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Reminder: Vice Chair of the Linux Foundation’s Board is an Oracle Executive Who Used to Work for Microsoft

Posted in GNU/Linux, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle at 10:28 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Sucking up to dictators, spitting right in the face of freedom

TikTok buy

Oracle and Trump

Summary: The Linux Foundation issued statements to the effect of opposing Donald Trump, but its current leadership (people from companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM) is a strong proponent of doing as much business as possible with Trump (even in violation of international law)


Dishonest Corporations — Like Smug Politicians — Pretend to be Something They’re Not

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, IBM at 8:36 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Pandering Politicians: Microsoft is green, Apple values your privacy, IBM does #TechForGood

Summary: Corporate lies dominate the media, having been crafted by unethical marketing departments with their photo ops and hashtags

QUICK! Name a company that openly says (or whose Web site states) it doesn’t value your privacy! Oh, even Facebook says it is about privacy. Name a company that says it pollutes… anyone? Anyone? Going once, going twice…

“They’ll work harder to control the psyche or the narrative, telling us stuff as ridiculous as morality being the censorship of mere words (even rather innocent and innocuous words, by taking them out of context).”The matter of fact is, corporations shamelessly lie about what they really are and about what they do.

Every week or every number of days IBM tells us that it does #TechForGood (typically some greenwashing, openwashing, disaster recovery and so on; screenshot below), but look no further than IBM’s past and present (not what press releases say). Sooner or later they reach the point of lying with sincerity; many employees come to believe the employer’s lies. And perhaps that’s the whole point — misleading employees and clients by sending out messages contrary to truth itself. That leads to contradiction and thus confusion, uncertainty.

IBM deception tacticsEnter Free software.

As the Debian mantra goes, they “won’t hide problems…”*

And we don’t. We talk about those things.

Sure, there are censorship and suppression attempts, but those tend to backfire. Recently we wrote a great deal about Debian, having already published about 100 articles about IBM (earlier on throughout the summer).

Having honest discussions based on pertinent facts isn’t always “easy” or “fun”; the world isn’t always a pretty place and technology tends to become more aggressive as regimes become more oppressive (creating a demand for such technology). It’s hardly surprising that Google and Microsoft spread their money around, seeking Public Relations and suppression of critics (censorship). Expect more and more of that as their work (so-called ‘technology’) becomes increasingly malicious. They’ll work harder to control the psyche or the narrative, telling us stuff as ridiculous as morality being the censorship of mere words (even rather innocent and innocuous words, by taking them out of context).

Techrights is a site that values truth, not convenient illusions and corporate/political pandering. That’s why many people read and trust Techrights. Truth is becoming a rarity because it is defunded. The Big Money is in deception; ask the Linux Foundation. This past week it spent a lot of resources openwashing IBM’s mainframes (as if sticking the word “open” in front of things magically makes them ethical).
* The Debian Social Contract says: 1. Debian Will Remain 100% Free Software; 2. We Will Give Back to the Free Software Community; 3. We Won’t Hide Problems; 4 Our Priorities are Our Users and Free Software…


[Meme] You Cannot Elect/Vote Corporations Out of Power (Eternal Vigilance is Required)

Posted in Free/Libre Software, IBM at 5:03 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Corporate fascism is here to stay, whether or not it’s backed by an inherently fascistic government

Telling Trump to leave

Summary: Based on early polls, Biden will be president-elect in about a month and a half; but it’s important to remember that the election (if honoured by the current tenant of the White House) won’t be the end of corporate abuse of power in the same sense that driving Microsoft out of business won’t miraculously mean that Free software ‘won’ (we have a lot more to confront still)


[Meme] The Risk of Having Corporate Patrons is Disgrace by Association and Loss of True Independence (Freedom to Criticise Anyone)

Posted in FSF, IBM at 9:50 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

tl;dr: they have less control over their image and sometimes their agenda/steering as well (risk of financial withdrawal or conditional renewal is a form of influence and instrument of leverage)

Cartman Bed Meme: FSF patrons
Going back a few years. IBM, a Donald Trump booster/collaborator (long tradition of even worse things), had the audactity to demand more diversity and tolerance from the FSF (which is actually more diverse than IBM). Cautionary tale: Linux Foundation.

