Remember Who Biden’s Administration Put in Charge of the US Patent Office

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RIAA Biden

Summary: It is important not to forget that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is still run by a former Microsoft legal representative who is shilling software patents and Microsoft’s proprietary document formats


Subsidising the Likes of Rupert Murdoch is Not Supporting Journalism

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Video download link | md5sum dd4b69b8bb8a4043172f25bd7f500164
Taxing the Wrong Way Around
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: There are yet more attempts to tax citations; not only does that make no practical or moral sense, it’s being lumped in or joined together with a must-pass “defence” (military) bill in order to suppress opposition

THE European Union has put forth some misguided proposals on “news sharing” for years. Canada is also pushing a ‘link tax’. Now, the United States — likely swayed by the very same lobbyists (and interests which infest “the media”) — might have the same inside a must-pass anti-democratic bill. It’s just unreal, is it not?

What are they trying to do? They want to tax people for linking to sites rather than accept that it would harm the Internet; if anyone should cushion a burden to pay, it’s the site/s enjoying additional audience, owing to the linking. They got it all backwards!

“This deserves to be broadly discussed as the general public would be disgusted.”Thankfully, unlike lobbyists’ mouthpieces (misframing this as “Big Tech” — a Microsoft lobbying straw man), there is some better coverage regarding “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA)” (misnomer in every letter). It seems like US ‘democracy’ has been reduced to a bunch corporate dictators dropping stuff they want enshrined as law onto NDAA, bypassing an actual, real vote on pertinent proposals. “Piggybacking “riders” into must-pass legislation,” an associate said, “is toxic and anti-American. Notice that it’s not just that most of the coverage is afflicted by severe conflicts of interest, but that almost the only sites covering it at all are overseas: India, UK, Australia, etc. The US-based businesses don’t want the matter examined in any way, shape, or form.”

This deserves to be broadly discussed as the general public would be disgusted. Lots of scandals here all wrapped into one.


Storm Brewing Over the Future and Nature of the Internet

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TikTok Surpasses Google, Facebook As World’s Most Popular Web Domain

Summary: Subsidies for Web giants (and shareholders of such giants) will run out; what will happen to the Internet when this inevitably happens?

If one goes by (relies on) reports and accounts of corporate media, “cryptocoins” (a misnomer) are doomed and therefore anything blockchain-related is doomed too. Never mind if one is merely a subset of the other. If one goes by reports and accounts of corporate media, it also seems increasingly likely that Twitter (as a business) will collapse completely and Facebook won’t manage to ‘evolve’, even if it rebrands as “Meta” and pushes VR under a new buzzword. About a year ago it became apparent that toxic TikTok had exceeded (in terms of the number of requests) Web giant Google. TikTok is accessed from a lot of countries, including places where Facebook is banned. It seems unlikely that TikTok is the future; it’s more of a passing fad. Some American politicians already promote bills to block TikTok entirely.

Nat Friedman Advisor to FTXTo a lot of people, the above things (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok) aren’t Web sites but “apps”. It is noteworthy that mobile devices with “apps” have long outnumbered desktops and laptops, which means that Microsoft fell behind not only on the Web but also in the “installed base” sense.

The recent collapse of FTX had a ‘ripple effect’. Various other companies that sold so-called “cryptocoins” perish and fold. Along with them: NFTs, “web3″ (whatever that actually is!), and various other cargo cults hugged and shilled by charlatans and one-time frauds [1, 2, 3].

At the moment we fully utilise IPFS, Gemini, IRC, and the Web. We explore some other protocols too, maybe Tor will be next (Onion address).

United States Government Debt - November 2022 Data - 1942-2021 HistoricalFor a number of years — if not well more than a decade already — a lot of companies operated in a bubble, backed mostly by debt. We were meant to assume some companies were worth trillions of dollars even though they were occasionally operating at a loss. Twitter almost always operated at a loss and the same is true for ClownFlare. The state of the Internet and the Web is not sustainable because the companies that currently dominate it don’t necessarily profit from it; some rely on US government subsidies/bailouts, fattening shareholders of failing companies like “Meta” at the expense of taxpayers (not something that will last forever; in the latest month on record, US national debt grew by over $300,000,000,000; yes, in just this one month, causing inflation to spiral out of control). With plausible rumours of impending "big" layoffs at Microsoft (not to mention Amazon, HP, Intel, Facebook and so on) we’re probably at the cusp of major shake-ups. What comes next? Too hard to tell, almost impossible to guess, but as newsrooms report many more layoffs (many included in Daily Links yesterday, including CNN and Gannett) it’s essential to stay vigilant. Things are going to change.

