Links 15/11/2022: BackBox Linux 8 and EuroLinux 8.7 Released

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  • GNU/Linux

    • 9to5LinuxYou Can Now Buy the StarFighter 4K Linux Laptop from Star Labs

      Star Labs is teasing us with a 4K Linux laptop for a few months now, but, after some trial and error, the company finally decided to allow customers to choose between two display options. As such, you can now buy the StarFighter laptop with either a 4K display or a QHD one.

      But there’s a catch as the 4K (3840×2400) display is the default option in the standard offer, but has a 60Hz refresh rate with an 8W power consumption, while the QHD (2560×1600) option features a 165Hz refresh rate and costs more than the 4K model, yet it has a 3.2W power consumption. The good news is that both of them are true matte displays with a highly requested 16:10 aspect ratio.

    • Server

      • Istio / Announcing Istio 1.15.1

        This release contains bug fixes to improve robustness.

        This release note describes what is different between Istio 1.15.0 and Istio 1.15.1.

      • Istio / Announcing Istio 1.16

        We are pleased to announce the release of Istio 1.16!

        This is the fourth Istio release of 2022. We would like to thank the entire Istio community for helping to get Istio 1.16.0 published. Special thanks are due to the release managers Daniel Hawton from Solo.io, Ziyang Xiao from Intel, and Tong Li from IBM. As always, our gratitude goes to Test & Release WG lead Eric Van Norman (IBM) for his help and guidance.

      • Istio / Istio 1.16.0 Change Notes

        These notices describe functionality that will be removed in a future release according to Istio’s deprecation policy. Please consider upgrading your environment to remove the deprecated functionality.

      • Istio / Istio 1.16 Upgrade Notes

        When you upgrade from Istio 1.15.x to Istio 1.16.0, you need to consider the changes on this page. These notes detail the changes which purposefully break backwards compatibility with Istio 1.15.0. The notes also mention changes which preserve backwards compatibility while introducing new behavior. Changes are only included if the new behavior would be unexpected to a user of Istio 1.15.x. Users upgrading from 1.14.x to Istio 1.16.0 should also reference the 1.15 change logs.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How To Install And Use PhpMyAdmin On Rocky Linux | LinuxTeck

        This article will explain how to install and use PhpMyAdmin on Rocky Linux. PhpMyAdmin is the best tool for handling databases like MySQL and MariaDB over the web rather than using them on the command line. Multi-database management can be accomplished with a single software package. With a few clicks, you can create, delete, export, and import databases using a GUI environment. It is a free and open-source application written in PHP that communicates with a remote MySQL server. This tool is commonly used by developers and system administrators to manage databases in both development and production environments, especially among web hosting companies.

      • Make Tech EasierWrike Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet – Make Tech Easier

        Wrike is a popular and beneficial project management program. It helps teams share files, collaborate, manage tasks, and more. If you’re using it regularly, you can increase productivity by learning a few Wrike keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation.

      • Linux Host Support10 Useful cron Commands in Linux With Examples | LinuxHostSupport

        In this tutorial, we will explain ten useful cron commands in Linux with examples.

        The cron command is used for scheduling tasks to be executed in a specific period, like a month, day, hour, minute, or even seconds. The cron uses a table of tabs called crontabs which have a list of commands that need to be executed with their times respectively. These cron commands are used by system administrators mostly, to make their work easier and be sure not to forget to execute something during a specific period of their work.

        In this tutorial, we are going to use Ubuntu 20.04, but you can choose any Linux distro you want. Let’s get started!

      • nixCraftFind APT packages occupy the most space on Debian/Ubuntu

        Are you running out of disk space on your Debian or Ubuntu Linux? Do you want to know which installed Debian or Ubuntu packages occupy the most disk space? There are many ways to find out this info. In this quick tip, you will learn about listing apt or apt-get installed packages that occupy the most space using the command-line options.

        To find APT packages that occupy the most disk space on Debian/Ubuntu Linux, sort the installed packages by size, and output the largest ones, use the dpigs command.

      • HowTo ForgeHow to Install Drupal CMS with Nginx on Rocky Linux 8

        Drupal is a free and open-source web content management system written in PHP and distributed under GNU General Public License.

      • HowTo ForgeHow to Install Akaunting with Apache and Let’s Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 22.04

        Akaunting is an open-source and self-hosted accounting software application for small businesses and freelancers.

      • VituxHow to Install AnyDesk on Rocky Linux – VITUX

        AnyDesk is a remote desktop application software that is available for all Linux users.

      • Linux Cloud VPS5 Most Used alias Commands in Linux With Examples | LinuxCloudVPS Blog

        This tutorial will show you the five most used alias commands in Linux with examples.

        Sometimes we need to reference some command using it with a shortcut. These commands with shortcuts defined in Linux are called aliases. Aliases are used to replace long commands in order for the user to avoid spelling errors. Some administrators or regular users are using aliases because they are used to executing some commands with their own Linux language words that have been used over the years.

        In this tutorial, we are going to use the latest Ubuntu 22.04 distribution. You can choose any Linux distro you want. Let’s get started!

      • NextGenTipsHow to create a Custom User in Django – NextGenTips

        Django comes with good authentication, which uses a username and password, but sometimes one is unsatisfied with what Django offers. You might want to change the way users login into your system, such as using email and password, here you will have to create a custom user model to gather for your needs.

      • Make Use OfHow to Track Your Screen Time on Linux With ActivityWatch

        Monitoring your on-screen activity is extremely easy with ActivityWatch, an open-source time-tracking app for Linux.

        It’s easy to spend hours sitting in front of a screen without knowing where the time went. You only have 24 hours to spend each day, and you can either choose to spend your time working on important tasks or wasting it on unnecessary activities.

        Fortunately, tracking your screen time on Linux to identify activities that might be causing you to lose focus is effortless. Perhaps you want to monitor your kid’s activity on the internet and need an effective tool that can do that for you. ActivityWatch is an open-source app that helps you check your screen time on Linux.

      • OSNoteHow to Install UrBackup on Ubuntu 22.04 – OSNote

        Keeping backup regularly on the live server is a very challenging task for a system administrator. It helps the user or an administrator to recover the data in case of system failure and even data loss. For that purpose, various free backup tools are available to maintain the backup of your system regularly. UrBackup is one of the most commonly used client/server backup tools that support various file formats images as well as system file backups. Users can install this tool on both Windows and Linux operating systems. The adaptable feature of the UrBackup tool is that it does not interrupt the current working of a system while the target system is running and creates a backup in a parallel way.

        We will learn in this guide how to install the UrBackup server on an Ubuntu 22.04 and Ubuntu 20.04 system.

      • OSNoteHow to Install OpenLiteSpeed web server on Debian 11 – OSNote

        penLiteSpeed is an open-source HTTP server with a similar feature set to Apache, but builds on more recent technologies.

        It is the only product in the marketplace which provides an affordable software license that allows commercial use of their product.

        OpenLiteSpeed is powered by the extremely fast LiteSpeed Web Server, which excels in both performance and stability – it’s up to 20 times faster than Apache when serving static files.

      • KifarunixSetup NTP Client using Chrony on Rocky/Oracle Linux – kifarunix.com

        In this tutorial, you will learn setup NTP client using Chrony on Rocky/Oracle Linux.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • KdenliveKdenlive Café and Beta testing – Kdenlive

          Join us tonight at 8PM UTC for our first Kdenlive Café of the year. Besides the usual community feedback, we’ll be sharing news about the fundraiser, 22.12 release and the roadmap for future versions.

          Today we also release the 22.12 BETA, please give it a spin and let us know if you encounter any issues.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Ubuntu PitMost Stable Linux Distros: 8 Versions of Linux We Recommend

      It’s important to note where the term “stable” comes from when applied to a Linux OS or distro. In short, thousands of variations of Linux OSs cater to users’ specific needs. Some, like Debian, are more basic; others, like Ubuntu and Arch Linux, build off existing ones; while still others, Linux Mint, act as forks-of-forks—derivations of already established OS.

      To ensure compliance, we need a Linux distribution that is well-supported and documented by the Linux community. Here are some of the best options available that fulfill these criteria. These distributions are known to be stable, have good repositories, are regularly updated, are user-friendly, and have been around for some time.

    • New Releases

      • BackBox Linux 8 released! – BackBox.org Blog

        The BackBox Team is happy to announce the new major release of BackBox Linux, version 8 codename “Sara”.

        As usual, this major release includes many updates. These include new kernel, updated tools and some structural changes with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

    • SUSE/OpenSUSE

      • SUSE’s Corporate BlogElastic, Scalable, and Efficient High-Performance Computing With Ampere® Altra, Altra Max and SUSE Linux Enterprise

        For those of us interested in high-performance, high-throughput or AI/ML, this is a special week. SC22 is finally here and its message of HPC accelerates resonates more than ever.

        A key SC22 message is “Leveraging HPC, skilled minds employ innovative technologies to respond to the call – driven by data, simulating possibilities, and unlocking new solutions”. In this blog, I would like to add another component: cost effectiveness measured in terms of efficiency, scalability, elasticity as well as overall sustainability.

        This blog article shows how Ampere Computing with its Altra® family of processors combined with the SUSE software stack can yields a modern, open source, supported environment capable of analyzing the growing volumes of data needed by today’s high-performance environment while doing so in an elastic, scalable and efficient manner.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • Beta NewsDownload Fedora 37 Linux distro now

        Last month, the Linux community was rocked by a critical OpenSSL vulnerability. Because of the severity of the vulnerability, Fedora 37 was delayed by its developers. While Fedora users were disappointed by the delay, it was obviously the right move.

        At the time, the developers said they were targeting November 15 for the official Fedora 37 release. Well, folks, that date is today and Fedora 37 is here. While this version of the operating system is chock full of changes and improvements (such as the GNOME 43 desktop environment), the most exciting aspect is Raspberry Pi 4 support. Full release notes can be found here.

        “As usual, Fedora Workstation features the latest GNOME release. GNOME 43 includes a new device security panel in Settings, providing the user with information about the security of hardware and firmware on the system. Building on the previous release, more core GNOME apps have been ported to the latest version of the GTK toolkit, providing improved performance and a modern look,” explains Matthew Miller, Fedora project leader.

      • Linux MagazineAlmaLinux 8.7 is Now Available – Linux Magazine

        The developers of AlmaLinux have released the latest version of the OS, named Stone Smilodon, to the general public.

        The newest release of AlmaLinux, version 8.7, is now available to the general public. This release is a 1:1 binary-compatible replacement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7 and features plenty of changes and updates.

        One of the big changes comes in the ability to build custom images with custom /boot mount point partitions and sizes. As well, the latest release includes important security updates, such as all Network Security Service (NSS) libraries have increased the minimum key size for all RSA operations from 128 to 1023 bits. Other updates include, scap-security-guide is now better aligned with Defence Information Systems Agency technical guides content; a new package, xmlstarlet, which can parse, transform, query, validate, and edit XML files; Ruby 3.1, Mercurial 6.2, and Node.js 18.

      • EuroLinuxEuroLinux 8.7 released | EuroLinux

        On November 15, 2022, we released version 8.7 of the EuroLinux operating system. It is compatible with the latest upstream version. This release focuses on updating containerization solutions and enhancing system security. Among other things, NSS database support for RSA keys below 1023-bit has been removed and the SCAP Security Guide rules have been updated. Popular compiler stacks for C/C++, Go and Rust languages have also been updated.

        At the beginning of the article we will describe the technical advantages and new capabilities of the EuroLinux ecosystem. Then we will present the links to the release notes documents along with the jumpstart documentation.

      • Tor is ready

        Today I built and pushed the Tor RPM(s) for Please make sure that you upgrade your relays and bridges. I have the updated package for Fedora 37 too (which also released today).

    • Devices/Embedded

      • LinuxiacOrange Pi 5 SBC Is Available for Pre-order, Prices Start at $60

        Orange Pi 5, powered by the Rockchip RK3588S, is four times faster than its predecessor, Orange Pi 4 LTS. Shipments begin in December.

        Single Board Computers (SBC) have been widely used among Linux users, self-hosting enthusiasts, and home automation hobbyists.

        For years, Shenzhen Xunlong Software Co., the company behind Orange Pi devices, has been developing products that compete directly with the popular Raspberry Pi devices.

        As expected, they continue to evolve with each new version, with the new Orange Pi 5 offering significant improvements over its predecessor. So, let’s look at what the new device has to provide.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • LiliputingLilbits: Pine64’s RISC-V computer coming soon, MediaTek still plans to power Windows PCs… eventually – Liliputing

        The Star64 is a single-board computer aimed at developers and early adopters who want to get their hands on a system with a RISC-V processor that offers reasonably fast performance. Pine64 first announced the board this summer, and now the company has revealed that it’s on track to go on sale next month.

      • ArduinoThis strange exoskeleton glove enables VR force feedback | Arduino Blog

        We’re currently seeing something of a technological blitzkrieg as corporations and engineers attempt to solve the problem of tactility in virtual reality (VR). Modern VR headsets provide quite realistic visual and auditory immersion, but that immersion falls apart when users find themselves unable to physically interact with virtual objects. Developed by a team of National Chengchi University researchers, ELAXO is an Arduino-controlled exoskeleton glove that enables complex force feedback for VR applications.

        ELAXO looks unwieldy — it is like an exoskeleton glove made up of 3D-printed struts and joints. In the demonstrated setup, ELAXO mounts to the user’s wrist and has force feedback structures attached to their thumb and first two fingers. Each finger receives four servo motors, four small DC motors, and one larger DC motor. Those motors attach to joints to create on-demand physical resistance to movement.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Web Browsers/Web Servers

      • Mozilla

        • MozillaSignificant Improvements for Screen Readers Now in Nightly Firefox – Mozilla Accessibility

          A couple of months ago, we shared an update on our Cache the World project, covering the ongoing re-write of the Firefox accessibility engine. The project aims to improve Firefox’s overall performance for users of assistive technologies (ATs) like screen readers and to reduce crashes and hangs. It will also make the accessibility engine easier to maintain and simplify adding new features going forward.

          In our last post, we provided instructions for enabling the new engine in Firefox Nightly by changing an experimental setting and encouraged adventurous Windows OS users to opt in and try it out. Thanks to your testing and feedback, and further work by the engineering team, the new Firefox accessibility engine is now solid enough that we have enabled it for all Firefox Nightly users, starting with the Nightly build on November 15th (id: 20221115095444 or newer). Unless you’ve changed Firefox’s update settings, it will attempt to automatically update twice per day, but you can perhaps speed that up by manually checking for updates. To do that, navigate to the Firefox menu, then to Help, and then to About Nightly. Alternatively, open the Help menu from the Windows menu bar and choose About Nightly. That will do an update check; if an update is available Firefox will download it. After a restart to finish the update, Firefox will be using the new accessibility engine.

        • Mozilla4 ways a Firefox account comes in handy

          Even people who are very online can use some help navigating the internet – from keeping credit card details safe when online shopping to generating a password when one simply doesn’t have any more passwords in them.

          Using Firefox as your main browser helps take care of that. Want to level up? With a Firefox account, you can take advantage of the following features whether you’re using your desktop device, tablet or your phone.

    • FSF

      • LibreBootLong live Libreboot!

        The former osboot project, started by the same founder as Libreboot, Leah Rowe, has today shut down; the osboot website now automatically redirects, via HTTP 301, to the libreboot website.


        Since 2020, Libreboot (and osboot) have both been through several reboots, forking off each other other to keep in sync. It was starting to become too much of a burden, which is the main reason the merger took place.

        On November 14th, I (Leah Rowe) literally diffed all of Libreboot since the last reboot (of the Libreboot repository) and checked each one against osboot, adding whatever was missing from that in osboot. This then put the osboot project in sync with Libreboot, but in line with osboot and with the additional boards (plus scripts and so on) in osboot, compared to Libreboot pre-merge.

      • LibreBootBinary blob minimalisation policy [Ed: Last updated 15 November 2022]

        In the beginning Libreboot intentionally de-blobbed coreboot, which is to say that it did not include binary blobs. Coreboot, on the other hand, requires binary blobs on most systems that it has support for. Libreboot’s entirely “free” version of coreboot consequently supported fewer mainboards.

      • FSFSourceware infrastructure – A presentation and community Q-A

        This event will be an opportunity for the community to get more information about the current and ongoing plans for the Sourceware infrastructure, and ask questions. The public meeting will be hosted on BigBlueButton and made available to the wider free software community via livestream.

      • FSFFree Software Directory meeting on IRC: Friday, November 18, starting at 12:00 EST (17:00 UTC)

        Join the FSF and friends on Friday, November 18, from 12:00 to 15:00 EST (17:00 to 20:00 UTC) to help improve the Free Software Directory.

    • Programming/Development

      • Daniel Stenbergconnection filters in curl | daniel.haxx.se

        We keep adding features and we do improvements at a rather high pace. So much that we actually rarely do a release without introducing something new.

        To be able to add features and to keep changing curl and making sure that it keeps up with the world around it and that it provides the features and the abilities that a world of Internet transfers needs, we need to make sure that the internals are written correctly. And by correctly, I mean in a way that allows us to extend and change curl when we want to – that doesn’t break the ABIs nor the tests.

  • Leftovers

    • Linux Foundation

    • Security

      • LWNSecurity updates for Tuesday [LWN.net]

        Security updates have been issued by Fedora (kernel and webkit2gtk3), Red Hat (dhcp, dovecot, flac, freetype, fribidi, frr, gimp, grafana, guestfs-tools, httpd, kernel-rt, libtirpc, mingw-gcc, mingw-glib2, pcs, php, protobuf, python3.9, qemu-kvm, redis, speex, and swtpm), SUSE (chromium, containerized-data-importer, jhead, kubevirt stack, nodejs14, nodejs16, python-Werkzeug, and xen), and Ubuntu (golang-1.13, nginx, and vim).

      • Red Hat OfficialEdge security for sysadmins: 6 issues to watch | Enable Sysadmin

        Edge computing can make your cloud snappier and more efficient, but it requires attention to keep your data and connections secure.

      • CISACISA Releases One Industrial Control Systems Advisory | CISA

        CISA released one Industrial Control Systems (ICS) advisory on November 15, 2022. This advisory provides timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits surrounding ICS.

      • CISAMitsubishi Electric GT SoftGOT2000 | CISA

        If an attacker sends a specially crafted certificate, then this vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute malicious OS commands.

      • WordPressWordPress 6.1.1 Maintenance Release

        This minor release features 29 bug fixes in Core and 21 bug fixes for the block editor. WordPress 6.1.1 is a short-cycle maintenance release. You can review a summary of the key updates in this release by reading the RC1 announcement.

        The next major release will be version 6.2 planned for 2023.

        If you have sites that support automatic background updates, the update process will begin automatically.

        You can download WordPress 6.1.1 from WordPress.org, or visit your WordPress Dashboard, click “Updates”, and then click “Update Now”.

        For more information, check out the version 6.1.1 HelpHub documentation page.

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • IT WireiTWire – Google pays out US$391.5m to settle privacy case in US

          Google has settled a case over location tracking brought by 40 attorneys-general in the US, paying US$391.5 million (A$578.95 million) in what is claimed to be the biggest multi-state attorney-general privacy settlement in the US.

          Pennsylvania attorney-general Josh Shapiro said in a statement announcing the settlement on Monday: “Right now, consumers are beholden to Google’s promise that Big Tech knows what’s best for users’ data.

          “Google’s impact on the lives of everyday Americans is pervasive – they have a responsibility to consumers to ensure that the data they collect is only obtained with express consent from the user.”

          The lawsuit was filed in 2018 after an article by the Associated Press noted that the check-box for “Location History” could not control location history across an entire Google account. The article also pointed out that many features associated with location-tracking were controlled by a second check-box with the name “Web & App Activity.”

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Daniel PocockVictoria, Prince Alfred & 2026 Commonwealth Games petition

        In checking, I found one major error. Abrash and Wikipedia both assert Prince Alfred and Maria first met in 1868 and they both assert that she was fifteen. Yet her fifteenth birthday was in October 1868. Therefore, is the month wrong, did they meet one summer later in 1869 or did Abrash miscalculate her age?

