Sirius Open Source Inc. Can’t Handle the Truth

Posted in Finance, Fraud, Free/Libre Software at 12:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Sirius Seriously in Trouble
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Sirius Open Source Inc. (or LTD or Corporation, among other past aliases) is running from one (egg)shell to another; we’ve provided a detailed summary of the company’s history and its darker secrets, seeing that it is abusing its own staff and lying to its valued clients

DESPITE veiled threats from Sirius ‘Open Source’ managers, we’ve finished publishing the entire report about the company and we will now proceed to covering several other scandals.

“Tomorrow we’ll show how the company lied to us in an effort to undermine this series. Either it lied or it tried to bribe us. Neither is particularly flattering.”The video above is a relatively short discussion of what was posted yesterday, ranging from the dodgy new company (aside from a new shell in the UK there is another one in the US, named “Sirius Open Source Inc.”) to the company’s suppression of staff’s freedom of expression, more so after bagging money from the Gates Foundation (more on that later in this series).

Tomorrow we’ll show how the company lied to us in an effort to undermine this series. Either it lied or it tried to bribe us. Neither is particularly flattering.


Zemlins Should be Held Accountable Like Sam Bankman-Fried: Bakkt Nearly Penny Stock Now

Posted in Fraud, Kernel at 8:46 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


  1. Linux Foundation Revenue Plunges ($18,000,000 Decrease in One Year) and Jim Zemlin’s Wife Has Her Company Sued for Securities Fraud (Class Action)
  2. After Defrauding People in New York Stock Exchange (Now Class Action for Securities Fraud) Jim Zemlin’s Wife Quits Bakkt to Dodge Liability
  3. Jim ‘FTX’ Zemlin: “My Wife Who is a Successful Technology Executive and Harvard MBA [and Fraudster Facing Class Action Lawsuit for Securities Fraud] Really Had an Obvious Look of Disappointment… When I Told Her I Worked at a Non-Profit” [sic]


Zemlin scam

Summary: It’s a good thing that the government is cracking down on ‘crypto’ scams, but why aren’t there any arrests of Wall Street-connected ‘crypto’ scammers?


Nokia and Airbus Elected as Judges at the Unified Patent Court, an Unheard of Corruption of Justice

Posted in Courtroom, Database, Europe, Fraud, Law, Patents at 3:16 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

By Benjamin HENRION/The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V. (FFII)

UPC kangaroo court

Brussels, 16th November 2022 — Nokia and Airbus got their patent lawyers elected as part-time technical judges at the forthcoming Unified Patent Court (UPC). Europe is witnessing corporate capture of its Justice system. Being ‘judges’ in the morning and ‘ patent lawyers’ in the afternoon. The Unified Patent Court is way worse than the appointment of judges in Poland.

Technical judges are part-time judges (half judge, half employee of a private company) without a law degree, and are usually patent attorneys working for law firms, or inside patent departments of large corporations (Nokia, Airbus, 3M, Orange, Agfa, etc…).

Benjamin Henrion, president of FFII, call for their immediate removal:

“Nokia as part time judge at the Unified Patent Court, this is a joke right? Europe is witnessing corporate capture of its Justice system. This is a frontal attack on the independence of the judge, and judges should not receive any side salary. This is worse than the case of Polish judges.”

Nokia has been very active a patent troll company, and is eager to influence the Unified Patent Court validating software patents in Europe, without any possible involvement of the European Court of Justice.

In the history of the project, there were rules forbidding this corporate capture of Judges in the failed European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA) project in 2004, banning any side remunerated activity:

CHAPTER I JUDGES – Article 6 Incompatibility of other functions
(1) Apart from being members of other courts orboards of appeal of the European Patent Office or national patent offices, judges of the European Patent Court shall not pursue any gainful occupation unless authorised by the Executive Committee. Nor shall they occupy any political or administrative office.

