EPO Breaking the Rules, Flouting Laws and Regulations While Leaving Staff Representatives in the Dark

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Appalling lack of consultation are the “New Ways of Working”?

Summary: Europe’s second-largest and very opaque institution, which routinely breaks the law, isn’t listening to concerned, moral voices from within the institution

THE EPO is misgoverned.

Insiders know it. Outsiders know it. The latter try to never mention it anymore, fearing it would “devalue” their so-called ‘assets’…

Well, "the fucking president" (his own words) António Campinos feels like he’s a monarch. He’s not even sure which country he’s from; he's cherry-picking.

“Many members of staff received the letter and in the interest of transparency we’re reproducing it…”Published by the Local Staff Committee Munich (LSCMN) a few days ago was the following open letter to the 'European Psycho' who cannot contain his temper and refuses to obey the law.

The staff was accordingly notified on Friday, in a message that said:

Appalling lack of consultation are the “New Ways of Working”?

Dear colleagues,

The New Ways of Working “Pilot“ started on the first of June for a period of two years. The implementation is on-going and we note that fundamental changes to come were not submitted to statutory consultation.

The project “Bringing Teams Together” foresees a new management of office space allegedly “to ensure that teams cluster in our buildings when working onsite”. It will cause all staff to change office in a global reorganization plan.

This project introduces the deepest change in working conditions ever in the history of the EPO here in Munich, and it definitely requires a sound legal basis and a formal decision with an identifiable signatory. We are appalled by the sheer absence of any consultation and that the final details were revealed behind the back of staff representation.

In addition to that, the administration took advantage of the pandemic to disband the canteen committee. The reopening of the canteens in Munich is long overdue and keeps on being postponed. The New Normal Planning Tool is not properly configured by default. The construction of an outdoor terrace for the canteen of the Isar started a few days ago. All these topics were also not submitted to statutory consultation.

In this open letter, we urge the President to fix the issue without delay.

Many members of staff received the letter and in the interest of transparency we’re reproducing it as follows:

Date: 08.06.2022

President of the Office
Mr António Campinos

by email: PRESIDENT@epo.org


SUBJECT: Appalling lack of consultation are the “New Ways of Working”?

Dear Mr President,

The New Ways of Working “Pilot“ started on the first of June for a period of two years. The implementation is on-going and we note that fundamental changes to come were not submitted to statutory consultation.

Bringing Teams Together
The May MAC report of 2 June 2022 mentions the project “Bringing Teams Together” which foresees a new management of office space allegedly “to ensure that teams cluster in our buildings when working onsite”. This project was never submitted to statutory consultation.

On 7 June 2022, a DG1 management meeting took place during which the project was presented:

• All staff will change office in a global reorganization plan.
• PH 1-4 will be totally emptied. The workforce will be moved to the Isar, PH 8 and PH 5-6

• The Isar building will contain 350 Examiners (vs only 1 Examiner currently).
• To keep an individual single office, staff needs to be present on the premises at least 3 days per week. Those who only come to the premises for the minimum attendance will have an “office for the day”, which does not contain any personal items.
• Directorates and Teams will be regrouped altogether and offices annexed to each other according to onsite presence rather than same or adjacent fields of work.

This project introduces the deepest change in working conditions ever in the history of this organisation here in Munich, and it definitely requires a sound legal basis and a formal decision with an identifiable signatory. We are appalled by the sheer absence of any consultation and that the final details were revealed behind the back of staff representation.

New Normal Planning Tool
Staff is now requested to record in a new Planning Tool their working location even when they are working on-site. We remind that the Guidelines on New Ways of Working (Circular 419) confirms (cf. Art. 2(2)) that “teleworking is voluntary” and Art. 55a(1) ServRegs has not been changed. Working onsite is therefore the default. Consequently, the tool should be automatically configured accordingly. The tool was never submitted to statutory consultation.

Canteens & Isar Terrace
The reopening of canteens in Munich is long overdue. It was originally planned for 1 June 2022 and then postponed to 20 June. We hear that the administration is considering asking the caterer to postpone yet again the reopening to 1 July – but not from the Site Managers. The administration

failed to provide us with any information or justification, and it is difficult to understand the Office’s strategy which only makes the life of the caterer more difficult. Or should this even be the true intention? Noticeably, the administration took advantage of the pandemic to disband the canteen committee, and the Site Manager of Munich City has essentially put the statutory meeting between her and the MSC in its place. Subsequently, the administration went on to take all the decisions without that statutory consultation that the Site Manager of Munich City had just introduced, thereby depriving staff of any say in the matter, let alone of the transparency previously provided.

We read that the construction of an outdoor terrace for the canteen of the Isar Building have started yesterday. Again, we note that such a project was not submitted to statutory consultation.

Mr President, we cannot help but notice that every time we believe that the relationship between your management and the people who work to earn your manager’s pay, staff, and their representatives, could not possibly get any worse, you seem to excel. Albeit, yet again, in the wrong direction.

In accordance with Art. 37(1)(d) of the Service Regulations, the Local Staff Committee is “responsible for maintaining suitable contacts with the local Administration”. We note that we do not have such suitable contacts with the Site Management of Munich City, (or Brussels). Yet further, the Local Staff Committee has the competence to “raise site specific issues” (Art. 37(1)(c) ServRegs). Finally, pursuant to Art. 37(1)(a) Service Regulations, the Local Staff Committee “shall be consulted on any proposal [...] which concerns the conditions of employment of the whole or part of the staff at the place of employment concerned”.

Moreover, it is also a Health, Safety and Ergonomics issue and should therefore have been submitted to the Munich LOHSEC. Pursuant to Art. 38a(6) Service Regulations “the President of the Office shall keep the [...] relevant Local Committee informed of any projects envisaged or implemented affecting its area of competence.” The latter is defined in Art. 38a(4) Service Regulations as “all measures and reports relating to occupational health, safety and ergonomics on the premises of the place of employment concerned”. At least health (cf. official reasoning to “avoid the ghost corridor feeling”) and ergonomics (constant moving from office to office for many) are clearly touched.

This is a site-specific and health issue and it definitely involves a change in the conditions of employment. It requires your immediate attention and action: we demand you fix it without delay.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Alex Kemény

Chair of the Local Staff Committee Munich City, Haar and Brussels

It goes without saying that nothing has improved since Battistelli ‘left’ except the appalling silence of the media. Attempts to cover up EPO scandals are themselves a major scandal.

Nellie Simon says “24/7 worked day and night”

[Meme] European Psycho

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'I am the fucking president'
Don’t ever insinuate he might be off his rocker

Summary: António Campinos said he is, in his own words, “the fucking president”; don’t expect any consultation on any important matters; “the fucking president” thinks he’s a monarch

Corporate Monopolies Granted From People’s Private Homes

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New Ways of Working: Practical information for staff when teleworking
New publication

Summary: Staff of the EPO is being advised regarding the “work-from-home” period (temporary), which is about maximising monopoly-granting rather than accommodating staff’s preferences/comfort

The Central Staff Committee (CSC) of the EPO has circulated a new document for those working from home or wishing to work from home. It’s not about a work “perk” but about compliance with safety rules, as COVID-19 isn’t over (summertime tends to be less lethal but it’s still more lethal this year than the same time period in prior years).

“The EPO isn’t improving. Except in the eyes of IPO, BusinessEurope, and other special interest groups… to them, examiners are obstacles and quality means “how quickly can I get my monopoly?””Don’t believe for a second that António Campinos is attempting to make life easier for staff. While he himself flouts safety rules (masks, distance etc.) he’s assaulting the salaries of staff — more so than Benoît Battistelli ever did. Campinos is subjected to government orders — but even those he barely obeys! To give one example, he previously failed to provide masks to staff!

At any rate, or in any event, many people still work from home; it’s not because the management prefers it that way, it’s just a matter of continuing “business as usual”…

The CSC says: “With this publication we highlight for you some important topics you should be aware of when teleworking. Please familiarise yourself with the content of Circular 419 and do not hesitate to contact your local staff committee for any questions, issues, feedback you might have.”