        There are a wide range of sources about the evolution of the Russian dynasty and they all point to 1868, when the girl was even younger, only fourteen. The British records appear to be more concerned with the family’s privacy and only identify the date of the marriage some years later. Around the same time, the Japanese Emporer teen Meiji was married. The birthdate of his wife was officially revised to make her closer to Meiji’s age. Misogyny and monarchy hand-in-hand.

        There are many records of Prince Alfred being on an extended tour of the far east and the pacific in 1869. Therefore, it doesn’t seem to be possible that they met when she was fifteen. This reinforces the idea that Abrash was right about the year 1868 but wrong about her age.

    • Monopolies

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • 🔤SpellBinding: AILOTVY Wordo: PASHA
      • Star Log 2022-11-15 Morning (Fairbanks, AK, US)

        God gave us some clear skies early this morning around 1:30am AKST. The quarter moon was not too bright, so I was able to get in a good early-morning stargazing session before it got cloudy again around 3am. I focused on two objects: one was the Pleiades, and the other was that interesting group of stars around λ Ori (Meissa) at the head of the Orion constellation.

    • Politics

      • Cap vs Tax

        Obviously free allotment based on production, or even worse, “grandfathering” based on historical pollution, is a cruel joke and the EU severely messed up that day. 🤦🏻‍♀️

        It’s free money for the richest. Do not want.

        That might’ve been humanity’s greatest mistake. In the name of fighting climate change we gave the fossil industry a handout. What a mess. Fossil lobby and bribed politicians are gonna be the richest creeps on the cinder.

        Economists wanted a cap that was auctioned out, instead. Much better.

    • Technical

      • A Grab Bag of Thoughts (formerly Saayaa Spacelog)

        I bought my first mechanical keyboard! It’s a Keychron C1 and I absolutely love. It looks like the keyboards I used to use when I was younger but with a modern touch. I didn’t want to spend a lot on my first keyboard so I focused on finding one without RGB. It was quite difficult finding models that didn’t have it which I found surprising.

        Eventually I found Keychron and their RGB-free model. It was reasonably priced I received it within a week. I’m currently using it to type out this post and I feel like an absolute boss. I went with the Ten Keyless (TKL) size and it’s been pretty easy adjusting to not having the number pad. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how much more room I have on my desk now.

      • Move from Dehydrated to Apache

        First, comment the call to dehydrated in “/etc/cron.weekly/dehydrated”. I’m not removing it just yet.

        # /home/alex/src/dehydrated/dehydrated -c

        Go through the sites in “/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/” and comment the settings of SSL file locations: SSLCertificateFile, SSLCertificateKeyFile, SSLCertificateChainFile.

        Create a managed domain by setting MDomain to all the domains you want managed together. These are basically the domains I had in “/etc/dehydrated/domains.txt”. Each line with one domain or more turns into a MDomain setting with one domain or more.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Re: Gemini and the Golden Age of Air Travel

          This idea of having a community that is open, but only to those who are going to give thoughtful interaction is something that has been eluding human beings for a long time. Consider the Roman republic. The Roman version of democracy gave voice to the people in their governance. However, “the people” were only those members of society who were native to Rome, male, and wealthy. This was also an example of a barrier to entry which is bad. It’s also basically the same mistake that the US founding fathers repeated.

          Going back to Rob’s post and example of the golden age of air travel. The barrier of high cost might have had the desirable results that airline passengers were well treated, and in return were polite and plleasant customers. But I tend to think that requiring wealth as a barrier to entry is actually much worse than technical competence. Technical competence is at least something that a person can realistically hope to achieve on their own effort. I’m not arguing that it is the best measure of a person’s merit, because it isn’t.

        • Re: Gemini and the Golden Age of Air Travel

          As I’ve said again and again…

          Having a small community is good.

          Having the barrier to entry be technical competence is bad.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

Links 15/11/2022: Release of Fedora 37 and Amazon Layoffs

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Notebook CheckHigole Gole1 R: Mini-PC arrives on Kickstarter with a built-in display and HDMI 2.1 connectivity – NotebookCheck.net News

      Higole has brought another unusual mini-PC to market. This time, the company has introduced the Gole1 R, a Rockchip RK3588-based device that has a 5.5-inch built-in display for running Android 12, Linux or Ubuntu.

    • FOSSLifeFrontier Supercomputer Still No. 1 on TOP500 [Ed: This neglects to mention that they all run GNU/Linux]

      With an HPL score of 0.442 EFlop/s, the Fugaku system installed at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science in Kobe, Japan still holds the #2 spot.

    • Linux Format 296

      Protect your browser privacy! Using Firefox, a bevvy of clever plugins and discovering the tricks and techniques used to track you we beat the trackers, stop the snoopers and stay safe online! We fire up the latest Tor 12 for complete online safety and explore Google Manifest v3.

      PLUS: Explore Ubuntu 22.10, terminal screencasting, advanced desktop search, automate installs with Ansible, safely delete and recover files, vector drawing packages, the future of 3D printing and loads more!

    • Applications

      • Linux Links5 Best Free and Open Source Text-Based Mastodon Clients – LinuxLinks

        Mastodon is a free and open source microblogging platform similar to Twitter, but with user privacy and decentralization in mind. It’s one of many protocols that interacts with the Fediverse of protocols like Pleroma, GNU Social, and others. Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is not one social network.

        Getting started with Mastodon can be confusing for newcomers. Mastodon is a federated service. This means its similar to email. You can create an email account with many different providers. And that’s the same with Mastodon. The service lets you sign up to one of many sites that run Mastodon software, called instances. A user can communicate with other Mastodon users on different instances. The instances are themed – many by country, city, or interest.

        Signup to Mastodon is simple. Just supply a username, email address and password and you’re set.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • VideoManage Date – Time on Linux Servers – Invidious

        In this video, we cover how to manage date and time on your Linux Server using timedatectl command. The timedatectl utility is used to display server time details, view, list, and change the timezone. Please enjoy the video and if you have any questions, leave a comment below. My goal is to expand the Linux community.

      • H2S MediaHow to Install ClickHouse on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux – Linux Shout

        ClickHouse can easily be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 Linux for getting column-oriented DBMS (columnar database management system). It is developed by Yandex, a popular technology company for online analytical processing (OLAP).

        This DBMS is used to generate analytic reports in real-time for non-aggregated data and has the capability to generate reports from petabytes of raw data without any significant latency. It uses SQL queries.

      • KifarunixEasily Configure NTP Server on Rocky/Oracle Linux – kifarunix.com

        In this guide, you will learn how to easily configure NTP Server on Rocky/Oracle Linux.

      • ID RootHow To Install Ruby on Rails on Rocky Linux 9 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Ruby on Rails on Rocky Linux 9. For those of you who didn’t know, Ruby on Rails is a web-app framework that includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. With the complexity of modern web applications, Rails makes web development easier with the pre-built structure for development, providing all the required tools to build an app.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of Ruby on Rails on Rocky Linux. 9.

      • Make Tech EasierHow to Improve Gaming Performance Using GameMode in Linux – Make Tech Easier

        Linux is a great platform for gaming, but it can sometimes be challenging to get the best performance out of your games. This is where GameMode, a tool that allows you to optimize your system for gaming, comes in. Here we show you how to install and use GameMode to improve gaming performance in Linux.

      • Ubuntu HandbookCompletely Turn Off Automatic Updates of Snap Apps in Ubuntu | UbuntuHandbook

        Ubuntu finally added support for disabling automatic updates for snap applications, though it’s currently considered experimental at the moment of writing.

        As you may know, Snap is an universal package format runs in sandbox. It’s developed by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, as a competitor to Flatpak.

        The pre-installed Firefox in Ubuntu 22.04+, and Ubuntu Software in Ubuntu 20.04+ are Snap applications. And there are lots of apps in Ubuntu Software available as Snap, including Chromium browser, Skype, and more.

        By default, Snap apps automatically update to the newest version. Though, user can delay or specify when to perform updates. It was impossible to completely disable automatic updates due to security issue.

      • Manuel MatuzovicDay 36: :has() and pseudo-elements

        According to the spec, that’s because Pseudo-elements are generally excluded from :has() because many of them exist conditionally, based on the styling of their ancestors, so allowing these to be queried by :has() would introduce cycles..

        For the sake of completeness, of course :has() works with pseudo-classes.

      • APNICExtended DNS error support for Unbound

        Unbound 1.16.0 adds support for Extended DNS Errors (EDEs) as codified in RFC 8914. While EDE was already supported in NLnet Labs’ Name Server Daemon (NSD) since version 4.3.6 was released in April of 2021, as with most things in a resolver, EDE support took more time to implement.

        EDEs are EDNS options that enrich a DNS response with an error code that tells you what the error was, and can even include human-readable text specifying what went wrong exactly.

      • NextGenTipsHow to install and configure Coder on GCP – NextGenTips

        By building on top of common development interfaces and infrastructure tools such as Terraform, Coder aims to make the process of provisioning and accessing remote workspaces approachable for organizations. Coder workspaces are represented with Terraform.

      • how to install NVIDIA drivers on Fedora 37 Hybrid

        how to install NVIDIA proprietary drivers on Fedora 37 with Hybrid Switchable Graphics [Intel + Nvidia GeForce]

      • Getting started with CircuitPython on Fedora – nullr0ute’s blog

        One of my little maker projects has a need for a battery powered micro controller, some DIY to clean up some old equipment and some basic HW design. Ultimately I’d like to be able to integrate it as a fun thing into home automation possibly even using Matter. More on the project for another post.

        To move things forward and actually be able to play with LEDs and buttons rather than doing a board port I decided to use the standard firmware. I looked through my collection of micro controllers and found a FeatherS2, it’s based on the ESP-32-S2 MCU with WiFi in a Adafruit Feather form factor with builtin LiPo charger circuit, a USB-C interface, an onboard RGB LED and runs CircuitPython.

        Next up I needed to get a development environment up and running on Fedora, batteries and other HW bits can come later. First step was to work out how to getting it running the latest CircuitPython. On the CircuitPython page for the FeatherS2 there’s two firmware, one for boot and USB and then CircuitPython itself.

      • DebugPointHow to Upgrade to Fedora 37 from Fedora 36 Workstation (GUI and CLI Method)

        Fedora 37 release is finally out after a series of delays. This iconic release brings stunning GNOME 43, the latest Kernel 6.0, KDE Plasma 5.26, Wayland updates and more. You can read my guide on Fedora 37 features on this page.

        If you’re trying to upgrade to Fedora 37 from Fedora 36, here are the recommended steps you should follow.

      • ID RootHow To Install Nessus Security Scanner on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Nessus Security Scanner on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Nessus is an open-source network vulnerability scanner for vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. It gives you malware detection, scanning of embedded devices, configurations auditing, control systems auditing, and compliance checks among other features. Also, Nessus is available in multiple types of versions, including the Nessus Essentials the free vulnerability scanner, and Nessus professional for professional pentester.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Nessus Security Scanner on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • DebugPointHow to Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu and Other Linux

        This quick beginner’s guide will help you to install Notepad++ in Ubuntu and Fedora.

        Notepad++ is a very popular free developer-friendly text editor and is primarily popular in Windows systems. However, you can easily install this in Linux systems thanks to snap.

      • TecMintHow to Install PostgreSQL and pgAdmin4 on Linux Mint 21/20

        pgAdmin is an open-source feature-rich, frontend management tool that allows you to easily administer and manage your PostgreSQL relational database from a web browser.

        It provides an easy-to-use user interface that simplifies the creation and monitoring of databases and database objects. PgAdmin 4 is an improvement of the earlier pgAdmin tool and is available for Linux, Windows, macOS systems, and even a Docker container.

        In this tutorial, you will learn how to install PostgreSQL with pgAdmin4 on Linux Mint 21 and Linux Mint 20.

      • OpenSource.comMy favorite tricks for navigating the Linux terminal faster | Opensource.com

        One of the advantages of working in a terminal is that it’s faster than most other interfaces. Thanks to the GNU Readline library and the built-in syntax of shells like Bash and Zsh, there are several ways to make your interactions with the command line even faster. Here are five ways to make the most of your time in the terminal.


        It’s not uncommon to misspell commands. You might be used to using the Backspace key on the keyboard to delete characters in the backward direction and the Delete button to delete them in the forward direction. You can also do this task more efficiently and easily with some helpful keyboard shortcuts.

        Instead of deleting commands character by character, you can delete everything from the current cursor position to the beginning of the line or the end.

    • WINE or Emulation

      • GamingOnLinuxWindows compatibility layer Wine 7.21 is out now

        Another fresh development release of Wine, the Windows compatibility layer has been released. Version 7.21 is out now. This is part of Steam Play Proton, which allows you to play tons of Windows games on Steam Deck and Linux desktops. Once a year they make a big new stable release, and eventually Proton updates to it too.

    • Games

      • GamingOnLinuxGOG has a ‘Cozy Autumn Sale’ along with ‘Czech and Slovak Games Week’

        GOG are back again with some more big themed deals, this time around they’re doing a Cozy Autumn Sale along with a Czech and Slovak Games Week.

      • It’s Not Just You: NYC Has a Serious Dungeon Master Shortage

        Briefly, for the uninitiated: In D&D a group of players collaboratively play out a story in a world created by a Dungeon Master or pre-written source material, rolling dice to simulate chance as their characters travel through the game and encounter various challenges—like the aforementioned wyverns. Characters are assigned specific abilities, and a complex set of rules, arbitrated and enforced by the Dungeon Master, standardize the game. Typically the DM spot would be determined by seniority of experience with D&D or other role-playing games—the person who’d played the longest would run the game. Alternately, it would be the person in the friend group who is the best with logistics and plan-wrangling. Back in the day, game shops would have physical bulletin boards featuring players or DMs looking to pair up.

      • GamingOnLinuxHumble Choice for November 2022 has some good looking picks

        A little late on this but Humble Choice has a fresh set of games to pick for November 2022, so here’s what to expect from them on Linux desktop and Steam Deck. I’ll list their Steam Deck rating, note any Native Linux builds and use the ProtonDB rating.

      • GamingOnLinuxSalt and Sanctuary gets Cloud Saves and OSK support for Steam Deck

        Salt and Sanctuary has seen an update recently which brings with it Cloud Saves, along with better Steam Deck support. The update initially landed for the Windows version, but it has now been put into the Linux and macOS versions too.

      • GamingOnLinuxRhythm Doctor now has Native Linux support in the latest update

        After originally improving Rhythm Doctor for the Steam Deck earlier this year, they’ve now decided to do Native Linux support with it available now.

      • GamingOnLinuxshapez 2 an automation, management & factory-building game announced

        For fans of games like Factorio, the original shapez was a pretty fun take on the automation and factory-building genre and it’s getting a bigger follow-up with shapez 2. It will include Native Linux support once again too.

      • GamingOnLinuxRelaxing beekeeping sim APICO 2.0 is out with new NPCs, Butterflies and lots more

        APICO is a wonderful little gem about keeping the bees safe, and they just launched a massive 2.0 update with more planned to come. In their announcement, they said that while the 1.0 release was a “finished game” there’s still plenty they want to add. This 2.0 update is part of a series of updates planned, as they want to go Terraria and Minecraft style with content upgrades.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • TuxPhonesGNOME Shell is one step closer to Linux phones

          Our first post ever on this website was about the GNOME Project “getting ready” to adapt their environment to the growing demand of responsive, mobile-friendly Linux devices. That was back in 2019, before libhandy (Gtk mobile library) was considered stable, and when Librem 5s and PinePhones were less than a clear mockup on their engineers’ desk. One year later, the first concepts of a tablet-friendly GNOME Shell were released, which would then see its first realization in the major GNOME 40 update from 2021.

          Six months ago, I was at the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2022 when I had the opportunity to see one of the very first experiments of a responsive, mobile-friendly GNOME Shell experience, from its developer Jonas “verdre” Dreßler.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • BSD

      • MWLFediverse Servers, plus mac_portacl on FreeBSD

        One of my business mantras is “control your platform.” If you build your business around a site like Facebook, they can de-prioritize you and disappear you. Twitter’s implosion served as a fierce reminder of that, so I’m blogging more here.

    • Arch Family

      • It’s FOSSYou Can Now Install Unity 7.6 Desktop on Arch Linux

        Unity Desktop is a classic desktop environment built by Canonical and was a part of Ubuntu from 2010 to 2017 but dropped in favor of GNOME.

        And, we thought it was killed forever. But it made a comeback.

        Earlier this year, a revamped version of Unity was released after a long 6-year period since its last update in May 2016.

        The development was spearheaded by a young developer Rudra Saraswat, who is also the creator of Ubuntu Unity, an official flavor of Ubuntu now.

    • Red Hat ‘Community’ and Corporate Puff Pieces

      • Fedora MagazineAnnouncing Fedora Linux 37 – Fedora Magazine

        Today I’m excited to share the results of the hard work of thousands of Fedora Project contributors: the Fedora Linux 37 release is here! Let’s see what the latest release brings you. As always, you should make sure your system is fully up-to-date before upgrading from a previous release. Can’t wait to get started? Download while you read!

        New editions

        Fedora Editions are flagship offerings targeted at a particular “market”. With Fedora Linux 37, we’re adding two new Editions. Fedora CoreOS is the successor to what you may remember as Atomic Host. Drawing from Project Atomic and the original CoreOS work, it provides an automatic update mechanism geared toward hosting container-based workloads. With atomic updates and easy rollback, it adds peace of mind to your infrastructure.

        Fedora Cloud is also back as an Edition. The Cloud Working Group has seen a resurgence in activity. Cloud provides a great Fedora base to run in your favorite public or private cloud. AMIs will be available in the AWS Marketplace later this week and community channels are available now. Check the website for images in other cloud providers or for your own cloud!

      • LWNFedora 37 released [LWN.net]

        Version 37 of the Fedora family of distributions has been released, a few weeks later than originally intended.

      • Fedora Magazine[Older] What’s new in Fedora Workstation 37 – Fedora Magazine

        Fedora Workstation 37 is the latest version of the Fedora Project’s desktop operating system, made by a worldwide community dedicated to pushing forward innovation in open source. This article describes some of the new user-facing features in Fedora Workstation 37. Upgrade today from GNOME Software, or by using dnf system-upgrade in your favourite terminal emulator!

      • Download Fedora Workstation

        We’re so glad you’ve decided to give Fedora Workstation a try. We know you’ll love it.

      • Fedora Linux 37 est sortie ! – Dans les entrailles du Libre

        En ce mardi 15 novembre, les utilisateurs du Projet Fedora seront ravis d’apprendre la disponibilité de la version Fedora Linux 37.

      • DebugPoint10 Things to do after Installing Fedora 37 Workstation [With Bonus]

        We are presenting our traditional Fedora release article – “10 Things to Do After Installing Fedora 37”, with post-install tweaks.

        This post-install guide is primarily for Fedora 37 workstation edition. These tips are not ideal. But it should be a good starting for all types of Fedora user base. Here are the ten things you can do after installing Fedora 37 Workstation Edition (GNOME).

      • It’s FOSSFedora 37 Upgrade Adds GNOME 43 and Two New Flagship Editions

        The long-awaited release of Fedora 37 is here.

        If you’re new to the Linux world, Fedora is the upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. While Fedora aims to be as stable as possible, it’s more about adding bleeding-edge features and technologies.

        Fedora 37 release may not be the most impressive, but it has a few interesting things to offer.


        The new Mesa graphics drivers and the Linux kernel bring the much-needed features to support the Raspberry Pi 4 including accelerated graphics.

        Improved support for the Raspberry Pi 3 series and the Zero 2 W is also confirmed.

        Even though Linux Kernel 6.0 is out now, the release includes Linux Kernel 5.19 by default. You can expect to get Linux Kernel 6.0 soon enough.

      • LinuxiacFedora 37 Is Here, CoreOS and Cloud Become Official Editions

        Powered by Linux kernel 6.0, the just-released Fedora 37 gives its users the latest GNOME 43 and Raspberry Pi 4 support.

        Red Hat’s community Linux distro Fedora version 37 rolled out in beta on September 13, 2022, and today, two months later, it is officially released and available for download.

        However, this only went with what has now become the norm for Fedora releases, postponing the initially announced date. So, after two delays caused by a discovered OpenSSL vulnerability, Fedora 37 is finally here .

