Links 26/05/2022: Plex Finally on GNU/Linux

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      • OMG UbuntuPaper is a Stylish Note Taking App for Linux – OMG! Ubuntu!

        If you’re seeking out a note taking app for Linux you’ll want to check out Paper.

        Paper is a modern GTK app that pitches itself as a ‘pretty note-taking app for GNOME’ — and it is! Being based around Markdown means the app supports text formatting, adding links, highlighting sections of text, inserting code blocks, and more, out of the box.

        Now, I class myself as more of a casual note taker. I use apps like this to squirrel away ideas I have for future posts, terminal commands I ought to remember, and …Well, keep on top of my He-Man toy collection.

        Basics note taking needs, if you will. I’m not at college doing a degree needing citations, references, calculations, hierarchal sorting, and other ‘advanced’ options. For serious note-taking a more established service, app, and/or platform is best.

        But for everyday needs? Paper’s the ticket.

      • The Register UKOriginal killer PC spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 now runs on Linux natively • The Register

        A long lost native Unix version of the killer PC spreadsheet has not only been rediscovered, but almost unbelievably, it’s been updated to create a native Linux version.

        Lotus 1-2-3 was arguably the single application which made the IBM PC a success, and was launched nearly 40 years ago, on January 26, 1983. The Reg celebrated its 30th anniversary by firing it up in DOSbox, and we mourned when IBM finally killed it.

        It still has admirers today, and one of them is Google bughunter Tavis Ormandy, of Project Zero. Ormandy explains how he ported Lotus 1-2-3 natively to Linux here.

        Ormandy has previously blogged about finding a DOS word-processor to run on Linux.

      • HowTo GeekPlex Finally Has a Linux Desktop Player

        Plex is one of the most popular ways to stream your own media collection, but there hasn’t been an officially-available app for playing all Plex content on Linux — until now.

      • Psychonauts 2 May 24 Update Brings Linux and macOS Versions

        Thanks to the update recently released, Psychonauts 2 can now be enjoyed by even more players. The May 24 update brought support for two additional text languages and a couple of bug fixes. The two added languages are Latin American Spanish and Russian, while the fixes are for the stability issues of the Strike City checkpoint at the end of the level.

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      • One of the strangest bug I have ever seen on Linux

        Networking starts when you login as root, stops when you log off !

      • ID RootHow To Install FFmpeg on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install FFmpeg on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, FFmpeg is a collection of tools that process audio and video files. It provides its users with various features including the encoding of videos and audios to different formats. Furthermore, users can resize their videos and capture streaming audio or videos. FFmpeg supports cross-platform compatibility with Windows, Linux, Mac OS

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the FFmpeg on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install Funkin V.S. NEO Whitty Full Week on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install Funkin V.S. NEO Whitty Full Week (fanmade) on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

      • TechRepublicHow to install the Apache Druid real-time analytics database on Ubuntu-based Linux distributions
      • H2S MediaInstall Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Linux – Linux Shout

        Tutorial to learn the steps for installing Jitsi meet on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish Server for setting up your own free and open-source video conferencing service solution.

      • ID RootHow To Install GIMP on Fedora 36 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install GIMP on Fedora 36. For those of you who didn’t know, GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program which can be used for editing images and transcoding between various image formats, free-form drawing, and many more specialized tasks. It is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows, and more operating systems.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) on a Fedora 36.

      • LinuxiacHow to Install VirtualBox on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux: A Full Guide

        This guide will walk you through the steps to install VirtualBox, a general-purpose full virtualizer app, on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux.

        VirtualBox is a free and open-source virtualization software commonly used at the desktop level to create a test environment. It enables you to create and run virtual machines, which are guest operating systems including Linux, Windows, Unix, and Solaris.

        Unfortunately, VirtualBox is not available for installation in the official AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux repositories. However, there is an effortless and straightforward way to install it, which we will show you in easy-to-follow steps in this guide.

      • Make Use OfHow to Use Timeshift to Backup and Restore Your Linux System

        Being an operating system that’s highly customizable and relies heavily on CLI interactions, Linux is susceptible to system failures caused by incorrect commands or system operations. So if you use Linux on your main computer, you may frequently encounter problems.

        Fortunately, there are system restoration tools that create snapshots of your files and settings, which you can restore on your system to put it back to its previous functioning point in case any of your operations renders it unusable.

        Timeshift is one such tool for Linux. And in this guide, we’ll walk you through the instructions to use it on your Linux machine.

      • Linux HintHow to Install Krita on Ubuntu 22.04

        Krita is a free and open-source fully featured digital painting software that offers a clean interface, robust brush engine and resource manager. Whether you create animations, comics, story arts or other digital drawings Krita is a perfect choice as it offers several tools making your painting experience a worthy one.

        In this tutorial, we will guide you how to install Krita on Ubuntu 22.04.

      • Linux HintHow to Install My Weather Indicator for Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS)

        My Weather Indicator is a perfect application especially designed for Ubuntu users to provide them with weather updates of any part of the world. It displays the weather information and forecast through a desktop widget and system tray indicator applet. It provides support for various other weather services like Yahoo, Wunderground, OpenWeatherMap and World Weather Online.

        This article will guide you how to install My Weather Indicator for the latest Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish.

      • Linux HintHow to Install PyCharm on Ubuntu 22.04

        PyCharm is a top-notch programming IDE used by programmers to program Python codes. Besides having the ability to run different high-level codes, it also features code debugging and has proven successful in developing multiple web applications.

        In this guide, we will guide you how you can install PyCharm both editions on Ubuntu 22.04.

      • How to Install osTicket on AlmaLinux

        In this tutorial, we are going to install osTicket on AlmaLinux and explain in step-by-step detail how to configure it

      • Ubuntu HandbookHow to Record Your Desktop with Audio in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        Want to record your screen or app window with sounds? Here’s how to do this in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

        Ubuntu 22.04 comes with built-in screen recording UI. By pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R key combination on keyboard, you can open it and select recording full-screen or a selection area. However, it does not record audio!

      • Introduction to VirtIO

        In this document, we will be taking a look at the fundamentals of VirtIO from a technical standpoint as well as a deep dive into some of its key areas. This introduction to VirtIO is written assuming the reader has little to no working knowledge of VirtIO, but should also be a helpful refresher to those who are already familiar.

      • Linux HintHow to install Clementine Music Player on Ubuntu 22.04

        Clementine is one of the top-notch and free music players for several operating systems including Windows, Linux and macOS. Besides playing music from your system, it allows you the freedom to listen to the music from the Internet making it a perfect choice for Ubuntu 22.04 desktop.

        In this article, we will show you how you can install Clementine Music Player on Ubuntu 22.04.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • DrKonqi ❤️ coredumpd

          Since Plasma 5.24 DrKonqi, Plasma’s infamous crash reporter, has gained support to route crashes through coredumpd and it is amazing – albeit a bit unused. That is why I’m telling you about it now because it’s matured a bit and is even more amazing – albeit still unused, I hope that will change.

          To explain what any of this does I have to explain some basics first, so we are on the same page…

          Most applications made by KDE will generally rely on KCrash, a KDE framework that implements crash handling, to, well, handle crashes. The way this works depends a bit on the operating system but one way or another when an application encounters a fault it first stops to think for a moment, about the meaning of life and whatever else, we call that “catching the crash”, during that time frame we can apply further diagnostics to help later figure out what went wrong. On POSIX systems specifically, we generate a backtrace and send that off to our bugzilla for handling by a developer – that is in essence the job of DrKonqi.

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      • Red HatAccess JFR data faster with Cryostat 2.1′s new download APIs

        Cryostat is a tool for managing JDK Flight Recorder data on Kubernetes. This article explains how new download APIs based on JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) help facilitate a more responsive and efficient download workflow in the Cryostat 2.1 web client.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • UbuntuCanonical at ISC High Performance 2022 | Ubuntu

        With ISC High Performance 2022 just around the corner, now is a great time to get in touch with Canonical on all things HPC

        ISC High Performance is one of the main events on High Performance Computing (HPC) and Supercomputing and all relevant topics in that space such as High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). It’s held in Germany each year, this time in Hamburg starting 30th of May and ending on the 1st of June

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • ArduinoMobiot is a system that lets anyone automate everyday objects

        So many tasks within a house can be reduced to a series of somewhat simple movements that are repeated each time that task is done, thus making it a prime target for automation. To make this process far easier than the traditional one of designing a robot by hand, writing some code and doing thorough testing, a team of researchers from UCLA and Texas A&M has created the Mobiot toolkit, which aims to combine each of these steps into a very straightforward application that takes care of the heavy lifting automatically.

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      • Document FoundationLast week of the Month of LibreOffice, May 2022!

        So far, 233 sticker packs have been awarded in the Month of LibreOffice, May 2022. But there’s still one more week to go – so if your name (or username) isn’t on the list, join in, help to make LibreOffice even better, and get some cool swag! We’ll have 10 bonus pieces of merchandise to give away, to 10 lucky people…

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        • gfldex: Reducing sets
        • PerlWhat’s In That String?

          One of the steps of debugging Perl can be to find out what is actually in a string. There are a number of more-or-less informative ways to do this, and I thought I would compare them.

          For this I used two short strings. The first was just the concatenation of the characters whose ordinals are 24 through 39; that is, 16 ASCII characters straddling the divide between control characters and printable characters. The second was a small variation on the first, made by removing the last character and appending “\N{U+100}” (a.k.a. “\N{LATIN CAPITAL A WITH MACRON}”) to force the string’s internal representation to be upgraded.

          The results given below include the version of the module used, the actual code snippet that generated the output, the output itself, and any comments I thought relevant. All subroutines used to dump strings are exportable except for those called as methods. The sample code makes fully-qualified calls because of duplication of subroutine names between different modules.

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      • LWNSecurity updates for Wednesday

        Security updates have been issued by Debian (lrzip and puma), Fedora (plantuml and plib), Oracle (kernel and kernel-container), Red Hat (firefox, kernel, kpatch-patch, subversion:1.14, and thunderbird), Scientific Linux (firefox and thunderbird), SUSE (kernel-firmware, libxml2, pcre2, and postgresql13), and Ubuntu (accountsservice, postgresql-10, postgresql-12, postgresql-13, postgresql-14, and rsyslog).

      • LWNThe Linux Foundation’s “security mobilization plan” [Ed: Making up numbers for a FUD campaign led by proprietary software companies that make back doors for the NSA]

        The Linux Foundation has posted an “Open Source Software Security Mobilization Plan” that aims to address a number of perceived security problems with the expenditure of nearly $140 million over two years.

      • F-DroidOur build and release infrastructure, and upcoming updates | F-Droid – Free and Open Source Android App Repository

        Behind the scenes of F-Droid is a giant pile of automation to manage the process of building thousands of apps from source. This means checking out thousands of source repos, checking them all for updates, building and new releases, and securely signing them en masse. All builds are run in a fresh virtual machine guest instance known as the buildserver. All Gradle binaries and Android SDK packages are verified against our public logs of observed SHA-256 checksums. The transparency log processes also verify against upstream’s public checksums.

        Our setup runs on Debian almost exclusively. Debian is a leader in free software, rock solid servers, and reproducible builds. That makes it a natural home for F-Droid. We also work to ensure we maintain the packages we use, and build our processes on top of Debian packages. That means we share the maintenance with anything that uses Debian. It may seem like more work to give back, but our experience is that it pays off in the long run. The F-Droid community is able to maintain many things with a small team. Another example of this is this website itself: it is built using Jekyll packages that are all in Debian.

      • LWNF-Droid: Our build and release infrastructure, and upcoming updates

        Here’s an update from F-Droid regarding upcoming changes to its build and distribution infrastructure.

      • Bleeping ComputerTails 5.0 Linux users warned against using it “for sensitive information” [Ed: Microsoft-connected site shedding doubt on "Linux"]

        Tails developers have warned users to stop using the portable Debian-based Linux distro until the next release if they’re entering or accessing sensitive information using the bundled Tor Browser application.

      • CISACISA Adds 34 Known Exploited Vulnerabilities to Catalog [Ed: CISALots and lots of Microsoft. Actively exploited.]

        CISA has added 34 new vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, based on evidence of active exploitation. These types of vulnerabilities are a frequent attack vector for malicious cyber actors and pose significant risk to the federal enterprise. Note: to view the newly added vulnerabilities in the catalog, click on the arrow on the of the “Date Added to Catalog” column, which will sort by descending dates.

      • USCERTGoogle Releases Security Updates for Chrome

        Google has released Chrome version 102.0.5005.61 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version addresses vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to take control of an affected system.