“Microsoft, the world’s most valuable company, declared a profit of $4.5 billion in 1998; when the cost of options awarded that year, plus the change in the value of outstanding options, is deducted, the firm made a loss of $18 billion, according to Smithers.”

The Economist, 1999


Removing Electronic Voting Machines (or Moving Everything to FOSS and Open Standards) Would Improve Election Certainty

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Video download link | md5sum 22692bae8396f2df8de753bc3958cf29
Lula Winning is a Win for Free Software
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Disinformation campaigns and election processes that are virtually impossible to audit serve to show that technology can harm democracies; on the other hand, there’s a better chance at comprehending digital systems if they conform to standards and use only Free software on ‘open hardware’

THE notion of electronic voting is not compatible with the concept of maintaining physical paper trail for assessment by pertinent people, like people who count individual votes (not totals) and respective observers who validate the counting process. There’s ample literature on this subject, authored by people with extensive experience in that domain. They can explain this far better than us. In the past we wrote about the concept of Software Freedom in voting; paper is best, combination of machines and paper is faster but can be tampered with, Free software in voting machines* is a “lesser evil”, and then there’s the back-doored proprietary voting infrastructure, which is pure evil yet increasingly widespread. The last one is the worst and it cannot be tolerated because it leads to uncertainty about outcomes (like the 2016 election in the US where Russians were accused of cracking, then in 2020 when disinformation ran rampant). No operating systems — or no computer programs at all — means no cracking. And without prospects of cracking, confidence only improves. “Show me the ballots” is more powerful than “show me the code!”

Some days ago we cautioned against mindless stigmatisation of people who reject electronic voting and now we’re seeing Bolsonaro trying to ‘pull a Trump’ to dispute the outcome of an election he lost (several links about it were posted here this morning).

“It certainly does not feel like technology is so beneficial to democracy.”The video above focuses on the Free software (or ‘FOSS‘) track record of Lula, the winner of the election in Brazil. He has long supported the country’s digital autonomy and adoption of standards such as Open Document Format (ODF). “Well,” an associate has said this morning, “the outcome of the election in Brazil could have a positive effect on FOSS and Open Standards there.”

That’s aside from how the election was done.

But it remains to be seen if Bolsonaro leaves the helm or wages a violent coup like Donald Trump did (still with total impunity; the country does not take insurrection seriously enough). The video mentions how Bolsonaro himself attempted to rig the election by posting intentionally false (fake) material online. It certainly does not feel like technology is so beneficial to democracy.
* “Voting and FOSS are two unrelated topics,” an associate noted, so it’s “best to split them into two posts.” But in the case of Brazil, we’d like to bring light to both aspects. “It would not be good if there were confusion and it looked like advocating for FOSS voting machines at this point,” the associate added. Just to be clear, our position is that Lula should move the country to Free software. As for the voting process, it ought to be done with paper ballots. Not everything needs to be handled by technology. Counting millions of paper ballots by hand does not take a long time, either. It often feels like a “solution” in search of a problem or plain grifting.


[Meme] Mein Kampfinos?

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We're bringing Texas to Germany
Patent trolling money… but cui bono?

Summary: As EPO dictator, António Campinos helps Germany do in Europe what Texas does in the United States


Koch Operatives Working to Shape Patent Law in Favour of Monopolies and Oligarchs

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Is it still for science and innovation? Or are scientists being coopted for someone’s monopolistic business reasons?

Mein rules; Mein judges; Mein benefit
It’s All Mein!

Summary: Patent systems are being hijacked by monopolists and plutocrats for their financial gain and protectionism; it’s a longstanding issue because it begets constitutional violations (glossed over by bought or installed “Justices”, which is another creeping threat, especially in light of recent developments in the US Supreme Court and patently, manifestly illegal actions by Team UPC)

WHO or what is patent law actually for in this century?

2 days ago the FFII’s president recalled this old page that says:

Patent (n.) A medieval economic tool by which politicians attempt to stimulate trade and wealth by banning innovation and competition in crucial areas of technology.

It is easy, but incorrect, to confuse patents with other remnants of medieval thinking such as bloodletting, witch burning, and the use of garlic to ward off infectious diseases. Patents in fact have two main functions. First, they protect inefficient and uncompetitive businesses from the ravages of the free market; second they provide an elegant model for tax avoidance, since royalties on patents are exempt of tax, or very lowly taxed, in most countries.

Techrights wrote nearly 5,000 posts about patents in Europe, but a similar number of posts concerned patents in the US (we had been covering the US affairs in earlier years). We’ve long shown Americans shaping EPO rules or deviations from the EPC for personal and corporate gain. Some weeks ago we showed how António Campinos goes to their lobbyists' events whilst openly boasting they can work around the law. He’s not shy to promote illegal software patents because he’s staying in power irrespective of his behaviour.

