The ‘Original’ Linus Torvalds on Self-Hosting

Posted in GNU/Linux, Google, Kernel at 5:41 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Linus Torvalds at Google
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Summary: The fast-aging founder of Linux spoke as shown above (2005); so much has changed since then…

TWO years before the Linux Foundation Mr. Torvalds was bragging about maintaining his own mail server in his own home (now it is controlled by his employer, which works for Microsoft et al) and he even boasted about source control that’s self-hosted. Of course years down the line he was pressured to accept Rust (Microsoft-controlled and Google-funded development) despite his long-held principles. Maybe because he's no longer in control, he’s just being used for his trademark and he is treated like merely a mascot, swaying like a penguin for corporate branding and openwashing.


A Look From the Inside: Open Source Initiative’s Voting Process is a Sham, Large Corporations Are in Charge

Posted in Free/Libre Software, Google, IBM, Microsoft, OSI, Red Hat at 3:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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OSI Controlled by Billionaires
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Summary: The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is dominated by openwashing, self-serving giant corporations that are neither Open Source nor tolerant of the Free/Open Source community (they mostly try to dominate or overthrow the community, using money and smear campaigns)

“STEP ASIDE, Richard Stallman, we’ll take it from here!”

“Move over, Bruce Perens, we’ll do a much better job! Everything is now Open Source!”

“Go away, ESR, we know better what we’re doing. Leave it to the professionals, the rich adults in the room!”

That’s the sort of attitude we nowadays see in the OSI, which wasn’t always this bad. According to part one of this very long write-up, the voting process too is a sham, and not purely due to technical reasons — a subject we’ve covered here many times before.

In the eye of an ‘insider’, Willis: “So it’s a troubling ballot to look at. There’s an ostensibly non-profit organization that’s an official OSI affiliate trying to run its CEO as an individual candidate while also running a second member (a board director) on the appropriate, affiliate ballot in the same election. There’s also two financial sponsors running candidates on the individual ballot, one of them (Red Hat) running two candidates at the same time for the two open seats.”

“The OSI is willing to berate and banish even its own founders. Criticism isn’t permitted.”LWN has already mentioned this, but there are no comments at this time. “Nathan Willis,” LWN says, “took a long look at the Open Source Initiative’s 2022 board election and wasn’t entirely pleased with what he saw.”

If Willis said this about the Linux Foundation, there would be disciplinary action. As we noted recently, the Code of Conduct (CoC) Committee received “2 reports of concern that several CNCF ambassadors were airing grievances about not having talks accepted at the event, which belittled the work of the program committee”.

So merely questioning a process is a CoC violation?

Anyway, this is where we stand now. The OSI is willing to berate and banish even its own founders. Criticism isn’t permitted.

“They know who bosses them. The oligarchs bought and paid for both of those institutions, in effect rendering them lobbying apparatuses for the billionaires, who use the Code of Conduct to ban people who criticise them.”The OSI is already sold (to Microsoft mostly, as that’s where most of the OSI’s budget goes). Like the so-called “Linux” (only in name) Foundation, community is now something to be marginalised and “disciplined”. The corporations are concern-trolling us. They wait for a reaction and then they attack the community.

The OSI and the so-called “Linux” (only in name) Foundation are broken beyond redemption. They cannot be redeemed anymore because everything in them is controlled by corporate money. Their chiefs are a mix of corporate employees and people hired using corporate money. They know who bosses them. The oligarchs bought and paid for both of those institutions, in effect rendering them lobbying apparatuses for the billionaires, who use the Code of Conduct to ban people who criticise them. Openwashing is being force-fed now. Polluters are "green", proprietary spyware is “open”, and racist corporations working for the Pentagon are all about inclusion and diversity (they claim).

LWN says Nathan Willis “wasn’t entirely pleased with what he saw.” What an understatement! We’ve not even seen part 2 yet. I express my views on the matter in the video above.


Google’s YouTube is Not Free Video Hosting

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, Google at 9:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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The Free Video Hosting Delusion is Over
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The ‘free’ GulagTube (free labour camp) or gratis hosting bubble is bursting with the likes of Viemo shutting down or shaking down “creators” (for money); we’ve long warned about it and recommended alternatives [1, 2]; the remaining "creators" (survivors) are selling out instead of seeking real alternatives — a long-overdue move as Google tightens the screws and throws “creators” under the bus

THE subject of YouTube or GulagTube was covered here a lot this year. There are a number of ongoing controversies (some are named in the videos below) and since I’ve not been active in YouTube for years I needed to listen and learn a little.

