In Picture: Microsoft Edge Market Share Actually Decreased After Microsoft Had Forced Windows Users to Run It

Posted in Antitrust, Deception, Microsoft at 9:12 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

That strategy did not go well, based on these latest numbers

Windows now blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links
What things look like right now, today
Source: Windows now blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links
Data file (OpenDocument Format): edge-chart.ods

Summary: Nobody likes a bully; Microsoft persisting with old and very familiar crimes has earned Microsoft scorn even from longtime proponents and cheerleaders of Microsoft while market share went down

In the media right now: Microsoft Is Trying to Force You to Use Its Software Like It's 1998 All Over Again | Inc.com

Microsoft has had a very good run the past few years. It introduced a new browser, Edge, based on Chromium, which is faster and more reliable than what it replaced. It also launched Teams, a competitor to the popular communication platform Slack, which exploded as millions of people moved to working remotely during the pandemic.

Microsoft’s Edge browser isn’t bad. It’s one of the better Chrome alternatives, and it comes with a few interesting features that make it worth a look. Microsoft Teams isn’t bad either if what you want is something other than Slack and you’re already deeply integrated into Microsoft’s productivity ecosystem.

If you’re using Windows, however, Microsoft very much wants you to use both. For example, Windows 11 makes it very difficult to get away from Edge as the default. Sure, you can set a different browser as your default, but any link within the system will still open in Edge regardless of your choice. Microsoft even went so far as to block a utility called EdgeDeflector that opened those links in whatever browser you set as default.


Amid Reports of Microsoft’s Competition Crimes in Europe…

Posted in Antitrust, Europe, Microsoft at 12:52 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: European companies are complaining, but they seem to overlook the principal aspect of an imperialistic system with bottomless pockets (almost 30 trillion dollars in debt already; US national debt soared again last month); Microsoft is shielded by a political system with military (“defence”) as bailout budget to help cushion international expansion for data grab and technical leverage, as we've seen in the case of EPO (this is all political, not technical, and should thus be treated as a political/corruption issue)

Here’s what Eben Moglen told, as reported by Associated Press about a decade ago:

The European stance differs strongly from the self-regulatory, free market approach favored in the United States, where Web companies have flourished by offering users free services if they provide personal information to help advertising target them better, according to Columbia University law professor Eben Moglen.

“If the European regulators get serious, it will create a significant conflict,” said Moglen, who has been examining online privacy issues since the early days of the Web.


Moglen, of Columbia University, said even if European regulators rallied together they would find it difficult to force their rules upon U.S. companies, given the close relationship between Silicon Valley and the administration of President Barack Obama.

“If the Europeans want that fight, then surely the American government wants the other side.”

Eben Moglen 1998
Source page


EdgeDeflectorGate is Turning Into a Major Scandal for Microsoft

Posted in Antitrust, GNU/Linux, Microsoft at 6:29 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

Although Microsoft is now directly responding to this, as are their paid mouthpieces, it is clear now the scope of the EdgeDeflector PR disaster.

Here’s two such paid trolls defending Edge while at the same time claiming they’re not happy.

Microsoft Calls Firefox’s Browser Workaround “Improper,” Will Block It

I like Edge — too bad Microsoft is being a jerk about it

I don’t know what’s to like. Edge is basically just Chrome with Google’s spyware scooped out and Microsoft’s spyware put in.

On GNU/Linux it is even more absurd. We didn’t stop using Windows so we could start using the browser that Windows users don’t open unless it’s with one of these damned accidental clicks that’s all over Windows “11”.

Windows “11” is the most malicious OS Microsoft has ever released, just like every new version is.

Their official statement on breaking EdgeDeflector is basically that it’s their operating system, and if you don’t like it, up yours.

With Windows “11” barely a month old and not even registering in stat counters yet, over 500,000 people had already downloaded EdgeDeflector, according to Daniel Aleksandersen, the author of the program.

Given numbers like these, it’s obvious why Microsoft is being a bag of dicks and heading it off at the pass. This would have been where Edge stalled out and bled to death. Millions would have used EdgeDeflector because it’s easier to stuff a cork in it if Microsoft leaves this “issue” unaddressed than it is to make Windows take its medicine and put a real OS on the PC, like GNU/Linux. Edge only has 4% of users now, even with all of these ports.

