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War Crimes and Bribes

Posted in Debian, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux at 7:47 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

This week, Techrights noticed the vast increase in Debian travel funding for diversity in 2019.

We hear that most of this money went to bring women from Kosovo and Albania to DebConf in Brazil. Most of these women were introduced to Debian by a Developer who resigned in disgust at internal bickering.

Sam Hartman and his gangsters told the women that if they want more trips like this, he wants them to take sides in Debian politics and help spread rumours about people. Isn’t it charming that women’s first impression of professional life comes in the form of blackmail and coercion?

“Isn’t it charming that women’s first impression of professional life comes in the form of blackmail and coercion?”In the same week, we hear that war crimes prosecutions against rogue elements of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) will finally begin. The trial was delayed by 9 years, partly because people in power were intimidating witnesses.

We find it disturbing when the regime of Sam Hartman has so much in common with people accused of war crimes, threatening and blackmailing women to help neutralize volunteers who asked questions about the money.

Sam Hartman, Debian, War Crimes, Kosovo


Accounting for Debconf 19 Travel… in 2020

Posted in Debian, Finance, GNU/Linux, Microsoft at 10:54 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Debconf 19 sponsors (Microsoft had already paid them for 3 years prior, worrying some SPI/Debian insiders who prefer to remain anonymous):

Debconf 19 sponsors

Summary: A deeper look or analysis of Debian expenditures, which grew more than twicefold for travel last year

“So I received an email from SPI treasurer (draft),” a reader has told us, “and I’m confused about the different numbers for Debconf 19. I’m no accountant, but maybe the draft includes “additional” costs? In addition to 132k in travel?”

“We say what we’ve heard from insiders.”We have already heard from insiders that this was mostly because they flew people from eastern Europe for perceived “balance”. And that those vacations (in another continent) were like gifts with strings attached to them. Or that there was a political motivation rather than a technical one. We’ll spare any interpretation of our own; readers are smart enough to make up their own minds. We say what we’ve heard from insiders.

“So, sure,” said our reader, “2020 costs must be way down for travel, but really 132k for travel? The prior year it was about 12k…” [sic]

From the Annual Report of 2019 [PDF]:

11,779.66 Travel

781.90         Banking fees
23,445.87      Conferences
122.11         IT
132,833.61     Travel

Compare to the report from the year prior [PDF]:


898.93          Banking fees
50,990.61       Conferences
608.53          IT
50,227.21    Travel

So it adds up a bit: $50,227.21 + $11,779.66.

Yet in the latest draft… (draft for all projects below)

=== debconf19 ===

         debit         credit          total
  28369.62 USD              0  -28369.62 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
   1768.81 USD              0   -1768.81 USD  Expenses:Travel:Transportation
  30138.43 USD              0  -30138.43 USD


$132,833.61 (or $157,183.49 for everything) was not even the final figure.

The draft is publicly available (sent Friday, September 25th, to spi-general:

This is a *draft* treasurer's report for 2020-08.

When reading the report, keep in mind that income and expenses have
not necessarily been received or been paid yet.  But they have been
committed (expenses approved by liaisons and sponsorship invoiced).

= Monthly report 2020-08-01 - 2020-09-01 =

== Overall SPI 2020-08-01 - 2020-09-01 ==

         debit         credit          total
 270524.89 USD  262260.05 USD    8264.84 USD  Assets
      0.11 USD              0       0.11 USD    Ameriprise Cash Mgmt Acct
             0    3309.72 USD   -3309.72 USD    Bank of America Business Advantage Checking
      0.09 USD              0       0.09 USD    Chase Business Select High Yield Savings
   3014.46 USD    4255.39 USD   -1240.93 USD    Chase Performance Business Checking
  20823.10 USD              0   20823.10 USD    Fifth Third Business Elite Checking (Debian)
   1030.51 USD  102000.00 USD -100969.49 USD    Fifth Third Business Elite Checking (SPI)
  83841.99 USD   21070.61 USD   62771.38 USD    Fifth Third Business Elite Checking Wiretransfer
      1.27 USD              0       1.27 USD    Fifth Third Business Money Market 128
     15.09 USD              0      15.09 USD    Key Business Gold Money Market Savings
  10207.31 USD    1665.61 USD    8541.70 USD    Key Business Reward Checking
   2329.19 USD    1965.52 USD     363.67 USD    PaypalDebian
  12130.16 USD    1651.45 USD   10478.71 USD    PaypalSPI
  32278.00 USD   21488.14 USD   10789.86 USD    Receivable
 104853.61 USD  104853.61 USD              0    Transfers
  16672.97 USD       0.66 USD   16672.31 USD  Expenses
    816.56 USD       0.66 USD     815.90 USD    Bank-Fees
    738.39 USD              0     738.39 USD    Conferences:Materials
     58.33 USD              0      58.33 USD    Currency-Exchange
   6853.82 USD              0    6853.82 USD    IT
   4431.82 USD              0    4431.82 USD      Hosting
   2422.00 USD              0    2422.00 USD      Services
   2670.00 USD              0    2670.00 USD    Insurance
   1530.00 USD              0    1530.00 USD    Legal
     87.52 USD              0      87.52 USD    Office
     68.39 USD              0      68.39 USD      Postal
     19.13 USD              0      19.13 USD      Supplies
   3650.00 USD              0    3650.00 USD    Software-Development
    268.35 USD              0     268.35 USD    Travel:Transportation
   1862.64 USD   39813.14 USD  -37950.50 USD  Income
             0      20.33 USD     -20.33 USD    Currency-Exchange
   1862.64 USD   39601.25 USD  -37738.61 USD    Donations
             0      16.56 USD     -16.56 USD    Interest
             0     175.00 USD    -175.00 USD    Sponsorship
  34789.06 USD   21775.71 USD   13013.35 USD  Liabilities:Payable
 323849.56 USD  323849.56 USD              0

== Per project summaries 2020-08-01 - 2020-09-01 ==

Per project donations have a debit amount specified, which is the SPI
5% contribution from the project towards the SPI general fund. Thus
total donation amount is net of this contribution.

Unlike ledger defaults, totals in the per-project summaries are
inverted. Meaning that expenses are negative and equity is
positive. This way projects that have funds, i.e. are in credit, are
shown as a positive amount.

