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Today’s Caricature: European Patent Office (EPO) ‘Social Study’

Posted in Europe, Humour, Patents at 12:20 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: Cartoon about the highly controversial (and propagandistic) 'social study'


New EPO Caricature: Nouveaux Garde-Vélo (New Bicycle Guards)

Posted in Europe, Humour, Patents at 7:55 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Battistelli's bike

Summary: A new cartoon poking fun at Battistelli’s bicycles and the perceived threat these are under

There’s a new cartoon circulating again.

“Feel free to make use of it if you like,” the person who sent it to us wrote. It came with this comment: “VP4 [Topić] apparently hired additional security personnel to protect the prez’s bike (evidence attached).”

“There’s also the possibility that further crackdowns on staff (not only staff representatives) will be justified this way.”This is yet another example of scorn of the message from Željko Topić. The Mercedes symbol in the wheels is not a coincidence (alleged bribery) and the caricature, when zoomed in, shows “Made in Croatia” written across the bike.

People are not taking seriously the alleged incident, probably because they don’t trust a word that comes out of Topić’s mouth and they can foresee how it will be exploited to justify unbelievably expensive bodyguards (six of them!) for a man almost in his 70s and under no obvious threat (except perhaps his own chronic paranoia which goes a long way back). There’s also the possibility that further crackdowns on staff (not only staff representatives) will be justified this way.


Nueva Campaña de Marketing de la EPO: Conduce to Audi a Casa

Posted in Europe, Humour, Marketing, Patents at 6:16 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Publicado en Europe, Humor, Marketing, Patentes at 1:57 pm por el Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Audi EPO

Sumario: Audi fragua una relación de 5-años de marketing y mutualmete-exclusivo contrato con la Oficina Europea de Patentes, prestando su nombre al altamente credible, respetable cuerpo internacional, donde la calidad es inquestionamblemente excepcional

APR 1 2016 [para immediata publicación bajo embargo hasta la fecha especificada] — MUNICH: Aprovechando el éxito de Volkswagen, FTI Consulting, la empresa de relaciones públicas de la EPO, ha anunciado con bombos y platillos el lanzamiento sin precedentes de una nueva campaña publicitaria de 5 años con el fin de mejorar la imagen ya perfecta y eternamente-inmaculada de la OEP. “Conduce tu Audi Home” es el título de esta emocionante campaña, que tendrá como objetivo las audiencias de televisión en los Países Bajos y Alemania. Con el lema memorable “usted es el jefe de” FTI Consulting espera que los clientes valoran un rápido crecimiento tanto moral y la confianzaa.

“Nuestras relaciones son excelentes.”
      –Alto Oficial de la EPO
Esta campaña de marketing es parte de una campaña en curso, que se extenderá a más países a través de Europa en su debido momento, dependiendo de la demanda de medios y de la percepción del mercado de productos finos de la OEP. Se esfuerza por tomar ventaja de la pobre demanda de vehículos de Volkswagen, que a pesar de figuras fantásticas y bajas emisiones (según lo confirmado por la Revista Internacional del Automóvil, IAM) no ha logrado establecer un lugar para sí en cualquier lugar fuera de Alemania.

En una declaración preparada, dijo un no-nombrado oficial de la EPO, ¨la nueva campaña llena un vacío y mejorará la imagen de la EPO.¨Comentando en el meollo del lema, el oficial explicó: ¨Nunca ha habido mejor tiempo para comprar un Audi. Nuestras relaciones son excelentes. Nuestra productividad esta más arriba que cualquier momento. Puedes manejar tu Audi como un jefe a cualquier lugar de Europa, tan lejos como Francia al Oeste y Croacia al Este.¨


Microsoft Vows to Stop All Patent Lawsuits and Threats Against Linux, Drops Existing Secret Settlements, Annuls NDAs

Posted in GNU/Linux, Humour, Microsoft, Patents at 5:50 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Satya Nadella

Summary: Satya Nadella finally decides to do the right thing by attempting to undo the damage caused since the Novell/Microsoft deal

IN an unprecedented effort to appease the GNU/Linux community, having launched a campaign of intimidation and coercion in 2006 (continues to date), Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella issued a public apology, posted in Microsoft’s official blog on Wednesday night. The apology did not name specific companies, but it did address Red Hat, Canonical and various device makers, primarily east Asian ones.

