Cutefish OS site and download it as soon as it’s released. In the meantime, I highly recommend you download and give the beta a try. Trust me when I say you will be impressed.

      • Barry KaulerDependencies for new app compiled in OE [OpenEmbedded]

        The heading is deliberately vague, I want to keep the suspense. This is a very interesting new app, and I will probably post about it tomorrow.

      • New Releases

        • GamingOnLinuxLinux distro EndeavourOS has the ‘Apollo’ release out now
        • IPFire Official BlogIPFire 2.27 – Core Update 167 is available for testing

          After the single-issue Core Update 166, the next regular update is available for testing. It brings an updated kernel in which we continue our efforts to harden IPFire even further; various package updates including bug and security fixes as well as smaller improvements throughout the distribution.

          As usual, the updated kernel comes with a heap of bug fixes, security fixes, and hardware support improvements from upstream. In addition to that, Michael contributed a patch, which is not only fixing bug #12760, but also believed to cure some long-standing quirks, causing especially VoIP calls not to be established properly every now and then. Should the patch pass testing successfully, we will of course upstream it to the Linux kernel in order to let the whole open-source community benefit from it.

      • PCLinuxOS/Mageia/Mandriva/OpenMandriva Family

        • New Rock/OMLx 4.3 snapshot ISOs (Fixes bug 2657)

          These are a snapshot of Rock/OMLx 4.3 repositories with about 120+ upgraded packages plus about 10 new packages installed as dependencies. These are mostly bug fixes and security upgrades. People wanting to do a fresh install may use these snapshots thereby avoiding needing these updates.

      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

        • Enterprisers ProjectDigital transformation: Emotional intelligence required

          Digital transformation is not just about technology – it’s also about people. CIOs are tasked with driving a legacy-laden world into a digital one. Meanwhile, IT teams implementing this monumental shift can face depression and burnout.

          The need for speed can fray emotions, stretch intelligence, and test patience. Pressure can challenge CIOs’ ability to make sound decisions and push the limits of their emotional intelligence (also known as EQ, a term created by Peter Salavoy and John Mayer and popularized by Dan Goleman in his 1996 book, Emotional Intelligence).

        • Enterprisers ProjectMachine learning (ML) projects: 5 reasons they fail

          You don’t have to look far to see what’s at the root of enterprise IT’s enthusiasm for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) projects – data, and lots of it! Data, indeed, is king across a range of industries, and companies need AI/ML to glean meaningful insights from it.

          HCA Healthcare, for example, used machine learning to create a big data analysis platform to speed sepsis detection, while BMW used it to support its automated vehicle initiatives. While AI/ML can bring tremendous value to businesses, your team will first have to navigate around a common set of challenges.

        • Next Open NeuroFedora meeting: 11 April 1300 UTC | NeuroFedora: Blog

          Please join us at the next regular Open NeuroFedora team meeting on Monday 11 April at 1300 UTC The meeting is a public meeting, and open for everyone to attend.

        • Red HatRed Hat Summit 2022: A developer preview | Red Hat Developer

          Are you a developer who works with Red Hat technologies—or is curious to learn more about them? Join us at Red Hat Summit 2022 on May 10 and 11 to learn from the experts behind the code, and find the tools you need to help solve your most pressing tech challenges. Over these two days—and beyond—you’ll get access to sessions and technical presentations on the topics most relevant to your interests and career. Registration is now open!

          One of the most anticipated presentations is “Ask the experts anything about developer product adoption,” a live, interactive session that will stream at 12 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 11. Red Hat Developer’s Edson Yanaga, Mithun Dhar, and Ignacio Riesgo know all about increasing your developer productivity with developer tools for Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Runtimes, and Red Hat Application Services.

        • Red HatIntroduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 8: TypeScript [Ed: IBM/Red Hat boosting Microsoft again today]
        • IDGLooking back on IBM’s game-changing mainframe moments – Reseller News

          The latest generation of IBM mainframes, the z16, is just the most recent chapter of one of the longest running tech success stories.

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

        • DedoimedoLibreOffice 7.3 review – Not a turning point

          Do I feel unhappy today, or what. LibreOffice 7.3 sure didn’t deliver. There are tons of problems here, including some old, outstanding, almost stubborn choices and decisions that only harm LibreOffice and its users. The only benefactor from LibreOffice not rendering Microsoft Office files properly is Microsoft, because people are forced to remain locked in the ecosystem with no viable alternative. Ideology won’t sway businesses, and so the only thing left for ordinary users is to compromise. With me looking to leave the world of Windows, this only makes matters worse.

          And y’know, the biggest issue with LibreOffice isn’t so much the functionality parity or lack thereof, or the visual bugs and problems, or even performance problems, or any of the stuff I’ve been complaining about for the past decade. The big problem is the lack of consistency in the user experience. If I grab half a dozen files, save them, then try to open them in one version of the office suite and six months after that in another, and the results are so vastly different, then I have no foundation, no baseline to work with. I’m left with nothing.

          Anyway, this does not bode well for LibreOffice. Yes, it works. 93% of the time, it delivers results. Perhaps not in the best, most elegant way, but you can sort of get along. But the remaining 7% are a total, wild gamble. That’s where everything falls apart. That would be LibreOffice 7.3, and that would be the end of this article. I was hoping for more, but then, it’s my fault to have hoped in the first place, it seems.