        While the emphasis remains on a desktop PC with cutting-edge everything, this release focuses on an updated desktop experience and improving support. Let’s have a look at what’s new.

      • DebugPointFedora 37 is Officially Released. This is What’s New

        After a series of delays, Fedora 37 is finally here. It has been an eventful few days since its beta release because several items blocked its release. A few bugs and the critical OpenSSL bug eventually postponed its release for 15 days.

        But it’s finally here; you can download it from the official website (links at the end of this page).

        Before that, here is a quick recap of the new features.

      • 9to5LinuxFedora Linux 37 Released with Linux 6.0, GNOME 43, and Official Raspberry Pi 4 Support

        Fedora Linux 37 is one of the most anticipated GNU/Linux distro releases of the year and it doesn’t disappoint fans. It’s powered by the latest and greatest Linux 6.0 kernel and uses the latest GNOME 43 desktop environment by default for its Fedora Workstation flagship edition.

        The ISOs come with Linux kernel 6.0.7 by default, but the latest Linux 6.0.8 kernel is already available as an update. Also included are the most recent Mesa 22.2 graphics stack and PipeWire 0.3.60 multimedia backend.

      • Scrub gently: On data scrubbing in a community survey. – /home/jwf/

        The point of this is that especially in larger communities, it is worth noting negative and harmful responses and not totally ignoring them. Communities that organize in more decentralized ways will always have supporters, users, and contributors from both the core and the periphery. The core project membership may not interact or engage often with the periphery often, so there can be a blind spot to parts of the project that identify with the community but are a few degrees removed from the inner ring of the project community.

        Noting whether something is indicative of a larger pattern is important. If your community has a ton of jerks, you need to know that your community is full of jerks so that you don’t waste time persuading people otherwise, when the lived experience is very different.

        In the original conversation with the CHAOSS Project team, this data scrubbing question emerged in the process of running the survey instead of after the data collection concluded. The survey later closed and our data manager confirmed that the flagged response from earlier was the only one of its kind. As a group, we then felt more confident in discarding that one outlier as an anomaly since the survey was open to the general public.

      • OpenSource.comWhat do you do with community metrics?

        In my previous article, I provided an overview of possible community health metrics. I look at what you can do with those metrics in this article. You’ll see several examples from different communities, some of which you may be familiar with.


        I’ll start with the “new contributors and contributions” metric, which measures developers joining and leaving a community. I can measure this by seeing which developers made a commit during a specific period. Someone who shows up for the first time joined. Someone who hasn’t contributed for a while has probably left.

        It is natural for developers to leave a project. Maybe they change jobs, have a change in priorities, or have personal reasons for reducing their open source engagement. It is important for the health of an open source project to attract new developers to continue the work.

      • Enterprisers ProjectMachine learning: 4 adoption challenges and how to beat them

        In the first quarter of 2022, global funding to artificial intelligence (AI) startups reached $15.1 billion, according to CB Insights’ State of AI report. However, machine learning (ML) algorithms can lead to counterproductive results when deployed without reason.

        Here are four common challenges that companies implementing ML-based systems may encounter, along with some expert tips to maximize the impact of algorithms while avoiding missteps.

      • Enterprisers ProjectDigital transformation: Don’t be a follower

        There’s a big difference between taking on a digital transformation initiative and making it succeed. Unfortunately, many companies don’t see the fruits of their labor. According to a Boston Consulting Group study, 70 percent of digital transformations fall short of their objectives.

        When that happens, there are grave consequences related to time, money, and organizational effort. That’s in addition to falling behind competitors in innovation, customer engagement, and technology, among other areas.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • UbuntuCanonical announces new enterprise-grade Ubuntu images designed for Intel IoT platforms

        Canonical announced today the availability of new enterprise-grade Ubuntu images designed for next-gen Intel IoT platforms. Purpose-built for industrial environments and use cases, the latest Ubuntu images on Intel hardware deliver the performance, safety, and end-to-end security enterprises expect from the most widely used Operating System (OS) among professional developers with latest Intel technologies pre-enabled and available .

        The industrial-grade images are available for both Desktop and Server Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS. New images will be announced soon for Ubuntu Core 20 and 22. Intel and Canonical will jointly provide enterprise-class hardware and software support, ensuring product longevity. Long-term maintenance for 10 years, from security updates to the base OS and critical software packages to its infrastructure components, will enable device manufacturers to concentrate their efforts and redirect resources towards value-add activities. Industrial innovators shipping embedded Linux in production can develop and debug their software quickly and easily with their preferred tools on Ubuntu workstations before building and seamlessly deploying to the target Intel hardware running Ubuntu.

      • UbuntuHold your horses, I mean snaps! New feature lets you stop snap updates, for as long as you need | Ubuntu

        One of the core aspects of the snap ecosystem is the built-in, robust auto-update mechanism. Whenever there is a snap update available in the Snap Store, the snapd service will apply it, keeping your software patched and up to date. Most of the time, this works great. In some scenarios, though, this may not be what the user wants or expects.

        For instance, you may not want an application to update while you’re running it and using it. We’ve all witnessed the arguably funny situations where someone’s laptop performs a system update just as they’re about to present to a large audience at a conference. You could be on a metered connection, or your organization has a strict test-before-update policy. While there are workarounds for how to effectively manage snap refreshes, they don’t fully provide the required level of control. A new refresh hold feature, available in the snapd edge channel, now resolves this long-outstanding conundrum.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • Tom’s HardwareRaspberry Pi Pico Logs Rolling Blackouts

        It keeps track of when the blackouts start by logging an entry on an e-paper display which ensures data can be seen whether or not the power is currently on. It also logs when the blackout has ended so you can see the duration of the power outage. You can see the last few blackouts on the log, not just the most recent entry to get an idea of what the schedule has been like.

      • Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Beret

        The beret has two modes. When ‘idle’, the beret’s LEDs light up around it with ever cycling animations at random intervals. With a phone connected to the wireless LAN on Pico W, Sean was able to control the lights from the web browser.

      • HackadayA Single Board Computer From A TV

        It is an annoyance for some members of our community, that it has become almost impossible to buy a TV that’s not a so-called “smart” TV. These units contain a computer as well as the display, and it boots into a locked-down OS with a user interface and a load of streaming apps. Can anything be done with them other than what their manufacturers intended? [Nina Kalinina] has managed it, taking the mainboard from a discarded LCD TV and liberating the ARM Linux board within.

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Kodi FoundationKodi “Nexus” Beta 1

      As always, thanks go out to all contributors for their work. We are nearing 4,000 commits since v19 “Matrix” was first released on February 19th 2021. For everyone that has contributed, both those in Team Kodi, and all other developers that choose to roll up their sleeves and fix an issue – thank you. Everyone appreciates you for making Kodi better.

      We also want to thank all those users who provide endless support on the forums, we appreciate you, and all the support anyone provides to our users.

    • Peter ‘CzP’ CzanikSudo and syslog-ng news on Mastodon

      From now on, as I want to reach as many as possible, you can also read sudo and syslog-ng news from me on Mastodon. You can find my account at:


      Mastodon is a decentralized network of servers. I chose a server called “Fosstodon” as it is focused on open source software. Some of the projects I participate in are already there: BastilleBSD and openSUSE. As usual, next to my usual syslog-ng and sudo posts, you will also sometimes hear from me about OpenPOWER and ARM with some occasional photos from my hiking trips :-)

      Note: I plan to keep using Twitter as my main communications platform for sudo & syslog-ng. However, some of my most active followers, who liked, commented and retweeted my tweets regularly, left Twitter for Mastodon. I want to make sure that I can keep them updated about syslog-ng and sudo, and reach readers who are not available on Twitter.

    • Web Browsers/Web Servers

      • Mozilla

        • 9to5LinuxFirefox 107 Is Now Available for Download with Power Profiling on Linux PCs with Intel CPUs

          The biggest change in Firefox 107 appears to be support for power profiling on Linux and Mac systems with Intel CPUs. This feature was already supported on Windows 11 and Apple M1 Macs since Firefox 104, but now it’s also available for Intel processors used in Linux/Mac desktop and laptop machines.

          The Firefox power profiler lets you visualize performance data recorded from web browsers, which may come in handy if you’re using a laptop and you are concerned about battery life and want to extend it by avoiding websites that consume lots of CPU usage.

        • OMG UbuntuMozilla Firefox 107 is Now Available to Download

          Firefox 107 carries a relatively small change-set but there are a few interesting things in the mix.

          On the Linux side, Firefox 107 adds power profiling support for Linux systems using Intel CPUs. Firefox already supported this feature on Windows 11 and Apple Silicon. While I am able to run power profiling using the browser in Firefox 106, CPU usage is not detailed in the report — presumably seeing the graphs is what’s new.

    • SaaS/Back End/Databases

      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL: FOSDEM PGDay and PostgreSQL Devroom 2023 – Call for Papers

        FOSDEM PGDay 2023 is a one day conference that will be held ahead of the main FOSDEM event in Brussels, Belgium, on February 3rd, 2023. This will be a one-day PostgreSQL focused event with a single track of talks. This conference day will be for-charge with a registration of 50€, and will be held at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel. Registration is required to attend and since we have a limited number of seats available for this event, we urge everybody to register as soon as possible once open.

        PostgreSQL Europe will also have our regular devroom at the main FOSDEM event during the weekend on Sunday 5th February. This day will, of course, continue to be free of charge and open to all FOSDEM attendees. No registration is required to attend this day.

      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL: Pgpool-II 4.4 beta1 is now released.

        Pgpool Global Development Group is pleased to announce the availability of Pgpool-II 4.4 beta1. This is not intended to be used in production but is close to the release version. So users are encouraged to test it out.

    • FSFE

      • FSFEFSFE wins EU Datathon +++ YH4F winners and new round +++ No to chat control [Ed: FSFE is celebrating child labour (unpair work, underage)]

        After a year of coding and evaluation, the Youth Hacking 4 Freedom competition came to an end, giving us amazing projects. Over a hundred people coming from 25 countries registered for the competition, making it a truly pan-European event. The six winning programs offer sign language transcription, a smart table robot, a personal assistant, a music tutorial, file sharing, and a homework manager. All Free Software.

    • Programming/Development

      • James SinclairWhat’s So Great About Functional Programming Anyway?

        Still, one has to wonder. There must be a reason these zealots are so excited. In my personal experience, it’s wasn’t the lazy, incompetent programmers who developed an interest functional programming.1 Instead, the most intelligent coders I knew tended to take it up; the people most passionate about writing good code. (Though, they did tend towards the boffin end of the spectrum.) And this raises the question: What are they so excited about?

      • Codeberg is moving … and what this means to you

        TL;DR: Codeberg might suffer from decreased performance, and smaller downtimes from Monday (Nov 14) to Wednesday (Nov 16). Final migration will require a short period of planned downtime on Wednesday.

      • Simon SerStatus update, November 2022 · emersion

        Last Friday we’ve shipped wlroots 0.16! This long-overdue release is the fruit of 10 months worth of work from 46 contributors. It includes many improvements, especially around new protocol support, the scene-graph API and the Vulkan renderer. See the release notes for more details!

        With the new release freshly delivered, we’re already working on the next one. I’ve been continuing my work on the Vulkan renderer: the patch to stop blocking while the GPU is rendering is almost ready to be merged. I’ve even fixed a Vulkan-ValidationLayers bug along the way. I’ve also investigated color management and ICC profiles a bit more, and have a better idea of what we need to lay down the first pieces of the puzzle.

        I’ve reached a new milestone for wlroots-rs: the example can now display a red screen! I’ve cleaned up my work and properly exposed the API in a package. I’m still not super happy about the way the compositor state is handled, if you have suggestions please let me know!

        I’ve released libdrm 2.4.114 with new helpers to allocate DRM dumb buffers. Up until now this is something developers had to hand-roll themselves with raw IOCTLs, hopefully this addition can help newcomers and improve type safety. I’ve also released Pixman 0.42.0 with a constified API for regions and work by Manuel Stoeckl to fix bugs discovered via the wlroots Pixman renderer and port demos to GTK3.

      • StarFive Releases StarFive StarStudio IDE, which supports both Linux and Baremetal Development

        Late last year, StarFive Technology released “StarFive Dubhe Linux Software Development Kit (SDK)”, which is based on the Yocto Project. It provides a flexible toolset and development environment that supports global collaborations among embedded device developers, allowing them to share technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices used to create tailored Linux images. To ensure the best out-of-box customer experience, a Yocto-extensible SDK (eSDK) is also included. The eSDK eliminates the need to download large packages of Yocto. As such, customers will be able to recompile the entire system in a much shorter timeframe with just a few simple steps.

      • Aral BalkanInstalling Helix Editor Language Servers

        Helix Editor using the Bash Language Server to show the symbols in the script included in this post.

      • HackadayPretty Petite Picolibc Powers Processors

        Many times when someone tells you that language X is “better” at something they really mean that it has better built-in libraries for that task. Java is a great example. The language isn’t all that different from C++ outside of garbage collection and multiple inheritance, but the standard libraries are super powerful, especially for networking.  Even C relies on a library to provide a lot of functions people think of as part of the language — printf, for example. That’s not really part of the C language, but just part of the standard library. When you are writing for a tiny processor, the choice of library is critical and [Keith Packard] offers you one choice: picolibc.

      • QtQt 6.4.1 Released

        I am proud to announce that we have released Qt 6.4.1 today.

      • GCCGCC 13.0.0 Status Report (2022-11-14), Stage 3 in effect now
        The GCC development branch which will become GCC 13 is now in
        bugfixing mode (Stage 3) until the end of Jan 15th.
        As usual the first weeks of Stage 3 are used to feature patches
        posted late during Stage 1.  At some point unreviewed features
        need to be postponed for the next Stage 1.
      • Python

        • TecMintHow to Install Python in RHEL and Debian Systems [Ed: New update]

          Several top universities around the globe use Python to introduce students to programming. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Texas at Arlington, and Stanford are only a few examples of institutions that use this language extensively.

    • Standards/Consortia

      • International Business TimesBengaluru auto unions’ ‘Namma Yatri’ app is live: All you need to know

        It was launched on the occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava, in the backdrop of controversy regarding Uber, Ola and Rapido overcharging customers. Uber India had also stated that it is mulling limiting the auto services in some parts of Bengaluru due to the Karnataka high court’s decision to cap commissions at 10%. The Namma Yatri app aims to fill the gap in the market now.

        “We don’t want any middlemen. We want to provide a good service to the customers. We want them to avail our services with trust and this is how we can also benefit from the initiative,” ARDU general secretary TM Rudramurthy was quoted as saying.

      • [Old] India TimesBengaluru’s auto war goes high tech as 2 unions to launch apps soon

        Two autorickshaw unions will roll out their own apps in the days to come. Peace Auto Union’s app Rook will be launched on November 9 while Autorickshaw Drivers Union rolled out the beta version of its Android app Namma Yatri on October 15.

        Unhappy with the functioning of app-based aggregators, two autorickshaw unions in the city are tapping technology to take on the firms and compete with one another. The unions will roll out their own apps in the days to come.

        Peace Auto Union’s app Rook will be launched on November 9, which is observed as autorickshaw day by state drivers on the occasion of Kannada actor Shankar Nag’s birthday. Autorickshaw Drivers Union (ARDU) rolled out the beta version of its Android app Namma Yatri on October 15. It will be formally operationalised in a couple of weeks.

      • [Old] Deccan HeraldAmid concerns, Bengaluru auto drivers’ own ride-hailing app goes live on November 1

        Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union (ARDU), which is behind Namma Yatri, hopes the app will beat mobility behemoths Uber and Ola at their own game.

      • [Old] Deccan HeraldWhy open mobility network could fix Bengaluru’s ride aggregator monopoly

        However, he pointed out that the true potential of the ecosystem goes far beyond mobility. The open-source Beckn protocol, for example, allows the creation of decentralised networks that can cover more than taxi services.

        While the global movement is led by Open Mobility Foundation, the Foundation for Interoperability in Digital Economy (earlier known as Beckn Foundation) is pushing for a seamless digital commerce era in India to remove the intermediaries manipulating prices and services. Mobility is one among sectors like retail, agri commerce, logistics, supply chain and skills.

  • Leftovers

    • Counter PunchWhat Was Humanity’s First Cultural Revolution?

      But this raises the question: Is this nothing more than a utopian vision? Can we pinpoint a time in our evolutionary trajectory when we wandered from the path of empathy, of compassion and respect for one another and for all forms of life? Or are we nihilistically the victims of our own natural tendencies, and must we continue to live reckless lifestyles, no matter the outcome?

      Studying human prehistory enables people to see the world through a long-term lens—across which we can discern tendencies and patterns that can only be identified over time. By adopting an evolutionary outlook, it becomes possible to explain when, how, and why specific human traits and behaviors emerged.

    • ScheerpostChris Hedges: The Good Priest

      Father Michael Doyle, who died on November 8 at his parish house in Camden, New Jersey, infused his Christianity with his goodness. That goodness showed us what it means to live a life of faith.

    • Counter PunchA Grotesque, Ceremonial Observance

      No surprise, then, that the occasion of commemorations are now filled with the anticipation for another war waged by the enfeebled of thought.  There is the horrendous bloody unfolding of the Ukraine conflict, but other powers would also like to engage in a vicious confrontation in other theatres, from Taiwan to the Antarctic.

      The authorities will wheel out (sometimes literally), past warriors who refer, somewhat obliquely, to lessons they have not quite learned themselves.  Australian soldier Daniel Keighran, who made a number of tours to the Middle East including Afghanistan and Iraq, is something of a poster boy of flashy ignorance, with all the necessary capital to exploit on such networks as Sky.  “I should be dead for my actions, I know that but today, Remembrance Day here I am in Brisbane at the Shrine of Remembrance I encourage everyone to pause and reflect and remember.”

    • The NationAn Entire System

      Early in Ian McEwan’s new novel, Lessons, an 11-year-old Roland Baines witnesses a terrible traffic accident as he and his father stroll through the streets of mid-20th-century London. Seeing the alacrity with which the onlookers—men who “had been in the war and knew what to do”—come to the victims’ aid, he is overwhelmed by a sudden wave of gratitude. As an ambulance carries away a man who might be fatally injured, young Roland is moved to tears by the idea that he lives in a society supported by “an entire system, just below the surface of everyday life, watchfully waiting, ready with all its knowledge and skill to come and help, embedded within a greater network of kindness…. It would embrace and contain him kindly, justly, and nothing bad, really bad, could happen to him or to anyone, or not for long.”

    • Common DreamsOpinion | Going on Offense After a Defensive Victory
    • David RevoyEnjoying the Trip – David Revoy

      Hey, slowly but surely I’m continuing my experimentations. I filled many pages on my brainstorming (a libreoffice draw multipage ODG file) and I’m starting to get a better picture of where I’m going. I still need a little bit of time to train certain missing skills, or skills I’m unsure I can get.

      In fact, it’s easy to write something like “leave more brush stroke at a early step” in a brainstorming, but harder to have a workflow that leave interesting looking early brush stroke. It’s all about that type of exploration.

      I’m very near the completion of my research. I even already have a new full storyboard for Pepper&Carrot episode 38 that includes all the changes I want to perform. So, on this last set of test, I try to enjoy the trip, and I used my favorite test temporary metaphor characters to storytell that.

    • Science

      • The Circle of Fifths

        The circle of fifths is a beautiful thing, fundamental to music theory.

        Sound is vibrations in air. Start with some note on the piano. Then play another note that vibrates 3/2 times as fast. Do this 12 times. Since (3/2)¹² ≈ 128 = 2⁷

        when you’re done your note vibrates about 2⁷ times as fast as when you started!

      • Quanta MagazineCryptography’s Future Will Be Quantum-Safe. Here’s How It Will Work.

        Earlier this year, the National Institute of Standards and Technology revealed four finalists in its search for a post-quantum cryptography standard. Three of them use “lattice cryptography” — a scheme inspired by lattices, regular arrangements of dots in space.

        Lattice cryptography and other post-quantum possibilities differ from current standards in crucial ways. But they all rely on mathematical asymmetry. The security of many current cryptography systems is based on multiplication and factoring: Any computer can quickly multiply two numbers, but it could take centuries to factor a cryptographically large number into its prime constituents. That asymmetry makes secrets easy to encode but hard to decode.