Notice the part about security: “You are performing work at a non-public and secure location outside the EPO (e.g., not in a Biergarten, not in a train)…”

Putting aside sobriety issues, it’s worrying that some people take away such sensitive data home (VPN isn’t security; it’s a bogus security mindset trying to compensate for back doors built into a lot of proprietary software). Then again, the EPO already breaches data protection rules on many levels, including the outsourcing to untrusted, foreign parties which mine data and pass it around.

Munich, 08/06/2022

New Ways of Working

Practical information for staff when teleworking

Dear Colleagues,

With this publication we highlight for you some important topics you should be aware of when teleworking.

1. Teleworking is voluntary

If you want to telework from anywhere within your host country or to come to the Office’s premises to work from there, that is your personal choice and you have the right to do so. Please notice that in any case, you need to register your preferred working location in advance (Article 10(1) – Circular 419) to ensure at all times that the registrations are up to date. Teleworking from abroad still needs to be approved by your line manager.

2. Accrual of flexi hours

You can now, regardless of whether you work from the Office or telework, accrue up to five flexi hours per week. Remember to also register them when teleworking.

3. Health & Safety / Insurance

Be aware that when you register teleworking you are implicitly acknowledging that you are personally responsible for the following:

- Your teleworking workplace complies with the Health & Safety regulations: Article 9(2) – Circular 419
- You are authorised to telework from the place you choose and by your home insurance: Article 13(1) – Circular 419
- You are performing work at a non-public and secure location outside the EPO (e.g., not in a Biergarten, not in a train): Annex – Circular 419

The first two topics would be important for you in case of future health problems caused by ergonomic issues or accidents during teleworking.

4. Working hours

Please be aware that Article 15(1) – Circular 419 waives only the core hours.

All other relevant provisions in the Service Regulations (in particular Articles 55 and 57 ServRegs) and in the Guidelines on arrangements for working hours (e.g. Part 4j – ServRegs) remain unchanged, for example:

- Your normal working week shall not exceed forty hours.
- You may not be required to work overtime except in cases of urgency or exceptional pressure of work and the total overtime shall not exceed 150 hours in any six months.
- If you are in grade G6 or below you are entitled to compensatory leave or remuneration for overtime.
- You shall NOT work more than 48 hours per week including overtime.
- You have to work a minimum of 6 hours per day (if less you need to use flexitime or any other type of leave).
- You shall work during the “normal working week”: Monday till Friday.
- You shall work during “office hours”: 07:00 – 19:00.
- A daily lunch break of at least 30 minutes is mandatory when working more than five hours.
- 2 breaks of 15 minutes (30 minutes) are considered as working time.
- You must respect minimum daily and weekly rest periods.

Please familiarise yourself with the content of Circular 419 and do not hesitate to contact your local staff committee for any questions, issues, feedback you might have.

Note: the attentive reader of the NWoW hub will have noticed that the allocation of office desks and rooms is conspicuously absent from the entire hub. If you attach some importance to having a desk (or room) assigned to you come September, you may want to enquire with your line manager how teleworkers will be assigned desks and rooms in the EPO buildings.

We wish you a good start in this new phase.

The Central Staff Committee

Working from home isn’t a “gift”; even if you like working from your own home, remember that it’s all about Campinos trying to grant as many monopolies as possible (more power to those who already made a fortune during the pandemic, seeing their small rivals struggle and perish).

The EPO isn’t improving. Except in the eyes of IPO, BusinessEurope, and other special interest groups… to them, examiners are obstacles and quality means “how quickly can I get my monopoly?”

Links 10/06/2022: ExTiX Deepin 22.6 and Diffoscope 216

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      • Remi Collet: PHP 8.2 as Software Collection

        Version 8.2.0alpha1 is released. It’s still in development and will enter soon in the stabilization phase for the developers, and the test phase for the users.

        RPM of this upcoming version of PHP 8.2, are available in remi repository for Fedora 35, 36 and Enterprise Linux 7, 8, 9 (RHEL, CentOS, Alma, Rocky…) in a fresh new Software Collection (php82) allowing its installation beside the system version.

        As I strongly believe in SCL potential to provide a simple way to allow installation of various versions simultaneously, and as I think it is useful to offer this feature to allow developers to test their applications, to allow sysadmin to prepare a migration or simply to use this version for some specific application, I decide to create this new SCL.

        I also plan to propose this new version as a Fedora 38 change (as F37 should be released a few weeks before PHP 8.2.0).

      • Remi Collet: PHP version 7.4.30, 8.0.20 and 8.1.7

        RPMs of PHP version 8.1.7 are available in remi-modular repository for Fedora ≥ 34 and Enterprise Linux ≥ 8 (RHEL, Alma, CentOS, Rocky…) and in remi-php81 repository for EL 7.

        RPMs of PHP version 8.0.20 are available in remi-modular repository for Fedora ≥ 34 and Enterprise Linux ≥ 8 (RHEL, Alma, CentOS, Rocky…) and in remi-php80 repository for EL 7.

        RPMs of PHP version 7.4.20 are available in remi-modular repository for Fedora ≥ 34 and Enterprise Linux ≥ 8 (RHEL, Alma, CentOS, Rocky…) and in remi-php74 repository for EL 7.

      • Enterprisers Project9 essential soft skills for IT leaders

        In addition, she understood how to meld technology with market realities to ensure that any products developed would solve critical issues facing current customers and prospects.

        Sounds perfect, right?

        There was one issue: In interviews, she did not excite the hiring executives.

        Just because it’s a candidate’s market for tech jobs does not mean hiring executives will make an offer, even when a seemingly perfect candidate is at their doorstep.

      • IBM Old TimerIBM emeritus Irving Wladawsky-Berger: A Human-Compatible Safe, Controllable AI

        Putting such a model into practice will require a great deal of research in the coming decades, said Russell in conclusion. “This won’t be easy. But it’s clear that this model must be in place before the abilities of A.I. systems exceed those of humans in the areas that matter. If we manage to do that, the result will be a new relationship between humans and machines, one that I hope will enable us to navigate the next few decades successfully.”

    • Debian Family

      • Daniel PocockDebian Privacy Hypocrisy

        In 2018, I raised the concerns about a volunteer bequesting EUR 150,000 to the FSFE. I have never stated the name of the volunteer. On the other hand, after receiving the cash, FSFE had removed the elections, dramatically changing the nature of the organization that would spend that money. With no more community representatives to look out for that money, the relationship between the cash, the paternity leave and the elections was critical. In an organization that boasts about transparency in its mission statement, those things can be discussed without the name of the volunteer.

        On the theme of privacy, the recent case of Australia’s Attorney-General opens up a similar conundrum. The Federal Court has published the dossier of the woman who died. We can see that the Attorney-General was 17 years old at the time of the alleged crime. Therefore, I presume that Australia’s system of privacy for juvenile offenders would retrospectively give him the same protections as the victim. It is a bizarre thought, an Attorney-General of Australia being smuggled into the children’s court to be tried for something he did as a teenager and sentenced under the laws applicable to somebody of that age.

      • Balkan women & Debian sexism, WeBoob leaks

        In 2014, Alyssa Funk, a 19 year old straight-A student took the family gun and shot herself.

        Alyssa had chosen to do a casting couch video using the name Stella Ann. Her career starting and finishing on the same couch where Belle Knox (Miriam Weeks) was reportedly earning $1,300 for each scene.

        These girls were not what you would perceive to be hookers. They were both university students. The novellist behind the anonymous Belle de Jour prostitute diaries revealed herself to be a prominent research scientist who worked her way to a PhD in expensive London.

        Debian and DebConf is going to Prizren, Kosovo, offering women the opportunity to earn $7,000 for an Outreachy internship. Google Summer of Code (GSoC) offers students in these countries a fee between $1,500 and $3,000 for the same 3 months work.

        The numbers are clear: a woman can get an extra $4,000 by doing Outreachy. That bonus is equivalent to three times the fee paid to Alyssa Funk for one couch scene.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • UbuntuWhat is NoSQL and what are database operators?

        In the previous blog, SQL vs NoSQL Database, we discussed the difference between two major database categories. In a nutshell, the main difference between NoSQL and SQL is that NoSQL adopts a ‘right tool for the job’ approach, whilst SQL adopts a ‘one tool for all the jobs’.