=== 0ad ===

         debit         credit          total
     85.44 USD              0     -85.44 USD  Expenses
     25.12 USD              0     -25.12 USD    Bank-Fees
      0.42 USD              0      -0.42 USD    Currency-Exchange
     59.90 USD              0     -59.90 USD    IT:Hosting
     21.45 USD     429.06 USD     407.61 USD  Income:Donations
    106.89 USD     429.06 USD     322.17 USD

=== archlinux ===

         debit         credit          total
    519.47 USD              0    -519.47 USD  Expenses
    103.34 USD              0    -103.34 USD    Bank-Fees
    416.13 USD              0    -416.13 USD    IT:Hosting
    109.68 USD    2193.32 USD    2083.64 USD  Income:Donations
    629.15 USD    2193.32 USD    1564.17 USD

=== ardupilot ===

         debit         credit          total
   4356.05 USD              0   -4356.05 USD  Expenses
    164.21 USD              0    -164.21 USD    Bank-Fees
     43.14 USD              0     -43.14 USD    Currency-Exchange
    498.70 USD              0    -498.70 USD    IT:Hosting
   3650.00 USD              0   -3650.00 USD    Software-Development
     54.00 USD    1080.00 USD    1026.00 USD  Income:Donations
   4410.05 USD    1080.00 USD   -3330.05 USD

=== chakra ===

         debit         credit          total
      0.39 USD              0      -0.39 USD  Expenses:IT:Hosting

=== debconf20 ===

         debit         credit          total
    756.59 USD              0    -756.59 USD  Expenses
     14.37 USD              0     -14.37 USD    Bank-Fees
    738.39 USD              0    -738.39 USD    Conferences:Materials
      0.21 USD              0      -0.21 USD    Currency-Exchange
      3.62 USD              0      -3.62 USD    IT:Hosting
     25.00 USD     500.00 USD     475.00 USD  Income:Donations
    781.59 USD     500.00 USD    -281.59 USD

=== debconf21 ===

         debit         credit          total
    550.00 USD   11000.00 USD   10450.00 USD  Income
    550.00 USD   10825.00 USD   10275.00 USD    Donations
             0     175.00 USD     175.00 USD    Sponsorship
    550.00 USD   11000.00 USD   10450.00 USD

=== debian ===

         debit         credit          total
   2079.16 USD       0.66 USD   -2078.50 USD  Expenses
    179.94 USD       0.66 USD    -179.28 USD    Bank-Fees
      1.37 USD              0      -1.37 USD    Currency-Exchange
     99.50 USD              0     -99.50 USD    IT:Hosting
   1530.00 USD              0   -1530.00 USD    Legal
    268.35 USD              0    -268.35 USD    Travel:Transportation
    170.23 USD    3403.94 USD    3233.71 USD  Income:Donations
   2249.39 USD    3404.60 USD    1155.21 USD

=== ffmpeg ===

         debit         credit          total
     15.09 USD              0     -15.09 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
     12.41 USD     248.04 USD     235.63 USD  Income:Donations
     27.50 USD     248.04 USD     220.54 USD

=== jenkins ===

         debit         credit          total
      2.06 USD              0      -2.06 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
      2.50 USD      50.00 USD      47.50 USD  Income:Donations
      4.56 USD      50.00 USD      45.44 USD

=== libreoffice ===

         debit         credit          total
     42.20 USD              0     -42.20 USD  Expenses
     29.01 USD              0     -29.01 USD    Bank-Fees
     13.19 USD              0     -13.19 USD    Currency-Exchange
      6.98 USD     139.54 USD     132.56 USD  Income:Donations
     49.18 USD     139.54 USD      90.36 USD

=== mingw ===

         debit         credit          total
      0.52 USD              0      -0.52 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
      0.50 USD      10.00 USD       9.50 USD  Income:Donations
      1.02 USD      10.00 USD       8.98 USD

=== ntpsec ===

         debit         credit          total
      0.34 USD              0      -0.34 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
      0.05 USD       1.00 USD       0.95 USD  Income:Donations
      0.39 USD       1.00 USD       0.61 USD

=== openbioinformatics ===

         debit         credit          total
     47.87 USD              0     -47.87 USD  Expenses:IT:Hosting

=== openembedded ===

         debit         credit          total
      1.57 USD              0      -1.57 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
      1.53 USD      30.59 USD      29.06 USD  Income:Donations
      3.10 USD      30.59 USD      27.49 USD

=== openwrt ===

         debit         credit          total
     16.93 USD              0     -16.93 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
     17.55 USD     351.00 USD     333.45 USD  Income:Donations
     34.48 USD     351.00 USD     316.52 USD

=== openzfs ===

         debit         credit          total
    352.14 USD              0    -352.14 USD  Expenses
      2.14 USD              0      -2.14 USD    Bank-Fees
    350.00 USD              0    -350.00 USD    Insurance
    301.23 USD    6024.50 USD    5723.27 USD  Income:Donations
    653.37 USD    6024.50 USD    5371.13 USD

=== postgresql ===

         debit         credit          total
     14.12 USD              0     -14.12 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
     17.25 USD     344.99 USD     327.74 USD  Income:Donations
     31.37 USD     344.99 USD     313.62 USD

=== privoxy ===

         debit         credit          total
     44.08 USD              0     -44.08 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
     59.16 USD    1183.20 USD    1124.04 USD  Income:Donations
    103.24 USD    1183.20 USD    1079.96 USD

=== smc ===

         debit         credit          total
      0.41 USD              0      -0.41 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
      0.25 USD       5.00 USD       4.75 USD  Income:Donations
      0.66 USD       5.00 USD       4.34 USD

=== spi ===

         debit         credit          total
   5153.46 USD              0   -5153.46 USD  Expenses
     81.12 USD              0     -81.12 USD    Bank-Fees
   2664.82 USD              0   -2664.82 USD    IT
    242.82 USD              0    -242.82 USD      Hosting
   2422.00 USD              0   -2422.00 USD      Services
   2320.00 USD              0   -2320.00 USD    Insurance
     87.52 USD              0     -87.52 USD    Office
     68.39 USD              0     -68.39 USD      Postal
     19.13 USD              0     -19.13 USD      Supplies
             0    2561.69 USD    2561.69 USD  Income
             0      20.33 USD      20.33 USD    Currency-Exchange
             0    2524.80 USD    2524.80 USD    Donations
             0      16.56 USD      16.56 USD    Interest
   5153.46 USD    2561.69 USD   -2591.77 USD

=== texmacs ===

         debit         credit          total
      5.41 USD              0      -5.41 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
      6.50 USD     130.00 USD     123.50 USD  Income:Donations
     11.91 USD     130.00 USD     118.09 USD

=== translatewiki.net ===

         debit         credit          total
      0.37 USD              0      -0.37 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
      0.15 USD       3.00 USD       2.85 USD  Income:Donations
      0.52 USD       3.00 USD       2.48 USD