      • Content Management Systems (CMS)

        • OpenSource.com6 reasons this nonprofit chose Backdrop for its open source CMS | Opensource.com

          As a nonprofit that builds websites for other nonprofits (among other things), the Stuart Center has used a variety of platforms over the years based on experience and feedback from nonprofit partners. In the early days, we did straight HTML websites, and as content management system (CMS) technology blossomed, used Mambo (and Joomla after it forked). We then moved on and have used WordPress and Drupal for years now. As things evolve and change, we always have to re-assess and adjust course as necessary based on the audience we are serving. Of course, it’s not just the technology that is changing, but the focus and priorities and end-user experience of the various projects.

          The Stuart Center serves primarily small to mid-sized nonprofits. Many of our partners don’t have a full-time website person, and often people wear many hats. Funding is usually tight. They have website needs that can’t always fit into a cookie-cutter solution, and they appreciate flexibility from a website so it can be a solid base that can grow and scale and adapt as their needs do. This is why we’ve often turned to Drupal over the last decade or so.

          In the last number of years, we’ve shifted and begun to suggest Backdrop to our partners as an alternative to Drupal. Backdrop not only maintains many of the strengths of Drupal: it also brings some strong new features and a particular focus on and attention to just the kind of groups that make up our audience. Here are some of the deciding factors we considered as we’ve observed and begun to participate in the Backdrop project. (And to be clear, this is not intended as a knock on the other projects as much as an endorsement of Backdrop – we’ve used WordPress and Drupal plenty and I expect we’ll use them again when the project is right).

      • Programming/Development

        • Python

          • OpenSource.comAutomate checking for flaws in Python with Thoth

            Most cyberattacks take advantage of publicly known vulnerabilities. Many programmers can automate builds using Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) or DevOps techniques. But how can we automate the checks for security flaws that turn up hourly in different free and open source libraries? Many methods now exist to ferret out buggy versions of libraries when building an application.

            This article will focus on Python because it boasts some sophisticated tools for checking the security of dependencies. In particular, the article explores Project Thoth because it pulls together many of these tools to automate Python program builds with security checks as part of the resolution process. One of the authors, Fridolín, is a key contributor to Thoth.

        • C++

          • Linux HintHeap Sort C++

            As we know that the C++ language has a lot of sorting algorithms for sorting array-like structures. One of those sorting techniques is the Heap sort. It is quite popular among C++ developers because it is considered to be the most efficient when it comes to its working. It is a little different from other sorting techniques because it requires the information of data structure trees along with the concept of arrays. If you have heard and learned about binary trees, then learning Heap sort will be no more a problem for you.

            Within heap sort, two types of heaps can be generated, i.e., min-heap and max-heap. The max-heap will sort the binary tree in descending order, while the min-heap will sort the binary tree in ascending order. In other words, the heap will be “max” when the parent node of a child is greater in value and vice versa. So, we have decided to write this article for all those naïve users of C++ who have no prior knowledge about sorting, especially the heap sort.

            Let’s start our today’s tutorial with the Ubuntu 20.04 login to get access to the Linux system. After the login, make use of the shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+T” or the activity area to open its console application named “Terminal.” We have to utilize the console for making a file for implementation. The command for the creation is a simple one-word “touch” instruction following the new name for a file to be created. We have been naming our c++ file as “heap.cc”. After the file creation, you need to start implementing the codes in it. For that, you have to open it first through some Linux editors. There are three built-in editors of Linux that can be used for this purpose, i.e., nano, vim, and text. We are using the “Gnu Nano” editor.

          • Linux HintBinary Search Tree C++

            BST is a data structure that maintains the data in a sorted list. It is known as a binary search tree because, in the tree, every node has a two children maximum that cannot be increased further. This is known as a search tree because it is used to search or find any item present. We will implement this phenomenon in the C++ language.

          • Linux HintDifftime function in C++

            While calculating or performing any operation, we might need any function to calculate the total time that has passed until now or provide the difference of time in seconds between two points. In C++, there can be different ways to perform this task inappropriately. But we will discuss the built-in function of C++, that is difftime() function, As the name indicates that it calculates the difference in time. This function is defined in the library . So whenever we are willing to calculate time, we will need this library in the source code.

          • Linux HintChar array to string C++

            Both Character arrays and strings, in C++, are used to store characters and letters. But there is a difference in them; this can be related by describing them as follows:

          • Linux HintHow to Use the C++ Memcpy Function

            In programming languages, while creating some logical modules for our programs, we need to copy our content from one array of any data type to another array. This duplication may be of the whole array or can be customized by providing a specified size up to which we need to copy the content of the array. This phenomenon can be done through different approaches. Among them is a function in the C++ programming language “memcpy”. This is used to copy the memory in the form of blocks.

          • Linux HintC++ Convert Int to String

            The conversion of data into two data types is a common phenomenon in the C++ programming language. Similarly, the conversion of integer-type data into the string is described in this guide. Both data types can be converted in several ways.

            The integer data type is a simple type of variable that stores the data only in the form of variables. There are no specified functions that are applied only to the integers. Whereas the string is a data type that has several functions by default that are applied to them. Strings store data in the form of inverted commas. We have converted integer and float values in the string by using one of its built-in functions. For strings, it is mandatory to use a string library.

          • Linux HintBucket sort C++

            This is the type of sorting that divides data into more buckets to ease the process of sorting as a whole. The bucket sorting is also known as a scatter-gather approach. Let us start with a simple algorithm to demonstrate the working of bucket sort.

