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Microsoft/Intellectual Ventures: Still Pairing to Tax the Entire World With Patent Lawsuits and Extortion

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft, Patents at 4:03 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The alternative is to run to the Microsoft-offered ‘safety’: “Microsoft Azure IP Advantage” (monthly fees for perceived ‘protection’)

Bill and Nathan

Summary: Bill’s Microsoft and Nathan’s Intellectual Ventures (with 95,000 ‘IP’ ‘assets’) are still brewing a lot of legal trouble/Armageddon, distributing plenty of patents to various patent trolls which themselves file lawsuits through shells and proxies

MICROSOFT may be evil, but it is not stupid. It is malicious and incompetent, but it’s trying hard to hide it. Those who expect Microsoft to just sue the entire world using software patents haven’t been paying attention. If Microsoft does these things directly, as it did against TomTom, even Microsoft apologists like Jim Zemlin condemn it. So Microsoft is nowadays doing the same things, albeit indirectly. It’s a lot harder after several USPTO reforms, but it’s still possible, as we have just shown in our post about Finjan.

“That SCO lawsuit, by the way, is not entirely over. It’s still ongoing. It has been 15 years!”Let’s just state this upfront very, very clearly: those who expect Microsoft patent attacks to be obvious and transparent are unrealistic or aren’t paying attention. Microsoft wants to damage its competition, but it does not want to be publicly seen doing it. In the case of SCO, for instance, Larry Goldfarb (Baystar), the key investor in SCO who had been approached by Microsoft, explicitly said that “Microsoft wished to promote SCO and its pending lawsuit against IBM and the Linux operating system. But Microsoft did not want to be seen as attacking IBM or Linux.”

Bruce Perens, a key Free software luminary, once wrote that “[o]n the same day that CA blasted SCO, Open Source evangelist Eric Raymond revealed a leaked email from SCO’s strategic consultant Mike Anderer to their management. The email details how, surprise surprise, Microsoft has arranged virtually all of SCO’s financing, hiding behind intermediaries like Baystar Capital.”

That SCO lawsuit, by the way, is not entirely over. It’s still ongoing. It has been 15 years!

“So after Microsoft armed a lot of patent trolls and blackmailed its rivals directly (or indirectly, typically via these trolls) it gets itself stung a little.”It should be no secret that stockpiling patents has been Microsoft’s strategy and contingency plan for over a decade. Microsoft was very explicit about this. The company still pursues truly bizarre patents on fictional things or things that the company never made (but the competition did make, usually with Linux on board). Jonathan Greig’s new puff piece about a Microsoft patent is one such example. No bendable displays from Microsoft, only from companies that sport Linux, but guess who gets the patents? In addition, Microsoft propaganda sites (they’re pretty obvious about their agency, the names of these sites too) try to paint Microsoft as the victim. Here’s a new example titled “Microsoft-developed video games involved in patent infingement lawsuit”. So after Microsoft armed a lot of patent trolls and blackmailed its rivals directly (or indirectly, typically via these trolls) it gets itself stung a little. Pity Microsoft! To quote “on Microsoft” (a Microsoft marketing site):

Microsoft’s dearth of Xbox One exclusives seems to be lacking in comparison to its competition late into this console generation and according to Gamerant, a patent infringement can be added to the list of theories as to why.

A lawsuit filed by Infernal Technologies and Terminal Reality against Microsoft may be one of the reasons first party exclusives have yet to make their way to the console in any meaningful way.


Indeed, Terminal Reality and Infernal Technologies claim that Microsoft has known about the infringement long enough to try and concoct an end-around that involved the company filing for similar patents back in 2007. Microsoft’s gambit to seemingly sidestep Terminal Reality’s claims did not pay off as patents 6,362,822 and 7,061,488 were already accounted for and thus resulted in a rejected patent filing for the company.

Another Microsoft-friendly site belatedly wrote about the Raniere case, again painting Microsoft as the victim. To quote:

Raniere v. Microsoft Corp., Nos. 2017-1400, 2017-1401, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 9775 (Fed. Cir. Apr. 18, 2018) (Before Lourie, O’Malley, and Wallach, J.) (Opinion for the court, O’Malley, J.).