=== xorg ===

         debit         credit          total
   3179.30 USD              0   -3179.30 USD  Expenses
    116.41 USD              0    -116.41 USD    Bank-Fees
   3062.89 USD              0   -3062.89 USD    IT:Hosting
    506.22 USD   10124.27 USD    9618.05 USD  Income:Donations
   3685.52 USD   10124.27 USD    6438.75 USD

= 2020 year to date report, ending 2020-09-01 =

== Overall SPI 2020 year to date, ending 2020-09-01 ==

         debit         credit          total
3900622.14 USD 1306259.16 USD 2594362.98 USD  Assets
  13912.49 USD              0   13912.49 USD    Ameriprise Cash Mgmt Acct
 278347.73 USD  176888.92 USD  101458.81 USD    Bank of America Business Advantage Checking
   5344.30 USD              0    5344.30 USD    Chase Business Select High Yield Savings
 189597.19 USD    8655.60 USD  180941.59 USD    Chase Performance Business Checking
  65433.59 USD   40000.00 USD   25433.59 USD    Fifth Third Business Elite Checking (Debian)
 127986.08 USD  102047.00 USD   25939.08 USD    Fifth Third Business Elite Checking (SPI)
 381646.25 USD  221242.09 USD  160404.16 USD    Fifth Third Business Elite Checking Wiretransfer
  29997.84 USD      47.00 USD   29950.84 USD    Fifth Third Business Money Market 128
1781511.57 USD              0 1781511.57 USD    Key Business Gold Money Market Savings
 128632.11 USD   12093.04 USD  116539.07 USD    Key Business Reward Checking
   1000.00 USD              0    1000.00 USD    KeyBank Basic Business Checking
 110000.00 USD              0  110000.00 USD    Merrill Lynch Money Market
  28132.14 USD   25830.40 USD    2301.74 USD    PaypalDebian
 112342.93 USD  100551.60 USD   11791.33 USD    PaypalSPI
 232730.66 USD  204896.25 USD   27834.41 USD    Receivable
 414007.26 USD  414007.26 USD              0    Transfers
  42814.68 USD 2514075.63 USD -2471260.95 USD  Equity:Net-Assets
  42814.68 USD 2088618.34 USD -2045803.66 USD    Restricted
             0  425457.29 USD -425457.29 USD    Unrestricted
 305267.32 USD    4811.17 USD  300456.15 USD  Expenses
  55989.60 USD              0   55989.60 USD    Accounting
   7289.13 USD     165.78 USD    7123.35 USD    Bank-Fees
  28975.01 USD              0   28975.01 USD    Conferences
  13370.14 USD              0   13370.14 USD      Dining
   4490.17 USD              0    4490.17 USD      Materials
   4149.57 USD              0    4149.57 USD      Services
   6965.13 USD              0    6965.13 USD      Venue
    831.14 USD              0     831.14 USD    Currency-Exchange
 112525.09 USD              0  112525.09 USD    IT
   4290.20 USD              0    4290.20 USD      Domains
  55035.32 USD              0   55035.32 USD      Hardware
  48907.57 USD              0   48907.57 USD      Hosting
   4292.00 USD              0    4292.00 USD      Services
   2670.00 USD              0    2670.00 USD    Insurance
  19004.93 USD              0   19004.93 USD    Internships
  13039.72 USD              0   13039.72 USD    Legal
   2164.25 USD              0    2164.25 USD    Marketing
    903.39 USD              0     903.39 USD    Office
    884.26 USD              0     884.26 USD      Postal
     19.13 USD              0      19.13 USD      Supplies
   6006.10 USD              0    6006.10 USD    Software-Development
    350.00 USD              0     350.00 USD    Training
  55518.96 USD    4645.39 USD   50873.57 USD    Travel
  10572.40 USD    1723.58 USD    8848.82 USD      Accommodation
    984.76 USD              0     984.76 USD      Dining
  43961.80 USD    2921.81 USD   41039.99 USD      Transportation
  32132.05 USD  421838.89 USD -389706.84 USD  Income
     45.98 USD     919.63 USD    -873.65 USD    Conferences:Registrations
             0    1188.14 USD   -1188.14 USD    Currency-Exchange
  31696.07 USD  398026.25 USD -366330.18 USD    Donations
             0   15799.87 USD  -15799.87 USD    Interest
    390.00 USD    5905.00 USD   -5515.00 USD    Sponsorship
 319400.77 USD  353252.11 USD  -33851.34 USD  Liabilities:Payable
4600236.96 USD 4600236.96 USD              0

== Per project summaries 2020 year to date, ending 2020-09-01 ==

=== 0ad ===

         debit         credit          total
             0   34970.84 USD   34970.84 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
    741.68 USD              0    -741.68 USD  Expenses
    172.60 USD              0    -172.60 USD    Bank-Fees
      0.42 USD              0      -0.42 USD    Currency-Exchange
    568.66 USD              0    -568.66 USD    IT
     17.63 USD              0     -17.63 USD      Domains
    551.03 USD              0    -551.03 USD      Hosting
    144.09 USD    2881.59 USD    2737.50 USD  Income:Donations
    885.77 USD   37852.43 USD   36966.66 USD

=== ankur ===

         debit         credit          total
             0    2819.84 USD    2819.84 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted

=== aptosid ===

         debit         credit          total
             0     503.76 USD     503.76 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted

=== archlinux ===

         debit         credit          total
             0  344144.42 USD  344144.42 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
   7815.12 USD      14.00 USD   -7801.12 USD  Expenses
    870.94 USD      14.00 USD    -856.94 USD    Bank-Fees
    806.12 USD              0    -806.12 USD    Conferences
    255.97 USD              0    -255.97 USD      Dining
    550.15 USD              0    -550.15 USD      Venue
     17.82 USD              0     -17.82 USD    Currency-Exchange
   5137.00 USD              0   -5137.00 USD    IT:Hosting
    983.24 USD              0    -983.24 USD    Travel
    214.44 USD              0    -214.44 USD      Accommodation
    564.86 USD              0    -564.86 USD      Dining
    203.94 USD              0    -203.94 USD      Transportation
   1216.68 USD   24337.19 USD   23120.51 USD  Income
             0       5.29 USD       5.29 USD    Currency-Exchange
   1216.68 USD   24331.90 USD   23115.22 USD    Donations
   9031.80 USD  368495.61 USD  359463.81 USD

=== archlinux32 ===

         debit         credit          total
      1.04 USD              0      -1.04 USD  Expenses:Bank-Fees
      1.00 USD      20.00 USD      19.00 USD  Income:Donations
      2.04 USD      20.00 USD      17.96 USD

