Storm Brewing Over the Future and Nature of the Internet

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TikTok Surpasses Google, Facebook As World’s Most Popular Web Domain

Summary: Subsidies for Web giants (and shareholders of such giants) will run out; what will happen to the Internet when this inevitably happens?

If one goes by (relies on) reports and accounts of corporate media, “cryptocoins” (a misnomer) are doomed and therefore anything blockchain-related is doomed too. Never mind if one is merely a subset of the other. If one goes by reports and accounts of corporate media, it also seems increasingly likely that Twitter (as a business) will collapse completely and Facebook won’t manage to ‘evolve’, even if it rebrands as “Meta” and pushes VR under a new buzzword. About a year ago it became apparent that toxic TikTok had exceeded (in terms of the number of requests) Web giant Google. TikTok is accessed from a lot of countries, including places where Facebook is banned. It seems unlikely that TikTok is the future; it’s more of a passing fad. Some American politicians already promote bills to block TikTok entirely.

Nat Friedman Advisor to FTXTo a lot of people, the above things (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok) aren’t Web sites but “apps”. It is noteworthy that mobile devices with “apps” have long outnumbered desktops and laptops, which means that Microsoft fell behind not only on the Web but also in the “installed base” sense.

The recent collapse of FTX had a ‘ripple effect’. Various other companies that sold so-called “cryptocoins” perish and fold. Along with them: NFTs, “web3″ (whatever that actually is!), and various other cargo cults hugged and shilled by charlatans and one-time frauds [1, 2, 3].

At the moment we fully utilise IPFS, Gemini, IRC, and the Web. We explore some other protocols too, maybe Tor will be next (Onion address).

United States Government Debt - November 2022 Data - 1942-2021 HistoricalFor a number of years — if not well more than a decade already — a lot of companies operated in a bubble, backed mostly by debt. We were meant to assume some companies were worth trillions of dollars even though they were occasionally operating at a loss. Twitter almost always operated at a loss and the same is true for ClownFlare. The state of the Internet and the Web is not sustainable because the companies that currently dominate it don’t necessarily profit from it; some rely on US government subsidies/bailouts, fattening shareholders of failing companies like “Meta” at the expense of taxpayers (not something that will last forever; in the latest month on record, US national debt grew by over $300,000,000,000; yes, in just this one month, causing inflation to spiral out of control). With plausible rumours of impending "big" layoffs at Microsoft (not to mention Amazon, HP, Intel, Facebook and so on) we’re probably at the cusp of major shake-ups. What comes next? Too hard to tell, almost impossible to guess, but as newsrooms report many more layoffs (many included in Daily Links yesterday, including CNN and Gannett) it’s essential to stay vigilant. Things are going to change.

“Microsoft, the world’s most valuable company, declared a profit of $4.5 billion in 1998; when the cost of options awarded that year, plus the change in the value of outstanding options, is deducted, the firm made a loss of $18 billion, according to Smithers.”

The Economist, 1999


António Campinos Could Not Possibly Choose a Worse Time to Show Solidarity With Communist China

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Video download link | md5sum e351efabf345d1d3812764f6bf7bf92d
EPO Loves Red China
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The Unified Patent Court or “Unitary Patent” gets promoted in the same blog post or news item that celebrates dictatorship; that seems appropriate given the nature of the Unified Patent Court, which is a gross violation of laws and constitutions in a high-level institutional way

ISN’T it astounding that EPO management is promoting something unconstitutional, illegal and in defiance of international conventions while bragging about a close relationship with China’s government? The king is always right. Right? Ask the courts. They would agree (the king appoints judges). Call it a legacy of Benoît Battistelli, who had inherited the strategy from his French idol, who died so suddenly. Several months ago they did the same with the Saudi regime (old tradition), just days apart from opportunistic pinkwashing. Call it the ‘Qatar effect’ of the patent world; the Unified Patent Court is basically celebrated by crooks and criminals. They know exactly what they’re doing; they know they undermine the law whilst at the same time advertising themselves as “legal professionals”.

As noted in the video, António Campinos is doing another photo op. The EPO has its very own “Pooh” (potty-mouthed kangaroo king):

I'm the F***ing president --EPO President Campinos

Imagine he was arrogant enough to literally approve this for publication today (considering all the other news about China):

Far vs Close: Annual bilateral meeting of EPO and CNIPA heads

As noted in the video above, China isn’t even particularly strategic to the EPO. South Korea and Japan have historically been a lot more signficant, but they have a functioning democracy, unlike China and the EPO (and its latest arrival, Montenegro).