    • Education

    • Hardware

      • Tom’s HardwareJapanese Government Invests $500 Million in New Chipmaking Venture

        The government of Japan has announced that it will invest ¥70 billion ($500 million) in a new venture to produce advanced microchips. This latest effort by the government is part of an attempt to reassert Japan as a leading maker of bleeding-edge semiconductor products. However, the announcement, first reported by Reuters, describes this as an ‘initial’ investment, suggesting that the Japanese government could put more money on the table in the coming years.

      • HackadayLEGO Race Car Simulator Is Like A Mechanical Arcade Game

        We’ve all played some variant of that simple old racing video game. It’s the one that involves swerving around cars in front without crashing, as the pace steadily increases further. [Dr. Engine] has recreated that very game in the physical world, with the help of LEGO Technic.

      • HackadayAutomatic Lens Cover Helps Cameras Cover Space Launches

        Shooting space launches often requires the use of remote cameras for safety reasons. However, that means there’s no photographer on hand to wipe lenses down if they happen to get condensation from the prevailing weather conditions. [Michael Baylor] was having issues with atmospheric moisture interfering with his launch shots, so built a custom automatic lens cap to help solve the issue. 

      • HackadayColecoVision Barn Find Gets Wireless Makeover

        Few things are more satisfying than finding an old, forgotten piece of technology somewhere and bringing it back to life. And while it’s great to see a rare sports car or an Apollo Flight Computer being restored, even not-very-successful game consoles from the 1980s can make for some great repair stories. Just look at how [Discreet Mayor] describes his restoration and modification efforts on a ColecoVision that he literally found in a barn.

      • CNX SoftwarePartaker J6412 is a fanless network appliance/mini PC with 3x 2.5GbE, 3x video outputs – CNX Software

        We wrote about the low-cost T8-Pro Celeron N5095 mini PC with three HDMI outputs and two Gigabit Ethernet ports last week, but if you’d prefer a model with 2.5GbE networking instead, the Partaker J6412 might be a better, albeit costlier option, with still three displays support (2xDP, 1xHDMI), and three 2.5GbE ports.

      • Linux GizmosRackmount Network Appliance integrates Xeon 1700 processors

        Aaeon released today a 1U rackmount network appliance based on the ICE-Lake-D LCC processors from Intel. The FWS-7541 features dual DDR4 SO-DIMM slots, 12x GbE LAN ports, 1x M.2 3052 slot, 1x M.2 2230 slot and other optional peripherals.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • ABCLegalized mushrooms, psychedelics approved by Colorado voters

        Colorado has become the second state to decriminalize and legalize recreational psychedelics.

        Voters passed a ballot initiative during last week’s election that will make it legal for adults to purchase and use dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ibogaine, mescaline (excluding peyote), and psilocybin. Nearly 1.2 million voters, roughly 53% of the total vote, approved Prop 122, according to state election results.

      • Science NewsWhy daylight saving time just isn’t healthy, according to science

        From a health perspective, if he had to rank permanent daylight saving time, permanent standard time or our current practice of biannual clock changing, Wright says, “I think the answer is incredibly clear.” Permanent standard time is healthiest for humans, he says. In his view, permanent daylight saving time ranks last.

      • The ConversationHoneybee lifespan could be half what it was 50 years ago – new study

        A new paper shows how the lifespan of the adult honeybee appears to have shrunk by nearly 50% in the past 50 years. The European Red List for Bees suggests nearly one in ten species of wild bees are facing extinction. Imagine how we would react if human lifespans halved. The equivalent would be if the average woman in the UK was living to 41 instead of 82 years old.

      • Counter PunchCalifornia Doctors Sue Over Covid ‘gag bill’

        AB 2098—the California law signed on September 30 that takes a first stab at curtailing doctors who spread Covid misinformation––went to the courts this week after a Koch-funded right-wing litigation group, the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), filed a complaint and motion to stop the law from going into effect. The NCLA is representing five California-board certified doctors in Høeg, et al. v. Newsom, et al. who are suing the state’s medical board members as well as Governor Gavin Newsom and California Attorney General Rob Bonta. In an NCLA press release, one of the plaintiffs writes that AB 2098 is “unconstitutional,” amounting to a “gag order” on physicians.

        In California, recent efforts to legislate scientific truth have proven complicated. This new lawsuit is the anti-vaccine movement’s latest effort to protect doctors who disseminate false information about Covid. Just this week, the Center for Media and Democracy reported that the NCLA also recently become involved in another lawsuit, in which signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration––an influential letter released in October 2020 that argued governments should forgo large-scale public health precautions––are suing members of the Biden administration over their efforts to combat online misinformation.

      • BBCBMA chief warns Scotland’s GPs are at ‘tipping point’ – BBC News
      • Counter PunchConservative Governance has Undermined U.S. Life Expectancy

        Funded by a grant from the U.S. National Institute on Aging and prepared by a group of U.S. and Canadian researchers, the study found a close relationship, in the period from 1999 to 2019, between the mortality rates of Americans between 20 and 64 years of age and the conservative or liberal control of their state governments.

        Specifically, the study concluded that a state’s liberal policies promoting gun safety, environmental protections, labor rights (e.g., minimum wage and paid leave), progressive taxation, and tobacco control lowered mortality rates. By contrast, a state’s conservative policies in these areas increased a state’s death rate. Thus, in 2019, life expectancy in conservative Mississippi stood at 74.4 years; in liberal Hawaii, at 80.9 years.

      • Why is being an apostate such a big part of COVID-19 contrarian narratives?

        Recently, I was taking my turn supervising the surgical skills lab for the interns in the residency program in which I’m faculty. It was a practice session for knot tying, suturing, and using the simulators to practice basic laparoscopic skills, as the course was nearing its end and the final examinations are coming up. I happened to be talking with some of the interns as they practiced or took breaks, and somehow the topic of medical misinformation and antivaccine physicians came up. As I’ve noted a number of times among my colleagues and trainees, one intern was surprised at how many physicians have been promoting antivax disinformation and COVID-19 quackery since the pandemic hit. As I am wont to do, I pointed out that we’ve always had these “contrarian” doctors in our profession’s midst who view themselves as apostates; it’s just that most of our colleagues didn’t notice or pay attention to them. Many didn’t believe they existed—or thought our complaints about them were exaggerated—and as a result there has been little impetus in our profession to do anything about them, a task that specialty boards and state medical boards have historically been depressingly lax about. Indeed, it’s a topic that I’ve written about almost as long as I’ve been blogging, and way back in 2008 a friend and fellow blogger, Dr. Val Jones, even coined a term for doctors who didn’t pay much attention to medical pseudoscience, the “shruggie“. I noted that no one who paid attention to these issues before the pandemic has been particularly surprised to see how many quacks and antivaxxers are in our midst. Indeed, some of these interactions are why of late I’ve been stepping back a bit and writing more and more about my views regarding why and how physicians ostensibly trained in science-based medicine break bad and use their credentials to attack the science-based regulation of medicine, viewing it as “thoughtcrime” and “censorship.”

      • TruthOutPrivate Equity Is Quietly Taking Over Health Care — and Making It More Expensive
    • Proprietary

      • Pro PublicaRealPage Accused of Colluding With Landlords to Increase Rents

        A Texas-based real estate tech company is facing a new barrage of questions about whether its software is helping landlords coordinate rental pricing in violation of antitrust laws.

        Seventeen Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent a letter Monday to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission asking the agencies to investigate RealPage’s rent-setting software. In an Oct. 15 story, ProPublica detailed how RealPage’s pricing algorithm uses competitor data to suggest new prices daily for available apartments.

      • GhacksAmazon is shutting down Amazon Drive at the end of 2023

        In the email, Amazon informs Drive customers that support for uploading new files will be disabled on January 31, 2023. Customers who use Amazon Drive may continue to access files uploaded prior to that date, but the option to add new files or change existing ones is no longer available after January 31, 2023.

        Amazon Drive customers have until December 31, 2023 to access their files and download them to their devices. After December 31, 2023, access to Amazon Drive is cut off for all customers.

      • Hacker NewsResearchers Say China State-backed Hackers Breached a Digital Certificate Authority [Ed: This seems to be all about Microsoft Windows (Hannotog and Sagerunex) but dishonestly disguised as a "China" problem; also demonstrates the limits of CAs as a shallow security model]
      • Data BreachesRansomware gangs shift tactics, making crimes harder to track [iophk: Windows TCO]

        Ransomware gangs increasingly use their own or stolen computer code, moving away from a leasing model that made their activities easier to monitor, new research shows.

      • Los Angeles TimesRansomware gangs shift tactics, making crimes harder to track [iophk: Windows TCO]

        Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts a victim’s computers. The attackers then demand a ransom payment to unlock them. Ransomware payments have skyrocketed in recent years, U.S. government data show, as many groups have adopted a type of double extortion. In addition to encrypting files and demanding money, they also are stealing private troves of data and threatening to release it if their demands aren’t met.

        The Treasury Department said that U.S. financial institutions reported nearly $1.2 billion in likely ransomware-related payments in 2021, usually in response to breaches originating with Russian criminal groups.

        The payments more than doubled from 2020, underscoring the pernicious damage that ransomware continues to wreak on the private sector.

      • IT WireIncrease in data attacks put Aussies at ‘higher risk’ of Black Friday scams

        Email and collaboration cyber security provider Mimecast says that recent data from its threat research team has revealed that social media platforms, as well as delivery businesses and services, are most likely to be attacked or impersonated this year.

      • India TimesRussian software disguised as American finds its way into US. Army, CDC apps

        According to company documents publicly filed in Russia and reviewed by Reuters, Pushwoosh is headquartered in the Siberian town of Novosibirsk, where it is registered as a software company that also carries out data processing. It employs around 40 people and reported revenue of 143,270,000 rubles ($2.4 mln) last year. Pushwoosh is registered with the Russian government to pay taxes in Russia.

        On social media and in US regulatory filings, however, it presents itself as a US company, based at various times in California, Maryland and Washington, D.C., Reuters found.

      • Silicon AngleThomson Reuters to acquire tax software maker SurePrep for $500M

        The acquisition values SurePrep at $500 million. Thomson Reuters plans to finance the acquisition in cash and expects to receive a tax benefit worth about $60 million as part of the transaction. According to the companies, the transaction is set to close in the first quarter of 2023.

      • HackadayGenerating Two-Factor Authentication Codes With A Commodore 64

        If you’ve used a corporate VPN or an online-banking system in the past fifteen years or so, chances are you’ve got a few of those little authenticator key fobs lying around, still displaying a new code every 30 seconds. Today such one-time codes are typically sent to you by text message or generated by a dedicated smartphone app, which is convenient but a bit boring. If you miss having a dedicated piece of hardware for your login codes, then we’ve got good news for you: [Cameron Kaiser] has managed to turn a Commodore SX-64 into a two-factor authenticator. Unlike a key fob that’s one gadget you’re not likely to lose, and any thief would probably need to spend quite some time figuring out how to operate it.

    • Security

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • CoryDoctorowEven if you’re paying for the product, you’re still the product

          There’s something oddly comforting about the idea that “if you’re not paying for the product, you’re the product,” namely, the corollary: “If you can afford to pay for a product, you won’t be the product.” But it’s bullshit. Companies don’t make you the product because you don’t pay – they make you the product because you can’t stop them.

        • New York TimesGoogle Agrees to $392 Million Privacy Settlement With 40 States

          The attorneys general said that the agreement was the biggest [Internet] privacy settlement by U.S. states. It capped a four-year investigation into the [Internet] search giant’s practices from 2014-2020, which the attorneys general said violated the states’ consumer protection laws.

          Google said it had already corrected some of the practices mentioned in the settlement. “Consistent with improvements we’ve made in recent years, we have settled this investigation which was based on outdated product policies that we changed years ago,” said José Castañeda, a spokesman for the company.

        • AccessNowPegasus victims sue NSO in Thailand: It’s time for spyware accountability – Access Now

          Companies like NSO Group facilitate human rights abuses — it is time they are held accountable for how their invasive spyware like Pegasus is used. Access Now supports a civil lawsuit filed today in Thailand against Israeli spyware company, NSO Group, for violating the rights, including privacy, of eight people whose phones were infected by Pegasus. This is the first lawsuit that the company is facing in Southeast Asia.

          “Companies that peddle their products to actors seeking to invade the privacy of people, target them for harassment, and threaten their security must be stopped,” said Dhevy Sivaprakasam, Access Now’s Asia Pacific Policy Counsel. “Pegasus victims deserve judicial protection. Thai law allows them to claim damages for this Pegasus hack, and a ruling against NSO Group will send a strong message from the judiciary that fundamental rights are respected, and civic space will be protected in Thailand.”

          Earlier this year, Thai organizations, Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw) and DigitalReach, supported by forensic research from Canadian Citizen Lab, released a report documenting Pegasus infections in the devices of 35 victims — including 24 activists, mostly students from the pro-democracy youth movements, who have been critical of the government and the monarchy. Five members of the political opposition, three academics and three human rights defenders were also identified as victims.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • TechdirtReport Shows Colorado Cop Buried Body Cam Footage Of Officers Brutalizing 73-Year-Old Dementia Sufferer

        Loveland, Colorado has a police problem. The problem isn’t that there are too few, or that they’re being underfunded. The problem is the ones they already have — the ones that keep getting sued.

      • ABCSuspected people smugglers open fire at police in Hungary

        Police said 21 migrants who claimed Syrian citizenship were found in the van following the chase, and that the two suspects will be charged with people smuggling and violence against an official.

      • Frontpage MagazineSee No Islam, Hear No Islam: A significant omission in an otherwise good book.

        In France, for example, Muslims commit almost all of the violent crimes and constitute almost 80 % of the prison population. According to Hugh Fitzgerald, “[Muslim migrants] are creating a parallel society, hostile to French authorities and contemptuous of the non-Muslim French.”

        In response to the Muslim crime wave, Didier Lallement, the recently-retired head of the Pari police has written a book warning of social breakdown and civil war. He’s not alone. Pierre Brochand, the country’s former top intelligence director has also warned of civil war due to mass immigration. Moreover, in 2021 about 1,000 active servicemen and women, including twenty retired generals signed an open letter to the government warning of civil war due to “religious extremism” (i.e., Islamism.)

      • BarronsAfghan Supreme Leader Orders Full Implementation Of Islamic Law

        Afghanistan’s supreme leader has ordered judges to fully implement aspects of Islamic law that include public executions, stonings and floggings, and the amputation of limbs for thieves, the Taliban’s chief spokesman said.

        Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted late Sunday that the “obligatory” command by Hibatullah Akhundzada came after the secretive leader met with a group of judges.

      • Birmingham LiveMuslim cops label counter terrorism policing ‘Islamophobic’

        NAMP is now publicly calling for an update of policing and counter terrorism terminology, with Islamist replaced by ‘anti-western extremism’ or something similar. It has also raised concerns about the disproportionate number of Muslims being referred to the counter terrorism programme – with the West Midlands among the highest.

      • Telex (Hungary)Hungarian far right MP dreams of Hungary and Poland sharing a border
      • Telex (Hungary)Russian spy chief’s son has a Budapest address – in a property owned by an old friend of Orbán’s chief of staff
      • MeduzaThe state of liberated Kherson As residents celebrate, Ukrainian authorities begin work to restore basic services — Meduza

        The Ukrainian authorities in the liberated part of the Kherson region have announced “stabilization measures” that are slated to last “several weeks.” The measures will include a curfew from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and police inspections of the newly liberated territory for remaining Russian soldiers. The first day after Ukrainian forces reclaimed the territory, however, there was no curfew; Kherson residents celebrated the victory with soldiers from the Ukrainian Armed Forces until late into the night. Police have also begun documenting evidence of war crimes committed by the Russian army (400 cases were recorded on the first day).

      • MeduzaKremlin Press Secretary Peskov on Zelensky’s visit to Kherson: ‘You know that territory is part of the Russian Federation’ — Meduza

        Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the news that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited liberated Kherson on Monday.

      • MeduzaZelensky reports evidence of hundreds of war crimes found in liberated Kherson region — Meduza

        Evidence of more than 400 war crimes has been documented since Russian troops retreated from Ukraine’s Kherson region last week, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The president said law enforcement officers have uncovered numerous bodies of both civilians and soldiers.

      • MeduzaRBC: Demand for private bunkers soars in Russia — Meduza

        Demand for private bunkers capable of withstanding artillery shells, mortar attacks, and blast waves sharply increased after Russia launched its full-scale war in Ukraine, and again after Vladimir Putin’s September mobilization announcement, according to the news outlet RBC.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | A Vicious and Divisive War When We Should All Be Battling a Common Enemy

        Washington’s vaunted “rules-based international order” has undergone a stress test following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and here’s the news so far: it hasn’t held up well. In fact, the disparate reactions to Vladimir Putin’s war have only highlighted stark global divisions, which reflect the unequal distribution of wealth and power. Such divisions have made it even harder for a multitude of sovereign states to find the minimal common ground needed to tackle the biggest global problems, especially climate change.

      • MeduzaPutin spox ‘can neither confirm nor deny’ Russia-U.S. talks in Ankara — Meduza

        Representatives from Russia and the U.S. are holding talks in Ankara on Monday, according to the Russian news outlet Kommersant.

      • MeduzaRussian oligarch and Wagner PMC founder Evgeny Prigozhin suggests U.S. is responsible for Russian defector’s filmed murder — Meduza

        Russian oligarch Evgeny Prigozhin has asked Russian Attorney General Igor Krasnov to investigate the circumstances surrounding the murder of Yevgeny Nuzhin, a former prisoner and Wagner PMC mercenary who was summarily executed as a “traitor.” Prigozhin’s statement was published by his company Concord.

      • MeduzaEU sanctions eight people suspected of involvement in Navalny poisoning — Meduza

        The Council of the European Union has imposed sanctions against eight people suspected of participating in the poisoning of opposition politician Alexey Navalny in August 2020.

      • MeduzaUN General Assembly adopts resolution for Russian reparations to Ukraine — Meduza

        The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution to hold Russia financially responsible for invading Ukraine.

      • MeduzaPutin awards Heroic Mother title to Medni Kadyrova, mother of Ramzan Kadyrov’s 14 children — Meduza

        The Soviet-era “Heroic Mother” award is back as an official state award in Russia.

      • Meduza‘What if he had come from Ukraine?’ How a small-town Russian priest denounced a parishioner for calling the war ‘aggressive’ — Meduza

        On October 12, former Usolye-Sibirskoye City Duma deputy Sergey Uglyanitsa was charged with inciting hatred against the Russian military, the police, and Vladimir Putin himself. Uglyanitsa soon learned that his “crime” consisted of comments and posts he’d made months earlier on social media — and that he’d only caught the authorities’ attention because the priest at his church of 10 years had reported him to the Russian FSB based on a single conversation. Both the deputy and the priest spoke to journalists from the independent Russian outlet Mediazona about the case. In English, Meduza summarizes what they learned.

      • Counter PunchThe Mid-Term Elections And American Foreign Policy

        First of all, the mid-terms will affect Biden’s agenda for Ukraine, particularly the ability to continue the current pace of military assistance to President Volodymyr Zelensky. Since the war began nearly nine months ago, the Biden administration has authorized and the Congress has approved more than $60 billion in aid to Ukraine. McCarthy has already stated that a Republican-led House would be unwilling to approve “blank check” assistance to Ukraine.  Three of the leading Republican supporters of military assistance to Ukraine—Rob Portman (OH), Richard Burr (NC), and Ben Sasse (NE)—are leaving the Senate, and the Republican leadership in 2023 will be far more concerned with beating up the Biden administration over the withdrawal from Afghanistan than with challenging the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

        The mainstream media as well as the British Economist believe that Russia needs to suffer a decisive defeat in Ukraine so that Vladimir Putin’s failure is unambiguous, but it is already obvious—even to some Russian politicians and oligarchs—that Moscow has failed miserably.  Continuing the war could lead to an expanded conflict that involves the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), particularly the United States, and could lead to the use of tactical nuclear weapons.  If Ukraine suffers greater economic losses, then there is great risk to the kind of democracy that Zelensky and his colleagues say they want to create.  Greater conflict will also test the patience of West and East European states that will have to get through the winter with limited access to Russian oil and natural gas.

