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One Year Later Richard Stallman Needs to be Un-cancelled and Attention Turned to the Real Perpetrator of MIT Scandals

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, Microsoft at 10:13 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Simpson Political Parties: Richard Stallman

Bill Gates Paid MIT Through Jeffrey Epstein

Summary: The sheer hypocrisy, treating Stallman as the real nuisance to MIT when it was in fact Bill Gates who trafficked money through convicted sex criminals (to MIT); justice needs to be belatedly restored


[Meme] And They Tell Us That Free Software — Not Microsoft — is Intolerant and Menacing…

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft at 1:49 am by Guest Editorial Team

Bill Gates bed meme

Summary: A year has passed since the Bill Gates MIT scandal; the media, however, still characterises Gates as the man looking to save the world


Published One Year Ago Today: The Real MIT Scandal (Before Attention Was Shifted Entirely to Richard Stallman)

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 4:58 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Related: Mansion of Pedophilia – Part II: Dr. Stallman Defamed in the Media One Day After Request Made for King County Sheriff’s Office to Divulge Information About Pedophilia in Home of Bill Gates

Summary: Before the mainstream media decided that some E-mail from Richard Stallman was the biggest MIT scandal the following media coverage and revelations happened to have gone public (a few days before attention was shifted to Stallman)

THIS was published almost exactly one year ago (regarding Epstein and Gates working together to whiten Epstein’s name, even after it was well known what he had done). Notice that the real MIT scandal was a lot simpler: a known pedophile was passing money to MIT and MIT accepted that money, noting it was actually coming from Bill Gates (Epstein was a longtime friend of his by that point):

CNBC and Gates

One month later (turned out Gates and Epstein were extremely close):

NYTimes and Gates

Also important:

Epstein will

Yes, that close to Epstein. Managing his wealth…


Bribing Free Software Institutions: A Primer

Posted in Bill Gates, Free/Libre Software, FSF, Microsoft at 9:03 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Blood-sucking sponsors rarely do any good to public interest groups

Flat mosquito

Summary: The corrupting influence of money (changing priorities inside public interest groups) cannot be discounted and ignored; as it turns out, some people are still studying what inside the FSF led to the expulsion (forced resignation) of its very own founder, who in effect lost his voice over some bogus ‘scandal’ one year ago

WE may not be among the most ‘mainstream’ of sites (a rather meaningless criterion in its own right). But at least we can say that: 1) we never ever compromised a source; 2) we never took corporate money; 3) we have a fantastic track record of accuracy (almost never had to amend/correct an article). We focus on issues we understand very well, e.g. EPO affairs, and we have clear goals. We revise the goals if the goalposts move (e.g. software patents in Europe being spun as “Hey Hi” for buzzwords’ sake) and we never try to appease powerful corporations. If they’re happy with what we write, then we might in fact be on the wrong route.

“…we never try to appease powerful corporations. If they’re happy with what we write, then we might in fact be on the wrong route.”The battle for credibility isn’t easy. It took years for Richard Stallman to earn respect, attract many developers (to join the GNU Project), and then ‘give birth’ to his second ‘baby’, the FSF. His first-born (GNU) is still under his control, officially at least but maybe not technically (some GNU developers keep trying to silence and marginalise him).

We recently became aware of a discussion about the FSF’s money supply. Redacted are all the names of those involved, as it does not really seem to matter who said what. It’s the substance that matters. We only care about the underlying facts.

“I know nothing about bribery within the FSF,” said one person. That basically alludes to allegations of corporate money (“sponsorship”) changing priorities at the FSF.

“We recently became aware of a discussion about the FSF’s money supply.”“Your concept of bribery is probably a bit narrow,” said the response. “This is not an insult, your concept of bribery is probably more or less what/how most people think. First of all, it probably doesn’t consider favors as bribery. Nobody who talks about bribery really cares about the money itself, they care about the effects of bribery. If Microsoft accidentally dropped a million on the sidewalk, and the FSF found it and couldn’t find anybody to claim it, and they were legally allowed to keep it — and nothing changed, nobody would care. I wouldn’t.”

Please note that nobody is claiming that Microsoft gave money to the FSF. To the FSFE, however, Microsoft did give money and the FSFE spoke about that in public. Remember that FSFE is not FSF; they’re not connected, albeit the names are similar.