        While SQL remains a standard in organisations worldwide, many other database systems have recently emerged. This is mainly due to the rising volume of highly varied data, scalability, changing storage requirements, the need for high processing power, low latency, and evolving requirements in analytics that database applications have to cater to. NoSQL is a class of newer database systems that offer alternatives to traditional RDBMS so it can cater for one or more of these specialised needs.

      • UbuntuSQL vs NoSQL: Choosing your database

        Many IT decision-makers, developers and analysts are familiar with the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and the structured Query Language (SQL). The SQL database language emerged back in 1970. Its primary focus was to reduce system data duplication by creating data structures and schemas.

        While SQL remains a standard in organisations worldwide, we see many other database systems emerging. This is mainly due to the rising volume of unstructured data, changing storage requirements, the need for high processing power, and evolving requirements in analytics that database applications have to cater to. NoSQL is one of these newer database systems.

      • UbuntuIs your database on Kubernetes production-ready?

        Last May, KubeCon gathered multiple tech enthusiasts, students, professionals, and companies. The event highlighted various topics and insights on how to collaborate on pushing the boundaries of cloud-native computin

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

  • Leftovers

    • New Digs and Thoughts About Transportation and Community

      We have moved to a new house in a different town much closer to my wife’s work. Eliminating her long commute was the main goal of our move but we are really enjoying our new area for more reasons than that. Our new town is smaller, more cohesive and appears to have more of a real community feel than where were before. This is something we’ve been craving and missing for a while. Something else we’re really liking about the area we live is the ways of getting around. Specifically our options for getting places we want to go without getting in a car.


      Here we are on Friday and I haven’t sat my tush in a car all week and I count that as a huge win! I haven’t been just hanging out at home doing nothing either. We’ve gone to a really nice playground and splash pad. I’ve gone to pick up breakfast, dinner and coffee by foot and by bike. Yesterday we walked to the monthly food truck rally in the square downtown. I have groceries delivered most of the time but I still need to explore a little more and see if I can find a bike friendly route to the closest grocery store. A few blocks over there is a small neighborhood market that might be a good enough option for small shopping trips. I still need to get over there and check it out for myself. There are more things still yet to discover that are well within walking/biking range including the downtown area that is actually pretty lively and the hub of most community events around here. It’s such a nice change of pace from the last couple places we lived. We have lived places more like this in the past and I really missed it.

    • Science

    • Proprietary

      • OMG UbuntuPlex’s New Linux Apps Arrive on Flathub – OMG! Ubuntu!

        This is a short post to mention that the new Plex Desktop app for Linux is now available on Flathub.

        The proprietary Plex Desktop and Plex HTPC apps made their Linux debut on Canonical’s Snap Store a few weeks back. At the time the media-streaming company said that Flatpak builds would follow in the future.

      • Petros KoutoupisKilling the Boot HDD [Ed: No, Microsoft is just killing itself. Microsoft is worried that Windows became such a resource pig that magnetic disks cannot keep up.]

        The Times They Are A-Changin’ and no, I am not referring to the Bob Dylan song. It has recently been reported that Microsoft is pushing vendors to use Solid State Drives (SSD) and not Hard Disk Drives (HDD) as system boot drives.

        From a performance standpoint, this makes complete sense but at the expense of price. The above article highlights the minimum requirements that Microsoft is pushing for Windows 11 to OEMs with a deadline of 2023. Honestly though, I am not against this move. Assuming that a reasonable quality SSD is being utilized, this could potentially provide a better user experience to the consumer.

      • Redmond MagazineSQL Server 2022 Preview Available for Linux [Ed: It is proprietary software and it does not really run 'on' Linux; Microsoft booster Kurt Mackie is just 'googlebombing "Linux"]
      • Its FOSSTo Favor Microsoft VS Code, Microsoft’s GitHub is Killing GitHub’s Atom Editor [Ed: Microsoft is just pushing proprietary software; it's not even pretending otherwise]

        Coder, coder in the hall, which is the best editor of them all!

        Sorry for the really cheesy opening line. I could not prevent myself from writing that. Just as we all could not prevent the certain demise of the most loved open source code editor of the last decade, Atom.

      • FOSSLifeGitHub Sunsets Atom Text Editor

        Atom is being archived for official sunset on December 15, 2022.

      • The VergeMicrosoft has accidentally released Windows 11 for unsupported PCs [Ed: Microsoft accelerates its own death to fake or pretend Vista 11 adoption is OK]

        Microsoft released the final version of its next big Windows 11 update (22H2) to Release Preview testers on Tuesday, and accidentally made it available to PCs that aren’t officially supported. Oops. Microsoft has strict minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11, leaving millions of PCs behind, so the mistake will once again highlight the company’s controversial upgrade policy.

      • MakeTech EasierMicrosoft Bug Allows Unsupported PCs to Upgrade to Windows 11

        Windows 11 leaves those with older systems in the dust. This is what made it confusing this week when these machines were suddenly offered the newest build. Microsoft was quick to jump in and explain that it was just a bug that allowed unsupported PCs to upgrade to Windows 11. Owners of these systems are not simply lucking out, however.

    • Security

      • DiffoscopeReproducible Builds (diffoscope): diffoscope 216 released

        The diffoscope maintainers are pleased to announce the release of diffoscope version 216. This version includes the following changes:

        * Print profile output if we were called with –profile and we receive a

        TERM signal.

        * Emit a warning if/when we are handling a TERM signal.

        * Clarify in the code in what situations the main “finally” block gets

        called, especially in relation to handling TERM signals.

        * Clarify and tidy some unconditional control flow in diffoscope.profiling.

      • LWNSecurity updates for Friday [LWN.net]

        Security updates have been issued by Debian (python-bottle), Fedora (grub2 and kernel), Mageia (python-pypdf2, python-ujson, and vim), and SUSE (fribidi, grub2, mozilla-nss, and webkit2gtk3).

      • USCERTGoogle Releases Security Updates for Chrome

        Google has released Chrome version 102.0.5005.115 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version addresses vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to take control of an affected system.

      • Stable Channel Update for Desktop

        The Stable channel has been updated to 102.0.5005.115 for Windows, Mac and Linux which will roll out over the coming days/weeks.

      • Help Net SecurityMorphisec Knight for Linux proactively prevents advanced evasive attacks – Help Net Security

        At RSA Conference 2022, Morphisec launched Morphisec Knight for Linux, a standalone security solution purpose-built for Linux servers to stop supply chain, data theft, ransomware, and other advanced attacks.

        It provides lightweight cloud and server workload protection across bare metal, virtualized servers, and CWPP with almost no performance impact or false positive alerts. Knight uses Morphisec’s revolutionary, patented, Moving Target Defense (MTD) technology to proactively prevent advanced attacks. Knight is low-friction, cost-efficient, and highly effective.

      • Fear, Uncertainty,

        • The Register UKSymbiote Linux malware spotted, and infections are ‘very hard to detect’ [Ed: The latest of much anti-Linux FUD from BlackBerry; Not the fault of Linux]

          Intezer security researcher Joakim Kennedy and the BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence Team have analyzed an unusual piece of Linux malware they say is unlike most seen before – it isn’t a standalone executable file.

          Dubbed Symbiote, the badware instead hijacks the environment variable (LD_PRELOAD) the dynamic linker uses to load a shared object library and soon infects every single running process.

        • Silicon AngleSymbiote Linux malware uses sophisticated techniques to hide and steal credentials [Ed: This does not say how the malware even gets there]

          Once Symbiote has infected all running processes, it delivers the attacker rootkit function with the ability to harvest credentials and remote access capability.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Hard Reset

        The rise of the “boomer shooter” has been interesting to watch. Those sorts of games have always enjoyed some level of popularity, but seeing them become so succesful to the point of influencing other games outside of the genre is impressive in an age where video game molds seem very set. Hard Reset, though, is a game from before this renaissance; and so is uniquely interesting to me, someone not especially a fan of the genre.


        Gunplay is simplified, and probably my major critique. Instead of an arsenal of different guns, you essentially have two; a kinetic and an energy weapon, which you gradually unlock variation modes of. Each mode has multiple upgrades, and it doesn’t end up being boring gameplay wise, but I would’ve loved to see a bit more visual variety in the weaponry.