Richard Stallman on Self-Driving Cars and Microsoft’s Universal Back Door

Posted in Asia, Free/Libre Software, FSF, Videos at 9:51 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Indian television covered Richard Stallman’s talks some years ago; later today he’ll be lecturing in India [1, 2], so let’s take a look back at issues which are more recent

This Month in India, World’s Largest Population, Android (Linux) and GNU/Linux Continue Replacing Windows

Posted in Asia, GNU/Linux at 9:08 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

As per latest overall and in desktops/laptops specifically:

GNU/Linux overall and desktops/laptops

Summary: GNU/Linux is ‘serious business’ in India; the founder of the operating system is travelling and speaking in India this week


EML IIT Hyderabad to Host Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) This Coming Week

Posted in Asia, Free/Libre Software at 5:49 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: The video above was published less than a day ago; we reproduce it in a Free format and we may post links near to the time of the talk (4 days from now)


Windows Majority in Asia Down to Just Three Countries, All-time Low for Windows Worldwide This Month

Posted in Asia, Microsoft, Windows at 4:42 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Last month it was four countries and now this:

Asia usage for Windows

All-time low for Windows:

All-time low for Windows

Summary: The decline of Microsoft Windows continues; sooner or later Android (Linux inside) will be dominant in almost every country in terms of its market share or number of users


Microsoft Windows in Chinese Desktops/Laptops Down to 80% (Hence Microsoft Started Blocking GNU/Linux From Even Booting, as China’s Lenovo Demonstrates)

Posted in Asia, Microsoft, Windows at 7:27 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Background: Windows Has Had a Very Tough Year (That’s Why Microsoft Starts to Block GNU/Linux With ‘Secure’ Boot) | Antitrust Action Against Microsoft is Well Overdue | Microsoft’s Crimes Against the Competition, Notably BSD and GNU/Linux, Persist Albeit Disguised as ‘Security’ (UEFI ‘Secure’ Boot, TPM, Pluton…)

Minutes ago: (Source)

Windows loses its grip on the biggest market; the reasons for migrating away from Microsoft are both control and security; furthermore, all countries can realise those benefits by ditching Microsoft

Summary: China’s official policy is that it'll migrate away from Windows; so far this year the effect can be seen and Microsoft seems to have responded by technical sabotage


Migration to GNU/Linux in China Still Progressing, Just as Planned, in Spite of Ridicule and Misinformation From Microsoft

Posted in Asia, Debian, GNU/Linux at 10:31 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Earlier this year: Microsoft Propagandist Turns “Years” Into More Than Ten Years to Belittle a Massive Migration to GNU/Linux in China

GNU/Linux in China

Summary: China is preinstalling GNU/Linux on laptops; “The [above] laptop,” says an English report, runs “Deepin OS 20,” which is based on Debian GNU/Linux

THE world is changing. South Korea, Russia, and China (sharing a border) plan to move their governments and then their citizens to GNU/Linux (South Korea started this year). This won’t happen overnight (due to legacy workflows and systems), but progress is being made; they moreover make their own chips (processors and beyond) to promote self-reliance. Is this good for North America and Europe? Maybe not. Depending on one’s political orientation and stance on security (including back doors).

“We heard about the MateBook earlier this year; Qingyun L410 shows it must have been a success, as otherwise they would not put GNU/Linux on further and newer models of laptops.”Recently, in Daily Links we mentioned this article citing a Chinese portal (screenshot above; it’s hard to access that site). It spoke of a laptop that comes with GNU/Linux preinstalled. “The laptop itself,” it said, “is named Qingyun L410 and is expected to be a cheaper version of the MateBook 14. There’s also the possibility of the device supporting 5G connectivity given that the SoC itself features an integrated 5G modem.”

We heard about the MateBook earlier this year; Qingyun L410 shows it must have been a success, as otherwise they would not put GNU/Linux on further and newer models of laptops.

Kylin and Deepin are the better known Chinese distributions these days (it changes over time and there’s also UOS). Here’s an article about UOS (from May 2020):

Softpedia deception

Certainly the decline of Windows worries Microsoft; lobbyists even begged the Trump administration to allow Microsoft to carry on imposing Windows on banned companies (so much for “Microsoft loves Linux”). Did it work? Not really, at least not based on the above. China has other ideas for its future and it rightly views Microsoft as an imperial espionage tool that’s subsidised by the US taxpayer. Not only did Trump pass a lot of military budget to Microsoft (Pentagon budget as Microsoft stimulus); he also helped Microsoft steal a Chinese company (TikTok) even if that did not materialise at the end.

SuzhouMicrosoft is telling us (even confirming) Azure layoffs, in spite of Microsoft pretending to have found an alternative and promising future in Clown Computing. They literally join or come to our primary IRC channel, trying to interject damage-limiting PR.

Let’s hope that in 2021 the mask will slip further (causing more project exoduses in GitHub), Microsoft layoffs will carry on, and nations as large as China (with the largest number of computer users) will migrate to GNU/Linux.

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