Spending the Next Few Decades Tackling Technology’s Threats (Without Being a Mindless Luddite)

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Emergent Threats
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Summary: Techrights is hoping to take on more types of problems, possibly by focusing less on pertinent brands/companies and more on the shared threats they pose to society; more to follow later this week…

YESTERDAY I had a very negative experience with Royal Mail — akin to the infamous Xerox incident of RMS. Not to compare myself to RMS, but when a courier puts a parcel in the bin along with cat’s poo and then calls that “delivered” you have to wonder what sort of direction society has taken. They now advertise an “app” — yes, a piece of malicious software for you to download just so that you can receive or at least track a parcel you’re expecting. As I explain in the video above, which goes through this “work-in-press” strategy/plan document, we’re dealing with sinister companies looking to increase their power (sometimes also profit) by passing a lot of burden to the powerless population. The “self-service” ploy is one example of that. It’s not about automation but about outsourcing the labour to unpaid people (slaves, formerly known as “clients”). Mapping and factorising such threats is essential. It is, at the very least, a starting point.

“We need to develop collective resistance to abusive plots and ploys, such as corrosive, malicious cost-cutting moves that empower the rich (making them ever richer) at our expense while we struggle to keep up.”The Web site Tux Machines turns 18 in less than 24 hours and later today I’ll know if my decision (or for the time being suggestion) to reduce hours at work was well received and also accepted. If so, I shall have more to say about that. It’s partly drafted already.

Either way, Techrights or tech rights are more important than ever. It’s not limited to software freedom and, as I explain in the start of the video above, just promoting a brand (like “Linux”) or obsessing over institutions won’t be enough. In fact, brands seem to be missing the point — they change over time (companies come and go; some rebrand themselves) — and we must focus more on the concepts or the patterns. We need to develop collective resistance to abusive plots and ploys, such as corrosive, malicious cost-cutting moves that empower the rich (making them ever richer) at our expense while we constantly struggle to keep up.

Technology was supposed to make things easier and more reliable. But that’s not happening.

Links 09/06/2022: EasyOS Dunfell-series 4.0

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

      • Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC)Microconferences at Linux Plumbers Conference: Compute Express Link – Linux Plumbers Conference 2022

        Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 is pleased to host the Compute Express Link Microconference

        Compute Express Link is a cache coherent fabric that is gaining a lot of momentum in the industry. Hardware vendors have begun to ramp up on CXL 2.0 hardware and software must not lag behind. The current software ecosystem looks promising with enough components ready to begin provisioning of test systems.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Make Use OfSolved: You Don’t Have Permission to Access on This Server

        Many web server configurations face issues related to file permissions. It often renders the server inaccessible to visitors and manifests in the form of a 403 error. Usually, the error message is something like “Forbidden: you don’t have permission to access / on this server”. It can be anything in the form of Forbidden: you don’t have permission to access this resource.

        Similar issues can also occur due to problems in the Apache configuration file or even because of a corrupt .htaccess file. This guide provides step-by-step solutions to all of these problems. Try them one at a time, starting from the first solution.

      • Peter Czanik: How does the syslog-ng disk-buffer work?

        Last time, we had an overview of the syslog-ng disk-buffer. This time, we dig a bit deeper and take a quick look at how it works, and a recent major change that helped speed up the reliable disk-buffer considerably.

      • OMG UbuntuMake Ubuntu’s Calendar Icon Show the Current Date – OMG! Ubuntu!

        Ever noticed that the calendar app icon on macOS and iOS always shows the current (and correct) date?

        It’s one of those subtle, unassuming features that goes unnoticed by most. But when you’re aware of it you can’t help but think: “heh, that’s actually kinda neat”.

        Well, now you can get a similar feature on the Ubuntu desktop too.

      • Moving to a faster but smaller disk, encrypted setup | The bright side

        My work computer runs Debian 11 bullseye (the current stable release) in a mechanical 500GB disk, and I was provided with a new SDD disk but its size was 480 GB. So I had to shrink my partitions before copying the data to the new disk. It turned out to be a bit difficult because my main partition was encrypted.

      • VideoWhy “sudo” when you can just “su”? – Invidious

        When I started using Linux, “sudo” wasn’t nearly as common as it is now. Back then, many Linux distributions didn’t even install “sudo” out of the box. Instead, users just used “su” to switch user to root when they needed superuser privileges…

      • How to Fix Filebeat Glibc Related Errors on Ubuntu 22.04 – kifarunix.com

        In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix Filebeat Glibc related errors on Ubuntu 22.04 that is affecting users using glibc >= 2.35.

      • Linux Made Simple
        How to install Friday Night Funkin’ – Yoshi Engine on a Chromebook – Windows Version

        Today we are looking at how to install Friday Night Funkin’ – Yoshi Engine on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • Apps: Attempt of a status report

          This is not an official post from GNOME Foundation nor am I part of the GNOME Foundation’s Board that is responsible for the policies mentioned in this post. However, I wanted to sum up the current situation as I understand it to let you know what is currently happening around app policies.


          Since the launch of GNOME Circle, no less than 42 apps have joined the project. With Apps for GNOME, we have an up-to-date representation of all apps in GNOME. And more projects benefitting from this structure are under development. Combined with other efforts like libadwaita, new developer docs, and a new HIG, I think we have seen an incredible boost in app quality and development productivity.

          Naturally, there remain open issues after such a huge change. App criteria and workflows have to be adapted after collecting our first experiences. We need more clarification on what a “Core” app means to the project. And last but not least, I think we can do better with communicating about these changes.

          Hopefully, at the upcoming GUADEC 2022 we will be able to add some cornerstones to get started with addressing the outstanding issues and continue this successful path. If you want to get engaged or have questions, please let me know. Maybe, some questions can already be answered below

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • New Releases

      • EasyOS Dunfell-series 4.0

        EasyOS was created in 2017, derived from Quirky Linux, which in turn was derived from Puppy Linux in 2013. Easy is built in woofQ, which takes as input binary packages from any distribution, and uses them on top of the unique EasyOS infrastructure.
        Throughout 2020, the official release for x86_64 PCs was the Buster-series, built with Debian 10.x Buster DEBs.
        EasyOS has also been built with packages compiled from source, using a fork of OpenEmbedded (OE). Currently, the Dunfell release of OE has been used, to compile two sets of binary packages, for x86_64 and aarch64.
        The latter have been used to build EasyOS for the Raspberry Pi4, and first official release, 2.6.1, was in January 2021.
        The page that you are reading now has the release notes for EasyOS Dunfell-series on x86_64 PCs, also debuting in 2021.
        Ongoing development is now focused on the x86_64 Dunfell-series. The last version in the x86_64 Buster-series is 2.6.2, on June 29, 2021, and that is likely to be the end of that series. Releases for the Pi4 Dunfell-series are still planned but very intermittent.
        The version number is for EasyOS itself, independent of the target hardware; that is, the infrastructure, support-glue, system scripts and system management and configuration applications.
        The latest version is becoming mature, though Easy is an experimental distribution and some parts are under development and are still considered as beta-quality. However, you will find this distro to be a very pleasant surprise, or so we hope.

      • Barry KaulerEasyOS Dunfell-series version 4.0 released

        The previous release was 3.4.7, on April 27, 2022:


        Significant structural changes since then have warranted a major-version number bump, now 4.0.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • Red Hat Official5 Vim features for power users | Enable Sysadmin

        I first discovered the Vi editor back in 1986, when the company I worked for took delivery of a Zilog System 8000 running ZEUS—Zilog’s version of Unix (a port of Unix Version 7). Its clone Vim was originally an acronym for vi imitation but was subsequently changed to Vi iMproved in 1993. Originally only available on Unix systems, Vim has since been ported to many modern operating systems and also ships with Apple macOS.

      • Red Hat OfficialExplaining artificial intelligence governance – and why financial institutions need it

        The financial services sector is highly challenging, with participants seeking to gain a competitive advantage through technologies, business practices and the incorporation of more efficient operational methods. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the essential tools that financial institutions possess that can assist in automating processes, improving the accuracy of predictions and forecasts and improving customer service. However, financial institutions must establish a robust AI governance framework to drive AI implementations that encompass operational safety while remaining effective.

      • Red Hat9 awesome updates in Cryostat 2.1

        You probably have used Java Flight Recorder, an excellent tool for analyzing and understanding Java workloads. It comes in handy during development or while workloads run in production. Cryostat takes that further by bringing the same functionality to containers and Kubernetes. Now users can record applications for the entire cluster to understand how the applications behave. Users can also utilize various APIs and get the analysis data in different formats.

      • Enterprisers Project3 ways to foster team connections in a hybrid workplace

        In the past two and a half years, we’ve seen that remote work is not only possible but that it has become core to any organization’s employee experience. From an IT perspective, teams worked to quickly give employees the tools they needed to collaborate and meet deadlines – all while ensuring that with employees distributed, remote work did not increase security risks.

      • Enterprisers ProjectAsynchronous remote work: 5 tips for success

        In 2020, the world went remote. Virtual communication tools exploded overnight as organizations from established corporations to startups to schools adopted them to enable synchronous work (and back-to-back meetings).

    • Debian Family

      • Using the Debian trademark

        At the Institute, we are disappointed by the recent events in Debian. Seventeen Debian Developers have resigned in a very short space of time.

        We encourage people to go ahead and use the name Debian in domain names and web sites that are genuinely connected with your Debian activities. The Debian Social Contract, point no. 3, tells us We will not hide problems.

        The Debian Constitution tells us that we are independent and autonomous. Therefore, it is completely normal for Debian Developers to create autonomous web sites including the name Debian in the domain. With over a thousand active Debian Developers, it is unlikely that every Developer will always agree with every other Developer. This makes it even more vital to have multiple, autonomous, censor-resistant Debian web sites.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • UbuntuAn intro to real-time Linux with Ubuntu

        A real-time system responds to events within a specified deadline. If the timing constraints of the system are unmet, failure has occurred. In the kernel context, real-time denotes a deterministic response to an external event, aiming to minimize the response time guarantee.

      • UbuntuCanonical at the Open Source Summit North America 2022 | Ubuntu

        The heart of open source will be beating in Austin and streamed online for the Open Source Summit North America, taking place on 20-25 June 2022.

        Open Source Summit is the premier event for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders. It’s a great venue to collaborate, share information, solve problems, and take open source innovation further.

        In this 2022 edition, Canonical will host multiple sessions, from very hands-on and technical talks to discussions exploring the trends that are shaping our industry.

        We will address many of the familiar challenges: security, sustainability, and at-scale deployments. We will also delve into some exciting developments like building minimal container images with Ubuntu, or setting up your own micro cloud at home.

        Will you be in Austin to attend the Open Source Summit too? Join our community team as well as our speakers on booth B20. We look forward to seeing you there!

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • Sound on the PinePhonePro!

        In January 2022, I purchased a PinePhone Pro with the hopes of getting away from Android. I have been playing with it since, trying different distros and observing the changes in functionality with each update.

        Soon after I got the phone, it stopped booting from the emmc storage after an update. Not long after I started playing with different distros installed on several SD cards. A few months ago I install tow-boot which improved the boot up experience.

      • ArduinoThis system continuously monitors water levels for seven houses | Arduino Blog

        For the last 50 years, Ovidiu’s Romanian village has relied on small water source located at a spring, but due to increased droughts, they have since been dependent on an additional well. So far, the process of switching on the pump to refill the main reservoir has been done manually and without much precision, which is why he wanted to build an automated system for this task.

      • ArduinoThis DIY driving assistant helps with parking and blindspot monitoring | Arduino Blog

        When it comes to driving a car, one must always be on alert for possible obstacles and other drivers in the next lane over for changing lanes. But because older vehicles that lack built-in blind spot detection or parking sensors would require quite pricey upgrades, Redditor cisco_s_spedgang decided to make a DIY distance sensing system for far cheaper.

        The idea was to take a total of six HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors and place them around a vehicle, with two on either side, one at the front, and one at the back. From here, the connected Arduino Uno gets the distance measurements and performs several checks based on the resulting values as well as show a corresponding red LED for when the car gets too close to something else. Upon hitting the turn indicator stock for signaling a lane change, the blind spot assistance system will see if there is another vehicle on the same side as the turn signal and sound a loud alarm if it’s unsafe to cross over.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Apache BlogThe Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache® AGE™ as a Top-Level Project : The Apache Software Foundation Blog

      The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today Apache® AGE™ as a Top-Level Project (TLP).