EdgeDeflector users are a lot of people compared to the paltry number of Windows “11” victims so far. Some get conned into ‘free bait’ downgrade offers, some wake up and it found its way onto their computer, and OEMs will ship computers with it and not offer a choice at some point…..this is the only way new Windows versions gain any serious traction…Everyone knows they’re worse than the thing they already have and puts them off as long as possible.

In fact, there’s a perverse incentive to stay on an unsupported release of Windows. Microsoft will stop bricking it every month with crap updates they test on you.

Microsoft is minimizing (the number of users who think Edge is a dodgy spying piece of junk), denying, and blaming others. Which are the hallmarks of an abuser, as any victim of domestic violence will know if they’ve gone to a therapist about it.

“Microsoft isn’t a good steward of the Windows operating system. They’re prioritizing ads, bundleware, and service subscriptions over their users’ productivity,” developer Daniel Aleksandersen added in his blog.

For what it’s worth, the Free Software Foundation sent Microsoft a hard drive asking them to open source Windows 7 so that the community could correct it and maintain it. No reply. 😉 It read like a WTF moment, but they were being flippant, pointing out that Microsoft will never share Windows as open source, so the only wise move is to leave it.

Alexsanderson continue to pontificate, as if this were news to anyone who had driven a PC lately…..

“Microsoft still charges 200 USD for a Windows license while simultaneously filling the operating system with ads and crapware. Weeks before launch, Windows 11 wouldn’t even show the taskbar when it failed to display an advertisement dialog. Just last week, first-party apps and features of Windows 11 stopped working due to an expired encryption certificate.

For users, the best action is to complain to their local antitrust regulator or switch to Linux. Your Web browser is probably the most important — if not the only — app you regularly use. Microsoft has made it clear that its priorities for Windows don’t align with its users’.”

In the US, the antitrust regulators are going after Google, and to some extent Apple, and inexplicably (at least on the surface) leaving Microsoft alone.

While these other companies certainly have issues, neither of them are as nasty as Windows. Microsoft managed to water down the aftermath of US v. Microsoft so much that the consent decree eventually expired, and they said they’d behave.

This is much like the southern US states suing to overturn the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The law required them to get “pre-clearance” from the Department of Justice before enacting new election restrictions.

They went to the courts and said things had changed since 1965 and they would behave now, and then as soon as the law got struck down, they enacted hundreds of new voting restrictions, aimed largely at minorities and the poor, and criminalized black churches gathering votes from their congregants.

It’s simply revolting that all a bad actor has to do is promise to behave and then whether they’re a convicted criminal monopolist or want to bring back the Jim Crow south, they’re off the hook.

The court systems at the federal level are completely broken, obviously, and with so many Trump holdovers that he packed them with, I really doubt anything will happen to Microsoft there, so States need to take the initiative in enforcing their own laws, and citizens of the several States need to petition their State government to do so.

In 2016, I filed an antitrust and consumer fraud complaint against Lenovo in the State of Illinois, and if anyone wants the emails, I’ll release the damned emails. Nothing else I did got their attention. I posted about them locking GNU/Linux out of the Yoga 900-ISK2 series on Reddit /r/linux (full of Microsoft shills) and was banned and called deceptive, I went to the “tech news” naively, and was dismissed by Microsoft propagandists at ZDNet and elsewhere, which are even more a shitposting outfit now than they were then.

When they did post anything at all before I went to the Attorney General, it was some sort of PR blurb about how Lenovo designed the “360 degree hinge” for Windows 10 and “Linux couldn’t possibly work” with, you know, a hinge. Only, it did. As soon as you flipped it over into tablet mode, GNOME activated the virtual keyboard, screen orientation worked, the touchscreen worked, the physical keyboard was disabled until you put it in laptop mode again.

Actually, Windows 10’s on screen keyboard was a complete nightmare. If I tried using it in Firefox, nothing happened at all. It only worked in Edge (Legacy). Dirty tricks even then!

Nothing worked, until I complained in 16 pages of detail, to Lisa Madigan, the Illinois Attorney General, and THEN Lenovo quickly offered a BIOS repair for the affected models and not to do that again.