    • Censorship/Free Speech

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • Internet Freedom FoundationConsultation paper on Media Ownership: TRAI-ing to do too much

        The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (“TRAI”) released a consultation paper on “Issues relating to Media Ownership” on April 12, 2022. Highlighting that media pluralism is antithetical to the phenomenon of concentration of media ownership, the paper sought views on the need and method of regulation of cross-media ownership. We sent our comments on June 6, 2022, where we pointed out that regulation of cross media ownership will not necessarily lead to media pluralism, and that the former must not be done at the cost of freedom of speech and expression.

      • Equally Serving Gemini & The Web

        I’ll be writing a series of posts detailing issues I have while setting up my server and site to serve Gemini and HTTPS without sacrificing the quality of either one. It will be fairly technical, but I’ll try to make it somewhat understandable for nontechnical† people without boring hackers.

    • Monopolies

      • Public KnowledgeRegulating Digital Platforms: How the DPCA will Efficiently Address Platform Issues

        Over the last several years the European Union and the United Kingdom have debated proposals to regulate digital platforms to protect consumers and promote competition. These proposals recognize that while dominant platforms require changes in traditional antitrust law to constrain their market power, they also require changes in traditional consumer protection law and sector-specific experts to protect users from fraud, unfair conduct, algorithmic discrimination, and dangerously deceptive disinformation.

        Until now, Congress has sat out the regulatory conversation – leaving it to foreign governments to regulate American companies and without consideration of American consumers or American values. But now, Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Representative Peter Welch (D-VT) have introduced the first comprehensive consumer protection bills to fill this gap. The Digital Platform Commission Act would create a new federal agency designed to work in concert with existing antitrust agencies and build on the competition legislation currently pending in Congress. The new agency draws heavily on work by Public Knowledge Senior Vice President Harold Feld and Brookings Visiting Fellow Former FCC Chair Tom Wheeler.

Celebrating Eighteen

Posted in Site News at 1:34 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 739b9644d7ad6e6fd6bbc8e44b7f7918
Tux Machines Cake
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Eighteen years of Tux Machines (and soon 16 of Techrights) are a sign of stability and endurance; we hope to carry on for at least another decade

THE 19th year of Tux Machines has begun and Techrights will start its 17th later this year.

Here are some photos taken a few hours ago, with emphasis on the cake.

Tux Machines Eighteen

Tux Machines Eighteen

Tux Machines Eighteen

Tux Machines Eighteen

Tux Machines Eighteen

Tux Machines Eighteen

[Meme] Working for Monopolisers

Posted in Europe, Patents at 10:32 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Whose system is this…?

What's the point working for António Campinos When Campinos himself is just a tool of monopolies?
Who is being served?

Campinos and BusinessEurope
António Campinos and his handlers (lobbyists such as BusinessEurope)

Summary: As we’ve just noted, based on the latest puff piece from the EPO’s very own Web site, António Campinos and the EPO at large are in the pockets of lobbyists and special interests of the world’s largest corporations as opposed to scientists who compete based on merit and may need protection from the world’s largest corporations

Monopolies Are Neither Green Nor Sustainable

Posted in Europe, Patents at 10:08 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 7215f477f11c42a2c8bcabc10e987df7
IP5 Greenwash
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: António Campinos (Monopoly Tony) has no legitimate, factual, and authentic arguments to make; like politicians who start wars and lie to their people, Monopoly Tony is nowadays resorting to buzzwords and greenwashing; he and his friends in the “IP5″ cabal congratulate themselves as if they’re benevolent, moral actors while they basically change everything in favour of corporate lobbyists such as BusinessEurope and IPO

THE rather typical and oftentimes laughable posturing from the EPO has appeared (warning: epo.org link) in the official Web site, painting the Great Imposter, António Campinos, as some sort of patent expert. Like Benoît Battistelli, he hardly has any experience in the field; he’s there not for his qualifications and experience but for his loyalty to monopolies (Monopoly Tony is a true vassal to his True Masters, some of which/whom are named in the puff piece).

“80% of the EPO’s patent applications are from large corporations, not “innovators”. Those are business people!”The video above goes through the nonsense, which has become increasingly dull and repetitive. This one uses a sort of greenwash(ing) slant, e.g. “introduce sustainability in the IP5 agendas and enhance the patent system to better support innovators globally.”

We know what agenda and whose agenda that is. 80% of the EPO’s patent applications are from large corporations, not “innovators”. Those are business people! Think Edison verus Tesla as a classic analogy.

The puff piece mentions “emerging technologies and artificial intelligence” (typically a Trojan horse for European software patents) and resorts to greenwashing of monopolies, greenwashing of front groups of monopolies (not the same thing), and other sorts of fluff.

They do not help an environmental agenda and they’re far from sustainability-driven. They are the largest culprits in exhausting the planet’s resources. They are also habitually hijacking civil rights causes, such as feminism, to put new clothing on corporate domination and portray the sceptics as obstruction to social progress. Don’t fall for it. Those are well documented PR tactics and defence strategies (defending oneself from perfectly legitimate criticism).

Links 10/06/2022: Games and Fortran Newsletter

Posted in News Roundup at 5:54 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • HackadayThe Compu-tor Is A Raspberry Pi Laptop In A Mahogany Case

        The Compu-tor, designed by [Henry Edwards], is one of those things that doesn’t neatly fit into any categories. It is a clamshell-type portable computer, although unlike most laptops, it doesn’t come with a built-in battery. It has a sleek custom-designed case, but lacks the futuristic sci-fi looks typical of a cyberdeck. The keyboard can act as an input device, but can also turn into a musical instrument.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Programming/Development

      • Fortran LangFortran newsletter: June 2022

        Welcome to the June edition of the monthly Fortran newsletter. The newsletter comes out at the beginning of every month and details Fortran news from the previous month.

  • Leftovers

    • Counter PunchDear Times and Costly Cricket: Australia’s Sri Lankan Tour

      A good deal of this crisis was helped by the coming to power of former defence minister Gotabaya Rajapaksa who, in turn, named his older brother, Mahinda, also a former president, prime minister.  Their 2020 election victory was thumping, decisive, and corrupting.  Graft and nepotism set in.  Quixotic decisions to cut taxes eroded state revenue.  COVID-19 began its seemingly inexorable march of infection.

      Showing a developed streak of obliviousness to the developing storm around them, the Rajapaksas even went so far as to ban chemical fertilizers as part of a drive to make farmers embrace organic agriculture.  To do so during this crisis battered and bruised the country’s agrarian sector.

    • HackadaySee How To Effectively Use A Green Screen In A Limited Space

      Virtual green screens are pretty neat, but for results, nothing beats the real thing. But what if you have limited space? [Fred Emmott] had about 30 inches behind his desk to work with, and shares what it took to make a green screen work reliably in a limited space.

    • Science

    • Hardware

      • HackadayThe Case For Designer Landline Phones

        Long before the idea of hot dog-shaped iPhone cases, Otter Boxen, or even those swappable Nokia face plates, people were just as likely to express themselves with their landline phones. Growing up at my house in the 80s, the Slimline on the kitchen wall was hidden inside a magneto wall set from the early 1900s, the front of which swung out to reveal the modern equipment behind it. Back in my bedroom, I had the coolest phone ever, a see-through Unisonic with candy-colored guts. Down in the basement was my favorite extension, tactility-wise: a candy apple-red wall unit with dimly-lit circular push buttons that were springy and spongy and oh-so fun to dial.

      • HackadaySwapped ROM Revives Ailing HP-48S Calculator

        Buying broken gear for cheap is time honored hacker tradition, and while we might not always be successful in reviving it, rarely do we come away empty handed. There’s always parts to salvage, and you can’t put a price on the knowledge to be gained when poking around inside an interesting piece of hardware. So we’re not surprised at all to hear that [Tomas Pavlovic] jumped at the chance to grab this faulty HP-48S calculator for a couple bucks.

      • HackadayMouse Charging Mod Shows Even Simple Hacks Can End Up Complex

        Hardware hacks have something in common with renovations that involve taking down a wall: until one actually gets started and opens things up, there’s no telling what kind of complications might be lurking. [voussoir] has a project that demonstrates this nicely: modifying a rechargeable mouse to use USB-C instead of micro-B turned out to have quite a few little glitches in the process. In fact, changing the actual receptacle was the simplest part!