=== ardupilot ===

         debit         credit          total
             0   97923.23 USD   97923.23 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
  18321.54 USD    4460.72 USD  -13860.82 USD  Expenses
   1440.04 USD      74.00 USD   -1366.04 USD    Bank-Fees
     53.89 USD              0     -53.89 USD    Currency-Exchange
   5625.81 USD              0   -5625.81 USD    IT
   1145.22 USD              0   -1145.22 USD      Hardware
   4480.59 USD              0   -4480.59 USD      Hosting
   6006.10 USD              0   -6006.10 USD    Software-Development
   5195.70 USD    4386.72 USD    -808.98 USD    Travel
   1763.16 USD    1723.58 USD     -39.58 USD      Accommodation
   3432.54 USD    2663.14 USD    -769.40 USD      Transportation
   3702.05 USD   34255.70 USD   30553.65 USD  Income
             0     114.70 USD     114.70 USD    Currency-Exchange
   3502.05 USD   31141.00 USD   27638.95 USD    Donations
    200.00 USD    3000.00 USD    2800.00 USD    Sponsorship
  22023.59 USD  136639.65 USD  114616.06 USD

=== chakra ===

         debit         credit          total
             0     393.72 USD     393.72 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
    271.27 USD              0    -271.27 USD  Expenses
      8.07 USD              0      -8.07 USD    Bank-Fees
      0.33 USD              0      -0.33 USD    Currency-Exchange
    262.87 USD              0    -262.87 USD    IT:Hosting
      2.50 USD      50.95 USD      48.45 USD  Income
             0       0.95 USD       0.95 USD    Currency-Exchange
      2.50 USD      50.00 USD      47.50 USD    Donations
    273.77 USD     444.67 USD     170.90 USD

=== debconf14 ===

         debit         credit          total
             0   35962.78 USD   35962.78 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted

=== debconf15 ===

         debit         credit          total
             0   70218.51 USD   70218.51 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
   1608.11 USD              0   -1608.11 USD  Expenses:Travel
    223.41 USD              0    -223.41 USD    Accommodation
   1384.70 USD              0   -1384.70 USD    Transportation
   1608.11 USD   70218.51 USD   68610.40 USD

=== debconf16 ===

         debit         credit          total
  14445.06 USD              0  -14445.06 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted

=== debconf17 ===

         debit         credit          total
             0    1887.04 USD    1887.04 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted

=== debconf18 ===

         debit         credit          total
             0   30263.98 USD   30263.98 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
    267.36 USD     258.67 USD      -8.69 USD  Expenses:Travel:Transportation
    200.00 USD    4000.00 USD    3800.00 USD  Income:Donations
    467.36 USD   34522.65 USD   34055.29 USD

=== debconf19 ===

         debit         credit          total
  28369.62 USD              0  -28369.62 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
   1768.81 USD              0   -1768.81 USD  Expenses:Travel:Transportation
  30138.43 USD              0  -30138.43 USD

=== debconf20 ===

         debit         credit          total
    758.24 USD              0    -758.24 USD  Expenses
     16.02 USD              0     -16.02 USD    Bank-Fees
    738.39 USD              0    -738.39 USD    Conferences:Materials
      0.21 USD              0      -0.21 USD    Currency-Exchange
      3.62 USD              0      -3.62 USD    IT:Hosting
  10982.00 USD   20140.00 USD    9158.00 USD  Income
  10792.00 USD   19760.00 USD    8968.00 USD    Donations
    190.00 USD     380.00 USD     190.00 USD    Sponsorship
  11740.24 USD   20140.00 USD    8399.76 USD

=== debconf21 ===

         debit         credit          total
   1850.00 USD   37000.00 USD   35150.00 USD  Income
   1850.00 USD   36475.00 USD   34625.00 USD    Donations
             0     525.00 USD     525.00 USD    Sponsorship
   1850.00 USD   37000.00 USD   35150.00 USD

=== debian ===

         debit         credit          total
             0  636774.55 USD  636774.55 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
  88417.70 USD       0.66 USD  -88417.04 USD  Expenses
   1549.38 USD       0.66 USD   -1548.72 USD    Bank-Fees
    470.58 USD              0    -470.58 USD    Conferences:Dining
    390.46 USD              0    -390.46 USD    Currency-Exchange
  53881.72 USD              0  -53881.72 USD    IT
      9.80 USD              0      -9.80 USD      Domains
  53738.60 USD              0  -53738.60 USD      Hardware
    133.32 USD              0    -133.32 USD      Hosting
  13000.00 USD              0  -13000.00 USD    Internships
   5458.01 USD              0   -5458.01 USD    Legal
  13667.55 USD              0  -13667.55 USD    Travel
   2535.66 USD              0   -2535.66 USD      Accommodation
    149.96 USD              0    -149.96 USD      Dining
  10981.93 USD              0  -10981.93 USD      Transportation
   1434.11 USD   29236.01 USD   27801.90 USD  Income
             0     656.99 USD     656.99 USD    Currency-Exchange
   1434.11 USD   28579.02 USD   27144.91 USD    Donations
  89851.81 USD  666011.22 USD  576159.41 USD

=== ffmpeg ===

         debit         credit          total
             0  121716.03 USD  121716.03 USD  Equity:Net-Assets:Restricted
   3830.66 USD              0   -3830.66 USD  Expenses
    225.28 USD              0    -225.28 USD    Bank-Fees
      0.50 USD              0      -0.50 USD    Currency-Exchange
   3004.93 USD              0   -3004.93 USD    Internships
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All of this is (to their credit) publicly available, unlike Debian-Private. Either way, IRS would compel disclosure.


Video: Free Communication With Free Software – Daniel Pocock – FOSSASIA Summit 2016

Posted in Debian, Free/Libre Software, Videos at 10:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: The 2016 FOSSASIA talk from Daniel Pocock (Debian) about Free software alternatives to Google, Microsoft Skype and so on (Microsoft started paying Debian in 2016)

FOSSASIA about Daniel Pocock: “Professional software engineer and consultant. Daniel Pocock has developed enterprise grade solutions for some of the giants of the financial services industry, including secure connectivity for UBS (using Apache Camel), the first customer-facing WebRTC contact solution on Wall Street at Interactive Brokers, enterprise-wide real-time monitoring for Barclays Capital (based on Ganglia) and a wide range of real-time financial trade capture and risk management solutions for Thomson Reuters. Despite the highly proprietary nature of these enterprises, Pocock has remained a champion of efficient, cost effective open source solutions to meet demanding business requirements. Pocock actively contributes to a range of free software projects with a focus on real-time communications (RTC) and VoIP, in particular, Lumicall, JSCommunicator, DruCall, reSIProcate, Ganglia and flactag. Pocock is the author of the RTC Quick Start Guide and is part of the team behind the O’Reilly book Monitoring with Ganglia Pocock is a Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora Developer and an OpenCSW package maintainer. He is a licensed radio amateur with the callsigns VK3TQR and M0GLR.”


