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Sharing is Caring, as Those Who Share Usually Care

Posted in Bill Gates, Free/Libre Software at 8:07 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Sharing is also anti-racist

Among giants

Summary: Going back to our human roots, people who cooperate and collaborate are vastly more likely to survive and thrive; Free software is almost guaranteed to become the norm when/once everyone demands it (proprietary software is too divisive, supremacist and even racist)

THE animal kingdom is an amazing thing. But it’s not a kingdom. There’s no king. There’s also no capitalism there. Animals tend to help and share among their “kind”; in modern society, by contrast, people hoard and are trained to think that it’s all about themselves. Instead of sharing the water in the well they build fences around wells and then charge people for “access” (to gain capital). That’s just what Bill Gates did to software (comparing sharing to theft).

“When you create something, assuming it’s copyleft-licensed, it’s virtually ‘owned’ by nobody (or everybody). Without a CLA, there’s no real ‘owner’, either.”Those who think such allegations are far fetched and removed from reality are likely just sufficiently indoctrinated. Maybe they spend their day posting photos of themselves (selfies, obviously) in Facebook, then sharing holiday photos in some distant place (to brag about air mileage).

Anyway, Free software is inherently against such nonsense. When you create something, assuming it’s copyleft-licensed, it’s virtually ‘owned’ by nobody (or everybody). Without a CLA, there’s no real ‘owner’, either. Commons first.

Nature has a limited capacity. The capacity for hate, however, is limitless. If people learn to share with one another, irrespective of economic means (and this correlates with race unfortunately), racial disparities will be greatly reduced over time. To use an example that makes it easier to understand, how many people who are born in Africa can afford a Photoshop licence? Without being stigmatised as “pirates” by Adobe, as if they’re collectively the moral equivalent of Somali youths who violently attack boats…

“Nature has a limited capacity. The capacity for hate, however, is limitless.”To comprehend the democratising nature of Free software is not too hard. To quote Bill Gates, alluding to poor people just over a decade ago: “It’s easier for our software to compete with Linux when there’s piracy than when there’s not.”

That, by some people’s standards, would be a racist statement (given the context, being poor Chinese people). But due to PR budgets people are wrongly led to think that Gates is racially tolerant, not a white supremacist/eugenicist, just like his wife.


Why Web Sites That Focus on Fewer Topics (a Narrower Scope) Are More Likely to Be Accurate, Harder to Mislead

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, Europe, Patents at 7:18 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Manipulations and bribery have introduced a culture of fear and self-censorship (salary depends on not rocking the boat, so to speak)

Summary: The laughable notion that sites which actually understand what they’re writing about are ‘biased’ and ‘wrong’ isn’t a novel thing; it’s part of the propaganda model, which perpetuates false narratives of and for people who are dependent on misconceptions to enhance/maintain their power

IT is somewhat fashionable to dismiss topic-focused sites as “biased” or “with an agenda” (or “lacking balance” or something to that effect). This sort of nonsense is sometimes used to demean and discredit critics of the Gates Foundation, which is so opaque that it can take a long time to understand its true nature. It swallowed the media using bribes that are disguised as “grants” which “support journalism” (they mean Bill Gates puff pieces, not journalism; it’s designed for lobbying, so it’s part of the agenda-setting pipeline). The “academic grants” offered by António Campinos and Benoît Battistelli are also similar to Bill’s. Scholars lose their ability to research freely; there are strings attached and they’re in essence indebted to crooks. It’s a condition. No grants, no tenure; that’s how academia works.

“Scholars lose their ability to research freely; there are strings attached and they’re in essence indebted to crooks. It’s a condition.”Wikipedia, which is far from perfect (too controlled/steered/manipulated by the powerful), defines investigative journalism as “a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report. Practitioners sometimes use the terms “watchdog reporting” or “accountability reporting”.”

“So next time the EPO tells you that Techrights is blocked be aware that it’s for refuting lies (based on evidence), not for telling lies.”This should, in fact, be the best form of reporting if not the only valid form. A reporter cannot properly cover a topic by only speaking to few self-appointed ‘experts’ or repeating/rewriting press releases. Back in the days IP Kat, under the pen name “Merpel”, did that to the European Patent Office (EPO). It stopped when the EPO’s management took action against IP Kat, whereupon several key people — the founder included — left the blog. It has not been the same since. Deviation from the “official” agenda, be it in posts or even in comments, will result in severe consequences including deletion (in silence, no evidence).

Our reporting on EPO affairs isn’t biased. It’s accurate. It’s different from what compromised media tends to say, but it is based on what actual workers of the EPO are saying, not what management of the EPO (de facto “occupying force” in the eyes of staff) pays the media to say. When the EPO’s President has an approval rate (among staff) near zero it should be rather clear that the management of the EPO isn’t saying/telling the truth. It’s covering up the truth. So next time the EPO tells you that Techrights is blocked be aware that it’s for refuting lies (based on evidence), not for telling lies. I’ve been writing about Microsoft and patents since I was a teenager; I am still focused on such topics because I understand them well. How often are we caught telling a falsehood? Almost never.