      • HackadayThrow Out That Box? No, Build A Shelving Unit

        Are you one of those people who hoards cardboard for someday, and then periodically breaks it all down and puts it out for recycling because you haven’t done anything with it yet? Well, load up a new blade in the utility knife and fire up that hot glue gun, because the [Cardboard Ninja]’s gonna show you how to make a shelving unit from the biggest box in your collection.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

    • Security

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Counter PunchThe Arsenal, but Not of Democracy

        SIPRI’s latest report shows that the US remains the world’s leading arsenal. President Biden, speaking at a Lockheed plant in Alabama where the Javelin antitank missile is made for export to Ukraine, proclaimed that such weapons make us “the arsenal of democracy.” I’ll come back to that shortly. But first, here are some findings on the global arms situation along with my assessment of its larger implications.

      • ScheerpostFaced With Donbass Defeat, US & UK Up the Ante in Ukraine

        As Russia presses victory in the Donbass, U.S. and U.K. missiles threaten a new stage in the conflict, writes Christopher Nineham.

      • Counter PunchRejecting War Is Not Enough: Racism Curdles Peace

        Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is abhorrent and deeply concerning. It is an unprovoked, unjustifiable outrage and a heinous violation of international law that will have long-lasting and tragic consequences. The Russian aggression, military bombardment, and deployment of troops to Ukraine should end immediately.

        No good can ever come from war and military escalation. As Globetrotterjournalist Vijay Prashad said at the People’s Forum in February, “War is never good for the poor. War is never good for workers. War itself is a crime.” The international community needs to redouble its efforts to find a diplomatic solution that ensures peace and protects the lives of people in Ukraine and in other countries afflicted by war.

      • Counter PunchThe F-Word (The Other One): Repurposed and Misapplied

        I just wish Professor Snyder would stick to history.

        According to an old chestnut, the past is a foreign country.  Even so, similarities between then and now frequently interest historians more than differences.  Few, it seems, can resist the temptation to press their particular piece of the past into service as a vehicle for interpreting the here-and-now, even when doing so means oversimplifying and distorting the present.  Historians of twentieth-century Europe, Snyder among them, seem particularly susceptible to this temptation.  Synder’s mid-May op-ed in the New York Times offers a case in point.  “We Should Say It,” the title advises. “Russia Is Fascist.”

      • Counter PunchU.S. Military Spending Is Undebatable Because Indefensible

        Weapons companies don’t mind. Their stocks are soaring. U.S. weapons exports exceed those of the next five leading weapons-dealing countries. The top seven countries account for 84% of weapons exports. Second place in international weapons dealing, held by Russia for the previous seven years, was taken over in 2021 by France. The only overlap between significant weapons dealing and where wars are present is in Ukraine and Russia — two countries impacted by a war widely recognized as outside the norm and meriting serious media coverage of the victims. In most years no nations with wars present are weapons dealers. Some nations get wars, others profit from wars.

        In many cases, when nations increase their military spending, it’s understood as fulfilling a commitment to the U.S. government. The Prime Minister of Japan, for example, has promised Joe Biden that Japan will spend a lot more. Other times, its a commitment to NATO that’s discussed by weapons-buying governments. In U.S. minds, President Trump was anti-NATO and President Biden pro-NATO. But both advanced the identical demand of NATO members: buy more weapons. And both had success, although neither has come anywhere close to boosting NATO in the way that Russia has.

      • FAIRInvasion News Fits on Front Page More When an Enemy Does the Invading

        The New York Times’ slogan “All the News That’s Fit to Print” has appeared on the paper’s front page since 1897. But a comparison of Times coverage of the 2022 Ukraine War and the 2003 invasion of Iraq shows that the same kinds of news don’t always fit on the front page.

      • Counter PunchMapping U.S. imperialism

        This article deals with US imperialism since World War 2. It is critical to acknowledge that US imperialism emanates both ideologically and materially from the crime of colonialism on this continent which has killed over 100 million indigenous people and approximately 150 million African people over the past 500 years

        The exact death toll of US imperialism is both staggering and impossible to know. What we do know is that since World War 2, US imperialism has killed at least 36 million people globally in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, the Congo, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Chad, Libya, East Timor, Grenada, Honduras, Iran, Pakistan, Panama, the Philippines, Sudan, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Somalia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Palestine (see Appendix).

      • ScheerpostMother of Buffalo Shooting Victim Says “This Is Exactly Who We Are”

        Zeneta Everhart, whose 21-year-old son, Zaire Goodman, survived the May 14 Buffalo shooting by a white supremacist that left 10 Black people dead, testified before the House Oversight Committee Wednesday.

      • ScheerpostCraig Murray: US Prolongs Ukraine War

        NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, back to camera, meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on June 1. (NATO) By Craig Murray / CraigMurray.org.uk I was in Turkey to try to fu…

      • MeduzaThe Viceroy How Sergey Kiriyenko became Putin’s point man in the Donbas and plans to shape Russia’s ‘post-war image’

        A lot has changed for Sergey Kiriyenko since Russia began its all-out war against Ukraine. Already the Kremlin’s domestic policy czar, Kiriyenko has now managed to get closer to President Vladimir Putin and expand the scope of his powers. In addition to acting as the Kremlin’s point man in the Donbas and other Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine, sources tell Meduza that Kiriyenko’s subordinates have also been tasked with developing a “post-war image” for Russia. One idea in the mix is to present Russia as a “continent of freedom” for right-wing conservatives — one that preserves the spirit of “old Europe.” As it happens, Kiriyenko wouldn’t be averse to leading this “continent” himself.

      • Meduza‘The tasks in the Donbas are not trivial’: Meduza’s sources say the Kremlin plans to annex occupied Ukrainian territories and merge them into a new federal district in Russia

        The Kremlin is planning to annex the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions of Ukraine and combine them into a single federal district within Russia, three sources close to the Putin administration told Meduza. 

      • TruthOut“This Is About Blood Money”: AOC Slams GOP for Compliance With Gun Lobby
      • Democracy NowJan. 6 Hearings to Open as Proud Boys Members Are Indicted for Seditious Conspiracy

        The House committee investigating Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election and the deadly January 6 insurrection at the Capitol holds its first public hearing Thursday night in primetime, as five members of the far-right Proud Boys are indicted for seditious conspiracy. These hearings will provide voters with a choice between those who will want to continue to defend free and fair elections and those who want to take away the will of the people,” says Kristen Doerer, managing editor of Right Wing Watch, who previews what to expect.

      • Common DreamsWATCH: Jan. 6 Hearing to Detail ‘Flagrant Assault on American Democracy’

        The U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol plans to hold its first of six public hearings at 8:00 pm ET on Thursday—a event that will be livestreamed on the panel’s YouTube channel and aired by most major television networks.

        “The committee will present previously unseen material documenting January 6th, receive witness testimony, and provide the American people an initial summary of its findings about the coordinated, multi-step effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and prevent the transfer of power,” the panel said. “The committee will also preview additional hearings.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Lack of Debate Most Worrying Aspect of Congressional Approval of Ukraine Arms Package

        The Massachusetts congressional delegation—currently nine representatives and two senators—is fairly unusual in the American political landscape of 2022 in being composed of members of a single party, the Democrats. Only five other states can make that claim (Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island), while nine states have all-Republican delegations (Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming), according to Smart Politics.

      • Counter PunchSolidarity with the Ukrainian Resistance!

        Humiliated, Russia has retreated from Kyiv as well as the country’s second largest city, Kharkiv, and adopted a new goal—the seizure of Donbas in Ukraine’s east to form a land bridge to Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014, followed by a planned partition of the country. The U.S. and NATO, which like Moscow expected the Russian invasion to quickly win, have increased shipments of heavy weapons for the new phase of the war.

        Sections of the Left have seized on this aid and declare that the war was always or has become an inter-imperialist one. As a result, they often find themselves supporting the establishment’s calls for the US to broker a ceasefire and negotiate a settlement. They are mistaken about the nature of the war, misunderstand the current phase of it, and in the process betray Ukraine’s struggle for national liberation from Russian imperialism.

      • Counter PunchRussia vs NATO: How Mali Became Another Front for the Ukraine War

        The Malian government is now accusing French troops of perpetuating a massacre in the West African country. Consequently, on April 23, the Russian Foreign Ministry declared its support for Malian efforts, pushing for an international investigation into French abuses and massacres in Mali. “We hope that those responsible will be identified and justly punished,” the Ministry said.