      • Stable Channel Update for Desktop
      • Drew DeVaultGoogle has been DDoSing SourceHut for over a year

        Just now, I took a look at the HTTP logs on git.sr.ht. Of the past 100,000 HTTP requests received by git.sr.ht (representing about 2½ hours of logs), 4,774 have been requested by GoModuleProxy — 5% of all traffic. And their requests are not cheap: every one is a complete git clone. They come in bursts, so every few minutes we get a big spike from Go, along with a constant murmur of Go traffic.

        This has been ongoing since around the release of Go 1.16, which came with some changes to how Go uses modules. Since this release, following a gradual ramp-up in traffic as the release was rolled out to users, git.sr.ht has had a constant floor of I/O and network load for which the majority can be attributed to Go.

        I started to suspect that something strange was going on when our I/O alarms started going off in February 2021 (we eventually had to tune these alarms up above the floor of I/O noise generated by Go), correlated with lots of activity from a Go user agent. I was able to narrow it down with some effort, but to the credit of the Go team they did change their User-Agent to make more apparent what was going on. Ultimately, this proved to be the end of the Go team’s helpfulness in this matter.

      • Fear, Uncertainty,

        • Bleeping ComputerNew ‘Cheers’ Linux ransomware targets VMware ESXi servers [Ed: Well, ransomware is mostly a Windows issue and VMware is proprietary software, but then again, this is a Microsoft-connected site looking to alter or distort perceptions]

          A new ransomware named ‘Cheers’ has appeared in the cybercrime space and has started its operations by targeting vulnerable VMware ESXi servers.

          VMware ESXi is a virtualization platform commonly used by large organizations worldwide, so encrypting them typically causes severe disruption to a business’ operations.

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • Daily MaverickAs the WEF meets, pressure is on world’s powerbrokers to shut down spyware industry

          The finance world’s powerbrokers are meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, and they must seize this opportunity to shut down an unchecked industry that’s bad for their reputations and disastrous for human rights.

          We need a moratorium limiting the sale, transfer and use of these cyber weapons until people’s rights are safeguarded under international human rights law backed by Davos leaders.

          The surveillance tech industry has long facilitated gross violations of human rights in darkness — no accountability, no checks and balances.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • New things with the capsule

        The capsule has moved from SDF to tilde.team, this has allowed me more freedom to upload pictures and host particularly long text files. Yay~

      • Gemini input, and improving client support

        I have a couple of things to say in Gemini’s defence here, and a client UI suggestion.

        Adding an input-request line type would only have been a convenience feature, not affecting what the protocol can do, and would have sacrificed simplicity. I don’t think it was wrong to opt for simplicity over convenience, and certainly not obviously wrong.

        As long as TLS session resumption is being used (which is increasingly the norm), the overheads of a second request aren’t so huge.

    • Monopolies

The General Consultative Committee of the EPO Exposes a Disaster and a Lack of Genuine Dialogue

Posted in Europe, Patents at 8:04 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 0fb9bcc5d05ac5516517f1c160154f6e
GCC Report as Dialogue Breaks Down
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The General Consultative Committee (GCC) at the EPO deals with unlawful proposals from António Campinos (he’s happy to violate laws, constitutions, protocols, conventions, just like Benoît Battistelli did) and once again the abuses by managers is covered up; it’s as if the Office is run by unaccountable gangsters who arrogantly curse at everyone whilst insisting they’re the nicest people ever

THE video above deals with this short report [PDF] about a recent meeting at the EPO, whose agenda is better illuminated in several [PDF] key [PDF] opinion documents [PDF] from staff representatives. They show to their constituents that the Office misuses politics to justify cracking down on staff or plundering the staff.

“They show to their constituents that the Office misuses politics to justify cracking down on staff or plundering the staff.”One of these opinion documents is very long, but the summary speaks of the Unitary Patent, basically a misguided longtime effort to introduce a kangaroo court (UPC) to authorise European software patents etc. under the guise of “unity” or “unification”.

Here is the letter sent to staff:

Report on the GCC meeting of 26 April 2022: The re-election package

Dear colleagues,

As already explained in an earlier publication, the GCC meeting of 26 April was the worst ever experienced under Mr Campinos’ leadership. The CSC members of the GCC requested that the consultation on the agenda items be repeated; and that the official recording of the discussions in the meeting be made available so that staff become aware of how the President chaired this statutory meeting.

On 29 April, the President informed the CSC members that “there are no reasons to repeat the GCC meeting” and he did not address the question of the recording. The reasoned opinions on the documents on the agenda are thus given under protest:

  • Opinion on the document on Professional Mobility (GCC/DOC 06/2022)
  • Opinion on the directive on an in-house supervisory committee for SSP investment management and administration (GCC/DOC 07/2022)
  • Opinion on the decision (GCC/DOC 08/2022) of the President on the entry into force of Circular No. 419 (New Ways of Working).

Undoubtedly, the first document (Professional Mobility) is the one that would most profoundly change the way official EPO duties are assigned to employees, be they EPO staff or national civil servants. In best Battistelli tradition, Mr Campinos has prepared a “package” to be submitted to the Budget and Finance Committee in May 2022 and to the Administrative Council for approval in June 2022 (see CA/32/22 and CA/32/22 Add.1), with various measures more or less closely related to mobility. His re-election will be discussed in the same meeting.

You can read the full report, including some salient points in the “mobility package” here.

Notice the arrogance of Campinos, having cursed at the staff and then rejected transparency (in order to cover up what he had done). He “informed the CSC members that “there are no reasons to repeat the GCC meeting” and he did not address the question of the recording.” My personal opinion is that, for their own protection, staff should bring recording devices of their own. They might even wish to disclosure that in advance, citing this example where the Office maintains a monopoly on the recordings — just like many Police Departments (PDs) in the United States — so that those recordings can only ever be used as a weapon against the vulnerable/unarmed citizens.

The Latest Letter to Josef Kratochvìl and the Heads of Delegation of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation

Posted in Europe, Patents at 7:56 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum d9706ec2be896968a4e73d51dae165c3
Asking for Proper Oversight
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: A week-old letter from the Central Staff Committee (CSC) to the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation highlights the nature of a crises; there’s no genuine dialogue and staff of the EPO (i.e. the scientists who do all the actual work) is constantly under attack

The Central Staff Committee (CSC) of the EPO has circulated among colleagues the following letter, an open letter, which had been prepared and then sent to the Council that fails to govern António Campinos, just like it failed to govern Benoît Battistelli. The GCC calls for change (“Need for changes in the consultation of staff”) and tells colleagues: “After the latest GCC meeting the CSC has decided to address the Heads of delegation of the Administrative Council, in this open letter.”

“The Council must intervene. But will it?”I’ve attempted to give some background to all this in the video above, but the letter below mostly speaks for itself. The industrial action and the misbehaviour of Campinos (he clearly violated the Code of Conduct of ‘his own’ organisation!) culminated in an impasse. The Council must intervene. But will it?

Here’s the full letter:

European Patent Office
80298 Munich

Central Staff Committee
Le Comité Central du Personnel
Zentraler Personalausschuss


Reference: sc22055cl

Date: 17.05.2022

European Patent Office | 80298 MUNICH | GERMANY
To the Chairman and
the Heads of Delegation of the
Administrative Council of the
European Patent Organisation


Need for changes in the consultation of staff

Dear Mr Chairman,
Dear Heads of Delegation,

The success of the European Patent Office rises and falls with the level of commitment of all staff. From the staff member in the lowest grade up to the President, everyone should rightly be expected to contribute to the functioning of the Office and the European patent system in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Of course, this also applies to social dialogue, whether official or informal.

Incidents in the consultation process
In this context the Central Staff Committee (CSC) feels obliged to draw your attention to “incidents” that happened in the latest consultation process. They were already echoed in the public Kluwer patent blog.

Statutory consultation foresees that CSC members shall represent the staff on the General Consultative Committee (GCC). The President, however, expressed in the GCC meeting on 26 April 2022 that our contribution in the official consultation was a waste of time. He used foul language throughout, he insulted most of our speakers, and he not just interrupted them, but prevented them from speaking multiple times. It was patently clear that he had absolutely no intention of taking heed to any of the arguments that we presented. Thus, statutory consultation was flawed.

Therefore, the CSC members of the GCC requested in a letter to the President that the consultation be repeated and that the official recording of the GCC discussions according to Article 38(5) ServRegs be made available to allow full transparency. Unfortunately, the President ignored this latter request. We request that you secure the recording and investigate the issue, as his appointing authority.

The package on “Professional mobility” (CA/32/22)
One document affected by the flawed consultation process is the proposal on Professional mobility which the President has just submitted to the Administrative Council for the forthcoming BFC and AC agendas. Central parts of the proposal are the policies on secondment (either national experts from national patent offices to the EPO or EPO staff to national patent offices). For instance the interested public could perceive the former policy as a privileged access to posts in the Office circumventing the strict criteria of the statutory recruitment defined in the Service Regulations.

The extension of the appointment of Mr António Campinos as President of the EPO will also be discussed in the June meeting of the Council. To avoid that his proposal is solely regarded in the context of the extension of his appointment, it should be of utmost importance that the opinion of staff on the Professional mobility proposal is taken into account. The CSC already emphasised some concerns as to the possible decentralisation of the Office when the orientation paper (CA/19/22) was presented to the Administrative Council in March 2022. In our open letter of 18 March 2022, we pointed to the necessity of convening the long overdue conference of ministers of the Contracting States according to Article 4a EPC to revise the outdated governance structure of the EPO.

In view of the flawed consultation process, the CSC can only recommend that the Administrative Council does not take a decision on the document yet. Litigation against a decision on a proposal stemming from a flawed consultation would create severe legal uncertainty for the upcoming years on the fundamental changes of the employment conditions associated with Professional mobility. The recording of the meeting may also be needed as evidence in regard of the flawed consultation.

Improving the consultation framework
Even if a President of the EPO could have the outstanding ability to establish and foster social dialogue and social peace, which was the mandate given to the current one (see CA/23/17), the recent unfortunate “incidents” show the need for an improvement of the framework for the consultation of staff. This requires a careful analysis of the status quo and as to why the current regulations could have led to disrespectful outbreaks evidenced in the audio recording of the recent GCC meeting.

An improved structure for the official consultation process will help to make staff’s opinion count. This will contribute to their engagement. The President and the Administrative Council will also profit from such improvements when making their decisions. It will improve the reputation of the EPO and it will ultimately strengthen the patent system in Europe.

Yours sincerely,

Alain Dumont
Chairman of the Central Staff Committee

cc.: President of the EPO
cc.: Directorate Ethics and Compliance

In the next post (and video) we’ll deal with some of the substance discussed in the GCC meeting. Staff isn’t being listened to. There’s only a pretence of that.

[Meme] The Recordings Must Have Accidentally Been Lost While Breaking the Rules

Posted in Europe, Patents at 7:36 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

My dog ate my f*ing recordings
How "f***ing" convenient…

Summary: The EPO‘s “nicest” chief, Monopoly Tony, won’t even mention the recordings…

Links 25/05/2022: ‘V Rising’ on GNU/Linux and Pearl Linux OS 11

Posted in News Roundup at 2:26 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • ZDNetHP and System76 partner to release high-end Linux laptop | ZDNet

        HP has long made Linux available on its laptops, but it was never a high priority for the Silicon Valley giant. For example, if you want a top-of-the-line HP ZBook Studio G8 Mobile Workstation with Ubuntu Linux 20.04 for not quite $4,000, you can get it… in mid-October. System76, a small Linux specialty OEM, can get you a high-quality Lemur Pro 14 without as many bells and whistles for $1,359 with Ubuntu 22.04 or System76′s own take on Ubuntu, Pop!_OS 22.04, by early June.

    • Kernel Space

    • Applications

      • Turning Vim into a Gemini writing machine.

        This post is my first post using a plugin free Vim set up for writing and managing my gemcapsule. It comes on the tails of a massive leap forward in my grasp of Vim, what it is, and how to program it. Though the simplicity of this distils down to only 2 lines of Vim script, which accomplish 2 specific thing…

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Linux Shell TipsHow to Send Email Using Curl Command in Linux

        When you find yourself in a Linux operating system environment that mimics the behavior of a server machine, graphical options like desktop environments are mostly not an option. Therefore, the reliance of your server-based operations and executions depend on the Linux terminal or command-line environment in front of you.

        Data transfer is an important Linux OS needs for all users. When trying to meet this objective of data transfer under Linux; especially when we are confined to a terminal-based or command-line OS environment.