          • Linux HintImplementing Hash Table in C++

            If you have ever worked in a python environment, then you must have known about the usage of the object “dictionary” that contains a key-value pair within it. Just like dictionaries, C++ came up with the concept of key-value pair. This pair will be stored in the data structure hash table of C++. The data structure hash table will be using the hash function to calculate the array index to insert values into the table using indexes and search them as well.
            Within this guide, we will discuss the use of methods to create, add, delete, search values from the hash tables using some of its functions.

            Let’s start with the login from Linux. Try making a C++ file using the “touch” instruction in the shell and make use of any available built-in editor from your Linux system to open it (i.e. Gnu Nano).

          • Linux HintC++ Cmath Library

            C++ programming language supports many mathematical functions. Instead of focusing on the implementation of large source codes, these built-in functions are used directly to avoid space and time consumption, hence simplifying the code and program. C++ has a large set of categories of these default functions. These functions are present in the header file of mathematics that must be included while using any C++ math operation.

          • Linux HintCheck for palindrome C++

            We usually use strings in our programs by applying different operations to them. Sometimes such a situation occurs when there is a need to get the resultant value in the reverse order. The same letters in the string with the reverse order are known as a ‘palindrome’. In C++, there are several ways to check if the string or numeric values are palindromes. In this guide, we have used three different approaches to check the status of the string.

          • Linux HintFmod( ) Function C++

            In general, to calculate a remainder from two values, we simply divide them manually or often use a calculator to make it. But if we talk about the calculations in the programming languages, some built-in functions are responsible for calculating remainders, fractional values. C++ programming language also contains default functions regarding time, dates, and other mathematical operations. Fmod() function is one of the mathematical operations performed by having two values of the same or different data types. This tutorial will cover the description of the fmod() function and examples of implementation.

        • Java

          • Linux HintDeadlock in Java

            Java provides a concept of multithreading that allows a process to execute more than one thread at the same time. Multithreading provides a wide range of benefits such as maximum CPU utilization, saving time, decreasing maintenance cost, etc. However, it has some disadvantages as well and among them, the most common limitation is that multiple threads go into a waiting state and are blocked forever and this situation is called a deadlock in java.

  • Leftovers

    • Hardware

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • Security

          • Privacy/Surveillance

            • Daily DotConcerns Raised Again Over New EU-U.S. Data Sharing Agreement

              The EU and U.S. have struggled to craft a lasting framework for data sharing. The newest agreement faces similar pushback.

            • WiredInside the Bitcoin Bust That Took Down the Web’s Biggest Child Abuse Site | WIRED [Ed: But Bitcoin was never about anonymity anyway; so now Conde Nast (Wall Street) associated this with assault on children? Even though it's not about privacy at all?]

              They thought their payments were untraceable. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The untold story of the case that shredded the myth of Bitcoin’s anonymity.

            • Bruce SchneierDe-anonymizing Bitcoin

              Andy Greenberg wrote a long article — an excerpt from his new book — on how law enforcement de-anonymized bitcoin transactions to take down a global child porn ring.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Russia and Sanctions

        Many companies have been pulling out of Russia or stopping operations there. But some have been unable to do so, or are choosing to stay. NHK World’s Ryu Frank looks at the reasons behind these decisions.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Budget Session 2021: A Digital Rights Review

        In the recently concluded Budget Session, we saw several key issues being taken up as part of the budget deliberations in both the Houses. The Session also saw the introduction of 6 Finance and Appropriation Bills as opposed to the 1 earlier planned. Similarly, 7 other Bills were introduced against the earlier planned 14. In this post, we take a look at these disruptions and analyse how the Parliament fared with respect to digital rights.

Links 11/04/2022: MX-21.1 “Wildflower” and OS/2 Nostalgia

Posted in News Roundup at 6:05 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • 9to5Linux9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: April 10th, 2022

      This week has been kinda slow in Linux news and releases, but we did got a new Firefox release with some Linux goodies, newer versions of the EndeavourOS and MX Linux distributions for our PCs, as well as a new Raspberry Pi OS release for our tiny single-board computers.

      On top of that, this week brought us a new fwupd release to keep our devices up-to-date and a new KDE Frameworks release with lots of cool improvements for our Plasma desktop installations. You can enjoy this and much more in 9to5Linux’s Linux weekly roundup for April 10th, 2022, below!

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • DTPygments style gallery

        The content below was created by pygsgallery.py which is included in my PicoPygments repository. It is inspired by this script which I found on this page. Most of the builtin styles don’t define a default text color; whenever pygsgallery.py encounters such a situation, it adds one that is the complement of the background color.

      • Matt RickardEvery Unix Command Becomes a Startup

        The Unix philosophy is

        Write programs that do one thing and do it well.

        Write programs to work together.

        Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.

        Many of these unix programs would later end up as wildly successful web companies. (This original observation comes from Chris Dixon back in 2014).

      • uni TorontoA Linux PAM setup and the problem of stopping authentication

        Suppose, not hypothetically, that you have a Linux system where SSH logins are authenticated with passwords and then a MFA challenge. This is implemented the only sensible way, with a PAM module to do MFA, such as the one from Duo; you add this PAM module to your setup along side the existing PAM stuff used for SSH logins. This is all easy to set up and there’s plenty of documentation on it, but now you’d like to go the extra distance so that the login fails immediately if people get the password wrong, rather than going on to also do a (pointless) MFA challenge.