      • Counter PunchThe Anti-Russian Paranoia

        For example, last July the Justice Department secured an indictment against a Russian citizen named Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov who heads up an organization based in Moscow named Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, which allegedly receives funds from the Russian government. 

        The charge? Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen declared, “Ionov allegedly orchestrated a brazen influence campaign, turning U.S. political groups and U.S. citizens into instruments of the Russian government.”

      • Meduza‘The siren was sounding, but I had no instinct for flight.’ Ukrainians speak of their wartime memories, trauma, and how the invasion has changed their ways of being human. — Meduza
      • Counter Punch7 Things You Can Do to Stop the War in Ukraine

        For every Ukrainian battlefield victory, there is Russian retaliation as the conflict threatens to engulf Europe in a regional conflict or world war with direct combat between the two most heavily armed nuclear countries: Russia and the United States.

        Meanwhile, an estimated 100-million Americans, almost a third of the country, are steeped in medical debt; 34-million, or 10 percent, are food insecure; over 30-million lack access to clean drinking water due to contamination from sewage, uranium mining and industrial carcinogens.

      • Counter PunchFighting a War on the Wrong Planet

        In fact, it’s now reasonable to ask whether an international community connected by a consensus of norms and rules, and capable of acting in concert against the direst threats to humankind, exists. Sadly, if the responses to the war in Ukraine are the standard by which we’re judging, things don’t look good.

        The Myth of Universality

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Reed/Inhofe Amendment Would Open Floodgates for War Profiteers

        If the powerful leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senators Jack Reed (D) and Jim Inhofe (R), have their way, Congress will soon invoke wartime emergency powers to build up even greater stockpiles of Pentagon weapons. The amendment is supposedly designed to facilitate replenishing the weapons the United States has sent to Ukraine, but a look at the wish list contemplated in this amendment reveals a different story.

      • Common DreamsFresh Call to Impeach Clarence Thomas After Latest Ruling on Jan. 6 Insurrection

        A long-standing call for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to face impeachment proceedings was renewed Monday after the right-wing judge indicated in an unsigned dissent that he would have blocked enforcement of the House January 6 panel’s subpoena for the communications records of Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward.

        The House committee investigating the deadly January 6 insurrection “is seeking Ward’s records related to her role in former President Donald Trump’s effort to steal the 2020 election as a fake elector casting ballots in the Electoral College for Trump,” HuffPost reported.

    • Transparency/Investigative Reporting

    • Environment

      • ABCCocoa farmers fear climate change lowering crop production

        But this year Saleyo says the rains have become unpredictable, and he fears his crop could be yet another victim of climate change.

        “When it should have rained, it didn’t, it didn’t rain,” Saleyo said as he inspected the ripeness of one of his cocoa pods. “It’s raining now, but its already too late.

      • The NationRich, Polluting Nations Must Pay Up

        Climate change is a global problem that requires cooperation between all nations. That’s why today more than 30 newspapers and media organizations in more than 20 countries have taken a common view about what needs to be done. Time is running out. Rather than getting out of fossil fuels and into clean energy, many wealthy nations are reinvesting in oil and gas, failing to cut emissions fast enough, and haggling over the aid they are prepared to send to poor countries. All this while the planet hurtles toward the point of no return—where climate chaos becomes irreversible.

      • Democracy NowGreenpeace: As Egypt Hosts COP27, Country’s Agricultural Sector Ravaged by Impact of Climate Crisis

        As the U.N. climate conference takes place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, we look at the effects of the climate crisis for the host country, such as rising temperatures and sea levels in the Nile Delta. Ahmed El Droubi, Greenpeace regional campaign manager for the Middle East and North Africa, says “the most significantly impacted sector in Egypt is definitely the agricultural sector.” Egyptians are calling for wealthy nations to be held accountable for causing the bulk of the climate crisis, only to be met with “temporary solutions that do not address the core of the climate crisis,” he adds.

      • TruthOutGroups Protest Against Repression and Climate Inaction at COP27 Summit in Egypt
      • Common DreamsOpinion | The Gendered Injustice of Climate Change: Why Women’s Rights Matter at COP27

        This has been a year of climate catastrophes for every corner of the globe. From floods in Pakistan and Nigeria to the worst droughts on record across the Horn of Africa, no one on the planet is insulated against our rapidly worsening climate. Among the most disproportionately affected are women and girls. Yet their story is all too often just a footnote in the news.

      • Democracy Now“No Climate Justice Without Human Rights”: Groups Protest Inaction, Repression at U.N. Summit in Egypt

        Democracy Now! is in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where the COP27 U.N. climate conference has entered its second week amid protests against the host government’s repression and world leaders’ inaction on the climate crisis. We speak with Asad Rehman, executive director of War on Want and lead spokesperson for the Climate Justice Coalition, who risked arrest to participate in a climate justice protest along with hundreds of others in Egypt on Saturday. “You can’t have the very people burning the planet sitting here and pretending to be drafting the solutions to it, and that’s exactly what’s happening in these climate negotiations,” says Rehman. He says imprisoned Egyptian British activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah is “part and parcel of our struggle,” as calls to free El-Fattah continue after he sent proof of life in a letter for the first time since beginning a full hunger and water strike last week. We also speak with Nigerian environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey, who says the perception that this is an African COP is “a big misnomer,” as the African delegates feel largely excluded.

      • Counter PunchAmazon Rainforest Crisis Report at COP27

        Commercialization of the Amazon Rainforest is rampant in a pattern of ignorance amidst reckless abandon with a level of stupidity that’s nearly beyond comprehension, as the iconic nature reserve has been pushed to the edge of ruin. It is hard to believe that pure ignorance and greed could wreck the world’s most critical asset, but it is happening, way too rapidly.

        According to the WWF report, 35% of the Amazon rainforest is either totally lost or highly degraded. (Source: Living Amazon Report 2022, World Wildlife Fund publication, November 8, 2022)

      • Common DreamsOpinion | New Report Highlights Serious Gender Gaps in G20 Countries’ Climate Policy

        A growing body of research continues to firmly establish that greater gender equity leads to better climate outcomes. For example, a one unit increase in a country’s score on the Women’s Political Empowerment Index demonstrates an 11.5% decrease in the country’s carbon emissions. 

      • Common DreamsClimate Actions Like Throwing Soup at Art Dampen Support for Cause: Survey

        In the wake of high-profile climate protests that target priceless works of art or block streets and other public infrastructure, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania on Monday published a survey showing such actions broadly decrease support for addressing the climate emergency.

        Shawn Patterson Jr. and Michael E. Mann of the University of Pennsylvania Center for Science, Sustainability, and the Media wondered if acts like last month’s soup-splashing of Vincent van Gogh’s famous glass-protected painting Sunflowers in London by Just Stop Oil activists helped or hindered the cause of boosting support for climate action.

      • Telex (Hungary)Solving climate change would be the moonshot of our times
    • Finance

      • Counter PunchLetter from London: Waterloo Sunset

        To many of its younger population, London once again feels like the musical capital of the world, but this does not make living here right now a breeze. That’s because music has so much of society’s heavy lifting to do these days — it has to soothe people, educate, destroy, elevate, act as trusted therapy for the liberally overwrought. In defiance of the great beasts like Spotify and their relentless grab at what always feels like other people’s profit, it’s as though music is simply with us to defy us all to stop listening to it. Because my daughter and son are both hard-working musicians I can at least say I feel its vibrant imperative every day. Remember, their generation inherited Brexit. Many of them were not old enough to vote at the time. Along came the pandemic next and all it bestowed. And now we have the Bank of England warning of the longest recession in 100 years. And yet still they rise to the microphone or instrument or Ableton software every day and give it some. Frankly, I am not even sure one or two people could survive without their music. There are some genuine casualties even with it. I know one super-talented young musician working so hard at getting back to where he was after a difficult period of time in his life. Indeed we shook hands outside the local hospital the other day. I am positively gunning for him.

        Just Brexit alone constitutes a mash-up of problems here. Brexit-related travel restrictions are so badly haemorrhaging jobs in the sector that change is now essential. An example of just how utterly friendless the situation is for those bravely setting out on a career path in music today, or even just simply wanting to play a series of small dates in Europe, was at its clearest only a few weeks ago when a group of music experts were invited to a hearing at the House of Lords. This was to present a freshly formulated prediction list on the impact of new touring rules for musicians and crews in Europe since Brexit. Not an especially disastrous number of MPs turned up, but not one of them was a Conservative. In short, the majority party — admittedly in a field famed for protest and not overflowing with Tory voters — revealed their hand as basically unbothered. This is particularly frustrating because all musicians want is for government to sit down and work in a positive manner with the EU to get restrictions removed. ‘Like most things Brexit-related there is huge denial going on,’ said a friend and exceptional figure in the music business to me privately last week. ‘The government pretend there are no problems — so do nothing — while the people affected battle like mad to solve them.’ What is worse, they had been led to believe this was all in the bag. Musicians as a result are sick and tired of being played like stringless guitars when they know full well that the UK in 2019 received an income of roughly £5.8bn from the music industry. You might have thought a government besotted with financial gain over expressions of human creative skill might have rallied to such figures, especially during our new economic crisis.

      • Common DreamsWarren Says Debt Ceiling Should Be Abolished to End GOP Threat to ‘Blow Up the Economy’

        Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Sunday said congressional Democrats should use the upcoming lame-duck session to eliminate the U.S. debt ceiling for good, warning that leaving the borrowing limit intact gives Republicans an opening to hold the economy hostage.

        “I’d get rid of the debt ceiling altogether,” Warren (D-Mass.) told NBC’s Chuck Todd, arguing that the arbitrary limit “serves no function except to create leverage for people who are willing to blow up the economy.”

      • TruthOutAbolish the Debt Ceiling So GOP Can’t Hold Economy Hostage, Says Senator Warren
      • Pro PublicaHow Title Lenders Trap Georgia Residents in Debt

        When Robert Ball turned 63, he was looking forward to retirement in his wife’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia. The couple had a comfortable house with a lush garden, the certainty of his pension and the hope of spending more time with their grandchildren.

        That dream shattered when Ball’s wife, Gloria Ball, developed severe health problems. They faced huge medical bills, yet their bank refused to refinance their mortgage. Left with few options for raising cash, Robert Ball drove to TitleMax, a business that prospers in Georgia’s banking deserts and lends money at terms that would be illegal for other financial institutions. “I was desperate” for quick cash, Ball said. “They welcome folk like me.”

      • TruthOutFormer Chief of Staff: Trump Wanted to Use IRS to Get Back at Political Enemies
    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • TechdirtIt’s Not Anyone In The Senate’s Job To Save Twitter From Elon Musk

        Look, by now it’s pretty clear that Elon Musk is deeply, deeply in above his head at Twitter, in ways that could have some pretty significant legal consequences. Even so, it’s still not the job of politicians to make decisions for him. He is free to destroy the company (and a good chunk of his fortune) on his own. Yet, for whatever reason, senators from both parties feel the need to weigh in.

      • TechdirtElon Musk’s Twitter Moderation Flags Article About Elon Musk’s Twitter As Dangerous

        Spaceboy Elon Musk promised the Twitter he was pretty much sued into purchasing would bring an end to all the free speech violations he claimed were happening every day under its liberal overlords. But being an edgelord troll rarely converts into competent management. Musk is speedrunning the moderation learning curve. But he is also discovering there are no God codes available to make the moderation game easier.

      • The NationMoney From Nothing: Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Shakedown

        As the overlapping dramas of the 2022 midterms and Elon Musk’s catastrophic acquisition of Twitter unspooled, America also witnessed the breaching of a new benchmark in the financial world: the largest-scale overnight destruction of personal wealth in modern history. In early November, Samuel Bankman-Fried, who presided over the lavishly capitalized crypto currency exchange FTX, saw his $15.6 billion net worth plummet to zero after a protracted run on the service’s holdings revealed lethal levels of debt exposure. By November 11, FTX had filed for bankruptcy, after the unceremonious collapse of an 11th-hour deal for the rival crypto platform Binance to acquire the company.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter Is More Problematic Than You Think

        The world is burning and Ukraine is trudging into a winter of war. Prices are spiralling and the NHS is limping. The US and Brazil have held the line against fascism, just, while Italy has fallen to the far right. Watching the disastrous takeover of Twitter by the world’s richest bam can feel a little frivolous. So what if it becomes a rich boy’s toy? It often felt like that anyway.

      • ScheerpostWhy the War in Ukraine Is a True Act of Madness

        Rajan Menon, only recently back from Ukraine, lays out just why that war qualifies right now as a true act of madness on Planet Earth.

      • ScheerpostThe Midterms Are Proof the Dems Need to Fire Their Corporate-Conflicted Political Consultants

        The mid-term congressional elections are over, but the counting in some very close races continues, which extends the time for determining the margins of control over the Senate and the House. What is known is that the Red Wave predicted by pollsters and trumpeted by the New York Times and other media […]

      • Common DreamsWelcoming New Members, Progressive Caucus Vows to ‘Double Down’ on Bold Agenda

        The Congressional Progressive Caucus welcomed around a dozen newly elected members to its ranks on Sunday after bold candidates across the country—from Summer Lee in Pennsylvania to Greg Casar in Texas—delivered midterm wins that helped the Democratic Party stave off the widely predicted GOP “red wave.”

        Buoyed by strong youth turnout, a majority of the candidates that the CPC’s campaign arm endorsed for the November 8 contests emerged victorious last week, an outcome that will push the progressive bloc’s membership above 100 in the 118th Congress.

      • ScheerpostElection 2022 Grandest Victors?

        Another Election Day, another sigh of relief — from America’s deepest pockets.

      • ScheerpostBlinken, Sullivan Don’t Agree With Milley’s Push for Diplomacy on Ukraine War

        CNN reports the State Department is on the ‘opposite side of the pole’ as Milley, who says now is a good time for peace talks.

      • Counter PunchTrump is Still the Demon King of US Politics

        Democrats successfully characterised the “Make America Great Again” (Maga), Trump-dominated Republicans as a threat to democracy in the eyes of many voters. Not for nothing did the Democratic Party funnel money in some cases to the primary campaigns of extreme Maga supporters to ensure that they became the Republican candidates. But they could probably have saved themselves the money, because the Trumpian version of the Republican Party has put down deep roots.

        The Republicans may have the worst of all possible worlds: a Trump too powerful to displace as party leader because he has the support of party activists; but, come election day, a leader who alienates more voters than he attracts, and is becoming an in-house political Jonah, ensuring the Republicans’ continued under-performance in future elections.

      • Counter PunchDemocrats Didn’t Win, They Simply Held the Line

        It happened because masses of people cast ballots, defying long-standing historical trends of low midterm turnout. Voters almost matched the high turnout of the 2018 elections when outrage over Donald Trump’s first two years in office pushed Congress into the hands of Democrats. Stung by their opposition’s showing and by Trump’s reelection loss two years later, Republicans ramped up voter suppression efforts, hoping to blunt the impact of an increasingly young, diverse, and enthusiastic electorate.

        Liberal-leaning voters showed up to the polls during this latest midterm election largely in response to the overturning of abortion rights, but also to stave off right-wing extremism.

      • Counter PunchElection 2022’s Grandest Victors?
      • TruthOutDemocrats Have Just Weeks to Avoid Labor Board Funding “Catastrophe,” Union Says
      • Hollywood ReporterElon Musk’s Mass Twitter Layoffs Spur Legal Headaches

        Then, of course, there’s his $44 billion investment. Musk — who brought on outside backers including Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, VC fund Sequoia Capital and cryptocurrency exchange Binance; convinced current equity holders Jack Dorsey and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal to retain their stakes in the company; and took out more than $13 billion in loans to fund his takeover — says the company is hemorrhaging money.

      • NBCElon Musk appears to fire software engineer who argued with him on Twitter

        The apparent public firing adds to what has already been a tumultuous run for Musk since he took control of the company late last month. He has laid off large chunks of the company’s workforce, overseen the chaotic rollout-rollback-rollout-rollback of the platform’s new paid verification service and sparred with critics.

      • NBCMany spoof accounts on Twitter were clearly fake. It shouldn’t put Musk’s mind at ease.

        Misinformation is also everywhere, and bad actors are sophisticated at crafting it to make it seem authentic and help it go viral. Easy access to verification certainly helps with that goal. A 2018 study found that fake news spread faster than accurate reporting on Twitter from 2006 to 2017 — especially about political topics. The reason is that fake news is designed to seem new and elicit strong emotional reactions.

      • NBCTwitter cuts a large number of contract workers without giving internal teams a heads up

        An estimated 4,400 of its 5,500 contract workers were cut, according to the tech news publication Platformer, which first reported the cuts. CNBC has not confirmed the total number.

        Some of Twitter’s contract workers were based overseas in India, among other locations. Full-time employees, who asked to remain unnamed because they were not authorized to speak on behalf of Twitter, said they had no internal notice before contractors they were collaborating with were let go.

        Twitter has dismissed all of its internal communications team, according to the employees. They cracked bitter jokes that media outlets covering the company are now filling the role of internal communications.

      • VarietyAmazon Set to Lay Off 10,000 Employees (Report)

        Citing anonymous sources, the Times reported that the layoffs will be concentrated on Amazon’s devices group, including the Alexa voice assistant, along with its retail and HR groups. The job cuts — which would be the largest in Amazon’s history — would represent about 3% of corporate headcount. The layoffs would represent less than 1% of Amazon’s total employee base of more than 1.5 million, mostly comprised of hourly workers.

      • New York TimesAmazon Is Said to Plan to Lay Off Thousands of Employees

        The number of layoffs remains fluid and is likely to roll out team by team rather than all at once as each business finishes plans, one person said. But if it stays around 10,000, it would represent roughly 3 percent of Amazon’s corporate employees and less than 1 percent of its global work force of more than 1.5 million, which is primarily composed of hourly workers.

      • The HillAmazon plans to lay off 10,000 people: report

        The reported layoffs would affect at least 3 percent of the company’s corporate workforce and less than 1 percent of its global workforce, which is around 1.5 million employees.

      • Deccan HeraldIf you want to know how dangerous Elon Musk is, look outside America

        Nowhere is that clearer than in India, where before Musk’s acquisition, Twitter had been fighting a legal battle to protect its users from government censorship. The real question now is if Musk’s commitment to “free speech” extends beyond conservatives in America and to the billions of people in the Global South who rely on the Internet for open communication.

        Last month, Freedom House released its annual report on freedom on the Internet. Allie Funk, one of the researchers who wrote the report, told me that while much of the focus has been on countries like China, which overtly restricts access to huge swaths of the Internet, the real war over the future of Internet freedom is being waged in what she called “swing states,” big, fragile democracies like India.

        The winning side will not be decided in Silicon Valley or Beijing, the two poles around which debate over free expression on the Internet have largely orbited. It will be the actions of governments in capitals like Abuja, Jakarta, Ankara, Brasília and New Delhi. Across the world, countries are putting in place frameworks that on their face seem designed to combat online abuse and misinformation but are largely used to stifle dissent or enable abuse of the enemies of those in power.

      • Midwest CommunicationsTrump fights Twitter ban at U.S. appeals court

        Lawyers for Trump, a Republican, told the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a filing that the ban from Twitter marked “overtly partisan censorship” and was “contrary to First Amendment principles deeply rooted in American history and law.”

      • The Washington TimesTrump legal team revives Twitter litigation: ‘Crackpot ideas sometimes turn out to be true’

        The legal brief filed in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals compares social media platforms censoring users to the condemnation of astronomer Galileo Galilei nearly 400 years ago for believing the earth was not at the center of the universe.

      • MIT Technology ReviewTwitter’s potential collapse could wipe out vast records of recent human history

        But experts are worried that if Elon Musk tanks the company, these rich seams of media and conversation could be lost forever. Given his admission to employees in a November 10 call that Twitter could face bankruptcy, it’s a real and present risk.

      • Kev QuirkIs Twitter Done Yet?

        So what, right? What does that have to do with me? Well, I run one of the largest tech-focussed Mastodon instances on the fediverse. So for the last couple weeks we have been absolutely battered with Twitter migrants.