      • UbuntuCreate FIPS-enabled Ubuntu container images with 10-year security updates | Ubuntu

        Canonical’s UA and Pro customers can now fully benefit from their subscriptions directly in containerised environments and pipelines. The new UA client release (27.7+) makes it easier to enable FIPS mode in Ubuntu containers. It also automatically signs up CI/CD builds for 10-year security updates to never worry about production container images getting timely patches for high and critical CVEs.

      • Pragmatic LinuxHow to install build-essential on Fedora – PragmaticLinux

        Coming from Debian or Ubuntu and interested in building C or C++ software programs on Fedora? You’ll probably frantically search for a way to install package build-essential on Fedora. Only to realize that this package does not exist on Fedora. No worries though, because Fedora offers an alternative and equivalent approach to installing package build-essential. This tutorial shows you how.

      • UNIX CopHow to install HTOP on CentOS 9 Stream

        Generally and with today’s computers, we don’t need to make a lot of mind to the number of resources that the computer spends. However, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on it to know if an application is consuming too much or if we need to manage a certain process.

        To do the above, we have the little giant htop. htop is a small application that shows us the processes and allows us to manage them. It also shows us the state of memory, swap, and CPU consumption.

        One of the great advantages of using htop is that it is very light, and we can run it in the terminal. This makes it possible to quickly and with a single command to have the system information and its consumption through processes.

      • » How to dissassemble Harddisk Upgrade a Inside a Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p | dwaves.de
      • Red Hat OfficialHow to set up Nginx on OpenShift and AWS ROSA | Enable Sysadmin

        Why keep all your results to yourself? – Blog with howtos and public free software and hardware OpenSource searchable knowledgebase about Linux and OpenSource – with a touch security, politics and philosophy.

      • How to Unzip a Zip File in Linux Command Line

        Here learn how to unzip a zip file in the Linux command line using unzip command. Shows the options unzip command have to extract and manipulate the archived file.

      • How to Install Nmap from Ubuntu Terminal
      • How to Set the Time zone in Debian 11

        Linux is a system that we can modify at will, and one of the configurations that we can change is the Time Zone. That is why in this post, you will learn how to define the Time Zone in Debian 11. This simple process can be useful in networks.

      • How to Mapping Linux Block Devices to Storage LUNs

        In some cases, you may need to find a block device mapped against a logical unit number (LUNs) for filesystem (FS) expansion or disaster recovery (DR) activity.

        Also, this information is required if you want to work with the storage team to troubleshoot or fix a high latency or disk error on a specific block device.

        Refer the following article to map ASM disks against storage LUNs.

      • HowTo ForgeHow to Install and Configure Fail2ban on Ubuntu 22.04

        Fail2ban is free and open-source IPS (Intrusion Prevention Software) that helps administrators secure Linux servers against malicious login and brute-force attacks. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and configure Fail2ban for securing the Ubuntu 22.04 server. This guide also covers the basic command of fail2ban-client for managing Fail2ban service and jails.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Linux Kernel 5.18 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install the latest 5.18 Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa.

      • ID RootHow To Install Gnome Tweak on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Gnome Tweak on Ubuntu 22.04 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Gnome Tweak application permits users to customize the functionality and look of the desktop environment. It grants us more control over our GUI than what is available by default in Gnome settings. You can utilize the Tweak Tool for editing fonts, workspace settings, top bar, quick launch bar, title bar clicking actions, and much more.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Gnome Tweak on Ubuntu 22.04 on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • UNIX CopHow To Install Grafana on Fedora 36s

        Grafana is a multi-platformopen source analytics and interactive visualization web application. It provides charts, graphs, and alerts for the web when connected to supported data sources.

        A licensed Grafana Enterprise version with additional capabilities is also available as a self-hosted installation or an account on the Grafana Labs cloud service. It is expandable through a plug-in system.

        End users can create complex monitoring dashboards using interactive query builders. Grafana is divided into a front end and back end, written in TypeScript and Go, respectively.

      • UNIX CopHow To Install Laravel on Fedora 36

        Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern and based on Symfony. Some of the features of Laravel are a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, different ways for accessing relational databases, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance, and its orientation toward syntactic sugar.

      • ID RootHow To Install TeamViewer on Fedora 36 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install TeamViewer on Fedora 36. For those of you who didn’t know, TeamViewer allows a user to access someone else’s computer remotely using the internet in just a few seconds. It is an all-in-one solution for remote support which can be used for desktop sharing, online meetings, and file transfer between devices connected over the Internet. TeamViewer is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android operating systems.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the TeamViewer remote desktop application on a Fedora 36.

      • UNIX CopHow To Install Vivaldi Browser on Fedora 34/35/36

        In this tutorial, we will illustrate how to install Vivaldi Browser on Fedora systems

        Vivaldi is a freeware, cross-platform web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by Tatsuki Tomita and Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, who was the co-founder and CEO of Opera Software. Vivaldi was officially launched on April 6, 2016.

      • UNIX CopHow To Install and use htop on Fedora 34/35/36

        htop is an interactive system-monitor process-viewer and process-manager. It is designed as an alternative to the Unix program top.

        It’s a command line utility that allows the user to interactively monitor the system’s vital resources or server’s processes in real time. htop supports mouse operation, uses color in its output and gives visual indications about processor, memory and swap usage.

      • How to Install Apache Tomcat 10 on Ubuntu 22.04 with Nginx

        Install Apache Tomcat 10 on Ubuntu 22.04 with Nginx. Apache Tomcat is an open source web server and a servlet container which is mainly used to server Java based applications.

        In this guide you are going to learn how to install Apache Tomcat 10 on Ubuntu 22.04 and secure the setup with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt SSL.

      • OpenSource.comMigrate databases to Kubernetes using Konveyor | Opensource.com

        Kubernetes Database Operator is useful for building scalable database servers as a database (DB) cluster. But because you have to create new artifacts expressed as YAML files, migrating existing databases to Kubernetes requires a lot of manual effort. This article introduces a new open source tool named Konveyor Tackle-DiVA-DOA (Data-intensive Validity Analyzer-Database Operator Adaptation). It automatically generates deployment-ready artifacts for database operator migration. And it does that through datacentric code analysis.

      • H2S Media3 ways to install MailSpring on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish

        Let’s learn the steps to install mail client MailSpring on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish using the command terminal or GUI Software app.

        Mailspring is a fast and clear mail client for everyone even for Linux users. It offers simple and intuitive operation with a simple, tidy user interface. This can also be adapted as desired via different designs. In addition, the software offers the user some useful convenience functions.

        These include searching and filtering messages or the possibility to add further functions via plug-ins. Before you can really get started, however, you must first go through the many steps of the setup wizard. Once you have overcome this hurdle, the rest is child’s play. Also compared to some competing products, the number of mail accounts is not limited.

    • Games

      • ‘V Rising’ comes to Linux and Steam Deck as it sells a million copies

        V Rising is now playable on Linux and Steam Deck consoles, while developer Stunlock Studios has announced the vampire survival game has sold 1million copies.


        As explained by GamingOnLinux, to jump into the game on Linux or Steam Deck, players should navigate to Proton Experimental in their Steam library, go into the ‘Betas’ tab in Properties, and opt into the “bleeding-edge” beta.

        From there, go to V Rising‘s Properties, select Compatibility, and choose Proton Experimental. This will allow players to jump into V Rising on their platform of choice.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • KritaGoogle Summer of Code, 2022 edition! | Krita

          This year’s Google Summer of Code is different from previous editions: there are both larger and smaller projects possible, and it’s no longer limited to students. We have two participants this year: Reinold Rojas and Xu Che.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Ubuntu PitGaruda Linux: A Refreshing Linux Distro for Linux Enthusiasts

      Garuda Linux might have a clean and beautiful desktop environment, yet it has some downsides. One of them is relatively low software support. If you are new to Linux, getting some common software to work properly could be painful. You can get things done easily if you are compatible with command lines and terminals.

      Again, you will have a lot of open source app support and other ready-to-use packages. By the way, the interface is eye-catching, but the transition effects, color sense, and wallpaper sense are not upto the Mark. If you want to use this as your daily OS solely, then avoid and choose Ubuntu over it.

      So, here we are, taking our leave for today. We will soon come up with another review of another Linux distro. Please share your experience of using the Linux distro you are using right now. I appreciate your support.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • OpenSource.comImprove network performance with this open source framework

      In the age of high-speed internet, most large information systems are structured as distributed systems with components running on different machines. The performance of these systems is generally assessed by their throughput and response time. When performance is poor, debugging these systems is challenging due to the complex interactions between different subcomponents and the possibility of the problem occurring at various places along the communication path.

      On the fastest networks, the performance of a distributed system is limited by the host’s ability to generate, transmit, process, and receive data, which is in turn dependent on its hardware and configuration. What if it were possible to tune the network performance of a distributed system using a repository of network benchmark runs and suggest a subset of hardware and OS parameters that are the most effective in improving network performance?

      To answer this question, our team used Pbench, a benchmarking and performance analysis framework developed by the performance engineering team at Red Hat. This article will walk step by step through our process of determining the most effective methods and implementing them in a predictive performance tuning tool.

    • Linux LinksBest Free and Open Source Alternatives to Autodesk Maya

      Autodesk Maya creates assets for interactive 3D applications (including video games), animated films, TV series, and visual effects.

      Maya is available for Linux but it’s proprietary software. What are the best free and open source alternatives?

    • ZDNetCrane Venture Partners supports open source developers with an itch to scratch

      Starting any business isn’t easy. Starting an open-source business adds another level of complexity to the task. Even in a world that runs on open source, some banks and investors still have trouble wrapping their minds around the idea that open source and a viable business can go hand-in-hand. And then there’s Crane Venture Partners (CVP), a venture capitalist (VC) that are all about open-source-based businesses.

    • Its FOSSProtonMail is Now Just ‘Proton’ Offering a Privacy Ecosystem

      ProtonMail announced a re-brand with a new website, new name, updated pricing plans, a refreshed UI, and more changes.

  • Leftovers

    • The NationSnow Maze

      Everything feels cold I’d love a little warmth But I am stuck out here While they warm themselves By the fireplace or by the fire They have no bones And are completely ash I am not I am still flesh I am stuck somewhere In the corner of the maze No one can find me But I am speaking so loudly The real life is a dream I woke up so many times They thought I was still dead My arms are frozen And I can feel the pain in my arms They say if you can still feel pain That means that you are living Trauma has always been a part of my poetics I have been writing this poem For my entire life What is this curtain of flesh On the bed of our desire I meant it when I said I loved her Snow Snow

    • Whitespace

      Years ago, I read about the Whitespace language. The only significant characters are space, tab and line feed. Everything else is a comment. On Saturday it crossed my mind again, so I read the tutorial and thought “Seems like a do-able thing.” So I wrote a Whitespace interpreter.

    • HackadayPut Another Dime In The Jukebox

      We don’t always acknowledge it, but most people have an innate need for music. Think of all the technology that brings us music. For decades, most of the consumer radio spectrum carried music. We went from records, to tape in various forms, to CDs, to pure digital. There are entire satellites that carry — mostly — music. Piracy aside, people are willing to pay for music, too. While it isn’t very common to see “jukeboxes” these days, there was a time when they were staples at any bar or restaurant or even laundrymat you happened to be in. For the cost of a dime, you can hear the music and share it with everyone around you.

    • Counter PunchSpeciesism and Pullman’s “The Amber Spyglass”

      But the His Dark Materials trilogy holds a special place in my heart. I should say that while I’ve read some of the supplementary work set in Pullman’s universe, like Lyra’s Oxford and Once Upon a Time in the North, I haven’t read Serpentine or the first two entries in The Book of Dust trilogy.

      I’ve read the His Dark Materials books a number of times in the past few years, as a form of temporary escape. I never finish. Most recently, I gave up on The Amber Spyglass, which didn’t come out until I was a teenager. In my view, this is where Pullman gets most explicit about his secular humanism. It’s not the secularism that bothers me; it’s the humanism.

    • Emmanuele Bassi: Amberol

      In 1997, I downloaded my first MP3 file. It was linked on a website, and all I had was a 56k modem, so it took me ages to download the nearly 4 megabytes of 128 kbit/s music goodness. Before that file magically appeared on my hard drive, if we exclude a brief dalliance with MOD files, the only music I had on my computer came either in MIDI or in WAV format.