“I have decided to cancel all existing patent licensing deals with companies that distribute Linux and over the coming 24 months we shall refund them all the money charged in the period of 2006-2016, except in cases where these charges have already rendered those companies defunct or bankrupt.”
      –Satya Nadella
Nadella stated in his latest blog: “Having come to this company and having witnessed its aggressive campaign of patent abuse against small companies, I have vetoed Bill Gates, decided to fire Horacio Gutierrez, and my colleagues shall reveal the secret deals that we have signed over the past decade, including Novell’s.”

Nadella, closing his controversial blog post, noted that Brad Smith, a key architect of the old strategy, has resigned in protest. Attempts to reach Smith for comments have so far been unsuccessful.

“In order to demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to GNU/Linux and its continued growth,” Nadella told us, “I have decided to cancel all existing patent licensing deals with companies that distribute Linux and over the coming 24 months we shall refund them all the money charged in the period of 2006-2016, except in cases where these charges have already rendered those companies defunct or bankrupt.”

Nadella has not yet commented about the possibility of scuttling Microsoft-connected patent trolls such as Intellectual Ventures, which also attack Linux.

Postscript: sadly, this story is made up (April 1st) and will most probably remain fictional for good.

New EPO Marketing Campaign: Drive Your Audi Home

Posted in Europe, Humour, Marketing, Patents at 1:57 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Audi EPO

Summary: Audi forges a 5-year marketing relationship and mutually-exclusive contract with the European Patent Office, lending its name to the highly credible international body, where quality is unsayably exceptional

APR 1 2016 [for immediate release under embargo until the stated date] — MUNICH: Capitalising on the success of Volkswagen, FTI Consulting, the PR firm of the EPO, has proudly announced the unprecedented launch of a new 5-year advertising campaign in order to improve the already-perfect and eternally-immaculate image of the EPO. “Drive your Audi Home” is the title of this exciting campaign, which will target TV audiences in the Netherlands and Germany. With the memorable motto “you’re the boss” FTI Consulting expects customers to value rapid growth in both morale and confidence.

“Our relationships are excellent.”
      –EPO official
This marketing push is part of an ongoing campaign, which may extend to more countries across Europe in due course, depending on media demand and dependent on the market perception of the EPO’s fine products. It strives to take advantage of the poor demand for Volkswagen vehicles, which despite fantastic figures and low emissions (as confirmed by the International Automobile Magazine, IAM) has not managed to gain a foothold anywhere outside of Germany.

In a prepared statement, said an unnamed EPO official, “the new campaign fills a void and will further enhance the image of the EPO.” Commenting on the substance of the the motto, the official explained: “There has never been a better time to buy an Audi. Our relationships are excellent. Our performance is at an all-time high. You can drive your Audi like a boss to any place in Europe, as far as France to the West and Croatia to the East.”

Postscript: this is satire, in case it’s not obvious.


Caricature of the Day: Willy Minnoye (EPO) Above the Law

Posted in Europe, Humour, Patents at 12:23 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Some humour about the man who insists that the European Patent Office will simply refuse to obey orders from the highest court at The Hague

THE caricature below refers to the EPO‘s belief that the law does not apply to it (see context in this recent video).

Willy Minnoye caricature

More articles about the EPO are on their way tonight and tomorrow.


More Sunday Humour: Fictional Diary From the European Patent Office

Posted in Europe, Humour, Patents at 8:09 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Thursday (the 17th) was my birthday by the way…

Thursday the 17th

Summary: Some more jokes about the European Patent Office (EPO), whose management has become somewhat of a laughing stock, berated or scolded both from from within and from the outside

THIS afternoon we reverted back to humour (best medicine) regarding the EPO, even though we’re dealing with very serious matters here, such as people’s jobs/careers if not people’s lives and the fate of Europe’s economy/autonomy.

Over here we’re in a rather playful mood ahead of the long break. The other day we went to the German market in Town (very warm Christmas this year), bought a copy of the rather amusing Private Eye on the way (the EPO is mentioned in it), and today we received this funny E-mail which purports to be Battistelli’s diary. In a holiday kind of spirit we decided to share it here and aptly file it under “Humour”.

