Open Source Initiative (OSI) Adds Mozilla and ‘Linux’ Foundation to Its Microsoft-Funded Attack on the GPL/Copyleft

Posted in Deception, GPL, Microsoft, OSI at 3:03 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Earlier this month: Open Source Initiative (OSI) Continues to Cover Up for Microsoft’s GPL Violation Machine (Spiced Up as ‘HI’)

Moments ago:

Sponsored by Microsoft, which uses 'AI' as a ploy to profit from GPL violations
And not too shockingly, OSI and ‘Linux’ Foundation nowadays get promoted by many of the same people who promote Microsoft. Not a coincidence at all. Follow the money.

Summary: The Linux Foundation (LF) has joined Microsoft’s anti-GPL agenda, yet again; As can be seen only hours ago in an LF- and Microsoft-aligned site of LPI, Microsoft-centric lobbying is everywhere, including Linux Foundation ‘Europe’; this is promoted by Frederic Lardinois, a longtime propagandist of Microsoft (about a decade already), in a site that amplified marketing/advocacy for GitHub just earlier this week; they all eat from the same palm (Microsoft) and promote proprietary software


Open Source Initiative (OSI) Continues to Cover Up for Microsoft’s GPL Violation Machine (Spiced Up as ‘HI’)

Posted in Deception, GPL, Microsoft, OSI at 2:15 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Published a short while ago in the Open Source Initiative’s Web site:

OSI Sponsored by Microsoft, Salaried partly by Microsoft

Summary: As noted last week, the OSI’s “voices of Open Source” is sponsored by proprietary GitHub/Microsoft to push anti-Free software misinformation, in effect helping the attack on Free software


OSI for Plagiarism/GPL Violations (Under the Guise of “Hey Hi”)… Brought to You by Microsoft

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Hours ago: (“voices of Open Source”… sponsored by proprietary GitHub/Microsoft)


Summary: The corrupted OSI is once again doing "HEY HI" (AI) nonsense sponsored by Microsoft, which borrowed the term “HEY HI” to 'perfume' GPL violations at unprecedented scale


Stopping GNU/Linux (and the GPL) May Be Mission Impossible

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GNU/Linux up to ~10% in India as PC sales plunge

India’s PC shipments drop below 5 million for the first time in four quarters: report

Summary: Low-budget and low-energy computing will favour GNU/Linux; Microsoft Windows is far too bloated to remain competitive as prices of energy soar and supply chain woes translate into low sales

TWENTY hours ago we mentioned how Vista 11 had gained only 2.61% market share in 15 months, according to one survey. To put things in perspective, 15 months after it arrived at the scene (summer) and after billions of dollars spent on “marketing” (fake articles), plus bundling/preinstalls on new PCs, the market share of Vista 11 is similar to that of GNU/Linux, not even counting ChromeOS. The world’s dominant operating system is now Android and Linux is running inside it.

In Africa, Android is the dominant operating system in almost every country [1, 2]. And also in Africa, GNU/Linux has grown on the desktop/laptop this month (and in recent months). Android is the dominant platform there, but Windows is waning even in its form factor of ‘choice’ (it could simply not capture other markets).

GNU/Linux in Africa

Africa’s significance here is that it illuminates the impact on poverty at a time when more and more country enter a crisis of poverty, which means no more $1000 laptops with the latest Vista or whatever Apple markets to insecure people with a new credit card.

“Africa’s significance here is that it illuminates the impact on poverty at a time when more and more country enter a crisis of poverty, which means no more $1000 laptops with the latest Vista or whatever Apple markets to insecure people with a new credit card.”It seems like a safe prediction that GNU/Linux will continue to grow and the Linux Foundation‘s role will be attacking the community while handing over GNU/Linux to monopolistic corporations.

Not many people noticed it, but the licence of the code connecting Linux to Rust is not GPL. This highlights some of the potential dangers of adding Rust to Linux. There are many such dangers. A reader recently suggested an article that might praise the benefits the GPLv2 and GPLv3 have provided and that they were adaptations to changing situations; now with the tsunami of Microsoft lobbyists the situation is moving yet again and GitHub is basically a massive attack on the GPL.

One associate noted that “[t]he GPL in and of itself is a clever hack of copyright law and has provided great benefit. Linus Torvalds himself has mentioned many times that very thing and once, right before he got abused, even stated in a video that it was his best decision ever to use the GPLv2.”

Microsoft hates the GPL so much that its CEO publicly compared it to a cancer and went out of his way to lie about it, to demonise it, and to attack people who had come up with it. Entire companies were set up by Microsofters for the sole purpose of attacking the GPL.

So what is the GPL? It’s a legal ‘hack’ that ensures people don’t turn Free software into proprietary software. They need to give back changes that are made and delivered.

GPL is a key thing. The media barely mentions it, but it is the cornerstone of the movement. Aside from the lawsuits, it’s one of the reasons why GNU/Linux grew so popular so fast, whereas the BSDs remained smaller (in relative terms; BSD is also a success story).