— Draft Statute of the European Patent Court, Working Party on Litigation, 16.2.2004 https://www.uaipit.com/uploads/legislacion/files/1259753423_3_EPLA-20040216-Draft_Statute_of_EPCourt.pdf

There is also jurisprudence (Grosam Vs Czech Republic) at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg on violation of Art6(1) with side remuneration of judges:

(iii) The existence of guarantees against outside pressure

134. As concerns the existence of guarantees against outside pressure, the Court observes that two-thirds of the chamber’s members, the lay assessors, worked and received their salaries outside, which inevitably involved their material, hierarchical and administrative dependence on their primary employers and thereby could endangered both their independence and impartiality (see Oleksandr Volkov, cited above, § 113).

— Grosam Vs Czech Republic, European Court of Human Rights, 2022 https://hudoc.echr.coe.int/fre#{%22itemid%22:[%22001-217806%22]}

Countries participating in the Unified Patent Court Agreement (UPCA) seem to wilfully ignore those rules, and some politicians want the Agreement to enter into force at any cost.



Microsoft’s Accounting Fraud and the Clown Computing Bubble Will Make It the Next Facebook (Facebook’s Share Price Collapsed by 80%)

Posted in Deception, Finance, Fraud, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Windows at 4:47 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 42e122f10d74bcf803bd7a2490cf6885
Living on Borrowed Time
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Accounting fraud (misreporting or misclassifying earnings) will make Microsoft the next Enron; for the time being, however, Microsoft is trying to seem very potent and important (in practice it is just viciously attacking in an effort to sabotage the winners, namely GNU/GPL/Linux/Free software, as that’s the only method Microsoft understands)

THE VIDEO above speaks of Microsoft’s precarious situation. Bailouts won’t last forever.

Bogdan Popa joins the chorus of many Microsoft boosters who googlebomb the term “Linux” because, to quote this recent video, “The World Runs On Linux (NOT Windows!)“.

Microsoft-connected sites are basically posting a lot of “Teams” spam, riding of piggybacking the word “Linux”. Other such sites say that Microsoft plans to start charging for ‘premiums’ while throwing ads at Windows users (see [1-3] at the bottom of this post). How is that going to help Windows adoption? It would achieve the exact opposite!

Now, back to GNU/Linux, Windows Central says “The best Microsoft Teams experience on Linux is now a PWA” and another Microsoft booster says “Microsoft Teams PWA is Now Available for Linux Machines” (but PWA does not count, it is proprietary, and it is spyware). There’s that old trio (mumble/irc/jabber) that works better and more reliably than Teams or Slack or all these supposedly “modern” (bloated) things. We shall do some video about it another day.

Finally, it seems clear that Microsoft is still losing the cash cow, Windows, which was the gateway to many other “products” and disservices (through bundling). To keep shareholders around (and artificially floating/inflating the stock) Microsoft kept talking about Clown Computing and “Azure”. But that bubble too is starting to burst. The promises have many cracks in them so we expect the demise to rapidly accelerate soon (like Facebook this past year; Microsoft and Facebook even started a liaison).

Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. Microsoft hints at low-cost Windows 11 PCs powered by advertising and subscriptions
  2. Microsoft working on affordable Windows 11 PCs dominated by ads and subscriptions
  3. Microsoft is now pushing ads and promos in Windows 11 Start menu, but you can disable them – Neowin


‘Linux’ Foundation, While Hoarding Over $200,000,000 Per Year, Calls Itself ‘Non-Profit’

Posted in Finance, Fraud, Kernel at 10:08 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Less than 1% of that money goes to the Linux trademark holder and almost nothing (less than a minuscule 5%) goes to the community which develops GNU/Linux (more money is spent on the fancy/vanity misguided office where almost nobody uses GNU/Linux)

Summary: This video (10:55-11:28 above), which was published a few weeks ago, gives insight into how much money the Linux Foundation and its proxies raise per year while paying Jim Zemlin probably about $1.4 million per year already (because it’s all so charitable)

Recent: Linux Foundation Revenue Plunges ($18,000,000 Decrease in One Year) and Jim Zemlin’s Wife Has Her Company Sued for Securities Fraud (Class Action)

It’s just a front group for monopolies, borrowing the brand “Linux” to sound like it’s community-centric (while crushing actual communities).