Debian’s Network of Gossip and Gossipmongering in Debian-Private

Posted in Debian, Deception, GNU/Linux at 2:04 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

On a daily basis now, people ask questions that remind volunteers about the leadership problems in Debian. When we visit free software events or any other free software community, it comes up frequently.

It is a horrible situation. When people remind us about the vindictive emails sent by Chris Lamb in September 2018, there is nothing positive to say. It puts us in a position where there is no response other than asking them to question Lamb’s credibility. As Lamb was leader of the project at that time, this inevitably rubs off on Debian as a community.

When people realize issues like these relate to volunteers’ private lives and have nothing to do with their competence as Debian Developers, they quickly apologize for intruding. On those occasions when Lamb’s victims have explained the situation to people in any detail, the colour of their faces has visibly changed, demonstrating an acute combination of sadness and anger at the way certain people in the Debian community, including the former leader, have behaved.

People have asked why nobody tried to speak to Lamb. In fact, people tried. He lives in London, some Debian Developers are visiting there regularly. At least one has written to him numerous times to suggest a meeting: it is Lamb who always refused.

Between September and December 2018, attempts were made to set up a meeting with other volunteers. They either didn’t respond or declined. Yet more and more reports of Lamb’s gossipmongering came back to us.

In an earlier blog, we revealed that one of the challenges faced by a volunteer was the death of his father. People simply can’t understand why Lamb and his sidekicks would be undermining another Debian Developer, involved in the community for more than twenty years, at such a difficult time.

It is not easy to reduce a subject like that to a blog post. More details of volunteers’ private lives can’t be disclosed without violating the privacy of third parties. Yet one of Lamb’s missed opportunities as a leader is that he expected everything to be reduced to email or IRC. So he remained completely out of touch.

Nobody chose to have their private life and professional life interconnected in this way. It was imposed on them by somebody who had the title of leader in an organization of 1,000 Developers but had dedicated more time to covering up his girlfriend’s blunders than anything else.

That brings us to another point: is everybody who has a public profile in the free software community going to be subject to similar attacks and criticism at a time of personal tragedy? GSoC and Outreachy mentors frequently observe the challenges newcomers go through making their first commit on a public repository or their first post to a mailing list. Many of them would never have done so if they saw what volunteers have been put through by rogue elements of the Debian community.

Ultimately, as the leader created a state of hostility through inappropriate gossip, the only real solution is for the current leader of the project to publicly and unconditionally denounce the gossip and put these issues to rest for once and for all.

Also reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

Many people noticed Debian Developers have started making wholesale leaks of material from debian-private.

This finishes off the same year where we saw the death of Lucy Wayland, the cover-up of a controversial $300,000 donation from Google and the blackmailing of Norbert Preining.

What these divisions demonstrate is a maturity gap. The cabals running the project have never really grown up. Like a 15-year-old who receives a Ferrari for his birthday, the Debian Account Managers are not mature enough to handle the power associated with their positions.

Anybody familiar with the content of debian-private can see this is true: some leadership figures who have been in the project for decades are still behaving the same way that they did in the nineteen nineties yet we are about to begin 2020.

Another key reason for division is the rise of the Mollies. There is a hidden message in Molly de Blanc’s fateful FOSDEM talk, where she boasts about humiliating people just days after the death of Lucy Wayland. The missing piece of the puzzle, leaked during DebConf, is that Molly was dating the Debian Project Leader, Chris Lamb. Lamb had become frustrated with day-to-day leadership responsibilities and wanted to stick to more prestigious things, like the invitation to the Cambridge University Dept of Computer Science. When other members of the community ran into problems, Lamby had simply handed them off to his girlfriend, de Blanc, for her sinister social experiments, which she was gloating about at FOSDEM. The Mollies used other volunteers in Debian like lab rats, refining nefarious techniques like misquoting people and gaslighting. They subsequently applied these skills to take down Richard Stallman, founder of the FSF.

Many organizations invest significant time and money preparing their managers to handle the responsibility of a major leadership role. Debian doesn’t. Lamb and de Blanc’s handling of certain situations demonstrate the consequences.

Many of us have been to leadership seminars organized by our employers from time to time. Nobody can ever recall one where the presenter delves into whispering networks, demotions and expulsions, mocking people present at the event itself. The human relations philosophy espoused by de Blanc can be summarized in one word: cyberbullying.

Yet as developers mature, some were able to see this maturity gap and either became frustrated with the project or quit. The cabal leaders haven’t listened to these people, even continuing one of their experiments on a volunteer who’s father recently died. With such extraordinary arrogance, it is no wonder that some people have gone beyond quitting and started to make those wholesale leaks.

Also reprinted with permission from Debian Community News (partially reproduced)

There is a thread about impeaching Bruce Perens although it is not nearly as gripping as the impeachment of Donald Trump.

At the time, Perens had publicly stated:

That’s our little private mailing list where the package developers make fun of you without your being able to see it :-)

That comment was probably not intended to be taken too seriously. Unfortunately, it has come to define the Debian organization for over 20 years since then.

In a more recent episode on debian-private, somebody made an unpleasant remark about another free software developer who isn’t in Debian. When challenged about this backstab, another Debian Developer dismissed the concerns:

They won’t see these comments, that’s the whole point of -private. People can talk more freely in here than usual.

debian-private is a mailing list including over 1,000 Debian Developers who all work in different companies around the world. To pretend this is a private means of communication is a farce.

The former Debian Project Leader’s girlfriend, Molly de Blanc, promotes whispering networks in her talk at FOSDEM 2019. Feminists have worked hard to eliminate terms like toxic woman. Sadly, de Blanc’s antics have given the term a new lease on life.

Debian’s public mailing lists include huge threads preaching about codes of conduct, such as this in December 2019. The mentality of operating debian-private and the things that leadership figures write there contradict all of that.

When the leaders of the organization and key figures in the cabal behave abusively in what they consider to be a safe space, it is completely unreasonable to be upset at other developers for the tone of things they write anywhere else. Human behaviour is often a good reflection of the leadership.

Improving leadership standards and diversity both require real acts of leadership and transparency, not Molly’s call-to-gossip. The leaking of this particular material, if it is intended to undermine confidence in debian-private, could be classed as a leadership act.