That laptop is blacklisted from running Windows “11”. It runs Kubuntu 20.10 fine.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to take action against a company for things like this. There was also GPL compliance problems at Samsung. I sent them a letter and they refused to comply, and I got the SFLC after them regarding their infringements against BusyBox, and a source code tarball for my Blu Ray player appeared very soon after that.

Back to Edge…. We need a “Don’t use Edge!” campaign. We really do. If people refuse it and boycott it and even change operating systems over it, it will die.

If people really want a Chromium browser, recommend Brave to them instead.

On a strictly technical level, it’s hard to be much more terrible than Microsoft Internet Exploder. The reason “Edge” seems to crash less and get better security fixes is that Microsoft just brings all of those in from Chromium without doing much of anything. To the extent it’s better, it’s because they’ve gotten out of their own way there.

But with all of that spyware in there, and this “shove it in your face” attitude, it’s like, why do it?

Brave has all of the same important rendering engine features, it’s more secure, it’s the most private major browser out there. The same 2020 study found that Microsoft Edge and Yandex (a Russian search engine) were tied for the worst browsers.

We need to gravitate towards Free and Open Source Software, which doesn’t need your private information and doesn’t want it. We need to encourage these programs for others too.

Right now, the only browsers I’m recommending by name to people who ask are Brave, GNOME Web, and LibreWolf. The rest of them deserve each other.

Mozilla in 2021 is so pathetic that they removed support for setting your Windows “11” default browser in one click from the installer you could download from their Web site, and then said it’s because they wanted it to be just as crippled as the Windows Store version. (Mozilla’s blog has also gone straight to hell. They keep talking about things like magic fairy dust called “AI”, which doesn’t exist. They also clearly won’t be around when it does. It’s buzzword bullshit bingo at this point.)

Windows Store is a joke. Most of the apps are fake or are hobbled in some way. Everyone should avoid it.

With GNU/Linux we have real applications, secure applications, from sources like Debian’s Apt repositories, and FlatHub. No fakes in here.

I developed a hobby of collecting Web browsers when I was a child, and switching back and forth, and I still do that quite a bit, on Debian GNU/Linux now.

People would ask me why I tore apart Windows 98 (with a program called “Revenge of Mozilla” by Bruce Jensen, based on a demonstration tool written by Professor Ed Felten to demonstrate Microsoft’s lying to the court) and gutted it of Internet Exploder, the Trident engine, Outlook, and dozens of other things, and put in the FAT32-aware Windows 95 OSR 2.1 shell.

“I like browsers. I just don’t like theirs. Plus, my operating system doesn’t crash anymore now that it’s not causing the shell to leak out until there’s a Blue Screen of Death.”.

-Me (circa 1998)

Bill Gates testified in court that my operating system was broken.

I found that it ran what I wanted it to just fine.

Far from going deep, deep into the plumbing of the OS, an INF file could run through things in 2-3 minutes, unregistering COM objects, deleting files, cleaning registry keys, asking for the Windows 95 Shell, and you reboot and you’re running this greatly improved OS that’s much faster in less memory.

Microsoft added gratuitous dependencies on IE into programs that never needed it before, and created bloat and security hazards in things like Office 97, just to push Windows 95 users into giving up and embracing the horrors, so I switched to Star Office. I bought it at Staples the same day I bought MandrakeLinux.

What does go deep deep into the bowels of Microsoft is the sleazy, disreputable, lying scumbags.

“Creepy Uncle Bill” handpicked his successors and many of them are still there. Who do you think a guy who cheated on his wife every day with a different woman and flew around with Jeff Epstein trying to buy a Nobel Prize is going to pick to replace him?

How much could they have changed? Obviously not much.

Bonus: Here’s a tour of Windows 98 without Internet Explorer and with a Windows 95 shell patched to say Windows 98. Nathan Lineback at ToastyTech used a similar program called 98Lite, which was not freeware. I used RoM because it was freeware and I was a broke kid.


Microsoft Announces That It Will Soon Break Every Method to Avoid Accidentally Loading Edge

Posted in Antitrust, Microsoft at 2:41 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

Microsoft announces that it will soon break every method to avoid accidentally loading Edge.