“Entryism has long been on the cards.”Right about now Microsoft is trying to use secure [sic] boot as a GPL evasion tool. It’s already using it to prevent GNU/Linux from even booting. Microsoft is trying to hire the man who did this and his current employer wishes to be acquired by Microsoft. There should have been an antitrust complaint, but instead we got sold cheaply to the abuser. Around the same time Microsoft made a plan to use GitHub as an anti-GPL weapon (that was in 2014) and “UEFI / restricted boot is a means of license evasion / violation,” an associate explains. You may modify your operating system, but then it might not boot on your computer. It’s a bit like TiVoization, which GPLv3 sought to tackle.

Either way, expect Microsoft to play “hardball” and do anything it can to sabotage GNU/Linux, including bribing the Linux Foundation to lie to us like Jim Zemlin constantly does. Entryism has long been on the cards.


GNU/Linux and the GPL in Particular Are Under Attack Because They Spread Fast (Like a ‘Cancer’)

Posted in GNU/Linux, GPL, Microsoft at 6:08 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Is the “cancer” Microsoft? Buying GitHub was all about control, not freedom, and curtailing the GPL by sabotaging it.

Steve Ballmer... Checking his men for cancer of the thigh... Who said sit down?

Summary: The good news is that GNU/Linux continues to expand (widespread usage); the bad news is, it has come under a sheer magnitude of attacks and the media barely bothers to mention the obvious

We’ve just shown that according this month’s figures (so far), based on data from about 3 million sites’ logs, Windows reached another all-time low, whereas GNU/Linux continues to make gains.

On desktops and laptops, GNU/Linux rose to 10% in India this month and in general Windows went down sharply to 17% in India this month (it’s at 9% in Turkey, it cannot exceed single-digit territories for months already). Turns out people either cannot afford or don’t want to buy some Vista 11 laptop these days. Sales measurably plunged. In Nigeria, GNU/Linux rose to 5.13% this month. It’s a very large population overall. Some very large populations (the above-mentioned 3 countries are almost 2 billion people) are steering away from Microsoft, but the media just isn’t reporting on it. Why? Follow the money. Instead of reporting such facts, the media attacks GNU/Linux and defames key people. There have been no "Linux" posts from ZDNet in 11 days already and ZDNet’s Liam Tung persists with his — i.e. Microsoft’s
– propaganda (“Microsoft: Hackers are using open source software and fake jobs in phishing…”). Microsoft is just using its media moles to blame the competition for its own failures. It is noteworthy that
ZDNet staff was reduced to very few parrots of companies like IBM and Microsoft. In the areas of interest it’s just Steven Vaughan-Nichols (SJVN), Liam Tung, and Jack Wallen. SJVN is mostly being assigned puff pieces for corporations (and their front groups which attack the GPL), whereas Liam Tung is little but a Microsoft mouthpiece. As for Wallen, he was ‘borrowed’ from a sister site (TechRepublic, mostly a spamfarm of diplomas mills these days) to help pretend ZDNet isn’t a sinking ship.

“Some very large populations (the above-mentioned 3 countries are almost 2 billion people) are steering away from Microsoft, but the media just isn’t reporting on it. Why? Follow the money.”To a certain extent, GNU/Linux scares Microsoft a lot more than the BSDs because of the licence. Accordingly, Microsoft wages a war on GPL complaince and enforcement. We wrote about this last night and the topic came up in IRC, the plagiarism aspect in particular. Projects need to move away from GitHub. The sooner, the better. “I have a person working on adding more features to Gitea,” our sysadmin wrote, separately noting “the reality is that an ML model is *not* code, at least not in the sense that normal software is code…”

A reader has meanwhile contacted us. He wrote to say (regarding the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC), which seems to be doing what OSI did in 1998):

I read your latest blog about the total corporate takeover of Linux [...]

This has been going on for a decade or more by lwn.net, Linux Foundation, Microsoft, etc.

It’s time to take back Linuxf rom these corporate paid idiots! lwn.net editor Corbet is #1!

I’ve been censored and blocked by him for years for commenting on how Firefox is spyware!

Any comments against the Google spy machine have also been censored by Corbet for years!

This reader argues that “lwn.net Corbet is “#1 enemy of FOSS!”

We mentioned some days ago how had admitted (openly) the financial relationship with the Linux Foundation, his role inside the Linux Foundation notwithstanding.

“LWN never writes about the gross media bias, the growth of GNU/Linux, or anything of that sort.”Judging by the editorial policies and choices, LWN is strongly in favour of the corporate takeover. There’s a “token” mention of FSF statements and resistance from community actors; but it’s in the tiny minority.