        In its coverage, Western media largely omitted the Malian and Russian claims of French massacres; instead, they gave credence to French accusations that the Malian forces, possibly with the help of ‘Russian mercenaries’ have carried out massacres and buried the dead in mass graves near the recently evacuated French army Gossi base, in order to blame France.

      • TruthOutNew Audio Shows McCarthy Called for Jan. 6 Investigation Before Opposing It
      • TruthOutTrump, Ivanka and Don Jr. Agree to Testify in New York AG’s Investigation
      • Common DreamsBiden Urged to Secure Public Guarantees on Human Rights Before Meeting Saudi Prince

        U.S. President Joe Biden was urged Thursday not to meet with Saudi Crown Prince and de facto ruler Mohammed bin Salman without securing “tangible progress to alleviate some of the most egregious rights violations” committed by the kingdom.

        Failure to do so, 13 human rights organizations wrote in a joint letter to the U.S. president, could “embolden the crown prince to commit further violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.”

      • TechdirtTwitter Fights Back Against January 6th Committee’s Dangerously Intrusive Subpoena Demands

        With the whole Congressional January 6th Committee effort moving into prime time this week, this is probably pretty far down on the list of issues around it, but apparently Twitter is quietly fighting demands from the Committee to reveal internal communications.

      • Democracy Now“Act Now”: House Hears from Uvalde & Buffalo Gun Violence Victims, Passes Reforms Doomed in Senate

        The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved new gun control measures, including raising the minimum age for the purchase of most semiautomatic rifles to 21 and banning high-capacity magazines. The new rules passed the House in a 223-204 vote, but are doomed in the Senate, where a bipartisan group is working on passing a much more limited set of reforms. The vote took place after a House committee heard harrowing testimony from people affected by recent gun violence, including an 11-year-old survivor of the Uvalde school massacre who watched her classmates get killed. “I grabbed a little blood, and I put it all over me’,” Miah Cerrillo told lawmakers in her testimony. “And then I grabbed my teacher’s phone and called 911.” We feature excerpts of Cerrillo’s testimony, along with the parents of 10-year-old victim Lexi Rubio and Dr. Roy Guerrero, Uvalde’s only pediatrician.

      • The NationWhat We Won’t Forget From the Hearings on the Uvalde and Buffalo Massacres

        Last week I took a break from watching the devastating coverage of the Uvalde, Tex., school massacre. I have family there and I watched as long as I could. But a day came when it started to feel morbid and even voyeuristic, not like bearing witness. So I stopped. I bought some Kate O’Brien novels I’d been longing to read. And I reread my Kindle version of The Body Keeps The Score.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | The Uvalde Police Sent an Important Message to the Nation

        Our hearts have been pierced over and over by the horrific events that occurred at the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Especially heart wrenching were the phone call cries, “send the police,” from that 10-year-old girl trapped in the room with the murderer and surrounded by the dead and dying bodies of her classmates. She made three 911 calls. See Breaking Points at about 7:30 mins. Apparently, she or another student, was told on a call to yell out, “We need help” perhaps with the idea that some of the nineteen heavily armed police just outside the door might hear and come to the rescue. Too bad for her, the only one who came to her was the shooter who promptly killed her. 

      • Common DreamsOpinion | The Collateral Damage Comes Home

        “They were at places that seemed safe—but few spaces in America are guaranteed safe anymore.”

      • TruthOutSexual Violence by Russian Troops in Ukraine “Chronically Underreported”
      • Democracy NowSexual Violence by Russian Troops in Ukraine “Chronically Underreported,” U.N. & Amnesty Int’l Find

        The United Nations is demanding an independent investigation into charges of rape and sexual assault committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine since the start of the invasion. We speak with Pramila Patten, the U.N.’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, who is just back from Ukraine and told the Security Council Monday about multiple shocking reports of rape and assault — all of which Russia has since denied. “We are dealing with a crime which is chronically underreported,” says Patten, who emphasized the need to establish safe spaces for victims to come forward and ensure no perpetrators be granted amnesty through a potential ceasefire or peace agreement. We also speak with Oksana Pokalchuk, executive director of Amnesty International Ukraine, whose organization is investigating the alleged war crimes.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Media and Congress Enable Biden’s Silence on Increasing Risk of Nuclear War

        I’ve just finished going through the more than 60 presidential statements, documents and communiques about the war in Ukraine that the White House has released and posted on its website since Joe Biden’s State of the Union address in early March. They all share with that speech one stunning characteristic—the complete absence of any mention of nuclear weapons or nuclear war dangers. Yet we’re now living in a time when those dangers are the worst they’ve been since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

      • Common DreamsGolden, Schrader Only Two House Dems to Vote No With GOP Against ‘Commonsense’ Gun Bill

        Congressmen Jared Golden of Maine and Kurt Schrader of Oregon were the only two House Democrats on Wednesday to vote against a package of gun control measures framed by party leadership as “commonsense measures that will make an enormous difference to save lives.”

        “Who wouldn’t vote to raise the age to take weapons of war out of the hands of teenagers?”

    • Environment

      • Common Dreams‘Deny, Deceive, Delay’: How ‘Evolving’ Disinformation Tactics Stymie Climate Action

        Leading up to the next global climate summit in November, a report released Thursday uses climate mis- and disinformation related to last year’s conference to spotlight emerging strategies that impede action and to offer Big Tech and government clear solutions.

        “Far from helping to mitigate this issue, tech platform systems appear to be amplifying or exacerbating the spread of such content.”

      • Common DreamsThis Will Get Worse ‘Until We End Fossil Fuels,’ Climate Expert Says Amid Southwest Heatwave

        As residents of the Southwestern United States prepare for dangerously high and potentially deadly temperatures in the coming days, a leading climate scientist is warning that there can be no reprieve from extreme heat until society ends its reliance on planet-scorching fossil fuels.

        The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued excessive heat warnings and advisories for more than 30 million people in Arizona, Nevada, and California through the weekend.

      • Common DreamsPetition Demands Biden DOJ ‘End Opposition to Youth Climate Justice’

        In a clear show of support for the youth who have been fighting for a landmark U.S. constitutional climate case since 2015, the People vs. Fossil Fuels coalition this week launched a petition urging the Biden administration to “end its opposition to Juliana v. United States proceeding to trial.”

        “We need to advocate powerfully for the rights of our living, breathing children to be recognized in our courts.”

      • DeSmogBig Tech Must Do More to Combat Climate Disinformation ‘Super-spreaders’, Report Says

        Big Tech platforms are spreading climate disinformation “with impunity” but have the tools to solve this crisis, a new report has said today.

        “Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting and Responding to Climate Disinformation at COP26” was launched on Thursday at the Bonn Climate Change Conference.

      • The NationThe Green Transition Must Be Union-Powered

        As the hope for timely legislative action to address climate change has dwindled over the past year, high-profile union victories in coffee shops, warehouses, and outdoor recreation stores have catalyzed a renewed sense of worker power. Instead of seeing the climate fight as siloed from the labor movement, Matthew Huber, a geography professor at Syracuse University, argues that working-class struggle has ecological stakes and that union power can be harnessed to disrupt the production of fossil fuels.

      • Energy

        • DeSmogAs U.S. LNG Expands in Europe, a Hidden Threat Grows

          In March, President Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced a joint task force with the goal of getting Europe off Russian gas and onto more of America’s fracked gas. Most Russian gas reaches Europe via pipeline, so getting U.S. gas to Europe will involve liquifying it and then shipping it across the Atlantic. And as shipments of liquified natural gas (LNG) from the United States increase, so too do the threats from an unwelcome intruder inherently part of America’s natural gas mix — radioactivity. 

          That’s because government figures indicate that much of the gas that will be shipped to Europe may come from the Marcellus and Utica, black shale formations in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. About 40 percent of natural gas produced in the United States comes from these formations, and, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, they have particularly high radioactivity levels.

        • Common DreamsLNG Boom Could Add Over 90 Million Tons of Annual Emissions

          A boom in U.S. liquefied natural gas exports driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could add a staggering 90 million tons or more of planet-heating greenhouse gases annually, a report published Thursday revealed.