I don’t know why anyone would use an OS (Windows “11”) that doesn’t understand what the word “No” means. Jeffrey Epstein OS. Good pals with Uncle Bill.

Anyway, if you continue using Windows “11”, at some point, Microsoft will plug all of these “user choice” holes and you’ll be stuck swatting at Edge all the time.

There are some Windows programs that can match window titles and automatically close them for you that may still work to avoid some of the aggravation. But switching to GNU/Linux now is a good idea.

Here’s some Debian 11 Live images with device firmware included. You can make a Live USB and try it out with Rufus if you use Windows.

It respects your default decisions!

Mozilla puts Firefox in the Windows 11 store.

Microsoft bandits: “You picked a bad time to get lost, friend! I’ll enjoy counting your coin!”

Windows and Edge are like adaptive malware that just figures out how the antivirus programs (in this case, the Edge deflectors and closers) work, and automatically install updates from a botmaster. (Microsoft)


Microsoft Tries Pushing/Imposing Their Office Suite on Edge Users (4% of the Web) in the Context Menu

Posted in Antitrust, Microsoft at 10:12 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

Microsoft tries pushing their office suite on Edge users (4% of the web) in the context menu.

It’s possible that this is why they have a “Linux” and “Mac” version at all, and not just the Windows Vista SP 11 crapware that won’t take no for an answer.

Few people with a brain in their head would pay for Microsoft Office, much less a version that doesn’t even work if you have no Internet connection, or if the server goes down.

It has happened numerous times. One of my attorneys couldn’t even get documents I was sending her because Microsoft “365” was about as stable as Charles Manson.

It made her look incompetent.

Microsoft is positioning themselves as something they’re not. Even though it’s also foolish to rely on Google Docs, I can’t recall any substantial downtime.

Microsoft’s products hardly ever end up working out well, no matter what they are.

It has been this way forever. They even replaced 8 XBOX 360s under warranty for me alone. It got so ridiculous, that I sold #8, along with all of my games, and canceled my account. In fact, they kept billing me and I had to talk to the vice president of XBOX, “Major Nelson”, to cancel a subscription.

Many people put up with Windows because of the foot-in-the-door tactic of shoveling it on them like some sort of a cursed object with the purchase of their PC.

But all you get in the way of Microsoft Office is a stub that lets you spend hundreds of dollars of your hard earned money (in this economy!) when LibreOffice works on Windows, is compatible, and costs $0.

Many home users have little to no need of a full blown office suite, and those who do should really shop around, but I think LibreOffice is the best out there right now.

Nevertheless, with Microsoft’s market share with Edge being a blip despite even continuing to push it to their latest zombified unsupported OS, Windows 7, and Mac and Windows users that gawk at it like “WTF is this crap? LOL!”, they still manage to be a very nasty company to the people who run Edge.

It’s inappropriate to add spam and junk to a Web browser, or any program, which is why I gave up Firefox, which is going that route.

Richard Stallman called Ubuntu Unity (their former desktop environment) malware over an Amazon Shopping keylogger, very similar to what Firefox is pushing now.

Canonical even made the same arguments, that the evil was a means to an end, to fund their software development. Doesn’t matter. Unity is gone. Is anyone worse off for it? No. We were worse off, as a community, for their wasted effort on it.

I don’t think that GNOME Web is going to start trying to sell me Amazon products it thinks I might be typing in through my address bar anytime soon. Free and Open Source Software doesn’t work this way.

Someone would write a patch as soon as they got annoyed with it, and then share that patch, and that would be the end of it.

That’s exactly where the “LibreWolf-ing” of Firefox is heading.

As for Microsoft Edge, I mean, they are dumping resources into this godawful thing and getting all of the usual suspects to spam it for them, and for what ultimate purpose I am unsure, because from where I’m sitting, it’s hard to believe that short of banning all other browsers on Windows entirely, from even running, that they could pick up any serious traction with this turd.

Days After Microsoft Killed EdgeDeflector, a New Utility to Stop Edge From Loading Emerges

Posted in Antitrust, Microsoft at 8:45 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

Days after Microsoft killed EdgeDeflector, a new utility to stop Edge from loading emerges. The browser that nobody likes or uses. The browser that Microsoft is insisting there’s a “Linux” userbase for that’s just dying to get at it…

MSEdgeRedirect, as it is called, blocks Edge from loading by running as a system tray application and loading the user’s preferred browser instead.

