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Allegation That Microsoft Adopted the Mentality of Suicide Bombers Against Linux, Leaks Reveal

Posted in Google, Microsoft at 7:02 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

They need to get closer, first…

Related: Microsoft is ‘Doing Kamikaze’ (神風) on Linux (under the ‘new’ and ‘nice’ Microsoft of Nadella)

Microsoft to Invest in Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen

Summary: Looking at leaked E-mails from around the time Microsoft used Cyanogen as a ‘proxy’, we’re finding some stunning admissions or speculation about the real motivations

THE “LOVE” Microsoft has to give (or at least offer) is an insult to one’s intelligence. Look no further than Microsoft’s rogue track record when it comes to partnerships.

Sheltered deep inside leaks from Hacking Team (e.g. [1, 2, 3]) was this admission about a topic we covered a lot back then (around half a decade ago). Cyanogen didn’t fold (so far) because Microsoft had invested in it and was connected to it in several ways, staff included. It was a sabotage attempt. This was one among several attempts to undermine Android (with Linux kernel), years after Android’s market share already exceeded Windows market share, greatly weakening Microsoft’s grip on computing and on people. Looking back at those leaks, one sees the words: “Yet another try by Microsoft, a twisted try doomed to fail? [ Alberto is laughing out loud, no doubt about it! ]”

“A kamikaze attack (神風) is basically the military standard of suicide bombing (bombers equipped with expensive gear like preloaded planes), the type of mindset Microsoft’s sociopaths wouldn’t be hesitant to adopt if it helps the cult.”Mr. Cornelli replied: “It looks like a kamikaze attack, just to act the bully in the google playground. :)”

A kamikaze attack (神風) is basically the military standard of suicide bombing (bombers equipped with expensive gear like preloaded planes), the type of mindset Microsoft’s sociopaths wouldn’t be hesitant to adopt if it helps the cult.

“Where are we on this Jihad?”

Bill Gates

[Humour/Meme] The ‘New’ Edge (Chrome Copycat) is Already Dead, So Microsoft is Trying to Just Kill the Competition

Posted in Antitrust, Deception, Google, Microsoft at 8:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Picard View Screen: Captain, Edge has an update, I don't use Edge, Nobody out there uses Edge, Holy shit, look at that market share!

2020 browser share

Summary: Edge market share is so minuscule that it doesn’t even make it into this chart (it’s in “other”); no wonder Microsoft now bullies Windows users into using it, for users reject it even after months of endless advertising/AstroTurfing and aggressive exploitation/appropriation


Social Control Media Will Not Exist One Day

Posted in Google at 2:02 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

So everything you put in there will cease to exist and you have no say on the matter

Samsung Star Trek: I have 1,300,020,000 friends and 2,000,000+ followers; You offended my momma, I filed abuse report; Oh, you didn't! Account terminated

Summary: Digital obsolescence and Internet bitrot — that’s what Social Control Media is really good for; as many Google+ ‘users’ (useds) found out, they’re just being ‘farmed’ for their ‘content’, which is neither valuable nor resilient (definitely of no value to Google)

THE one thing I agree with Linus Torvalds on (we agree on many things) is that Social Control Media is basically crap. He said negative things about Social Control Media not too long before Google zapped his Social Control Media account (along with everybody else’s).

It doesn’t matter much if Facebook blocks/mutes/bans you.

The same is true for Twitter.

One day both sites will be offline. They’ll no longer exist. In effect we’ll all be ‘banned’… one day. Anything you ever wrote there (or responded to, or read, or interacted with) will be gone too. For good! I saw that with identi.ca (after the controversial ‘overhaul’ which dumped all the old ‘content’).

“It doesn’t matter much if Facebook blocks/mutes/bans you. The same is true for Twitter. One day both sites will be offline.”When the ‘owners’ of the ‘platforms’ call people (with thoughts and feelings) ‘users’ who produce ‘content’ or ‘generate’ ‘actions’ you know you’re dealing with livestock mentality.

You’re nothing to them!

What about self-hosted Social Control Media? That’s just like having one’s own site.

Without connecting to a whole network of sites (federation) it’s not Social Control Media. It’s just a site. Like Richard Stallman’s personal site with his political notes (personal views, which nobody can block or censor or down-vote).

“When the ‘owners’ of the ‘platforms’ call people (with thoughts and feelings) ‘users’ who produce ‘content’ or ‘generate’ ‘actions’ you know you’re dealing with livestock mentality.”One day Social Control Media will explode in a big way, with or without major advertisers initiating boycotts. We look forward to that day. The impact on Techrights will be zero because we’ve all along rejected/dismissed Social Control Media as a bad concept. People who pushed me to participate in identi.ca over a decade ago actually decreased productivity in Techrights (my Twitter account was set up later only to mirror my identi.ca posts) and now that I'm leaving Twitter behind (it’s 100% a phantom account), more so than other Social Control Media, I find a lot more time to read, write, and research.

