[Meme] IBM Has Paid ZDNet to Troll the Community

Posted in Deception, IBM at 11:02 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

These are all from ZDNet

IBM master plan

IBM masters

zdnet on master

IBM meme on race: When Watson or IBM say it it's OK; Otherwise it is racist

Ccourse in ZDNet

Summary: Over the past few weeks ZDNet has constantly published courses with the word "master" in their headlines (we caught several examples; a few are shown above); years ago this was common, also in relation to IBM itself; clearly IBM thinks that the word is racially sensitive and offensive only when it's not IBM using the word and nowadays IBM pays ZDNet — sometimes proxying through the Linux Foundation — to relay this self-contradictory message whose objective is to shame programmers, Free software communities etc. (through guilt they can leverage more power and resort to projection tactics, sometimes outright slander which distracts)

[Meme] How Corporate Monopolies Demonise Critics of Their Technically and Legally Problematic ‘Products’

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, IBM, Microsoft at 6:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Are critics of systemd bigots or just opponents of monopoly/monoculture (i.e. proponents of technological diversity)?

It's bloated; It's unsafe; Microsoft proprietary trap; IBM controls it... That's racist!
Applicable to many projects, not only systemd or projects that reject reciprocal licences

Summary: When the technical substance of some criticism stands (defensible based upon evidence), and is increasingly difficult to refute based on facts, make up some fictional issue — a straw man argument — and then respond to that phony issue based on no facts at all


IBM Declares Defeat/Failure, ‘Shuts Down’ Campaign of Anti-Richard Stallman Rhetoric (Defamation)

Posted in Free/Libre Software, FSF, IBM, Red Hat at 5:17 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

No more Bully de Blanc (fired), no Deb (OSI, stepped down), no more IBM-led hate letter against an opponent of its darker agenda

IBM fail

Summary: IBM and Red Hat will now focus on getting medical records of staff* and forcing everyone to pull up the sleeve, unconditionally (the subject of ongoing uproar at IBM); This isn’t software freedom or even freedom in general. What happened, IBM? Got tired of removing signatures (that's all that was happening there; people removing their own names)? Looking for reasons to get rid of staff without announcing more layoffs and potentially without paying severance?

* Important note: I’m a proponent of vaccination, but not mandates.


Matthew Garrett’s Twitter Log Shows Exactly Why We Need to Give Security Theater the Boot

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat at 9:24 am by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

Matthew Garrett put Security Theater Boot support into the Linux kernel some time ago, and he got a Free Software Treachery Award for it from the joke that the FSF has turned into.

“Bootkits just really aren’t much of a problem on desktop GNU/Linux…”Now on his Twitter log, he shows us some of the mess he has caused.

See, if you have “Secure” Boot turned on, and you shouldn’t, but if you do, you’ll see the Linux kernel complain that it is disabling hibernation support, and while that alone really isn’t a huge problem because as long as you can suspend and resume (which still is far from given these days even though we were lied to and told uEFI would be better, over ten years ago), it really shows where we’re at now.

Bootkits just really aren’t much of a problem on desktop GNU/Linux, and I doubt they were ever a real problem on much of anything involving a competently-administered GNU/Linux systems, except maybe embedded hardware, where they can lock it down all they want, but those people don’t care about security. If some asshole at Netgear can make a cable modem based on a Linux 2.6 kernel, you’d better believe they’ll do it. After all, you probably won’t know if your modem is compromised.

In reality, I strongly suspect that even on the Windows side, Security Theater Boot was implemented to make it harder to crack Windows using a boot activation exploit. While it’s true that Microsoft laid off the locking people out of their computer over activation failures, for now, the truth is that after Windows 11 requires Security Theater Boot, OEMs may just make it mandatory and stick you with it, and then Microsoft could decide at any time to stop signing shim, and there’s no way to boot GNU/Linux on a PC anymore. The minute they think they can, they will. The only reason you could turn it off up until now was that they had legacy software and hardware in support, but that’s going away.

“But in exchange for false security which doesn’t gain us anything, we’re forced to deal with no hibernation…”It’s part of the “Up yours, buy new stuff!” theme of Windows 11 where lots of expensive computers won’t run it because they’re 36 months old. (But switching to GNU/Linux on these is probably an option for you.).

But in exchange for false security which doesn’t gain us anything, we’re forced to deal with no hibernation, an entire “kernel lockdown” (unauthorized access… by you, the owner of the machine) patch set whose entire goal was to remove the user’s control over kernel settings from userspace (which Microsoft didn’t even publicly demand in exchange for signing the shim bootloader after Red Hat and Canonical bent the knee instead of filing lawsuits), and has left us unable to extend the kernel that runs our own machines with out-of-tree drivers that we feel like running.

Since people can delete tweets and make them unavailable for critical comment, here’s what this sanctimonious asshole has been up to lately.

UEFI troll tweet

UEFI troll tweet

UEFI broken
Yes, that FAMOUS GNU/Linux bootloader, “Windows Bootloader”. There it is, under P:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\en-us. I’d recognize it anywhere!

