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Glass and Metal Cages

Posted in Finance at 9:45 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Tall offices/office buildings

Summary: Work harder, work faster, your home is your new cage

THE joys of the office
With its corporate trophies
The suits and the ties
The keyboards and mice

The pleasure of work
Canteens that served pork
Conference rooms emptied
To lay off they hurried

Profits are paramount
What do moan about?
Here, have a payrise
By Christmas you’re fired; oh hey, surprise!

Just chugging along in your cage with your chair
Half your life gone, but that’s only fair
COVID has come, your pension has left
Taken away by professionals, which means it’s not theft

Gone is the tower, lease not renewed
No more this workplace, we don’t provide food
Surveillance to follow, we’ll follow you around
Turn on the microphone, at home you have sound

Lady at office

Conditions erode, but it’s OK, this is global
Be thankful you’re alive, that’s the sum total
Work until midnight, overnight if you can
We’ll provide a mask, that alone will keep you sane

Office space found its own cannon fodder
Who needs labour protection, who needs law and order?
The profits may plummet, your salary will too
Lawyers are pricey, so we don’t expect you to sue

2020 vision, hearing loss assured
Visiting the doctor at this time is absurd
Work harder, work faster, the home is your cage
Turn on the webcam, with colleague you must engage

In come the spouse, out goes the kid
Don’t get distracted, or of you we’ll get rid
Work is life when life is work
You sleep on your desk, you eat without fork

Remote work is pleasure, we do you a favour
At these times we cannot compensate you for the extra endeavour
Work harder, work faster, the home is your cage
It’s quarter past midnight, turn to the next page


[Meme] We’ll Be Seeing Lots of China Blame-Passing in Years to Come

Posted in Finance at 5:22 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Boris Hotline Bling: Not my problem! How dare they spy like I do?

Summary: 50,000 dead Brits? Don’t blame the person whom it almost killed (because of his sheer arrogance) and instead focus on countries that allegedly spy (like the UK does along with the US)

Power Shift or Power Transition

Posted in Finance, Patents at 4:59 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

World button

Summary: A massive pile of patents cannot change the inevitable cycle; empires always rise and fall, but the falls are painful and ruinous (they also take a number of years; it’s never immediate but a process)

THIS is a somewhat unusual post for this site (usually fits better in my personal blog, not here), but there are big ramifications for the European Patent Office (EPO) and for Western technology companies we routinely cover here.

“It’s not Russia that’s standing to gain the most but China, along with its own ‘sweatshop’ countries to the south.”Who shall inherit the Earth (amid crisis of health), in terms of nations? (we say “nations” because it’s clear billionaires control the Earth, irrespective of their passports)

It’s not Russia that’s standing to gain the most but China, along with its own ‘sweatshop’ countries to the south. The salaries there are lower than in today’s China.


China has a lot of work sent to it not just from Europe and America but also Japan, Taiwan (assuming it’s still independent) and South Korea. Japan’s debt is about 2.5 times the worth of its economy (Singapore’s national debt is also very high) and the US is now valued about 7 trillion dollars less than its total debt, so we’re talking about trouble ahead. Donald Trump hopes to hide all this (more borrowings; about 4 trillion) until after the election. His seventh bankruptcy?

United States Government Debt

“Over the past few days I’ve been studying some of the underlying figures, which were laid bare partly due to COVID-19 (governments reaching to the depths of their wallets to save households and businesses).”Patent extremists in sites like Watchtroll keep sounding the alarm about China when they lobby the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to grant more and more monopolies (patents), hoping that this will magically save their rich clients from better-priced competitors. Even if China is in WIPO, and even if China was to respect US patents, look at many patents China is granting. Quality does not seem to matter much, only quantity. It’s like nuclear weapons; you don’t need 10,000 of them to assure domination. Less than 1,000 should be more than enough to obliterate just about any country in one single afternoon (those who survive the blasts and the fallout will likely die from starvation and meet the ugly face of cannibalism; ask Ukraine).

Over the past few days I’ve been studying some of the underlying figures, which were laid bare partly due to COVID-19 (governments reaching to the depths of their wallets to save households and businesses). In the US a lot of the borrowed money was passed to the wealthy rather than the needy and hungry. Our Daily Links are full of articles about that.

Microsoft is Defrauding Its Shareholders While Laying Off About 5,000 Workers

Posted in Finance, Fraud, Microsoft at 4:20 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Microsoft’s financial situation has long been manipulated (it not only defrauded shareholders before, but it also got caught, then paid bribes to silence whistleblowers)


Summary: Contrary to what Microsoft ‘moles’ inside the media want us to believe, the layoffs at Microsoft are considerable and the financial results are at least partly faked

“Microsoft Corp.-owned LinkedIn today said that it is laying off about 960 employees, or approximately 6% of its global workforce,” says this article. We cited another article yesterday.

Who inside Microsoft decided on this number? We can imagine a conversation going on along the lines of:

“In recent weeks Microsoft laid off about 5,000 people (yes, we count contract workers too; it’s a loophole), assuming part-timers in stores add up to about 20 people per store, plus 2,000+ more layoffs that Microsoft failed to hide (the disposed-of employees spoke to journalists with strong cryptography “apps”).”“OK, so we can lay off 960 employees…”

“But why 960? Who decided on the number?”

“Well, it’s less than a thousand…”

“So why not 999? Or 990?”

“Obviously, because then people will realise Microsoft just creates an illusion of a small number…” (triple- rather than four-digit)

In recent weeks Microsoft laid off about 5,000 people (yes, we count contract workers too; it's a loophole), assuming part-timers in stores add up to about 20 people per store, plus 2,000+ more layoffs that Microsoft failed to hide (the disposed-of employees spoke to journalists with strong cryptography “apps”).