      Apache AGE (“A Graph Extension”) is a PostgreSQL extension that provides graph database functionality. The project was originally developed in 2019 as an extension to AgensGraph (Bitnine Global’s multi-model database fork of PostgreSQL), and entered the Apache Incubator in April 2020.

    • Events

      • David RevoyBack from Geekfaeries 2022 festival

        Geekfaeries festival was very good! Being a guest in a festival of this size and history was a real honor, and I measure it even more now I’m back home. I really enjoyed this time.

    • Web Browsers

      • Mozilla

        • MozillaManifest V3 Firefox Developer Preview — how to get involved | Mozilla Add-ons Community Blog

          While MV3 is still in development, many major features are already included in the Developer Preview, which provides an opportunity to expose functionality for testing and feedback. With strong developer feedback, we’re better equipped to quickly address critical bug fixes, provide clear developer documentation, and reorient functionality.

          Some features, such as a well defined and documented lifecycle for Event Pages, are still works in progress. As we complete features, they’ll land in future versions of Firefox and you’ll be able to test and progress your extensions into MV3 compatibility. In most ways Firefox is committed to MV3 cross browser compatibility. However in some cases Firefox will offer distinct extension functionality.

          Developer Preview is not available to regular users; it requires you to change preferences in about:config. Thus you will not be able to upload MV3 extensions to addons.mozilla.org (AMO) until we have an official release available to users.

    • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

      • Document FoundationWinners in the Month of LibreOffice, May 2022!

        At the start of May, we revved up a new Month of LibreOffice, celebrating community contributions all across the project. We do these every six months – so how many people got sticker packs this time? Check it out…

    • Programming/Development

      • Rust

        • FOSSLife5 Easy Ways to Learn Rust [Ed: You will need an account with Microsoft proprietary software to get involved. This isn't what Free software developers should adopt.]

          The Rust programming language has topped Stack Overflow’s most-loved language category for six consecutive years and nearly tripled in size in the past two years.

  • Leftovers

    • Spell checking is great and English sucks

      So I never really was a great speller. I always did poorly on spelling tests in school and if anyone had read anything I wrote on this glog prior to this morning where I have fixed my spelling mistakes on my old posts, they can attest to this being the case. Of course I could and probably should take some time with a dictionary and actually learn how to spell, but who really has time for that? I just worry people think I’m an idiot because I can’t spell well. Something about all the vowels in English all making the same noise at in different words makes it really hard to sound it out for me.

    • Security

      • EBPF Linux | Enhance Monitoring & Observability | Cloudanix

        eBPF is an excellent addition to the traditional BPF mechanism. It provides you with added security benefits while enabling the deep observability benefits of traditional BPF programs.

        In this guide, we talked about how you can use eBPF for enhancing observability in your Kubernetes setup. We discussed some of the benefits of using eBPF over traditional BPF and mentioned a handful of use-cases too where you can leverage it for the best results.

      • Bleeping ComputerKali Linux team to stream free penetration testing course on Twitch

        Offensive Security, the creators of Kali Linux, announced today that they would be offering free access to their live-streamed ‘Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PEN-200/PWK)’ training course later this month.

      • Red Hat OfficialContainers vulnerability risk assessment

        Security considerations are even more important today than they were in the past. Every day we discover new vulnerabilities that impact our computer systems, and every day our computer systems become more complex. With the deluge of vulnerabilities that threaten to swamp our security teams, the question, “How much does it matter?” comes quickly to our minds.

Links 08/06/2022: Blender 3.2 and lighttpd 1.4.65

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • The Register UKI’ve got the Linux desktop blues

        Recently, The Register’s Liam Proven wrote tongue in cheek about the most annoying desktop Linux distros. He inspired me to do another take.

        Proven pointed out that Distrowatch currently lists 270 – count ‘em – Linux distros. Of course, no one can look at all of those. But, having covered the Linux desktop since the big interface debate was between Bash and zsh rather than GNOME vs KDE, and being the editor-in-chief of a now-departed publication called Linux Desktop, I think I’ve used more of them than anyone else who also has a life beyond the PC. In short, I love the Linux desktop.

      • OMG UbuntuSystem76 to Open Distribution Hub in Europe

        You don’t need to dive deep into any conversation concerning the company to come across someone wistfully wishing that the Denver, US-based outfit would ships its wares outside of the United States.

        As the biggest independent Linux laptop seller —citation needed? I don’t think so— expanding its reach beyonds its home borders is something of an inevitable yet interesting next step.

        And now it’s happening!

    • Server

      • Red HatEliminate downtime during OpenShift rolling updates | Red Hat Developer

        Do your clients complain about interruptions during software upgrades? Do you observe connection failures or timeouts during those upgrades? In this article, you’ll learn how you can minimize the impacts on your client visiting your services hosted on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform during software updates.

        A rolling update creates new pods running the new software and terminates old ones. The deployment controller performs this rollout incrementally, ensuring that a certain number of new pods are ready before the controller deletes the old pods that the new pods are replacing. For details, see Rolling strategy in the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform documentation.

      • Home Depot Upgrades 2.3K Retail Edge Locations Using SUSE Rancher, K3s

        Home Depot recently switched to a system based on SLES, Rancher, and K3s for running its more than 2,300 remote locations.

      • lighttpd 1.4.65
      • AddictiveTipsBest Linux Hosting Providers for 2022 [Ed: Hard to tell is this is sponsored, hence compromised]
    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Applications

      • Blender 3.2 Release Notes

        Geometry nodes from the pre-3.0 named attribute system have been removed. See the geometry nodes release notes for details.

      • 9to5LinuxBlender 3.2 Enables AMD GPU Rendering on Linux, Adds New Rendering Features

        Blender 3.2 is here only three months after Blender 3.1 and introduces new rendering features like a new type of Cycles render pass consisting only of the lighting from a subset of light sources, the ability to use light groups to modify the color and/or intensity of light sources in the compositor without re-rendering.

        There’s also a big new feature for Linux users in Blender 3.2, namely AMD GPU rendering support for RDNA and RDNA2 family of AMD Radeon graphics cards, including the Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 series, as well as Radeon Pro W6000 series.

      • DedoimedoDocker Desktop – Friendly frontend for container management

        I’ve not done too much work with Docker Desktop. Also, I think that power users will be just as comfortable with the command line and their own scripting. But for those who like a somewhat simpler approach, Docker Desktop does provide the combination of intuitive technology and friendly tooling. You get a solid product that lets you play with containers, test applications, automate your work, and then deploy your solutions in a resemblance of a serious productivity pipeline that you get in larger infrastructures, which is the whole idea of solutions like this.

        There were some snags, like the installation service bug, and the terminal launch glitch, but other than that, I was quite happy with my brief brush with Docker Desktop. The overall feel is quite consistent, and has remained so over the years. All in all, ’twas a good day. Worth testing, so there you go.

      • Chirping to your tinylog

        I recently discovered “lace”, which is a tinylog personal aggregator.


        Type your chirp, and finish it by putting a “.” on a new line. Nothing else. The utility will date it for you, and edit your tinylog file. It looks for the signifier “—” on a line by itself to separate introductory material from the main content. So you will need to add it after any preamble.

        You need to edit the “settings.rkt” file to set the value of “tinylog-file”, which is the location of your tinylog file.

      • Announcement: Temporary Closure of Chess

        About six months ago I began offering a chess service on my capsule. Visitors could invite others to play a match in correspondence fashion similar to postal games. While I’ve received little direct feedback about the service, I’ve been watching how players interact with it and with each other.

        In the process, I’ve discovered that the service requires some major improvements. Some of those improvements involve changing what data about each match is stored and how. This means I need to rewrite the service backend, and the rewrite will not be compatible with current game data.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Ubuntu HandbookHow to Install “Incompatible” GNOME Extension in Ubuntu / Fedora | UbuntuHandbook

        Your favorite GNOME extension is marked as “INCOMPATIBLE“? It might still work!

        There are so many extensions to help improve Ubuntu, Fedora, or other Linux’s GNOME desktop experience. Some of them may be outdated for your GNOME version. So, you see “incompatible” instead of on/off switch when try installing via a web browser.

      • VideoHow to install deepin 20.6 – Invidious

        In this video, I am going to show how to install deepin 20.6.

      • ID RootHow To Install Apache Web Server on AlmaLinux 9 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Apache Web Server on AlmaLinux 9. For those of you who didn’t know, Apache is an open-source and widely used web server. It’s an open-source and cross-platform web server software developed and maintained by Apache Software Foundation. It’s easy to set up and learn to use, which has led to its widespread adoption for small and large-scale websites.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Apache Web Server on AlmaLinux 9. You can follow the same instructions for CentOS and Rocky Linux.

      • ID RootHow To Install Netdata on Rocky Linux 8 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Netdata on Rocky Linux 8. For those of you who didn’t know, Netdata is an open source real-time server monitoring tool. It offers hundreds of tools to monitor servers, CPU, memory usage, system processes, disk usage, IPv4 and IPv6 networks, system firewall, and many more.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Netdata monitoring tool on Rocky Linux. 8.

      • OSTechNixAdd, Delete And Grant Sudo Privileges To Users In FreeBSD – OSTechNix

        The first thing after installing FreeBSD is to create a regular user with sudo access. Because, it is always a best security practice to use a non-root user to perform server administration. This brief tutorial explains how to add, delete and grant sudo privileges to users in FreeBSD operating systems.

      • RoseHostingHow to Install Hadoop on Debian 11 – RoseHosting

        The Apache Hadoop or also known as Hadoop is an open-source, Java-based framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across computers. It is used to store and process large datasets. It allows clustering multiple computers to store and process data more quickly instead of using a single large computer.

      • Install and Setup Ceph Storage Cluster on Ubuntu 22.04 – kifarunix.com

        Follow through this post to learn how to install and setup Ceph Storage cluster on Ubuntu 22.04. Ceph is a scalable distributed storage system designed for cloud infrastructure and web-scale object storage. It can also be used to provide Ceph Block Storage as well as Ceph File System storage.

      • HowTo GeekHow to Boot Multiple Linux Distributions With Ventoy

        Trying out multiple Linux distributions? Writing and rewriting to a single USB drive will test your patience, and managing a gaggle of drives quickly gets out of hand. Let’s learn to install Ventoy, a tool that can help you store and boot multiple distros with one USB stick.

      • TechRepublicHow to easily transfer files between Linux desktops with Warp | TechRepublic

        In our modern era, users need the absolute simplest method of doing everything. With mobile devices, things like sharing files have become ubiquitous and as easy as it gets. Apple’s iOS has AirDrop and Android has Nearby Share, both of which make sharing files a no-brainer.

        But then a Linux developer came along and created an app that makes transferring files from one Linux desktop to another so easy, it actually makes both iOS and Android look a bit antiquated.

        That app in question is called Warp, and it can be installed on any Linux distribution that supports Flatpak. With Warp, you can transfer any type of file across your LAN to another Linux desktop – so long as it also has Warp installed – with such ease you’ll be shocked.

        Let me show you what I mean.

      • H2S MediaInstall Pale Moon Browser on Debian 11 Bullseye – Linux Shout

        Let’s discuss the steps to install the Pale Moon browser on Debian 11 Bullseye Linux using the command terminal.

        The Web browser Pale Moon is a fork of Firefox. The program initiated and maintained by Moonchild Productions, like the original program, is licensed under the MPL license. However, special rules apply to the distribution of the binary version: Redistributing Pale Moon. In addition to Linux, it is also available for Windows and Mac (unofficially), and the Android version has been discontinued.

        Pale Moon is based on the look of the old Firefox versions (FF 28 and earlier). Older plugins for Firefox incl. plugins that use the NPAPI interface are basically supported, the newer Firefox plugins (“Web Extensions”) do not work with Pale Moon, and support is not planned.

        The design of “Pale Moon” and the basic structure are now also based on the latest version of Firefox. The browser is quite slim, uses the Goanna engine, and should be much faster at the start than its predecessor. Extensions and personas themes should also continue to work under “Pale Moon” without any problems.