      • uni TorontoUnderstanding the effects of PAM module results (‘controls’ in PAM jargon)

        There are two forms for these controls; the ‘historical’ and still very common single-word form that uses things like ‘required’ and ‘sufficient’, and the newer, more detailed and complicated syntax. There are two descriptions of the meanings of the historical single-word forms in pam.conf; the somewhat informal main description, and then the potentially more explicit version that restates them in terms of the newer and more detailed syntax. All of this makes for a system that can be hard to understand and follow.

      • [Old] SSH Port Forwarding and the Command Cargo Cult

        Both of these use at least one option that is entirely redundant, and the second can cause ssh to fail to connect if you happen to be using password authentication. However, they seem to still persist in various articles about ssh port forwarding. I myself was using the first variation until just recently, and I figured I would write this up to inform others who might be still using these solutions.

      • Old VCRTonight we’re gonna log on like it’s 1979 (Telenet, Dialcom and The Source)

        Teletypes may have killed a lot of forests by emitting every line to hard copy instead of a screen, but there’s something to be said for the permanence of paper, especially when people hang onto it for some reason. While getting duff units to build a functional Silent 700 Model 765 ASR teletype, which will of course be a future article, one of them was more interesting for what else it came with: a set of teletype transcripts of several users logging onto The Source, one of the earliest online services, and a complete photocopy of the service’s user manual. So get out your copy of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, start blasting “In The Flesh,” and let’s head back to 1979 and 1980 when these transcripts were printed. We’ll talk a little bit about the service generally and then log on exactly as these people did — because the Silent 700 transcripts indeed show exactly what transpired and how they used them.

      • Linux HintHow to Enable_Disable Line Numbering in Vi

        Vi/vim text editor is popular for Linux users because of its many unique features. Developers and regular users use its many features, one of which is that Vi can enable/disable its line number. The line number is the essential feature of Vi text editors, primarily for programming.

        Since the editor in Vim/vi has many commands that use the line number for navigation, this is the reason the line number is even more critical for Vim/Vi. Knowing just the number of a specific line, you can quickly move the cursor on it. Now, we will discuss this feature on how to enable/disable line numbering in Vi.

      • How to Create VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Network in GCP

        VPC is a virtual private cloud in public cloud like GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and AWS. In simple terms, VPC is a dedicated private network for your project in google cloud platform. It provides networking for virtual machines, containers and app engine.

        In this guide, we will learn how to create customize VPC network in GCP (Google Cloud Platform) step by step. Without any further delay, let’s jump into steps.

      • How to Install Battle.net on Ubuntu 22.04 Linux Desktop

        Blizzard makes some extremely popular PC games, and their Battle.net application is how gamers install those games on their systems and keep them up to date. The only problem is that Blizzard has neglected the Linux community by never porting their Battle.net application over to it. Fortunately, most of the games still work pretty well on Linux if you are using Wine. We’ll show you how to install Wine and run Battle.net on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish in this tutorial.

        Before getting started, it’s a good idea to make sure that your system has the latest graphics drivers installed. This will make the games run smoother and save you a possible headache later on.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install/Enable FirewallD GUI on Fedora 36 Linux

        FirewallD is software that provides the system firewall feature to protect Fedora users from unwanted access by disabling and enabling ports, services, or protocols. However, for users that are used to an interface such as Graphical User Interface (GUI), then the command line may seem difficult at first glance because there’s no visual representation and who are not comfortable learning the command line terminal to the possibility of having an unsecured system.

        However, you can install the FirewallD GUI. This sleek and simple design program is a perfect match for those who want easy access to what’s going on in their system without having too many bells and whistles to distract them from maintaining security.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install and enable FirewallD and install FirewallD GUI on Fedora 36 Linux using the command line terminal.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Linux Kernel 5.17 or 5.4 LTS on Rocky Linux 8

        Rocky Linux, as many know, is a downstream version of RHEL, which often means it is incredibly stable but usually has very outdated packages in terms of features and not security updates. Currently, Rocky Linux features kernel 4.18, but some users may require a more recent kernel for purposes of better hardware compatibility, among many other things.

        ELREPO has both Linux Kernel Mainline LTS versions. The mainline version is the most recent stable release of the Linux Kernel, and the current LTS Kernel they are supporting is 5.4.

        The following tutorial will show you how to import the ELRepo kernel repository and install 5.17 or with the alternative 5.4 LTS kernel on Rocky Linux 8 Workstation or Server using the command line terminal.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install GCC Compiler on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        GCC, better known as The GNU Compiler Collection, is a set of compilers and development tools. Front ends such as C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Ada, Go, and D. GCC is open-source and is widely used as it was the original compiler for GNU and is currently used to compile the Linux Kernel along with many other projects.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install GCC on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish desktop or headless server using the command line terminal with alternative installation options and handy hints to switch between GCC Compiler versions.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install OpenJDK 8 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        Java is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented multipurpose programming language that is popular due to the design of having lesser implementation dependencies, meaning that the compiled Java code can be run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. Java is also fast, secure, and reliable, therefore. It is widely used for developing Java applications in laptops, data centers, game consoles, scientific supercomputers, cell phones, etc.