        BTW, this is a good thing. I love that our little community is growing in both population and topics being discussed, but it has been really hard work keeping up with the folks coming over.

      • The Telegraph UKQatar has won… let the sportswashing commence

        Qatar is a World Cup conceived of by some of the wealthiest men in the world, and made a reality by some of its poorest people. All powerful empires have been built on cheap labour, in many cases, including Britain’s, enslaved or coerced. No-one forced the workers to come to Qatar, of course, but needs must. This is the 2022 variant on a theme as old as life itself. It is there in the vast stadiums, shiny metro, airport-sized media centre. You see it in the eyes of the hotel lobby security guard, thousands of miles from home, or in those of the labourers on the back of the flat-bed truck, after a day grafting in the heat.

        The mistreatment of a vast imported labour force, the proverbial bulldozer driven through the football calendar, the corruption of Fifa and the bonfire of its reputation for a generation at least. All this was considered worth it by certain people to get to where we are now, although what that was can be hard to remember.

      • Scoop News GroupTo win the [Internet], the Pentagon’s info ops need more humanity and a dash of absurdity

        What Graphika and SIO revealed about CENTCOM’s apparent five-year campaign represented something of an “I told you so” moment for students of U.S. counterinfluence and counter-disinformation efforts. As Ambassador Dan Fried and Dr. Alina Polyakova warned in their sweeping report on disinformation from 2020, “We must not become them to fight them.” By embracing tactics of obfuscation and inorganic amplification, countries such as the United States risk undermining “the values that democracies seek to defend, creating a moral equivalence (one that would bolster the cynical arguments of Russian propagandists about democracy being mere fraud),” Fried and Polyakova argued.

        In their view, there’s another, more practical reason for Western states to avoid covert information operations: “If the history of the Cold War is any guide, democracies are no good at disinformation.”

      • TechdirtTrump Lawyers Hit With Sanctions For Filing Stupid Lawsuit Alleging Clinton Rigged The Election She Lost

        About 18 months after he lost the 2020 election, Election Conspiracist in Chief Donald Trump sued Hillary Clinton and dozens of other Democrats over the election he had won nearly six years earlier.

      • The NationGeorgia Isn’t Just Gravy

        On Saturday night, news outlets declared the Nevada senatorial race for incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto, a victory ensuring that the Democrats will retain control of the Senate. The House remains unsettled, but even if the Republicans win that chamber, they will have so narrow a margin as to be unable to achieve much (or, more accurately, to do much damage).

      • MeduzaPutin proposes revoking citizenship for ‘discrediting’ or ‘disinformation’ about Russian army — Meduza

        Vladimir Putin has submitted proposed amendments to a law on Russian citizenship to the Russian State Duma, Russian state media reported on Monday. The new legislation would expand the list of reasons for which a person with acquired (rather than birthright) Russian citizenship can lose that citizenship.

      • MeduzaMultiple sources report Sergey Lavrov hospitalized in Bali. Russian Foreign Ministry spox calls claims ‘fake news.’ — Meduza

        Citing unnamed Indonesian officials, The Associated Press reported Monday that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was hospitalized after arriving in Bali for the 2022 G20 Summit.

      • Common DreamsDemocratic Leaders Rebuked for Abandoning Oregon’s McLeod-Skinner

        Progressives are criticizing Democratic leaders for withholding support from Jamie McLeod-Skinner, a left-leaning candidate for Oregon’s 5th Congressional District whose close loss to her millionaire Republican opponent, Lori Chavez-DeRemer, could cost the party a chance to retain control of the U.S. House.

        “This seat could have made the majority, but the national Democratic PACs walked away and left Jamie to twist in the wind,” Working Families Party national campaigns director Joe Dinkin said Monday in a statement. “The GOP knew it was competitive and their spending showed it. WFP did its best to fill the gap.”

      • ScheerpostEmirates Has Spent $154 Million on Lobbying in US Since 2016, Illegally Influenced US Politics

        The intrepid John Hudson at the Washington Post reports that the US National Intelligence Council has produced a secret report detailing the ways in which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has intervened in US politics, sometimes in ways that appear to be illegal and to shade over […]

      • Democracy NowBiden & Xi Meet in Bali; Could This Help Cool U.S.-China Tensions & Reduce Risk of a Military Clash?

        For the first time since taking office, President Biden met in person with Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday in Bali, Indonesia. We discuss how the meeting might affect rising tensions over Taiwan, where Nancy Pelosi visited earlier this year, and concerns over China’s human rights violations. The goals of the meeting should be “for the two leaders to find a way to cool those tensions down and to find ways to reduce the risk of a military clash arising in the Pacific,” says Michael Klare, defense correspondent at The Nation. As Chinese military drills near Taiwan threaten instability in the region, “the question is what’s the best way to deter China from doing anything,” says Orville Schell, director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society.

      • Counter PunchLet’s Hear It for Justice Sam Alito!

        It was Alito who led the charge to finally accomplish what the vast majority of male Republican members of Congress and state legislatures across the country have been dreaming of doing for almost half a century: overturning the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade precedent barring states from outlawing a woman’s right to abortion and to control her own body’s reproductive system.

        Alito, who wrote the legal opinion justifying the 6-3 decision he made along his five  radical right-wing Federalist Society justices on the bench — all guilty of  lying in their confirmation hearings testimony by many claiming that they viewed Roe v. Wade as “settled law,” wrote that, “”It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.”

      • Counter PunchThe Perils of Being a Foreign Correspondents During Election-Time

        I was thinking sympathetically about these pressures on my colleagues in Washington this week as they had to give definitive opinions about the outcome of the midterm elections while the most important races were still in the balance.

        I used to get some silent amusement when I was in Washington as a correspondent on hearing distinguished incoming colleagues from Europe tell me grandly how their editor back home had told them to avoid getting bogged down by day-to-day news coverage and take a longer view about what was going on in America. But Washington does not do “long term”, and I suspected that within weeks my friend would most likely be calling me up to cancel our lunch at the last minute because his or her editors were demanding a quick 1,000 words on the latest twist in the Monica Lewinsky affair or some other Washington melodrama.

      • The NationFeral GOP
      • TruthOutGeorgia GOP Bars Saturday Early Voting Before Crucial Senate Runoff
      • TruthOutSome of the Most Rabidly Anti-Trans Politicians Won Reelection in the Midterms
      • TruthOutElections Matter, But What We Do Between Them Matters Even More
      • Common DreamsTrump Accused of ‘Brazen’ Campaign Finance Violation a Day Before Expected 2024 Launch

        A day ahead of his expected 2024 announcement, former President Donald Trump on Monday was hit with a campaign finance complaint that accuses him of unlawfully transferring a “colossal sum” of money from his leadership PAC to a super PAC that spent millions on this year’s midterms—and is positioned to spend millions more on Trump’s presidential bid.

        The Campaign Legal Center (CLC), the watchdog organization that filed the complaint, alleges that Trump “directed the transfer” of $20 million last month from the cash-flush leadership PAC Save America to Make America Great Again, Inc., which dumped nearly $12 million into the midterm elections to boost Trump-friendly candidates.

      • TruthOutRepublicans Are Ripping Each Other Apart Over 2022 Election Losses
      • Telex (Hungary)It took almost five days for the Hungarian government to confirm a minister’s resignation
    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • VOA NewsArtemisia Gentileschi’s 1616 Nude to Be Digitally Unveiled

        Art restorers in the Italian city of Florence have begun a six-month project to clean and virtually “unveil” a long-censored nude painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the most prominent women in the history of Italian art.

        Swirling veils and drapery were added to the “Allegory of Inclination” some 70 years after Gentileschi painted the life-size female nude, believed to be a self-portrait, in 1616.

      • Daily TimesPakistani movies banned since 1959

        The practice of censorship has long been a source of controversy in Pakistani filmmaking.

        It is safe to say that censorship and political repression have severely harmed Pakistan’s film industry. Here, we are noting down a list of ‘Pakistani’ movies that couldn’t make it to the big screen in Pakistan throughout history.

      • India‘Will Fix Ideology, Beat Him to Coma’: In Viral Video, Hyd Student Thrashed Over ‘Comment on Prophet’

        As per the police report, a copy of which has been extracted by News18.com, they pushed and mishandled the student by “punching him on face, slapping him, kicking him on the abdominal areas, touched his genitals and forced him to eat certain chemicals and powders. One student, named Reva (3rd Year BBA Student, IBS Hyderabad) even attempted to put his genetics into his mouth. They further tried to torn his clothes, make him naked, and kept beating him one after the other with a slogan “beat him till he dies”. His video and images were widely surfaced among college student groups and he was the subject of mockery now and he have bruises all over his face, his bones are aching and he have swollen eyes sockets and nose.”

      • Scoop MediaCounter-protest, Not Censorship, Should Be First Port Of Call For Auckland Feminists

        The Auckland Feminist Action’s plan to hold a counter-protest outside the venues of Jordan Peterson’s speaking tour should be the primary, not backup, response to his speech. Auckland and Christchurch Councils must reject calls to deny Peterson the use of public venues, says Jonthan Ayling, spokesperson for the Free Speech Union.

        “Calling for the cancellation of a speaking tour, rather than engaging with its content and combatting it with better ideas is no way to ensure those ideas can be properly tested. If Peterson’s ideas are as toxic as his opponents say, then it should be no problem for them to let his views be publicly beaten with better speech.

      • MeduzaRussian Culture Ministry bans ‘Famine’ documentary from theaters — Meduza

        The Russian Ministry of Culture has revoked the screening license issued to “Famine,” a documentary made by Alexander Alrkhangelsky, Maxim Kurnikov, and Tatiana Sorokina. 

    • Freedom of Information / Freedom of the Press

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • VOA NewsIranian Azeri Activist on Hunger Strike at Evin Prison Is Hospitalized

        A well-known Iranian Azeri blogger and activist who was hospitalized over the weekend was in stable condition, Iran officials said Monday, although his family and the international community are concerned.

        Hossein Ronaghi, who was arrested September 24, is one of dozens of prominent rights activists, journalists and lawyers who have been arrested amid Iran’s crackdown on protests that were ignited by the death of Mahsa Amini.

      • BBCMelika Balali: I got threats from Iran for wrestling in Scotland

        Melika Balali protested against the forced wearing of the hijab on the winner’s platform of a the British Wrestling Championships in June.

        The 22-year-old said her family has since cut contact with her.

      • Dawn MediaTaliban ban Afghan women from gyms and public baths

        Small groups of women have staged frequent flash protests in Kabul and other major cities, risking the wrath of Taliban officials who have beaten and detained them.

        Earlier this month, the United Nations voiced concern after the Taliban disrupted a press conference in the capital, submitting female participants to body searches and detaining the event organiser and several others.

      • India Today‘Everything is restricted’: Iranian cleric supports protest against country’s Islamic regime

        “We do not have freedom in the Islamic Republic,” he retorted. “Where is the freedom? Where is the freedom of the press? Where is the freedom of expression? Everything is censored. Everything is restricted,” Abdolhamid was quoted as saying by the Independent.

        The majority of people in Iran have objections, and therefore, regime leaders should listen to them, urged Abdolhamid.

      • ME ForumThe Jihad . . . on Dogs

        The tweet was accompanied by a picture of what appeared to be Palestinians beating or striking to death a dog with sticks. Such barbaric behavior for what is otherwise considered in the USA as “man’s best friend” is not uncommon in the Muslim world.

      • BarronsMacron Meets Iranian Women Activists, Hails ‘Revolution’

        Macron last month said France “stands by” the protesters in Iran and expressed his “admiration” for women and youths demonstrating in the country, while condemning what he called “repression” by the authorities.

      • RFERLUN Human Rights Council Asked To Hold Special Session On Iran

        [...] In a letter addressed to the council president, the German and Icelandic ambassadors to the UN in Geneva requested “a special session…to address the deteriorating human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially with respect to women and children.” [...]

      • The NationDoctors Finally Join the Labor Movement

        Despite the horrible working conditions of residency (which can include 80 workweeks, 28-hour shifts, verbal abuse, or a maternity leave limited to a single week), doctors haven’t historically been big lifters in the labor movement. For Montefiore residents, this is the furthest any unionization effort has gone in decades. But if doctors at Montefiore and more broadly embrace the opportunity to tell a different story about who we are, we could contribute to one of the most important labor struggles of the coming year.

      • Counter PunchLet’s Hear It for Justice Sam Alito, America’s Robed Ayatollah!

        It was Alito who led the charge to finally accomplish what the vast majority of male Republican members of Congress and state legislatures across the country have been dreaming of doing for almost half a century: overturning the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade precedent barring states from outlawing a woman’s right to abortion and to control her own body’s reproductive system.

        Alito, who wrote the legal opinion justifying the 6-3 decision he made along his five  radical right-wing Federalist Society justices on the bench — all guilty of  lying in their confirmation hearings testimony by many claiming that they viewed Roe v. Wade as “settled law,”  wrote that, “”It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.”

      • Counter PunchFor Lula’s Victory to Matter: A Proposal for a Unified Palestinian Foreign Policy

        Lula has proven, throughout the years, to be a genuine friend of Palestine and Arab countries.

        For example, in 2010, as a president, he spoke of his dream of seeing “an independent and free Palestine” during a visit to the occupied West Bank. He also refused to visit  the grave of Theodor Herzl, the father of Israel’s Zionist ideology. Instead, he visited Yasser Arafat’s tomb in Ramallah.

      • Counter PunchIsrael’s Religious Terrorists

        No one should be surprised to find Benjamin Netanyahu back as prime minister of Israel, with decisive support from far-right religious extremists. With the recent election, the religious bloc called Religious Zionism put Netanyahu’s Likud party comfortably over the top in the Knesset and now, as a leading member of the governing coalition, it is strongly positioned to pursue its volatile agenda aimed at reclaiming Israel as a Jewish state.

        Among things that might follow, based on their leaders’ public statements, are the deportation of “disloyal” Palestinian citizens, legal challenges to Palestinian-owned buildings in the West Bank, restrictions on access to Al-Aqsa–the Temple Mount in Jerusalem sacred to both Jews and Palestinians–and massive changes in Israel’s legal system pertaining to the selection of judges and the authority of the Supreme Court to overrule laws on constitutional grounds.

      • Counter PunchSeeking a Vaccine Against Meanness and Hate
      • Pro PublicaThe Global Threat of Rogue Diplomacy
      • Pro PublicaHonorary Consuls Accused of Crimes Get Diplomatic Protections

        After jetting into the capital of Ghana, the international arms broker who called himself “Excellence” greeted his buyers at the Golden Tulip hotel and proposed a secret sale: millions of dollars in missiles and grenades for use against American forces.

        “Who else knows I’m with Hezbollah?” Faouzi Jaber asked as night fell on the four-star hotel with a life-sized sculpture of a giraffe in the lobby.

      • Pro PublicaHundreds of Honorary Consuls Involved in Criminal Cases or controversies, ProPublica and ICIJ Investigation of Diplomats Finds

        A first-of-its-kind global investigation by ProPublica and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists identified at least 500 current and former honorary consuls who have been accused of crimes or embroiled in controversy, including those convicted of serious offenses or caught exploiting their status for personal gain. The problem dates back decades, yet few governments have publicly called for reforms to the largely unregulated system of international diplomacy.

        Here are snapshots of prominent honorary consuls whose personal, business or diplomatic activities have drawn scrutiny, in some cases from the highest levels of government.

      • Pro PublicaKey Findings From the “Shadow Diplomats” Investigation

        “Shadow Diplomats” is a first-of-its-kind investigation of a largely unregulated and under-the-radar system of international diplomacy that allows volunteer diplomats working from their home countries to represent the interests of other nations.

      • Pro PublicaAbout the “Shadow Diplomats” Investigation

        “Shadow Diplomats” marks the first collaboration between ProPublica and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. One hundred and sixty journalists from 46 countries joined the reporting.

        The investigation shines light on one of the least-examined roles in international diplomacy: the honorary consul. These volunteer diplomats work from their home countries to promote the interests of foreign governments, typically in places without an embassy or consulate.

      • Common Dreams‘Proof of Life, At Last’: Jailed Egyptian Political Prisoner Alaa Abd El Fattah Writes to His Mother

        Relatives of Alaa Abd El Fattah said Monday that they’ve received proof in the form of a letter that the jailed, hunger-striking Egyptian-British dissident is alive.

        “I’m so relieved. We just got a note from prison to my mother, Alaa is alive, he says he’s drinking water again.”

      • The EconomistWho is Alaa Abd el-Fattah?

        GYPT’S GOVERNMENT had hoped that COP27, a big un climate conference taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh, would be a chance to polish its image. Instead it has drawn attention to Egypt’s dismal human-rights record. Alaa Abd el-Fattah, a British-Egyptian activist, is the most high-profile of the country’s estimated 65,000 political prisoners. He was jailed most recently in 2019 for alleged offences ranging from joining a terrorist group to spreading false news on social media. He has been on hunger strike for more than 200 days. Since Sunday, when climate talks began, he has also refused water. Campaigners, celebrities and world leaders have called for his release. Who is Alaa Abd el-Fattah?

      • MeduzaRussian pop star and war supporter Polina Gagarina’s Almaty concert cancelled after backlash from local residents — Meduza

        A concert by Russian singer Polina Gagarina that was to be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on February 14, has been canceled after backlash from local residents due to the pop star’s support for the war, Kazakhstani news site Arbat.media reported on Monday.

      • MeduzaRussian Presidential Human Rights Council members ask Investigative Committee to investigate video allegedly showing Wagner defector’s murder — Meduza

        Multiple members of Russia’s Presidential Human Rights Council has asked Federal Investigative Committee Head Alexander Bastrykin to investigate the circumstances surrounding a video that allegedly shows the murder of former prisoner and Wagner PMC recruit Yevgeny Nuzhin.

      • Counter PunchSports Activism: The Next Episode
      • Counter PunchWhen Connie Comes Marching Home

        From “The Fields of Golden Grain”

        Connie was the devoutly Catholic draftsman son of a semi-prestigious but down-on- his-luck, alcohol-challenged architect in Aberdeen, South Dakota. He was the older and beloved brother of my then ten-year-old mother Jane, who was known as “Bugs” (because of her bulging eyes as a baby) to her family.

      • The NationThe Pipeline Funneling US Deportees to Haitian Prison

        It was the mundane pleasures that Patrick Julney missed the most: a cold glass of water out of the refrigerator; a warm handshake with a friend on the street; the unique comfort of a familiar bed; a plate of chicken and waffles.1

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • TechdirtAfter Decades Of Dysfunction, The FCC Finally Shores Up Terrible Broadband Mapping

        Despite a lot of political lip service paid toward bridging the digital divide, U.S. policymakers still don’t fully know where broadband is or isn’t available in the U.S. They have some well-informed notions, but outside analysts have long made it clear that the maps the government uses to shape policy and award subsidies are often an idiotic hallucination (plug your address into their current map if you need evidence).

      • Public KnowledgePublic Knowledge Joins 24 Groups Urging Congress To Extend FCC’s Auction Authority Using Balanced Approach – Public Knowledge

        Today, Public Knowledge joined 24 public interest and civil society groups, schools, and libraries in a letter urging Senate Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Ranking Member Roger Wicker (R-MS), and other members of Congress to renew the Federal Communication Commission’s spectrum auction authority in a way that promotes a vibrant, diverse wireless ecosystem. The groups argue that taking a “balanced approach” will “allow innovators, local anchor institutions, and technology companies – not just incumbent wireless providers – to access the spectrum they need to serve the American public.”

        The following is an excerpt from the letter:

        “Congress has extended the FCC’s authority to auction spectrum until December 16 of this year. Congress should renew a further extension of the Commission’s authority that does not prioritize exclusive use licensed spectrum over unlicensed or shared spectrum models. Limiting the Commission’s auction authority in a manner that only allows the FCC to provide licensed spectrum access to mid-band spectrum for exclusive use is shortsighted. It would gift spectrum to a highly concentrated industry whose neglect of Tribal lands and rural communities is only now being remedied by the widespread deployment of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) shared spectrum. Indeed, failing to provide more mid-band spectrum for CBRS-like sharing and for next generation Wi-Fi would further entrench incumbents by eliminating spectrum access for the incumbent carriers’ most successful competitors. It would choke innovation in the fastest growing and most innovative segment of the wireless economy – private 5G networks.