Pedophile Working as the Engineer of Bill Gates Initially Reported by Google

Posted in Bill Gates, Google, Microsoft at 1:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The NCMEC Report

NCMEC Report

Summary: Mr. Jones, who also had a Microsoft account (MSN), was initially reported by Google — not Microsoft — as future parts will show in more detail

IT IS important for us to explain to readers, even if at the expense of an offender’s privacy, what happened years prior to the Epstein-Gates scandals. Microsoft already had an appalling reputation when it comes to mishandling pedophilia (there’s lots of information about that around the Web), as people often told us — people associated with groups that combat crimes against children. As recently as two years years ago Bing was accused of disseminating child pornography and even nudging searchers in that direction. There’s also the issue of lack of oversight (e.g. people soliciting sex with children in online chats controlled by Microsoft).

Some key parts from the first installment from Seattle’s Police Department:

NCMEC: MSN address

Formality (facsimile):


Incident report:

2013 NCMEC

Google’s role:


We’re still deciding, patiently, what can be released and when. Determining the nature of public disclosure is important as we don’t wish to compromise the release of future installments from Seattle’s Police Department.


Just Because We Dislike and Distrust Many Who Profit From COVID-19 Doesn’t Mean It’s a ‘Hoax’ (Opportunism Does Not Imply a Crisis Being Faked or Manufactured)

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 12:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

These numbers aren’t ‘fake’; a lot of people get infected, with a high proportion of them dying (and we have no known cure/immunisation for this, unlike influenza)

COVID-19 stats

Summary: The “dude with a webcam and a YouTube channel” crowd is really not helping the public understanding of — and response to — a dangerous virus that spreads very easily; and to make matters worse it serves to distract from legitimate criticisms of powerful people and generally rogue institutions

THE (il)logical fallacy that behind every gainer there’s a motivation that implies intent to harm has led to a great deal of misinformation. At the start of the year some people came to our IRC channels, somehow suggesting if not directly insinuating that Bill Gates was behind the pandemic (only epidemic at the time). We ignored them back then and we still dismiss them as lacking compelling evidence. Some are visibly offended and irritated by this rejection, but that’s alright; maintaining high standards is paramount. A bunch of patents pertaining to coronavirus (not this variant/mutation labeled “COVID-19″) isn’t evidence. In fact, coronavirus isn’t a new thing. These endemic issues have long impacted humankind, as did other standards/types of germs and viruses. The epidemiology experts (not ‘armchair generals’ with a YouTube channel) have long warned about this, foretelling the spread of something like Ebola. We already know the difference between well-contained viruses and those that spread rapidly through airports, aided by globalism and materialism.

“A lot of people who start with arguments of substance end up being misled by the cranks, which then breeds a message with signal and noise combined (also unhelpful).”Just like the whole “5G causes coronavirus” crowd, this one seems to contribute to dismissal of Gates critics as irrational cranks, as anti-vaxxers, or anti-abortion religious nuts. We’ve rejected this narrative all along, yet some people carry on and on. That’s not at all helping; it’s actually helping Gates because he later goes on national Chinese TV, collectively referring to claims about him as assertions that it’s him who started the whole thing (as if he controls Wuhan).

When we receive input (some as mail or social control media; sometimes even random IRC ramblings) we nowadays need to classify it, as some of it is pure noise and some of it very substantial. A lot of people who start with arguments of substance end up being misled by the cranks, which then breeds a message with signal and noise combined (also unhelpful). We’re not sure how to best deal with this situation and how to handle these people, who are typically well-meaning but misguided (or misled). We suppose one can hope that over time it will become more apparent what’s factual and what’s obviously false. The confusion or conflation serves nobody but those looking to make ‘caricatures’ of their critics.


“Philanthropic Racism” (Clinical Trials/Experimentation on Live Subjects and Ethnic Cleaning as ‘Public Good’)

Posted in Bill Gates, Videos at 10:44 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Sent to us by a former Microsoft employee

Summary: Anti-vaxx or anti-abortion isn’t the focus on the video; it’s about the corrupting influence of money and devaluation of African lives (for private, for-profit corporations studying the effects of their controversial treatments that are banned in the Western market) and also about the agenda of reducing reproduction of ‘inferior’ races (whilst you yourself double in a single generation)

Resurgent Interest in Gates Foundation Scandals

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 9:56 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Bad Pun Hayden Panettiere: 1. set up tax-exempt charity 2. use that to bribe media, scholars, key institutions, and to invest in companies (tax-free) 3. ... Profit!