        The tutorial will look at installing the OpenJDK version instead of the default Oracle JDK. The difference between these two is licensing. OpenJDK is an entirely free, open-source Java with a GNU General Public License, and Oracle JDK requires a commercial license under the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement. Other differences are release schedules and other factors that come into play; however, performance is the same.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install OpenJDK 8 LTS or better known as Java 8 LTS, on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish with the standard APT installation from Ubuntu’s repository along with the PPA version, which may suit some users better. The tutorial will also demonstrate how to switch Java alternative default versions.

      • Linux HintAnsible Reboot

        Rebooting essentially means restarting the system you are using. As we all know, while using any computer, there are many reasons you might want to restart or reboot it.
        Rebooting allows your system to reset. The temporary memory gets cleared and the system starts again. Rebooting can be done either through hardware or software. In this article, we will be discussing how you can reboot your computer through Ansible.

        As you may know, Ansible can be used to control your system and its resources. So, Ansible can be used to control the computer on which it is installed. So, among carrying out other basic functions, you can also use it to reboot your system. For this, you can use the Ansible reboot module.

      • Linux HintDual Boot Debian and Windows

        This tutorial explains how to install Debian and Windows with dual boot.

        This article is useful for Windows users or a clean disk to install both systems.

        The tutorial gives optional instructions to prepare a Windows disk space to add Debian Linux and covers the Linux posterior installation to support dual boot. It does not cover the Windows installation process but instructions to make your Windows support adding Debian if you do not have an additional free disk for Linux.

    • Distributions

      • Matt RickardPlan9: Everything is (Really) a File

        One defining trait of Unix is that, in principle, everything is a file. This simplicity in design means that the same tools and APIs can be used for all sorts of things – managing physical devices like keyboards and mice (devfs), accessing kernel and process information (procfs), and of course your run-of-the-mill normal files. Yet, as surface area grew, syscalls and other APIs grew into implementations.

        Plan9 is one implementation that tried to generalize the Unix principle of “everything as a file” to everything, including things like computing and network resources. It was designed at Bell Labs by Ken Thompson (Unix, B, UTF-8, grep, and Go) and Rob Pike (Unix, UTF-8, Go) and others who worked on Unix. The OS has two design philosophies: (1) a simple messaging-oriented file system protocol (9P), and (2) a per-process name space.

      • New Releases

        • Trend OceansMX-21.1 “Wildflower” based on Debian 11 without systemd support

          The MX development team has released MX-21.1 with Debian 11.3 as a base OS, and this is the first release after the EOL (END OF LIFE CYCLE) of Linux kernel 5.14, where you can find the 5.16 kernel in XFCE AHS editions.

          Compared to other MX variants, you will still find the 5.10 Linux kernel to use in their mainline editions for the sake of stability. And this is the first release where you can test Debian 11 (Buster) without the systemd service.

      • Debian Family

        • Tom’s HardwareRaspberry Pi OS Loses Default ‘Pi’ User for Security

          Today the official Raspberry Pi blog released a post detailing changes from the latest update to Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye. The biggest change is in the user account creation process which will no longer feature a default username, adding an extra layer of security for users by providing them an opportunity to create a custom username from the start.

    • Devices/Embedded

      • Open Hardware/Modding

        • Tom’s HardwareRaspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico Team Up for Robot Lawnmower Project

          This may look like a normal robot lawnmower, the sort that trundles mindlessly around suburban lawns all over the country, but OpenMower is more than that, thanks to the clever use of two Raspberry Pi boards. The brainchild of German tech entrepreneur Clemens Elflein, and reported on by Hackster, OpenMower upgrades the internals of a standard robot mower to make it smarter using a Raspberry Pi 4, and the $4 Raspberry Pi Pico.

        • Ken ShirriffReverse-engineering the LM185 voltage reference chip and its bandgap reference

          Many circuits, such as a computer power supply or a phone charger, require a stable voltage reference, but it’s harder than you might expect to keep a voltage stable when the temperature changes. One integrated circuit that does this is the LM185.1 I looked at the die of this chip and found some interesting features. The same silicon die is used for three different integrated circuits, using tiny internal fuses to change its functionality. The chip uses a special circuit called the bandgap reference to keep the voltage stable even if the temperature changes. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the circuitry of the LM185 and its implementation in silicon.

      • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • Web Browsers

      • Programming/Development

        • What might degrowth computing look like?

          The past few years have seen various attempts within computing, programming and hacker communities to apply ‘degrowth’ principles to their work – i.e. sketching out ways to de-couple digital technology from the growth-focused imperatives of capitalist societies. These efforts have so far progressed in a piecemeal manner, led by assorted groups with broad interests around ‘radically sustainable computing’ (Heikkilä 2021). The hope, of course, is that these initial developments might signal the beginnings of mainstream change.

          One area of interest involves what has been labelled ‘Collapse Informatics’. This explores ‘preparedness’ approaches to computing – i.e. building systems in the abundant present that might later prove durable during subsequent times of scarcity. Allied to this is the notion of ‘Permacomputing’, advocating the application of permaculture principles to the digital domain. Here, interests centre on developing ways in which computing can be sustained through practices of re-use, repair, maintenance and non-waste. Crucially, permacomputing stresses the need to develop digital technologies that are drastically less reliant on artificial energy, and designed in ways that acknowledge their interdependence with natural systems.