“If company A pays organization B and organization B continues to bend further and further towards the well-established goals of company A and farther from the goals of organization B, that’s the problem,” said the person. “So the questions that lead people to pursue these concerns are: 1. Has the organization changed? 2. Has it changed in a way that does harm to the organization? 3. Does this harm also benefit any corporations/parties who stand against the organization? 4. Have those corporations/parties also given money to the organization? BONUS: 5. Does the corporation/party have a well-established history of making 1-4 happen via bribes?”

“Please note that nobody is claiming that Microsoft gave money to the FSF.”Remember that this is a discussion about the FSF itself. There’s a growing concern that a bunch of large donations have, in recent years, engineered the present outcome.

“It’s sort of like looking at a smoking gun,” said the person, along with “a body on the ground, and the person holding the gun while it still points at the body — and trying to figure out if the person with the gun shot the person on the ground. Maybe it’s a wild coincidence, but it makes a lot of sense to ask. This is a vast oversimplification, not only of the issues and concerns, but of the things we already know. But we have more than enough reason to ask. As to what to look for, we have the stuff that is already public.”

Remember when the FSF received a very large and anonymous donation? “I’ve had suspicions as to the origin and the motives behind the huge donations a couple of years ago,” said a person close to Richard Stallman (RMS), “but RMS assures me there’s nothing fishy about them.”

“Remember when the FSF received a very large and anonymous donation?”This is interesting. People who follow the FSF closely will know what donation (or donations) this is about. “Which means that someone assured him,” said the reply to that. “It’s a fallacy to assume he can’t be manipulated. He’s neither as smart or as dumb as he looks — some people think he’s a genius and they’re right. Some people think he’s an idiot and they’re wrong. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be manipulated — I don’t think he could be corrupted, only fooled. If you want to understand what happened inside the organization, you will learn more looking at things that happened outside it (which are similar). That’s not the only way, it’s the easy way.”

“All I know about corporate patrons is what’s on the public web pages,” said the person close to Richard Stallman.

At the moment is looks like this:


Notice that very large corporations are no longer listed, unlike previous years. Maybe the FSF no longer accepts their money or maybe they no longer wish to sponsor the FSF.

“That may be all that is necessary,” said the sceptic about the money’s source, as “Marcia Wilbur’s infographic is relevant. It doesn’t reveal much, as much as it summarizes and illustrates what we know.”

Here’s her infographic, which we reproduced here last month:

Where's My Refund?!

“My advice,” said the sceptic, or “the best I can possibly give you — is to pay more attention to what’s happening in the world of free software and even “open source”. Watching open source is like watching piranhas or lions attacking. It’s not pretty, but you learn something. To be specific, you learn what sorts of tactics they’re leaning on “right now”.”

“Next week marks exactly one year since the Seattle Police Department (initially King County Sheriff’s Office) was asked for records on the arrest at Bill Gates’ home (for pedophilia). That interestingly enough coincided (one day apart) with the media’s attack on RMS.”It then goes on a bit of a tangent: “On that note, in 2020 a lot of orgs seem to have pulled back. I doubt it’s just because of pressure from activists, but it’s possible. I think it’s got more to do with the pattern of troop withdrawal in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. That pattern happens over and over again — because of pressure from peace activists? No, it usually happens for P.R. and because the troops (resources) have done what they came to do, and now it’s time to move to other things. So the best time to “watch” the money is from 2017-2019. Not that you should ignore the present, just that the present is less likely to yield the clues you’re looking for.”

There’s a lot more in there. But the bottom line is, some people inside the FSF are eager to better understand the forces leveraged against software freedom and the role money may have played in that. No doubt, in our mind at least, what happened a year ago to RMS was part of a broader strategy which continues to this day. Owing to more and more leaks that we receive we’re able to piece together pertinent bits that are factual, drawing conclusions and making comparisons that are defensible. Some people still say that the events of September 2019 were “free software 9/11″. So in a sense we’re now in the first anniversary of those events. Next week marks exactly one year since the Seattle Police Department (initially King County Sheriff’s Office) was asked for records on the arrest at Bill Gates’ home (for pedophilia). That interestingly enough coincided (one day apart) with the media's attack on RMS. In other words, one day after Gates’ MIT scandal (bribes trafficked via Epstein) led to demand for police records the media started attacking RMS, twisting his words to manufacture a false ‘pedophilia’ scandal at MIT (diverting the heat to RMS).


The Myth of Bill Gates ‘Success’ or ‘Genius’ Still Being Perpetuated Online

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 12:57 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Related: Real History of Microsoft and How It Became ‘Successful’

Bill Gates born rich

Summary: Wealth begets wealth; and crime helps. Especially as wealth also begets impunity. I even wrote about it 15 years ago. But we’re being led (lied) to think that Gates started from nothing (‘rags to riches’ myth-making).