      • The Server Side‘Java Not Recognized’ Error Fix
      • Linux CapableHow to Install Pale Moon Browser on Debian 11 Bullseye

        Pale Moon is a web browser built on an independently developed source that offers features and optimizations to improve stability. It was forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code many years ago. Its focus is efficiency in use by carefully selecting what should be included – it has full customization options alongside this growing collection of tools!

      • HowTo ForgeHow to Install SFTPGo on Ubuntu 22.04

        SFTPGo is a free, open source, fully featured and highly configurable SFTP server with optional HTTP/S, FTP/S and WebDAV support. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install SFTPGo on Ubuntu 22.04 and we’ll explore the main new features introduced in v2.3.0.

      • HowTo GeekHow to Use the nohup Command in Linux

        The Linux nohup command lets important processes carry on running even when the terminal window that launched them is closed. We show you how to use this venerable command on today’s Linux.

      • DignitedHow to get the Pop!_OS Window Tiling feature on other GNOME Desktops

        System76 might be a little-known computer hardware company to most but in the Linux community, these guys are heroes. Now, even if you aren’t privy to System76, Pop_OS! is becoming a household name in the Linux and computing community.

        On top of Stock Ubuntu which Pop!_OS is based on, there are subtle, useful tweaks that System76 has made, further endearing Pop!_OS as a more wholesome desktop experience.

        Luckily, Linux is an open platform and if you really do fancy something from a certain distro, with a little elbow grease, you can get it to work on your distro of choice.

      • TechRepublicHow to add new LDAP users with LAM | TechRepublic

        Recently, I walked you through the process of deploying OpenLDAP server on Ubuntu Server 22.04. Following that guide, you should also have access to the user-friendly LDAP Account Manager (LAM), which is a web-based GUI that greatly simplifies the management of your OpenLDAP server.

        One thing LAM does is make it far easier to add users to the LDAP directory tree. Instead of having to create user files to import from the command line, which isn’t all that challenging to begin with, you can make use of a point-and-click GUI for the process. Via LAM, you can even create accounts such that they can serve as centralized authorization for desktop users – even Linux desktops.

      • Trend OceansInstall and Use Snap Packages in all Linux Distributions

        Snap Store is backed by Canonical, the same organization that developed the popular Debian-based Ubuntu Operating System.

        The Canonical goal for the Snaps Packages is to create a standalone sandboxed application to package the application with the required dependencies and libraries.

        This removes the use of outdated dependencies and libraries without affecting the operating system files making it easier for developers to develop an application and for users to use it.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • SUSE/OpenSUSE

      • LinuxiacopenSUSE Leap 15.4 Is Now Available, Here’s What’s New

        The latest minor release of the openSUSE fixed release distro, openSUSE Leap 15.4, is out, bringing many updates to the existing package base.

        openSUSE is a world-class Linux distribution. Aside from Debian and Ubuntu, openSUSE is perhaps the best multi-purpose distribution available. The distro is intended for desktop users and developers working on desktop or server platforms.

        The developers’ goal was to bring Leap as close to SUSE Enterprise Linux as possible, and they have largely succeeded. Leap 15.4 is an excellent example of a reliable and stable Linux distribution, offering a wide range of tools for both the average desktop user and advanced system administrators and developers.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • TechRepublicFedora vs Ubuntu: What are the key differences? | TechRepublic

        Fedora and Ubuntu are both outstanding Linux distributions, each of which takes a different path to the same goal. But what are their differences and similarities, and which is right for you?

        Some years ago, had you asked me if Fedora Linux was a good option for new users, I would have answered with a resounding, “No way!”

        That was then; this is now. Over the past couple of releases, Fedora has made great strides toward becoming an operating system fit for those with little experience. But has it caught up with Ubuntu? And what about advanced users?

        Let’s take a look into the similarities and differences between Fedora and Ubuntu Linux and see if we can determine which might be the best fit for your needs.

    • Debian Family

      • Daniel PocockUbuntu Underage Girl & Debian Mass Resignations

        There are quite a few web sites today with debian in the name. Only one of them is being targetted by the expensive law suit through WIPO. This tells us something: there is something on the debian.community web site that is inconvenient for somebody important. But what is it?

        They told us that Outreachy money and other diversity grants were being awarded to improve female participation. Yet what we’ve seen in practice, and I saw this during the time I was a volunteer administrator for Google Summer of Code (GSoC), is that the sums of money being paid were disproportionate for some countries like Albania and at the same time this money arrived, at least one underage girl arrived too. I’ve probably spent more time helping free software communities in the Balkan countries than anybody else who is going to the DebConf in Kosovo this year so I’ve met all the people and I generally know what is true and false in this scandal.

        When she first appeared in 2017, she presented herself as the youngest woman in the group. She presented herself as a high school student. She presented herself as a 16 year old. For me, having heard it directly from the woman in one of the events in the Balkans, I take it that was all fact.

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Web Browsers

      • Mozilla

        • Firefox with VA-API for brave Fedorans – Martin Stransky’s Blog

          It’s been a long journey since the first VA-API implementation in Firefox. Two years ago Firefox 77.0 come to Fedora with accelerated video playback on Wayland which was more a tech preview than a working solution.

          Since then X11 support was added, fixed many bugs, AV1 decoding was implemented so we can claim VA-API code as mature enough to enable it for testing in Firefox Nightly 103. As we don’t want to scare peaceful Ubuntu users and grandmas watching their favorite show, VA-API is enabled in Nightly channel only and stock Firefox 103 won’t be shipped with that.

          But ‘Real Men‘ wants more challenge. ‘Quiche Eaters’ can use polished software, LTS distros or even Mac. That’s nothing for adventurers running on the edge. Thus new Firefox updates (Fedora 35, Fedora 36) has VA-API enabled by default ahead of upstream to get what you asked for, brave Fedorans.

    • SaaS/Back End/Databases

      • The Register UKMongoDB bringing columnstore indexing to document database • The Register

        MongoDB, the company behind the document store database, has unveiled columnstore indexing designed to help developers build analytical queries into their applications.

        Set to preview later this year, the feature is designed to allow developers to create a purpose-built index to accelerate analytical queries without requiring any changes to the document structure or having to move data to another system.

        MongoDB chief product officer Sahir Azam told The Register the feature would be available in the database and Atlas DBaaS to support human-like decision making inside the application based on live data.

    • Programming/Development

      • UNIX CopARGO CD | Features and its working

        For many software companies, deployment is no longer manual. As they mature, they tend to move towards an engineering-driven process that is more controlled and automated, usually to reduce downtime. And Argo CD is one such tool which is a Kubernetes-native continuous deployment tool. Although many other external CD tools are available, it is the one that enables pull-based deployments.

      • Daniel StenbergMaking libcurl init more thread-safe | daniel.haxx.se

        Twenty-one years ago, in May 2001 we introduced the global initialization function to libcurl version 7.8 called curl_global_init().

        The main reason we needed this separate function to get called before anything else was used in libcurl, was that several of libcurl’s dependencies at the time (including OpenSSL and GnuTLS) had themselves thread-unsafe initialization procedures.

        This rather lame characteristic found in several third party dependencies made the libcurl function inherit that property: not thread-safe. A nasty “feature” in a library that otherwise prides itself for being thread-safe and in many ways working at “it should”. A function that is specifically marked as thread unsafe was not good. Is not good.

        Still, we were victims of circumstances and if these were the dependencies we were going to use, this is what we needed to do.

        Occasionally, this limitation has poked people in the eye and really hurt them since it makes some use cases really difficult to realize.

      • Perl / Raku

        • PerlLooking for a new owner for my modules | Damien “dams” Krotkine [blogs.perl.org]

          I’m looking for someone to take over as maintainer of these distributions. Some of these distributions contain relatively important modules, like Redis and IO-Socket-Timeout.

        • PerlEntering the Charts | lichtkind [blogs.perl.org]

          As part of HalleLeipzig.pm I had my duties to co-organize the recent German Perl Workshop but also the opportunity to give some talks. (Recordings are online soon at the CCC video platform). My main talk was about plotting data with Perl (english slides).

          I covered the data preparation phase and which Perl modules can handle the necessary math (Stats::Basic, Statistics::PCA, Statistics::KernelEstimation, Math::Spline and so on ). I also taught some color and design theory and how to use the proper visualization properties depending on importance and data type (and modules like Color::Library, Convert::Color, colorbrewer). The third part was a review of all the big and small plot libs on CPAN. And there was a lot to roast because especially the pure Perl ones are often half baked with lots of shortcomings, but also most of the big libraries (wrappers) had serious issues (may post for another day). This process led me also to investigate the module Chart, which was kinda feature complete, well documented, had some 90′ies charm, but also some minor technical issues like can’t install from CPAN. So I took the adventure and overtook maintainership, wich went surprisingly smoothly.

        • PerlReconsidering the licensing of Perl code [Ed: GPL is not a "burden", this is about people trying to make Perl more proprietary-friendly]

          The current state: The Perl interpreter and most of CPAN are provided under the Artistic 1.0 license and the GPL1.0 license. The Artistic 1.0 license was written by Larry Wall and due to its problems Perl is simultaneously licensed under the GPL 1.0 License.

          It is the de-facto standard to license software published to CPAN under the same terms as the Perl interpreter.

          The Artistic 2.0 license supersedes the Artistic 1.0 license and is designed to overcome it’s problems. Raku uses this license as it was specifically created for Perl 6. Mojolicious also uses this license.

          The Artistic licenses are not widely used outside the Perl & Raku sphere.

        • Memory Leak in Perl

          I always find the topic Memory Management very fascinating. Perl being the Perl, there is nothing you need to worry about. All memory management is done for us for FREE.

          Still, there was something, I always wanted to find out about memory management in Perl.

      • Python

        • PyScript: Run Python In Your Browser, Including Numpy And Pandas • Python Land Blog

          PyScript allows you to create rich Python applications in the browser using nothing but HTML and Python code. Although it’s super rough and super new, I can tell you this will be a game-changing part of the Python ecosystem. It’s worth keeping a close watch on this one!

          This article explains what PyScript is and how it works. I also included a fully working PyScript REPL for you to play with.

  • Leftovers

    • Starting a repeat census of the New Wood

      I have grand plans to establish a repeat survey of the trees in the New Wood which was planted in April 2021. I want to get a better idea of which species are doing well, the mortality rate, and maybe eventually see if there are any spatial patterns in competition among individuals. I did the first survey in September 2021, but only just finished entering the data, as it fell to the bottom of my todo list. I’d like to do another survey in September this year. Last year I think it took about 5 hours to do the whole survey, but I split it over a few days. If I make sure I’m prepared this time I reckon I can do it in a day. I’ve created an ODK form to cut down on the time spent transcribing data from notebook to computer.

    • TediumBillboard Chart Quirks: How Artists And Labels Game The Hot 100

      Kate Bush hit the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in the most Kate Bush way possible this week, appearing on the chart as a result of her best-known song, “Running Up That Hill,” showing up in the latest season of Stranger Things, leading to a well-deserved rediscovery of one of the great musical talents of the ’80s. ”It’s all really exciting! Thanks very much to everyone who has supported the song,” she wrote in a statement on her website, which she doesn’t make very often. Bush is far from the only artist to see a song re-emerge thanks to unexpected commercial notice years after the fact. (Just ask Simon & Garfunkel, who saw “The Sound of Silence” appear on the Hot 100 Recurrents in 2016 thanks to, of all things, the Sad Affleck meme.) Usually, the approach is actually a bit more calculated, one that leverages the quirks of the charts in unexpected ways. Today’s Tedium ponders the way the music industry jockeys for position on the Billboard charts. — Ernie @ Tedium

    • Science

      • Re: The Noguchi Filing System

        This made me chuckle, as it reminded me of a professor at my old university. He was a clever chap, naturally, but I never approved of his sense of organisation. He had a huge stack of papers on his desk. It led me to joke that he didn’t file things alphabetically, but by centimeters from the bottom.

    • Hardware

      • CNX SoftwareRenesas RZ/T2M dual Arm Cortex-R52 MPU delivers high-precision servo motor control – CNX Software

        Built around two Arm Cortex-R52 cores clocked at up to 800 MHz, Renesas RZ/T2M microprocessor units (MPUs) target real-time, high-precision motor control applications such as AC servo drives and industrial robots.

        The RZ/T2M microprocessor also supports Ethernet with TSN and functional safety, and has been designed in such a way to reduce the number of external components in order to both decrease the BoM costs and the product size.