        • RlangBayesian Estimation by using rjags Package

          This post shows how to use rjags R package to perform Bayesian MCMC estimation with multiple linear regression example. This is an easy tool for Bayesian analysis for us only if we understand the meaning of hyper-parameters of various prior distributions and use them without hesitation. \(\blacksquare\)

  • Leftovers

    • IT WireDon’t want to be abused online? Simple, stay away from social media

      Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok – you name it, they are all concerned with the bottom line. If they do react to Ahmed and others of his ilk who mouth such sanctimonious rantings, it is because they want to appear to be good corporate citizens.

      They are not intent on driving people away; they know that numbers are what guarantee their profits. But they also know that mass movement of people is rare, unless someone comes up with a competing site. Given the scale at which they operate, such sites are unlikely to be built now. Humans beings are still very much creatures of habit.

    • OS/2
    • OS/2

      It’s yet another year, it’s already April, and I haven’t written
      anything here for a long time. Sorry for that. Life kept my busy, but
      that’s a lame excuse I guess.

      Lately, I’ve been playing with OS/2 again. Last time I used OS/2 was
      back in the 90s, when I had installed it as my only operating system on
      my PC. I think this was around 1995, and I was using OS2 Warp 3
      then. Some friends of mine were running a computer shop, and a single
      boxed version of OS/2 was collecting dust on the top shelf behind the
      counter. I could not resist, so I gave it a try.

      I can’t recall a lot of the software I used, besides the gopher client
      and a web browser (I’m pretty sure it was the IBM Web Explorer at that
      time). I also remember spending quite some time trying to find a driver
      for my graphics card. OS/2 performed so much better on my PC than
      Windows. And also, it provided both Win 3.11 and DOS at the same time. I
      really loved that system.

      A year later, in late 1996, I switched operating system to Linux, and I
      never looked back since then. So I never saw or used Warp 4.52, IBMs
      last release of OS/2. My bank was still using OS/2 everywhere, but that
      must have been one of my last thoughts about OS/2.

      I surely never heard about eComStation (The successor of OS/2 Warp
      4.52). And neither about ArcaOS, which is the latest version of the OS/2
      based system, with its latest release published just before christmas in

    • Modules and Toolboxes

      Date of Expiration is such an amazing module in spite of the tech theme. A module with a map this quality, encounter tables this rich, and cross-references this thorough… one of the top adventures I’ve ever ran.

      I was comparing Date of Expiration, Ruins of the Grendleroot, and Scarlet Citadel. DoE has everything spelled out and ready to run, is super blorby and tight and also really well organized. Scarlet Citadel, I was so hyped for (I posted that photo of me holding up the book) but the book is so verbose and has plenty of real really handwavy “DM decides” sections.

    • The Art that Broke the Mold

      I ended up really liking both seasons of Anita’s feminist video game show that she did with McIntosh. I was watching the episodes as they were released and they helped me get back into gaming with her encouragement to both enjoy and criticize media, which helped me to enjoy the good parts of these these disturbing games.

      I was surprised that I liked them as much since I had thought (I wasn’t a crowdfunding backer); her first show (about tropes generally, not just games) was basic and overly 101 and “doesn’t everyone know this?” (Gamergate showed how very, very wrong I was about that, and now I think that show was good since those “101” basic points was not was universally agreed-upon and known as I believed.)

      But tonight I’m rewatching (I also saw it when it first came out) this breadtube essay on Blazing Saddles and I’m thinking how much more successful Anita’s points would’ve been conveyed with a similar formula: absolutely gush over a piece of classic media and use it to explain points in a positive way. People like liking things and like hearing why the movie or game is good, actually, and how groundbreaking it was and how it illuminated the kyriachal structures.

    • Hardware

      • HackadayBoards For Playful Exploration Of Digital Protocols

        Teaching people efficiently isn’t limited to transmitting material from one head to another — it’s also about conveying the principles that got us there. [Mara Bos] shows us a toolkit (Twitter, nitter link) that you can arm your students with, creating a small playground where, given a set of constraints, they can invent and figure communication protocols out on their own.

      • HackadayRobotic Boat Rides High On PVC Pipe Pontoons

        If you want to build your own rover, there’s plenty of cheap RC trucks out there that will provide a serviceable chassis to work with. Looking to go airborne with a custom drone? Thanks to the immense popularity of first-person view (FPV) flying, you’ll find a nearly infinite variety of affordable fixed wing and quadcopter platforms out there to chose from. But when it comes to robotic watercraft, the turn-key options aren’t nearly as plentiful; the toys are all too small, and the commercial options are priced for entities that have an R&D budget to burn. For amateur aquatic explorers, creativity is the name of the game.

      • HackadayA Super Simple DIY Ozone Generator

        [Advanced Tinkering] needed a source of fresh ozone for some future chemistry related projects, and since buying an off-the-shelf unit would be, well, just plain boring, it was obvious what to do (Video, embedded below).

      • HackadayThis 3.5mm Cable Distorts Signals, Hides Audio-Filtering Circuit

        [Avian]’s dad got a new ham radio transceiver with a 3.5 mm jack, and his pile-of-cables got him a headphone cable from Bose headphones. He built a DB9 to 3.5 mm adapter with that one – and it failed to let data through, outputting distorted garbage of a waveform instead. With a function generator and an oscilloscope, [Avian] plotted the frequency response of the cable, which turned out to be quite far from a straight line. What was up?