He guesses and gets it into the kernel, and you get to wonder if your OS will work later. He also exaggerates, misdirects, and misleads. (see above) But that’s what carnival barkers do.

That is sort of what happens when you have a failed biologist implementing Security Theater from Microsoft. Getting money from them by proxy to do it with.

The company that brought you Windows.

The operating system that goes “Herr! Derr! Here you go, have some files dumped on this here flash drive because the letter belonged to your portable hard disk earlier! Here’s some Microsoft Defender, don’tcha know!?”.

Anyway, I really do wish I had all day to read his Twitter blogs where he pontificates about how the police who protect him from the rioters are evil murderers. But I’ve thought about him too much for one day just for this post.

Anyway, enjoy Windows 11. I’m sure it’ll be great.


[Meme] Joining Red Hat After Jim Whitehurst Left

Posted in IBM, Red Hat at 12:45 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Capturing the sentiment



Summary: The screenshots above are minutes old; insiders don’t think too highly of long-term careers at Red Hat (the latter seems to be the same person as the former)


IBM is Imploding But It Uses Microsoft-Type Methods to Hide the Demise (Splits, Buybacks, and Rebranding Stunts)

Posted in Deception, IBM at 6:21 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 2fce460539288ff87cc2b2a19407d1d0

Summary: A combination of brain drain (exodus) and layoffs (a lack of budget combined with inability to retain talent or attract the necessary staff with sufficiently competitive salaries) dooms IBM; but the media won’t be mentioning it, partly because a lot of it is still directly sponsored by IBM

SOME weeks ago we wrote about ongoing IBM layoffs and the conspicuous lack of media coverage (“Media Is Not Mentioning Those Layoffs At All”).

1 Hour Here Is 7 Years on Earth: 1 year in IBM is Hell; People leaving in drovesIt’s not hard to find out what goes on behind the scenes, based on insiders or many threads like this ones with legitimate comments. It is possible to learn a lot if occasional trolls can be ignored/skipped (they do exist) and links are occasionally added, so one can moreover corroborate.

Based on stories told, IBM is offering existing employees some money just to leave of their own volition, making these layoffs or sacking numbers seem smaller (voluntary departures, or an exodus). Contrariwise, in some cases they pay vast amounts of money just to keep onboard key or strategic employees (usually managers) who wish to flee the company because they see no future to it. It is a sinking ship.

“It’s very important for those of us who remember which company makes all the decisions at Red Hat.”As the old saying goes, the truth is somewhere ‘in between’, but no doubt there are profound issues at IBM and even a crisis — one that media shies away from covering. It’s very important for those of us who remember which company makes all the decisions at Red Hat.


Open Invention Network (OIN) Recognises a Risk Posed to Cryptocurrencies (Danger From Software Patents), But OIN Still Proposes the Wrong Solutions

Posted in Deception, Finance, IBM, Intellectual Monopoly, OIN, Patents at 9:41 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 93f0af36dc02563b8b0cf0931164c1b7

Summary: Square is joining OIN, but it’s another example of banking/financial institutions choosing to coexist with software patents instead of putting an end to them

THIS video concerns the latest high-profile OIN addition. We’ve assessed not press releases but promotional puff pieces from Microsoft-centric sites [1, 2] that favour corporate front groups such as LOT, OIN, and Linux Foundation. They make no effort to question the proposed approach; instead, it is akin to a press release in quasi-interview form.

“OIN itself isn’t evil, but it misleads people by offering the wrong solutions to the community while mostly serving the interests of companies looking to ‘bag’ the community’s work (or privatise it).”We don’t wish to start with all the basics and the history of OIN. We did several videos about it earlier this year, there’s lots more in the wiki, and 188 articles in the OIN category of this blog. OIN itself isn’t evil, but it misleads people by offering the wrong solutions to the community while mostly serving the interests of companies looking to ‘bag’ the community’s work (or privatise it).

Cryptocurrencies are a pollution-related problem, but they’re not inherently evil, either. Patents remain a potent threat to them and we’ve named some of the blockchain patent trolls (they sent nasty and threatening messages to us).

Cryptocurrency companies need to work to abolish software patents, not flock to join the likes of OIN. There’s not much OIN can do to protect them from patent trolls.


[Meme] 12 Years of Corporate Deplorables Running the USPTO

Posted in America, Google, IBM, Patents at 5:42 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

In the EPO (Europe), the regime is an aggressive dictatorship of corporations and litigation giants, served by António Campinos and Benoît Battistelli; in the US, it’s the corporations themselves

PragerU Reagan: Kappos, Lee, Iancu
Where are the civil servants?

Summary: It’s hard to swallow the idea (myth, fiction) that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office protects the ‘small person’ when it’s run by Mr. Iancu, an old Trump associate (protecting a high-profile fraud), preceded by Mr. Kappos (Microsoft and IBM lobbyist) and Michelle Lee (Google)

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