    • Proprietary

    • Pseudo-Open Source

      • Openwashing

        • ZDNetThe Open Infrastructure Foundation brings open source to business

          Today, almost all software that matters is developed using open-source methods. Open-source also is changing how we build hardware with such projects as datacenter with Open Compute and chips with RISC-V. And, now at its Berlin OpenInfra Summit, the Open Infrastructure Foundation (OpenInfra) is introducing how open source can transform businesses and software projects with its Directed Funding model.

    • Security

      • LWNSecurity updates for Wednesday [LWN.net]

        Security updates have been issued by Debian (avahi), Fedora (firefox), Oracle (grub2, python-twisted-web, shim, shim-signed, and thunderbird), Red Hat (kernel and python-twisted-web), SUSE (gcc48, go1.17, go1.18, and mariadb), and Ubuntu (e2fsprogs, linux, linux-aws, linux-aws-5.13, linux-azure, linux-azure-5.13, linux-gcp, linux-gcp-5.13, linux-hwe-5.13, linux-intel-5.13, linux-kvm, linux-oracle, linux-oracle-5.13, linux-raspi, linux, linux-aws, linux-aws-5.4, linux-azure, linux-azure-5.4, linux-azure-fde, linux-gcp, linux-gke, linux-gke-5.4, linux-gkeop, linux-gkeop-5.4, linux-hwe-5.4, linux-ibm, linux-ibm-5.4, linux-kvm, linux-oracle, linux-oracle-5.4, linux-raspi, linux-raspi-5.4, linux, linux-aws, linux-aws-hwe, linux-azure, linux-azure-4.15, linux-gcp, linux-hwe, linux-kvm, linux-oracle, linux-raspi2, linux-snapdragon, linux, linux-aws, linux-azure, linux-gcp, linux-gke, linux-ibm, linux-intel-iotg, linux-kvm, linux-lowlatency, linux-oracle, linux-raspi, linux, linux-aws, linux-kvm, linux-lts-xenial, linux-oem-5.14, linux-oem-5.17, and ntfs-3g).

      • USCERTCISA Adds 36 Known Exploited Vulnerabilities to Catalog [Ed: Microsoft all over the place, actively-exploited holes, but Microsoft gamed the media to shift attention to "Linux" for FUD purposes]

        CISA has added 36 new vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, based on evidence of active exploitation. These types of vulnerabilities are a frequent attack vector for malicious cyber actors and pose significant risk to the federal enterprise. Note: to view the newly added vulnerabilities in the catalog, click on the arrow in the “Date Added to Catalog” column, which will sort by descending dates.

      • Bleeping ComputerLinux botnets now exploit critical Atlassian Confluence bug [Ed: Atlassian is not Linux, nut Microsoft operatives in the media twist the fact to suit Microsoft's talking points]

        Several botnets are now using exploits targeting a critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability to infect Linux servers running unpatched Atlassian Confluence Server and Data Center installs.

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • AddictiveTipsHow to Delete Snapchat: Learn the Right Method
        • AddictiveTipsHow to Delete Facebook Account: Learn the Sure Shot Solution

          After you initiate the process of deleting your Facebook account, you’ll get a chance to revoke it within 30 days. After 30 days, Facebook will delete your account and its related information. Once it’s done, it’ll be impossible to retrieve your account or information.

          To cancel your account deletion, all you need to do is to access your Facebook account within these 30 days. After you sign in, click on Cancel Deletion to continue using your account.

          Facebook may take up to 90 days since the deletion process initiation to delete all your posts. However, these won’t be available to other Facebook users.

          Facebook backup storage might store copies of your information even after 90 days as a part of recovery management for a disaster, data loss event, or software error. It can also keep your information for various legal purposes.

    • Transparency/Investigative Reporting

      • PC GamerWar Thunder fan leaks classified military documents to win an argument about tanks—again

        War Thunder is a free-to-play online war game from Gaijin Entertainment. It is a game committed to accuracy, with a mode that goes all-out on realistic vehicle and weapon physics, and a playerbase that is extremely invested in the minutiae of its vehicle simulations.

        The War Thunder forums see many arguments about the accuracy or otherwise of particular hardware, and this weekend saw one about the French Leclerc Main Battle Tank and its variants: which at one stage, got down to the exact speed of rotation of the tank’s turret. Player __RED_CROSS__ got rather annoyed (opens in new tab) with a user saying that the turret’s rotation speed was 40 degrees a second, among other things, and so decided to try and win the argument by—under the title ‘Sekrit Document’—posting portions of the gunner manual for the Leclerc to prove their point (thanks, UK Defence Journal).

        This happened on Sunday morning and, doubtless quite pleased with their work, __RED_CROSS__ popped back into the thread several times during the day, saying things like “It took ~11 seconds for the turret to make a complete turn, so 550 mil/s (31°) is indeed correct not 40°. [Leclerc Serie 2 (opens in new tab)] I was in”. They further went on to clarify that they were in the Serie 2.3 model, while other fans in the thread reported the documents and argued over whether they were classified or not.

      • GO MediaANOTHER Guy Leaks Classified Military Documents In War Thunder
      • Atlantic CouncilModerating non-English content: Transparency and local contexts are critical
    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • The Journey Podcast 96 – Whitney Webb: Blackmail In America

        Publisher Kris Millegan speaks with Whitney Webb about blackmail, organized crime and Israel, Richard Nixon and the Dulles brothers, and her upcoming book, One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Organized Crime That Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

EPO is Like a Pressure Cooker, Multiple Staff Actions Coincide and Add Up

Posted in Europe, Patents at 3:02 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 9a08e81c2e0f4d1b3f4de37d6cb57de9
EPO Staff Rising Up
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The approval rate of António Campinos seems to have fallen to the same level as Benoît Battistelli‘s; the media is not talking about it, as that would be against the interests of wealthy media owners, but the EPO is imploding from within due to abuse against staff and laws

THE EPO‘s staff has embarked on a number of actions lately. We cover some of these actions almost on a daily basis, but today we take stock (outline) and add some more internal documents to the mix. The public deserves transparency. Corporate media, owned by affluent people and corporations, is intentionally turning a blind eye.

We start with an alta vista of sorts; as the video above explains, at the end of this month there’s an important meeting. In it, the Council will discuss a sharp fall in patent grants and the future — if any — of corrupt Campinos (Monopoly Tony).

We previously wrote about ongoing petitions, surveys, and much more. But today we have more documents to share with the public, i.e. the primary stakeholder, and publish in the form of HTML, plain text, and GemText (making the information more widely accessible and easier to preserve for decades to come).

We begin with the prospect of continuing (not resumption but extension) of industrial actions. “Following the quasi final results of the survey on the upcoming actions,” the union has said, “SUEPO Central [staff union] Committee has decided to go ahead with a ballot (one question) concerning the extension of the Work-to-Rule actions until 30 September 2022. The ballot will run until Thursday 23 June at 12:00 (noon).”

At an earlier point they said: “Following the Action Plan voted on 22 February 2022, the Committee of SUEPO would like to step up the actions and have your opinion before deciding which upcoming actions will be submitted to a members’ ballot. For this purpose, the SUEPO Committee has prepared a short survey for you…”

For the sake of Europe and for the sake of scientists (not monopolies) please do carry on. Join the staff union. They’re on the right side of history! And the more people participate, the safer participants will become. It’s an act of much-needed solidarity.

Here is the statement from SUEPO Central, circulated among staff earlier today:

Staff engagement survey “Together, stronger”

Please participate in the Office staff engagement survey with due care!

Dear SUEPO members,

The Office has announced a staff engagement survey by Willis Tower Watson (WTW) starting the 8th of June. With the summer break of the pandemic finally starting, the title “Together, stronger” reminds nevertheless very much the title of the Covid-update intranet page “Stronger together”.

And this is for a good reason: from what we heard from staff, Covid generally has left traces: long-term sickness is rising and it could be that many colleagues do not feel stronger than before the pandemic. In this context, we agree that emphasising solidarity, “together”, sets the right tone.

The last check of the Office on how we were doing was conducted in October 2020. This was only shortly before the 2nd lock-down! And the results back then indicated that many staff were struggling (see“Shaping the New Normal Staff Survey”). It is important for the Office to be aware of how you feel and what you think, and not only how you consider working in the future.

Unfortunately the Staff representation was not asked at all in the preparation for this week’s staff engagement survey. It speaks for itself about social dialogue under the presidency of Mr. Campinos.

The upcoming staff engagement survey is allegedly an update of the 2019 Staff Engagement Survey, “Your voice, our future”. The results of that survey were disastrous.

It will be interesting to see if the many problems that staff had identified back then are still very evident and unresolved, and which new issues the recent reforms (SAP, NCS, EA, fixed-terms contracts), the present circumstances and the New Ways of Working have created.

In the past surveys, we found many questions of WTW to be suggestive questions or asked in a manipulative and limited context, e. g. questions on support given by line managers and support by hardware, while the much important question of work pressure in difficult working conditions was left out. Therefore, please read the questions and answer carefully!

There will be a free-text comments’ space in the staff engagement survey. However, we regret that an analysis of such comments for the last surveys was not shared with the Staff representation.

And be aware: your answers may have an impact on your future in the Office and on how your concrete working environment will look like after the summer and beyond!

The CSC has just published a paper on this topic [...]

Here’s what the CSC (Central Staff Committee) published:

Staff engagement survey “Together, stronger”: Participate!

Dear colleagues,

The Office has announced a staff engagement survey by Willis Tower Watson (WTW) starting the 8 June. The pandemic may be taking a pause but the title “Together, stronger” is very reminiscent of the Covid update intranet page title, “Stronger together”

From what we heard from staff, Covid in general has left its mark: long-term sickness is on the rise and it could be that many colleagues do not feel stronger than before the pandemic. In this context, we agree that the emphasis on solidarity, “together”, sets the right tone.

This survey responds to a long-standing request from us: The last survey was conducted in October 2020. This was just before the second lock-down! And the results at that time already indicated that many staff were struggling (see“ Shaping the New Normal Staff Survey”). It is important for the Office to be aware of how you feel and what you think, not just how you imagine work in the future.

We recently conducted together with SUEPO the fifth edition of the Technologia survey on this subject. The results are expected very soon. While we were naturally heavily involved in this one, we were not asked at all in the preparation for this week’s staff engagement survey. It speaks for itself in terms of social dialogue under the presidency of Mr Campinos.

The upcoming staff engagement survey is supposed to be an update of the 2019 Staff Engagement Survey, “Your voice, our future”. The results of that survey were disastrous.

It will be interesting to see whether the many problems that staff identified in 2019 are still very evident and unresolved, and what new problems have been created by the recent reforms (SAP, NCS, Education Allowance, fixed-terms contracts,…), current circumstances and the New Ways of Working.

In the past surveys, we have noticed that many questions of WTW were leading or asked in a manipulative and limited context, e. g. questions about support given by line managers and support by hardware, while the important question of work pressure in difficult working conditions was left out. However, there will be a space for free-text comments in the survey. It is a way to make your voice heard! Still, we regret that no analysis of your comments was shared with you (and us) after the last survey.

Take the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings. Read the questions carefully and answer wholeheartedly! And be aware: your answers will have an impact on your future in the Office and on what your concrete working environment will look like after the summer and beyond…

As pointed out in the video above, there’s a lot of push-polling going on, as usual.

So they’re hoping to sort of ‘weaponise’ the Office survey (controlled by the corrupt management) to expose this management for what staff really thinks and feels. Separately, there’s also a staff survey, challenging whatever narrative the management hopes to distract or detract from.

Additionally, there are a couple of petitions with impending finalisation (we've already mentioned the Dutch one). For different branches of the Office there are different petitions, but here is the one for Munich, the main branch:

Petition: Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures

Dear colleagues,

In 2019, the EPO orchestrated a flawed Financial Study together with Oliver Wyman & Mercer. The President selected a base-2 scenario which foresaw deflation and an overall deficit of €3.8bn by 2038, and added a €2bn arbitrary “buffer” for closing the alleged “gap”.

In May 2020, SUEPO mandated Ernst & Young to perform an analysis. Comparing the key assumptions of the 2019 study with those of other EPO documents, Ernst & Young found that the 2019 study consistently took an overly conservative approach. It was clear that the EPO had no deficit.

