Call a Spade a Spade (Microsoft ‘Contributions’ to Linux)

Posted in GNU/Linux, Kernel, Microsoft at 8:18 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Linux is Not Windows
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Summary: Call a spade a spade; Microsoft does not love Linux and doesn’t try to help Linux, as it’s still all about Windows and proprietary software with surveillance, back doors, and worse things

THIS morning Phoronix published yet another Microsoft article; within 88 minutes there were already 9 responses/comments and by the time I opened the forum section (as per the above video) there were even more than 9. People respond rationally, adding what Michael Larabel tends to leave out. The comments are typically more insightful than the articles (when it comes to Microsoft at least) and it's not helping that Larabel took 'freebies' from Microsoft.

“Almost nobody is permitted to speak out against this sinister agenda.”In any event, the video above takes stock of what we wrote yesterday about Mesa. Microsoft turns Mesa into a mess, adding to it things that benefit nobody except Microsoft/Windows. This morning in Daily Links we dubbed it "More Microsoft Aggression Against Linux" and it’s even worse than it seems on the surface. It’s more nefarious than ever before because it’s done from the inside; the Linux Foundation takes money from Microsoft, so it won’t put an end to it. Instead, Zemlin and the Microsoft employees he has put in charge will put Linus Torvalds in mental care.

Almost nobody is permitted to speak out against this sinister agenda. Even Larabel seems apprehensive and having known him since Phoronix was a relatively new site I can say with certainty he does not like and does not trust Microsoft. Why doesn’t he speak more freely/openly on these matters? Honestly, candidly, without restraint or self-censorship for fear of alienating sponsors (corporations) and subscribers (some of whom work for those corporations)…


Microsoft Thinks It Owns Mesa (and Computer Games)

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, Kernel, Microsoft at 3:35 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Calling Out the Threat
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Microsoft keeps hijacking projects that compete against Windows, thinking that it is “Mister Linux” and “Mister Mesa”; Linux news sites should recognise this ongoing threat and cover it accordingly, not celebrating these attacks

Michael Larabel is a good person, but no person is perfect and over the years we’ve written about the twists and turns of his first baby, Phoronix [1, 2, 3], which is the means by which he makes a living for his wife and toddler. I don’t mean to sound too critical of Larabel, but it remains to be seen whether he can accept that Microsoft is definitely not a friend of Linux (not the same as the Linux Foundation) and should be treated accordingly. As someone put it hours ago in the comments: “Linux will benefit? If not, their patches shouldn’t be included in mesa [...] It’s mainly for Linux to begin with and most of the mesa code serves Linux. Their intentions are clearly bad, so mesa is becoming Microsoft sink.” (Slightly edited)

“As noted in the video above, some graphics (drivers) coders in the Linux world have openly complained about this WSL agenda, which not only messes with Mesa but also works against Linux’s interest.”It’s about Microsoft “Embracing and Extending” Mesa to promote Windows and DirectX. As noted in the video above, some graphics (drivers) coders in the Linux world have openly complained about this WSL agenda, which not only messes with Mesa but also works against Linux’s interest.

Microsoft loves Windows, not Linux. If Phoronix loves Linux, then it should adapt to the threat, which is now an inside threat.


The Linux Foundation Does Not Truly Care About Diversity and Inclusion, It’s Just Using That

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, Kernel at 11:13 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: The Linux Foundation has just released a whole cluster of pages, statements, and paid-for press releases about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; it says “[t]he Linux kernel community adopted inclusive language in the Linux 5.8 release, showing its commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.” But shallow changes such as these distract from the overall picture and inherent immorality of the Linux Foundation, a front group and incubator of monopolies that do terrible things and insist on making proprietary software and DRM, not to mention spying and bombing.

THIS month we wrote a number of important articles about the Linux Foundation. Curiously enough, a PR blitz from the Foundation started immediately after that (maybe the timing was sheer coincidence) and yesterday it culminated in familiar PR strategies some have dubbed “identity politics”.

The video above contains my personal views on what the Foundation is doing and why it’s doing it. I prefer to limit those thoughts to video as it makes the words harder to take out of context (for lack of nuance, with no body language or microexpressions).

A diversity of corporate interests (a breadth of large corporations) isn’t the same as demographic diversity and when many powerful companies prioritise money (even abusive military contracts) rather than human rights we have to ask ourselves who’s being served here.


Linux Besieged

Posted in GNU/Linux, Kernel at 9:11 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: Linux as a project and as a brand is being undermined by monopolies, whose so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation is more like an openwashing incubator

THE past few days we saw loads of fluff from Zemlin’s PAC and from Mr. Zemlin himself. Was it a distraction? A countermeasure? It’s hard to know for certain, but surely Linux is besieged by people who don’t care about Linux and never use Linux, causing severe branding issues.

As noted in the video above, there are trademark violations by a trans artist (made apparent again last night) and even worse things, e.g. a legal case where a “Linux partition” was brought up in news sites like a dozen times this past week, sort of connecting it to child pornography (links omitted intentionally). Are we actually advancing Linux as a project and as a brand?