      In the nearly 25 years passed since that seminal moment, my music collection has steadily increased in size — to the point that I cannot comfortably keep it in my laptop’s internal storage without cutting into the available space for other stuff and without taking ages when copying it to new machines; and if I had to upload it to a cloud service, I’d end up paying monthly storage fees that would definitely not make me happy. Plus, I like being able to listen to my music without having a network connection — say, when I’m travelling. For these reasons, I have my music collection on a dedicated USB3 drive and on various 128 GB SD cards that I use when travelling, to avoid bumping around a spinning rust drive.

      In order to listen to that first MP3 file, I also had to download a music player, and back in 1997 there was this little software called Winamp, which apparently really whipped the llama’s ass. Around that same time I was also dual-booting between Windows and Linux, and, obviously, Linux had its own Winamp clone called x11amp. This means that, since late 1997, I’ve also tested more or less all mainstream, GTK-based Linux music players—xmms, beep, xmms2, Rhythmbox, Muine, Banshee, Lollypop, GNOME Music—and various less mainstream ones—shout out to ma boi mpg123. I also used iTunes on macOS and Windows, but I don’t speak of that.

    • Science

      • HackadayGraphyne Finally Created

        Before you jump down to the comments to chastise us for misspelling graphene, note that graphyne is similar to graphene but not the same. Like graphene, it is a two-dimensional structure of carbon. Unlike graphene, it contains double and triple bonds and does not always form hexagons. Scientists have postulated its existence for decades, but researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have finally managed to pull it off. You can also download the paper if you want to wade through the details.

    • Hardware

      • HackadayCharacter VFD Becomes Spectrum Analyzer

        These days, streaming services are a great way to listen to music or podcasts on your computer or on the go. However, they lack one feature of the MP3 players and streamers of old: visualizations! [mircemk] is a fan of those, and has built a hardware spectrum analyzer that pumps with the music.

      • HackadayPSP Turned Robot Remote With Custom Software

        There’s no question that Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) was an impressive piece of hardware when it was released in 2004, but for all its technical wizardry, it wasn’t able to shake Nintendo’s vice-like grip on the handheld market. Perhaps that explains why we still see so many nostalgia-fueled hacks for Nintendo’s Game Boy and Dual Screen (DS) systems, while PSP hacks tend to be few and far between.

      • HackadayShow Us Your Odd Inputs And Peculiar Peripherals!

        Just as the Jedi youngling would have to build their light saber, so is it a rite of passage for a true geek to build their own computer interfaces. And nothing makes a personal computer more personal than a custom keyboard, a bespoke mouse, an omnipotent macropad, a snazzy jog wheel, or a fancy flight yoke.

      • Hackaday3D Printing Fabrics Is Easier Than You Think

        Conventional textiles made of woven threads are highly useful materials. [Sara Alvarez] has had some success creating fabric-like materials through 3D printing, and though they’re not identical, they have some similar properties that make them unique and useful.

      • HackadayThe STM32 Makes For A Cheap DIY USB Soundcard

        Soundcards used to be giant long 8-bit ISA things that would take up a huge amount of real estate inside a desktop computer. These days, for most of us, they’re baked into the motherboard and we barely give them a second thought. [Samsonov Dima] decided to whip up a cheap little sound card of their own, however, built around the STM32.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Common DreamsMap Shows Over 17 Million People in US Threatened by Toxic Fossil Fuel Pollution

        Roughly 17.3 million people in the United States, including nearly four million children, live within a half-mile radius of active oil and gas production, which puts them at increased risk of suffering severe health problems from toxic air pollution.

        “Seniors are more likely to die, and babies are more likely to be born with congenital heart disease.”

    • Linux Foundation

      • Linux Foundation’s Site/BlogSODA Foundation Prioritizes Backup and Restore for Containers, Introduces Object Data Management Across Cloud Providers

        The SODA Foundation, which hosts the SODA Open Data Framework (ODF) for data mobility from edge to core to cloud, today announced two new open source projects: Kahu and Como. Kahu streamlines data protection for Kubernetes and its application data, and Como is a virtual data lake project to enable seamless access to data stored in different clouds. The SODA Foundation also welcomes SoftBank Group as an end-user supporter and key collaboration partner on the Como project.

    • Security

      • CPRTwisted Panda: Chinese APT espionage operation against Russian’s state-owned defense institutes – Check Point Research [Ed: Microsoft Windows TCO]

        In the past two months, we observed multiple APT groups attempting to leverage the Russia and Ukraine war as a lure for espionage operations. It comes as no surprise that Russian entities themselves became an attractive target for spear-phishing campaigns that are exploiting the sanctions imposed on Russia by western countries. These sanctions have put enormous pressure on the Russian economy, and specifically on organizations in multiple Russian industries.


        The malware creates a working directory %TEMP%\\OfficeInit and copies to it INIT and cmpbk32.dll files, as well as a legitimate 32-bit Windows executable cmdl32.exe from either System32 or SysWOW64 folder, depending on if the operating system is 32 or 64 bit.

      • Sandworm uses a new version of ArguePatch to attack targets in Ukraine [Ed: Microsoft Windows TCO]

        Filename: eset_ssl_filtered_cert_importer.exe
        SHA-1 hash: 796362BD0304E305AD120576B6A8FB6721108752
        ESET detection name: Win32/Agent.AEGY

      • Malicious Python Repository Package drops Cobalt Strike on Windows, macOS & Linux systems [Ed: It's not an OS issue; it's about people installing malicious software and greater threats are proprietary software's back doors]

        Public repositories of open source code are a critical part of the software supply chain that many organizations use to build applications. They are therefore an attractive target for adversaries seeking to distribute malware to a mass audience.

      • 747 Hackathon | Pen Test Partners

        As is probably clear from our blog and public talks aviation cyber security is an area of huge interest to us. Some of us are also light aircraft pilots, so the crossover of two of our loves makes for some fascinating research.

        Over the last few years we’ve managed to get access to several airplanes that have been recently retired. As the various breakers yards are backed up with planes retired during the pandemic, many fully functional planes are available that will never fly again.

        However, a big problem for us is that the planes get dismantled, often between visits. On several occasions we’ve gone to an airframe to figure out the on board systems, go back to the lab to prepare custom connectors and tools, then come back a month later to find out that it’s been taken apart into many many pieces.

      • ForbesGoogle Chrome 102: Critical Security Update For All Windows, Mac & Linux Users [Ed: Microsoft propagandist Davey Winder talking about a browser while CISA discloses that half of the latest actively-exploited holes are Microsoft's]
    • Defence/Aggression

      • Counter PunchSerbia Resists US-led Bullying

        Russia’s ill-considered invasion of Ukraine has provided US imperialism with the opportunity of a lifetime, supercharging NATO and US military expansion and transforming the conflict into a proxy war. By sending arms to Ukraine and urging it on to total victory rather than a negotiated settlement, the hope in Washington is that the war can be prolonged. The expectation is that sanctions would then have enough time to bring about the collapse of Russia, which would advance the project of isolating the People’s Republic of China.

        Washington is in no mood to countenance neutrality, and no effort is spared to persuade or bully other nations into imposing sanctions on Russia. While the US has met with limited success in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Europe is a different matter, where only one nation maintains a neutral stance – Serbia.

      • ScheerpostDirty NYPD Detective Responsible for 15 False Convictions Back on the Stand as Judge Reviews 1988 Murder Conviction

        Fifteen convictions in which Scarcella played a pivotal role have resulted in exonerations. A retrial in another case is slated for mid-June. The statute of limitations has expired on any criminal penalties Louie can receive for the initial wrongful arrests and false documentation. Scarcella, however, can face charges for perjury during post-conviction hearings. 

      • Meduza‘Almost nobody is happy with Putin’: Meduza’s sources say a new wave of pessimism in the Kremlin has Russia’s hawks demanding more brutality in Ukraine while others scout for presidential successors

        As of today, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been underway for exactly three months. Throughout Moscow’s “special military operation,” representatives of the Russian elite have repeatedly changed their positions on the war in Ukraine and the crisis at home. Moderate optimism replaced what was initially extreme pessimism, only to be ousted by a wave of moderate pessimism. Sources close to the Kremlin told Meduza that these moods have shifted again, as more elites express dissatisfaction with Vladimir Putin directly. Frustration with the president, moreover, is rising among both supporters and opponents of the invasion.

      • The NationWe Need a Real Debate About the Ukraine War

        It’s time to challenge the orthodox view on the war in Ukraine.

      • The NationSun, Sand, Surf, Sea—and Russian Rockets: Wartime in Odesa

        Odesa, Ukraine—On a hot and sunny summer day along the Black Sea beachfront, Igor cast his fishing line over the edge of a long pier. Wearing nothing but a blue Speedo and the faded red beach towel wrapped around his neck, the leathery-skinned Odessan was at a different spot from his preferred place for finding Gobi fish and mussels, where he’d been fishing for 10 years. His usual place had been wrecked by a recent rocket attack.1

      • TruthOutBiden Vows US Would Defend Taiwan, Contradicting Longstanding US Policy
      • ScheerpostWhen US Pivot is Seen as an ‘Expansion’ Into Asia

        It’s time to talk about what we can learn from NATO in Eastern Europe and its lessons for U.S. policy towards China.

      • Common DreamsAfter Kids Killed in Texas, Dems Declare ‘Pass Gun Safety Legislation Now’

        Progressives in Congress responded to a deadly mass shooting at a Texas elementary school on Tuesday with demands for swift action to reduce gun violence.

        “When are we going to wake up as a country?”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Not Only in Ukraine: Major Weapons Makers Profiting Off War Worldwide

        These are good times to be an arms maker. Not only are tens of billions of dollars in new military spending headed for the coffers of this country’s largest weapons contractors, but they’re being praised as defenders of freedom and democracy, thanks to their role in arming Ukraine to fight the Russians. The last time the industry gained such a sterling reputation was during World War II when it was lauded as the “arsenal of democracy” for fueling the fight against fascism. 

      • Counter PunchThe Lingering Mystery of Gulf War Syndrome

        The only casualties my friend’s unit ever treated were from a medical team from Bulgaria or Romania – so far as I recall – who had been stationed far from the frontline in Saudi Arabia where they built themselves a still to make alcohol. But something went wrong with the construction and they produced a lethal brew likely to produce death and blindness if they had not been flown to my friend’s hospital in London.

        In the years after the war, many American and British soldiers taking part in the invasion of Iraq complained of unexplained and crippling illnesses such as excruciating muscle pain, fever and memory loss. Governments and armies denied that anything peculiar had happened.

    • Environment

      • Counter PunchGrim 2022 Drought Outlook for Western US

        Heading into summer, the outlook is pretty grim. The National Weather Service’s latest seasonal outlook, issued May 19, 2022, described drought persisting across most of the West and parts of the Great Plains.

        One driver of the Western drought has been persistent La Niña conditions in the tropical Pacific since the summer of 2020. During La Niña, cooler tropical Pacific waters help nudge the jet stream northward. That tends to bring fewer storms to the southern tier of the U.S. and produce pronounced drought impacts in the Southwest.

      • Counter PunchIndia – Birds Drop Out of the Sky, People Die

        And, maybe do the same for some of the people sprawled out on the roadside before they die right before your eyes. After all, people are already dying from the humid heat. Maybe you could help them survive and while at it maybe bring along that friend who’s a climate denier for help saving some lives. It’s good for his or her soul to open their eyes to reality.

        According to a recent Business Insider article: Birds Are Falling From the Sky in India as a Record Heatwave Dries up Water Sources, May 14th, 2022. And, it’s not just a few random instances: “Vets in an animal hospital in Ahmedabad said they had treated thousands of birds in recent weeks,” Ibid.

      • The NationWe Need International Cooperation to Fight Climate Change, Not War

        The war in Ukraine has already caused massive death and destruction, with more undoubtedly to come as the fighting intensifies in the country’s east and south. Many thousands of soldiers and civilians have already been killed or wounded, some 13 million Ukrainians have been forced from their homes, and an estimated one-third of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed. Worse yet, that war’s brutal consequences have in no way been limited to Ukraine and Russia: Hunger and food insecurity are increasing across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East as grain deliveries from two of the world’s leading wheat producers have been severed. People are also suffering globally from another harsh consequence of that war: soaring fuel prices. And yet even those manifestations of the war’s “collateral damage” don’t come close to encompassing what could be the greatest casualty of all: Planet Earth itself.

      • Counter PunchIt’s “Now or Never” on Climate Change

        * Coal must be effectively phased out.

        * Methane emissions must be reduced by a third.