Things have gotten so bad that YouTube is now ‘spamming’ everything with ads. Google wants to make money out of videos without paying even a penny to the people who made these videos. Maybe it’s time to accept that the “honeymoon period” is over and it’s time to move on. Push YouTube aside and look for a healthier relationship — one which does not resemble sharecropping.

Videos that inspired this one (in Odysee):

  1. YouTube Hates Small Creators – This Warning Message Proves It
  2. A suggestion to YouTube on not demoralizing longtime creators
  4. YouTube Cheats Its Creators- and I Can Prove It.

Please consider self-hosting your videos, as I explain in my own (spontaneous) video. The underlying tasks aren’t hard. There are tools that help with these and they’re Free software, e.g. GNU MediaGoblin and PeerTube. The former is self-hosted and decentralised, the latter is also P2P, tackling bandwidth/throughput constraints. Our own code for video management is in Git.

Centralised platforms like YouTube are Social Control Media (with gamification and provocation designed to increase addiction). Don’t worry about departure from the “crowds” — the mythical masses that platform owners increasingly herd towards few accounts of “influencers” like celebrities, politicians, and of course sponsors. Build your own thing. Stop renting.

For over 15 years we’ve kept all essential multimedia files right here (self-hosted); it’s a bit expensive in the storage sense, but at least we aren’t losing data due to service/account shutdowns.

║ ╚═╩╩╩═╝╚═╩══╝╚═╩╩╝╚╝╚═╩╝ ╚╩╩═╩══╝║


[Meme] Linux is Destroying Windows

Posted in GNU/Linux, Google, Windows at 5:12 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

3 months ago: Microsoft ‘Delighted’ by Windows 11 (Vista 11) Usage, Which is Only 1% Three Months After Official Launch and Six Months After Release Online

When will Vista 11 actually be adopted? Microsoft is delighted with 1% in six months; But That's Not Enough
Android is way above Windows this month (see outline and graph below)

Summary: I’ve only just noticed that, as far as I’m aware for the first time ever, Android has more than 10% a gap over Windows in terms of market share

Direct link


[Video/Meme] Passengers Are Leaving Gulag Behind

Posted in Google, Videos at 12:12 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

New video

Are you a Linux user? No, I use Linux users for 'content' and then ban them
Who is Gulag trying to impress or appeal to?

Summary: Gulag’s (Google’s) exploitative relationship with GNU/Linux (the software, its users, developers, creators) needs to be better understood


[Meme] American Clown Computing in Action: Russia Doesn’t Need to Bomb Cell Towers in Mariupol When Gulag (Google) Disconnects Citizens of Mariupol

Posted in Deception, Google at 8:25 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Recent: When Sanctions Go Toxic: Google, Co-Founded by Moscovite, Agrees With Moscow and Recognises Mariupol (Ukraine) as a Part of Russia

Gulag will liberate nations; Ukraine is part of Russia; From Gulag to OSI

Summary: The real risks associated with Clown Computing are becoming ever more apparent; years ago in Venezuela and now in Russia or Ukraine (Gulag cannot even distinguish!); these are the sorts of companies that have taken over “Open Source” and are basically normalising crimes against humanity

Social Control Media Double Standards: Killing is OK (If It’s Profitable to the Platform Owner)

Posted in Deception, Google at 8:05 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Gulag killing machines

Google hypocrites

Summary: Now that Twitter profits from conflict, Facebook allows people to call for deaths of people, and Google (Gulag) profits from assassination based on algorithms (“Hey Hi”) we need to highlight the extraordinary degree of hypocrisy


When Sanctions Go Toxic: Google, Co-Founded by Moscovite, Agrees With Moscow and Recognises Mariupol (Ukraine) as a Part of Russia

Posted in Google at 5:39 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

This week: Паникерский Гугл по ошибке отправил Мариуполь под санкции

Donetsk thing

I come from Mariupol. You come to Putin!

And then Ukraine is part of (Bela)Russia

Summary: “Google considers that the territory that DPR considers theirs is indeed theirs,” a source has told us. “The guy from Mariupol says that because his city is in Donetsk oblast’ Google Clown blocked him considering him as a resident of DPR.” Those sanctions are, as usual, punishing many of the victims; they punish the wrong people and help the occupier/invader/oppressor. “In this case they definitely punished the wrong person,” the source has added. “Being a Ukrainian in Ukraine and a refugee, but also being punished by Google in the name of Ukraine is several levels of ironic.” And another person has noted that “this is why i don’t believe in the “clown” [...] if you’re in the wrong country at the wrong time, there goes your data…”

Google is evil

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0). Original here.

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