Forced Confessions and Thought Control in Debian

Posted in Debian at 5:16 am by Guest Editorial Team

Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

Over the past twelve months, concerned developers have spoken out publicly about blackmail in Debian. It has been referred to as analogous to Thought Reform, the brainwashing programs of the totalitarian Chinese communist state and many former eastern European communist dictatorships.

The regime operating this program are the Debian Account Managers, comprising Enrico Zini, Joerg Jaspert and Jonathan Wiltshire.

Using the public complaints about the process, let’s break it down into easy steps. Like Zini, Jaspert and Wiltshire did at Christmas 2018, you could make this into a holiday project and start your own regime during a long weekend.

Begin with the conclusion

Normally, an expulsion or imprisonment comes at the end of an inquiry or investigation. In a blackmail program, the process is reversed.

In Debian’s case, this involves removing somebody from the Debian keyring. This is something that is relatively easy for Zini, Joerg and Wiltshire to do using their position in the project.

Add something menacing

For some developers, simply removing them from the keyring can cause immediate problems with their employment as they can no longer upload packages to Debian if they are not included in the Debian keyring. Without saying any more, Zini, Joerg and Jaspert now have the victim’s full attention.

People have been removed for all kinds of reasons in the past: most simply resigned from the project. At this point, to create fear in the victim, Zini, Joerg and Wiltshire have to add some accusation, stated as if it was an undeniable act of wrongdoing.

In the case of Dr Norbert Preining, the blackmailers had been keeping a log of every minor controversy he encountered in the last decade and dragged them all out as the basis of their case. For example:

Not that other[4] posts[5] from you seem to be respectful or
constructive, nor does it appear to be the[6] case[7] with[8] loads[9]
of[10] mailing[11] list[12] posts[13]. This is damaging the working
environment in the project, with people needing to step[14] in[15] to
restore a decent working environmet after one of your interventions.

These issues have[16] been[17] raised[18] to you[19] several[20]
times[21] over[22] the years, and you have normally responded by denying
the issues and attacking the people who tried to raise them. See for

These techniques can also be used with people who are not Debian Developers, it simply involves changing the threat. For example, Debian might threaten somebody’s participation in GSoC or their access to diversity and travel funds.

Make the victim feel alone

In full-scale communist regimes, after the victim has been shown evidence of their sins, they will be locked in solitary confinement for some weeks.

In Debian, Zini, Jaspert and Wiltshire simulate solitary confinement using shame. They tell the victim that the punishment is secret:

We are sending this email privately, leaving its disclosure as your decision (although traces in public databases are unavoidable).

Shame is a powerful emotion. People feel shame even when they didn’t do anything wrong. Many victims of rape never report the crime because of shame: the emotion is stronger in their head than in the head of the perpetrator. With a comment like that above, Zini, Jaspert and Wiltshire aspire to create a prison of shame for their victim.

A hint of further consequences

The declaration that the punishment is private/secret also serves a further purpose: Zini, Jaspert and Wiltshire are making a veiled threat that they will either publicly disclose or leak the punishment.

Their victim will recall incidents of both types of exposure.

For example, the public lynching of Jacob Appelbaum on allegations of sex abuse, which the Debian Project Leader discussed with a journalist, denouncing Appelbaum. Zini, Jaspert and Wiltshire’s hope is that their victim will fear similar public humiliation. Note: the people who made accusations against Appelbaum withdrew them after wrecking his career.

In 2018, the Debian Project Leader used an Albanian to spread gossip about another volunteer who had resigned from some voluntary roles at a time of grief.

Many Debian Developers will recall incidents like this and will perceive a veiled threat. Zini, Jaspert and Wiltshire add to the sense of apprehension by using similar subject lines and other phrases in all of the blackmail messages they send. The victim subconsciously joins the dots, associating their own predicament with the previous public shamings.

A direction or hint about something the victim should do

People don’t usually operate blackmail schemes for practice, they have some goal in mind.

For example, Zini, Jaspert and Wiltshire might want somebody to stop asking questions about Google money in another organization like FSFE.

A third party may send the blackmail victim the instruction: resign from that other role or stop asking those questions. Be a team player. Accept a free trip to a conference.

Other volunteers may act like friends of the victim, suggesting the victim writes a public confessionapology, like Dr Preining did in 2019, notice the reference to other people who directed him how to act:

Thanks to some fellow DDs who reminded me of these items

the invaluable help of some fellow DDs

Reminded and help? Or the delivery of instructions from the blackmailers by somebody pretending to be friendly?


Please don’t try this stuff at home.

The prison of shame described in this article is a dangerous technique well known in psychological warfare (PsyOps). Victims of shaming, blackmail and rape have all been known to suffer similar consequences, up to and including suicides.

Debian Volunteers Disallowed and Forbidden From Talking About Politics (Unlike Debian’s Aristocracy That Handles All the Money From Sponsors)

Posted in Debian, Deception at 3:20 am by Guest Editorial Team

Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

You can’t read this: a [flagged] marker has been added to this post on Hacker News, more evidence of the secretive cabals working behind the scenes to silence discussion about secretive cabals. After a couple of hours the [flagged] marker mysteriously vanished again. Share your thoughs on the uncensored FSFellowship mailing list

On 20 December 2019, a Debian Developer posted the message below to the debian-project mailing list, offering to give the same talk at both DebConf20 in Haifa, Israel and again in Palestine the next day.

The message never appeared in the list and can’t be found in the list archive for December.

Alexander Wirt (formorer) has previously declared that he will censor messages about Israel due to anti-semitism. Yet the message below doesn’t include anything against Israel and doesn’t mention the boycott campaign. It is simply a volunteer offering to give up more of his time to help a population in Palestine who suffer from extraordinary discrimination.

Is Wirt really fighting anti-semitism, or could the DebConf20 organizers simply be afraid of any discussion that may deter wealthy Israeli sponsors? This doesn’t suggest that Israelis have actually sought such influence, it is more of an indication of how easily some volunteers with official roles in Debian are bamboozled when anyone, whether it is an Israeli company or a Silicon Valley company, shows up with a fistful of cash.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Jewish people are asking us not to forget the Holocaust. Yet when people turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in Palestine, when they expel people from organizations for purely political reasons or when they censor mailing lists, they are saying that human rights are optional. To be credible and sincere in remembering the Holocaust, we must show equal respect for all human beings, their political views and of course their religion.

Subject: DebConf Israel and DebConf Palestine

Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 23:59:18 +0100

To: debian-project@lists.debian.org

Many people remain uncomfortable about how DebConf organizers are handling the challenges presented in the middle east.

I’d like to share an observation about how the British currently handle the question of visiting Israel: when Government or royal officials go there, they spend 50% of their time on Palestinian territory. They also visit neighboring countries.

