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Reminder: Vice Chair of the Linux Foundation’s Board is an Oracle Executive Who Used to Work for Microsoft

Posted in GNU/Linux, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle at 10:28 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Sucking up to dictators, spitting right in the face of freedom

TikTok buy

Oracle and Trump

Summary: The Linux Foundation issued statements to the effect of opposing Donald Trump, but its current leadership (people from companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM) is a strong proponent of doing as much business as possible with Trump (even in violation of international law)

[Meme] How to Hijack Linux and Free Software to Make Them Proprietary and Microsoft-Controlled

Posted in Deception, Hardware, Microsoft at 9:10 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Shrewd E.E.E. tactics (pro-Microsoft gerrymandering) at work? Targeting the core and the host?

Kanye Loves Trump, Kanye runs against Trump, Satya loves Linux clickbait

In blue: Microsoft-imprisoned (GitHub); in red: proprietary. Never trust chronic liars whose sole goal is to confuse and bait/provoke the media.


Summary: Intel keeps outsourcing almost everything (that’s not proprietary with back doors, e.g. ME) to Microsoft’s proprietary software prison, known as GitHub; to make matters worse, Intel now uses the Microsoft-hosted Rust to develop in Microsoft servers, along with Microsoft, code that promotes Microsoft proprietary software (e.g. Hyper-V) and non-standard ‘extensions’.

[Meme] Windows as Dead Man Walking (Patches Accelerate the Death)

Posted in Microsoft, Windows at 7:18 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The problem is Windows itself, not the patches, and the problem is not “new”

Elephant: Real-life political cartoon: Microsoft and Windows version x.y
Drinking from their own toilet, promising that future versions will miraculously fix everything (corrections are now the exception rather than a norm)

Summary: Microsoft is squeezing whatever life is left in its “burning platform” (which is already exceeded in terms of market share by Android) that has a "burning" (bricked) WSL with barely any users and plenty of critical problems

We Let Them Get Away With Murder, But They Make up for It by Banning Words

Posted in Deception, Microsoft at 6:37 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Nothing says “tolerance” like censorship (which is counterproductive in a lot of ways anyway)

Toy pistol

Summary: The Microsoft propaganda machines (notably ZDNet this weekend) are busy portraying Microsoft as a “good company” for censoring words, never mind the actual, meaningful, substantial actions of Microsoft, which is boosting authoritarian people who imprison even babies (for the ‘crime’ of being on the ‘wrong’ side of the border)

THE ever-so-lovely people from Microsoft are finally doing something. “GitHub to replace ‘master’ with ‘main’ starting next month” according to the so-called ‘Linux’ section of ZDNet (Linux? Why?! Exactly!). But GitHub and Microsoft will carry on committing crimes against humanity for ICE (it’s all about profit and appeasing Trump for big contracts like “JEDI”). It’s a lot easier to change a line of code somewhere in GitHub’s proprietary code. Because words… are cheap. And this is apparently an aspect of 'human rights' that large corporations can conveniently get behind; “master” becomes “main”! Job done! Slavery is a thing of the past! Mission accomplished.

“Slavery is a thing of the past! Mission accomplished.”Here’s ZDNet’s “Linux” page today or better yet the “Open Source” section. ZDNet understands that GitHub is proprietary software, right? Right? Apparently not:

Open Source in ZDNet

Notice how 50% of the featured articles are moreover about Microsoft, which is against “Open Source”. The author of the GitHub publicity/PR stunt is an anti-Linux hack. Why did ZDNet hire anti-Linux hacks?

“The author of the GitHub publicity/PR stunt is an anti-Linux hack.”Since ZDNet’s parent company (CBS) went bust last December things got a lot worse. It’s not a news site anymore; its “Open Source” section — like the “Linux” section — is mostly Microsoft marketing.

Here’s Rowan Atkinson (best known for “Mr. Bean”) explaining why censorship isn’t the answer to people feeling offended.


[Meme] Microsoft Downtime… Now in ‘Linux’ (Wait a Month for Microsoft to Restore Uptime)

Posted in GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Vista 10, Windows at 9:47 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Context: More Microsoft Googlebombing Designed to Slow Down and Drown Out the News Stories About Its Sabotage of WSL2 (Whose Users Lost Work!) Within Less Than 24 Hours

Coming soon; It's not like you need access to your work

Summary: Microsoft’s utter failure that is "WSL2" is bringing the failures Windows is so notorious for (loss of work, lack of security, fatal patches) to so-called ‘Linux’; the timeframe for a fix says a lot about just how much Microsoft “loves” Linux…

Coming Soon: Microsoft Leaks (Which Microsoft Pressured Medium to Suppress and Promptly Unpublish)

Posted in Microsoft at 9:10 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

“I’d be glad to help tilt lotus into into the death spiral. I could do it Friday afternoon but not Saturday. I could do it pretty much any time the following week.”

Brad Silverberg, Microsoft

Car crimeSummary: Microsoft is no ordinary company; exposing it is like dealing with the Mafia or some drug cartel in Mexico, but we’re able to publish truths about Microsoft nonetheless (their notorious intimidation and silencing attempts have always failed against us)

THE crimes of Microsoft are well known, but some are better known than others (the bribery epidemic for instance). Some time later this month or next month we plan to publish truly damning material — a string of internal communications which show a conspiracy to harm and to grossly violate the law.

“…Microsoft wants us to have blind faith in this nebulous concept of “new Microsoft” (same as the old Microsoft).”Microsoft is hardly the company which needs ‘exposing’; people everywhere know it’s run by criminals, founded by at least one criminal (the other is a dead patent troll), and its notoriety is well earned.

Censoring Techrights is very difficult; Microsoft is used to sending threats to platforms/publishers, to people’s bosses (they’ve tried this with my boss as well, having found his contact details) and they’re basically acting like a bunch of gangsters. Because that’s just what they are. If they cannot bribe, they will bully and bully and bribe some more (even bribing one’s bosses for leverage). It’s good to produce more and more evidence of it; Microsoft wants us to have blind faith in this nebulous concept of “new Microsoft” (same as the old Microsoft). Microsoft should be synonymous with criminal behaviour.

Stay tuned.


One Year Later Richard Stallman Needs to be Un-cancelled and Attention Turned to the Real Perpetrator of MIT Scandals

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, Microsoft at 10:13 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Simpson Political Parties: Richard Stallman

Bill Gates Paid MIT Through Jeffrey Epstein

Summary: The sheer hypocrisy, treating Stallman as the real nuisance to MIT when it was in fact Bill Gates who trafficked money through convicted sex criminals (to MIT); justice needs to be belatedly restored

ZDNet’s ‘Linux’ Section Isn’t About Linux But About Microsoft

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, Microsoft at 9:54 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

So-called ‘Linux’ section (to ZDNet it just means Windows)

So-called 'Linux' section

Microsoft spam; 'Linux' section

Summary: ZDNet’s so-called ‘Linux’ section isn’t really about GNU/Linux; it’s just the site’s usual Microsoft propaganda, bought and paid for by Microsoft

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