“Are we actually advancing Linux as a project and as a brand?”With the Southern Poverty Law Center associating/connecting Free software to extremism (it’s doing the same thing to Bitcoin this week) we need to be carefully watching to avert severe brand erosion. The brand “Linux” took more than 30 years to build (millions of people promoted this brand), but over the past 3 years Zemlin’s PAC has done severe damage to the brand, associating it with some of the very things Linux is against. This is how Zemlin and his friends make a lot of money — essentially killing the brand and sending its owner (trademark holder) to see therapists as if he was mentally sick, admitting culpability in a forced public ‘apology’. The Communist regime in China and the Soviets, sometimes even Iran’s merciless autocracy, are renowned or notorious for yielding false confessions of this kind. It’s blackmail.

Anyway, given what we wrote about the IRS status, Zemlin going into ‘hiding’, and Microsoft domestic violence being covered by the heads of the board (at the Linux Foundation) we thought it would be worth expressing or putting into words the dire situation, which is getting worse before it gets any better.


Linux Foundation 2021 Annual Report Made on an Apple Mac Using Proprietary Software

Posted in Deception, Kernel at 7:31 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Mr. Corbet from the Linux Foundation is shilling this Linux Foundation PR/marketing in LWN, which isn’t supposed to promote such openwashing nonsense

LWN on Linux Foundation 2021 Annual Report

Corbet in Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation 2021 Annual Report

Linux Foundation 2021 Annual Report on Mac

Summary: Yes, you’re reading this correctly. They still reject both “Linux” and “Open Source” (no dogfooding). This annual report is badly compressed; each page of the PDF is, on average, almost a megabyte in size (58.8 MB for a report of this scale is unreasonable and discriminates against people in countries with slow Internet connections); notice how they’re milking the brand in the first page (straight after the cover page, the 1991 ‘creation myth’, ignoring GNU); remember that this foundation is named after a trademark which is not even its own!

Update: Ryan notes that the report “mentions Microsoft 11 times.” Example: “We have also expanded our open source horizons with industry partners, such as Microsoft and Accenture. Together, we’ve launched several new projects and foundations that are meaningful to humanity.”

Update #2: Today there are similar responses to ours, e.g.:

  • Phoronix: Linux Foundation Expects Revenues Of $177 Million This Year

    Once again they are facing some criticism for the Linux Foundation’s annual report being made on macOS using Adobe software products. They’ve done that in the past and in public settings pre-pandemic it hasn’t been uncommon to find Linux Foundation directors and other stakeholders running Apple MacBook products with macOS.

  • Daniel Lange: Gradual improvements at the Linux Foundation

    After last year’s blunder with trying to hide the Adobe toolchain and using hilarious stock photos, the Linux Foundation did much better in their 2021 annual report published Dec. 6, 2021.


[Meme] Jimmy Zemlin Loves Microsoft

Posted in GNU/Linux, Kernel, Microsoft at 1:11 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Laughter video: Zemlin love/Microsoft 'loves' Linux

Summary: It’s funny, isn’t it? Lying for a living and sucking up to the liars pays off; you get to plunder actual Linux users while leaving Linux morally and financially bankrupt


[Meme] They Send Linus Torvalds to Therapists While Microsoft Pays Their Full Salary

Posted in GNU/Linux, Kernel, Microsoft at 1:27 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Mr. Linzem, none of us knows what Linux actually is

They think I use Linux?!

Microsoft in Linux Foundation management

Microsoft in Linux Foundation board

Linus Torvalds spanked

Summary: Many people aren’t aware that aside from the seemingly forced ‘apology’ Linus Torvalds was compelled to see therapists as if he was mentally ill; this is how the Linux Foundation treats the person who holds the trademark (“Linux”) it’s called after


Linux Foundation Has Become Even Worse Than Climate Science Deniers

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, Kernel at 12:50 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 5212b34927261dd1f83027024f1851e5

Summary: Openwashing and greenwashing by the Linux Foundation is an effort to ‘monetise’ lies; we need to call out those charlatans, who basically ruin the Linux brand by associating it with deception, falsehoods, and PR/propaganda ploys

THE Linux Foundation is one of the least ethical foundations we can think of because it took something good, “Linux”, and then leveraged it for truly evil agenda, unlike foundations that took some notorious names (like robber barons’) for whitewashing purposes. In other words, Zemlin et al milk the good name of one thing to benefit evil people with widely despised brands. They deflate “Linux” and Linus (Torvalds) should take note.

“Unlike climate (science) deniers, these people do this for profit, which makes them even more morally reprehensible.”The video above concerns several examples of Microsoft greenwashing, both from last year and this past autumn. These greenwashing campaigns, piggypbacking media coverage associated with a climate summit, mostly distract from the world’s biggest polluters, converting lies and propaganda into salaries. Unlike climate (science) deniers, these people do this for profit, which makes them even more morally reprehensible.

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