“What kind of company fires so many people if it has real and sustainable growth?”The Microsoft-friendly ‘journalists’ are bombarding the media (earlier this week to present) with claims of growth. What kind of company fires so many people if it has real and sustainable growth? As insiders told us, Microsoft is basically defrauding its shareholders (a complaint was submitted to the SEC). The supposed "big growth" areas are actually suffering layoffs and cuts.

As an associate of ours put it, having studied some of the latest puff pieces (Microsoft-connected ‘news’ sites), Microsoft is just “shuffling the diminishing money around” and it is trying to seize people’s medical records to assure/secure government bailout (if or when it becomes necessary; like JEDI); “this is where Microsoft is aiming its attacks of late,” he said, pointing to media puff pieces that lobby for outsourcing of people’s most sensitive data to Azure.


[Humour/Meme] Today’s EPO is Run by Con Men and Fraudsters

Posted in Europe, Finance, Fraud, Patents at 9:02 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Star Trek Kirk War two faces: So, EPO... I heard you recruit scientists. Of course we do... Of course we do...

Summary: Management of the EPO — just like Team UPC — is advertising job opportunities for jobs that are fictional at best according to internal documents


[Humour] Television Channels That Don’t Speak of Real Looting But Participate in Looting

Posted in Finance at 10:31 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Media oligarchs, doing it with style (and a suit on)

Black Friday Festival: $100,000,000,000 bailout to the gentleman at the back, $100 TV set to keep the 'masses' aback

Summary: People may need to look beyond (or outside) the television screen to grasp what’s going on

  • Trump Administration Discloses Some Recipients of $670 Billion Small Business Bailout

    After months of delays and outright refusals, the Trump administration publicly released the names of some companies that received taxpayer money through the Paycheck Protection Program.

    You can see a list of the businesses here. If you work at a business that received aid from the PPP or another bailout program, please tell us about it.

  • Companies Owned by This Billionaire Governor Received up to $24 Million in Bailout Loans

    Companies owned by West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and his family received up to $24 million from one of the federal government’s key coronavirus economic relief programs, according to data made public Monday.

    At least six companies from Justice’s empire showed up on the list of Paycheck Protection Program aid recipients released by the Small Business Administration.

  • Trump Friends and Family Cleared for Millions in Small Business Bailout

    Businesses tied to President Donald Trump’s family and associates stand to receive as much as $21 million in government loans designed to shore up payroll expenses for companies struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to federal data released Monday.

    A hydroponic lettuce farm backed by Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., applied for at least $150,000 in Small Business Administration funding. Albert Hazzouri, a dentist frequently spotted at Mar-a-Lago, asked for a similar amount. A hospital run by Maria Ryan, a close associate of Trump lawyer and former mayor Rudy Giuliani, requested more than $5 million. Several companies connected to the president’s son-in-law and White House adviser, Jared Kushner, could get upward of $6 million.


Mixed Loyalties, Including to a Surveillance Industry

Posted in Finance, IBM, Red Hat at 3:36 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

…And not just Red Hat’s ties to the NSA (and IBM’s)

AltaVista Cormier
From AltaVista–Almost Google

Summary: Having cashed in on $27,325,797 worth of Cloudera shares while still sitting on the board of Cloudera and its NSA assets, in addition to a position in SolarWinds Corp (proprietary software), Red Hat’s CEO is a rich man; the question is, how loyal is he to Free software and Red Hat’s goals?

THE new CEO of Red Hat is a technical and seemingly decent/modest man. I was personally relieved what they announced he had been appointed CEO, having followed him since his earlier days at Red Hat. The only thing or the main thing that gives me discomfort is his Cloudera and Hortonworks role (they merged amid troubles). Based on public information, more than a month after he became Red Hat’s CEO he is still involved in that:

Cormier shares

As noted above and elsewhere, he’s still on the board of an NSA-connected company and a Board Member of SolarWinds Corp (proprietary software), which describes him as having “served on our board of directors since October 2018. Mr. Cormier previously served on our board of directors from July 2014 until the Take Private. Mr. Cormier has served as President, Products and Technologies of Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT) since April 2008 and as Executive Vice President of Red Hat since May 2001.” A page last updated a week ago says: “The estimated Net Worth of Paul J Cormier is at least $28.5 Million dollars as of 15 June 2020. Mr. Cormier owns over 40,140 units of Cloudera stock worth over $912,561 and over the last 13 years he sold CLDR stock worth over $27,325,797. In addition, he makes $285,002 as Independent Director at Cloudera.”

Maybe the solution to all this is simple; as Red Hat’s CEO under IBM’s leadership (the IBM Board) he should leave those other companies — and boards — behind. Too many companies out there have mixed loyalties; board members are members in many different corporations, so there’s no true dedication to any one in particular. Board members of IBM can still recall that Microsoft got 'the big break' only because of the mother of Bill Gates.


[Humour] Don’t Miss the Big Picture (Missing Out From Big Media, Big Publishers, Owned by Big Business)

Posted in Deception, Finance at 11:34 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

“Stimulus” isn’t so different from “looting” when put in perspective

Bad Pun Ocasio-Cortez: Corporate media, corporate parties, telling us about protesters being looters, while both political parties approve trillions in 'bailouts' for billionaires

Summary: What corporate media calls “looting” isn’t so different from what it euphemistically dubs “bailout” (except the latter is done at a scale one million times worse)

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