In spite of this evidence, the President put in place as of July 2020 a new salary adjustment procedure aimed at closing the alleged “gap” and which cuts staff purchasing power. Instead of the alleged deflation, inflation materialized at the historical level of +9,1% in Germany[1] since then. At the same time, EPO salaries were adjusted by only +0,5%.

Over the same period, the EPO saved on liabilities and increased its assets in the treasury fund and the pension reserve fund. Within only 2 years, the new salary adjustment procedure saved €1,33bn of the €2bn planned to be saved over 20 years. At the end of 2021 the actual budget surplus came to €385.7m, 10.6% better than 2020, and significantly above the budget figure of €214.8m.[2]

The generated savings are currently not managed by staff. Staff has no say in the supervision of the treasury fund of the EPO and there is currently no mechanism to make cash payouts out of the pension reserve fund.
In view of the excellent performance of the EPO, staff should be thanked for their effort instead of having a historical loss of purchasing power. This situation is neither justified nor sustainable. For the above reasons:

SUEPO Munich requests an extraordinary salary adjustment to be applied as of 1 July 2022.

Please sign the petition ! We need your support !

SUEPO Munich

[1] Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) for Germany since July 2020
(Statistisches Bundesamt & Eurostat 116.1 / 106.4 = 1,091)

[2] CA/10/22 page 27/82

This petition is one of several petitions. But there’s also this new petition which targets the members of the Administrative Council of the EPO, who meet later this month. Here’s what it says:

07 June 2022
su22032cp – 0.2.1


To the members of the Administrative Council of the EPO

Call for a Conference of Ministers of Contracting States under Article 4a EPC

We, staff members of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the signatories of this petition, perceive that the development of the European Patent Organization (EPOrg) has increasingly departed from the structure and its mission as foreseen under the EPC and it appears that no appropriate countermeasures will be taken.

Therefore, we consider an external review of the EPO’s situation by a Conference of Ministers of the Contracting States under Article 4a EPC to be expedient; such a Conference is anyway long overdue in view of Article 4a EPC.

We call on you to have anew a close look:
- at the development and administration of the organization’s resources, in particular the alarming reduction of staffing levels in the core tasks;
- at the development of EPO employment law, at the (absence of) internal dialogue with social partners; and
- at hidden attempts to de-centralize the EPO towards National Patent Offices and weaken the roles and competencies of the various organs defined under the EPC

We also call you to reflect on whether the strategic governance of the EPO is compatible with the long-term continuity of the Organization’s existence and with the future fulfillment of its mission, also in the context of its role in the Unitary Patent system.

We ask you to transmit this petition to your Ministries in order to convene such Conference without delay.

Sign the petition here

You can find more detailed information on the petition.


SUEPO Munich on behalf of SUEPO Central

We have omitted the link for obvious reasons. Here’s the detailed information supplied:

Detailed information

We, staff members of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the signatories of this petition, perceive that the development of the European Patent Organization (EPOrg) has increasingly departed from the structure and its mission as foreseen under the EPC.

It appears that the EPO is being more and more transformed into a profit center, which is – in our view – inappropriate for a public service with quasi-judicial bodies responsible for granting monopoly rights by sovereign acts, which have a wide impact on their owners, their competitors and on the public. The fact that almost all management decisions are made on the basis of financial figures calculated according to the accounting standards applicable to the private sector (IFRS) rather than to the public sector (IPSAS) has led to reforms focused on savings on the expense of staff and downsizing of staff in core business to an amount which endangers the good functioning of the EPO. Core tasks are evaluated increasingly more on a financial perspective, wherein internally a link between the number of patents granted and the financial health of the EPO is openly communicated. The EPO career system further adds to an individual preference for granting of a patent over refusing a patent application.

Internal quality control mechanisms have been implemented, by which the President of the European Patent Office has increasingly assumed the position of an additional higher ranking, but hidden instance in the patent granting procedure above the Divisions defined pursuant to Articles 15, 18 and 19 EPC. This not only questions the authenticity and legal validity of the Division’s decisions but also leads to strong influence to quickly grant patents. While surveys among external “stakeholders” ran by the EPO appear to show a high quality of the EPO patents, internal audits disclose that since years more than 20% of the European Patents have severe deficiencies and shouldn’t have been granted.

Backlogs in examination and search are increasing and it appears that for tackling the problems the current line management is tempted to return to outdated management approaches like “challenging people” measures and management “by fear”, which are unworthy of a modern organization like the EPO with highly qualified personnel. At the same time the EPO plans to reduce the staffing level in core tasks even further. This adds to current plans squaring with a large-scale decentralization of EPO tasks, including transfer of tasks to NPOs. Such significant amendments of the Organization’s structure fall outside the prerogatives of the President or the Administrative Council as defined in Articles 10 and 33 EPC. Furthermore, such a decentralization of EPO tasks would also affect the legal certainties of the validity of the patents granted by the EPO.

Apart from that, virtually all reforms of employment law since 2013 have been legally challenged, a number of which were already considered as null and void by the ILOAT (see e.g. Judgments 4430 to 4435 or 4482) or even in breach of fundamental rights; no significant investments have been made for reviewing the other reforms at stake. The EPO has obviously been unable to develop and apply new policies in line with legal constraints as defined by the ILOAT, so that further embarrassing judgments are to be expected.

All these issues have not been appropriately tackled due to the long-lasting failure of the EPO Administration to engage in a genuine social dialog with the staff representation and trade unions, who have drawn attention to them repeatedly to no avail.

Therefore, we consider an external review of the EPO’s situation by a Conference of Ministers of the Contracting States under Article 4a EPC to be expedient; such a Conference is anyway long overdue in view of Article 4a EPC.

We call on you to have anew a close look:
- at the development and administration of the organization’s resources, in particular the alarming reduction of staffing levels in the core tasks;
- at the development of EPO employment law, at the (absence of) internal dialogue with social partners; and
- at hidden attempts to de-centralize the EPO towards National Patent Offices and weaken the roles and competencies of the various organs defined under the EPC

We also call you to reflect on whether the strategic governance of the EPO is compatible with the long-term continuity of the Organization’s existence and with the future fulfillment of its mission, also in the context of its role in the Unitary Patent system.

We ask you to transmit this petition to your Ministries in order to convene such Conference without delay.

The non-exhaustive list of signs of derailment of the EPO includes:

Management of core business and Quality:
• Staffing level in core business has been reduced significantly during the past years and the office plans to continue the reduction of staffing level in core tasks by 25% of examiners and by 50% of formalities officers;
• Since the beginning of 2021 until the end of April 2022 an increase of the examination backlog by about 12% and search backlog by 5% is visible;
• Rather than adapting the recruitment plans in core business to the actual situation the Office continues to focus on prioritizing and re-shuffling examiners tasks in examination and search;
• The latest figures of the internal quality audit disclose a decreasing trend of quality of grant decisions from an already low compliance rate of 80% in April 2021 down to less than 75% at the end of March 2022.

Decentralisation initiatives:
• The EPO has proposed a new „mobility” program which includes secondment of patent examiners between the EPO and NPOs without limitations; it further focuses on harmonization of IT structures between NPOs and the EPO rather than primarily investing in the tools to support the core work;
• By the reorganization of 1 April 2022, EPO examining divisions and EPO formality officers were artificially separated geographically to different sites, without any added value for the EPO work procedures;
• The Office has departed from long-term and permanent employment towards high rotation short-term contract jobs for the members of the Divisions defined pursuant to Articles 15, 18 and 19 EPC.

Legal Certainty of Sovereign acts:
• Over the past years the President of the European Patent Office has issued instructions by which he increasingly assumed the position of an additional higher ranking, but hidden instance in the patent granting procedure above the Divisions defined pursuant to Articles 15, 18 and 19 EPC. Every notified action of the Division like a communication, summons to oral proceedings, refusal decision or grant of a patent application requires approval of the line manager in substance, although she or he is not a member of the Division;
• No legal means are available for the members of the Divisions for redressing interferences, like unlawful orders of the line manager to issue a communication instead of a decision to refuse an application as no legal instance is available (see e.g., Judgment 4417);
• The current electronic file and workflow system systematically implements resulting interference by management with the Division’s responsibilities and tasks and does not ensure an appropriate authentication of signatures of the responsible members f the Division.

And based on past participation rates, it seems safe to assume thousands will sign it. Will the Council listen? For a change?

[Meme] Working to Death for Nellie Simon

Posted in Europe, Patents at 2:48 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Simon says

Nellie Simon says “24/7 worked day and night”

Summary: EPO staff that “24/7 worked day and night” may not survive very long (sleep is needed; without it, health quickly deteriorates)

New Lows: Linux Foundation Defrauding Clients

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Video download link | md5sum fd7fe7e94bc345e7ec3309bc2b4c942e
Linux Foundation Became Elaborate Scam
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The tactics of the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation (like selling "tweets" in clear violation of Twitter's rules) have gotten yet worse; the Foundation hops from one scandal to the next while leaning on shallow political stunts to distract from what it is really doing

THE Linux Foundation operates like a for-profit corporation, not the “non-profit” it claims to be (it seems likely the IRS too has realised this by now).

To make matters worse, or to partly hide that nefarious aspect, the Foundation has engaged in privatisation and outsourcing (e.g. Jennifer Cloer and Spamnil for PR/spam) — a subject we’ve discussed and researched lately. Readers can find a lot more in a couple of IRC channels, especially logs from the past few days; the above video gives only a short gist with a lot more in IRC logs (including today’s, i.e. those to be published tomorrow morning).

As we approach the middle of June it is becoming rather revealing that the IRS doesn’t plan to publish any filings more recent than the 2018 report (when the CFO left). Two more weeks are left until year’s longest day (or shortest if you’re down under) and journalists — what’s left of them anyway — ought to ask Jim Zemlin et al some tough questions.

One reader and contributor recently joked about creating “the tux foundation”, noting that “the linux foundation uses a mac and pretends to care about “linux” [whereas] the tux foundation uses gnu/linux and pretends to care about freedom”.

“While this is done by proxy, Google and YouTube won’t care.”My more urgent concern is about the PR tactics of Jim Zemlin et al, as explained in the video above. The first of the two is that Google’s YouTube became a clickbot farm, helping to fake its relevance. But it’s problematic that the Linux [sic] Foundation is one of the offenders, scamming quite a few companies at the moment….

While this is done by proxy, Google and YouTube won’t care. Spamnil is desperate to seem popular and they will suspend his channel soon if he carries on like this. It’s only a matter of time. As noted in the above video, the Linux Foundation has turned from “we support Linux” (2007) to “we don’t support Linux” and then to “we help the attack/s on Linux”. Then came openwashing services, diploma mills and so on. Now the motto seems to be, “WE DEFRAUD COMPANIES”…

There are also intentional lies; as “matey” noted, TechRadar says in a new article that Torvalds is the “foundation founder and head honcho”, but this is clearly not the case (never mind GNU chronology), so he called it “fake news”. We’ve seen the Foundation sending Torvalds to therapists, so we know who’s really in charge.

“They falsely claim to have been around since 2000. But the worse thing is how they now use click fraud to sell marketing services.”“So that’s pretty cool,” he said, “linux was founded in the 1980s, 1991, 2000 AND 2007! NO WONDER its so popular [...] but from wikipedia you cant really tell if lf was founded in 2000 (as it says on the lf page) or in 2007 (as it says on the fsg page)…”

I noticed the same thing a few years ago. They falsely claim to have been around since 2000. But the worse thing is how they nowadays use click fraud to sell marketing services. This is explained in the video above; we showed some hard evidence before.

Links 08/06/2022: OpenSUSE Leap 15.4

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Linux LinksLinux for Starters: Your Guide to Linux – Extend your Desktop – Part 22

        For many years, GNOME has focused on simplifying functionality. This reduces the complexity of maintaining and designing the desktop environment as well as making it easier to improve the user experience. At the same time, functionality important to some users was removed in the process. But freedom of choice still remains a central plank of GNOME. The user is still in control over their desktop as the desktop offers good extensibility.

        Extensibility relates to the ability to customize a desktop environment to an individual’s preferences and tastes. This flexibility is offered by extensions, themes, and applets. The principle provides for enhancements without impairing existing system functions.