          “A dramatic increase in global dependence on LNG could be risky, from a climate perspective.”

        • Common Dreams‘This Is Terrifying’: Explosion at Texas Gas Plant Spotlights Threat of LNG Industry

          An explosion at a major liquefied natural gas plant in Texas on Wednesday heightened fears of pollution and other impacts in nearby communities—and served as the latest example of the threat the booming LNG industry poses to the climate.

          “Freeport LNG really doesn’t care about us. This is not the first fire.”

        • TruthOutTexas Explosion Shows Danger of Liquefied Natural Gas Industry, Activists Say
      • Wildlife/Nature

        • Counter PunchFor Happy the Elephant, Personhood Is Yet Another Cage

          Which is kind of an odd thing to say about a legal action to truck an elephant from one human keeper to another.

          The Nonhuman Rights Project says the zoo’s pen is too small. I’m not brushing off the concern. A sanctuary is (or should be) better than a zoo. But if that’s the point, we’re talking about animal husbandry standards. Is that nonhuman personhood, or just a case of meet-the-new-boss? Focusing on a being in permanent captivity cannot help but make a problematic case for personhood.

    • Finance

      • Counter PunchThere Are Better Ways for Societies to Address Inflation Than by Hiking Interest Rates

        As usual, the profit-driven concerns of big business and their result—a remarkably selective historical amnesia—fuel the silence about alternative anti-inflation policies. So too do the right-wing ideological blinders that now constrict U.S. politics. Yet, policy alternatives always exist, no matter how desperately partisans promoting one policy seek to obliterate debate and discussion of others. The narrow dogmatism of U.S. politics these days is on full display around the issue of an anti-inflation policy focused on raising interest rates.

        I will present three other anti-inflation policies that do not entail interest rate increases—there are many more—that could and should be part of today’s policy discussions. All have precedents in U.S. history. For the first, we return briefly to World War II. U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration grasped the risk of inflation during this period as the supply of many consumer goods shrank relative to the demand for them. The war effort was diverting many productive resources away from consumer goods and toward munitions and other defense products. Had the government allowed the market to handle the prospective shortage of consumer goods, an inflation of their prices would have resulted. Rich Americans would have bid up the prices of scarce consumer goods, rendering them unaffordable for middle- and lower-income people. That is how markets work. They favor the rich (who return the favor by funding economists and others to promote markets as marvels of “efficiency”).

      • Counter PunchDo We Have to Give the Rich All of Our Money? Enforcing the Estate Tax

        Unfortunately, our politics is such that it is now a partisan matter as to whether rich people should have to pay the taxes they owe. This comes up in many contexts, but perhaps most strikingly with the estate tax.

        Just to be clear, the only people who owe any money at all under the estate tax are very rich. The current tax has a $12.06 million dollar exemption, per person. That means a couple can pass along $24.12 million to their kids without paying a dime in estate tax.

      • Counter PunchCorruption and Regulatory Capture

        Another day, our attention focuses on the problem arising due to the lack of infant formula and the trouble it poses for new new-born infants, including deaths.  And we ask, how do “they” get away with it?

        These are but two examples of the social crises that seem to arise every day and appear to come out of nowhere. And, after a day or so of media attention, it seems to disappear, superseded by yet another headline grabbing crisis.  Other crises have come and gone, like pharmaceutical industry’s role in widespread opioid addiction or airline crashes.

      • Pro PublicaChicago Promised This Land for Housing. It’s Going to Be a Chicago Fire Practice Facility Instead.

        When thousands of families were forced to move out of the ABLA Homes public housing complex two decades ago, Chicago and federal leaders promised they would be able to come back to new housing and a revitalized community on the city’s Near West Side.

        Most of the residential buildings at ABLA would be demolished. But, officials said, thousands of new homes for both poor and more affluent families would be built to replace them. The pledge was part of a 10-year plan to “transform” public housing citywide and offer a model to other cities.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • The NationThoughts, Prayers

        June 11 March for Our Lives. 

      • The NationThe Gods of Galas Porras-Kim

        Chaac is frail. Centuries without proper oblation have drained the Mayan rain god of his power. Across the Yucatán, the sacred cenotes, or sinkholes, where his worshippers once presented offerings of gold and jade and human remains are now swimming with tourists. Most of his relics were dredged from the water decades ago and taken to the metropoles, where they’re exhibited as artifacts to apostates—if not hidden away entirely in secure, climate-controlled facilities. The deity who oversaw the natural cycles of life is now curtailed and well-contained.

      • TruthOutHouse GOP Unites Against Condemning White Supremacy Behind Buffalo Shooting
      • TruthOutMichigan GOP Candidate for Governor Arrested for Involvement in Jan. 6 Attack
      • The NationCan a United Left Win in Macron’s France?

        Paris—Rachel Keke knows her way around a picket line. On a recent Saturday morning, at a branch of the supermarket chain Monoprix in a well-to-do Paris neighborhood, the 48-year-old housekeeper traded hugs with workers and supporters gathered outside. Nearly everyone wearing the red union vests of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) seemed to recognize her—and when Keke took the mic, she spoke with the confidence and convictions of someone who has herself been through a grueling battle with the boss.

      • The NationWhy California Voters Recalled Chesa Boudin

        In the end, it wasn’t close. Chesa Boudin, poster child for the progressive prosecutors’ movement around the United States, was voted out as San Francisco district attorney in a recall election that will have huge ramifications for national politics over the coming months and years.

      • Counter PunchHow They Made Chesa Boudin the Fall Guy

        60,000 voters had cast ballots demanding that the controversial DA leave office. 40,000 wanted him to keep his job and continue to do what he started, which was to reform a criminal injustice system that favored the wealthy and punished the impoverished. San Franciscans were proud that their local story made the national news, though they seemed to be more focused on the Warriors than the recall.

        On the afternoon of Election Day I worked the phones at Boudin’s headquarters on Noe Street off Market. I wanted to contribute to the cause and I saw myself as a participant journalist operating on the inside, not the outside. A couple of photographers took pictures, but there were no journalists around to observe and ask questions. Cellphones and laptops dotted tables. Flyers filled brown paper bags. The floors needed to be swept and mopped, though no one besides me seemed to notice. And no one besides me observed that Boudin’s headquarters was reminiscent of the SDS national headquarters in Chicago where I spent part of a summer writing New Left propaganda about George Jackson and Huey Newton, whom Eldridge Cleaver described as “the baddest motherfucker ever to step inside history.”

      • The NationSouth Dakota Voters Just Crushed the GOP’s Antidemocratic Scheme

        South Dakota is a Republican, red state, where conservatives have for decades controlled the governorship and the legislature. But the voters have regularly used citizen-initiated referendums and constitutional amendments to advance progressive proposals: increasing the minimum wage, legalizing marijuana, defending abortion rights, and cracking down on corporate influence.

      • Common DreamsBiden’s Proposed Pan-American Partnership Must Not Repeat Past ‘Free Trade’ Failures: Critics

        In the wake of U.S. President Joe Biden’s proposal Wednesday to establish a new policy framework aimed at propelling the Western Hemisphere’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis and countering China’s growing influence in the region, economic justice advocates are emphasizing that any fresh pact must not repeat the failures of existing “free trade” agreements.

        “The corporate-centered free trade agreements currently in place throughout the region have been a disaster for working families both at home and abroad.”

      • Telex (Hungary)The big question is whether Navracsics will bring in the EU money or take the blame

        Did Viktor Orbán simply appoint a shadow cabinet member to get EU funds, or does he really intend to completely restructure the supervision of the domestic spending of funds expected from the European Union, which the EU is still withholding? What will be the role of Tibor Navracsics now that he’s returned to the government and what will be the role of the equally experienced returnee, János Lázár in ensuring that Hungary gets access to funds that have mainly not been brought home so far due to corruption concerns? We have looked at how the new government structure might shape relations with the EU and most importantly, the reduction of concerns about the rule of law.