The author claims that he is working on a way to redirect Bing to the user’s preferred search engine as well.

We’ll see how long it takes Microsoft to attack their users and shove Edge down their throats now that this is announced, but it’s unwise to host it on Microsoft GitHub in my humble opinion.

If and when they do, perhaps they can port MSEdgeRedirect to GNU/Linux so that we can install Microsoft Edge and then manually set it as our default browser on one screen instead of the 473 in Windows Vista SP 11, and then deflect it back to our chosen browser, as a show of solidarity with Windows Vista SP 11 sufferers.

In all seriousness, I’ve never seen a company that used to be so powerful grasping at straws to stay relevant like this.

Does pissing the user off normally end well?

Do they think people will use it just because they accidentally click on something?

I’ll stay tuned and keep you on the edge of deflecting Edge.


Microsoft Would Need a Lot of Corrupt Public Officials to Go Along With Windows 11 SE, for Schools, Since All it Adds is $100 Per Student Laptop

Posted in Antitrust, Microsoft, OLPC, Windows at 10:58 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

Microsoft would need a lot of corrupt public officials to go along with Windows 11 SE, for schools, since all it adds is $100 per student laptop.

This has all happened before, but it won’t happen again.

Last time, Microsoft stormed the beaches to kill a low cost laptop for education was when they dumped shit-ass Windows XP onto the OLPC XO laptop. It didn’t work.

Well, it did work, but Word took 43 seconds to load and ran the device out of memory.

So there’s that.

“…Word took 43 seconds to load and ran the device out of memory.”I mean, the laptops were meant to be powered by a hand crank, if necessary, and to do that you need an efficient operating system like GNU/Linux. They even pared GNU/Linux down with a special desktop called Sugar.

But the point wasn’t for it to work well.

The point was to get sleazy corrupt public officials onboard, and to corrupt the One Laptop Per Child project, and it worked, and nobody ever heard about them again.

Microsoft set back computing in education a decade and especially hurt economically disadvantaged countries without good infrastructure.

This time they’re dealing with Chromebooks, from Google, which have virtually the entire market and a well established reputation, supply chain, and support infrastructure.

So, Microsoft, I mean, good luck with that, when you’re only adding $100 per student and the world’s crummiest operating system to the mix. I’m sure that will go well for you!

“Nobody under 40 wants to use Windows, and so Microsoft has a big problem on their hands.”Especially now that schools, students, and administrators love their Chromebooks and, you know, realize that times are tough and budgets are not unlimited.

But you’ll figure that out….Have fun with an entire warehouse full of these stupid things, like Windows Phone (years of dumping/selling below cost, followed by an $8 billion write-down) and Zune (which never made sense and entered the market halfway into the life-cycle of the iPod).

But going back to the sudden panic about the education market, I think it has less to do with the actual Chromebooks themselves (although that’s certainly a market), and more to do with panicking that school children may activate “Linux” and learn how to use Debian, and then put that on their other computers.

The next generation will be the one where Microsoft finally goes to die. Nobody under 40 wants to use Windows, and so Microsoft has a big problem on their hands.

Like the Republican Party in the United States, their voters are getting long in the tooth with “nothing in the pipeline” to replace them.

Even before Windows XP went out, Microsoft was developing a theme that pretty much cloned Mac Aqua, from the then-new OS X. They can’t come up with anything original, so they just steal.

They think that a new theme in “Windows 11” that makes it look like a Chromebook is the answer.

Microsoft just doesn’t get what the real problem here is.

It’s that people despise them for having spent so many years dealing with crashes and viruses and lost data and manipulative behavior, and want them gone.

“Debian in a container lets their users run real applications, and it removes one argument against buying a Chromebook.”Then on top of that, they get to deal with incompetent bureaucracies at work who make them deal with it all day long and don’t want to come home to it as well. Now there are ways to realistically escape, even if you don’t know much about computers.

Many of those ways aren’t going to gain you everything, but most of them at least gain you a computer that isn’t breaking down all the time.

And, I think what Debian in a lightweight container on Chromebooks shows is that there are at least some geeks at Google.