      • TruthOutBiden Is Breaking His Climate Promises. What Are the Consequences?
      • Wildlife/Nature

        • Pro PublicaSalmon hatcheries funded by U.S. government haven’t ended fish’s decline

          CARSON, Wash. — The fish were on their way to be executed. One minute, they were swimming around a concrete pond. The next, they were being dumped onto a stainless steel table set on an incline. Hook-nosed and wide-eyed, they thrashed and thumped their way down the table toward an air-powered guillotine.

          Hoses hanging from steel girders flushed blood through the grated metal floor. Hatchery workers in splattered chest waders gutted globs of bright orange eggs from the dead females and dropped them into buckets, then doused them first with a stream of sperm taken from the dead males and then with an iodine disinfectant.

    • Finance

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Counter PunchIn Politics, Money Will Always Talk. Unless…
      • HungaryThe tenth modification of the Fundamental Law approved by Parliament
      • TruthOutGiuliani Refused to Discuss GOP Lawmakers’ Roles in Scheme to Overturn Election
      • TruthOutJamie McLeod-Skinner Is on the Verge of Ousting Blue Dog Kurt Schrader in Oregon
      • Common DreamsBiaggi to Primary ‘Selfish Corporate Democrat’ Sean Patrick Maloney in NY

        Progressive New York state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi on Tuesday formally announced a primary challenge to U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, whose recent decision to run in a safer district and effectively boot out a progressive incumbent sparked Democratic ire.

        “The Democratic Party should be led by fearless champions—not selfish, corporate politicians,” Biaggi tweeted Tuesday. “I’m launching my campaign to take on Sean Patrick Maloney.”

      • Common DreamsHouse Dems to Pelosi: Hold Vote for Bill Expanding Social Security

        Democratic leaders of three U.S. congressional caucuses and a task force on Tuesday sent a letter urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to swiftly bring a bill that would expand and strengthen Social Security to the floor for a vote.

        “We need to expand Social Security’s modest benefits so that everyone in America can enjoy a secure retirement.”

      • Counter PunchWho is Anthony Albanese, Australia’s New Prime Minister?

        “I’m patient”, he told his clapping audience, “I’m patient — I’m a Souths fan”. The South Sydney Rabbitohs are the Rugby League club Albanese supports, which for the greater part of his adult life was notorious for its competitive under-performance.

        The audience realised, of course, that in proclaiming his long-suffering dedication, Albanese was really alluding to his political vocation and his other underachieving “tribe” — the Labor Party.

      • Counter PunchBiden Lengthens Our Leash on Cuba

        Biden is issuing executive decrees permitting more U.S. flights into Cuba, removing caps on  money Americans can send to Cubans, and restoring travel by educational groups.

        Whoop de doo! Let’s all go out and celebrate Biden’s kindness and generosity. After all, rightwing President Trump certainly wasn’t that nice when it came to Cuba!

      • ScheerpostGuantanamo, Cuba: VII Symposium on the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases

        The Naval Base is the site of the infamous US military prison that, as of April 2022, still holds 37 men, most of whom have never been tried as their trial would reveal the torture to which the US has subjected them.  18 of the 37 are approved for release if U.S. diplomats can arrange for countries to accept them.

      • Misinformation/Disinformation

        • The NationThe GOP Is Lying About the “Great Replacement” Theory

          We know that the so-called “great replacement” theory, which has inspired white supremacist massacres from New Zealand to Buffalo, is a racist hoax. But after a few days professing sorrow over a white supremacist’s murdering 10 Black people at East Buffalo’s Tops Friendly Supermarket last Saturday, and after disavowing the theory, conservative pundits began to fight back. There is, in fact, a great replacement theory, they now argue—and it’s been peddled by Democrats. They’re claiming it emerged largely from a book by two friends of mine: The Emerging Democratic Majority, written by Ruy Teixeira and John B. Judis roughly 20 years ago.

        • Counter PunchChristopher Steele’s Replacement Theory

          Recently, Steele said of Russian president Vladimir Putin that he was gravely ill and that his possible illness may have played a part in the decision to mobilize and attack Ukraine.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Counter PunchThe Stormont Election and Ireland

        Though the election is significant, it is not the “momentous blow to Protestant-oriented Unionism” that it has been interpreted as by many. Unionist parties still maintain over 42% of seats in the assembly. Nationalist parties hold 40.5% and ‘neutral’ parties hold the rest. One of the major changes is that these so-called neutral parties, such as Alliance, have drawn support from the more-reactionary unionist ones.

        Yet, as Odrán Waldron keenly noted in Ebb Magazine, “58.8 per cent of Alliance’s voters favoured the continuation of British rule in Ireland in 2019, with just 25.6 per cent favouring the reunification of Ireland.” The ‘neutrality’ of their apparent non-sectarianism is not legitimately neutral – neutrality is, of course, a political position which is an impossibility. Waldron also notes that the British still control public funds in the North, including taxation. It also controls ‘foreign policy’ and military matters.

      • The NationChild Care Providers Are Organizing, Demanding More, and Winning

        On the bright, clear morning of May 9, over a dozen child care providers, nearly all women of color, gathered on the steps of New York City’s City Hall speaking a mix of English and Spanish. They held signs saying, “Can’t work without childcare” and wearing buttons declaring, “I work in childcare so you can go to work.” It was a Monday morning, when they would normally be receiving young children from their parents’ arms. Instead, they were among the hundreds of providers across 27 states who protested that day by shutting their doors and walking out. They did it to make a point: that the economy can’t function without the underpaid, undervalued work that they do.

      • The NationWhen “Jackie Robinson” Is Used as a Racial Slur

        The top news in Major League Baseball is not the “cardiac kid” Baltimore Orioles—three walk-off wins in four days!—or the dominant New York Mets. Instead, it’s an incident at Yankee Stadium, which is a microcosm of everything that baseball does wrong.

      • Common DreamsProtests Urge Congress to End ‘Cruel, Racist, and Xenophobic’ Title 42 Amid Court Fight

        Rallies and marches were held in Mexican border cities Sunday and Monday to protest the continuation of Title 42, the highly controversial anti-migrant rule still in place following a right-wing judge’s injunction against the Biden administration’s plan to end what one critic called a “cruel, racist, and xenophobic” policy.

        “For us, Title 42 ends the dream of many, because in all immigrants’ dreams, asylum is a right, and Title 42 takes that right away from us,” a demonstrator named Edward told Democracy Now! at a Tijuana protest on Monday.

      • Common DreamsAtwood Releases Fire-Proof Copy of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ to Combat GOP Book-Banning

        Proceeds from an auction of an unusual edition of Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale will go to the free expression advocacy group PEN America, as the group stands up to right-wing attempts to ban books in the United States.

        The single copy of the novel is made entirely of flame-resistant material, as evidenced in a video released Monday in which Atwood herself attempts to light the book on fire.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Finalizing the Equal Rights Amendment Is the Best Way to Protect Abortion Rights

        When Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, it was rooted in rights that flow from privacy—not equality. As the country has now seen in the leaked Supreme Court draft ruling, that right to privacy is about to be demolished.

      • Common DreamsAs End of Roe Looms, US Doctors Say ‘Abortion Is Essential Healthcare’

        The leading professional association of obstetricians and gynecologists on Monday responded to “the anticipated upending of 50 years of well-settled law” regarding abortion care by the U.S. Supreme Court by strengthening its policy on the issue and condemning right-wing legislators who spread misinformation about abortion as they roll back reproductive rights.

        The board of directors of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) updated its policy on abortion by making clear that the procedure “is an essential component of comprehensive, evidence-based healthcare” and the group “strongly opposes any effort that impedes access to abortion care and interferes in the relationship between a person and their healthcare professional.”

      • Counter PunchAbortion Rights in Swing States Will Determine Who Controls the Senate in 2021

        The Democrats’ strategy of relying on national polls, even accurate and reliable, would continue to lead to defeats in the Senate. As I argued in To Save Roe in Congress, the D’s Must Change Their Strategy, that strategy fails to target critical races that can sustain or enlarge the Democrat’s presence in Congress. It also fails to recognize that being pro-abortion does not mean the same thing to all who oppose banning abortion.

        The D’s must consider how the abortion issue affects the Democrats to keep control of the Senate. They need to protect four incumbents listed by the non-partisan Roll Call website as the most vulnerable Democrats to lose in November: Mark Kelly in Arizona, Cortez Masto in Nevada, Raphael Warnock in Georgia, and Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire. Biden won all four states only by slim margins.

      • TruthOutSenators Urge FTC to Protect Abortion Clinic Patients’ Data From Being Sold
      • Common Dreams‘Not About Nostalgia’: Poor People’s Campaign Marches in Memphis Ahead of DC Gathering

        Low-wage workers from three southern states marched and rallied in Memphis on Monday, the final stop made by the revived Poor People’s Campaign before it converges in Washington, D.C. next month.

        “We need policy changes to include the protection and value of all our people, not just some.”

      • The NationMarching for Choice
    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • About the =: input prompt..

        I did not mean to write another anti-Gemini rant… I am really happy for our little network’s existence, and I use Gemini pretty much exclusively, hardly ever hitting http servers. It’s just so ****ing annoying sometimes!

      • Spartan Should Not Use text/gemini

        Brief post, but I was reading up on the Spartan protocol in the spec and noticed something that raised my eyebrow.

      • A closer look at geminispace.info backlinks

        The first part of answer is obvious because geminispace.info backlink page template consists in [root/serve/templates/fragments/footer.gmi] two variables. One of it is printed, and it is changing every time geminispace.info index is updated.

        The second part of answer is still unclear for me. Because I have added two backlinks pages to my comitium installation. The first for szczezuja.flounder.online domain, and the second for szczezuja.space domain. And there must be some difference because, beside index update date, the pages are in different “days” on comitium feeds page.

      • [Old] Web client autonomy — sailing the Small Web

        I had briefly thought to call this piece “Taking Back Control” before I quickly remembered that old cliché has become a slogan of the jingoistic proponents of Brexit. Such true believers loudly announce the idea that Nirvana will be easily achieved once we leave the European Union and “take back control” of our Manifest National Destiny. And collectively, we bought it. Sigh.

      • Things are Moving Along

        I’m really excited about all the progress I’ve been making with Squid’s World… I’ve got the graphics, color scheme, and my gemini capsule is looking good lately.

      • Too many good things

        Also being on tilde.town’s IRC again. Also joining tilde.chat and hanging out there. Also reading CAPCOM and Spacewalk and keeping up with the Gemini community. Also listening to Tilde Radio but then

Links 25/05/2022: Librem Tries Another Approach

Posted in News Roundup at 10:29 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Server

      • Contextual Logging in Kubernetes 1.24

        The Structured Logging Working Group has added new capabilities to the logging infrastructure in Kubernetes 1.24. This blog post explains how developers can take advantage of those to make log output more useful and how they can get involved with improving Kubernetes.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to Create Sudo User in openSUSE Linux

        The sudo command allows a user to administer a Linux system with the security privileges of another user, by default, the superuser or root.

        In this guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a sudo user in openSUSE i.e create a user and grant them privileges to invoke the sudo command.

      • Document FoundationDraw Guide 7.3

        This 348 pages book covers the main features of Draw, the vector graphics component of LibreOffice. Using Draw, a wide variety of graphical images can be created.

        Vector graphics store and display a picture as simple geometric elements such as lines, circles, and polygons rather than as a collection of pixels (points on the screen). This permits simpler storage and supports precise scaling of the picture elements.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install RubyMine 2022 on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install RubyMine 2022 on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

        Please take note that it comes with a 30-day free trial and afterward it is paid.

      • VituxHow to use apt Package Manager on Ubuntu Command Line

        When you start using the Ubuntu operating system, the graphical Ubuntu application manager is your first choice to install software. Although this collection contains a large number of applications, you will quickly notice that it lacks many powerful tools, especially those for the command line. Then it’s time to switch to apt-get, a more powerful software installation tool. With this tool, you can not only install software from the command line, but also to:Update the package repositoriesUpdate installed softwareSearch for available packagesGet the source code for an installed packageReinstall a software packageRemove a software from your system

        In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the apt-get tool to complete the tasks indicated above.

      • Linux HintHow to install and use with Sublime Text on Ubuntu 22.04

        Sublime is a robust and extensively used source code editor that provides programmers and developers the platform to write and edit their codes in different languages. It is best known for its speed, user-friendly interface, and extensions making it an ideal choice for a beginner to use this editor.

        It includes several notable features like quick navigation to files, Python-based plugin API and more. Further, its functionality can be expanded by installing various plugins.

        This guide will demonstrate how to install and get started with Sublime on Ubuntu 22.04.