    • Monopolies

      • CCIAU.S. Merger Enforcement Experiments Could Significantly Harm Innovation and the Start-up Ecosystem – Disruptive Competition Project

        Recently the U.S. federal antitrust enforcement agencies have been considering novel and creative approaches in their review of transactions that traditionally would not have triggered close antitrust review. Start-up acquisitions, in particular, have been receiving extensive scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ). One of the tools the U.S. agencies have deployed in their merger review is an ever-narrowing relevant market analysis. However, as FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson’s study underscores, the trend toward drawing ever-narrower relevant markets has significantly altered traditional antitrust rules and changed the merger review standards that have been applied in the U.S. for decades. A key example as to how the agencies are further experimenting with redrawing merger enforcement is the FTC’s recent lawsuit attempting to block Meta’s acquisition of Within, the company behind the virtual reality (VR) fitness app Supernatural.

        In a move completely at odds with decades of federal merger policy and precedent, the FTC is challenging Meta’s acquisition of Within after overruling agency staff’s recommendation not to block the deal. In this case, the FTC doesn’t seem to be following its own merger enforcement principles reflected in its 2021 OECD submission on potential and nascent competition issues; in fact, as former FTC Chair William Kovacic put it, the Meta/Within FTC challenge is “deliberately experimental.” The FTC’s lawsuit is based on the unsubstantiated assumption that “the Acquisition is presumed likely to create or enhance market power and is presumptively unlawful.” Beyond the unsubstantiated assumption in this matter, blocking start-up acquisitions under rigid presumptions of competitive harm and narrow market definitions could lead to significant unintended consequences and real harm to the start-up ecosystem, innovation, and the U.S. economy.

      • Patents

        • Common DreamsAmid Eli Lilly-Twitter Fiasco, Groups Call for End to Insulin Price Gouging

          Dozens of progressive advocacy groups marked World Diabetes Day on Monday by urging Congress to pass legislation that would ensure people in the United States have access to the insulin on which their survival depends and prevent Big Pharma from price gouging on the lifesaving medicine.

          In a letter addressed to Senate and House leaders, Public Citizen, T1International, and more than 50 other organizations wrote: “World Diabetes Day marks the birthday of Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin and famously sold its patent for $1 and stated, ‘Insulin does not belong to me, it belongs to the world.’ Despite its discovery more than 100 years ago and the generosity of Banting and the co-inventors, many people living in the United States still struggle to afford access to the insulin they need.”

      • Copyrights

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • What’s the point of scrolls?

        I’m writing this mostly for my own sake since I’ve had a hard time remembering who can use scrolls and maybe this time the mental model will stick.

        Scrolls (and if you use the widespread, and by me much beloved and appreciated, house rule that you can also use other small items like bells, potions, snap-twigs, jars etc, it doesn’t have to be a roll of paper although that’s OG awesome too) are good because…

    • Technical

      • Almost an Embedded Itanium: ST200

        During the period immediately before and immediately after the release of the “Merced” Itanium, HP and ST Micro had a close partnership around a new, programmer-friendly embedded CPU called ST200. While neither party ever emphasized the connection, ST200 has an undeniable similarity to Itanium, and one could probably make a strong case for it being an EPIC processor.

      • Gemini and the Golden Age of Air Travel

        In the 1970 archetypical disaster movie “Airport”, a Boeing 707 undertakes an international flight from Chicago to Rome. One scene shows a passenger on the flight complaining to a stewardess about a stale snack, and he comments bitterly that his ticket cost him $474 US dollars. That amount is equivalent to approximately $3500 in 2022 dollars. Today, even in our inflation-ridden economy, a flight from Chicago to Rome can be purchased for under $500–an 85% drop in price.

        In 1939, Pan American World Airways offered a comparable service from New York to Marseilles, France, via Azores and Portugal. That trip cost $675 in those days, or a staggering $13000 in today’s dollars. Iberia and Lufthansa now offer the same flight for $700.

      • Disussing FOSS copying proprietary alternatives

        In order for FOSS to garner market share, it needs to provide the end users with mostly the same features as their proprietary competitors. This can end up in libre software adding “anti-features”, such as typing indicators.

        A more recent example is Signal adding stories. They mentioned it was one of the most requested features, many refusing to move from WhatsApp because the lack of the aforementioned feature. Signal ended up in adding them, you can easily disable them in settings if you dislike them, like I. It’s debatable whether they could’ve spent their resources better.

      • Announcements

        • Imv – a neat image viewer

          I’ve been a long time user of both Sxiv and Feh, great image viewers for tiling window managers.

          Sxiv has been discontinued, its development is resumed in a fork called Nsxiv, while Feh is actively maintained and packs more features such as wallpaper setting. I’ve recently found out about Imv[1], it’s similar to both of the aforementioned programs, but it works on both X11 and Wayland, while having similar features such as keybinding and supporting animated GIFs, SVGs, RAW formats and proprietary formats such as PSD (use a FOSS alternative if you can). If you switch in between an X11 instance and Wayland, it can be useful to have a program that does the job in both environments.

        • Offpunk 1.7 : Offpunk and Sourcehut

          Releasing Offpunk 1.7 today which fixes a handful of crashes and brings some nice features:

          1. Autocompletion on your list names with “add”, “move” and “list” command. This is really useful if, like me, you are playing with 20 different lists.
          2. In Gemini and Gopher, plain text links are added to the list of links of the page. This is really useful with Gopher posts where the culture is to add a bunch of links at the end of the post with a number. After reading a post, simply press “enter” (keep the command empty) to see the list of links in that post, including in Gopher.
          3. Added a configurable “search” command which, by default, uses kennedy.gemi.dev.
          4. Added a configurable “wikipedia” (or “w”) command which, by default, uses vault.transjovian.org. Also added shortcuts for English, French and Spanish: “wen”, “wfr” and “wes”.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

Links 15/11/2022: GNUnet 0.18.1 and Google Fined

Posted in News Roundup at 3:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Server

      • The Next PlatformTesting The Mettle Of The Top Supercomputing Iron On Earth

        There are 179 supercomputers on the Top500 list that use one or another form of accelerator to do the bulk of their calculations, and of these, there are 84 machines that use Nvidia’s “Volta” V100 GPUs, 64 that use Nvidia’s “Ampere” A100 GPUs. There is a single machine using Nvidia’s “Hopper” H100 GPUs, and that is the “Henri” system at the Flatiron Institute in New York City. The Henri machine is built by Lenovo using its ThinkSystem SR670 V2 servers with a pair of 32-core Ice Lake Xeon SP-8362 Platinum processors and a quad of H100 GPUs with 80 GB of HBM3 memory. The Henri nodes are linked by 200 Gb/sec HDR InfiniBand from Nvidia, and the machine has a total of 5,920 CPUs and SMs and a peak performance of 5.42 petaflops and a sustained performance of 2.04 petaflops. That is only a 37.6 percent computation efficiency, which is raising our eyebrows a bit, but the machine only used 31.3 kilowatts and thus delivers 65.1 gigaflops per watt. That’s a smidgen better than the Frontier development system (which has lower Slingshot overhead than the actual Frontier machine) and quite a bit better than Frontier itself.


        For years and years, we have been complaining that the middle and some of the bottom of the Top500 list is dominated by telcos, service providers, and clouds who run Linpack tests on portions of their infrastructure to give their OEMs and nationalities a boost on the list. We do not expect this to change, and it warps the list in ways that distort the true HPC market.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Applications

      • DebugPointBest Notepad++ Replacement for Ubuntu and Other Linux

        Here are five real Notepad++ replacement(s) for Ubuntu and other Linux distros.

        The most common application which you could find in Linux is notepad or text editor. There are so many notepad, note-taking and basic editors out there, that its difficult to choose from.

        That being said, if you are a Windows user/developer and recently migrated to Linux, you might be looking for a replacement for the popular text editor – Notepad++. Since this application officially provides only Windows setup (exe), here in this article, we give you its real alternatives.

        These five apps are the latest worthy alternatives to Notepad++ in Linux distributions.

      • Ubuntu PitOpenShot: A Simple and Powerful Video Editor for Linux

        If you’re starting out in video editing, you may be wondering what software to use. There are many paid professional options like Avid and Adobe Premier. However, if you only need an editor for common uses like YouTube videos, there’s no need to spend money on these programs. Instead, there are quite a few free and open source video editors that will fit your needs, such as Kdenlive, Pitivi, Flowblade, OpenShot, and much more. In this article, we’ll focus on the OpenShot video editor.

      • CubicleNateLingot | Musical Instrument Tuner on openSUSE – CubicleNate’s Techpad

        I like to dabble around in playing instruments, I am, by no means, a musician but doing a little noodling around from time to time can be quite gratifying. In my younger years, I did enjoy playing more than one instrument, today, I am taking on some new challenges, nothing crazy, I just happen to want to play the bass guitar. There is something almost indescribably satisfying when you can actually play the notes in the sequence and tempo that you intend.

        In order to be able to play the bass guitar, I had to tune the thing. I am sure that there are countless apps for any of the major mobile platforms but mobile platforms are not exactly my favorite to use. I much, much prefer the warm comforts of openSUSE Linux and the application that really caught my eye was Lingot. Unfortunately it wasn’t available in a Snap, Flatpak or AppImage but was available in the openSUSE repositories.

        Amusingly, Lingot is another one of those infamous open source application “backronyms” names, Lingot Is Not a Guitar-Only Tuner. One of the fun things about open source applications is the lighthearted nature in software development. Open Source, never stop being you!

      • Daniel AleksandersenSync issues finally drove me away from the Joplin note-taking app | Ctrl blog

        My note-taking app of choice for the last three years has been Joplin, an open-source note-taker for Android, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. As I discussed in my app review, the desktop app is good, but the Android app has some issues. In the last year, updates to the app have brought along more issues. I can no longer rely on it, and the time has come for me to migrate away from the Joplin app.

      • Barry Kaulerpfind and pfilesearch fixes
      • ZDNetLinux app equivalents for those interested in making the jump | ZDNET

        I do remember, back in the early 2000s, that finding sufficient apps on Linux was a bit of a challenge. Sure, there were some equivalents, but they were so early on in development that they sometimes couldn’t help me get to where I needed to be without considerable work.

        Consider this: I worked in an organization that was pretty much all MS Office.

        In fact, I was the only person there who was not using MS Office. Needless to say, using Star Office was problematic. I had to bend and twist formatting and templates to make it work, and it barely did at that. I was told if I didn’t start using MS Office, there would be penalties.

        Fortunately, that was a metaphorical lifetime ago. Today, things are quite different and there are plenty of apps available to the Linux operating system, apps that are 100% capable of helping you be productive, creative, and effective, no matter what it is you are doing.

        Let’s take a look at some of those app equivalents that you might not be aware of (and some that you may).

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Monit on Ubuntu 22.10 | 22.04 | 20.04

        Monit is an open-source utility program that manages and monitors resources and services on Linux systems such as Ubuntu. Some services and resources managed by Monit are CPU usage, memory usage, server uptime, network connections, and server application services. The monitoring manager ensures that all running services are always healthy by restarting services that stop or encounter operating errors. These errors can be caused by many things, such as a power outage or a service crash Monit can help prevent downtime and keep your system running smoothly by monitoring and managing these resources.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Monit on Ubuntu 22.10, 22.04, and 20.04 using the version direct from Ubuntu’s repository and how to configure Monit to be accessible from your browser using the command line terminal.

      • Ruben SchadeRubenerd: Querying TXT records with drill(1)

        In today’s installment of things you already know, unless you don’t, this is how you look up a TXT domain record with drill(1) on FreeBSD:

        $ drill $DOMAIN txt

        You’d think that I’d get that order right one of these days.

      • CubicleNateOctoPrint Pause and Resume Settings for the Ender3 – CubicleNate’s Techpad

        This isn’t anything particularly earth shattering here, the point here is to make a kind of “CubicleNate bookmark” for me and to be openly criticized by those that know more than me on this subject. The problem I had was pausing and resuming properly using OctoPrint on my Ender3 Printer. I messed up more than one print by trying to do it and I really think this should be the default behavior but here we are.

      • H2S MediaHow to Install and use Ansible on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – Linux Shout

        Learn how to install and configure Ansible on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux to automate administrator tasks for a group of servers from a single system.

        If you have to manage multiple Linux servers then manually configuring and installing software on each of them is not only a time-consuming but also a labor-intensive task. Thus, Automation or orchestration is used in such environments.

      • Red HatHow Knative broker GA enhances Kafka on OpenShift Serverless | Red Hat Developer

        Apache Kafka is greatly enhanced by the Knative broker, which reduces overhead for message delivery. Red Hat OpenShift has its own Knative implementation, introduced as a Tech Preview earlier this year. Our Knative implementation has reached General Availability now with the 1.25 release of Red Hat Openshift Serverless.

      • TecMintHow to Install Chrony NTP to Synchronize Time in Linux

        The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol used to synchronize computer system clocks automatically over a network. The machine can have the system clock use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) rather than local time.

        Maintaining accurate time on Linux systems, especially servers is an important task for many reasons. For example, in a networked environment, accurate timekeeping is required for accurate timestamps in packets and system logs for root-cause analysis, determining when problems occurred, and finding correlations.

      • HowTo GeekHow to Flush DNS in Linux

        Is your internet browsing experience slow on your Linux device, or are the websites you’re visiting outdated or the wrong website altogether?

      • Network WorldLooking at user login time with the ac command | Network World

        The ac command can provide very useful summaries of how much time users spend logged into a Linux system. It gets its data from the wtmp file.

      • Libre Office Draw, set up unit measurement and ratio for technical drawings

        If you want to create some basic 2D plans, Libre Office draw does a pretty good job and is quite easy to pick up and use. I use LibreOffice Draw myself to plan out some of my own small woodworking projects.

      • uni TorontoHow Linux swap files (and swap partitions) find where to read and write

        The kernel has two ways to build these swap extents for a swap file. First, a filesystem may support an explicit way of obtaining these swap mappings through a swap_activate method it provides. How these functions work depends; the ext4 one uses a generic ‘iomap’ system with an ext4-specific callback (cf fs/ext4/inode.c), while the NFS code basically pretends that the NFS swap file is a block device, creating a single file-wide direct mapping (see nfs_swap_activate() in fs/nfs/file.c).

        Second, for filesystems that don’t have specific support, the kernel will go through every block in the file and attempt to map it to a disk block, then identify contiguous runs of blocks and merge them together in a single extent (see bmap() in fs/inode.c and generic_swapfile_activate() in mm/page_io.c). This only works if the filesystem can map file blocks to disk blocks for you, which not all filesystems can. Presumably it’s potentially rather slow, especially for large swap files. I believe that most filesystems that expect (and want) to be used for swap have their own fast swap_activate function because of this.

      • It’s FOSSHow to Install GNOME Desktop Environment in Linux Mint – It’s FOSS

        Linux Mint is an excellent Linux distribution, especially for beginners.

        I like that it stays on the familiar Ubuntu/Debian front and yet it does several things better than Ubuntu. One of them is that it doesn’t push Snaps down my throat.

        However, I am not a fan of the Cinnamon desktop as I never really liked the Windows XP or 7’s default setup either.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Jami on Ubuntu 22.10 | 22.04 | 20.04

        Jami is a powerful and secure peer-to-peer communication solution that offers voice, video, and chat capabilities. It is being developed by Savoir-faire Linux, a Canadian company specializing in free software. The ancestor of Jami is SFLphone, a portable SIP/AIX software phone also developed by Savoir-faire Linux. Jami retains most of the audio and SIP capabilities of SFLphone but adds many new features and improvements. For example, Jami introduces a decentralized network that allows users to communicate directly with each other without the need for central servers. This provides more secure and private communication, as there is no centralized point of failure or control. In addition, Jami includes support for multiple platforms and devices, making it accessible to everyone.

        The following tutorial will teach you how to install Jami on Ubuntu 22.10, 22.04, 20.04 Linux desktops with APT, Snap, or Flatpak method using the command line terminal and instructions on how to update and remove the software in the future if required.

      • UNIX CopHow to install CloudPanel on Ubuntu 22.04?

        With the quick install option for WordPress, you get the latest WordPress Version installed and configured. All without sacrificing server security thanks to the quick firewall configuration. Plus, can add another layer of security with Two-Factor Authentication for secure CloudPanel login.

        Moreover, you can install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates in one click for free. So, this setup makes it easy.

        One of the best features of CloudPanel is that it i

      • KifarunixEasy way to Test Internet Speed on Linux Terminal – kifarunix.com
      • AddictiveTipsHow to install and use Telegram on a Chromebook

        Telegram is one of the most popular chat services out there. You’re in luck if you own a Chromebook and want to use the native Telegram app rather than the web interface. You can get the Telegram app working on your Chromebook in several ways. This guide will show you how to set up the Android Telegram and native Linux Telegram apps.

      • Linux NightlyHow to Install WhatsApp on Ubuntu 22.04 – Linux Nightly

        WhatsApp is a free messaging application used by over a billion people worldwide. WhatsApp provides secure, reliable voice and video calls that can be made locally or internationally with a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. WhatsApp is available for multiple devices, like computers, tablets, and phones.

        Though there doesn’t exist a download link for Linux on the WhatsApp website, it’s still possible to install WhatsApp on Ubuntu. In this tutorial, you’ll learn two methods of installing WhatsApp on Ubuntu.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install AnyDesk on Ubuntu 22.10 | 22.04 | 20.04

        AnyDesk is a cross-platform software that provides secure remote access for file transfer or VPN features. It also works well as another tool in professionals’ arsenal when they need more control over what’s going on in their machine than what is available through other means.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 22.10 | 22.04 | 20.04

        Plex Media Server is a widely used software to store all your digital media content and access it via various client applications. It is popular among users for its ability to store TV Shows and Movie Libraries and share content with friends and family members. Plex Media Server has continuously grown in popularity and now supports many platforms. Some of the most popular client applications for accessing content from a Plex Media Server include NVIDIA Shield, Roku, Mobile App, and many more. The software organizes your files and content into categories, making it easy to find and use. In addition, the Plex Media Server provides security and privacy features that allow you to control who can access your content and when. The Plex Media Server is a great way to store and share digital media content.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 22.10, 22.04, and 20.04 Linux LTS by securely importing the GPG key and official Plex repository and some tips on basic sets creating a reverse proxy with Nginx for users that wish to access Nginx remotely, this is not required for internal home networks.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install Flameshot on Ubuntu 22.10 | 22.04 | 20.04

        Anyone who has used Ubuntu will know that it comes with a great screenshot tool called Flameshot. This tool is simple to use and offers a range of features that make taking screenshots easier and faster. For example, you can capture the entire screen or just a specific area, and you can also capture screenshots of windowed applications. In addition, Flameshot offers several editing features that can annotate or highlight portions of the screenshot. Overall, Flameshot is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to take screenshots regularly.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Flameshot on Ubuntu 22.10, 22.04, and 20.04 Linux with cli commands using two methods, APT or Flatpak/Flathub, using the command line terminal. For most users, I would always recommend installing the version from Ubuntu’s repository first. For users that prefer Flatpaks and more frequently updated applications, use the Flathub source.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • SUSE/OpenSUSE

      • EarthlyCan Rancher Help You Better Manage Kubernetes? – Earthly Blog

        Recently, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments have gained significant traction as they let you optimize costs, increase scalability, improve agility, and achieve greater operational resilience. However, with these deployment strategies, managing different Kubernetes clusters with multiple tools and dashboards can be a challenge; Rancher can help you seamlessly manage such deployments at scale.

        This article will explore the features and capabilities of Rancher, an open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified Kubernetes distribution designed to make it easy to deploy, manage, and monitor multi-cluster environments from a centralized UI. Here, you’ll learn about Rancher and the different deployment options it provides, and understand the aspects that make it unique.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • UbuntuCanonical at AWS re:Invent 2022 | Ubuntu

        AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community. The in-person event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, access to technical sessions, and so much more.