Today’s post concerns input from a reader, who knows the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) from personal experience. It’s not about 35 U.S.C. § 101 (or Alice at SCOTUS) but about broader questions.

“Decided to punish myself and look through the USPTO report,” our reader said, “and was surprised to find that, on page 28, they address the issue of costs, but, of course, not the fees they charge, which pays for these ridiculous reports they specialize in. The 2020 annual report for the USPTO was 244 pages long, while the 2020 annual report for Apple – maybe the largest corporation in the world – was 71 pages long.”

“I’m sure they don’t read, much less heed, comments they receive, but, they do record that they receive them, apparently.”

If one looks at page 57 one finds “Adam Mossoff, Professor, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University” [sic] (Mossoff is a paid shill in “Professor” clothing; Mossoff was mentioned many times in Techrights).

“George Mason University has become a notorious radical right-wing “university” in recent decades,” our reader explains. “I actually grew up maybe 40-50k from George Mason, and I actually was accepted to attend there, but I was persuaded to try to go to a better school. It was a fairly new school in 1972, when I would have attended.”

“It has gained a horrible reputation in recent decades. I suspect it was intended to be horrible from the beginning, knowing where it is located. Just yesterday I read this article, which discussed Henry Manne and George Mason.”

After around 1970, the Koch brothers took over the intellectual leadership funding for the Republican Party and organized that Party’s billionaires to become the successors of what the DuPont brothers had created. It increasingly became known now, as “libertarianism.” One of the main universities that the Kochs funded was George Mason University, whose Henry G. Manne became, after Coase at Chicago, the main developer of “Law and Economics.” (In 2016, the Koch brothers renamed it the “Antonin Scalia Law School.”)

“The USPTO is located close to George Mason,” the reader explains, “and my first negative encounter with the USPTO – many years ago now – was with some “lawyer” named Jefferson D. Taylor and it was his refusal to resolve an issue for an inventor – me – that began everything.”

“I found his bio on the USPTO website, and he attended George Mason, and grew up very close to George Mason, and worked as a political hack for a local politician, before getting a cushy gig at the USPTO.”

“By the way, notice the D in the name Jefferson D. Taylor. I would bet you any amount of money that the D is an abbreviation for Davis, and that he is named after Jefferson Davis, the traitor who was President of the confederates states during the US Civil War.”

“A few years ago, as I was searching the web for aid in fighting the USPTO, I ran across some IP organization at George Mason, and called them – or somehow communicated with them – and they were extremely obnoxious, because an inventor – an individual – just doesn’t matter.”

The meddling by Mossoff has long been documented here. Mossoff is like a proxy for oligarchs’ interests and he presents himself in a misleading fashion.

Here in Europe we have many ‘Mossoffs’, which include Team UPC. They infest and infiltrate key institutions, making them unpleasant to honest workers and setting them well adrift, away from the original goals, charters, or laws.


Richard Stallman Interview Removed by Google (Because He Was on RT)

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Video download link | md5sum af44147bc2435d6b600bce456308d664
RMS on Keiser Report
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Max Keiser spoke to Richard Stallman in the past; one such appearance in RT is reproduced above (all RT shows were removed this year in an indiscernible fashion)

THE “You” Tube platform of Gulag/Alphabet decided to mass-delete Americans whose shows or appearances were broadcast in RT [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

The above show, now censored, is basically two Americans (Stacy Herbert is the wife of Max and is Canadian) speaking to another American about issues that the American corporate media does not like to air.


Microsoft Vidal, as USPTO Director, Already Plays ‘Political Cards’ to Disguise and Deflect Away From the Corporate Agenda

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The diversity card is used heavily, but the large corporations get their way

USPTO PR image

Summary: Microsoft Vidal, another corporate pawn in charge of the world’s most dangerous patent system, is using soft-spoken deflection and PR tactics to disguise or distract from the real agenda of the Office

“Just got the e-mail from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) wanting to include everybody,” told us a reader, “except if you use Linux or the postal service, of course.”

Here’s the mail:

USPTO spam

“The USPTO is absolutely rolling in money they get from inventors,” the reader added, “and they waste it by putting out this propaganda.”

“I took a look at the website (Inclusive innovation | USPTO), which doesn’t have a phone number, of course, but just an e-mail address for e-mails that will never be read. The website links to a Council for Inclusive Innovation page. Check out the members (Members of the Council for Inclusive Innovation | USPTO): IBM, Oracle, General Motors, etc.”

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