      • TecAdminHow to Install .NET Core (dotnet) on Ubuntu 22.04 [Ed: But this would help Microsoft, unless you move something away from Windows]

        Microsoft .NET Core is a free and open-source software framework designed with keeping Linux and macOS in mind. It is a cross-platform successor to .NET Framework available for Linux, macOS, and Windows systems. .NET Core 6 is an LTR release that will support for the next 3 years. It also supports hot reload and better git integration with Visual Studio 2022.

        The developers should install the .NET Core SDK on their system and the staging or production server needs the .NET Core runtime only.

      • Linux Shell TipsHow to Find and Remove Duplicate Lines in a Text File

        As a Linux administrator, superuser, or beginner learning the ropes of the operating system ecosystem, it is essential to learn the Linux command line tweaks on how to deal with duplicate lines in a text file.

        A common scenario that needs a quick and efficient approach to getting rid of these duplicate lines in a text file is when handling log files.

        Log files are key/important in improving the user experience of Linux users through their computer-generated data. Such data can be translated as usage operations, activities, and patterns associated with a server, device, application, or system.

      • Linux Shell TipsHow to Convert or Merge Multiple Images to PDF in Linux

        Images are an important aspect of everyone’s Linux operating system experience. They hold special information like screenshots of invaluable Linux commands implementation and execution, and also screen captures that are vital to your finished projects’ documentation.

        Saving your images to a single PDF file is an ingenious way of storing and managing them without having to worry about their whereabouts if some get misplaced.

        This article seeks to walk us through various approaches to converting or Merging multiple images into PDF in Linux.

      • MakeTech EasierPGP Encryption: How It Works and How You Can Get Started

        Don’t let the name “Pretty Good Privacy” mislead you. PGP encryption is the gold standard for encrypted communication and has been used by everyone from nuclear activists to criminals since its invention in 1991. While the execution is complex, the concept is simple: you can encrypt text, making it unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have the key to decode it.

      • FOSSLifeLinking Kubernetes Clusters

        In legacy IT, dynamic scaling usually meant that you had to start new virtual machines manually. Then, you had to integrate the application into an existing cluster and possibly reconfigure the load balancers. Kubernetes takes all of this work off your plate.

      • Encoding videos in AV1 with FFmpeg

        AV1 is implemented in libaom and svt-av1. Libaom is the reference codec, it produces smaller files than svt-av1 but it is slow. The svt-av1 encoder is optimized for speed and produces bigger files than libaom.

    • Games

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Reviews

      • Librem 5 USA Review

        After waiting for 2.5 years, I finally got my hands on my Librem 5! I have been daily-driving it for about 4 months now, and thought it might be fun to do a review. Reliability has improved substantially since I first got my hands on it.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • 9to5LinuxUbuntu Users Get New Kernel Security Updates, Three Vulnerabilities Patched

        The new Ubuntu kernel security update addresses CVE-2022-29581, a use-after-free vulnerability discovered by Kyle Zeng in the Network Queuing and Scheduling subsystem that could allow a local attacker to cause a denial of service (system crash) or execute arbitrary code.

        It also patches CVE-2022-30594, a security issue discovered by Jann Horn where the Linux kernel improperly enforces seccomp restrictions in some situations, thus allowing a local attacker to bypass seccomp sandbox restrictions.

      • The Register UKNew audio server Pipewire coming to next version of Ubuntu

        PipeWire also handles video streams so it does a little more than the outgoing PulseAudio, which as its name suggests only handles audio. To explain what this change means, let’s clarify what an audio server is and does.

        The sound playback software system in Linux is a stack, and like the network stack, it has multiple layers that do different things. At the bottom are sound drivers, which are intimately connected with the Linux kernel. Above them sits a sound server, and above that, your apps playing sounds.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Web Browsers

      • Ted Unangstthe trouble with q quotes

        Among the underutilized HTML elements is the q tag, for quotes. This should, depending on user agent, render with appropriate opening and closing quote marks, without needing to specify them by hand. This sounds really convenient, to avoid ambiguity when quotes are nested inside quotes inside quotes. I said, “Alex told Bobby, “according to Chris, “Danny said “No way am I the one who’s confused,” when asked,” direct quote,” yesterday morning,” emphatically. Lucky Danny.

        The browser might even somewhat intelligently choose pairs of quotes that alternate with each nesting. In practice, I’ve found they mostly pick double quotes for the outside, then single quotes for all inner quotes. Fortunately, we can add a custom style that defines a larger vocabulary of quote marks.

    • Programming/Development

      • Whitespace, part

        Now that it’s a bit easier to write code, I can get more done, but it’s still very hard to fix it when it’s broken. So I’m having a go at a debugger. There’s only one place in the interpreter that’s affected much. Before executing an instruction, it has to tell the debugger what’s going in. If the debugger doesn’t return from that callback, it’s a breakpoint.

      • Raspberry PiWhy we translate our free online projects for young people to learn coding

        All young people deserve meaningful opportunities to learn how to create with digital technologies. But according to UNESCO, as much as 40% of people around the world don’t have access to education in a language they speak or understand. At the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we offer more than 200 free online projects that people all over the world use to learn about computing, coding, and creating things with digital technologies. To make these projects more accessible, we’ve published over 1700 translated versions so far, in 32 different languages. You can check out these translated resources by visiting projects.raspberrypi.org and choosing your language from the drop-down menu.

  • Leftovers

    • Science

      • Arguments against the metric system

        Yes, I think that everybody in the US should switch to using the metric system. The reason is simple: everybody else uses it. If you’re measuring something, you should report that measurement in the way that most people will understand; I think it’s a good thing for people around the world to be able to understand each other.

        But I’m not actually a fan of the metric system, and I dislike many of the arguments people use to push for its broader adoption in the US.

    • Education

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • NPRWith food prices climbing, the U.N. is warning of crippling global shortages

        According to U.N. figures, the number of severely food-insecure people has doubled in the past two years, from 135 million pre-pandemic to 276 million today. Now, more than half a million people are experiencing famine conditions, according to the U.N., an increase of more than 500% since 2016.

    • Proprietary

      • MakeTech EasierDuckDuckGo Not Totally Private: It Allows Microsoft Trackers

        If you’re concerned about Internet privacy and started using the DuckDuckGo browser or search engine with no concerns that your data wasn’t private, you’ll want to read on. While many people eschewed Google and Microsoft, opting for the privacy provided by DuckDuckGo, they’re not really in the clear. DuckDuckGo gets its search results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and it’s now come to light that DuckDuckGo doesn’t block Microsoft’s trackers.

      • PC WorldRIP Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s iconic browser is dying June 15 | PCWorld

        Microsoft said that it finally plans to end support for the standalone version of Internet Explorer in June 2022, though you’ll have the option of enabling Internet Explorer Mode within Microsoft Edge.

      • India TimesFour in Five Data Breaches Attributed to Organized Crime [iophk: Windows TCO]

        The sharp spike in ransomware breaches is also concerning — incidents stemming from ransomware have increased by 13 percent in a single year. The jump is greater than the combined percentage increase over the past five years combined. According to Verizon, while criminals look to leverage increasingly sophisticated forms of malware, it is ransomware that continues to prove particularly successful in exploiting and monetizing illegal access to private information.

    • Security

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • EFFData Brokers and True the Vote are the Real Villains of “2000 Mules” Movie

          In its attempt to demonstrate widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election, 2000 Mules presents the research of True the Vote (TTV). TTV reportedly purchased 10 trillion geolocation data points from an unnamed data broker with the goal of finding a pattern of so-called “mules” that stuffed ballot boxes. The researchers claim that of the hundreds of thousands of people described in the location data, they found thousands of people who were physically present near two kinds of places – ballot boxes and unnamed nonprofits – and that this shows they were “mules.” (The actual number of people whose data was purchased may be much larger—a report by TTV claims the organization collected data from over 500,000 phones near ballot boxes in Atlanta, which is just a fraction of the total data they acquired.)

          This business model of making extremely sensitive location data about the general public readily available for purchase must stop

          Putting aside the logical flaws of TTV’s voter fraud claims, the very fact that they were able to buy this much personal location data on hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, over a span of many months leading to election day, is appalling. But this is the data broker business model working as intended: by vacuuming up geolocation data from thousands of smartphone apps, data brokers package and sell huge quantities of highly revealing location data to anyone willing to buy it. And TTV is hardly the only customer: the U.S. military, federal agencies, and federal law enforcement are all customers to geolocation data brokers. Recently, one data broker was even found selling the location data of people seeking reproductive healthcare, which soon could provide states with draconian anti-abortion legislation new digital evidence to identify and prosecute people who seek or provide abortion.

        • La Quadature Du Netcollective complaint against the Technopolice

          Three years ago, La Quadrature du Net started an initiative called « Technopolice » to gather information relating to all technologies deployed by the police in our cities. Today, we have come to a point where the combination of these technologies creates a state of total surveillance in our streets:CCTV everywhere, enormous police databases, facial recognition and automated detection of behavior.

        • The Register UKClearview AI wants its facial-recognition tech in banks, schools, etc

          These images were downloaded without explicit permission from netizens or companies. Although Clearview has been sent numerous cease and desist letters from Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook and more, it continued to collect more images and grow its database. The demands to stop scraping public-facing webpages, however, were not legally binding, unlike the settlement agreement Clearview entered into to end its lawsuit against the American Civil Liberties Union.

        • [Old] The VergeHow to delete your Facebook account

          The company notes that it delays termination for a few days after it’s requested. If you log back in during that period, your deletion request will be canceled. So don’t sign on, or you’ll be forced to start the process over again. Certain things, like comments you’ve made on a friend’s post, may still appear even after you delete your account. Facebook also says that copies of certain items like log records will remain in its database, but it notes that those are disassociated with personal identifiers. Other things to be aware of: if you have an Oculus account, that data will also be deleted, as will any Facebook Pages you administer.

          If you’re really serious about quitting Facebook, remember that the company owns several other popular services as well, like Instagram and WhatsApp, so you should delete your accounts there, too.

        • The VergeDemocrats say Google must curb location tracking before Roe repeal

          A group of more than 40 Democratic members of Congress has asked Google to stop collecting and retaining “unnecessary” location data out of fear that it could be used to identify and prosecute people who have obtained abortions.

          The request was made in a letter sent to Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday by members of the House and Senate, led by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and including well-known progressive representatives such as Ayanna Pressley, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

        • Open-source tests of web browser privacy. Updated 2022-05-16

          Tests ran at 2022-05-16 07:30:03 UTC. Source version: b5c180a3. Raw data in JSON.

        • New York TimesThe Era of Borderless Data Is Ending

          France, Austria, South Africa and more than 50 other countries are accelerating efforts to control the digital information produced by their citizens, government agencies and corporations. Driven by security and privacy concerns, as well as economic interests and authoritarian and nationalistic urges, governments are increasingly setting rules and standards about how data can and cannot move around the globe. The goal is to gain “digital sovereignty.”

        • NBCNew York City says goodbye to its last public payphone

          The effort to replace public pay telephones across the city kicked off in 2014 when the de Blasio administration solicited proposals to reimagine the offering, the city’s Office of Technology and Innovation said in a news release.

          Officials selected CityBridge to develop and operate LinkNYC kiosks, which offer services such as free phone calls, Wi-Fi and device charging. The city began removing street payphones in 2015 to replace them with the LinkNYC kiosks.

          There are nearly 2,000 kiosks across the city, according to a map from LinkNYC.

        • IT WireSims says Facebook must sign deals with SBS, The Conversation

          Former ACCC chair Rod Sims says under the terms of an ongoing Treasury review into the News Media Bargaining Code, social media giant Facebook should be forced to negotiate and strike content deals with outlets like SBS and The Conversation.

        • India TimesZoom raises full-year profit view on strong enterprise demand

          Over the past few quarters, demand for the company’s platform had slowed as COVID-19 lockdowns eased and competition intensified from Microsoft’s Teams and Cisco’s WebEx and Google’s Meet.

          Still, the San-Francisco-based firm reported first-quarter profit that beat expectations and forecast earnings for the current quarter above estimates.

        • NYPostThis horrifying iPhone secret could expose your texts

          To make a censored message legible again, take a screenshot and then open up the photo editor. [...]

        • PurismPurism Launches SIMple Plus for Data Privacy

          For those looking for a privacy-focused cellular service in the United States, Purism has launched another option in its suite of privacy-first cellular plans. With other big telecom providers, phone data does not stay private; it’s collected, linked with a person’s identity, and sold to advertisers. With Purism’s cellular services users can get peace of mind and protect their data privacy while on the go.