      • HackadayA Turbocharged Robot Mop To Save Your Date

        Cleaning robots are great and all, but they don’t really excel when it comes to speed. If your room looks like a pigsty and your Tinder date is arriving in twenty minutes, you’ll need more than a Roomba to make a good impression. [Luis Marx] ran into this exact problem and decided to solve it by building the world’s fastest cleaning robot (video, embedded below).

      • HackadayRetrotechtacular: A DIY Television For Very Early Adopters

        By our very nature, hackers tend to get on the bandwagon of new technology pretty quickly. When something gee-whiz comes along, it’s folks like us who try it out, even if that means climbing steep learning curves or putting together odd bits of technology rather than waiting for the slicker products that will come out if the new thing takes off. But building your own television receiver in 1933 was probably pushing the envelope for even the earliest of adopters.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • SANSWindows MetaStealer Malware

          Since Wednesday 2022-03-30, at least 16 samples of a specific Excel file have been submitted to VirusTotal.

          These malicious Excel files are distributed as email attachments.

        • ZimbabweThe crazy drama behind the High Court ruling ZIMDEF’s SAP software tender is illegal

          In early 2021 the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) called for companies to bid to provide it with Systems Applications and Products (SAP) software. Companies made their bids and ZIMDEF picked one, Tano Digital Solutions, and thought that would be the end of that.

          Nope, it’s never that simple. One company challenged the awarding of the tender to Tano and the High Court of Zimbabwe upheld it. Effectively ruling that the tender award was illegal.

        • Security

          • Privacy/Surveillance

            • Jeffrey PaulApple is Still Tracking You Without Consent

              In the current version of macOS, Monterey, on every system update on a system containing an M1 chip, such as all the new shiny/fast ARM (“Apple Silicon”) macs, the update process phones home to Apple to obtain a special boot signature, known in Apple jargon as a “ticket”.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • VOA NewsFormer Hostages Unmask Islamic State ‘Beatle’ at US Trial

        They were turned over to U.S. forces in Iraq and flown to the United States to face charges of hostage-taking, conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens and supporting a foreign terrorist organization.

        Elsheikh is charged with the murders of American freelance journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and aid workers Kayla Mueller and Peter Kassig and suspected of the kidnapping of nearly 20 other Westerners.

      • ANF News‘ISIS attack in Hesekê directed by the Turkish state’

        The attempted storming of the detention center for ISIS prisoners in Hesekê was supported by the Turkish state. According to the statements of a captured ISIS member, the preparations were made in the Turkish occupied zone in northern Syria.

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • Common DreamsOpinion | What You Really Need to Know About the Latest IPCC Climate Report

          The world’s top climate scientists just delivered their rescue plan for humanity, directly to our governments. The Working Group III Report contribution to Sixth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) focuses on how to reduce further warming and follows the first two reports of the assessment, on the physical science and climate change impacts. It’s a thick report on climate solutions that can and must be put into action right now.

        • Common DreamsWest Virginians Lead Blockade of Coal Plant That Made Manchin Rich

          Organizers of the “Coal Baron Blockade” protest which targeted right-wing Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s coal empire Saturday afternoon reported that state police almost immediately began arresting campaigners who assembled in Grant Town, West Virginia.

          “Sen. Joe Manchin’s policies hurt poor people and hurt our environment so deeply that activists are ready to put themselves on the line,” tweeted the Poor People’s Campaign, which joined grassroots group West Virginia Rising and other organizations in the blockade.

        • Bert HubertDutch Electrical Power Numbers part 2

          In an earlier post I presented a naive model for estimating Dutch electrical solar power generation numbers. It turns out that the Dutch electrical power generation numbers are an even bigger mess than I appreciated.

          It appears that “everyone knows” that the numbers are confusing and incomplete but somehow just how incomplete the numbers are isn’t written down anywhere.

          So I’ll give it a shot.

        • [Old] Breaking the cycle of digital dependency (notes on Agnew 2020)

          While there is growing awareness that the over-use of digital technologies is a contributing factor in environmental collapse, it nevertheless seems utterly impossible to change. How can I continue to function without a smartphone? How can I keep in contact with distant family and friends without Facebook? Any efforts to establish alternate climate-friendly ways of living over the next few decades therefore need to address this impasse … in short, how can affluent global North societies break their destructive cycle of mass over-consumption of digital technologies?

      • Wildlife/Nature

        • FuturismScientist Says Mushrooms Have A Language They Use To Talk To Each Other

          A scientist from the University of the West of England says the electrical impulses mushrooms send out may be a form of communication used to talk to each other.

          Professor Andrew Adamatzky published his research yesterday in the journal Royal Society Open Science. Adamatzky put electrodes in soil that had mycelium, the “root” of the fungi, as well as into the fruiting body of the mushrooms themselves, which is the part that grows above the ground. He used enoki, caterpillar, split gill and ghost mushrooms, and analyzed the electrical activity each one gave off. He found evidence, he told The Guardian, of a mysterious mushroom language that could have as many as 50 words.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • TruthOutOutside Spending Jumps for Local Candidates Who Cast Doubt on 2020 Election
      • BBCPutin’s mysterious Facebook ‘superfans’ on a mission

        Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been widely condemned in many parts of the world, but a network of Facebook groups run by people with obscure motivations would like to change perceptions of the country’s leader.