Reminder: Bill Gates Has Long Hated Linux and Schemed to Use C# to Undermine GNU/Linux (Same Tactics Prevail to This Day)

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Mono at 10:25 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Hours ago: It’s 2020 and Some GNU/Linux Sites Still Celebrate Mono, Even When Microsoft Owns and Controls It Directly

Bill Gates Puppet: The strength of this platform [C#] and the innovation around it is the key element in preventing commodization by Linux, our installed base and Network Appliance vendors. -Bill Gates, Microsoft
Quote's source (he also can’t spell “commoditization”)

Summary: It’s important to remember that Microsoft’s isn’t “in it” for the community; Microsoft is always looking to devour communities, having them devoured by the corporation and the cult of Bill Gates (GitHub is a recent example)

IT seems increasingly important to remind readers why C# must be rejected, along with .NET and pretty much every Microsoft fake ‘standard’ (vendor lock-in), including OOXML, NTFS, *FAT, and DirectX.

“C# is about monopolisation.”The few who are foolish enough to actually believe that “Microsoft loves Linux” (even while Microsoft still blackmails Linux using patents) need a frequent ‘shake-up’. We’ve included and even ‘meme-ified’ the above quote from Gates himself. This isn’t a technical person but a ruthless businessman like Edison. He doesn’t value good engineering but monopoly and money. C# is about monopolisation. The same is true for GitHub.

Incidentally, one reader wrote to us regarding the latest Microsoft attack (from the inside) on Linux independence. To quote:

Dear Roy,
I have recently come across a very concerning article; I'm
writing you this email to notify you about it.


This is a blatant push by Microsoft shackle Linux kernel
development to its GitHub platform.
I believe an article from you about how email is the
"freeest" and most flexible platform for submitting Git
patches for any open source project would do the Linux
community much good.

So it’s rather clear that a lot of people out there see it the same way we do. We wrote almost half a dozen articles about this topic alone (just yesterday alone). Microsoft knows no other way than monopoly and destruction of competition. Co-existence is always a false promise.

“I once preached peaceful coexistence with Windows. You may laugh at my expense — I deserve it.”

Be’s CEO Jean-Louis Gassée

[Meme] Dictators and Their ‘Solutions’

Posted in Bill Gates at 7:58 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

5 (V) months? That’s enough!

Bill Putin: 5 months

But it takes 10-15 years to do it properly:

Vaccine development

Summary: Autocrats and profiteers of the world want us to believe they can take shortcuts and cut development time 20-fold (while the virus still mutates)

Techrights Needs Help From American Readers (in Order to Retrieve the Court Documents Regarding Bill Gates’ Engineer)

Posted in Bill Gates, Courtroom at 7:59 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Guilty highlight

Jones page 1

Jones page 2

Jones page 3

Jones page 4

guilty plea one year apart

Summary: In order to advance our investigation of the arrest of Mr. Jones (at the home of an increasingly evasive Bill and Melinda Gates) we need to gain access to the above documents; please help Techrights if you can, as an American citizen, request most or all the documents (detailed instructions available)

BACK in January we took note of the above court documents, which we have not received yet. That was not too long after Bill Gates’ close ties to Epstein had become public knowledge and not too long before COVID-19 ‘stole’ the news. Now they try to associate anyone who has queries on the matter with cranks. Even if the corporate media too is inquiring.

We kindly ask readers who are based in the US to request all the above documents (over 100 pages, should cost about $30 all in all) and pass them to us for publication. All the detailed instructions can be found here (screenshots included; we published that in late January).

“We kindly ask readers who are based in the US to request all the above documents (over 100 pages, should cost about $30 all in all) and pass them to us for publication.”In order to get to the bottom of what happened at the mansion of Bill and Melinda we need to know what was said in the courtroom. It’s very difficult to find any information whatsoever about Mr. Jones (other than this case), let alone a mugshot or anything registered by the state (he appears to not to have ever registered as a sexual predation risk, contrary to the judge's ruling). We checked ourselves (mostly Ryan did) and found only other people with the same name. Ryan is currently low on money, so he has not petitioned the court for these papers. If anyone out there (US citizen) can do that, it will help us tremedously. The outcome of this case raises more questions than it answers because of glaring inconsistencies such as this… and the closer we look at the filenames, the more concerned we become.

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