      • Its FOSSRufus for Linux? Here Are the Best Live USB Creating Tools

        Rufus is an open-source utility to create bootable USB drives. It is straightforward to use, with available options to tweak as per your requirements. Not just the ease of use, it is also incredibly fast to make bootable USB drives.

        Unfortunately, Rufus is not available for Linux, it is only exclusive to Windows. So, most of us who have used it on Windows, look for Rufus alternatives on Linux.

        If you are in the same boat, fret not, we have some excellent alternatives for various use-cases.

        Let us explore some Rufus alternatives for Linux…

    • Kernel Space

      • 9to5LinuxUbuntu Users Get a Massive Linux Kernel Update, 35 Security Vulnerabilities Patched

        The new Linux kernel security updates come about two weeks after the previous updates, which were minor ones patching only three security flaws, and are available for all supported Ubuntu releases, including Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish), Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri), Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa), Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver), as well as the Ubuntu 16.04 and 14.04 ESM releases.

    • Applications

      • Promptless Gemini

        gplaces 0.16.20 adds a new feature to gplaces: promptless search.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Automated XKCD with /etc/cron.daily/

        I was manually running a script which would sync the archives. I finally got around to automated this. I was expecting to edit crontab to create a cron job, but Ubuntu makes this easier by just having a /etc/cron.daily/ folder. Any scripts in there will execute automatically once a day. macOS has a similar concept via a /etc/periodic/daily folder.

      • XKCD Comics via Gemini

        XKCD is “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language” that’s I’ve been enjoying for [checks calendar], oh damn, over 15 years.

      • Trend OceansThe Right Way to Remove Apt, Deb, Snap, and Flatpak Packages on Ubuntu

        Apt package manager, .deb file, snap store, and flatpak are the recognized ways to install a package on Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu and PopOS.

        Many people get confused about finding an appropriate method to remove a package from the system. For example, apt remove and apt purge is the standard method of removing packages from the Ubuntu system.

        Without much clarity, people randomly use this command to remove packages without understanding the working process of these commands.

    • Games

      • HackadayA Breath Of Fresh Air For Some Arcade Classics

        It’s said that good things come in small packages, which is hard to deny when we look at all the nifty projects out there that were built into an Altoids tin. Now, if that’s already true for the regular sized box, we can be doubly excited for anything crammed into their Smalls variety ones, which is what [Kayden Kehe] decided to use as housing for his mintyPico, a tiny gaming console running homebrew versions of Snake, Breakout, Pong, and a few more.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • OpenSource.comHow I gave my old laptop new life with the Linux Xfce desktop

        A few weeks ago, I needed to give a conference presentation that included a brief demonstration of a small app I’d written for Linux. I needed a Linux laptop to bring to the conference, so I dug out an old laptop and installed Linux on it. I used the Fedora 36 Xfce spin, which worked great.

        The laptop I used was purchased in 2012. The 1.70 GHz CPU, 4 GB memory, and 128 GB drive may seem small compared to my current desktop machine, but Linux and the Xfce desktop gave this old machine new life.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

  • Leftovers

    • The NationZora
    • Common DreamsOpinion | On the Repurposed and Misapplied F-Word: Fascism

      Timothy Snyder, Levin Professor of History at Yale University, is a scholar of surpassing brilliance.  His 2010 book Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin chronicles in harrowing detail the de facto collaboration of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union that resulted in the murder of millions of innocents.  On any bookshelf reserved for accounts that reveal essential truths of our past, Bloodlands deserves a place of honor.  It’s a towering achievement. 

    • The NationLate December in Abidjan

      The city, awake and brooding, is its own thing. I walk along Abobo, on the road everything leads to God, even the air. I watch men spread prayer mats, each of them full of colors like little islands. The earth, holy in all its resurrections, moves forward, carrying us in its silence. Away from the men, a child leaning on a cement block tosses a ball into air as if to say, even here, even here, I am still tender. Yet, there is the shadow of life; the branches of trees, leaves brittle and dry, leaning toward an unpaved road. Loudspeakers blaring the latest song from Tanzania. In the dance of things, the elation of life, the streets are adorned with banners of salvation, all held together by puppets on the outside of heaven’s café. I walk through it all, even across the carcass of a slain lamb where a blind man led by a school boy fills his plate with meat, saying to the world, I have travelled through terror. Survival repeats itself again and again, knocking on the door of every city. And before me, a man with a stick leads a herd of Baoule cattle. O mouth of the approaching night, we who the world has ushered into the wildness of life are before you. From the darkness a muezzin call. I do not understand Arabic, but all I hear are these words, the sweet voice of God is calling you into the private moment of the sea, it is saying, sit, repeat your life. Like the waves you will be led into the miracle of existence, surfing over the small quiet heart of the world, rushing back to where it all begins, to a slain lamb, whose ribcage empty of meat, must begin to ascend through grace.

    • Confident Fools

      The world is full of confident fools that proclaim to know truths which vanish into thin air upon closer inspection. Don’t forget that language is a tool and an evolutionary adaptation to coordinate large groups of people. It is more often used for deception than illumination (very often self deception). The world is a complicated place and any individual perspective on it can only reveal a very small part of the larger fabric of reality (which more often than not happens to be the wishes and aspirations of the individual).

    • Leave my quote lines alone

      Mirror universe Clippy: “Looks like you’re trying to write a quote line, I’d better silently change it to not be a quote line. Hehehehe. Only way to quote is to hit the FOTU button.”

      This is actually what RFC 3676 intended. So the windmill I’m tilting at is not only one app of wrongness, it’s eighteen years of wrongness since it came out in 2004.

      I even asked the guy who worked on the RFC, who very kindly replied (thank you for that) but… he doubled down on this madness! I was reading the source code of his email replies to me and I was like “See, these are the semantics I want; your mailer reflowed long lines, but kept > at the start of lines you quoted from me” and he was like inserting those is the job of the MUA. He used TOFU by the way. Which, I know traditional hacker culture says TOFU is worse than FOTU while I don’t care. I don’t care how you do it, I just wanna keep my own house in order and that sometimes means excerpting a single phrase with a > line. As is possible in traditional email, traditional paper letters, on Usenet, on Gemini, in Markdown, on Slack, on Discourse, on Reddit, on Stack Exchange, on Slack, on Mattermost, on Matrix, on the moon and the sun and the clouds and the pebbles and trees, on Mars, on Venus, on everything between us. Anywhere but in Delta Chat, where my arms suddenly get chopped off if I try it and I just come across as an embarrassing weirdo to the person on the other side. And I didn’t even know about it for the first year I was using Delta Chat (because it hides this tampering from the sender so I’m embarrassing myself unknowingly) but since I found out about it six months ago I’ve been trying to get this changed.

    • The (negative) Richter scale

      Did you know the Richter scale goes over 10 and it goes in the negative levels too? Me neither. Or you probably did if you work in the domain. This is a short presentation of the Richter scale, including negative levels. I found this information from Randall Munroe’s book “What if?” (the XKCD author) combined with Wikipedia. I thought I’d share because I found it really interesting. Also added my own personal touch.

    • Book review: And Then There Were None

      Yesterday I’ve come across an intriguing book called And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Crime novels are not my usual genre that I read, but I thought I’d give it a go. And it did not dissapoint.

      There are no spoilers in this post, though it’s quite hard to talk about the book without spoiling anything, if you’ve read the book you know what I mean.

      The characters are presented well overall, in detail, which I like. The author has a way of turning your perspective around, especially at the megaphone chapter, when the incriminating disk played.

      The ending was jaw droppi
      ng, I did not expect the book would end like that at all. You become suspicious of the characters one by one but then you find the killer wasn’t that respective character and so on; it’s very well written.

    • Science

      • HackadayHow To Make A Difference Through Plant Metabolism

        Generally when we consider the many plants around us, we imagine them efficiently using the electromagnetic radiation from the Sun via photosynthesis in their leaves — pulling carbon-dioxide from the air, as well as water from the soil via their roots, and grow as quickly as they reasonably can. In reality, the efficiency of this process is less than 10% of the input energy, and the different types of plant metabolisms that have formed over the course of evolution aren’t all the same.

    • Hardware

      • HackadayCheap Oscilloscope Is… Well… Cheap

        We always enjoy watching [Kerry Wong] put an oscilloscope through its paces. His recent video is looking at a very inexpensive FNIRSI 1014D ‘scope that you can also find rebranded. You can usually find these for well under $200 at the usual places. Can you get a reasonable scope for that cost? [Kerry] has a list of issues with the scope ranging from short memory depth to low sensitivity. He did, however, like that it is USB powered so it can be operated from a common battery pack, which would make it truly floating.

      • HackadayAutomate Parts Kitting With This Innovative SMD Tape Slicer

        Nobody likes a tedious manual job prone to repetitive stress injury, and such tasks rightly inspire an automated solution. This automatic SMD tape cutter is a good example of automating such a chore, while leaving plenty of room for further development.

      • HackadayThe World’s Most Expensive 3D Printers

        How much would you pay for a 3D printer? Granted, when we started a decent printer might run over $1,000 but the cost has come way down. Unless of yourse, you go pro. We were disappointed that this [All3DP] post didn’t include prices, but we noticed a trend: if your 3D printer has stairs, it is probably a big purchase. According to the tag line on the post, the printers are all north of $500,000.

      • HackadayLTSpice Tips And A Long Tutorial

        We always enjoy videos from [FesZ], so when we saw his latest about tips and tricks for LTSpice, we decided to put the 20 minutes in to watch it. But we noticed in the text that he has an entire series of video tutorials about LTSpice and that this is actually episode 30. So there’s plenty to watch.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • OracHow to identify most antivaxxers with a simple question

        I’ve been at this blogging thing for nearly 18 years now, with few breaks, none longer than the month that it took me five years ago to move this blog over from its old ScienceBlogs platform to the current, much more amateurish (but completely underway control) WordPress blog. In that time, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s how to identify an antivaxxer and their tactics and tropes. (Contrary to what antivaxxers like to claim, there’s more to it than “I know one when I see one.”) Normally, I don’t write a lot about what goes on in the comment section of this blog, but recently there was an exchange that provided what I thought to be a “teachable moment.” Specifically, it’s a question to use to counter the claim, “I’m not antivax.”

      • Common Dreams‘Our Seniors Deserve Better’: Jayapal Demands End of All Medicare Privatization Schemes

        Rep. Pramila Jayapal on Monday called for an end to all Medicare privatization schemes following a Washington Post report spotlighting how Medicare Advantage plans are distorting patients’ medical records to overbill the federal government and boost their profits.

        “Medicare Advantage plans regularly deny needed care to seniors and frequently create fake illnesses to defraud the government,” Jayapal (D-Wash.), the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, wrote in a social media post.

      • Counter PunchThe DDT Octopus

        Morton Biskind, a physician from Westport, Connecticut, was a courageous man. At the peak of the cold war, in 1953, he complained of the incidence of maladies afflicting both domestic animals and people for the first time. He concluded that the popular insect poison DDT was the agent of disease. DDT, he said, was “dangerous for all animal life from insects to mammals.”

    • Security

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Common DreamsTwo Weeks After Uvalde School Massacre, Texas GOP Vows Ban on… Taking Kids to Drag Shows

        Two weeks after a gunman armed with a semiautomatic rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition massacred 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a Republican state lawmaker announced that he is taking action—against drag shows.

        State Rep. Bryan Slaton said Monday he intends to file legislation “protecting kids from drag shows and other inappropriate displays” when the next legislative session begins.

      • Democracy NowWe Can’t Get Answers: Texas Lawmaker Decries Police Refusal to Address Response to School Massacre

        We speak with Texas Democratic state Senator Roland Gutierrez about how the police botched the response to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a small town that is part of Gutierrez’s congressional district. The shooting left 19 fourth graders and two teachers dead after the police waited over an hour before anyone confronted the gunman. Gutierrez says he can “get no answers” from the state’s Department of Public Safety about why the police waited or which officials were present in the school in response to the shooting. He is calling on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to hold a special legislative session to pass comprehensive gun safety measures in response to the massacre.