Let’s say it again; if you’re not in Social Control Media, do not get started! If you’re on it, find ways to reduce that. It’s more likely that you need it a lot less than you’ve imagined. It’s addictive by design. When all this Social Control Media hype blows over we hope that people will return to RSS feeds, blogs, and maybe even news sites (if anything is left of those).


Pedophile Working as the Engineer of Bill Gates Initially Reported by Google

Posted in Bill Gates, Google, Microsoft at 1:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The NCMEC Report

NCMEC Report

Summary: Mr. Jones, who also had a Microsoft account (MSN), was initially reported by Google — not Microsoft — as future parts will show in more detail

IT IS important for us to explain to readers, even if at the expense of an offender’s privacy, what happened years prior to the Epstein-Gates scandals. Microsoft already had an appalling reputation when it comes to mishandling pedophilia (there’s lots of information about that around the Web), as people often told us — people associated with groups that combat crimes against children. As recently as two years years ago Bing was accused of disseminating child pornography and even nudging searchers in that direction. There’s also the issue of lack of oversight (e.g. people soliciting sex with children in online chats controlled by Microsoft).

Some key parts from the first installment from Seattle’s Police Department:

NCMEC: MSN address

Formality (facsimile):


Incident report:

2013 NCMEC

Google’s role:


We’re still deciding, patiently, what can be released and when. Determining the nature of public disclosure is important as we don’t wish to compromise the release of future installments from Seattle’s Police Department.


Python’s New Board of Directors Adds 50% Google and 25% Microsoft

Posted in Google, Microsoft at 11:52 pm by Guest Editorial Team

So much for ‘community’… perhaps the “GAFAM (intelligence) community”

Baby Yoda Transition: The Python Software Foundation, Now with extra GAFAM
“There are 4 seats available this term,” they say… guess who got those seats.

Summary: The Python Software Foundation (PSF) has a new Board of Directors and it is adding 75% GAFAM

JUST before the weekend the election results were published in the Google blog of the PSF, revealing one (just one!) person who isn’t an employee of Microsoft or Google. We won’t mention any names as it’s generally better to keep it impersonal; it’s important to understand that in essence the companies just ‘buy’ these people; they get ‘bought’ for “influence” as they let the project be controlled/steered ‘by proxy’. Python, more so nowadays (after the founder stepped down), is highly dependent on Google and it’s outsourcing to Microsoft (GitHub). It’s important to understand that these Python veterans are not necessarily from Google and Microsoft originally. But now that the salary comes from such surveillance companies it’s difficult to not serve the “master” (if we’re still allowed to use that word in a purely commercial context).


The Faces of ‘The Cloud’ (Surveillance in Clown Computing/Clothing)

Posted in Google, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, Servers at 7:04 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Trump and Nadella
Return of the Financial returns for "JEDI"?

Pichai meets Ivanka Trump
Smile for the cameras and for the dictator’s kid

Bezos and MbS
The Crown Prince Cloud Clown King, Mr. Bezos

Arvind Krishna Wired Business Conference
Photo(s) Source: Arvind Krishna. A Condé Nast/Wired editor with Arvind Krishna (Condé Nast managed to oust Torvalds for over a month using shame and guilt and it repeatedly defamed Stallman as well — in several of its Web sites — until Stallman stepped down)

Summary: Consolidation of the world’s computers/servers and the stories told by photo ops; we’re particularly interested in IBM’s relationship with Condé Nast, which owns The New Yorker and Wired


Guix Petition Demographic Data, by Figosdev

Posted in Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat at 11:33 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

RMS letter

Summary: That old anti-RMS letter, which called for his removal (or resignation) from GNU (RMS is the founder of the GNU Project), as characterised by metadata of signatories

33 people:

  • At least 21 have a GitHub accounts
  • 20 have contributed to GitHub in the past year (GitHub as Microsoft)
  • At least 14 are European: 3 French, 3 British, 2 German, 2 Spanish, 2 Czech, 1 Slovakian, 1 Dutch
  • 7 work for Red Hat, owned by the FSF’s largest publicly known sponsor
  • 2 work or worked for the FSF in Boston
  • 2 are associated with Google on GitHub
  • 2 are from Boulder, CO
  • 1 works for a member of the Linux Foundation
  • 1 also signed the LibrePlanet petition against Stallman
  • 1 of the people from Red Hat strongly endorsed SFC
  • 1 is associated with the FFI dependency
  • 1 is associated with another “Cloud computing company”


Asking Microsoft If It Loves Linux is Like Asking Google If It’s Evil

Posted in Deception, Google, Microsoft at 2:09 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Fiduciary duty: Corporations don’t lie; they just do and say whatever suits shareholders

Afternoon Google Search Morning/Afternoon: Do know evil? Do no evil

Summary: The media keeps bombarding us with lousy, weakly-sourced messages about Microsoft regretting its stance on “Open Source” and loving “Linux” (both are lies that are very easily debunked), so journalism has an existential problem and maybe too much dependence on ad money (a form of bribery) from “Big Tech” that does “clown computing” and “apps”

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