The Federal Circuit affirmed a district court’s award of attorney’s fees to Appellees Microsoft and AT&T (collectively, “Microsoft”). Raniere sued Microsoft for patent infringement, claiming to be the owner of the asserted patents. However, Raniere previously assigned his rights in the patents to a third party, which dissolved before suit. Raniere argued that the rights had been transferred back to him, but was unable to provide any proof. Microsoft filed a motion to dismiss for lack of standing, and the district court dismissed the case with prejudice.

One might think, based on the above, that Microsoft is the victim, but buried deep inside legal sites is this update (behind paywall) about Microsoft’s patent lawsuit against Corel, which once upon a time developed GNU/Linux, Wine, and competition to Microsoft Office.

Bonnie Eslinger makes it sound as though Microsoft now it wants Corel (a former betrayed ‘partner’) completely dead:

Microsoft told a California federal judge Thursday that because a jury found Corel willfully infringed its Office software patents, the rival should pay attorneys fees for “deterrence and compensation,” while Corel maintained it tried to settle pretrial but Microsoft wanted “their pound of flesh.”

Microsoft Corp.’s bid for attorneys fees would give the company a financial slap against Corel Corp. that it didn’t get at trial.

This is direct patent action (aggression) from Microsoft against a much smaller rival. Microsoft uses software patents.

“This is direct patent action (aggression) from Microsoft against a much smaller rival. Microsoft uses software patents.”What about indirect actions? Enter Dominion Harbor, which received literally thousands of patents from Intellectual Ventures, Microsoft’s biggest patent troll. A site of this patent troll (Dominion Harbor) — a troll that receives patents from Microsoft’s troll, Intellectual Ventures — has just said that “Microsoft Irish unit records $239.5m loss on patent-buying fund write-off” [via] and to quote Charlie Taylor:

Intellectual Ventures (IV), a private partnership that established the fund, is credited with kickstarting the secondary market in patents. The company was co-founded by former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Paul Myhrvold and ex-chief architect Edward Jung, in 2000. It has raised more than $7.3 billion in investor capital since it was established with cumulative licensing revenues exceeding $4.3 billion.

IV has acquired 95,000 IP assets over the years and it has nearly 30,000 IP assets in active monetisation programmes.

In addition to the $136.5 million write-off last year, Microsoft Round Island Three Limited, whose principal activity is investment trading, racked up $103.5 million in reorganisation costs in the year to the end of June 2017.

The role of Nathan Myhrvold there is noteworthy and the photo at the top depicts him with Bill Gates (they’re still very close friends). Also, just before the weekend we stumbled upon this new report about the TiVo division (Rovi Corporation), which is connected to Microsoft’s patent troll Intellectual Ventures [1, 2]. It says that its “patent licensing machine keeps [t]rolling”:

This week, TiVo announced that it had come to terms on a new intellectual property licensing deal with TV maker Vizio.

“TiVo’s intellectual property (IP) continues to provide companies around the globe with access to the technologies transforming entertainment for viewers,” said Arvin Patel, executive VP and chief intellectual property officer of TiVo division Rovi Corporation, in a statement touting the deal.

Rovi Corporation is connected — in the liaising sense — to Intellectual Ventures and thus to Microsoft. It has been suing or pressuring (e.g. pressing for preliminary injunctions) lots of companies using patents. It’s hard to measure how much money flows from where exactly (or where it winds up). One sure thing, however, is that it makes the market a lot more hostile and risky. Microsoft hopes that a high-risk market will drive more companies into its ‘embrace’, nowadays in the form of “Microsoft Azure IP Advantage”.


Microsoft and Bill Gates Become More Actively Involved in Their Biggest Patent Troll (and World’s Biggest Troll), Intellectual Ventures

Posted in Bill Gates, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Patents at 4:48 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Never forget the insidious strategy of Microsoft and SCO

Microsoft SCO
See Lawrence R. Goldfarb (Wikipedia)

Summary: The world’s largest patent troll, which reportedly operates (litigates) through literally thousands of shells, has received yet more financial aid from Microsoft and Bill Gates

TECHRIGHTS has been covering Intellectual Ventures (IV) for a decade. The coverage wasn’t in vain because nowadays this troll routinely targets companies that distribute GNU/Linux, just as we speculated and warned a long time ago. What does Microsoft have to do with it? It’s Microsoft and Bill Gates that this troll came from and it’s Microsoft and Bill Gates who are served by it. We gave a lot of examples over the years. As we pointed out in a dozen articles earlier this year [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12], Microsoft now relies on trolls that target rival platforms, e.g. AWS customers. Microsoft’s trolls may not be doing too well (IV, for example, fails financially), so a couple of years after Microsoft’s latest cash infusion to it comes another cash infusion from Bill Gates.