      • Rolling StoneHow Joe Manchin Knifed the Democrats — and Bailed on Saving Democracy

        Rolling Stone interviewed more than 30 key figures inside and outside of Congress to understand how the most ambitious voting-rights bill in generations and the Democratic Party’s main policy response to the Jan. 6 insurrection ended in failure. The blame for this defeat, sources say, lies with multiple parties: Manchin either strung along his party for months with no intention of actually supporting the reforms or gave indications to his colleagues that he was on board only to reverse his position on multiple occasions. Senate Democrats, meanwhile, miscalculated that if they could flip Manchin, another swing vote, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, would follow his lead. As for the White House, these sources say, President Biden — despite saying as a candidate that “one of the first things I’ll do as president” is restore the Voting Rights Act — never seemed fully committed to passing voting-rights legislation. When Biden, who had vowed to run an “FDR-sized presidency,” did inject himself into the negotiations late in the fight, his contributions did more harm than good.

      • Sword and Scimitar “Gives a More Complete Account of the Troubled History between Islam and Christianity than Is Generally Available”

        Throughout the book Ibrahim emphasizes the widespread practice of enslaving the conquered Christians. Muslim accounts mention the preference for fair skinned women. This went on from the 7th through the 19th centuries. Over a three century period beginning in the mid-15th century about 3 million Slavs—Poles, Lithuanians, Russians and Ukrainians—were enslaved.

        Overall, Ibrahim has given a more complete account of the troubled history between Islam and Christianity than is generally available. His focus on how the combatants primarily viewed the struggle as a religious war is especially useful in a period when such phenomenon in the West is viewed through a secular lens, and it helps explain the views of contemporary jihadists. In a time when more general accounts are likely to narrowly focus on the Crusades and Western colonialism, Ibrahim’s important book explains the origins of both.

    • Misinformation/Disinformation

      • ABCPoland-Ukraine ties seen as target of Russian disinformation

        “The Russian efforts to sow divisions between the Poles and Ukrainians, particularly by means of exploiting historical issues, are as old as time,” said Stanislaw Zaryn, the spokesman for Poland’s security services.

        “Russia has redoubled them since the war began,” he said. “And they are more dangerous now because the war is going on and it can affect more people than before.”

    • Censorship/Free Speech

    • Freedom of Information/Freedom of the Press

      • Protesters mark third anniversary of Julian Assange’s arrest

        Monday marks three years since his arrest and detention in the prison while the United States continues with legal moves to extradite him.

      • SBSIt’s been three years since Julian Assange was imprisoned. Advocates say it’s time to let him go

        The three-year anniversary of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s arrest is spurring a renewed push for Australia to step up diplomatic efforts to secure his release.

        The 50-year-old Australian was dragged from London’s Ecuador Embassy on 11 April 2019 to face extradition to the United States on espionage charges over WikiLeaks’ release of confidential US military records and diplomatic cables.

      • La Prensa LatinaEcuador raids office of Swedish computer scientist friend of Assange

        Ecuadorian authorities Friday raided the office of Swedish cyber security expert Ola Bini, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s friend, facing allegations of illegal access to computer systems of the South American country.

        Bini, the 39-year-old founder of the non-profit organization Center for Digital Autonomy (CAD) in Quito, is accused of trying to access information from the computers of state oil company Petroecuador and an intelligence office.

        Bini’s lawyer, Carlos Soria, told EFE that the raid by the police and agents from the prosecutor’s office was without any court orders.

      • ReasonAre Newsletters the Future of Free Speech?

        We’re not strictly anti-algorithm. Algorithms are like equations, right? They appear all over the place and do different things. But we’re very skeptical about the consequences of organizing the media ecosystem around engagement.

        You guys have said that algorithms as used by Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter produce and incentivize cheap conflicts.

        I don’t think it’s the algorithms that do that; it’s their business models. These artificial intelligences arise to maximally serve the business model. The thing that the business model needs is total monopolization of your attention. Then the way that they do that is by creating these addictive experiences that amplify the most engaging stuff.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

    • Monopolies

      • Patents

        • Software Patents

          • Fat Statz patent held invalid

            On April 4, 2022, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) issued the public version of a final written decision in Unified Patents, LLC v. Fat Statz, LLC holding all of the challenged claims of U.S. Patent 9,757,066 unpatentable and denying the patent owner’s motion to amend. The ’066 patent is generally directed to a behavior management system that allows users to track and compare fitness and health-related data. The ‘066 patent was asserted against Samsung in early 2020.

          • $2,000 for Linfo IP ’132 prior art

            On March 24, 2022, Unified Patents added a new PATROLL contest, with a $2,000 cash prize, seeking prior art on at least claim 1 of U.S. Patent 9,674,132, owned by Linfo IP LLC, an NPE and subsidiary of Dynamic IP Deals, LLC. The ’132 patent generally relates to a user interface for managing emails and other message communications and are disclosed as solutions for reducing confusion and avoiding mistakes in communications when replying to a message with multiple recipients.

      • Copyrights

        • Torrent FreakPopular Torrent Site Lists MPA’s Content Protection Chief as Owner

          Most pirate sites try not to grab the attention of rightsholders and anti-piracy groups. Spanish torrent site DonTorrent is clearly not on that list because it openly taunts the Motion Picture Association. The site lists MPA’s Chief of Global Content Protection Jan Van Voorn as the ‘official’ owner in its legal disclaimer.

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