      • Democracy NowTexas Editor: Police in Uvalde Are Actively Obstructing Us from Doing Our Jobs

        Police and bikers in Uvalde, Texas, are restricting a growing number of journalists from reporting on the aftermath of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School that left 19 fourth graders and two teachers dead. “None of us can ever recall being treated in such a manner and our job impeded in such a manner,” says Nora Lopez, executive editor of San Antonio Express-News and president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. “Newsgathering is a constitutional right, so at some point this will cross into basically official oppression,” she says. Lopez also says residents are now afraid to speak with the press after one parent of two Robb Elementary students reported police had threatened to arrest her if she spoke with reporters about how she rushed the school to try to save her children.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | The US/UK Proxy War Forestalling Peace Negotiations in Ukraine

        The British government, as ever following the US lead, is sending longer range missile systems to Ukraine for the first time. The government described the M270 weapon system they are despatching as a “cutting edge” military asset which can strike targets up to 80 kilometres away “with pinpoint accuracy.” Ukrainian soldiers are due to be brought to Britain for training in how to use the missiles.

      • Common DreamsPoll Shows Majority of US Voters Opposed to Record-Level Pentagon Budget

        As Republicans push to boost the Pentagon budget beyond the $31 billion increase sought by the Biden administration for the next fiscal year, survey results published Tuesday suggest that any additional military spending wouldn’t be popular among voters.

        “Congress should heed popular, public opinion and reject proposals for even more Pentagon spending than President Biden has requested.”

      • Common DreamsBoris Johnson Says Ukraine Should Not Accept ‘Bad Peace’ With Russia

        Fresh off his narrow victory in a closely watched no-confidence vote, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told his top cabinet ministers on Tuesday that Ukraine should not be pushed to accept a “bad peace” with Russia, remarks that align with private comments he reportedly made to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in April.

        “Britain and the U.S. appear to have abandoned even the limited military restraint they showed early on in the war.”

      • Democracy NowU.K. PM Boris Johnson Survives No-Confidence Vote But Faces Uphill Battle to Stay in Power

        British Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived a vote of no confidence held by members of his own Conservative Party on Monday. The 211-148 vote came just days after Johnson was booed by conservative royalists when he arrived at a service to honor the queen’s 70-year reign. We speak with Priya Gopal, English professor at the University of Cambridge, who says the vote signals a division within the country’s Conservatives and an opening for progressives. “This reflects a mood shift among voters who handed Johnson a huge majority at the last elections,” says Gopal. She also explains how Johnson may be forced to resign if he isn’t able to gain enough parliamentary support to pass legislation.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | The Politicians Who Stood With the NRA After the Uvalde Massacre

        Two days after an 18-year-old gunman armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle locked himself in adjoining classrooms at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and blew apart 19 children and two teachers before he was eventually killed by a member of the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit, the National Rifle Association proceeded with its annual meeting 300 miles east at Houston’s city-owned George R. Brown Convention Center. The gathering came following years of disarray in the gun rights advocacy organization; in 2020 New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil lawsuit alleging fraud, financial misconduct, and misuse of charitable funds by executives including longtime CEO Wayne LaPierre. The attorney general for the District of Columbia has filed a similar action.

      • TruthOut44 Percent of GOP Voters View Mass Shootings as Part of Living in “Free Society”
      • TechdirtCompany That Turned ‘Excited Delirium’ Into A Thing Thinks It Can Prevent School Shootings With Drone-Mounted Tasers [UPDATED]

        UPDATE: Since this post’s composition over the weekend, there has been a notable development. Axon has, for the moment, pulled the ends of its toes from overhanging the precipice. It only took the resignation of most of the Ethics Board (nine of twelve members) to force the company to reconsider its move towards offering schools access to armed drones.

      • Meduza‘Ordinary Nazism’: Bizarre exhibition at Moscow’s Victory Museum attempts to draw comparisons between Nazi Germany and modern-day Ukraine

        When announcing the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin justified the “special military operation” by invoking World War II. Russian officials and propagandists on state television have been echoing Putin’s claims about the need to “demilitarize and denazify Ukraine” ever since. In a similar vein, since mid-April, Moscow’s Museum of the Great Patriotic War (also known as the Victory Museum) has been running an exhibition that supposedly traces the development of a “Ukrainian version of Nazism” from World War II to the present day. Upon visiting the exhibition, Meduza found a bizarre mishmash of information ripped from the Internet, memorabilia from Nazi Germany, and decontextualized TikTok videos from the ongoing war.

      • Meduza‘I asked them to remove Mom’s chains. They refused’: In their own words, ethnic Kazakhs whose loved ones disappeared into Xinjiang’s internment camps describe their fight for answers

        Since 2014, the world has gradually been learning about the horrors that occur in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Media reports have described how Uyghurs are put in “vocational training camps,” which are effectively concentration camps. People can be put there for the smallest expression of religiosity, and any hope of getting out requires undergoing a “reeducation” process, though some never escape at all. Members of Xinjiang’s other ethnic groups are put in the camps, too — primarily Kazakhs. Since February 2021, the relatives and loved ones of Kazakh people currently being held in the Xinjiang camps have held daily protests outside of the Chinese Consulate in Almaty. Meduza is publishing photographer Ofeliya Zhakaeva’s project “Nearby,” which focuses on Chinese Kazakhs whose relatives have disappeared into the Xinjiang internment system. She photographed protest participants outside of the Consulate with objects that remind them of their loved ones and recorded their stories.

      • The Gray ZonePaul Mason’s covert intelligence-linked plot to destroy The Grayzone exposed
      • Common Dreams‘Trump on Trial’: What to Know and How to Watch the Jan. 6 Hearings

        The U.S. House of Representatives panel investigating the January 6, 2021 insurrection—provoked by then-President Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from him—will launch a series of six public and nationally televised hearings on Thursday, June 9 at 8:00 pm in Washington, D.C.

        The prime-time event will be available on C-SPAN and the YouTube channel of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol.

      • TruthOutDamning Leaks Provide Grim Preview of Thursday’s January 6 Congressional Hearing
      • Common DreamsOpinion | Jan. 6 Hearings: Is It Too Late to Save Our Democracy?

        On Thursday evening, the House Select Committee investigating the sacking of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 will hold the first of its prime-time, televised public hearings. The committee has done an exhaustive investigation, interviewing a thousand witnesses, looking at tens of thousands of documents.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Can the January 6 Committee Help Fix Our Damaged Democracy?

        I have a lot of respect for the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. After meeting in closed session for nearly a year, interviewing more than a thousand witnesses and gathering more than 100,000 documents, the nine-member committee will begin a series of televised public hearings on June 9 and release their findings later this summer.

      • The NationLiz Cheney Wants the January 6 Committee to Pull Its Punches

        High-profile congressional hearings can go one of two ways. They can follow the course of the Watergate hearings of the 1970s, which led to the end of Richard Nixon’s presidency and inspired sweeping campaign finance and election reforms. Or they can go the way of the Iran/Contra hearings of the 1980s, which let Ronald Reagan off the hook and did little to alter corrupt US foreign policies.

      • The NationThe January 6 Committee’s Audience Won’t Match Watergate’s. But It Should.

        Fifty years ago this month, the American public was riveted by the Watergate hearings. This week, the House select committee investigating the January 6 sacking of the Capitol promises an equally riveting show as it releases “previously unseen material” and lays out facts that, in the words of Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), “will blow the roof off the House.”

      • The NationThe Disturbing Reason the Uvalde Police Won’t Be Held Accountable

        The massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Tex., has exposed one of the Republican Party’s favorite pro-gun talking points—the “good guy with a gun” refrain—as a fraudulent gun lobby ad campaign that will not protect our children. There were many police officers on the scene in Uvalde, yet these alleged good guys with guns did nothing to stop the mass murder of children. Instead, the officers used their armaments and training to prevent parents from saving their own kids. I guess all the military-style equipment Republicans constantly funnel to the police really is just meant to shoot gas canisters at unarmed protesters outside a Target, not to subdue a lone gunman systematically executing children and teachers.

    • Environment

      • Counter Punch50 Years of UN Environmental Diplomacy

        At Sweden’s urging, the United Nations brought together representatives from countries around the world to find solutions. That summit – the U.N. Conference on the Human Environment, held in Stockholm 50 years ago on June 5-16, 1972 – marked the first global effort to treat the environment as a worldwide policy issue and define the core principles for its management.

        The Stockholm Conference was a turning point in how countries thought about the natural world and the resources that all nations share, like the air.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Climate Killer: How to Get Out of the Fossil Fuel Trap

        Let’s be brutally honest here, fossil gas is a climate killer. But that’s not its only problem. Gas is also fuelling the Russian war on Ukraine, it’s expensive, causing millions of Europeans to worry about heating up their homes, and it’s dangerous for our health. So why does the European Union want to label it ‘green’ and funnel billions of public money into it? 

      • Common DreamsHouse Progressives Cheer Biden Solar Order But Say ‘Executive Action Alone’ Not Enough

        Progressive U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday joined climate campaigners in welcoming President Joe Biden’s executive order invoking the Defense Production Act to accelerate domestic solar panel production while calling on Congress to pass legislation to facilitate the nation’s transition into a post-fossil fuel era.

        “There is simply no way to meet the president’s climate goals with executive action alone.”

      • Counter PunchElectric Cars: Great Idea, But Not a Panacea

        Setting aside my visceral love for the old muscle cars I grew up around, I wholeheartedly support that transition. My own “car” happens to be an electric bicycle (it used to be a regular bicycle, but knee problems made motorization attractive), and I hope that the next family vehicle, or the one after that, will be electric too.

        That said, the urge to get society completely electrified and off of fossil fuels suffers from both propaganda oversell and from practical problems.

      • Energy

        • Common DreamsDemand Grows for Windfall Profits Tax as Goldman Sachs Predicts More Gas Pump Pain

          Progressives are arguing that Wall Street’s new prediction of worsening pain at the pump for U.S. consumers this summer underscores the need for Congress to pass Democratic lawmakers’ overwhelmingly popular bill to impose a windfall profits tax on Big Oil.

          “The public knows oil and gas billionaires are responsible for the pain at the pump.”

      • Wildlife/Nature

        • Pro PublicaYes, We Fact-Checked These Watercolors

          Most of the time, my colleague Irena Hwang works with numbers. An electrical engineer by training, she wrangles impossible data sets into intelligible sentences that word-bound people like me can understand. What she does seems like a kind of intellectual alchemy, drawing solid and valuable facts out of barely visible particles of knowledge.

          But this year, as Oregon Public Broadcasting and ProPublica worked to document the extent to which the salmon hatcheries of the Pacific Northwest were failing to sustain fish at healthy levels, another of Irena’s talents emerged. One she had been keeping secret.

    • Finance

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Counter PunchTwo Vital New Books on the Labor Movement

        History of the Labor Movement in the United States, Volume 11 Philip S. Foner International Publishers

        When Vermont Senator and socialist Bernie Sanders ran for the White House again in 2020, one of his oft-mentioned observations was that “Half the working people in the United States cannot come up with $400 – even for an emergency.”  So, what is organized labor’s antidote for this systematic mass impoverishment? Answer: pick away at organizing one small shop and unit at a time, hoping somehow to counteract the millionaire and billionaire assault.

      • Counter PunchTwo Nations Joined at the Hip by English … and Inequity
      • Counter PunchPlatinum Jubilees and Republican Questions

        A rash of countries have expressed an interest in severing ties with the monarchy.  In November last year, Barbados did so with some pomp, swearing in its first president, Sandra Mason, a former governor general.  “Today,” Mason proclaimed, “debate and discourse have become action.”

        Through 2022, the royals made visits to the Caribbean that showed waning enthusiasm for the Windsors.  In Belize and Jamaica, local protesters gathered to call for a formal apology for their family’s role in encouraging that other institution, slavery.  A government committee in the Bahamas did not mince its words in calling upon the royals to issue “a full and formal apology for their crimes against humanity”.

      • Counter PunchAmerican “Democracy” as a Dead Parrot: Constitutions, Killing Floors, an Unhatched Egg, and Forced Motherhood

        “E’s Not Pining, E’s Passed On!”