“It’s Microsoft and Bill Gates that this troll came from and it’s Microsoft and Bill Gates who are served by it.”Found via Bastian Best is this new ‘report’ from the Gates Foundation-funded Seattle Times, telling us that the so-called ‘philanthropist’ is giving money to the world’s most notorious patent troll, an occasional Gates Foundation business partner. See “Intellectual Ventures spinoff Pivotal raises $17M from Bill Gates, others” and recall the past role of Gates (at personal and professional capacity) in this one particular patent troll.

Basically, Bill Gates continues to subsidise the world’s largest patent trolls, who actively attack GNU/Linux. Microsoft too paid this troll a couple of years back. The flow of cash in that direction is quite telling. Now watch this very recent report from IAM, a friend of IV and of Microsoft. It turns out that this patent proxy and massive patent troll won’t have much left to it but Bill Gates’ close friend Nathan Myhrvold, a bully since his days at Microsoft (we published some internal E-mails from him to highlight his ruthlessness, temper, and sheer arrogance). He, like his friend and neighbour Bill, believes he’s a master of the universe. God complex…

“Basically, Bill Gates continues to subsidise the world’s largest patent trolls, who actively attack GNU/Linux.”To quote IAM: “A new structure will now see a team of executives reporting into co-founder and CEO Nathan Myhrvold with Brown’s former administrative duties spread among them. The new leadership team will comprise CFO Larry Froeber, chief people officer Nicole Grogan, new GC Janet Smith (previously chief counsel for corporate affairs), Cory Van Arsdale who moves from being senior VP for global licensing to chief revenue officer and Mathan Ganesan who is taking over as head of the Invention Investment Fund (IIF). Ganesan will move from the firm’s Dublin office to its Bellevue HQ. They will be joined in the senior leadership team by Maurizio Vecchione, head of the Global Good and Research team, and Casey Tegreene who leads the Invention Science Fund.”

A longtime Microsoft propagandist, Todd Bishop, did this puff pieces for Microsoft’s biggest troll only a short while ago. It’s not an article but more of a placement. To quote a portion: “Adriane Brown is president and chief operating officer of Intellectual Ventures, the Bellevue, Wash.-based intellectual property and tech company best known for its giant patent portfolio and big ideas from its co-founder, former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold.”

“It turns out that this patent proxy and massive patent troll won’t have much left to it but Bill Gates’ close friend Nathan Myhrvold, a bully since his days at Microsoft (we published some internal E-mails from him to highlight his ruthlessness, temper, and sheer arrogance).”Where is the news? Where is the substance? Decades later Bishop continues to act more like a courier of Microsoft agenda.

It must be frustrating to these people that software patents are dying in the US. Intellectual Ventures was famously stopped by PTAB some months ago and IAM is still unhappy about it. To quote this new “International report” from IAM: “Intellectual Ventures owns two patents directed to methods of selecting appropriate bandwidth for wireless communications systems. Ericsson and Google sought to invalidate certain claims in the patents through three inter partes review proceedings before the PTAB.”

Intellectual Ventures has used such patents to go after rivals of Microsoft.

“Microsoft did not change; only the marketing/PR changed.”Regarding the above, a few weeks ago Mozilla entertained the idea — supported by CAFC — that software patents are in violation of free speech rights. It cited that same/prior Intellectual Ventures case: “The debate over the First Amendment and boundaries of patent protection became a hot topic for discussion after Circuit Judge Haldane Mayer issued his 2016 opinion in Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. Symantec Corporation.”

We certainly hope that readers of ours will keep an eye on Intellectual Ventures and inform us when new lawsuits are filed. This troll is so deep in Microsoft’s pockets that it’s inevitable Microsoft will continue to use it as a proxy against rivals. Microsoft did not change; only the marketing/PR changed.


Guest Post on Bill Gates and Donald Trump

Posted in Bill Gates, Finance, Microsoft at 7:07 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

“Bill Gates praises Donald Trump, another multibillionaire,” Yuval Levental writes. “How shocking.”