Could half of DebConf 2020 be held in Palestine?

Would anybody like to have two DebConfs back-to-back, one in Israel and one in Palestine?

I’d personally volunteer to give the same talk twice for both audiences.

Debian Developers are volunteers and can’t be obliged to visit either of these countries. However, in the case of people funded by bursaries, it may be reasonable to make it a criteria of the bursary that the recipient visits both countries.

Can you see any way in which this message could be considered anti-semitic?


When Attempting to Run for Debian Project Leader (DPL), Only to Realise the Process is Rigged (and Censored) to Protect Past Leaders

Posted in Debian, Free/Libre Software, Google at 9:16 pm by Guest Editorial Team

[Editorial note: What we’re seeing in Debian right now is very similar to the EPO under Benoît Battistelli; in order to cover up abuses the leadership race is being rigged in favour of ‘favourable’, ‘safe’ candidates like António Campinos, who would not investigate past leaders for potential abuses because they’re indebted to them]

Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

This is the question nobody is allowed to ask:

Imagine you are DPL. In January, an experienced and respected volunteer writes:

You can use my name temporarily while looking for other people to help you in this role… However, I can’t officially commit to help with the duties of an administrator right now.

and in July, he follows up:

Due to unforeseen and extraordinary personal circumstances that I don’t wish to discuss…

The volunteer visits your city every month for work and asks if he can meet you in person. Do you:

    • Use the volunteer to tie up all GSoC and DebConf loose ends over another 2 months
    • Wait until you bank the $17,200 from Google
    • Ignore the volunteer’s public resignation
    • Send a complaint to Debian Account Managers
    • Send emails to other organizations denouncing the volunteer
    • Receive and brag about another big cheque from Google
    • When the volunteer works up the courage to challenge you publicly on debian-project, lie and deny what you wrote
    • Prompt people to stalk the volunteer at events?
  1. Or do you accept the suggested meeting, do the right thing and try to find a low key solution?


DPL elections 2020: nomination censored (reprinted with permission from Debian Community News)

Many people wondered what all the fuss has been about banning and censoring people from Debian in recent years. The answer? Dirty politics. Nominations for Debian Project Leader were announced on Saturday, 7 March and the next day, outgoing leader Sam Hartman attacked another would-be candidate with false accusations of trolling.

The candidate has chosen to share his platform publicly. Do you think this would make Debian a more friendly place for everybody?

Subject: nomination and platform

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2020

From: a volunteer

To: debian-vote@lists.debian.org

Dear Fellow Developers,

I’m running for DPL again this year. This is my nomination.

I have a clear platform and I can deliver what I promise.

In August 2018, while dealing with a number of extraordinary situations in my life outside Debian, I politely informed people that I was resigning from the GSoC team. I had planned to take a rest. It was completely appropriate at that time. From Debian’s point of view, there was nothing more to it than that.

A few weeks later, as I departed on my vacation in September 2018, a vacation I really needed at that time, I received some emails from certain people in Debian. To quote Sam Hartman, it felt like a “Campaign of Harassment”.

Linus Torvalds took a widely publicized vacation, nobody attacked him for that. Why can’t Debian Developers take a vacation too?

My policy therefore is that if you vote for me as DPL, I will end the experiments started by previous DPLs. Then I will immediately try to have my vacation again. While I’m on vacation, you won’t hear from me. Its a new experiment:

How does the project survive when the DPL goes walkabout?

I may well head off to the outback for some indeterminate period of time, free from any concerns about Coronavirus and DebConf’s foray into middle east politics.

While I’m on holiday, I’ll prepare a constitutional change that protects the rights of all Debian Developers to have holidays without interruptions. Any decisions made while a Developer is on vacation, at Christmas, in hospital or otherwise unavailable will be null and void. This is retrospective from the beginning of the project, therefore any previous communications sent while Developers were on vacation, at Christmas or late on a Sunday night are also null and void. I feel that is good for every Developer and the project as a whole.

That is my platform and I’m confident that it can be delivered.

Debian, Chris Lamb and a Campaign of Harassment-by-Proxy (reprinted with permission from Debian Community News)

One of the law suits to define the age of social media is Herrick v. Grindr LLC. Herrick’s ex-boyfriend has created fake profiles impersonating Herrick, inviting arbitrary strangers to visit Herrick at his workplace. The case has been escalated all the way to the US Supreme Court. It is an example of harassment-by-proxy.

In a recent email, the Debian Project Leader made a rather confused report about a campaign of harassment. It is confusing because officials in the Debian aristocracy have used the project’s resources to pretend they are victims. It is otherwise known as victim-offender reversal.

The simple fact of the matter is that a volunteer resigned from a post in August 2018 and cited extraordinary personal circumstances in a private email to the former leader, Chris Lamb.

Nobody from the project made any attempt to communicate with this volunteer for a month. Then, just as the volunteer was departing on vacation, Enrico Zini, one of the Debian Account Managers, sent an insulting email alleging the volunteer wasn’t a real developer. This intrusion on a developer’s vacation is a pretty grave example of harassment. People have complained about trolls on Debian’s mailing list but none of them have stooped so low as sabotaging a volunteer’s vacation.

At the same moment, the former DPL, Lamb, was sending out messages to denounce the volunteer. He conscripted an Albanian to relay those messages into other parts of the free software community.

As a consequence of those messages, initiated by Lamb, the volunteer is constantly being confronted with questions about his family and personal life. People asking the questions don’t know enough about the case to know they are intruding on somebody’s private life. They have been used by Lamb, Zini et al. to cause extreme discomfort to another volunteer. This is a campaign of harassment-by-proxy, orchestrated by Lamb, much like the harassment described in Herrick v. Grindr LLC.

Rogue elements of the Debian aristocracy, using proxies, have stalked him at free software events. Over a period of 15 months, they have sought to burn and desecrate every area where the volunteer contributes to free software.

Some people are asking who is harassing who. Yet the facts are clear: the volunteer resigned from his role in August 2018, the first abusive messages were unilaterally sent by project officials towards the volunteer some weeks after that. Lamb and Zini lit this fire.

This persistent campaign of harassment, the leader and office holders using Debian’s otherwise good reputation to suck other people into insulting a volunteer, is about as bad as it can get. It is scary to contemplate where it will end.

Nepotism and Conflicts of Interest in Free Software

Posted in Debian, Free/Libre Software, Google, OSI at 6:48 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

AS the Mollamby affair has emerged, some people have rushed to defend the privacy of Chris Lamb and Molly de Blanc (Mollamby) or dismissed it as mere innuendo without understanding the ethical issues.

What is the difference between innuendo and public interest? Evidence.