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • SaaS/Back End/Databases

      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL: Pyrseas 0.10.0 is now available

        The main aim of this release was converting to Psycopg 3. Thanks to Daniele Varrazzo for his assistance. In addition, we have removed the depedency on pgdbconn and no longer support Python 2.x. Postgres releases from PG 10 to PG 15 are supported.

      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL: temBoard 8.0 : Unified authentication, PostgreSQL 15

        temBoard allows you to manage and monitor your PostgreSQL fleet.

        Dalibo announce the immediate availability of temBoard 8.0. This new major release review authentication between interface and agents, brings new features, and renews the foundations of the project. Follow carefuly upgrade guide for a reliable migration.

    • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

      • Document FoundationLibreOffice and blockchain: What cool things are possible? – The Document Foundation Blog

        As you’re no doubt aware, LibreOffice is free and open source software, which means that anyone can delve into the code behind it, study how it works, and adapt it for their needs. And we’ve seen many examples of this, with LibreOffice’s core engine being adapted by the ecosystem to work on mobile devices and in web browsers, for instance.

        Meanwhile, blockchain is technology that provides a distributed ledger, made up of growing list of records (blocks), that are securely linked together using cryptography. The most famous (or sometimes infamous!) example of blockchain technology is cryptocurrencies (eg Bitcoin), but it can also be used in many other ways such as in smart contracts, authentication and games.

      • Second edition of Designing with LibreOffice available for free download – Taming LibreOffice

        The first edition was published in 2016, and was downloaded over thirty-five thousand times. Michael Meeks, one of the co-founders of LibreOffice, described the first edition as “an outstanding contribution to help people bring the full power of LibreOffice into their document.” Similarly, free software author and journalist Carla Schroder wrote, “Designing With LibreOffice teaches everything you need to know about document production…. suitable for beginners to wizened old pros, who will probably discover things about LibreOffice that they didn’t know.”

    • GNU Projects

    • Programming/Development

      • Red HatHow to categorize C programs by behavior | Red Hat Developer

        Most of us who write C and C++ code intuitively understand why some programs might behave differently when compiled with different compilers or different compiler options, or when running under particular conditions. We’re also aware of the dangers of undefined behavior and usually try to avoid it in our code. But not all of us appreciate the many useful (and often unavoidable) aspects of undefined behavior. This article explains the kinds of behavior the C standard uses to categorize programs and their subtle, sometimes unexpected, impacts on compilers, libraries, other standards, and programmers themselves.

        Programmers are rarely familiar with the subtle nuances of undefined behavior. Nor do programmers pay as close attention to the other kinds of behavior that C programs are subject to, or when that behavior might occur. In our discussions, we often use terms like “valid code” or “correct program” without having a shared understanding of their meanings.

        I’m sometimes surprised that not even expert programmers, including C committee members, always agree on what the terms mean. Some don’t know why the basic categorizations of program behavior were introduced into C in the first place, or their purpose.

      • Matt RickardLLMs for Code

        I’ve always found training models on code to be interesting – there’s large amounts of structured data and text is a fairly simple input/output interface that can be automatically be checked for syntax correctness.

      • Adriaan de Groot80/20 Refactoring | [bobulate]

        I have found a new bugbear. Something to be creatively annoyed about. I’m going to call it 80/20 refactoring, to express the idea that a refactoring is started, but then not finished. Probably because doing all of the edge cases in a refactoring is hard.

      • Jussi PakkanenNibble Stew: If you don’t tolerate it in new code you should not tolerate it in old code either

        Let’s assume that you are working on a code base and notice that it has some minor issue. For argument’s sake we’ll say that it has some self written functionality and that the language’s standard library has added identical functionality recently. Let’s further assume that that said implementation behaves exactly the same as the self written one. At this point you might decide to clean up the code base, make it use the stdlib implementation and delete the custom code. This seems like a nice cleanup so you then file merge request to get the thing changed.


        Getting blocked like this is a bit unfortunate, but these things happen. The important thing, however, is that all these are solid technical reason for not doing the cleanup (or at least not do it immediately). Things get bad when you get blocked by some other reason, such by your reviewer asking “why are you even doing this at all”. This is a reasonable question, so let’s examine it in detail.

        Suppose that instead of submitting a cleanup commit you are instead submitting a piece of completely new functionality. In this MR you have chosen to reimplement a piece of standard library code (for no actual gain, just because you were not aware of its existence). The review comment that you should get is “You are reimplementing stdlib functionality, delete that code here and use the standard library instead”. This is a valid review comment and something that should be heeded.

        The weird thing here is that this is in a way the exact same change, but it is either not acceptable or absolutely necessary depending on whether parts of the code are already inside your repo or not. This is weird and should not be the case, but human beings are strangely irrational and their “value functions” are highly asymmetric. This can lead to lots of review fighting if one person really wants to fix the issue whereas some other one does not see the value in it. The only real solution is to have a policy on this, specifically that submitting a change that fixes an issue that would be unacceptable in new code is, by itself, a sufficient reason to do the work but not to merge it without technical review. This shifts the discussion from “should this be done at all” to “what are the technical risks and merits of this change”, which is the way reviews should be done.

      • Shell/Bash/Zsh/Ksh

        • VideoAWK Delimiters – Invidious

          awk is a great tool that can help with all sorts of parsing, processing and summarizing cleartext data.

  • Leftovers

    • A plea to people making howto and informational videos: Give us a transcript!: Dissociated Press

      Video content is here to stay. As a text-based person with a face for radio, I’ve come to grips with it. But that doesn’t mean video alone gets it done.

      If you’re producing video content, please also share a transcript of the video. I realize some people love video, and that’s fine – but it’s not that much harder to include a transcript and it’s much more inclusive and potentially more effective.


      Note that this isn’t limited to external content. If you’re doing internal comms? Provide a transcript too. If it’s worth doing any kind of video, it’s worth doing a transcript.

    • Hardware

      • CNX SoftwareAMD unveils low-cost Artix UltraScale+ AU7P FPGA and Zynq UltraScale+ ZU3T MPSoC – CNX Software

        AMD has added two new low-cost, low-power members to its UltraScale+ family with the Artix UltraScale+ AU7P FPGA and the Zynq UltraScale+ ZU3T MPSoC.

        Both devices are manufactured with the 16nm FinFET process and offer entry points to the transceiver-based UltraScale+ family with features such as high I/O-to-logic density, UltraRAM, DSP, and more.

      • CNX SoftwareMatter compatible ESP-ZeroCode modules enable plug-and-play automation solutions – CNX Software

        Espressif Systems has just announced the Matter-compatible ESP-ZeroCode modules with Wi-Fi and/or Thread (802.15.4) wireless connectivity that are designed as plug-and-play solutions for LED lights, outlets, switches, dimmers, relays, fans, and other lighting and electrical devices.

        I was only recently introduced to no-code programming in a recent post by Ninephon Kongangkab explaining how to use SenseCraft firmware for no-code programming on Wio Terminal. Basically, there’s no need to know Arduino, MicroPython, or any programming language, as the user just has to press a few buttons to configure an IoT device to meet his/her requirements. With the ESP-ZeroCode modules, Espressif offers something similar using several of their ESP32 chips.

      • Andrew HutchingsAcorn RiscPC: Restoration Part 1 – LinuxJedi’s /dev/null

        After my recent restoration work for the Acorn Archimedes A3010 I thought I should try something in that range that is a little beefier. The RiscPC is one of the last machines in the Archimedes range and has some interesting features such as the capability of installing a 486 CPU co-processor to run DOS and Windows software.


        As you can see, it looks like it has been kept in a garage or somewhere similar. The plastics are going to need quite a bit of cleaning and the keyboard is missing a key. I might clean the keyboard up and obtain the missing key, or replace the whole thing. The keyboard is essentially an Acorn branded standard PS/2 keyboard.

        As Dave from the EEVBlog would say “Don’t plug it in, take it apart”. I dare not turn it on at this stage without seeing what is inside. RiscPCs have a battery inside them, so I’m expecting some leakage. The machine is incredibly easy to disassemble, the case has two long pegs plastic which you unlock and pull out, then the lid just lifts off.

      • GizmodoPhysicists Got a Quantum Computer to Work by Blasting It With the Fibonacci Sequence

        An experiment involving a Fibonacci pattern of laser pulses apparently yielded a new state of matter.

      • The Next PlatformSapphire Rapids Xeon SPs Plus HBM Offer Big Performance Boost

        If there is one bright spot in the Xeon SP server chip line from Intel, it is the version of the “Sapphire Rapids” Xeon SP processor that has HBM memory welded to it. These chips make a strong case for adding at least some HBM memory – or something that looks and feels like it – to compute complexes that are working on HPC and AI workloads that are memory bandwidth bound and therefore cannot – and do not – squeeze every bit of performance out of the CPUs they run on.

        As we previously reported, this future Sapphire Rapids HBM processor will be sold by Intel under the Max Series brand, as will the “Ponte Vecchio” GPU formerly know by the Xe HPC brand. The way Intel sees it, and speaking very generally of course, HPC and AI workloads fall into roughly three buckets. About 50 percent of them are compute bound, about 30 percent are memory bandwidth bound, and the remaining 20 percent are a combination of the two. Workloads that are bound by memory bandwidth include weather modeling, seismic processing and reservoir modeling in the oil and gas industry, and AI training. Compute bound workloads include molecular dynamics, protein sequencing, and anything crunching dense linear algebra equations. Risk modeling in the financial services sector is in the middle of these two extremes, and both crash simulation and computational fluid dynamics, like risk modeling, like CPU frequency over CPU throughput and are either more or less sensitive to memory bandwidth (crash simulation less so than CFD).

        Addressing these distinctions across workloads means having different kinds of compute and memory in different mixes to optimize for different workloads. And that, in a nutshell, is why Intel has to have GPUs with HBM, CPUs with DRAM, and CPUs with HBM in its lineup.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • DaemonFC (Ryan Farmer)My spouse has COVID, and I’m worried for him. (And that I’m probably going to be next.) (And another Lake County Health Department story.) | BaronHK’s Rants

        My spouse told me he didn’t feel well today, and started coughing, and was running a fever, so I ran a couple quick COVID tests that I had left over from when the feds were handing them out in the mail.

        I ran an Abbott BinaxNow first, and when the double line showed up REALLY fast, I said “SHIT, uhhh….Bad test?” (hey, even I’m entitled to drift off into wishful thinking now and then), and grabbed an iHealth test and ran that, and that one showed double lines (positive) as well.


        6 months later, we got “first booster” and about 5 weeks ago, got “Omicron booster”, and we still have COVID in our house, obviously, and my spouse is off work all week, and now I’m just waiting to see if I get it too.

        So this is lovely, isn’t it?

        It might have been worse without the vaccines, but Mom will just jump on this as “proof” that the vaccines “don’t work at all”, because “splitting” is a hallmark of the personality of both my parents.

      • The WirePharma Company Distributed Rs 1,000 Crore Freebies to Prescribe Dolo 650 Mg Tablets, SC Told

        The petition alleged that to ensure a higher profit margin, the company manufacturing Dolo tablets distributed freebies to doctors to prescribe the 650 mg drug.

      • Eli Lilly Stock Takes A Dip After Verified Twitter Imposter Says Insulin Is Free | HuffPost UK Tech

        Eli Lilly’s stock dipped Friday morning after someone paid $8 to verify a Twitter handle resembling that of the pharmaceutical giant and posted: “We are excited to announce insulin is free now.”

        Insulin, of course, is not free. In the U.S., one study released this summer found that the high price of the lifesaving drug puts an extreme financial burden on about 14% of the 7 million Americans who need it regularly.

        The prank appears to have served to highlight this harsh reality, prompting backlash from people who use Twitter. Other insulin manufacturers, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk, also saw their stocks take a dip.

        The Eli Lilly imposter verified the handle @EliLillyandCo, taking advantage of Twitter’s new rules governing who gets to have a verified account. The company’s real handle is @LillyPad.

      • John GruberDaring Fireball: Eli Lilly Stock Dipped After a Verified Twitter Imposter Claimed Insulin Would Now Be Free

        There are, like, a thousand interesting stories about Twitter under Elon Musk’s ownership, and this is just one. But there are several interesting angles to just this one story:

      • A ‘food park’ that could heighten hunger

        People in Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district, battling the proposed dumping of 50,000 litres of polluted water from a mega aqua food park into the Gonteru drain every day, find they are fighting the state as well

    • Security

      • Computing UKCanada detains Russian national over LockBit attacks [Ed: Microsoft Windows TCO, but Microsoft-friendly publishers try to paint this in political terms instead]

        A dual Russian-Canadian national has been taken into custody in Canada, on suspicion of playing a role in the LockBit ransomware attacks that have targeted vital infrastructure and industrial groups across the world since 2020.

      • TechTarget5 Essential Programming Languages for Cybersecurity Pros | TechTarget

        Coding is an essential skill across almost every technological discipline today, and cybersecurity is no exception. Cybersecurity professionals must understand coding concepts in order to correctly interpret the activity of malicious actors on their networks, and they must be able to write code to perform their own work more efficiently and effectively. While not every cybersecurity job explicitly includes coding skills as a job requirement, it’s hard to imagine any cybersecurity career that wouldn’t benefit from the ability to knock out at least a few lines of code every once in a while.

      • FudzillaIntel and AMD-based platforms can update Arc firmware

        Linux developers are not so fortunate. According to developer Richard Hughes updating the firmware on Arc GPUs appears to be handled by the Intel Management Engine, a small microcontroller that is only included in PCs with Intel processors. Hughes ran into a problem with IBM’s POWER CPU architecture, but it seems to make firmware updates impossible on any non-Intel platform, including those based on AMD or Arm CPUs.

      • IT WireiTWire – Medibank data linked off same forum on which Optus data was leaked

        Ransomware generally attacks only systems running Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

      • USCERTCISA Has Added One Known Exploited Vulnerability to Catalog [Ed: Such a generic headline. This is 100% about Microsoft and 100% about Windows.]

        CISA has added one new vulnerability to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, based on evidence of active exploitation. This type of vulnerability is a frequent attack vector for malicious cyber actors and pose significant risk to the federal enterprise. Note: To view the newly added vulnerabilities in the catalog, click on the arrow in the “Date Added to Catalog” column, which will sort by descending dates.

      • Critical Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Linux kernel. Patch immediately

        The local privilege escalation vulnerability in the Linux Kernel was reported by Redhat, and its CVE code is 2022-3977. The problem is that the most recent Linux kernel upstream contains a use-after-free vulnerability called mctp sk unhash that may be exploited to elevate privileges to root. When a program tries to utilize memory that has been released or no longer assigned to it after it has been given to another application, it is known as a use-after-free vulnerability. In cyber attack situations, this might result in arbitrary code execution or provide an attacker access to remote code execution capabilities. It can also cause crashes and unintentional data overwriting.

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • Hacker NewsGoogle to Pay $391 Million Privacy Fine for Secretly Tracking Users’ Location

          Internet giant Google has agreed to pay a record $391.5 million to settle with 40 states in the U.S. over charges the company misled users about the collection of personal location data.

          “Google misled its users into thinking they had turned off location tracking in their account settings, when, in fact, Google continued to collect their location information,” Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said Monday.

          “For years Google has prioritized profit over their users’ privacy. They have been crafty and deceptive,” Rosenblum stated.

          The investigation was sparked by a 2018 report from the Associated Press that revealed Google was continuing to track users’ locations on Android and iOS even when users turned off “location history” in their account settings, effectively undermining the privacy controls.

    • Environment

    • Finance

      • Michael West MediaElon Musk is in a bind, not just with Twitter, it’s Tesla too – Michael West

        Twitter raider and Tesla founder Elon Musk might not be the world’s richest man for long. What’s the scam?

        The scam is debt, or “leverage” as they call it in financial markets. Neither Tesla or Twitter make much of a profit. Both have enormous debt and Musk has to service that debt as interest rates rise while trying to work out how to monetise both companies.

        The incredible success of Tesla meanwhile is about to be sorely tested. This is a company that has yet to face competition but the established car makers in Europe, Japan, Korea and China are about to hit the market for electric cars, with all their distribution, marketing and engineering expertise. In the words of Australia’s top auto journalist, John Cadogan, “Tesla is doomed“.

        Meanwhile, Musk’s Twitter foray has already cost him billions after he forked out $US44bn to buy it with other people’s money then discovered just how fragile is the online ecosystem. He sacked thousands to get costs down and whacked an $8 charge on Twitter’s “blue tick” users which hilariously led to pranksters buying blue ticks, impersonating the likes of drug company Eli Lilly and weapons maker Lockheed Martin, wiping billions off their share prices.

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • Big Tech: Not Only Market But Also Knowledge and Information Gatekeepers

        At the end of July, Microsoft and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, presented their latest and relatively disappointing economic results blaming it on the macroeconomic distress. What may have gone unnoticed is that both companies referred to their clouds as the main engines of growth. The cloud was also responsible for Amazon’s better-than-expected quarterly results.

        The cloud refers to computing services, including software, hardware, and platforms offered as services through the Internet instead of running locally on individual computers. By 2025, 45% of the world’s data storage will be on the cloud. We are constantly storing information and accessing online applications through the cloud.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • Michael GeistThe Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 146: Axel Bruns on What the Australian Experience Teaches About the Prospect of Facebook Blocking News Sharing in Response to Bill C-18 – Michael Geist

        As Bill C-18 heads to clause-by-clause review later this week, the prospect that Facebook could block news sharing on its platform in Canada in response has attracted the ire of politicians and concerns from media outlets that rely on social media as part of their business model. But is this a bluff or, having just laid off 11,000 employees, an accurate reflection of where the company stands on the value of news on its platform given current economic realities?

        Axel Bruns is a Professor of Communication and Media Studies at QUT Digital Media Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, who has written about the Australian News Media Bargaining Code and the effects of the Facebook news sharing blocking in 2021. He joins the Law Bytes podcast to discuss the Australian experience in an effort to answer the question of whether Facebook is bluffing or if news sharing on the platform in Canada is placed at risk should Bill C-18 become law.

      • Jim NielsenVerified Personal Website – Jim Nielsen’s Blog

        Max did a funny thing where he verified his personal website. (He also official-ified it, as there appears to be a difference between the two — at least at the time of this writing, who knows that could change…)

    • Monopolies

      • CoryDoctorowTech a la carte

        “Oblique Strategies” is Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s deck of 100+ cards, each with a sentence of gnomic advice. They inspired Roxy Music, David Bowie, Talking Heads and Devo. My favorite? “Be the first person to not do something that no one else has ever not done before.”

        Why that one? Because it challenges us to imagine how something that we perceive as unitary and indivisible might be decomposed into smaller units. It’s a challenge to the notion that one must “take the bad with the good.” What if we could just get rid of “the bad?”

        Back in 1998, John Kelsey and Bruce Schneier proposed the “Street Performer Protocol” as a means of funding nonrivalrous, nonexcludable projects – that is, things that can be infinitely reproduced at effectively no cost, and whose reproduction can’t be easily prevented: things like software and digital books, music, and videos.


        How did we get rid of pop-ups? It wasn’t by banning them – it was by blocking them. Browser vendors sought out competitive advantages by adding pop-up blocking to their offerings: first Opera, then Mozilla, and, finally, Internet Explorer.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • You’re no private eye.

        I knew that dame was trouble as soon as she walked through the door. Probably because she broke the doorknob off when she came in off the sidewalk. Although, the maintenance problems at 734 Angler Street were not her fault. That I’ll grant her.

        “Ma’am. Ma’am, you’ll need to climb up and around the edge of the Buddha,” I told her, gesturing towards the large bronzed statue between us, which occupied most of the room. I knew about the 10-foot-wide Buddha in that office before I leased it. But the rent was low, and there was enough room for my desk in the corner. Round statues in rectangular rooms. That’s just the way things worked in that hard-boiled town, back then.

    • Technical

      • Itanium History Roundup

        Last week was the birthday of the final[1] Itanium chip released – the Poulson microarchitecture. I remember its release on 8 Nov 2012. I also remember reading the manual a few months prior and being underwhelmed. Some of the early materials released about the Poulson microarchitecture – and heavily boosted by a certain someone on RWT’s forums, as well as by David Kanter himself – caused me to expect a significant boost in across-the-board performance that would finally propel IPF into competitiveness with Power, and earn its place at the top of Intel’s product lineup while ensuring a long future.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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