          The newly launched plan, “SIMple Plus”, provides subscribers with 4G high speed internet with a 3 GB monthly data limit and a $59/month price. Additionally, they can send texts globally to over 160 countries at no extra cost. The plan is designed especially for those who are interested in the SIMple plan, but would like a higher data cap.

          Founder and CEO of Purism, Todd Weaver elaborates on the need, “Due to the popularity of the Librem AweSIM service, where Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is not shared with any cellular carriers, fully protecting the privacy of the user from big telecom. We have added another pricing tier to maximize coverage of service offerings to the rapidly expanding user base.”

        • MakeTech Easier8 WhatsApp Alternatives That Respect Your Privacy

          When social media giant Facebook (now Meta) purchased everyone’s favorite mobile messaging app WhatsApp, users were promised their data would be private and that they wouldn’t be subject to the shady things that Mark Zuckerberg and crew are known for. As time has gone on, more and more privacy has been taken away from Whatsapp users in the name of “analytical data.”

        • TechdirtIndia’s Government Tells VPNs, Cloud Services They Can Get Screwed Or Get Out

          “You can remember it for us wholesale.” – the government of India, probably.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Site36German Bundeswehr: The Army does not want to be intercepted

        In order to communicate securely, land forces in NATO missions allegedly stop their tanks and arrange to talk „tower to tower“.

      • Democracy NowBiden Says U.S. Will Defend Taiwan as China Accuses U.S. of Forming “Indo-Pacific Version of NATO”

        President Biden is on his first trip to Asia as president to meet with other leaders from the “Quad” — Japan, India and Australia — as part of efforts to counter China’s growing power in the region. During the trip, Biden has contradicted longstanding U.S. policy of “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan by vowing to defend it militarily if China attacks. “This idea that the United States is obligated to come to the defense of Taiwan if it [China] attacked, is simply not U.S. policy,” says Michael Swaine, director of the Quincy Institute’s East Asia program. Swaine says the official U.S.-China policy on Taiwan — which prioritizes peaceful unification over military force — has been subtly weakened by both sides, and “President Biden’s recent comment weakens it even further.”

      • Democracy NowDebt, Coups & Colonialism in Haiti: France & U.S. Urged to Pay Reparations for Destroying Nation

        We look in depth at “The Ransom,” a new series in The New York Times that details how France devastated Haiti’s economy by forcing Haiti to pay massive reparations for the loss of slave labor after enslaved Haitians rebelled, founding the world’s first Black republic in 1804. We speak with historians Westenley Alcenat and Gerald Horne on the story of Haiti’s finances and how Haitian demands for reparations have been repeatedly shut down. Alcenat says the series “exposes the rest of the world to a knowledge that actually has existed for over a hundred years,” and while he welcomes the series, he demands The New York Times apologize for publishing racist Haitian stereotypes in 2010 by columnist David Brooks. Horne also requests The New York Times make the revelatory documents that the series cites accessible to other historians. He says the series will “hopefully cause us to reexamine the history of this country and move away from the propaganda point that somehow the United States was an abolitionist republic when actually it was the foremost slaveholder’s republic.”

      • The HillAppeals court clears way for bid to disqualify Cawthorn as ‘insurrectionist’

        A federal appeals court in Richmond on Tuesday cleared the way for a legal effort that seeks to disqualify Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s (R-N.C.) candidacy for office due to his alleged role in the Jan. 6 insurrection by supporters of former President Trump.

        The three-judge panel’s ruling reverses a lower court’s determination that an 1872 federal law that granted amnesty to nearly all former members of the Confederacy had immunized Cawthorn from the lawsuit brought under the 14th Amendment.

      • [Old] WiredUkraine’s Volunteer ‘IT Army’ Is Hacking in Uncharted Territory

        Ukraine has seen other volunteer-organized cyberdefense and attack efforts leading up to and early in the war effort. Separately hacktivists, including the hacking group Anonymous, have claimed DDoS attacks against Russian targets and taken data from Belarusian weapons manufacturer Tetraedr. But the development of the IT Army, a government-led volunteer unit that’s designed to operate in the middle of a fast-moving war zone, is without precedent.

      • The HillRussian diplomat warns against global ‘cyber confrontation’

        Nebenzia, who spoke on Monday at a U.N. Security Council briefing, said that the West is trying to shut down Russia’s “alternative views” and build “a cyber totalitarianism” against his country.

        “States that call themselves a ‘community of democracies’ in fact are building a cyber totalitarianism,” Nebenzia said.

      • BBCPutin weaponising Ukraine’s crops, says Polish PM

        Ukraine’s inability to export its grain has led to global food prices soaring.

        It has also raised the prospect of famines in the countries which depend on its exports.

      • Dawn MediaTaliban to sign pact with UAE on running Afghan airports

        Qatar and Turkey had already sent temporary technical teams to help airport operations and security after the Taliban took over in August last year as foreign forces withdrew.

      • NPRThe election system shuddered in 2020. Now, there are fears of an attack within

        This year, for the first time, Roebuck is preparing his poll workers for the possibility that one of those among them could try to sabotage democracy — by interfering with an election.

        It’s a scenario that seems more plausible than it did a few years ago, thanks in part to a video of Ryan Kelley, a Republican candidate for Michigan governor, that made headlines this year.

      • Eesti RahvusringhäälingNavy monitoring SIIL exercise with new mobile radars

        In the latest phase of the SIIL (HEDGEHOG) military training exercise, the Estonian navy was tasked with surveying the entire Kura Kurk (Irbe Strait) and port of Mõntu on Saaremaa, to secure the laying of minefields and detect the movement of opposing forces.

      • Taiwan NewsTaipei’s new VR arcade aimed to hone combat skills

        Taiwanese textile manufacturer Texray Industrial Co. and Shin Shin Department Store on Monday (May 23) announced a collaboration to establish the first virtual entertainment venue in the country to specialize in fighting games.

        Billed as the first metaverse combat training cener, it will incorporate AR/VR-enabled combat simulation that allows participants to engage in scenarios where they feel like using “real” firearms, per CNA.

      • Courage FoundNational call-in to Congress: Free Daniel Hale!
      • Common DreamsOpinion | US and Russia’s Imperialist Wars Are Waging Global Devastation

        Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin declared that he wants Russia weakened. Of course he meant militarily weakened. Still, his words summoned an echo of Versailles in 1919, when the complete humiliation of Germany planted the seeds for the next world war. Unlike 1919, we inhabit a nuclear world, where humiliating other nuclear nations may be infinitely more dangerous. 

      • Common DreamsAt Least 19 Children, 2 Adults Killed in Texas Elementary School Shooting

        A South Texas town is reeling Tuesday after at least 21 people—including 19 students and two adults—were killed and an unknown number of others wounded in a mass shooting by a lone gunman at a local elementary school.

        “They fucking failed our kids again,” Fred Guttenberg, father of Parkland school shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg, said during an MSNBC interview after Tuesday’s massacre. “How many more times are we gonna sit back?… How many more times?”

    • Environment

      • RTLLiving at the expense of children and future generations

        Unicef’s Innocenti Research Center studied 39 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union (EU) to determine how well they are doing in creating healthy, child-friendly environments and ensuring intact environments within and beyond their borders.

        Indicators examined include air pollution, pesticide exposure and lead concentration in children’s blood, countries’ contribution to climate change, resource consumption and e-waste production.

      • VOA NewsCameroonian Villagers Protest China Iron Ore Mining Deal

        Cameroonian authorities say Monday several hundred civilians took to the streets of Lolabe, a small coastal village on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. The civilians said they were protesting the recent deal signed by the government for iron ore to be exported from their village and Lobe, the district where Lolabe is located.

        Earlier this month, the government announced the $676 million high-grade iron ore mining deal with Sinosteel Cam S.A., a Cameroonian subsidiary of the state-owned Chinese miner. Cameroon said the deal will develop the Lobe iron ore mine located in the south of the count

      • Teen VogueYouth Mental Health and Climate Disaster Have to Be Addressed By Legislation

        In middle school, the climate crisis solutions offered by my well-meaning teachers focused on the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions created by my individual actions, or my “carbon footprint.” It was later that I learned this phrase had been popularized by British Petroleum in 2004 with the unveiling of their carbon footprint calculator, a move seen by many climate activists as a way to deflect responsibility for the climate crisis onto the individual.

      • Energy

        • RTLFree public transport costs state €41 million per year

          Two years after the introduction of free public transport, Minister for Mobility François Bausch describes it as an “important social measure”. “It is the icing on the cake in our overall strategy for a multimodal revolution”, Bausch stated in his answer to a parliamentary question by MPs Carlo Weber and Dan Biancalana from the Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (LSAP).

        • BBCCould hydrogen ease Germany’s reliance on Russian gas?

          The nation currently buys around 25% of its oil and 40% of its gas from Russia, contributing billions of euros a year to Moscow’s finances.

          Germany is moving “as fast as possible” to end that relationship, but it will take time, the country’s finance minister recently said.

        • Dawn MediaCrypto exchange BitMEX co-founder gets 6 months house arrest for US charges

          Arthur Hayes, 36, will also pay a $10 million fine and serve two years of probation following his house arrest for failing to establish an anti-money laundering program at BitMEX, which he founded with Benjamin Delo and Samuel Reed in 2014.

          Hayes was sentenced in federal court in Manhattan on Friday.

      • Wildlife/Nature

        • ABCBad Kitty: German town grounds cats to save rare birds

          Authorities in the southwest German town of Walldorf have ordered some cat owners to keep their pets indoors until the end of August, to protect a rare bird during its breeding season.

          The decree is designed to help save the crested lark, which makes its nest on the ground and is therefore easy prey for feline hunters. The bird’s population in Western Europe has declined sharply in recent decades.

          Authorities in Walldorf wrote that “among other things the survival of the species depends on every single chick.”

        • Mexico News DailyMonarch butterfly numbers were up 35% but still well under previous years

          The WWF and Conanp said in a report that the increase was mainly due to repopulation efforts in the southern United States.

          Jorge Rickards, general director of WWF México, said the increase was good news but highlighted that butterfly numbers were still well below those recorded three years ago.

      • Overpopulation

        • Dawn MediaKarachi’s water crisis

          Karachi’s water allocation was increased to 1,200 cusecs in the late 1980s to meet the carrying capacity of channels under the K-III project. However, unchecked population growth, besides transmission and distribution losses of 30 per cent to 35pc owing to the mushrooming of the ‘water mafia’, have compounded the woes of citizens. The K-IV project was designed to add 650 million gallons of water per day through a separate channel drawn from the Keenjhar reservoir. But to operate this, an additional 1,200 cusecs are required every day downstream Kotri.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • TruthOutHouse Ethics Committee Opens Investigation Into Madison Cawthorn
      • Common Dreams‘Wholesale Fraud’ in Michigan Governor Race Could Disqualify GOP Candidates

        After weeks of allegations that multiple Republicans running for governor in Michigan submitted fraudulent signatures to get on the ballot, the state Bureau of Elections on Monday confirmed what one journalist called “wholesale fraud” involving five GOP candidates.

        “I hope the Michigan Republican Party will live up to their big talk about integrity, respect our election laws, and hold their own accountable.”

      • TruthOutIt’s Trump vs. Pence in Georgia, Though Neither Is on the Ballot
      • TruthOutTop Michigan GOP Governor Hopefuls Could Be Disqualified Over Forged Signatures
      • TechdirtCalifornia Assembly Unanimously Passes Blatantly Unconstitutional Bill To Allow Parents To Sue Websites Because Their Kids Are Depressed

        Have politicians all gone mad? On the Republican side, we have Texas and Florida trying to stop websites from moderating content, while on the Democratic side, we have New York and elsewhere trying to blame them for not moderating content. And then we have… California. Back in March we had warned about AB 2408, ostensibly a “bi-partisan” bill from Republican Assemblymember Jordan Cunninghan and Democratic Assemblymember Buffy Wicks. This bill shows that even when Democrats and Republicans team up to try to regulate the internet, they make an unconstitutional mess of things.

      • The HillActivists protest Amazon’s cloud conference over company’s work with police, immigration agencies

        A group of activists staged a protest at Amazon Web Services’s (AWS) summit Tuesday in an attempt to bring attention to the company’s work with immigration agencies and police departments.

      • Business InsiderRussia demands that the world ‘demilitarize’ the internet and accuses the West of ‘cyber-totalitarianism’

        The diplomat denounced Ukraine for openly stating that it’s built a volunteer “IT” army to fight Russian disinformation online and to target Russian and Belarusian facilities.