Privacy is a valid consideration, but it is not the only one. We delayed publishing our own commentary about the subject while weighing the privacy implications against the ethical issues.

Let’s consider some of the evidence backing up the facts about Mollamby. Parts of the evidence have been redacted for the privacy of third parties but the material presented here accurately reflects the situation.

This is the opening comment sent by a student applying for GSoC in 2018 (Fact 2):

Date: 14 March 2018

I am [redacted/student name], ... from [redacted/country].
I’m [redacted/relationship] of [redacted/full name]

The student clearly identified a conflict of interest, giving the name of the other party and the type of relationship. The other party had also sent a similar email:

Date: 12 March 2018

... there are some students who might be interested
in [redacted/project]. Even my [redacted/relationship] has been ....

As they were honest and transparent from the outset, there is no question over their integrity and no need to discuss their identities.

This is the statement one volunteer made when agreeing to be a GSoC admin in 2018:

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: Google Summer of Code 2018
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 08:41:49 +0100
From: Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro>
To: mollydb <deblanc@riseup.net>

On 22/01/18 02:25, mollydb wrote:
> I mmissed this on the application before! We need 2-5 administrators for
> the application. Who else wants to be one?

You can use my name temporarily while looking for other people to help
you in this role.

... [redacted/name of other community] ...

However, I can't officially commit to help with the duties of an
administrator right now.



No volunteer is under any obligation to provide details of their personal life. This statement alone looks like it was made honestly and in good faith, that is what teamwork is all about.

A selection meeting was scheduled for 16 April 2018 and Pocock was the volunteer who reminded people about somebody having a conflict of interest (Fact 3). He was not a party to this conflict of interest. de Blanc both acknowledged and agreed with the way it was handled (Fact 6):

<pocock> yes, but [redacted] is not involved in the
  selection process because one candidate is [redacted]
<pocock> that could be one reason we are waiting
   until the last minute to confirm the selections
[redacted/other mentor acknowledgement]
<mollydb> nice responsibile decision making :)
<mollydb> thanks for being so consciencious

People had been reminded about it in a number of emails at each stage of the selection process, it wasn’t sprung on people at the last minute. de Blanc had simply left the GSoC emails to other team members:

Date: 12 July 2018
From: Molly de Blanc <deblanc@riseup.net>

As an additional note, I generally check my email once a week. For
anything immediate, -please- ping me on IRC as I'll be responsive there
(and can know to dive into my email).

When alerts were sent about the conflict of interest in March and April, other team members were unaware that de Blanc wasn’t reading them.

Technically, it was a special case that was not strictly covered by Google’s official rules. Given the huge effort volunteers make interacting with students, nobody had made the extra effort to seek Google clarification.

Now let’s look at the complaint that Stephanie Taylor from Google sent to Debian on 13 July 2018 (yes, that was Friday the 13th):

Subject: Concerns around Debian GSoC students and conflict of interest
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 08:23:36 +0200
From: Stephanie Taylor <sttaylor@google.com>
To: [redacted/private gmail addresses of all Debian GSoC admins]

Hello Debian Org Admins,

It has come to our attention that [redacted/position in Debian],
[redacted/full name], is the [redacted/relationship] of [redacted/name], ...

This is incredibly disturbing as the Debian folks have been valued
members of the GSoC community for many years and this threatens the
integrity of the program.

Taylor is complaining about conflicts of interest in Debian, this confirms Fact 7.

Who would investigate Taylor’s complaint? Chris Lamb and Molly de Blanc. Mollamby.

Subject: Re: Concerns around Debian GSoC students and conflict of interest
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 14:49:50 +0200
From: Molly de Blanc
To: Daniel Pocock

Just as a quick heads up, I'll be talking with the DPL later today to
get on the same page -- I know he also contacted Stephanie off-channel.

If you'd like to ping me on IRC, I can try to be online and accessible
(today turned into quite a busy day for me) at a time that works for you.


Notice that de Blanc does not mention her conflict of interest (romantic relationship with the DPL, Chris Lamb) in that email. Lamb never mentioned it either. Neither of them recused themselves (Fact 8). Pocock was travelling that weekend and couldn’t make time to join a hastily organized meeting. As boyfriend and girlfriend, Lamb and de Blanc, Mollamby, had a meeting without the rest of the Debian GSoC admin team. When the boyfriend is also the leader of the project and when the girlfriend’s conduct is in question, is it any surprise that another volunteer is blamed and the girlfriend takes over the team?

That email is the smoking gun: two people at the very top of the free software ecosystem (Debian and OSI) using a volunteer as a scapegoat for a communication breakdown that one of them had been party to.

This farce is further compounded by the fact the original complaint was about conflicts of interest.

Mollamby hid their own conflict of interest while investigating a conflict of interest.

Is this a new style of disruptive leadership? Or is it simply good old fashioned cronyism?

Even this hidden conflict of interest may not be enough to justify discussing the relationship publicly. However, they have meted out severe punishments on numerous other volunteers. de Blanc even went to FOSDEM and gave a talk boasting about demoting somebody and putting volunteers behind bars. If these people want to take on leadership positions and preach about harming other volunteers they also need to accept that their own conduct will come under public scrutiny. It is clearly not possible to talk about the way they both concealed and benefitted from a conflict of interest without also making their relationship a public matter. In this situation, the ethical transgressions heavily outweigh the concerns about their privacy.

What’s more, Pocock announced his resignation from the Debian GSoC team in August 2018, if people had not behaved immaturely after that, it is unlikely any of these facts would be under public scrutiny right now.

In a non-apology email sent by the new DPL Sam Hartman, Debian confirms there were conflicts of interest and that Debian is completely unprepared for these situations:

I regret that we didn’t have better tools for dealing with conflict
of interest and hope we will develop those tools going forward.


The conflict of interest issue had no easy answer... There was not a
clear conflict of interest policy.  Sometimes in situations like that
you don’t have good options.

The GNOME community have also done an excellent job of reducing this complicated situation into a concise query to their own leadership. From the GNOME Foundation mailing list:

Nobody appears to be asking about Molly.

People are asking about you (Neil McGovern).  You and Lamb
both come from this Debian Cambridge grouping.
You are the Executive Director.

How long did you know that your new hire
was also your friend Lamby's girlfriend?

Please respond transparently, we would all like
to see this cleaned up so there will be
no discomfort or embarrassment at GUADEC.

It is interesting to see that a student applying to GSoC appears to be demonstrating more integrity than the leader of the Debian Project and the OSI board president combined.

OSI Board at Microsoft

Conflict of interest? OSI board meeting, Spring 2018, Microsoft, San Francisco

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