        This patriotic lecture always reminds of the old Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch, featuring John Cleese as a dissatisfied customer and Michael Palin as a pet shop owner:

      • The NationThe Second Destruction of a Black Community in Tulsa

        Donald Thompson is a social justice photographer who lives and works in Tulsa, Okla., and has deep roots in the city’s Greenwood District. Once a thriving and prosperous Black community, Greenwood was largely destroyed in 1921 by a mob of armed white citizens in what has come to be known as the Tulsa Race Massacre. During the 1960s and ’70s, Thompson photographed what he terms the “second massacre of Greenwood,” when the city of Tulsa used eminent domain to bulldoze most of what remained of Greenwood’s business district. On the 101st anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, I interviewed Thompson about his more than five-decades-long quest to capture and preserve his beloved community in photos.

      • Counter PunchDemocrats Need the Independent Voters to Keep the Senate

        A popular image of an independent voter is a white middle-class suburbanite. But that image, if it was ever true, is far more complex.

        One surprising finding that came out of a Pew Research study of independent voters was that they had a most significant share of those under the age of fifty (62%) compared to the Democrats (50%) or the Republicans (44%). That younger slice of the voting population is why the following policies rank within the top ten issues of importance to Independents: debt-free state college, a $15 minimum wage, and legalizing marijuana. Democrats attract independent voters that they lead on these issues, not the Republicans.

      • Counter PunchSupreme Court Allows States to use Unlawfully Gerrymandered Congressional Maps in the 2022 Midterm Elections

        You read that right: The U.S. Supreme Court recently barred federal courts from requiring states to fix their newly adopted, but unlawful, congressional maps before the 2022 midterm congressional elections.

        In Merrill v. Milligan, the Supreme Court in February 2022, stayed the decision of a lower court that ruled Alabama had improperly redistricted its congressional seats. The lower court found Alabama’s maps resulted in Black and Democratic voters wielding less political power in Alabama’s congressional delegation than they otherwise would or should. It required Alabama to redraw its congressional map immediately.

      • Common DreamsOcasio-Cortez Endorses Biaggi Over DCCC Chair Maloney in NY Primary

        Offering her endorsement to New York state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi on Tuesday in the state’s 17th district, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called on her supporters to “continue building progressive power” in Washington by helping Biaggi defeat Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, current chair of the Democrat’s congressional fundraising arm.

        In a fundraising email, Ocasio-Cortez noted that Biaggi, who has served in state Senate since 2018, “knows what it takes to go up against powerful opponents and win,” having unseated former state Sen. Jeffrey Klein of the Republican-aligned Independent Democratic Conference.

      • Meduza‘A twisted form of democracy’: In Sunday’s referendum, Kazakhstanis voted to amend the country’s Constitution. The authorities call it a step towards democracy, but many have doubts.

        On June 5, Kazakhstan held a referendum on amendments to its Constitution that were proposed by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. If you ask the Kazakhstani government, these amendments are a serious step on the path towards Kazakhstan’s democratization. But many political scientists, activists, and Kazakhstani citizens believe that the referendum’s main goal is to consolidate Tokayev’s own power. Meduza explains what’s happened in Kazakhstan since the protests that swept through the country in January, how Sunday’s elections went, and how Kazakhstani citizens see the situation.

      • The NationThe End of the Nordic Ideal
      • The NationTwo of the Trump Era’s Biggest Grifters Are Angling for a Comeback

        Republican voters in Montana and Oklahoma will soon have an opportunity to send back to Washington two former Trump administration officials who left that town four years ago enmeshed in scandal. This article is based on reporting and writing from Demolition Agenda: How Trump Tried to Dismantle American Government, and What Biden Needs to Do to Save It, which was published in May by the New Press.

      • TechdirtElon Trying To Get Out Of The Twitter Purchase, Claiming That Because Twitter Won’t Share Private Info, It Has Breached Its Agreement

        It’s entirely possible that there’s a different backstory to the whole Elon/Twitter mess, but from everything that’s happened so far, the story sure looks like (1) Elon decided to buy Twitter on a whim without recognizing either the risks or the actual challenges in pulling together a deal, (2) almost immediately started regretting it, especially as the price of his Tesla shares, which are key to the deal, tanked, and (3) began to seek any pretext to bail on the deal, hopefully without having to pay the $1 billion breakup fee.

      • ScheerpostAndrew Bacevich: Who Are You Calling Fascist?

        Andrew Bacevich criticizes Timothy Snyder for calling Russia fascist.

    • Censorship/Free Speech

    • Freedom of Information / Freedom of the Press

      • Democracy Now“Corrections in Ink”: Keri Blakinger on Her Journey from Addiction to Cornell to Prison to Newsroom

        Criminal justice reporter Keri Blakinger speaks with us about her new memoir, out today, called “Corrections in Ink,” which details her path from aspiring professional figure skater to her two years spent in prison after she was arrested in her final semester of her senior year at Cornell University with six ounces of heroin. Blakinger says her relatively short jail sentence was a lucky case, which she attributes to progressive drug reform as well as her racial privilege. Blakinger went on to become an investigative journalist and now works at The Marshall Project, where she is the organization’s first formerly incarcerated reporter.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Counter PunchChaos or Community

        Dr. King’s ideas and words resonate today, but it is the last phrase of the title, “chaos or community,” that speaks most sharply to our time.

        The word “chaos” is understood as meaning “disorder” and “confusion,” and when it flourishes, it becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to achieve socially desirable goals. Chaos grows when powerful economic interests dominate the public sphere – and when democracy is impaired both by that domination and by institutional barriers such as the filibuster. It grows when conditions grow ripe for the emergence of demagogic leadership.

      • Counter PunchThe Solidarity Vacuum for the Non-White Oppressed

        Solidarity abounds for Ukrainians, who have suffered from a brutal, three-months-long Russian invasion. If you’re not a member of the far-right, like Tucker Carlson, or someone on the left who hasn’t lost sight of the invasion’s context, in all likelihood, you fly a blue-and-white flag. At the very least, you are likely to have intense sympathy for Ukrainians.

        Such international solidarity may have been cause for celebration if similar kinship were expressed for Yemenis, Uighurs, Rohingya, Palestinians, Congolese and other groups suffering from tyranny, war, invasion, occupation and genocide.

      • Common DreamsWith Reproductive Rights Under Threat, Dems Introduce ‘Free the Pill’ Bill

        Congressional Democrats on Tuesday put forth legislation intended to ensure that people across the United States can access and afford over-the-counter contraception, which lawmakers and advocates argue is increasingly urgent amid mounting right-wing attacks on reproductive freedom.

        “No one should have to jump through ridiculous hoops or pay extra just to get the birth control they need.”

      • Common DreamsPoland Establishes ‘Terrifying’ Pregnancy Register After Banning Almost All Abortions

        A new government database tracking people’s pregnancies in Poland is sparking fears that medical data will be used to prosecute women who obtain abortion care in other countries or by getting abortion pills through the mail, and potentially to target women who have miscarriages.

        “First comes the ban, and then the mechanism for enforcement follows.”

      • The NationAlaa Abd el-Fattah and the Hope of a Generation

        As I write this, Alaa Abd el-Fattah, who is often known in Egypt just as Alaa, is on his 67th day of a hunger strike. In solitary confinement at Egypt’s maximum security Tora Prison, he has been deprived of sunlight, reading materials, or the right to walk outside his cell for exercise, and forbidden from writing or receiving letters. So he has resorted to the only means of protest that remains to him. There is so much to be said about Alaa—his transformation from blogger to “voice of a generation,” from activist to revolutionary icon, from tech whiz kid to symbol of Egypt’s hundreds of thousands of nameless disappeared. But that his life now hovers at the edge of the bardo, sustained by water and rehydration salts, is the fact that must appear first. “I’m the ghost of spring past,” he wrote in 2019, as if to prophesy his fate.

      • TechdirtSheriff Who Claimed He Would Clean Up The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Gang Problem Has Instead Allowed It To Thrive

        The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has long contended it has no gang problem. We’re not talking about the many gangs roaming the streets of Los Angeles. We’re talking about the cliques formed by deputies that identify themselves with patches, tattoos, tactics, and a general disregard for the rights of the people they serve.

      • TruthOutAngela Davis Says Black Activist Anthony Gay Is Jailed on False Charges
      • Common DreamsAmazon, Starbucks Unions Join Coalition Pushing Biden to Go Big on Student Debt Relief

        The Amazon Labor Union and Starbucks Workers United on Monday joined a growing coalition of unions and progressive advocacy groups that is pushing President Joe Biden to go big on student debt relief.

        “This is a working people’s issue.”

      • Common DreamsAnti-Labor Starbucks ‘Getting Wrecked’ as Memphis Workers Win Latest Union Drive

        Seven workers at a Memphis, Tennessee Starbucks who were fired earlier this year after starting a unionization campaign declared victory Tuesday after employees at the store overwhelmingly voted in favor of forming a union.

        “The Memphis Seven have been vindicated.”

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • TechdirtAcademic Paper Shows How Badly The Mainstream Media Misled You About Section 230

        We’ve had to publish many, many articles highlighting just how badly the mainstream media has misrepresented Section 230, with two of the worst culprits being the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal. Professor Eric Goldman now points us to an incredible 200 page masters thesis by a journalism student at UNC named Kathryn Alexandria Johnson, who did an analysis entirely about how badly both the NYT and the WSJ flubbed their reporting on Section 230.

    • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

      • EFFWhen DRM Comes For Your Wheelchair

        Anyone who’s ever dropped a cellphone or laptop knows that any gadget that travels with you around the world will eventually need repairs. This goes double for powered wheelchairs, not least because Medicare has adopted a narrow interpretation of its statutory obligations and will only pay for indoor chairs, despite the fact that the owners of these chairs use them outdoors, as well.

        Any product that travels with you is likely to break, eventually. A product that is designed solely for indoor usage but gets used outdoors is even more at risk. But for powered wheelchair users, this situation is gravely worsened by an interlocking set of policies regarding repair and reimbursement that mean that when their chairs are broken, it can take months to get them repaired.

        This has serious consequences. Wheelchairs are powerful tools that enable mobility and freedom; But broken wheelchairs can strand people at home—or even in bed, at risk of bedsores and other complications from immobilization—away from family, friends, school and work. Broken wheelchairs can also be dangerous for their users, leading to serious injuries. 

      • Krebs On SecurityKrebsOnSecurity in New Netflix Series on Cybercrime

        Netflix has a new documentary series airing next week — “Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies & the Internet” — in which Yours Truly apparently has a decent amount of screen time. The debut episode explores the far-too-common harassment tactic of “swatting” — wherein fake bomb threats or hostage situations are phoned in to police as part of a scheme to trick them into visiting potentially deadly force on a target’s address.

      • TechdirtNew York Becomes The First State To Pass A ‘Right To Repair’ Law

        New York State has become the first state in the country to pass “right to repair” legislation taking direct aim at repair monopolies. The bill itself mandates that hardware manufacturers make diagnostic and repair information available to consumers and independent repair shops at “fair and reasonable terms.”

    • Monopolies

      • Common DreamsBig Tech Mounting Big-Money Fight to Defeat to Corporate Antitrust Bill

        Amazon and tech giants are mounting a big-money push to tank bipartisan antitrust legislation its proponents say rightly takes on concentrated corporate power undermining small businesses and democracy.

        Introduced in October by lead co-sponsors Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa.), the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S.2992) is coming up against negative media and spending blitzes ahead of a possible vote later this month.

      • Patents

        • TechdirtTechdirt Podcast Episode 323: Why Patent Quality Matters

          This week is Engine’s second annual Patent Quality Week, focused on the many ways that the patent system allows low-quality patents to get through, the problems this causes, and what can be done about it. On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Abby Rives and Charles Duan for a discussion all about why patent quality matters.

      • Trademarks

        • TechdirtLicensing Troll For Elvis Estate Seeks To Shut Down ‘Elvis’ Weddings In Las Vegas

          When someone mentions Las Vegas, a couple of things are likely to leap directly into your brain. Gambling and casinos, but of course. Perhaps magic shows, too. And, obviously, Elvis. Yes, the idea of Elvis-themed weddings in Las Vegas has reached trope status. But Authentic Brands Group (ABG) would like to put a stop to all of that.

      • Copyrights

        • Torrent Freak‘Copyright Troll’ Has Already Filed Over 1,000 Piracy Lawsuits This Year

          Strike 3 Holdings has already filed over a thousand lawsuits against alleged BitTorrent pirates in U.S. courts this year. The adult entertainment company used to be part of a larger group of prolific litigants but it is now the only one left. It is responsible for the vast majority of all piracy lawsuits filed in the US this year.


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