Background: Donald Trump Thinks He Can Call Bill Gates To Shut Down The Internet

Tax evasion
Reference: Super Rich Hide $21 Trillion Offshore, Study Says

Summary: How Bill Gates shifts sides when it suits his financial agenda, this time with President-elect Trump

According to CNBC, Gates recently spoke with Trump, supposedly talking about innovation. Gates then claimed that Trump is a big supporter of innovation, saying that Trump would revolutionize America and get rid of regulatory barriers. He claimed that Trump likes to point out weaknesses in the American system and that he wants to improve on them.

Maybe he will even start an opportunistic partnership with Trump. Interesting Gates should claim this, when in June 2016 he said “Donald hasn’t been known for his philanthropy. He’s been known for other things.” Furthermore, Gates also implied that Trump was behind the other candidates.

He even portrayed Trump as unscientific, stating “Science in general, whether it’s GMOs or vaccines, there’s a lot of people out there who don’t give science the benefit of the doubt”. “In terms of experience, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have more experience on global health.”

Bill Gates has been innovative like many billionaires: he has created a charitable foundation and still manages to profit in the billions every year, and Microsoft as a whole profits from monopolizing software.


Corporate Media in India Misrepresents Startups to Push for Software Patents

Posted in Asia, Bill Gates, IBM, Microsoft, Patents at 12:03 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

New Delhi

Summary: A parade of misinformation as seen in Indian (but English-speaking) press this week as questions about patentability of software resurface

FOREIGN giants which operate in India (companies like IBM and Microsoft) just can’t help trying to repeatedly introduce software patents in India, aided by front groups and lawyers of theirs. Why on Earth is NASSCOM, which is connected to Bill Gates [1, 2, 3], participating in a debate in India regarding software patents or even just software? “NEW rules designed to boost India’s software industry will open for public consultation in a matter of days, say sources close to the matter,” said one new article among several this week (e.g. [1, 2). These mentioned software patents as well and some correctly noted that “this opens them [software companies] to patent trolls. Dealing with patent trolls here as India doesn’t have software patents.” The English here is problematic and then it says this: “So the conundrum for startups is whether to stay in India or not.”

“India is constantly being lobbied by big businesses that are not even Indian.”No, startups would be wasting their time pursuing patents on software. In practice, heavy-pocketed corporations from abroad want software patents. Indian startups do not. But don’t count on corporate media like the above to accurately represent the desires and needs of ordinary Indians. Neither should anyone trust NASSCOM, one among several Indian agencies that act like outposts and brought India nothing but EDGI.

India is constantly being lobbied by big businesses that are not even Indian. Watch what Microsoft has done to the Modi government earlier this year and last year. It shot down a Free/Open Source software policy.


[ES] El Troll de Patentes y Taxman de Microsoft Intellectual Ventures Se Acerca Indirectamente a Google (Android/ChromeOS Supervisor) y a Linux

Posted in America, Bill Gates, Microsoft, Patents at 4:13 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Article as ODF

Publicado en America, Bill Gates, Microsoft, Patents at 3:57 am por el Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Nathan MyhrvoldSumario: El más grande troll de patentes, compuesto literalmente de miles de conchas habiéndo sido creadas por Microsoft con ayuda significante de Bill Gates, está ampliando su alcanze hacia el apoyados por Google Yieldify y TiVo (a través de Rovi)

Nadie niega la realidad de que Intellectual Ventures (IV) es un troll de patentes, por definción del término, así como el más grande del mundo. Cercanamente conectada a Microsoft y Bill Gates (a nivel personal/capacidad), así que prestamos atención de cerca a ello. Reciéntemente criticámos a IAM por acicalar a IV y ahora, basado en una rara actualización de fin de semana, IV habla a IAM (de amo a sirviénte). Como el editor lo puso: “Subsequentemente a la publicación del artículo, el co-fundador de IV Peter Detkin se comunicó conmigo y Kent Richardson para comentar en algo de lo que dije; Kent entonces respondió. Ambos me diéron permiso para publicar su correspondencia (noten que esto ha sido editado al puro estilo de IAM – así que, por ejemplo, originales deletreos de los EE.UU han sido traducidos al British English – pero no otros cambios substanciales se hicieron).”