Summary: Growing awareness regarding the real modus operandi of Bill Gates and his cohorts (tripling their wealth while pretending to be giving it all away)

The recent revelations, handed over to recipients of the first installment from Seattle’s Police Department (there will be about a dozen installments in total), have kept us very busy. This slowed down publication at Techrights (we had hoped to maintain an average of 10 posts per day). We’ve just surpassed 650,000 views on this Gates Foundation wiki page and we plan to write more on that subject soon. Awareness is rapidly improving…

Belatedly? Sure. But better late than never.

“Awareness is rapidly improving…”We recently received a lot of mail about Bill Gates and his co-called ‘charity’. We’re sorting all that into heaps: conspiracy nonsense, stuff to be covered in the future, stuff to look into (review for accuracy), and stuff to be published urgently (as soon as possible). I’m helped by some associates and we’re using a shared filesystem to ensure no single person is a ‘point of failure’. As always, informed insiders can contact us anonymously with or without encryption (my public key is here).

What a ‘Smoking Gun’ Would Look Like

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft at 4:09 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

What was once laughed at or dismissed as baseless hypotheses later turned out to be 100% true (then the media pivoted or shifted attention to Stallman, denying the exposure this finding or 'smoking gun' deserved)

Gates flight records

Summary: The mainstream media has already proven — using hard facts and concrete, undeniable evidence — the countless visits/meetings, the flights and the long-denied (lied about) plutocratic affairs or the Gates/Epstein collaborations; it remains for others to determine the nature of the relationship and the cause of death of Mr. Epstein, who entrusted his will to the close advisor of Mr. Gates; the arrest of his personal engineer for pedophilia may or may not be a starting point (we await informed insiders to find courage to speak out)

THE illegal firearm aside, we have not yet stumbled upon a so-called ‘smoking gun’ in the first installment received from the Seattle Police Department. It’s expected that a dozen of installments will be the sum/total. This means eleven more (at most or at least; there’s no telling). It’s expected to take another 8 months.

I’ve personally spent a lot of time on this already. I want to properly understand the case (the media reports were far too shallow) and I definitely don’t want to leap from this to the whole Epstein thing unless there’s some evidence bridging those things (which I doubt can be found or whether any even exists at all). Remember that it was the Gates/Epstein scandal that triggered the FOIA requests. Up until then nobody was particularly interested in what had happened years earlier.

“Remember that it was the Gates/Epstein scandal that triggered the FOIA requests.”My hope is that, based on prior reporting, someone will come out (like a whistleblower) with more information and maybe concrete proof (evidence). This may come from staff of the Foundation, the Gates mansion, (former) Seattle police, a neighbour and so on. We need to gradually put more information out there. We need to open up this investigation. Any input, e.g. personal thoughts or ideas, would be appreciated as these may constitute the next part. We’ve occasionally heard from people who also researched the case, to the best of their abilities. For nearly 14 years (this site’s age) we’ve maintained a perfect record of source protection. We generally know what we’re doing; we’re very technical. Fishing out whistleblowers typically relies on common/basic mistakes.

As one person told us this week, “the Gates/Epstein arrangement, from what I know, was predominantly to do with Trans-humanism and Depopulation. Many people who met with Epstein explained that he had an obsession with plans to use technology to create a ‘superhuman’. He was also critical of Harvard’s University’s charitable work, explaining to them that they were contributing to ‘overpopulation’ by doing this.”

This is something which the media covered several times. It’s not speculative. There’s hard evidence of it.

“If our suspicion is not baseless (as there are redactions), there may be actual (direct) abuse against children, not mere possession and dissemination of illegal pornographic material.”“I think the recent Filthy Rich documentary and the testimony of Ms. Farmer has turned the spotlight back on this case,” the person continued. “In regards to Brett P.,” he said, “there is still no response from the company, which I expected. Let me know if you hear anything back from them. Yes, like you, I recognize that cases like this normally involve a network. So my interest in Magic Hour is piqued. Particularly with some of the symbolism, particularly the main logo on their website.”

The Magic Hour mystery was covered here earlier this week. If our suspicion is not baseless (as there are redactions), there may be actual (direct) abuse against children, not mere possession and dissemination of illegal pornographic material. If the subject was brought up during the trial, ahead of the plea bargain, that would be a game changer.


Los Angeles Times Examination of the Gates Foundation (2007)

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft, Videos at 12:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation

Summary: This clip about the Gates Foundation coincided with an article many people already forgot about; as more of the media receives bribes from the Gates family it is less likely that similar investigations will be initiated by what’s left of investigative journalists (expensive endeavour and increasingly rare; Bill Gates also muzzles and spikes articles of his critics, proactively discouraging findings like the above)

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