Summary: Why public interest groups must never get into the “sponsorship” business (especially when it comes to large businesses with very large ‘donations’ which may come with implicit strings attached, no matter if it’s disguised as “patron” or “supporter” rather than “sponsor”)


The GNOME Foundation Arguably Gave a Patent Troll Even More Legitimacy by Settling and Failing to Dismantle Shoddy Software Patents

Posted in GNOME, GNU/Linux, IBM, Microsoft, Patents, Red Hat at 9:28 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

They’ve legally endorsed software patents

Summary: The IBM-connected GNOME Foundation wants us to think that letting a troll out on the loose is good news or “victory”; but actually, the patents of the troll are still in tact, posing a threat to many and setting no useful precedent (they technically settled over software patents)

THE other day I saw the post — a belated but very detailed post — about the GNOME Foundation’s patent lawsuit (and counter-suit). It’s from an IBMer and we know that IBM is a HUGE fan of software patents. It lobbies for them constantly, not only in the US but everywhere in the world. I was tempted to respond but did not do so until I saw the above video segment. It’s a video that I do not fully agree with and mostly disagree with for reasons specified several times before in relation to this particular lawsuit. Basically, the GNOME Foundation amassed a lot of money for a pro bono fight; there’s no disclosure/explanation what happened to all that money.

“It may seem like a win for Shotwell, but it’s a loss for the overall battle against software patents and arguably, at least by extension, a loss for programming, including Free software.”More importantly, however, the patent troll was left with the shoddy patents (not a single one was thrown out), free to sue lots of companies provided their products aren’t licensed as Free software or ‘open source’ (as per the OSI’s definition). What’s more, the troll got a zero-cost settlement, which can be used as a sort of ‘ammo’ proving the supposed ‘value’ of the patent/s at hand. So the GNOME Foundation did not actually complete the job; as IBM or OIN would have liked, they did not challenge software patents and in fact left the troll on the loose. It may seem like a win for Shotwell, but it’s a loss for the overall battle against software patents and arguably, at least by extension, a loss for programming, including Free software. That troll is still out there with all those patents. Since GNOME is mostly controlled by IBM (or formerly Red Hat), this whole thing shows how IBM policies supersede Red Hat’s. Bruce Perens recently highlighted those problems with OIN, which basically guards software patents from/against Free software-led reforms.

In this particular case the patent could be squashed using prior art, obviousness, and/or abstractness (Sections 101-103), but no such effort was followed through. Microsoft too was reportedly involved. Moreover, the troll in question received these patents from Microsoft’s troll, as we noted several times in the past.

The media never bothered covering this properly. Shallow journalism has become the norm, appeasing big sponsors.


Abuse of Women’s Rights and Misuse of Perfectly Legitimate Race Grievances Can Harm Real Victims of Discrimination and Violence

Posted in Deception, Google, IBM, Microsoft at 9:29 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Even the “racist mobster” claims to be “the least racist person there is anywhere in the world”

Trump: 'I am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world'

Summary: It’s a simple truism that for the sake of marketing (or positive image, brand power) corporations would pry/muscle popular movements out of the hands of actual victims

THE HEART of a corporation is metaphorical at best. Corporations are not people and they have no bodies. If corporations are really people, does that mean that people too are corporations? What the heck does that even mean?

“If corporations are really people, does that mean that people too are corporations? What the heck does that even mean?”Humans are technically or biologically animals, but they’re not corporations.

Enter corporate marketing. Moments ago I saw IBM flaunting and speaking of “developer relations with empathy and compassion” (link intentionally omitted; it’ll be in our next batch of Daily Links). IBM has done lots of that nonsense lately and sent PR people to target me. IBM is trying to change its image and bury its past. It portrays itself as an ally of blacks (whom it helped purge) and sends out women to act as the company’s spokespeople (never mind scandals like these).