Entendemos el por qué IAM entretiene comercialización de los trolles de patentes ‘. IAM esta, después de todo, financiado en parte por ellos, para los que organiza eventos de lavado de reputación. Por lo tanto, no es difícil ver por qué IV mire a IAM como un aliado en lugar de un enemigo sospechoso o crítico. Hay una especie de respaldo frotando allí. IAM nunca va a enojar al que le da la mamadera.
Google fue atacado hace unos días porque una empresa que ha respaldado se conectó con IV. El Register, especialista en trolles, que habitualmente comenta en IP Kat desde hace semanas, dijo que esto (bajo las palabras “¿Um, Google … pensé que odiabas los trolls de patentes?”):

Yieldify, la compañía startup apoyada por Google acusada de robar código de la compañíá Británica Bounce Exchange, ha estado haciendo amigos raros.

Yieldify ha adquirido una antigua patente de la web de III Holdings que fue primeor llenada el 2007. III Holdings es más conocida dentro de Intellectual Ventures, co-fundada por el nefasto Nathan Myhrvold. Apodada “la compañíá más odiada en tecnologíá” y “el más grande troll de patentes del mundo.”

IV es una “NPE” (entidad no practicante), que apila patentes y busca incrementar su valor a traves de venta on licensiamienteo de IP. Apoyado por litigación, como contra Samsung, un recipiente de los ataques de III.

En una presentación ante la corte realizado la semana pasada, Yieldify hizo una petición de sentencia declarativa en su caso en curso contra la despedida de Exchange, citando la patente IIV. Esta es una solicitud para que el caso sea expulsado. La queja también utiliza la patente en cuestión de presentar una demanda por infracción contra Bounce Exchange.

Aquí hay otro reporte acerca de esto, que correctamente nota:

La patente no era originalmente de Yieldify, sin embargo. Yieldify ha comprado la patente de Intellectual Ventures con el fin de abrir un nuevo frente en su batalla contra Bounce Exchange. Se presentó por primera vez a la aprobación de la Oficina de Patentes y Marcas de los Estados Unidos en 2005 por Intellectual Ventures (IV), una organización que CNET vez describió como “la compañía más odiado de tecnología.”

Hay un poco más de IV en la mezcla y directamente impacta a Linux porque el propónente de DRM y problemático Linux Kernel (TiVo) se enlista con un amigo de los trolles de patentes como Intellectual Ventures. Como un sitio maximalista de patentes lo puso el otro díá: “Si Rovi utiliza ese fondo de guerra para atacar a la competencia (que se convierte en más difícil o más fácil a medida que el péndulo patente anti-software sigue oscilando), o para refinar aún más las propias guías de medios de pernos y de Rovi o ambos – la adquisición seríá positiva para ambas compañías y sus grupos de interés.”
Debemos recordar que alguna proximidad/vínculo entre IV y Linux puede ayudar a Microsoft a atacar a Linux a través de impuestos patentes de miles de direcciones diferentes (IV tiene literalmente miles de conchas o satélites). Una gran cantidad de trolls de patentes atacan a empresas legítimas en Texas y es difícil decir para quién trabajan.
Vice tiene esta nueva suerte de ‘expose’ acerca Rodney Gilstrap, quién fué mencionado aquí antes, e.g. en [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. Es el mejor amigo de los trolles de patente en la Corte y citamos porciónes de este condenable reportaje:

El juez de una pequeña ciudad que ve a un cuarto de los casos de patentes de la Nación


La primera cosa que le informe sobre el juez Rodney Gilstrap es que él no es de Marshall. En la pequeña ciudad de Texas (población 24.000) al este de Dallas, donde él preside como juez de distrito de Estados Unidos, de donde eres materia, y la de 59 años de edad Gilstrap en realidad nació en Pensacola, Florida. Pero debido a que obtuvo tanto su licenciatura y su título de abogado en la Universidad de Baylor (tres horas de distancia en Waco, Texas), ha practicado la ley en Marshall desde los años 80, y se casó con una chica local, cuya familia es propietaria de la funeraria local, la mayoría de la gente perdona Gilstrap esta plaga.


Desde que asumió la posta el 2011 se mueve literalmente al otro lado de la calle de su oficina de abogado en el distrito juzgado-Gilstrap se ha convertido en uno de los jueces de litigios de patentes más influyentes en el país. En 2015, hubo 5.819 nuevos casos de patentes presentadas en los EE.UU.; 1.686 de los que terminaron por delante del juez Gilstrap. Eso es más de un cuarto de todos los casos en el país; el doble que el siguiente juez de patentes más activos.