      • CBCCanada should rethink relationship with U.S. as democratic ‘backsliding’ worsens: security experts

        Canada’s intelligence community will have to grapple with the growing influence of anti-democratic forces in the United States — including the threat posed by conservative media outlets like Fox News — says a new report from a task force of intelligence experts.

        “The United States is and will remain our closest ally, but it could also become a source of threat and instability,” says a newly published report written by a task force of former national security advisers, former Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) directors, ex-deputy ministers, former ambassadors and academics.

      • The VergeConan O’Brien makes a $150 million podcast deal

        As top podcasters like Joe Rogan and Alex Cooper choose to maintain ownership of their brands and instead license their shows to streamers for eight or nine figure sums, O’Brien is an outlier. His deal is most reminiscent of Spotify’s 2020 acquisition of Bill Simmons’ The Ringer. Like The Ringer, Team Coco is a multi-podcast outfit that is still highly dependent on its main star. Spotify has managed to hold on to Simmons more than two years on, giving him additional responsibilities as the streamer grows its international sports programming. The Team Coco deal gives SiriusXM five years to figure out how to keep O’Brien, or expand the brand to the point it can stand without him.

      • Texas’ controversial social media censorship law awaits fate with US Supreme Court

        H.B. 20 makes it illegal for any social media platform with more than 50 million active users per month (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to “block, ban, delete, remove, de-platform, demonetize, de-boost, regulate, restrict, inhibit the publication or reproduction of, deny equal access or visibility to expression.” It also allows Texans to take legal action against these companies for filtering any content that expresses their point of view.

      • Misinformation/Disinformation

        • QAnon candidates are on the ballot in 26 states

          Grid reviewed public records and reporting, social media posts, and campaign materials and events to identify and confirm at least 78 QAnon-aligned candidates running for office in 26 states in 2022. They’re running for governorships, secretaries of state, seats in the Senate and House, and in state legislatures. They have raised over $20 million this cycle — and over $30 million since 2018.

          All but six of the QAnon-aligned candidates Grid examined are Republican. Over a dozen are incumbents: Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) serve in the House of Representatives, while another 14 serve at the state level, mostly legislatures. Most are running against fellow Republicans in primaries, which will take place throughout the spring and summer.

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • TechdirtStop Saying Elon Musk ‘Supports Free Speech.’ He Appears To Be Actively Against That

        I’ve been trying to explain this in all sorts of ways: Elon Musk’s understanding of free speech does not have anything to do with actual free speech. And, for the most part, it seemed that people who understand this stuff got that. But I remain surprised at how many otherwise intelligent people seem to be extraordinarily confused by it, and continue to falsely insist that Musk “supports free speech.” I’ve seen it a few times now from people who I know for sure know better, and it leaves me perplexed that they’re misrepresenting it. In this case, I’m going to call out famed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen.

      • TechdirtCopyright As Censorship: Abuse Of The DMCA To Try To Delete Online News Is Rampant

        The recipients of takedown notices are usually ordinary members of the public. They are unlikely to have any legal training, and yet must respond to a formal legal notification if they wish to make a counterclaim. In addition, their counterclaim must include contact information – probably the last thing that an individual wishes to hand over to a company threatening them. Finally, and most problematically, the counterclaim must include a statement “under penalty of perjury” that the material was taken down by mistake. This is in contrast to the much weaker “good faith belief” that the original takedown notice requires from the notifier. Many will quail at the thought that they risk being convicted of perjury. The end result is that most people will simply accept that their material is removed, even if it was legal, for example under fair use.

        This unbalanced nature of the system makes it ripe for fraud, whereby people falsely claim to be the owner of copyright material in order to get it removed from a Web site. Among the millions of removal requests stored on the Lumen database, Shreya Tewari – a Berkman Klein Center Research Fellow on the Lumen project – found nearly 34,000 takedown notices that “appear to be attempts to misuse the DMCA notice-and-takedown process”: [...]

      • Times Higher EducationUniversities must help academics targeted by trolls

        In this context, we can only expect the pressure on academics to produce and publicise impact to increase further. However, when research breaks out of the academic bubble and into society, including the dark realms of social media, the response from society can be brutal.

      • The CriticWhy I fear this censors’ charter

        The Online Safety Bill, which has already had its second reading in the House of Commons, is intended to make the UK the safest place in the world to go online. If you think “safest” is code for “most heavily regulated” you’re not far wrong.

        The Bill will empower Ofcom, the broadcast regulator, to fine social media companies up to 10 per cent of their global turnover if they fail to remove harmful content — and not just harmful to children, which is hard to argue with, but to adults as well.

        What does the Government mean by “harmful”? The only definition the Bill offers is in clause 150, where it sets out the details of a new Harmful Communications Offence, punishable by up to two years in jail: “‘harm’ means psychological harm amounting to at least serious distress.”

      • Why i don’t use the terms ‘TERF’ or ‘SWERF’

        i don’t use the acronyms ‘TERF’ and ‘SWERF’[a], acronyms for “Trans-Erasing Radical Feminist” and “Sex-Worker-Erasing Radical Feminist”, respectively. Instead, i use ‘radfem’[b].


        i use the term ‘radfem’ rather than the full phrase ‘radical feminist’ because there can be, and often is, a (possibly significant) difference between a feminist whose politics are radical in some sense(s), and the ‘radical feminist’ strand of feminist thought. That is, one can be a ‘radical’ feminist without necessarily having radfem politics.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • The NationKeeping the March of the Living Alive

        Thousands of Jewish youth were originally slated to attend the 2022 International March of the Living in Poland—for many, their first in-person event since the start of the pandemic. The annual event, which took place this year in late April, brings together Jewish youth from around the world to visit the sites of former concentration camps, attend educational events, and explore the remnants of Jewish society in Poland.

      • Common DreamsTwo Years After George Floyd Murder, Biden to Issue Executive Order on Police Reform

        Exactly two years after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, President Joe Biden on Wednesday is expected to unveil an executive order aimed at reforming federal policing standards and pushing state and local law enforcement agencies to improve their policies as well.

        “We have seen jurisdictions with strong standards where officers still resort to the use of deadly force, so just having these words on paper will not be enough.”

      • The NationThe Long History of Resistance That Birthed Black Lives Matter

        Donna Murch is one of the foremost historians of Black radical movements in the 20th century. Her first book, 2010’s Living for the City: Migration, Education, and the Rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, retold a seemingly familiar story with new insights drawn from oral histories and untapped archives. Murch saw the story of the Panthers as a product of the Great Migration and as a fight for, among other things, access to public resources, countering both conservative and liberal framings that saw the party as either a criminal enterprise or a project solely devoted to self-defense. In the process, she demonstrated that the group was far more complicated than had been recognized.

      • New York TimesWorkers at an Activision studio vote to unionize, a first for the gaming industry.

        The vote, which passed 19 to 3, affects 28 quality-assurance employees at Raven Software, the Wisconsin studio that helps to develop the popular Call of Duty game. The workers voted over the past several weeks, and the results were tallied by the National Labor Relations Board on Monday. Activision has one week to formally object if it finds grounds for complaint.

        The new union, the Game Workers Alliance, is the culmination of months of labor organizing at Activision, which has faced increasing pressure from employees to improve working conditions after a lawsuit accused the company of having a sexist culture in which women were routinely harassed.

      • The VergeKlarna used a prerecorded video message to lay off 10 percent of employees

        Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski delivered the news to employees in a prerecorded video message, citing “the war in Ukraine unfold, a shift in consumer sentiment, a steep increase in inflation, a highly volatile stock market and a likely recession” as the reasons behind the layoffs. Siemiatkowski explained that workers in Europe will receive an “associated compensation” but added that the severance process for employees in the US will “look different” depending on location.

        Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Klarna is looking to raise a new round of funding that would value the company at $30 billion, about one-third less than the $46 billion it was valued at nearly one year ago. Rival BNPL service Affirm has also seen a similar dip, with its share price sinking 75 percent this year.

      • NPRMale Afghan TV anchors cover faces in solidarity with women after a Taliban order

        The Taliban went a step further on Thursday by specifically ordering female TV news anchors to cover their faces while on air.

        The decree only affected a handful of women who work as television presenters in Afghanistan, but it triggered a large social media response.

        That was perhaps because the decree dealt a powerful blow to a visible, symbolic mark of progress Afghans had made in two decades of Western-backed rule: women on television, authoritatively presenting information.

      • Christian TodayIslamic State executes 20 Christians as warning to believers

        The BBC Monitoring service said the executioners were from the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) and that the captives came from Borno state in north-eastern Nigeria.

        IS called the executions a warning to “Christians around the world” and said that “jihadists will be at war with them … till the end of times”.

        The video shows the men divided into three groups and shot dead by four masked militants.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • The VergeWhy we need a public internet and how to get one

        For weeks, tech news has been dominated by billionaire Elon Musk’s attempts to buy (and subsequently avoid buying) Twitter. And since Musk announced his plans in April, people have debated whether it’s better for online social spaces like Twitter to remain publicly traded companies — where they’re under pressure from shareholders — or be owned by a single wealthy figure like Musk.

        But Ben Tarnoff, author of the upcoming book Internet for the People, believes there’s a better way. Tarnoff’s book outlines the history of the internet, starting with its early days as a government-run network, which was parceled out to private companies with little regard for users. It discusses common proposals like lessening the power of internet gatekeepers with antitrust reform, but it also argues that promoting competition isn’t enough: there should also be a political movement advocating for local, noncommercial spaces online. I spoke with Tarnoff about what that means — and why it’s not as simple as breaking up (or cloning) Twitter.

    • Monopolies

      • TechdirtJournalists: Stop Pretending The GOP Actually Cares About Regulating ‘Big Corporations’

        For more than forty years, the GOP (and to a more sporadic degree the DNC) mindlessly supported giant corporations, consolidation, and monopolization. The evidence is everywhere (banking, insurance, health, air travel, energy), but particularly obvious in telecom. The GOP has endlessly, ceaselessly, cheered on telecom monopolization, and all it usually entails (high prices, poor service, privacy issues).

      • Copyrights

        • The VergeMr. Boop, the psychosexual webcomic that is a scathing critique of copyright

          Book 3 has this whole meta-narrative about Betty Boop’s father enforcing her copyright and breaking up her marriage to Alec. And that’s a question I had from the start: writing a comic that incorporates so many very recognizable fictional characters, did you run into any actual copyright snafus?

          Maybe. I don’t know if I should talk. My answer is a winking “maybe.”

        • VarietyHow the Market Crash Is Forcing Hollywood Giants to Reassess Digital Strategies

          Indeed, the streaming bubble that boosted shares of media and entertainment companies in 2019 and 2020 has all but burst. Falling stock prices are coinciding with rising interest rates, inflation and heavier-than-usual debt loads at the largest conglomerates. The heightened pressure to deliver earnings and the need to pay more to service debt will inevitably force a pullback — at least in the short term — in the tidal wave of spending on content production, marketing and distribution.

        • Creative CommonsAnnouncing the winners of CC Open Culture Remix Art Contest 2022 #CCSharesCulture

          Participants were tasked with creating original artworks in line with this year’s theme of “Love Culture? Share Culture!” by remixing public domain or CC BY-licensed images, paintings, photographs, drawings, etc., digitized in open collections. 

        • Torrent FreakNew Copyright Lawsuit Targets Uploaders of 10-Minute Movie Edits

          The ordeal of three people, who edited major movies down to 10 minutes and then uploaded those summaries to YouTube, is not over yet. After being arrested and found guilty in a criminal court last year, they now face action in the civil courts. A total of 13 companies including Toei, Kadokawa, Nikkatsu, and Fuji, say they are entitled to at least $3.9 million in copyright damages.

        • TechdirtTechdirt Podcast Episode 321: There Are Both Smart & Dumb Ways To Improve Copyright

          The problems with copyright have been a subject of coverage here at Techdirt since the beginning, and for most of that time it has been largely a non-partisan subject. At the moment, however, that isn’t so much the case thanks to Josh Hawley’s war with Disney, which has created a situation where some copyright reform ideas that are conceptually good are mired in culture war issues, partisan politics, and unconstitutional nonsense. This week, we’re joined by the Niskanen Center’s Daniel Takash to discuss the problems with Hawley’s copyright bill and copyright law in general.

        • Torrent FreakTakedown Galore: 10 Years of Google DMCA Notice Transparency

          Ten years ago, Google expanded its transparency efforts by documenting all DMCA takedown notices received by the company. This was done to give the public more insight into where the “free flow of information” on the Internet is blocked. At the time Google spotted a massive increase in takedowns, but the real surge was yet to come.

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