A day in the life … (a fictional diary)

Over the past years I have come to realize that, like all great statesmen, I shall one day have to write a full memoir of my life to satisfy my many admirers. Today, however, I have an office to be President of and no time for creating such a work, which would inevitably be a lengthy undertaking, so much have I to pass on to the younger generations. Let me offer solace, therefore, to my adoring followers in the form of this little taster, an amuse gueule so to speak, in which I describe a typical day “at the top”.

Today, for example, my chauffeur collected me at 9 o’clock from home. It’s very nice having a chauffeur, but you do have to be careful about who it is. The first guy they gave me, well, he simply didn’t understand his place. He seemed to think it was all right to ask me not to smoke in the car. “Je m’en fous,” I said, but that didn’t impress him and he whined all the way to the office about it being his place of work and his health that I was endangering. I soon got rid of him. The new chap knows when to keep his mouth shut.

It’s the same in the office. People really must understand when to accept that I am the President and that I do what I like. I had to get them to disable the smoke alarms on the tenth floor of the Isar building because they kept going off every time I needed to light up. If they had disabled the smoke alarms anywhere else, I’d have disciplined them, of course. It is quite fun, in fact, telling the whole staff that rules are there to be obeyed and that everyone has to respect them. Except me, but I don’t mention that. Je m’en fous.

So my first meeting of the day was with Lutz the Klutz. That’s a Jewish word, “Klutz”, it means a clumsy or stupid person. I learned it reading a book of Jewish jokes one time and thought to myself, “Isn’t that apt?” Don’t you just love the Jewish sense of humour? It’s so self­deprecating. Of course, I deprecate others, not myself. Anyhow, Klutzy came up to my office and we discussed a few finer points of appeals law over a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Klutzy explained to me that in an appeals procedure, two parties present their arguments, and then the board of appeal decides. I said I didn’t approve of that system and we needed to reform it. Surely, we don’t have to waste time listening to all those arguments. We can just decide which side we like and tell them they win. That would save a lot of time and bother, and we wouldn’t have to pay such high salaries for people to learn that complicated legal stuff.

Just before lunch, I had time for a quick meeting with Topic the Terrible. If we still lived in the middle ages, I’d appoint him my Chief Executioner. That sort of thing is not approved of these days. But hey, why not? Je m’en fous, I’m immune. I’ll get him to draft a document for the next Council meeting. They’ll love the idea.

Lunch was a quiet one today. I took it with those nice mothers and fathers in the Investigation Unit. I thought they’d be happy to spend time with someone who appreciated them instead of the criminals they normally have to deal with. Like I wrote to that scumbag Le Borgn’ the other day, they are mothers and fathers and we should have great respect for the sacrifices they make. We were discussing what to do about the Disciplinary Committee if they don’t agree with the Investigation Unit’s findings. I said that was easy – we just discipline them! Hahaha. Je m’en fous, we’ll have to introduce a Disciplinary Committee for the Disciplinary Committee. I shall accuse them of an inhuman attitude to mothers and fathers. In today’s society, with populations in Europe in decline (except the refugees), we should learn to show more deference to parents. And I intend to send a strong signal in that respect. What about the accused, people ask me, they are mothers and fathers too, aren’t they? I agree, but they are low creatures of no worth. How then can their offspring be of any concern to me? The “mothers and fathers” thing was a jolly good idea of mine in that letter to Le Borgn’, but you must understand that it only applies to mothers and fathers who are loyal servants to me.

But there’s me getting all philosophical again, just when I wanted to tell you about my day. In the afternoon, I asked to see the medical file of that malingerer Wimpy Wim. I mean, “van der Eijk” means “of the oak”, surely he must be as strong as an oak. I’m convinced he’s faking it. So I told the Office Medical Advisor to order him back to work. He said I didn’t have any medical justification for doing that. I said, “Je m’en fous” and he went off. Such an obedient chap.