Journalism is Beyond Redemption When Politicians Serve Media Tycoons and Business Oligarchs Who Resist Journalists (Those Capable of Exposing Them)

Posted in Deception, Fraud at 8:19 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 8735e8e35b8fc08aca554a8384bdf02c
Journalism is Dying, Politicians Pour Gasoline
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: In the name of “protecting” journalism, notorious politicians in fact pour out gasoline into the fire; the intricate agenda/goal might be to kill off inquisitive observers in the public interest

THIS video of the 'first' NSA whistleblower reminds us of the awful state of journalism. People cannot publish books (literature) that state facts, reporters are denied access to facts, and publishers are in general protecting plutocracy. This isn’t an entirely new issue, but it has been getting worse over time.

There’s great difficulty getting any of the media to cover blatant EPO crimes. The press is in effect complicit and it takes bribes to help cover up those crimes. Those who do speak about the crimes receive legal threats instead of praise. Aside from EPO corruption, there’s also Microsoft. We have a still-ongoing series (will last until next year) about how the media failed to hold Microsoft accountable for crimes against women.

“Real news has become increasingly scarce, which means not many outlets remain to call out cheaters and detail/present evidence of fraud.”What are politicians doing to save journalism? Well, as it turns out “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act of 2021″ does exactly the opposite of what it’s called (very common when it comes to US bills; they tend to be called/named as misleadingly as possible). Klobuchar’s very dumb idea [1, 2] doesn’t promise to protect journalism but to weed out journalism, for reasons I explain in the video above.

The World Wide Web has in general curtailed journalism, but investors too have move away from any efforts to expose facts. This is deliberate and well coordinated. We now have liars and frauds branding themselves “journalists” while real journalists get sacked. In the video I give the example of Spamnil [1, 2], twisting press releases as ‘articles’ that nobody even reads and then making videos that nobody watches. But Spamnil is getting truly intoxicated on clickfraud and upping the doses to keep getting a sense of relevance even when about 95% of the views are in fact bots he pays for, subsidised by the corrupt Linux Foundation. Fake journalism boosted by fake (bot) clicks. Thank Jim Zemlin and Sheela Microsoft for this. It’s a fraud and it killed Linux.com already (it used to actually publish good articles).

As someone who depends on finding links to stories online, I can tell the difference. Real news has become increasingly scarce, which means not many outlets remain to call out cheaters and detail/present evidence of fraud.


Linux Foundation Uses Proprietary Software on Proprietary Operating System (Not Linux!) to Lecture People on Adopting ‘Open Source’

Posted in Apple, Deception, Fraud, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Kernel at 12:05 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Published 2-3 hours ago:

Is it time for an OSPO in your organization?

A Deep Dive into Open Source Program Offices: Structure, Roles, Responsibilities, and Challenges

LF Research Mac

Summary: The Linux Foundation‘s track record of hypocrisy carries on today (they’re using proprietary stuff on an Apple Mac to produce a report on ‘Open Source’); they reject Open Source on two levels


After Defrauding People in New York Stock Exchange (Now Class Action for Securities Fraud) Jim Zemlin’s Wife Quits Bakkt to Dodge Liability

Posted in Deception, Finance, Fraud at 6:27 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

She moved somewhere else this month. No accountability?

Days ago: Linux Foundation Revenue Plunges ($18,000,000 Decrease in One Year) and Jim Zemlin’s Wife Has Her Company Sued for Securities Fraud (Class Action)

Quiting bakkt

So she claims to have run away two months ago.

Just weeks earlier (video): Sheela Microsoft (Jim Zemlin’s Wife) Downplayed ‘Volatility’ Just Weeks Before the Cryptocurrencies Pyramid Schemes Collapsed (That’s Her Business at Bakkt!)

Sheela Zemlin in fraud

Still proud of taking a fraud public?

Jim on Sheela Zemlin

Well, at least the husband seems proud.

Summary: The Linux Foundation has increasingly become a fraud; seems the apple does not fall too far from the tree (Sheela Microsoft)

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