Anyway, Linux 6.0 has just been released and LWN will mention this soon. LWN never writes about the gross media bias, the growth of GNU/Linux, or anything of that sort. It’s focused on corporations and their kernel-level work. That’s unlikely to change due to reductions in staffing, which followed many cancellations by longtime LWN subscribers. Maybe they deserved that.


Ongoing Efforts to Convince OSI to Drop the Microsoft Funding (Which Comes With Strings, Such as the OSI Attacking the GPL)

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A bundle of meaningless buzzwords should not be weaponised to ‘perfume’ illegal actions

Hey hi; The Clown; Smart things; The Metaverse

Summary: It’s becoming increasingly clear that buzzwords and hype get misused to misframe and distract from abuses; we’re meanwhile trying to convince the Open Source Initiative (OSI) to drop Microsoft because it pays the OSI for a disinformation campaign (portraying large-scale GPL violations as “AI”)

Earlier this year we wrote about this European consultation regarding machine learning or “Hey Hi” (AI) as they prefer to dub it. I’ve meanwhile begun corresponding with the most senior people at OSI about how the OSI became a propaganda mill of Microsoft, helping to justify illegal behaviour — for Microsoft gains — by dubbing it “Hey Hi”. This conversation is still ongoing and I can only hope it’ll be fruitful. Deep inside they’re well aware that they sold out to Microsoft; they just play ‘bait and switch’ with excuses for it. I’ll keep pressing and report the outcome.

As an associate of ours explained (as he has seen this discussed some time yesterday in IRC), it’s about “either machine learning in general or machine learning and copyright violation GPL evasion aka plagiarism.”

“With the link above,” the associate noted (the European consultation), “it seems not possible to link directly to the Summary report: Ares(2022)2620305 nor to the comments; They are both blocked by gratuitous JavaScript” (MIT Technology Review wrote about this at the time).

“See also the EU link and the zip file there too,” the associate concluded. “Most of the comments in the zip file are crap but there are some good ones in there too.”

We’ll keep on communicating with OSI bigwigs and see if they can openly acknowledge that helping Microsoft attack the GPL is bad for everybody and needs to end (along with Microsoft funding that motivates such attacks). The OSI seems to think that any Microsoft money is good or benign; they’re becoming another Linux Foundation, i.e. Microsoft front group mislabelled after the stuff Microsoft actively attacks. I’ve not divulged any names or conversations for diplomatic purposes.

A lot of work we do is generally under-appreciated because it is invisible, or as it happens ‘behind the scenes’. Let’s hope we can report something positive soon. It’s worth trying to correct things, not only complain about them.



Open Source Initiative Controlled (Infiltrated) by Microsoft GitHub: Microsoft Bribes OSI to Justify GPL Violations Under the Guise of ‘AI’, Even Writes the OSI’s Material

Posted in Deception, GPL, Microsoft, OSI at 1:11 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Infiltration and corruption don’t get any more obvious than this.


OSI corrupted: OSI’s Deep Dive is an essential discussion on the future of AI and open source

OSI’s Deep Dive is an essential discussion on the future of AI and open source

Two days ago:

sjvn puff piece

sjvn on ClearlyDefined

Summary: This is why the OSI has done all those “AI” talks and podcasts lately; they cover up Microsoft’s attacks on Open Source (encouraging plagiarism) and they take money to do this (this is where the majority of the OSI's money goes)


Is Lying About the AGPL Considered ‘Good for Business’ Now?

Posted in FUD, GPL at 1:08 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 95c30cd2fef7ee402d3264bc21c6b145
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Fear-mongering and FUD tactics are used to oversell or overcharge for use or some particular piece of software; some packagers and maintainers aren’t too happy about this…

THE GAFAM companies, including Gulag that resorted to blacklisting, do not like AGPL. It compels them to stop hoarding without giving anything back. Does that make the AGPL evil? Or risky? Or undesirable? No, it just generally protects developers from having their work ‘stolen’ by monopolies. AGPL is a response to real-world scenarios in the era of ‘clown computing’ (and “SaaS”/”IaaS” as it was known back then).

We recently became aware, for a couple of days in a row as a matter of fact [1, 2, 3], that one project went out of its way to misrepresent the AGPL, specifically AGPLv3, i.e. a licence from 15 years ago (also the latest of its kind). Here are screenshots of what’s presented by the project:

AGPLv3 licence

AGPLv3 choose licence

AGPLv3 combined works

They’re playing into the “viral” smear (a derogatory term like “contamination”), characterising the licence as more ‘viral’ than it is.

All of our code is, by default, AGPLv3-licensed. We chose the licence because it is effective at maintaining software freedom. As the video above (and the links) can show, misleading words about “combined work” may lead users to thinking that their “liabilities” go a lot further than they really are.

It’s possible to use and even modify AGPLv3-licensed software without taking a “commercial” licence. It doesn’t impact “combined work”, either. The FUD is subtle, implicit, but it’s still there. We chose not to name the project in question. Shaming it won’t be constructive.

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