      • Telex (Hungary)It’s not easy getting a medical report confirming the day-to-day oppression

        Why is the system unable to protect those whose partners are making their lives a living hell? Today, more than 200,000 women in Hungary are in a relationship in which they are victims of physical and/or sexual violence. Almost half of all Hungarian women suffer some form of physical and/or sexual abuse in their lifetime, and on average one woman loses her life every week as a result of domestic violence. Violence against women may be the most common human rights violation worldwide, and domestic violence is the most common yet least reported crime. What does it mean to say that abuse is systemic? What makes it difficult to leave an oppressive relationship? Why is the system unable to protect those in need? This article – part one of a five-part Telex series – explores these questions.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | We Are Failing Domestic Violence Survivors

        Now that the verdict in the Depp-Heard trial is in, the media spectacle of the case may finally begin to die down.

      • Telex (Hungary)Urban wild boars – a problem some Hungarian towns are trying to solve

        They tend to cause accidents, their regulation is in a gray zone and is completely useless. Making it effective would require a lot of work, effort or time or a combination of these – there is no easy solution for anyone looking for a reassuring and effective solution to urban wild boars. In Balatonfűzfő the situation has reached a breaking point.

      • Common DreamsMake Manchin-Sinema Obstruction Central Target in Midterms, Sanders Tells Democrats

        As Democrats scramble to craft their midterm strategy amid rising fears of a GOP takeover, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday implored the party’s leadership to offer voters an honest assessment of the role Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema played in tanking the popular Build Back Better agenda—and make clear that a larger Democratic majority is necessary to push it over the finish line.

        “You really can’t win an election with a bumper sticker that says: ‘Well, we can’t do much, but the other side is worse.’”

      • TruthOutDems Face Midterm Defeats If Sinema and Manchin Keep Obstructing, Sanders Says
    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • The NationBIPOC? ¡Basta!

        It’s everywhere! “BIPOC.” You cannot seem to get away from it. We both remember when the preferred reference to those on the receiving end of racist and national oppression was “people of color.” Then suddenly we became BIPOC—a change urged by many as a specific form of enlightenment.

      • TruthOutTrump ICE Officials Thought Immigrant Kids Were Reunited With Parents Too Soon
      • Counter PunchThe NYT Acknowledges the CIA’s Big Lie for Gina Haspel

        As a result of CIA’s censorship, I joined a lawsuit with four former federal employees to end the government’s suppression of our writings on national security issues.  Last month, the Supreme Court allowed to stand a court ruling that denied our case, which had been presented by lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union.  The government has a legitimate interest in protecting bona fide secrets, but the CIA’s review system is opaque, exceeding legitimate security boundaries, and compromising free speech.  The Haspel case exposes the dangers of government censorship; the failures of the Senate’s confirmation process; and the CIA’s ability to avoid accountability for its transgressions.

        At the closing of Haspel’s hearing, the chairman of the intelligence committee, Richard Burr (R/NC), told her that “you have acted morally, ethically and legally over a distinguished 30-year career.”  Surely the members of the committee knew of Haspel’s role in torture and abuse.  This would be particularly true for the senior Democrat on the committee, Diane Feinstein, who led the committee’s investigation of the CIA program.

      • Telex (Hungary)Hungarian state loses another court case at European Court of Human Rights
      • Insight HungaryECHR: Hungary’s treatment of asylum seeker was ‘inhuman’

        The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that Hungarian authorities’ use of a handcuff and a leash on an Iraqi asylum seeker was ‘inhuman and degrading’. The Iraqi man arrived at the transit zone at the Serbian Border in 2017 with his children and his pregnant wife, who was dealing with a ‘high risk’ pregnancy. The woman was taken to different hospitals on numerous occasions. “Ten days after they arrived in the transit zone, her husband went with her and was handcuffed and attached to a leash in full view of their children,” the European court paper reads. “He was made to remain in handcuffs throughout the hospital visit while acting as interpreter for his wife.” For the first three months of the asylum proceeding, there was reportedly no progress in their case, which resulted in a hunger strike by the pregnant woman.

        According to court documents, the Iraqi family was allegedly forced to leave Iraq after the national security services tortured the father. 

      • TechdirtCourt Reminds DOJ It Can’t Dismiss A No-Fly List Lawsuit Just Because It Removed The Plaintiff From The List

        The federal government has unlimited money to burn. That’s how we end up here with the federal government being told for a second time that it can’t walk away from a civil lawsuit just because it unilaterally decided to stop violating the plaintiff’s rights.

      • Common Dreams‘Endangers Us All’: Supreme Court Ruling Shields Border Agent From Excessive Force Lawsuit

        A ruling by the right-wing majority on the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday “will have far-reaching consequences” for people who accuse federal agents of violating their constitutional rights, the ACLU warned after the court ruled against a man who wanted to sue a U.S. Border Patrol agent who entered his property without a warrant and used excessive force.

        “This ruling leaves victims of police violence by CBP agents without an effective remedy for justice and puts everyone’s liberty at risk.”

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • TechdirtRight On Cue, U.S. Wireless Prices Creep Skyward After Mergers

        Antitrust and telecom experts warned anybody who’d listen that the Sprint and T-Mobile merger (which reduced the number of major U.S. wireless players from four to three) would eventually result in layoffs and higher prices for everybody. The layoffs were quick to arrive (T-Mobile laid off more than 5,000 employees before the ink was dry), though the price hikes were slower to materialize. At first.

    • Monopolies

      • The NationIf Men Could Breastfeed

        Here’s my solution to the formula shortage: Men should breastfeed. Sure, it will take dedication and hard work, also industrial-strength estrogen and other meds, a doctor, a lactation consultant, and I don’t know what else; but if a handful of trans women can do it, I’m sure regular old cis men can figure it out. Headline: “Breast Hero Dad: ‘I Begged Her Not to Use Formula, but She Wouldn’t Listen!’”

      • Patents

        • Common Dreams30,000 People Have Died Each Day WTO Dragged Its Feet on Vaccine Patents: Oxfam

          As public health advocates prepared a global day of action to demand an end to Covid-19 vaccine inequity, international campaigners reported that the inaction by the World Trade Organization and several wealthy countries has led to the deaths of nearly 30,000 people per day since talks about widely distributing vaccines began 20 months ago.

          “It is incomprehensible that we are still debating whether or not it’s a good idea for poorer countries to be able to produce their own vaccines, tests, and treatments for this and any future pandemics.”

      • Trademarks

        • TechdirtCalifornia Bakery Bullying/Suing Others Over Descriptive ‘Mochi Muffin’ Trademark It Somehow Got

          While trademark disputes regularly annoy me for a variety of reasons which I cover on this site, the most annoying ones of all are usually over trademarks that the USPTO never should have granted in the first place. Remember the Square Donuts thing? That mark was descriptive. ESPN’s “Saturday Night Football” mark? Also descriptive. Or the time a company managed to trademark the term “Legal Hackers” as it was the company’s name? Yeah, you guessed it: descriptive.

      • Copyrights

        • TechdirtI Feel The Need… The Need To File Frivolous Copyright Lawsuits To Cash In On Top Gun

          Could Paramount Pictures have actually lost the copyright to Top Gun, even as it was releasing a new Top Gun movie? That’s the claim in a new lawsuit that goes pretty deep into the copyright weeds, touching on two ridiculous topics that we like to write about on Techdirt: termination rights and movie rights.

        • TechdirtUS Copyright Small Claims Court Opens Its Doors Next Week. Two Questions Remain: Will Anyone Use It… And Is It Constitutional?

          We’ve been talking about the problems of the US government setting up a copyright trolling small claims court for over a decade now. But, Congress finally passed a law to create one (with no debate and no hearings) by sneaking it into a “must-pass” funding bill at the end of the year in 2020. It’s taken a year and a half but the Copyright Office is finally set to launch it sometime next week.

        • Torrent FreakPirate Streaming Lawsuit Plaintiffs Want Cloudflare Held in Contempt of Court

          Successful lawsuits filed by several Israel-based media companies against three pirate streaming sites are proving tricky to wrap up. A US court previously issued orders for all ISPs to block the sites and instructed third-party service providers to cease doing business with them. The plaintiffs say that since Cloudflare is refusing to comply, the company should be held in contempt of court.

        • Torrent FreakEU Piracy Rates are the Highest Among Well Educated Youth

          New research published by the EU Intellectual Property Office shows that piracy remains prevalent among EU youth. The lack of affordable content is most often cited as motivation. Interestingly, piracy rates among university-educated respondents are almost double that of those who enjoyed little to no schooling.

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