Novell News Summary – Part III: Offshoring, More Financial Analysis, and SCO

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Utah State Capitol Building

Summary: A grouping of Novell news from the past 7 days

AS we showed last week, Novell is offshoring some workforce in a move whose value exceeds $100 million.

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Novell News Summary – Part III: SCO-Novell, DMTF, Security, and Partners

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Salt Lake temple square assembly hall

Summary: Last roundup of Novell news for this week, excluding SUSE

Shreepriya Gopalan claims to be the owner of Novell, but that’s just a bizarre little story which is not worth discussing. Let’s start with UNIX ownership (SCO trial).

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Novell News Summary – Part II: SCO, GroupWise Migrations, Lots of Sentinel, and McAfee Partnership

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Delicate arch

Summary: The remainder of Novell’s news from this week

THIS IS the weekly post which deals with news about Novell’s proprietary software. We shall begin with SCO.

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Novell News Summary – Part III: From SCO to Utah

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Novell had no major products to unveil, so it just issued a vague press release about a vision it has.

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John Dvorak’s Latest Eulogies to Microsoft

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John C Dvorak

LIKE HIM or hate him, the man is considered influential and his words on Microsoft as of late have not been particularly encouraging. He has already moved some computer/s of his to GNU/Linux, which impressed him. Now he opines that Google, a ‘Linux poster child’ in some people’s eyes, may replace Microsoft.

The point is that Google has given us only glimpses of its potential, and if we were to equate it with Microsoft, it would be like buying Microsoft stock today for 30 cents to 40 cents a share.

In a separate new piece, Dvorak argues that “Microsoft’s Negative Brand Image Gets Worse.”

It’s the Microsoft brand that attracts negative attention, don’t you think? I’ve said this before in other columns, but Microsoft has lost control of its own brand image. The company lost it years ago, and I now see the brand itself as a negative factor. The exercise above confirms this if the conclusions are correct, and I believe they are.

We have already covered many reports and surveys about Microsoft’s ever-declining brand, so this is factual.

Speaking of branding, The New York Times has this new report on “Microsoft and the Corporate Identity Crisis.” Microsoft’s identity management ambitions face new hurdles as parts of the company are falling apart.

It goes without saying that Microsoft has alternative business models in mind. Microsoft’s strategy of fining or sending its partners to prison sure continues.

A federal judge in Milwaukee has ordered Anthony Boldin, operator of AtomicPark.com and other businesses, to pay $1.2 million to Microsoft Corp. for selling counterfeit software.

Microsoft has another strategy of making money from other companies, namely software patents. An update on this subject will come shortly.

This monopolist’s fall will happen only once, so it ought to be captured and documented properly.

“Every time you use Google, you’re using a machine running the Linux kernel.”

Chris DiBona, Google


Novell News Summary – Part II: Finance, Virtualisation, GWAVACon Videos and Staff Moves

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IT WAS A MIXED week for the mixed-source company, Novell. Last night they got publicly humiliated in Slashdot and there was too little in the news to suggest that Novell is gathering any steam. That’s just being brutally honest.

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Novell News Summary – Part III: More on the Financial Results, Novell Figures

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Trinity Church, Boston
Trinity Church, Boston

THE BOSTON press had nothing particularly interesting do share about Novell other than financial news and this thrown-in mention.

The area is home to big employers such as State Street Corp., Genzyme Corp., Novell, Fidelity Investments, Raytheon Co., and Thermo Fisher Scientific. And the city’s two convention centers brought more than 772,500 attendees to town in 2007.

It ought to be mentioned that here in Boycott Novell, some of our hecklers come from this region (near Novell’s headquarters) and many come from Germany too. Even Novell employees comment here anonymously sometimes. That’s why comments must be treated with suspicion and caution, even those appearing outside this Web site. We never censor any comments, not even when Novell employees post them from Novell’s offices.


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Another Quieter Acquisition at Novell

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Bird with fish

LAST week we wrote about Novell spending money on proprietary software assets whilst showing its GNU/Linux developers the door (it’s not over yet). It turns out now that what’s mostly widely reported in the press was not the only acquisition. According to later reports, this was a dual acquisition:

Two Acquisitions for Novell Boost Security


Novell also has acquired a perpetual source code licence to ActivIdentity’s single sign-on solution, SecureLogin. The product has already been available to Novell customers, but will now be better integrated with Novell’s identity management solutions.

This news also appeared in ITNews.

Novell today announced two new acquisitions designed to extend its identity and access management capabilities.


Novell also announced that it has acquired a perpetual source code licence to ActivIdentity’s single sign-on solution, SecureLogin.

The entities acquired are very small and the financial details not disclosed.

Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) has quietly bolstered its ID governance portfolio after acquiring the technology assets of a tiny British company and signing a ‘perpetual’ licensing deal with California-based ActivIdentity.


Novell said it will use the Fortefi assets in its Novell Privileged User Manager, which will be due sometime in the second quarter.

The two products:

Novell acquired the technology assets of Somerset, UK-based Fortefi, a provider of compliance and ‘privileged user management solutions’. Essentially, Novell is getting two Fortefi products, namely Command Control and Compliance Auditor.

This stuff might just be folded into Novell’s existing products.

Novell plans to use the firm’s Command Control and Compliance Auditor products to introduce the Novell Privileged User Manager in the second quarter of 2009.

It is possible that, amid difficult times, the feeble ones just sold out cheaply to Novell. But it any event, this was not significant and it is completely irrelevant to Novell’s open/mixed source strategy.

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