It has a legitimate use case. Many users will absolutely reject a system that can’t run local applications. Debian in a container lets their users run real applications, and it removes one argument against buying a Chromebook.

“Google Docs works in Offline Mode, or you could just use Apt or Flatpak on Debian to install LibreOffice.”Microsoft still thinks this is 2013 and you can’t edit a document offline with a Chromebook.

Google Docs works in Offline Mode, or you could just use Apt or Flatpak on Debian to install LibreOffice.

Chromebooks have actually grown beyond a joke. Windows 11 hasn’t. The joke just keeps getting bigger.

Oddly, at the same time they tout offline document editing (which we had in the 1980s in DOS, even), Microsoft wants you to pay them for not being able to edit a document unless you’re online, or if the server goes down again and again.

On the Microsoft-side, WSL2 is a joke that has no plausible use.

Also, Windows having five terminals that don’t work very well does not a Linux make, but I veer further off-topic. Windows Terminal…..Windows is terminal.

I just can’t see Windows 11 SE going anywhere, unless it’s Chicago.

I mean, RedFlex figured out who to bribe to get all of those traffic cameras that actually increase car accidents. Like Windows, these suck as public policy, but money talks.

So, maybe Microsoft will sell these to someone. But it won’t be enough.

Nevertheless, Microsoft already has their army of paid trolls banging away on their keyboards to write glowing reviews of Windows 11 SE, but don’t believe it. It’s more gaslighting.

PCWorld has the winner for the headline, however. “Windows 11 SE is Microsoft’s latest Chromebook-killer.”. Oh really? What happened to their others?

Microsoft Updates Windows 11 to Stop People From Escaping Edge with EdgeDeflector

Posted in Antitrust, Microsoft at 8:26 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

Enough people wanted to ignore Microsoft Edge, a browser so weak that only about 4% of the web uses it despite being the default in Windows, that Microsoft now resorts to dirtier tricks than ever.

Microsoft tried telling you Firefox and Chrome are dangerous.

They tried having Edge “accidentally” steal back default browser status.

Now they make you manually specify your default browser in dozens of places, and then hard code Windows 11 to ignore it anyway and open stuff in Edge.

A guy named Daniel Aleksandersen wrote a program called EdgeDeflector to deal with this annoyance from a former monopolist that can’t come to terms with being an also-ran in the current consumer and professional OS market place (having lost to Linux, Android, Chromebooks, and Macs….Windows is still big, but the bathtub drain stopper has been unplugged and they now panic).

If you don’t count mobile devices, Microsoft has, at most, an 80% market share in PCs (even if you’re willing to accept the friendliest turf to Microsoft I could find, as of late last year, even IDC and a Windows blog that doesn’t mention desktop GNU/Linux can’t save them, and the article mentions a dead project that was picked over to create “Windows 11”), but can’t manage to convince 5% of the web to use Edge.

They went from being a juggernaut that you could barely escape, with 98% for both categories, to this, and it’s not getting better for them.

Even Windows users (who often got stuck with the check for it as part of the computer even though it is unreliable, horrendously bloated, and nasty) don’t want it. And they’ve gotten used to using Microsoft’s browser once to download something else, and then paying it no mind ever again.

It seems that enough people installed EdgeDeflector that it caught Microsoft’s attention, so they changed how the OS works so there’s no way to redirect URLs that they force-open in Edge anymore.

At least not without ripping out Edge itself and putting in a “fake Edge” that intercepts things that way, and Aleksandersen says he’s not prepared to go there.

Remember that if you use GNU/Linux, you can install any browser you want and there’s one setting that makes anything you want to use the default.

For some reason, the Micro-softies think you’ll install their keylogging spyware, Edge, in “Linux”… Hard pass.

They might have Mozilla too captured to do anything about this, but hopefully their real competitors (Jon von Tetzchner of Vivaldi isn’t happy) raise hell and file lawsuits. Even if not, perhaps it will finally piss people off enough that they go chill out on an OS that doesn’t treat them like livestock.

On GNU/Linux I think I have like 9 web browsers, and none of them have food fights, and Debian certainly doesn’t steal my defaults and give them to something I can’t even remove.

Ryan's Debian
*Laughs in “Doesn’t need EdgeDeflector”*

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