One need not be right (wing) leaning to believe that legitimate civil/human rights issues are being subjugated/coerced if not hijacked by rich oligarchs (usually white and male, obviously). It’s very easily provable and we’re anything but right-leaning (some would accuse us of being ‘too far’ to the left). This isn’t even a ‘wing’ thing. It’s about a certain concern about popular movements being co-opted by the rich and powerful, masquerading their for-profit agenda as community interests. Call them out on it and soon they’ll paint you — indirectly or by proxy inter alia — as racist or sexist or at best an obstacle in the face of justice.

“One need not be right (wing) leaning to believe that legitimate civil/human rights issues are being subjugated/coerced if not hijacked by rich oligarchs (usually white and male, obviously).”Thankfully, people whose causes are being misused like that are not dumb. They can see what’s going on and they respond (even if the corporate media tries to pay no attention to them).

Donald Trump’s own lawyer has just labeled him “racist mobster” (it was all over the news earlier this week), but Trump and his enterprise insist that nothing could be further from the truth. In this particular case it’s not the media that’s lying; Trump’s own track record speaks for itself. Words out of his own mouth (we’ll spare the detailed list of examples).

“…corporations aren’t people and they don’t speak for people (they typically speak to the one person who owns them).”The bottom line is, there’s an ample gap or difference between what’s true and what’s perceived. Microsoft is no friend of women's rights (there have been many lawsuits against the company for sexism; the courts sometimes had material from Techrights admitted), IBM doesn’t work towards racial equality (folks need only assess its government projects around the world), Apple doesn’t give a damn about privacy (the current CEO gladly added the company to NSA’s PRISM program), Google isn’t a friend of Free software (tell me where to download Google’s search code; or any of its ‘crown jewels’ for that matter) and Amazon values workers/labour rights as much as Hitler “was a Zionist” (Ken Livingstone having a senior moment).

There’s a profound problem when media is getting so weak (financial black hole), increasingly owned by advertisers, and controlled remotely by corporate marketing/PR departments of corporations with “perception management” budgets. There’s much we can do about it other than shunning publishers that play along; we need to create alternatives and speak for actual people; and no, corporations aren’t people and they don't speak for people (they typically speak to us for the one person who owns them).

The bottom line and perhaps the most important point is, when all those things get warped so badly the biggest casualties are the actual victims (of discrimination and abuse, sometimes physical assaults and even rape/murder). There’s nothing for them to benefit from when billionaires take control of the message, deciding for example that removing “master” branches from repositories would magically tackle racial injustices and putting more women in visible (public-facing) positions would really address wage gaps (no, those positions don’t pay equal sums of money). A lot of those billionaires profit from bombing countries where the ethnic majority is dark-skinned (perceived to be of “lesser worth), including women and children. But don't focus on the wars, focus on words instead. So they tell us…


[Meme] Words Can Hurt Feelings. But So Can Eugenics and Wars (Not Mere Words) of Conquest.

Posted in IBM, Marketing, Microsoft at 10:32 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Reference to IBM’s past, which it is still trying very hard to bury or distract from

Bans words, proceeds to ethnic cleansing

Summary: The corporate media no longer speaks about a corporate-led (or oligarchs-oriented) PR push to ban “bad” or “offensive” words such as “whitelist” and “master” (mostly a zero-cost publicity stunt); what we really need is media that boldly speaks about bombings and the ethical concerns associated with corporate complicity in them (e.g. Microsoft with its notorious “JEDI” contract, subjected to injunction because of Trump intervention and nepotism/collusion/retaliation)

[Meme] Ban Genocide, Not Words

Posted in IBM at 2:37 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Context: The Full Story (With References) of IBM’s Role in a Purge of Black People and Mixed-Race Couples

Let's be nice! Ban words. Words hurt. Unlike ethnic cleansing.

Summary: IBM persists with its 'feel-good' drive to banish words while completely ignoring its own past (in its early days the company grew a lot owing to its role in ethnic cleansing)

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