Los trolles de patentes son realmente una epidemia, se basan en las patentes de software y tribunales corruptos (o estados que albergan los trolls de patentes con fines de lucro, al igual que los paraísos fiscales que dan la bienvenida a los evasores de impuestos). Lo que también es fundamental para todo el mundo recuerde es que muchos trolls de patentes trabajan, a instancias de una corporación que acecha en la sombra, obligando a la competencia elevar sus precios o sacar a la competencia fuera del mercado. Intellectual Ventures ya ataca a Linux en diversas formas (desde muchas direcciones), como hemos demostrado aquí antes.


Microsoft’s Patent Troll and Taxman Intellectual Ventures Gets Indirectly Closer to Google (Android/ChromeOS Steward) and to Linux

Posted in America, Bill Gates, Microsoft, Patents at 3:57 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Nathan MyhrvoldSummary: The world’s largest patent troll, composed of literally thousands of shells having been created by Microsoft with significant help from Bill Gates, is widening its reach to to the Google-backed Yieldify and TiVo (through Rovi)

NOBODY denies the fact that Intellectual Ventures (IV) is a patent troll, as per the definition of the term, and also the world’s largest one. It’s closely connected both to Microsoft and to Bill Gates (at a personal level/capacity), so we pay careful attention to it. We recently criticised IAM for grooming IV and now, based on a rare weekend update, IV speaks to IAM. As the editor put it: “Subsequent to the article’s publication, IV co-founder Peter Detkin got in touch with myself and Kent Richardson to comment on some of what it said; Kent then responded. Both have given me permission to publish their correspondence (note that this has been edited into IAM house style – so, for example, original US spellings have been turned into British English – but there no substantive changes were made).”

We understand why IAM entertains patent trolls’ marketing. IAM is, after all, partly funded by patent trolls, for whom it organises reputation-laundering events. It’s thus not hard to see why IV might view IAM as an ally rather than a suspicious or critical foe. There’s a sort of back-rubbing there.

Google came under fire some days ago because a company it backed has hooked up with IV. The Register‘s most trollish pundit, who habitually comments in IP Kat since weeks ago, said this (under the words “Um, Google… I thought you hated patent trolls?”):

Yieldify, the Google-backed startup accused of stealing code from British adtech company Bounce Exchange, has been making some unusual friends.

Yieldify has acquired an ancient web patent from III Holdings which was first filed in 2007. III Holdings is better known as Inside Intellectual Ventures, co-founded by Nathan Myhrvold. It has been dubbed “the most hated company in tech” and “the world’s biggest patent troll.”

IIV is a “NPE” (non-practicising entity), which gathers up patents and seeks to unlock their value through selling on or licensing the IP. This has been backed up by litigation, such as Samsung, a recipient of one of III’s sueballs.

In a court filing made last week, Yieldify made a request for declaratory judgement in its ongoing case versus Bounce Exchange, citing the IIV patent. This is a request for the case to be thrown out. The complaint also uses the patent in question to lodge an infringement claim against Bounce Exchange.

Here is another report about this, which correctly notes:

The patent wasn’t originally Yieldify’s, though. Yieldify has purchased the patent from Intellectual Ventures in order to open up a new front in its battle with Bounce Exchange. It was first submitted for approval to the US Patent and Trademark Office back in 2005 by Intellectual Ventures (IV), an organisation that CNET once described as “the most hated company in tech.”

There is a little more IV in the mix and it directly impacts Linux because DRM proponent and Linux kernel troublemaker (TiVo) reportedly gets together with a friend of patent trolls like Intellectual Ventures. As a patent maximalist’s site put it the other day: “Whether Rovi uses that war chest to attack competition (which becomes harder or easier as the anti-software patent pendulum continues to swing), or to further refine the Bolt and Rovi’s own media guides or both – the acquisition does spell positive for both companies and their stakeholders.”

One must remember that any proximity/link between IV and Linux can help Microsoft tax Linux using patents from thousands of different directions (IV has literally thousands of shells or satellites). A lot of patent trolls attack legitimate companies down in Texas and it’s hard to tell who they work on behalf of.