In the afternoon, I had a chat with some guests from epi – now there we have a group of friendly helpful people. Occasionally, they think they’re entitled to an opinion, such as that Jim Boff guy from the UK who even put an opinion in writing and sent it to me. But I cleared that one up fast enough. I explained that opinions are my area of expertise, not theirs. I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Boffy Boy again.1

My final meeting today with with Meany Minnoye – I like him, he’s the only person I know who tries to out­nasty me. Elodie out­nasties me too, but not through trying. The poor girl, she doesn’t ever realize how nasty she’s being and how many people’s lives she’s destroying. It’s pitiful to watch, and quite fun really. There’s me digressing again. Meany and me decided that we need to cut the pensions for everyone below Vice­-President. It’s very important that we make sure there is enough money in the pension scheme to cover our every need in the years to come. When I say “our”, I mean Meany’s and my needs, not everyone’s. No, no, we have to cut everyone else’s pension. It’s the only option for us to be absolutely certain of a financially secure old age for us.

That was it for me for today. I quickly told my secretary to book some first class flights to South Africa for my wife and me. “Hide the price,” I said. One can overdo the “transparency” thing. Then it was back to limo, for the trip home and another cigarette.

C’est moi le Président. Je m’en fous …
1 Note after a bad day in the Administrative Council: “Hmmm, looks like I was over-optimistic when I wrote my diary. Those pesky people at epi have started having opinions again – see http://ipkitten.blogspot.se/2015/12/rumours-from-ac-and-four-remarkable.html?showComment=1450377145556. I’ll have to work out what to do to stop such misbehaviour. I guess I will suspend the whole of epi! Je m’en fous.”

Tomorrow we shall publish “Battistelli’s Furious Love Affair With French Power: Part V” and there will be nothing funny about it. Later in the week we shall have some more exclusive stories with new material.

EPO Management Discovers Media is Against It

Posted in Europe, Humour, Patents at 8:22 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Downfall of the EPO’s management in the form of a video

THE EPO tackled with an epic “Downfall“. I made this in a rush, so there are some mistakes in the video, some of which corrected in the transcript beneath (in bold fonts). I could re-render with the corrections, but it would take nearly half an hour.


Journalists are stating to write about our illegitimate activities

It has spread from Dutch and German newspapers to French and English ones

We estimate that it’s just a matter of time before we’re widely viewed as the Pariah of Europe

And it won’t be long before officers come to raid our HQ in Munich

Tell FTI Consulting and Control Risks to get this under control


Sun King

They couldn’t find any legitimate dirt on Els Hardon

They even tried calling her “sniper” but the public isn’t buying it

I thought we had enough scapegoats in that judge, Hardon, Weaver, and Brumme

We’re losing to that “Mafia”

I thought you told the media there was an armed Nazi

Why did you not obey my order to force the board to sack that bloody judge?

Now my own job is at risk

They told me Control Risks has Stasi contacts in Desa

And that they could sniff out the sources to all these bloggers with the I.U.

My goons are just a bunch of incompetent people incapable of understanding the Streisand Effect

Signing that Control Risks contract was the I.U.‘s idea

Now look at all those articles about my horrible track record, I’d never get a job again

How do you think we feel about our own prospects?

Those Control Risks scum are a disgrace and a waste of money

Can’t even do an investigation right

I told them we have no dough on the accused, they need to make shit up

Might as well claim that SUEPO is a violent union with knives and forks

All I wanted was my precious Unitary Patent Court for major applicants

But the European public just keeps finding out I’m totally out of my mind

Now I know what Napoleon felt like when he invaded Russia

Instead of viewing me as an heroic President my staff now compares me to Stalin

I never even got a Ph.D. like they did

All I have is some French diploma of a wannabe

But I tried to offer them a corporate occupation of Europe


Nobody loves me and nobody ever respected me all along

The German people all along knew that I was up to no good

But I still have a plan B

I will cut their pay for each day they protest

I’ll drown in my own blood before they force me to obey German law

Elodie, it’ll be alright

I don’t even know if the Unitary Patent will ever happen

Given all these scandals, nobody will believe a word that I say

Might as well call off the FTI Consulting contract

Europe may keep its autonomy

But guys, don’t fool yourselves. I haven’t given up on sending boards as far as Berlin.

They’re going to pay for not obeying my orders

Let SUEPO vote in a replacement for me

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