Vice has this new sort of ‘expose’ about Rodney Gilstrap, who was mentioned here before, e.g. in [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. He is the patent trolls’ best friend at the court and to quote portions of this rather damning report:

The Small Town Judge Who Sees a Quarter of the Nation’s Patent Cases


The first thing people tell you about Judge Rodney Gilstrap is that he’s not from Marshall. In the small Texas city (population 24,000) east of Dallas where he presides as a US district court judge, where you’re from matters, and the 59-year-old Gilstrap was actually born in Pensacola, Florida. But because he earned both his BA and his law degree at Baylor University (three hours away in Waco, Texas), has practiced law in Marshall since the 80s, and married a local girl whose family owns the town funeral home, most folks forgive Gilstrap this blight.


Since taking the bench in 2011—moving literally across the street from his law office into the district courthouse—Gilstrap has become one of the most influential patent litigation judges in the country. In 2015, there were 5,819 new patent cases filed in the US; 1,686 of those ended up in front of Judge Gilstrap. That’s more than a quarter of all cases in the country; twice as many as the next most active patent judge.

Patent trolls are truly an epidemic, but they rely on software patents and corrupt courts (or states that harbour patent trolls for profit, much like tax havens that welcome tax evaders). What’s also crucial for everyone to remember is that many patent trolls work at the behest of some corporation lurking in the shadow, targeting its competition to drive prices higher or drive the competition out of the market. Intellectual Ventures already attacks Linux in various ways (from many directions), as we showed here before.


No, Biggest Patent Troll of 2014 is Not eDekka But a Microsoft-Connected and Bill Gates-Funded Patent Troll (or Extensive Network Thereof)

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft, Patents at 8:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Bill and Nathan
Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Nathan Myhrvold. Credit: Reuters

Summary: A timely and imperative remark, reactionary in the sense that it responds to a new article, about the misconception that patent trolls are lone wolves and often small entities rather than conglomerates in disguise

A FEW days ago we stumbled upon an article by Joe Mullin, wherein he calls eDekka “Biggest patent troll of 2014,” even though Intellectual Ventures (a Microsoft proxy in some sense) is far bigger and still very active (it has a few thousands of satellites). “Biggest patent troll” by what criterion? Number of lawsuits by one single entity (not a proxy)?

“”Biggest patent troll” by what criterion?”The article from Mullin (otherwise a fantastic journalist by the way) says:

In 2014, no company filed more patent lawsuits than eDekka LLC, a Texas-based company with just one asset—US Patent No. 6,266,674. Fully 168 patent lawsuits came to a sudden halt in October, when US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap stopped the litigation campaign in its tracks.

eDekka’s patent, which had been used to sue a wide array of online retailers, described nothing more than “the abstract idea of storing and labeling information,” Gilstrap found. Those were “routine tasks that could be performed by a human” and didn’t meet the standard for getting a patent. Gilstrap ruled the patent invalid.

eDekka was covered here many times before, even as recently as 2.5 months ago.

“Look at the patent syndicates of billionaires who now even pay the media to paint themselves as “charitable” individuals — something that better known trolls cannot afford to do (to Gates, for instance, spendings on the media cost approximately $300,000,000 per year).”IAM, which is literally receiving money from patent trolls (we wrote about this before), recently — in fact as recently as last week — wrote about the world’s biggest patent troll (also Microsoft-connected troll) and said that: “Fifth-ranked Searete LLC – well-documented as an Intellectual Ventures affiliate – made most of its assignments to the patent firm’s Innovation Science Fund.”

Searete is a part of it. Searete (see our Wiki) and Intellectual Ventures are both are connected to Bill Gates (even financially). Bill Gates, a pseudo philanthropist who uses his foundation for tax-exempt investment in patents, has created an ever-growing large network of patent trolls whose activity increases his personal wealth (this network also attacks Microsoft’s rivals). Don’t get distracted by eDekka and other massively smaller patent trolls. Focus on the big issue. Look at the patent syndicates of billionaires who now even pay the media to paint themselves as “charitable” individuals — something that better known trolls cannot afford to do (to Gates, for instance, spendings on the media alone cost approximately $300,000,000 per year).

“Intellectual property is the next software.”

Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft patent troll


La Universidad de Harvard se Vuelve un Vasallo de Microsoft y Maquilla a Famosos Criminales

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Parte de un ampli esquema implicado a Microsoft en CORRUPCIÓN SISTEMÁTICA, transformando escuelas y universidades en puestos de Microsoft a cuesta de los contribuyentes

Harvard Wreath

Sumario: La universidad de elección de Gates sobre la cuál todavía saca ventaja, se vuelve una agencia personal de Microsoft para INDOCTRINAR, convirtiéndose parte de su asistida por el gobierno conquista de la educación de Ciencias de la Computacion en los Estados Unidos.

BILL GATES nunca se graduó de Harvard (grados honorarios en realidad no cuentán para nada, virtualmente están a la venta). Abandonó su educación. Sin embargo Gates tomó control de Harvard así como otras universidades en los Estados Unidos (y en un menor grado en el extranjero también). Al ´donar´ dinero bajo falsas pretensiones SECUESTRÓ la agenda/curricula de su Ciencias de la Computación (echándola a su favor) e incluso nombró instalaciones como a sí mismo. Algo realmente anti-academico de hacer. Es lo anti-ético a la noción de educación.

Después de sobornar oficiales para asegurarse contratos SOBREVALORADOS (como cubrimos anoche)) Microsoft ahora se apodera de universidades, no sólo escuelas. Como lo puso Slashdot ayer:

¨¿Supo usted que Microsoft ha apoyado a Harvard en crear una nueva versión (de su muy popular CS50 curso) llamado CS50 AP, designado especialmente para educadores de secundaria?¨ preguntó una publicación Aprenda a Blogear Microsoft. Si le gustaría enseñar CS50 AP (y en turno Principios de AP CS) en su salón de clases este año,¨ Harvard informa a posibles profesores, ¨estan cordialmente invitados a unirse a nosotros en uno de nuestros entrenamientos para profesores workshops a llevarse a cabo en varias partes alrededor del país y el mundo!¨ Pero antes de matricularse están requeridos a responder a lo siguiente y Harvard no aceptará un NO como respuesta: ¨Nuestros AMIGOS en Microsoft nos están ayudando a distribuir materiales de apoyo para los profesores para esta versión de CS50 para profesores y estudiantes de educación secundaria. Al chequear la cajita de abajo, ustedes están de acuerdo que podamos ´compartir´ los datos que usted sometió a traves de esta forma como parte del proceso de planificación.¨ Microsoft esta DIRIGIENDO a la educación secundaria estos días – carajo, la Casa Blanca incluso deja al presidente de Microsoft Brad Smith reunir a periodistas y relatarles sus planes de gastar $4 B de impuestos en una nueva CS para toda iniciativa secundaria antes de que el Presidente lo anuncie a los contribuyentes. A propósito, la CS50 AP Wiki contiene una forma de autorización y deslindación por la cual, entre otras cosas, requiere a estudiantes tímidos estar sentados en una zona de ¨no cámaras/film¨ sin protestar si no quieren sus fotos o videos usados por Harvard para promover un curso promovido por Microsoft.¨

Cubrimos la nata acerca de Brad Smith a principios de mes.

Para citar las palabras nauseabundas: ¨Nuestros amigos de Microsoft nos están ´ayudando´ a distribuir los materiales para apoyo del maestro de esta versiond de CS50 para profesores y estudiantes de secundaria. Al chequear la cajita de abajo, ustedes están de acuerdo que podamos ´compartir´ los datos que usted sometió a traves de esta forma como parte del proceso de planificación. [...] Esto es requerido, por favor entre un valor.¨

“Harvard ahora es MIERDA,” nos dijo un lector que solía trabajar para una univesidad grande estadounidense. “Que VERGUENZA para ellos y para los Estados Unidos en general.”

“Esto parece sembrar un montón de preguntas,” una persona me dijo esta mañana en Twitter, “ética, legalmente, y acerca de integridad – en los Estados Unidos, Microsoft, UE, Romania etc.”

Microsoft es todavía un cáncer en la educación. Sobre todo es acerca de convertir a la gente joven DEPENDIENTE (encerrádo dentro) de código secreto con puertas traseras. Harvard debería avergonzarse de sí misma. Ocasionalmente invitaba a un famoso CRIMINAL, Bill Gates, a dar discursos allí, como si esto fuese un ejemplo a seguir por los estudiantes. UCLA también hace lo mismo con el más grande TROLL DE PATENTES [1, 2], quien es amigo personal de la rata Bill Gates. Todo se resume a corrupcción y política podrida.

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